A story that seems almost like fiction to the writer, were it not for the fact that it was told us by a gentleman whose veracity we consider beyond question, was related to us this week. It was like this:

Mr. W.O. Gibson and his son, Henry, were in Waycross one day last week. While there the former decided to have his hair cut so he went into the Bunn Building Barber Shop, not knowing one shop from another. Upon investigation he found that he had got into the chair of the brother of the Herald editor, John G. Harrison, who owns and operates the shop. This of course made Bro. Gibson a little nervous but he stuck up his guns till the haircut was finished. Then lo and behold, Henry, who was to pay for his father’s haircut, discovered that he had lost ten cents from the change he had in his pocket, making him a dime shy of the required price of a Waycross haircut.

While making a diligent search for the lost coin he noticed a little boy going about the building to the different people therein inquiring if anyone had lost a dime. Henry, of course, spoke up and recovered his lost money.

The astounding feature of this little episode is this: the finder of the money was a ten-year-old nephew of the Herald editor and a son of the Harrison barber, whose name is John Gilbert Harrison, Jr.

Dear readers, can you imagine a Harrison playing such a role. At the request of Elder Gibson we are giving the lad credit for returning the lost dime and thereby saving son Henry from embarrassment .

Charlton  County Archives