HISTORY OF CHARLTON COUNTY by Alex S. McQueen, page 256:

Hon. Tracy Stewart moved to Charlton County from Nassau County, Florida in 1888. He was engaged in the mercantile business for a number of years, and was Justice of the Peace of the 32nd District. He was killed by an A.C.L. passenger train in Folkston in 1906. His wife was Miss Amanda Layton, daughter of A.S. Layton, prominent pioneer, and to them were born the following children: George J., Domingo, Oscar E., Edgar, Walter and Albert S. The youngest son, Albert S. Stewart, was killed by a Fordson tractor in 1925. George J. married Miss Lottie Herrin, native of Kings Ferry, Fla.,; Oscar E. married Miss Pearl Baker; Edgar married Miss Arline Wright and Domingo married Miss Goldie Hodges, all of Folkston. Mr. Stewart was a highly respected citizen of the county.

According to 1900 CENSUS OF CHARLTON COUNTY, GEORGIA printed by The Huxford Gen. Society of Homerville, Ga., on page 2 is the following:

Family 11:

Tracy Stewart, b. Sept 1849, married 14 years

Amanda C. Stewart, b. Feb 1862, wife

George J. Stewart, b. Mar 1887, 13

Edgar T. Stewart, b. Feb. 1890, 10

Oscar E. Stewart, b. Aug 1891, 8

Walter F. Stewart, b Jan 1896, 4

Domingo L. Stewart, b Nov 1899, 6/12

- - - - - - - - - - -

According to abstract of 1910 CENSUS OF CHARLTON COUNTY, GEORGIA by Lois B. Mays, the following is on p. 17:

Family 115

Amanda C. Stewart, head of family, 48, Widow, Farmer

Walter F., 14

Domingo L., 10

Albert S., 7

The following is on page 49:

Family 160

Peterson, James S., Head, 32, Single, Wisc., Manuf. pine lumber

Stewart, George G., Boarder, 23, Single, Florida, Inspector of cross ties

Roddenberry, Geo. W., Boarder, 23, Single, Keeper, commissary

Hutchinson, William, Black, 40, Wd, Cook, private family

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CHARLTON COUNTY, GEORGIA HISTORICAL NOTES 1972, By Charlton County Historical Commission

Page 506-7:

Stewart Family History:

Tracy Stewart came to Folkston from Gray Plantation, in Nassau County, Florida, about 1888. He had married Amanda C. Layton in 1886. His father was George J. Stewart and mother Elizabeth Fernandez of Yellow Bluff Plantation at what is now Fernandina Beach. His mother was the daughter of Albert S. Layton and Agnes Rogers, who had come from Baltimore, Maryland. The children of Tracy and Amanda Stewart were George J., born 1887; Edgar, born 1890; Oscar E., born 1892; Guy H., born 1893; Dewitt C., born 1894; Walter F., born 1896; Agnes Maud, born 1897; Domingo L., born 1899 and Albert S., born 1902. Of these Walter and Domingo are still living. Mr. Stewart was a merchant, farmer and cotton gin operator. He served as Justice of the Peace and operated the first long staple cotton gin in Charlton County. He was a Methodist.

Page 176:

From Discharge Records of WWII, Korea and Vietnam Wars:

Stewart, Domingo Layton, Jr. Marine Corps from 1-5-42 to 1-7-66. Central and South Pacific.

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Clerk of Superior Court, Charlton County, Ga. office, MINUTE BOOK B, Page 405.

August 15, 1895

Petition for Headright Grant of Tracy Stewart and his wife Amanda Stewart, 33 years of age the last 14th day of February, 1895 and three children, to wit: GEORGE JOSEPH Stewart, 8 years old March 16, 1895; Edgar Tracy Stewart, 5 years old February 7, 1895; Oscar Eugene Stewart, 3 years old August 16, 1895.

[This shows that the J. in George’s name stands for Joseph. --- L. Mays]

- - - - - - - - -

CEMETERIES OF CHARLTON COUNTY, GEORGIA, printed by Baker County Historical Society, Book Two, page 73, Pineview Cemetery:

STEWART, GEORGE J., b. 16 March 1887, d. 18 February 1969.

[There was a Lottie H. Stewart, born July 11, 1888, died February 28, 1965 that may have been his wife. I’ll go out to cemetery and see if they are both in same lot… I went and looked and can’t find that lot anywhere. I know it’s there. Will look some more. ---L. Mays.]

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February 12, 1886

The news of the week is the marriage of Tracy Stewart of Nassau County to Miss Mannie Layton of Folkston. Best wishes of friends go with them to the land of flowers, their future home.

- - - - - - - - - - -

The initials “E.D.” in E.D. Tracy Stewart’s name probably came from the name of one the area’s historic persons, Mr. Erasmus Darwin Tracy, who was well known in Charlton and Nassau Counties.

- - - - - - - - - -



WEDDING. Cards are out announcing the marriage of Mr. George J. Stewart of Folkston to Miss Herrin of Savannah, which will take place at Savannah on June 8th.


STEWART INJURED. Last Friday something got wrong with the sawdust belt at the mill of Wade & Peterson and G.J. Stewart, the mill foreman, went underneath the mill to assist in adjusting matters, where in some way his shirt caught on a set screw in a shaft and he was thrown about 15 feet by the force of the shaft. His clothes were all torn off with the exception of his shoes and socks. One arm was broken and an elbow was dislocated, besides receiving other severe bruises about the body. From the nature of the accident it is almost a miracle that he escaped without death.


AD. Children’s hats, young ladies’ hats and hats for married ladies and premature grandmothers in the latest spring designs at Mrs. A.C. Stewart’s in the B.F. Scott and Co. Store.


AD. If all the old maids who attended the recent convention here will call at Mrs. Stewart’s and get one of those dreams of loveliness in the shape of a hat, it will do more good than all the resolutions and preambles they might pass in a year toward getting them a husband.


Miss Fannie Mays of the millinery establishment of Mrs. A.C. Stewart and Co., is now in Atlanta catching on to the latest styles in ladies’ “to-do’s”.


The Misses Denmark have given up the Central Hotel and are now taking a much needed rest having been actively and prominently engaged in the hotel business here for a number of years. Mrs. A.C. Stewart now has charge of the Central.


Miss Mattie Denmark came up from Traders Hill Monday and will assist Mrs. Stewart at the Central until after court. We know Miss Mattie will feel at home and the Central will look natural with her there.


FOR SALE: All household and kitchen furniture in the Central Hotel with the exception of three bedroom sets and the parlor furniture. A.E. STEWART.


Pastor Johnson of Folkston Methodist Church, assisted by John Hendrix, the gospel singer, after conducting a two weeks service of revival meetings, closed the service Sunday night. The accessions were Mrs. Amanda Stewart, Fannie Martin, Janie Lanier, Dorothy Mattox, Bessie Rodgers and J.P. Mizell.


Sunday evening at the home of the bride’s there was a pretty wedding wherein the principals united were the hearts of two who were sweethearts in the springtime of life. Now that the golden days of maturity are theirs, their hearts turn with memories of the past to the joys of comradeship in the days yet to live. Mr. Joseph P. Mizell was united in wedlock to Mrs. A.C. Stewart by Rev. W.S. Johnson. A few friends and relatives were present as the affair was a quiet one. Their friends are legend and they both are too well known to the people of Charlton County for the Herald to attempt to tell who they are. They deserve all the happiness that comes to good Christian people as they are.


At the school closing this week certificates were awarded to the following for being neither absent nor tardy during the year: Albert Stewart, Jennie Smith, Mingo Stewart, Bernice Vickery, Helen Vickery, Helen Pickren, Brantley Roddenberry and Joann Mizell.


Mingo and Buttrace Stewart are assisting with the sheep shearing at Jos. P. Mizell’s May Bluff plantation. Sheep shearing time at this farm is an event of much note and is worth attending.


Edgar Stewart has been visiting his mother, Mrs. J.P. Mizell, before leaving for Camp Gordon to join the colors.


Friday night at commencement exercises, a class composed of Domingo Stewart, Jennie Smith and Closs Pickren will graduate.


A letter from Edgar Stewart says that he has been transferred to a training camp in New York and he has an idea that ere long he will leave for France.


Mrs. J.P. Mizell received a letter from the Government last week telling her that her son, Edgar Stewart, had been slightly wounded but was now able to join his company.


Mrs. J.P. Mizell received the glad news that her son, Edgar Stewart, would sail from France to the states Saturday. She has not heard from Walter since the War closed.


Miss Pearl Baker and Mr. Oscar Stewart were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Baker, Tuesday in the presence of the relatives of the happy couple, Rev. L.W. Walker officiating. They have lived here most of their life and have a host of friends who will be interested to learn of their marriage. They left immediately after the ceremony for their home in Jesup where Mr. Stewart works for the Atlantic Coast Line Railway.


Walter Stewart returned from France last week and arrived home Thursday much to the delight of his many friends. He was discharged Wednesday as a member of the Emory Unit.


The 1918-1919 term of the Folkston School comes to a close next week. The graduating class consists of Miss Mary Banks, Miss Mamie Askew and Albert Stewart.


The closing exercises of the Folkston School were held in the auditorium Thursday and Friday evenings of last week. Thursday was devoted to the grades and the little ones accredited themselves. Friday evening the graduating class was composed of Albert Sidney Stewart, Mary Louise Banks and Mamie Francis Askew. Prof. John Harris delivered the address and L.E. Mallard delivered the diplomas. Then the Freshmen and Sophomores got busy and entertained with two good plays. Thus ends the 1918-1919 term of school.


Edgar Stewart arrived in Folkston Sunday. He has recently returned from overseas, having been a mechanic in the Machine Gun Corps during the War.


TO MY CUSTOMERS: It will be impossible for me to take any more sewing before the last of July. This is not for a rest, but to try to get through with what I have on hand. MRS. STEWART MIZELL.


Albert Stewart broke his arm just above the wrist Wednesday morning while cranking the Ford.


Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart announce the birth of a fine baby boy on March 17th. The little one is named Albert Sidney.


George J. Stewart, one of Folkston’s mechanics, left last week for Beaumont, Texas where he has an offer from a firm he formerly worked with. Robert Bell accompanied him.


Mr. and Mrs. G.J. Stewart announce the birth of a fine ten pound baby boy on November 25th. He will be called David.


CLASSIFIED AD. Giant Zinnia blooms for sale. Fifteen cents per dozen or two dozen for twenty-five cents. All colors. Mrs. George J. Stewart.


Mr. L.P. McLean of Macon announces the marriage of his daughter, Annie Louise to George J. Stewart, Jr. on September 4. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart will live in Macon. The groom is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. G.J. Stewart and a grandson of Mrs. Stewart Mizell.


An enjoyable event of the week for the young people was a birthday party given by Mrs. C.H. Quick at her home Tuesday evening in celebration of the birthday of her daughter Charlene Quick. Among the guests were Mary Lou Stewart [and eighteen others].


Construction work is now underway on remodeling the home of Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Stewart. It consists of a single story structure, two or three rooms and sun porch, being constructed on the north side of the present two story residence.


Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Stewart announce the birth of an eight pound baby boy, born May 22. Both mother and baby are getting along nicely.


A weiner roast given at the St. Marys River Wednesday evening in honor of J.R. Thrift who leaves soon to enter service in the U.S. Army Air Corps was very much enjoyed by Mary Lou Stewart [and twelve others].


SENATOR RUSSELL SEES FOLKSTON BOY WHILE VISITING AUSTRALIA. While in Australia on his recent tour of the worldwide battle fronts, Senator Richard B. Russell of Georgia contacted Junior Stewart, son of Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Stewart, and upon his return to Washington wrote the following letter to the parents of young Stewart, who took part in the bitter Solomon Islands campaign: Washington, October 16, 1943. Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Stewart, Folkston, Ga. Dear Mrs. Stewart, While traveling in Australia in the discharge of my duties as Chairman of the Senatorial Overseas Mission, I had the pleasure of seeing your son Layton when I paid a visit to the First Marine Division at Melbourne. I am glad to report that he is in good health and fine spirits. He and the members of his outfit have already written a glorious page of American history and I am confident will be heard from again before our enemies are completely crushed. All of our people owe this division an especial debt of gratitude for their heroism in launching the first offenses against our enemy. I know you are proud of your son and as a fellow Georgian, I share that pride. With every good wish, I am, Sincerely, Dick Russell.


The Jacksonville Times-Union in its Tuesday edition carried a picture of Domingo L. Stewart, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Stewart, who is serving with the U.S. Marines in the southwest Pacific area. Junior is attached to a moving picture detail and the picture showed him busy connecting up wires in the equipment. He has been stationed in the Pacific area for more than a year and has had many months of active service. His many friends here will be glad to learn that he is getting along well at this far-from-home post in the nation’s armed forces.


Miss Mary Lou Stewart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Stewart, became the bride of George Neal Birdsong, of the US Navy, the marriage taking place on April 1st in Waycross. Mr. Birdsong has been serving in the Navy for the past 2 years. He is stationed at the US Naval Air Base in Jacksonville.


Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Hodges of Pembroke, N.C. announce the birth of a fine seven pound baby boy born May 24th. Mr. Hodges is the son of Mr. and Mrs. V.A. Hodges. Mrs. Hodges is the former Miss Sarah Henderson, who before her marriage was a teacher in the Folkston schools.


Domingo Layton Stewart, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Stewart, Sr., who has been serving with the famous First Marine Division in the Pacific Area for more than two years, has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant according to information received by his parents. He has been serving in the Marine Corps for nearly four years. Junior’s many friends here will be glad to learn of his well-merited advancement.



Domingo Layton Stewart, Sr., of Folkston, died Saturday in the local hospital.

Mr. Stewart was a native and life-long resident of Folkston. He was with the Signal Maintenance department of the old Atlantic Coast Line Railroad for many years before his retirement. At the time of his death he was serving as a member of the Folkston City Council.

He was a member of the Folkston Methodist Church and the Folkston Lodge No. 196, F&AM.

Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Goldia Hodges Stewart; one daughter, Mrs. Mary Lou Birdsong; three sons, D.L. Stewart, Jr., Roy O. Stewart and Danny Layton Stewart, all of Folkston; one brother, Walter Stewart, Jacksonville; six grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Monday from Folkston Methodist Church with the Rev. Grover Bell officiating. Burial followed in Pineview Cemetery with arrangements by Adkins Morticians of Folkston.



Goldia Stewart, 82, Folkston, Ga., died Sunday at Glynn-Brunswick Memorial Hospital after a long illness. She was a native of Naylor, Ga. and had lived most of her life in Folkston. Mrs. Stewart was a member of Folkston United Methodist Church, the Folkston Chapter of Eastern Star and the Folkston Garden Club.

Survivors include a daughter, Mary Lou Birdsong, Folkston; two sons, Roy O. Stewart, Statesboro, Ga. and Danny Stewart, Folkston; a sister, Ruth Barnes, Fort Lauderdale; two brothers, Edward Hodges, Palatka and Roy Hodges, Folkston; eight grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

Services were held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Folkston United Methodist Church, with burial in Pineview Cemetery, Folkston.Adkins-Shepard Morticians of Folkston was in charge.


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