Notes on the Paxton and Topper Theaters

From conversation with Pearce Stapleton 10-20-1995:

[I had asked him to describe the theater.]


Pearce: It was a big tin building. You remember that big old tin building the garage was in, on the corner? [northwest corner of Main and Okefenokee Drive] That was the theater. They moved it from the corner [southwest corner of Love and Okefenokee Drive] to up there. [to where Billy Clark’s office is] They had a garage in it. The [theater] had regular theater seats. It reminds me of the ones in the Masonic Lodge. I bet that theater would hold fifty people.



Miss Helen told me:

At the Paxton Theater on El Terrace Mrs. Marshall Paxton played piano for silent movies. About the only piece she knew was “Ain’t Going to Rain no More” and she played this fast and slow according to the action on the screen.

Miss Helen’s daddy liked to see horses gallop across the screen and Miss Helen drove him in the car on Saturdays to see the show, even when she had a date and didn’t want to go.


November 1956 cardboard calendar of Topper Theatre listed each movie, four a week, and had matinees on Saturday at 4:30 PM and Sundays at 3:00 PM.

Charlton  County Archives