By W.L. McDuffie

History of Owen K. Mizell’s forefathers and himself told by him to his grand son he partly raised:

Jesse Mizell come to North Carolina from England and settled there and raised a family there. Two of his sons come to Georgia. One of them named Jessie, father of Owen K. Mizell, settled on the north side of Altamaha River just below where Ocmulgee and Oconee Rivers flow together. The other brother settling on south side of river, both of them raising families.

Owen K. Mizell moved to Charlton County; then to Camden County and back to Charlton County and settled on Spanish Creek right near camp of Indians.

Joshua Mizell, son of Jesse Mizell, Sr. living on side of Altamaha River, also moved to Camden County and settled near Satilla River. They were cousins, also there was another Joshua Mizell he knew nothing about. This was probably Joshua Mizell, brother of Jackson and William Mizell, but he was not this certain about.

Owen K. Mizell was one of four children, a brother Perry and two sisters. His father died while middle aged and it fell to his lot to take care of his mother who died in 1850. He married Miss Nancy White, where they moved from up in Ga. To them was borned a daughter Margarett, and the mother died. This second wife was Miss Nancy Griffin, to them was born 5 daughters and one son, Griffin K. Mizell.

Owen K. Mizell was a guard when the Indian trouble arose. He owned a number of slaves, one Negro man named Prince Biod refused to leave him at end of Cival War and staid until he died years later. He had a large farm where he lived. There were twenty seven houses on farm, three hundred head of cattle, two hundred head of sheep, cotton gin, grist mill run by horse power. The writer sure enjoyed driving the horses to get to ride the big wheel, which was forty feet across.

He made all of his farm tools, plows, hoes, rakes and harness and shoes, cloth for his family. He raised several orphan children. He was the second Represenater of Charlton County, years of 1857-1858 and again in 1861-62-63, again during the years of 1865-66.

He said the families of Mizells living on the Okeefinokee Swamp was another branch of Mizells and he did not know where they come from. He said in 1844 there was a terable drouht and the Okeefenokee Swamp caught on fire and holes burned out which was the cause of the majority of lakes in there.

His children are all dead. The last one to die was Mrs. Ellen Russell, probably 75 yrs old, wife of Tom Russell at Kings Ferry, Fla. Owen K. Mizell died May 30, 1893 at one of his daughters at Waresboro, Ga.

Charlton  County Archives