Index - Charlton County Herald - 1942

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

1942; ; 4-H Club to collect scrap rubber 7-3; A; A.C.L. bridge guard fires on gator hunter 7-24; A.C.L. R.R. soldier jumped from train 7-24, 7-31; ACL Railroad no tourist trains 11-27; ACL RR automatic guard rails for crossing 2-6; ACL RR J.E. Harvey, Jr. worked for them in Wayx 4-10; ACL RR neon sign at Mattox 3-13; ACL RR signal gate and light at Main St. installed 3-13; ACL RR W.L. Barefoot worked here for them 1-2; ACL RR bridge man injured guarding it 1-16; Adams, Lawrence Crawford draftee 8-7; Adkins Funeral Home Control center for defense 3-27; Adkins, Bob at scout camp 6-26; Adkins, C. F. member control center 3-27; Adkins, C.F. Air Raid Warden 9-11; Adkins, C.F. Air Raid Warden 5-29; Adkins, C.F. Chief Warden 3-27; Adkins, C.F. director of airplane spotters 8-28; Adkins, C.F. on Ch Co Defense Comm. 3-27; Adkins, Mrs. C.F. ambulance driver 3-27; Airplane makes forced landing in corn field 6-5; Airplane spotters boys playing on courthouse roof 7-31; Airplane spotters get new rules from army 8-28; Airplane spotters new orders 9-11; Airplane spotters booth on courthouse roof 7-24; Aldridge Eugenia married 6-19; Aldridge, E.C. d. Juanita married 12-11; Aldridge, E.C. daughter Eugenia married 6-19; Aldridge, Eugenia student helper in Library 4-24; Aldridge, Juanita married 12-11; Aldridge, Mrs. Owen new baby girl born 4-3; Allen & Player Mercantile moved to Folkston 7-24; Allen, A.A. son Buck writes from Pacific 4-3; Allen, Edgar deputy clerk of court 6-5; Allen, Edgar firewatcher 3-27; Allen, Edgar F. appointed clerk of court 7-31; Allen, Elliott W. ìBuckî writes from Pacific 4-3; Allen, Homer stationed in Hawaii 5-22; Allen, Homer Wilson draftee 3-13; Allen, Hugh A. married 1-2; Allen, Johnnie stationed in another place 6-5; Allen, L.R. son married 1-2; Allen, Mrs. Edgar F. father died 11-6; Allen, Rebecca Jean wins 4-H district competition 7-17; Allen, Robert, Jr. in Coast Artillery Corps 12-18; Allen, W.R. aux police 3-27; Allen, W.R. bought Roddenberry store, Winokur 1-23; Allen, W.R., Jr. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Altman Sandra Gail is new baby for SM A Jr. 12-18; Altman, Althea [Dasher] new son born 2-6; Altman, B.A. works at ice plant 7-31; Altman, Bennie [Barfield] new baby girl 7-3; Altman, Blanche married 1-2; Altman, C.J. son Hubert stationed in England 9-25; Altman, Ernie Belle [Bryant] 7-17; Altman, Hubert H. stationed in England 9-25; Altman, Monroe visited Camp Pinckney on horseback 4-24; Altman, Rev. Ben. Officiated Roddenberry funeral 5-22; Altman, S.M. daughter Blanche married 1-2; Altman, S.M. sold ice plant 7-31; Altman, S.M., Jr. new baby girl 12-18; American Tobacco Co. prices frozen 1-2; Anderson, Arthur sister died 6-12; Anderson, Georgia teacher 1-23; Anderson, Loraine Marietta married 1-2; Anderson, Maurice d. married 1-2; Anderson, Mrs. Florence sister died 6-12; Arnall, Ellis elected governor 9-11; Arnold, Mrs. D.W. father died 6-12; Askew, Bessie Louise graduate 5-22, 5-29; Askew, Bessie Louise wins essay contest 5-8; Askew, Fred d. Mable married 12-25; Askew, Mable married 12-25; Askew, Mayme given tenure 5-8; Askew, Mayme teacher 9-4; Askew, Mrs. L. nurse 3-27; Atkins, C.F. air raid warden 7-24; Automobiles, trucks quit making them 2-6; 
Banks, Crawford enlists in Coast Guard 10-16; Banks, Crawford in Coast Guard 1-23; Banks, Crawford in Coast Guard 6-26; Banks, John coroner investigating soldier jumping from train 7-31; Banks, W.E. son Crawford home on leave 6-26; Banks, W.E. son enlists in Coast Guard 10-16; Barbour, Albert L. son George drowned 8-7; Barbour, George M. drowned 8-7; Barefoot, W.L. Guards making progress 4-10; Barefoot, William L., Jr. married 1-2; Barefoot, William L., Sr. son married 1-2; Barfield, Harold new baby girl 7-3; Barfield, Patricia Ann new baby for Barfield family 7-3; Barker, James at scout camp 6-26; Barker, John A. scoutmaster at scout camp 6-26; Barker, Johnnie at scout camp 6-26; Barnes, Betty student helper in Library 4-24; Bates, Mrs. Fred C. brother died 11-6; Baxley, E.M. baby boy born 2-13; Baxley, E.M. road repair crew 3-27; Beckerman, George Henry jumped from moving train/died 7-24, 7-31; Bedell, Miss new clerk for ration board 12-25; Bedell, Miss M. em food and housing 3-27; Bedell, Miss Marward officer Red Cross 11-6; Bell, Claude F. mother died 11-27; Bell, Mrs. James T. died 11-27; Bennett, Arthur in Navy 12-18; Bennett, Vandell aux fireman 3-27; Bentley, G.W. nurse aide 3-27; Bentley, Guy W. given tenure 5-8; Bentley, Guy W. teacher 9-4; Bentley, Mrs. Dortha M. given tenure 5-8; Bentley, Mrs. Dortha M. teacher 9-4; Blackberry pies not enough sugar for pies 5-8; Blalock, E.O. atty for J.C. Howard, Winokur comm. 6-12; Bowden, Chonar L. married 4-24; Boy Scouts at annual camp 6-26; Braddock, E.L. aux police 3-27; Bread, slice your own. No parts for bakery machines 5-15; Brock, George draftee 12-4; Brock, George working for Union Bag 11-20-42; Brock, Mrs. Tom brother killed in accident 4-17; Brock, Vernon working for Union Bag 11-20-42; Brockman, Dr. developed pecan orchard 3-13; Brooks, A.J. daughter married 3-13; Brooks, Clyde draftee 12-4; Brooks, Lourilla married 3-13; Brooks, Mrs. Gladys father died 11-20; Brooks, P.G. on box supper committee 4-17; Brooks, P.G. questioned status of Jack Howard as comm. 6-5; Brooks, P.G. roof on front porch 3-13; Brooks, Sina Adams daughter married 3-13; Brown, B. Clyde brother died 10-23; Brown, Georgia Mallette Littlefield father died 10-23; Brown, Holland on Tire Rationing Board 1-9; Brown, Holland very sick 6-19; Brown, J.GH. member ration board 3-27; Brown, J.H. registrar 1-23; Brown, J.H. son died 10-23; Brown, James Holland died 10-23; Brown, James Holland, Jr. father died 10-23; Brown, Julia [Juliette] Louise father died 10-23; Brown, Mrs. Douglas teacher 9-4; Brown, Mrs. Georgia L. teacher 9-4; Brown, Mrs. Holland teacher 8-7; Brown, Mrs. M.A. brother died 10-23; Brown, Ralph H. brother died 10-23; Brown, Sidney H. brother died 10-23; Brown, Thomas R. brother died 10-23; Brown, Virginia colored teacher 1-23; Brown, William Houston brother died 10-23; Brunswick, Ga. big contract for war ships 3-27; Bryant, Bobbie OíNeal new baby 7-17; Bryant, Chester A. safe aboard a tanker 8-14; Bryant, George N. new baby boy born 7-17; Bryant, Ira S. T. Hill teacher 1-23; Bryant, J.L. store-closing agreement 4-10; Bryant, James draftee 12-4; Bryant, Mrs. L.B. letter from son Chester in war 8-14; Bryant, Wes son William died 7-17; Bryant, William died 7-17; Bryson Constr. Co. borrowed motor patrol for Glynn Co. 5-15; Bryson, A.C. leased road patrol machine 11-6; Burch, Mrs. Addie baptized in river 5-1; Burch, Vernell baptized in river 5-1; Burnsed, Enoch drafted 11-6; Burnsed, Jeannette grad 7 grade 6-5; Burnsed, Mrs. Susie brother died 2-27; Byrd, Eulie Cecil drafted 10-16;
; Camp Dill name of camp at river bridge 5-29; Camp Pinckney community visitors on horseback 4-24; Canaday, Casey brother died 2-27; Canaday, Francis brother died 2-27; Canaday, Gus brother died 2-27; Canaday, Hoke Smith died 2-27; Cantrell Bud drafted 11-6; Carter, Alton J. draftee 12-4; Carter, Billie enlists in navy 9-25; Carter, Charles baby girl born 2-13; Carter, Clarence Warren drafted 10-16; Carter, H.M. Guard at bridge sick 5-22; Carter, H.M. river bridge guard in hospital 5-29; Carter, Miss Alice bap at Traders Hill 3-13; Carter, Owen draftee 12-4; Cason, Louise married 9-25; CCC camps statistics on all Georgia camps 7-24; CCC camps those not in war work to be disbanded 2-13; Chancey, M.J. married 5-29; Chancey, Soley farm Robert Staton moved there 2-13; Chancey, W.L. son married 5-29; Charlton Co Herald sent to every serviceman free 6-26; Charlton County road machine taken over by govt 10-30; Charlton County road patrol still belongs to county 11-6; Charlton County Commiss. Loaned motor patrol to Glynn Co. 5-15; Charlton County Herald Adv. Contracts cancelled 1-2; Charlton County Herald begins 44th year 7-3; Charlton County road crew gets raise 7-17; Charlton County road machine back in county 12-18; Charlton County road repair crew, Hugh Crews head 4-17; Charlton County Welfare Board new director, Mrs. Morris 4-24; Chesser, Guy new baby boy 1-23; Chesser, James Guy draftee 12-4; Chesser, Morgan Demolition, blackouts 3-27; Chesser, Morgan new baby boy 2-27; Chesser, Robert drafted 11-6; Chism, Ralph Adrian draftee 8-7; Church, Bethel repairs completed 4-24; Church, Bethel Methodist Mrs. Ed Davis [Roddenberry] member 4-24; Church, Bethel Methodist improvements to be made 2-13; Church, Camp Pinckney Baptist baptism of 2 new members 5-1; Church, Corinth Prim Bap Claude Wilson Prescott membr 4-3; Church, Folk Bap bap. New members 12-11; Church, Folk Bap Quilting day 10-16; Church, Folk Bap. New pastor arrives 8-28; Church, Folk Meth special war flag 12-11; Church, Folkston Bap. Supply Pastor, Johnson named 4-24; Church, Folkston Baptist baptism planned 5-15; Church, Folkston Baptist new pastor, W.B. Hoats 7-17 ; Church, Folkston Methodist revival, some Bap. Saved 5-15; Church, Grace Chapel Rev. Dixon resigned 1-16; Church, Grace Chapel Rev. O.C. Smith to bring visitors 4-3; Church, Grace Chapel Smith is new pastor 1-30; Church, Grace Chapel Bap. Wainwright funeral 5-22; Church, Homeland Methodist new altar 2-20; Church, Philadelphia Bap. New pastor, Rev. J.R. Graham 10-30; Church, Sand Hill pie supper for song books 10-16; Chute, Eunice given tenure 5-8; Chute, Miss nurse aide 3-27; Chute, Miss Eunice teacher 9-4; Cigar maker, ladies needed in Jacksonville 5-29; Citizens Bank statement of condition 1-16; Citizens Bank, The statement of condition 7-17; Citizens Bank, The store-closing agreement 4-10; Civilian Defense Volunteer Day 1-23; Clark, Billy at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Clark, L.G. airplane mechanic in Air Corps 4-10; Clark, Mildred student helper in Library 4-24; Clark, Willie Elbert draftee 3-13; Clements, Lewis grandfather died 5-15; Clements, Mrs. Ivan father died 5-15; Clements, Wanda grandfather died 5-15; Clemons, M.L. river bridge guard in hospital 5-29; Cobb, Ludelle graduated high school 6-5; Cobb, Mrs. W.B. mother died 4-24; Cobb, Sandra grandmother died 4-24; Cockrell, Eleanor given tenure 5-8; Cockrell, Miss Eleanor teacher 9-4; Cockrell, S.T. member ration board 3-27; Cockrell, S.T. on Tire Rationing Board 1-9; Colleges to grad every 3 yrs instead of 4 1-30; Colson, Hurder Forrest graduate 5-22; Colson, John Virgil draftee 12-4; Conner Co., The store closing agreement 4-10; Conner, Cecil married 1-30; Conner, Clora Lee on box supper committee 4-17; Conner, J. Troy new baby boy named J. Troy, Jr. 9-11; Conner, J.T. on Ch Co Defense Comm. 3-27; Conner, J.T. rescue squad 3-27; Conner, Jewell Gladys graduate 5-22, 5-29; Conner, Jimmy at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Conner, Mrs. Stewart son married 1-30; Conner, Z.W. elected councilman 12-4; Conner, Zelton on Tire Rationing Board 1-9; Conner, Zelton ration board chrm 3-27; Conner, Zelton resigns Ration Board 12-4; Convict camp 50 white men 2-27; Convict Camp convicts moved to Tattnall Co. 10-9; Convict camp J.W. Vickery is new cost clerk 7-10; Convict camp new warden, Herring 6-19; Convicts seven escape from camp 6-5; Cook, R. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; County Commission Winokur comm. Questioned 6-5; Courthouse roof boys playing there by plane spotter booth 7-31; Crawford, Edson insane hospital 6-12; Crawford, J. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Crawford, Jeannette in school play 6-5; Crawford, Joseph insane hospital 6-12; Crawford, Kathryn grad 7 grade 6-5; Cress, Mrs. T.P. father died 6-12; Crews, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy son Fred in diesel school 9-25; Crews, Alvin in Navy 11-13; Crews, Charlie son Alvin in Navy 11-13; Crews, Earl drafted 11-6; Crews, Ellis in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Crews, Elvin enlists in Navy 6-26; Crews, Frank drafted 11-6; Crews, Fred enlists in Navy 6-26; Crews, Fred M. in army diesel school 9-25; Crews, George is new Winokur commissioner 9-18; Crews, H.H. two sons enlist in Navy 6-26; Crews, H.M. son Elvin enlists in Navy 6-26; Crews, Hilton drafted 11-6; Crews, Horace enlists in Navy 6-26; Crews, Hugh head of road repair crew 4-17; Crews, Ivey drafted 11-6; Crews, Jesse drafted 11-6; Crews, Jesse in Medical Corps 12-4; Crews, John W. drafted 11-6; Crews, Julian city council 1-16; Crews, Julian Inspector for Tire Rationing Board 1-9; Crews, Julius Earl graduate 5-22; Crews, Kermit draftee 12-4; Crews, Leon draftee 12-4; Crews, Levy draftee 12-4; Crews, Lucille nurse 3-27; Crews, Martha student helper in Library 4-24; Crews, Mose drafted 11-6; Crews, Mr. Corliss bap. At Traders Hill 3-13; Crews, Mrs. Ellis new baby boy 6-26; Crews, Mrs. Jessie working at hospital 6-19; Crews, Mrs. Jim gave quilt top to Bap women 10-16; Crews, Mrs. Leonard brother died 2-27; Crews, Oscar Lee draftee 3-13; Crews, Owen W. draftee 12-4; Crews, Pratt bomb squad 3-27; Crews, Rudolph drafted 11-6; Crews, Sam draftee 3-13; Crews, W.L. new baby girl 10-30; Crews, Wheeler drafted 10-16; Cribb, Sgt. commanded Ga State Guards 11-13; Cullison, O.J. died, bro. of Mrs. Waughtel 2-27; Cumbee, Mrs. C.A. d. married 12-4; Curb market good variety 5-29; Curb market successful uptown 5-15; Custom pinder popping Mrs. B.B. Gowen 4-3; 
Dairy, Sunrise closes down 1-23; Daniels, Lois K. Red Cross fund drive 2-13; Daniels, Lois K. sick, resigned from Welfare Board 4-24; Dasher, Bernard new son born. 2-6; Dasher, George Terrell He is new son just born 2-6; Daughtry, Mrs. Mary C. teacher 9-4; Daughtry, Slayton Registrar for vol for victory 1-23; Davis, Frank new baby boy Percy Stokes Davis 5-15; Davis, Frank new baby boy name corrected to Francis Stokes Davis 5-22; Davis, Jack father died 7-10; Davis, Jack road repair crew 3-27; Davis, Louis baptized 12-11; Davis, Miss Jessie teacher 9-4; Davis, Mrs. Ed died 4-24; Davis, Mrs. Ed sister died 3-27; Davis, Mrs. J.J. mother died 4-24; Davis, Patricia grandmother died 4-24; Davis, Percy Stokes he is new baby boy for Frank Davis 5-15; Davis, Ralph father died 7-10; Davis, Ralph questioned status of Jack Howard as comm. 6-5; Davis, W.W., Jr. father died 7-10; Davis, Walter W. died 7-10; Davis, Willie W. discharged from army 12-11; Dean, Rev. E.F. funeral of William Bryant 7-17 ; Defense Bonds Quota met for May 5-8; Dell, Mrs. Andrew father died 5-22; Dinkins, Mrs. J.T. new baby girl 8-14; Dinkins, Mrs. Theo brother killed in accident 4-17; Dinkins, O.K. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Dinkins, Theo store-closing agreement 4-10; Dinkins, Theo to discontinue delivery of groceries [war] 5-8; Dixon, A. In Home Defense Unit 1-9; Dixon, Jackie married 3-13; Dixon, Jasper G. daughter married 3-13; Dixon, Rev. Hugh Pie supper proceeds for him 10-16; Dobbs, Miss nurse 3-27; Dobbs, Miss Maggie nurse, sick 6-19; Douglas, E.L. wife died 3-20; Dowling, Lonnie new baby girl born 10-16; Draft 19 sent off this week 11-6; Draft 24 left for induction 12-4; Draft 5th registration to be held.7-3; Draft all single men drafted first 9-4; Draft large group draftees to leave this week 7-3; Draft new registration for age 45-64 in April 3-27; Draft stats of Charlton Co. 11-20; Draft board McCoy resigns, Harvey apptd 12-25; Draft Board meeting agenda secret 1-2; Draft Board new registrants listed. Too many to type 3-13; Draft Board Richard B. Stroup new member 10-9; Draft Board to register more men 2-13; Draft registration 3rd registration complete, 392 listed 2-20; Draft registration fourth draft completed 424 men 5-1; Draft registration set for April 25-7 4-17; Draft registration to be held June 30 6-19; Draft registration set for June 30 5-29; Draft, 11 men left for Army 8-7; Draftees large group left this week 10-16; Drew family new baby boy 1-23; Drury, Mrs. Pat in critical condition, cow injured her 5-29; Drury, Mrs. Pat injured by milk cow 5-22; Dubberly, Claude draftee 12-4; Dyal, Mrs. Claud new baby girl born 4-3; 
Elder, Robert Milton draftee 8-7; Election poll tax must be paid early 4-10; Election voters list ready 8-21; Entertainment box supper in Uptonville 5-1; Entertainment Box supper, Uptonville 4-17; Entertainment singing school at Camp Pinckney 6-26; Entertainment weiner roast at Noah Hickox home 4-3; Erwin, Lambert member Meth Ch 12-11; Erwin, Mrs. Nurse 3-27; Erwin, Rev. and Mrs. George son in Army 10-30; Erwin, Walter Lambert enlists in Army 10-30; Eunice, J.L. new baby boy 5-8; Everett, Catherine married 12-4; 
Farming curb market is good success.; Farming curb market is success 5-29; Farming pecans bringing good prices 11-6; Fats collection for war effort 6-26; Fats kitchen fats to be collected for war effort 7-24; Finck, Henrietta son Robert married 9-25; Finck, Robert married 9-25; Fires in forest lands Mizell lost most 2-13; Fisher, C.R. daughter Wanda married 9-25; Fisher, Wanda married 9-25; Flansburg, Raymond Bruce drafted 10-16; Fleming, Dr. A. essay on him by Wilma Loper 5-8; Fleming, Dr. A. helped Baxley baby born 2-13; Flower Show 7th annual show 5-8; Flowers, Mrs. McKinley brother died 2-13; Folkston Grain/Grocery store-closing agreement 4-10; Folkston Ice and Cold Storage sells Altman to Hinson 7-31; Folkston Pool Room closes war 10-2; Folkston Telephone Co. bought Wilson home 1-23; Folkston, city of Store closing on Thur. Agree. 4-10; Folkston, city of annual election 12-4; Folkston, city of strong no roaming cattle law 5-1; Folkston, city of gate and light and Main St. RR cross. 3-13; Folkston, fence to keep cattle out, needs repairing 7-24; Fordís factory producing planes 5-22; 
Ga. Power and Light E.C. Gowen to manage lines 3-20; Gainey children tonsils out 3-6; Gainey, Ulysees draftee 8-7; Garden Club buys bonds 11-13; Garden Club holds 7th annual flower show 5-8; Gardner, Eustis accused of murder 10-9; Garrison, Mrs. E. nurse 3-27; Gas rationing not many cars on highway 5-22; Gas rationing registration 5-8; Gasoline rationing begins May 15 4-24; Gasoline rationing registration 5-15; Gasoline rationing registration 5-1; Georgia Power and Light Co. hires E.C. Gowen 3-27; Georgia State Guard bridge detachment disbanded 11-13; Georgia State Guard fires on gator hunter at bridge 7-24; Georgia State Guard LIFE and TIME mag. To cover 1-9; Georgia State Guard member H.M. Carter sick 5-22; Georgia State Guards Capt Raynor urges more 3-20; Georgia State Guards have field kitchen, etc. 2-6; Georgia State Guards James Riggins, member, in hospital 4-17; Georgia State Guards making progress 4-10; Georgia State Guards man injured at bridge 1-16; Georgia State Guards OE Raynor apptd Captain 2-6; Georgia State Guards receive uniforms, guns, etc 2-13; Gibson Oil Co., Wayx scrap rubber taken there 6-19; Gibson, Charles H. found red steer with his cows 5-8; Gibson, Gilbert H. baby son died 12-18; Gibson, Glenn married 3-13; Gibson, John S. reelected congressman 9-11; Gibson, John S. tells of stenographer jobs in Wash DC 4-3; Gibson, John S. to run for re-election 6-26; Gibson, Lamar at scout camp 6-26; Gibson, Lanier baptized 12-11; Gibson, Little John Ellis died 12-18; Gibson, Margie teacher 9-4; Gibson, Mrs. W.E. teacher 9-4; Gibson, Oleta Meryl baptized 12-11; Gibson, Ray married 9-25; Gibson, Ray stationed in N.C. 6-26; Gibson, S.G. son married 3-13; Gibson, S.G. son Ray married 9-25; Gibson, Sarah Ellis baby son died 12-18; Gibson, W.E. son missing in action 6-26; Gibson, W.E. store-closing agreement 4-10; Gibson, Wallace may be Jap. POW 6-5; Gibson, Wallace missing in action 6-26; Givens, Mrs. H.W. father died 5-15; Glover, Mrs. H.B. father died 6-12; Goddin, Joseph David draftee 8-7; Gowen, Andrew 15 baby turkeys from 14 eggs 5-8; Gowen, Andrew d. married 1-30; Gowen, Ann S. given tenure 5-8; Gowen, Annie [Vickery] husband died 11-6; Gowen, Annie Pearl Secretary Alumnae Assn. 5-29; Gowen, Baynard demolition, blackouts 3-27; Gowen, Baynard member Meth Ch 12-11; Gowen, Baynard H. enlists in Navy 6-26; Gowen, C.C. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Gowen, Dorothy Grace married 1-30; Gowen, E.C. head of Public Wrks and utilities 3-27; Gowen, E.C. hired by Ga. Power and Light 3-27; Gowen, E.C. member ration board 3-27; Gowen, E.C. on Tire Rationing Board 1-9; Gowen, E.C. reported fire that burned Johnson house 7-17; Gowen, E.C. to manage lines of Ga Power Co. 3-20; Gowen, G.R., Jr. to head Polio campaign 1-2; Gowen, G.R., Jr. chrm of Polio Fund Drive 2-6; Gowen, G.R., Sr. son Baynard enlists Navy 6-26; Gowen, Harold working for Union Bag 11-20; Gowen, J. Dean new baby boy 12-11; Gowen, J. Dean surveyor for Union Bag 10-16; Gowen, J.V. owned boat used to rescue boy at river 6-26; Gowen, J.V., Jr. rescue squad 3-27; Gowen, J.V., Jr. thief stole tire 1-23; Gowen, J.V., Sr. air raid warden 3-27; Gowen, Jane student helper in Library 4-24; Gowen, Louie Lee draftee 3-13; Gowen, Lt. Clyde Guards making progress 4-10; Gowen, Lt. Clyde to head up the shotgun unit 4-10; Gowen, Lt. G.R., Jr. Guards making progress 4-10; Gowen, Mrs. Ann S. teacher 9-4; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. given tenure 5-8; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. nursing sister who is sick 6-19; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. teacher 9-4; Gowen, T.C. bought Brockman farm 3-13; Gowen, T.C. on Ch Co Defense Comm. 3-27; Gowen, T.C. store-closing agreement 4-10; Graham, Rev. J.R. pastor Philadelphia Bap. 10-30; Green, Christopher colored school teacher 1-23; Green, Willie bomb squad 3-27; Greyhound Bus schedules changed 10-16; Greyhound Lines schedules changed 5-22; Griffin, Albert new baby boy 6-12; Griffin, Mary E. daughter married 3-20; Griffin, Willie Mae married 3-20; Griffis, Mrs. Ethel father died 6-12; Griner, Fairey Olive married 9-25; Griner, R.B. daughter Fairey Olive married 9-25; Grooms, Mrs. Ernie brother died 11-6; Grooms, Mrs. M.D. father died 4-10; Groover, Boaz married 3-20; Groover, Boaz new baby girl 12-18; Grubbs, Elizabeth teacher 8-7; Guinn, Carl drafted 11-6; Guinn, E.L. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Guinn, Harold in Army 11-6; Guinn, Lonnie draftee 12-4; Guy, Devant at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Guy, F.J. bomb squad 3-27; Guy, M.T. bomb squad 3-27; Guy, Odetha at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Guy, Talmadge grad JrHi 6-5;
Haddock, J.S. on comm. Share the Ride Club 7-3; Haddock, Vera [Musgrove] new son born 3-13; Hannaford, J.O. was Suwannee Store manager 9-25; Hannaford, Mrs. Thelma G. teacher 9-4; Harden, B.G. aux police 3-27; Harden, Bert go to wildlife ranger meeting 5-22; Harden, Joe got promotion in army 9-18; Harden, Joseph Brown draftee 3-13; Harrell, Alvin draftee 8-7; Harris, John on Ch Co Defense Comm. 3-27; Harris, John Red Cross officer 7-17; Harris, John volunteered schools for draft reg. 4-17; Harris, Johnnie Earl drafted 10-16; Harris, Mrs. Jasper father died 4-10; Harrison, Allen drafted 10-16; Harrison, Kenneth at scout camp 6-26; Harrison, R. Ward quits Draft Board 10ó9; Harrison, R. Ward, Editor 1-2; Harrison, R.Ward brother missing in action 6-26; Harrison, R.Ward resigned Draft Board 2-6; Harrison, Robert in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Harrison, Robert enlists in service 9-18; Harrison, Robert member Meth Ch 12-11; Harrison, W.L. missing in action 6-26; Harrod, Belinda son died 7-24; Harrod, Dr. John brother died 7-24; Harrod, Dr. Morse brother died 7-24; Harrod, J.J. died 7-24; Harrod, Morgan son died 7-24; Harvey, Harry member Meth Ch 12-11; Harvey, Harry stationed at Shepherd Field 6-5; Harvey, J.E. member Meth Ch 12-11; Harvey, J.E., Jr. enlists in Marines 4-10; Harvey, J.E., Sr. on draft board 12-25; Hatcher, Mary [Roddenberry] daughter died 3-27; Hathaway, J. air raid warden 3-27; Hathaway, J.A., Jr. joined Navy 1-2; Hathaway, Juanita grad Jr. Hi 6-5; Hatton, Mildred teacher 8-7; Hatton, Mildred teacher 9-4; Haywood, Joe repair squad 3-27; Haywood, Joe rescue squad 3-27; Hebard, D.L. essay on him by Bessie Askew 5-8; Hebard, Mrs. D.L. gave iron from retort 11-20; Hebard, Mrs. D.L. officer Red Cross 11-6; Hebard, Mrs. D.L. working at hospital 6-19; Hercules Camp Mrs. J.L. Eunice had baby boy 5-8; Hercules Camp Mrs. Wade Petty had baby girl 5-8; Hercules Powder Co. Quick gets award 6-26; Herrin, Harold O. drafted 10-16; Herring, L.B. new warden at convict camp 6-19; Hickox, Arel drafted 10-16; Hickox, D.L. new baby boy born 10-2; Hickox, David in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Hickox, Noah to hold weiner roast at his house 4-3; Highsmith, Beaure G. retires from Army 9-4; Highsmith, Lucretia [Rogers] husband died 5-15; Highsmith, Mrs. Ottie brother died 6-12; Highsmith, Raymond draftee 12-4; Hilton, Jesse new son born 2-6; Hinson, J.B. bought ice plant 7-31; Hoats, Rev. W.B. new pastor Folk Bap Church 8-28; Hodges, Mrs. Sara H. teacher 9-4; Hodges, Mrs. Sarah H. given tenure 5-8; Hodges, Roy new baby boy, Arthur born 6-12; Hodges, Vinson Arthur, Jr. name of new baby boy 6-12; Hodges, Willie baby girl born 2-13; Holt, Abner B. sailor killed in wreck 3-6; Holt, Avener graduated high school 6-5; Home Defense course to be taught 5-8; Home Defense Guards making progress 4-10; Home Defense Unit LIFE and TIME magazines to cover 1-9; Home Guard unit Corbett Petty injured 1-16; Homeland, city of annual election 1-16; Hood, Mrs. Dwight L. brother died 10-23; Hopkins, A.J., Jr. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Hopkins, Alva aux fireman 3-27; Hopkins, Alva member Meth Ch 12-11; Hopkins, Alva J., Jr. orders to report for service 7-17; Hopkins, Ann Elizabeth graduate 5-22, 5-29; Hopkins, Co. Comm questioned status of Jack Howard 6-5; Hopkins, Miss Frances teacher 9-4; Hopkins, Mrs. A.J., Jr. party for graduates 5-29; Hopkins, Mrs. Alva em food and housing 3-27; Hospital, Dr. A. Fleming Baxley boy born 2-13; Howard, J.C. not qualified to serve as comm. 6-12; Howard, Jack C. reinstalled as commissioner 9-4; Howard, Jack C. status as comm. Questioned [moved] 6-5; Howard, James Osworth graduate 5-22, 5-29; Howard, Joseph Lawrence draftee 3-13; Huggins, Alvin married 12-11; Huggins, Erlis H. married 6-5; Huggins, J.M. son Alvin married 12-11; Huling, Cleo given tenure 5-8; Huling, Cleo sister died 8-21; Huling, Cleo teacher 9-4; Huling, Fleming sister died 8-21; Huling, Herbert half sister died 8-21; Huling, Herbert to teach singing school 6-26; Huling, Howard sister died 8-21; Huling, Huling half sister died 8-21; Huling, J.O. daughter died 8-21; Huling, Merlyn sister died 8-21; Huling, Mildred died 8-21; Huling, Mildred teacher 8-7; Huling, Mildred very very sick 8-7; Huling, Morris in Army 12-18; Huling, Morris sister died 8-21; Huling, Mrs. J.O. daughter died 8-21; Huling, W.L., Jr. enlists in service 9-18; Huling, Wilson married 7-3; Huling, Wilson sister died 8-21; Hutson, Myrtice in school play 6-5; 
Ice plant and cold storage changes hands Altman/Hinson 7-31; Infantile Paralysis fund camp. 1-2; Infantile Paralysis Fund completed 2-6; 
Johns, Aaron Marvin draftee 3-13; Johns, Alfred father died 2-13; Johns, Claudie grad 7 grade 6-5; Johns, Ivey brother died 2-13; Johns, J.A. son died 2-13; Johns, James Royal escaped from prison 10-2; Johns, Joe brother died 2-13; Johns, Mark brother died 2-13; Johns, Myrtle Deloris is new baby for WO Johns 12-18; Johns, Pat died 2-13; Johns, Royal escaped from prison 10-2; Johns, Venton E. draftee 8-7; Johns, Vera graduated high school 6-5; Johns, W.O. married 1-2; Johns, W.O. new baby girl 12-18; Johns, Yulee brother died 2-13; Johnson Lumber Co. closed down 3-27; Johnson Sawmill sold to Fla. company 4-3; Johnson, A.R. daughter married 10-30; Johnson, Gertrude W. elected city clerk 12-4; Johnson, Harry home on river burned down 7-17; Johnson, Harry move to new home across river 6-19; Johnson, J.H. Red Cross officer 7-17; Johnson, James Henry married 12-25; Johnson, Jewel Demaris married 10-30; Johnson, Judge owned Johnson Lumber Co 3-27; Johnson, Judge J.H. chrm of comm. To repair Bethel 4-24; Johnson, Judge J.H. on comm. of Share the Ride club 7-3; Johnson, Mrs. B.S. officer Red Cross 11-6; Johnson, Mrs. B.S. Red Cross officer 7-17; Johnson, Mrs. J.W. given tenure 5-8; Johnson, Mrs. Kate F. on box supper committee 4-17; Johnson, Mrs. Kate K. teacher 9-4; Johnson, Mrs. R.L. new baby boy 6-26; Johnson, Mrs. Scott em food and housing 3-27; Johnson, Ralph fire watcher 3-27; Johnson, Ross murdered 10-9; Johnson, Russell new home built 4-3; Johnson, Russell new house being built 2-6; Johnson, W.T. crated wrecked plane for shipment 6-5; Johnston, Miss Susie teacher 9-4; Johnston, Susie given tenure 5-8; Johnston, Susie working at Citizens Bank 6-12; Jones, Carl brother killed in accident 4-17; Jones, Dudley enlisted in Coast Guard/Navy 5-1; Jones, Dudley member Meth Ch 12-11; Jones, E. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Jones, Fulton brother killed in accident 4-17; Jones, J.B. son James Edward killed 4-17; Jones, J.H. air raid warden 3-27; Jones, James Edward killed in wreck 4-17; Jones, Kirby brother killed in accident 4-17; Jones, Kirby Demolition, blackouts 3-27; Jones, Kirby draftee 12-4; Jones, Mrs. Carl new baby girl 8-14; Jones, Mrs. Hilda teacher 8-7; Jones, Mrs. Hilda M. teacher 9-4; Jones, Mrs. Kathryn teacher 8-7; Jones, Mrs. Kathryn R. teacher 9-4; Jones, Sam drafted 11-6; Jones, Snooks in Ga State Guards 2-20; Jones, Troy aux police 3-27; Jones, Troy brother killed in accident 4-17; Jones, W.D. on committee Share the Ride Club 7-3; Jones, W.J. firewatcher 3-27; 
Keene home destroyed by fire 3-27; Keene, Annie course to be taught at her home 5-8; Keene, Annie home burned 3-20; Keene, Nettie course to be taught at her home 5-8; Keene, Nettie home burned 3-20; Kennedy, Sarah colored school teacher 1-23; Kerwin, Lucille teacher 8-7; Kerwin, Lucille teacher 9-4; Kight, Homer took care of J.J. Harrod 7-24; King, Rosa married 7-3; Kirkland, Albert drafted 11-6; Kirkland, R.T. in school play 6-5; Knabb, L. on Draft Board 2-6; Knabb, Mrs. Jessie M. teacher 9-4; Knabb, Ralph aux police 3-27; Knabb, Ralph campaigning for Rep. 8-7; Knabb, Ralph elected to Ga. Gen. Assembly 9-11; Knabbís Store place for Vol. For Victory 1-23; Knights of Pythias Jesse W. Vickery was member 11-6; Knowles, Alfred enlisted in Navy 6-12; Knowles, Ernest new baby girl 7-31; Knowles, Jeffery new mule 5-1; Knowles, Levi moved to Brunswick to work in shipyard 6-19; Knowles, Lonnie married 9-25; Knowles, Mary Virginia new baby girl born 7-31; Knox, Cpl. Carroll at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Kottman, Fred council 1-16; 
Lane, Bobbie new son born 3-6; Lane, Geneva grad 7 grade 6-5; Leckie, Powell ran Sunrise Dairy 1-23; Leckie, T.E. ran Sunrise Dairy 1-23; Leckie, T.E. son Werdie in Canadian Air Force 8-28; Leckie, Werdie gets wings with Canadian Air Force 8-28; Leckie, Werdie in Canadian Air Force 5-15; Leckie, Wordie safely overseas 10-16; Lee, Ben grandfather died 7-10; Lee, Nellie grandfather died 7-10; Lewis, C.H. new Suwannee Store manager 9-25; Library List of student helpers 4-24; Library play presented made money for L. 3-13; Littlefield, Candler joined air force 1-23; Littlefield, Candler member Meth Ch 12-11; Littlefield, Candler, gets wings 11-6; Littlefield, David member Meth Ch 12-11; Littlefield, Georgia husband died 10-23; Littlefield, Margaret given tenure 5-8; Littlefield, Miss nurse aide 3-27; Littlefield, Miss Margaret teacher 9-4; Littlefield, Mrs. J.C. son-in-law died 10-23; Lloyd, ìLittle Dutchî died 12-11; Lloyd, Charlie son died 12-11; Lloyd, Charlie Bunk and Jefferyís new mule 5-1; Lloyd, Duce new baby boy 2-27; Lloyd, Franklin died 12-11; Lloyd, Jeff new baby boy 12-4; Lloyd, Jeff Dallas graduate 5-22; Lloyd, Mrs. Jeff grew good garden 6-12; Lloyd, Ronald Layne new baby born 2-27; Lodge, Folkston Masonic James Homer Rogers was member 5-15; Lodge, WOW in St. George sold 6-14; London, Dorsey killed Lawrence Wesley 8-28; Loper, H.J. daughter married 6-5; Loper, Wilma married 6-5; Loper, Wilma wins essay contest 5-8; Loper, Wilmer graduate 5-22, 5-29; Lowrimore, Isobel married 4-24; Lowrimore, S.A. daughter Isobel married 4-24; Lowther, Vandilla graduate 5-22, 5-29; Lowther, Vandilla Salutatory on grad. program 5-29; Lyons, John Wesley graduated high school 6-5;
Majors, L.D. aux fireman 3-27; Majors, L.D. New baby girl Elizabeth Dow 10-2; Majors, Mrs. L.D. VP Alumnae Assn. 5-29; Mallard, L.E. urges payment of poll tax 4-10; Martin Granny old place Cecil/Grace Conner lived there 1-30; Martin, Arlean Brenda married 2-13; Martin, Mrs. Roselle teacher 9-4; Martin, Otto widow remarried 2-13; Martin, Wealthy Thomas brother died 6-12; Masonic building Player and Allen moved in downstairs 7-24; Mattair, Mrs. L.H. father died 6-12; Matthews, Mrs. Nurse 3-27; Matthews, Mrs. William nursed Dr. Cora Roberts 1-9; Mattox Service Station County to pay for sign electricity 5-15; Mattox, dangerous Cross. Signal installed 3-13; McCloy, Sam married 2-13; McCoy, Dr. resigns draft board 12-25; McCoy, Dr. W.R. at Joe OíBerry inquest 6-12; McCoy, Dr. W.R. treated Mrs. Drury, cow injury 5-22; McCoy, Mrs. W.R. moving back to Folk 8-7; McCoy, W.R. on Draft Board 2-6; McDuffie, Thyra [Sands] new son 3-6; McIntosh, Mrs. Kenneth new baby girl 6-26; McKendree, Mrs. Mae brother killed in accident 4-17; McQueen, A.S. county atty, ruled Howard cdnt be comm. 6-12; McQueen, A.S. sister died 7-17; McQueen, Bill stationed in Washington 6-5; McQueen, Rev. P.A. Colonelís father 7-17; McQueen, William A. member Meth Ch 12-11; McQueen, William A. promoted to Corporal 9-18; Merrow, Duncan baby girl born 2-13; Methodist Orphans Home Rider children 5-8; Miller, Roy Lee grad JrHi 6-5; Milligan, Oscar enlists in service 9-18; Mills, Albert at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Mills, E.G. residence. McCoys living there 8-7; Mills, Kenneth member Meth Ch 12-11; Mills, Sol P. air raid warden 3-27; Mills, Sol P. Verdie Prescott lived w/them 11-13; Mills, Willie married 11-13; Minix, Earnest D. married 6-5; Minix, S.E. son married 6-5; Mixon, Ray grad 7 grade 6-5; Mizell Jessie Wayne is new baby boy 1-23; Mizell, Alice graduate 5-22, 5-29; Mizell, Alice married 5-29; Mizell, Audrey Mae now working for Hercules 9-25; Mizell, Carl David draftee 3-13; Mizell, Dorothy student helper in Library 4-24; Mizell, Frances school party 5-29; Mizell, G.M. store-closing agreement 4-10; Mizell, Gilbert no more credit business 1-2; Mizell, J.J. daughter married 5-29; Mizell, J.P., Jr. new baby boy 1-23; Mizell, Miss Helen ambulance driver 3-27; Mizell, Miss Helen officer Red Cross 11-6; Mizell, Mrs. O.C. em food and housing 3-27; Mizell, Mrs. W.H. sister died 3-27; Mizell, Mrs. W.H. sister died 4-24; Mizell, Mrs. William injured by pet deer 1-2; Mizell, O.C. Fire Chief 3-27; Mizell, O.C. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Mizell, O.C. on Ch Co Defense Comm. 3-27; Mizell, Sara Kathryn injured by pet deer 1-2; Mizell, William chrm Ch Co Defense Committee 5-29; Mizell, William chrm sale of Defense Bonds 5-8; Mizell, William Commander Defense committee 3-27; Mizell, William elected Mayor 12-4; Mizell, William herd of pet deer in yard 1-2; Mizell, William lost valuable timber in fire 2-13; Mizell, William Share the Ride clubs 7-3; Mizell, William apptd Tire Rationing Board 1-9; Mizell, William chrm Civil. Defense Volunteers 1-23; Mizell, William commander control center 3-27; Monroe, Mrs. Shelton heads Red Cross project 2-6; Monroe, Mrs. Shelton moved to Wayx 4-17; Monroe, Shelton is aviation cadet in Air Corps 4-17; Moonshine another still In bend Big one 3-27; Moonshine stills in the bend big one 3-20; Moore, Ralph Tom drafted 11-6; Morris, Grace B. Welfare Director 7-3; Murray, James Wesley drafted 10-16; Murray, Wesley in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Musgrove, W.L. new son born 3-13; 
Naval Relief Fund Uptonville box supper 4-17; Navy Relief Fund report from chrm T.W. Wrench 5-8; Nazworth, Allen aux fireman 3-27; Nazworth, Christine in school play 6-5; Nazworth, George draftee 12-4; Nettles, J.C. new baby boy 6-12; Newell Brown family lived there 10-23; Newell, Holland Brown very sick, brain tumor 6-19; Newell, J.H. Brown registrar for vol for victory 1-23; Nicks, Norman working for Union Bag 11-20; Nipper, Rossie drafted 10-16; Nobles , Ottis aux fireman 3-27; Nobles, Hazel Irene married 12-11; Nobles, Otis L. daughter Hazel married 12-11; Nobles, Virgil king of scrap metal drive 3-13; Norman, Fanny R. given tenure 5-8; Norman, Judith Ann name of new baby born 7-24; Norman, L.R. new baby girl born 7-24; Norman, Louis R. missing in action 11-20-42; Norman, Marie B. given tenure 5-8; Norman, Mary Alice in school play 6-5; Norman, Mrs. Fannye R. teacher 9-4; Norman, Mrs. Marie R. teacher 9-4; Norwood, M. council 1-16; Norwood, Rudolph in Medical Corps 12-4; Norwood, Rudolph Archibald drafted 11-6; 
O’Berry, Agnes husband died 6-12; O’Berry, Carl father died 6-12; O’Berry, H.B. brother died 6-12; O’Berry, J.C. brother died 6-12; O’Berry, Joe died while fishing 6-12; O’Berry, L.B. brother died 6-12; O’Berry, Liston Cleveland drafted 10-16; O’Berry, Mrs. John sister died 6-12; O’Berry, Sollie father died 6-12; O’Quinn, Freddie draftee 12-4; O’Quinn, Jesse Wilbur drafted 10-16; Odom, Mrs. A.W. died 7-17; Okefenokee Station Shelton Monroe used to work there 4-17; Okefenokee Station, P.O. Stokes used rubber drive 6-19; 
Padgett, Hoyt draftee 12-4; Padgett, Silas Carl draftee 3-13; Padgett, Walter Raleigh draftee 3-13; Parham, Aubrey in school play 6-5; Parker, B family moves to Folkston 4-17; Parker, B, bought Wilson home 1-23; Passieu, C.J. aux fireman 3-27; Passieu, C.J. tinkerer made wood fire screen, card table 5-1; Passieu, Charlie creates flag from flowers 5-8; Passieu, Louie airplane mechanic 12-4; Passieu, Louie member Meth Ch 12-11; Passieu, Louie to study flying fortress engines 12-11; Pearce, Jim at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Pearce, Jim Ga State Guards 11-20; Pearce, Marion given tenure 5-8; Pearce, Miss M. nurse aide 3-27; Pearce, Miss Marion teacher 9-4; Pearce, Mrs. Lucille B. resigns Ration Board 12-25; Pecans shelled good prices 11-6; Perry, I.P. new baby boy 1-23; Petty, Corbett injured 1-16; Petty, John plane makes forced landing in his corn field 6-5; Petty, Oscar bomb squad 3-27; Petty, Wade new baby girl 5-8; Petty, Wilmer draftee 12-4; Phillips, Mrs. Will father died 4-10; Pickren Ser. Station towed wrecked plane to town 6-5; Pickren, Jean student helper in Library 4-24; Pickren, Marion Laverne graduate 5-22, 5-29; Pickren, Mrs. Marion em food and housing 3-27; Pickren, Verne postmaster selling Fed Use Stamps 2-6; Pickren, W.W. bus schedules changed 5-22; Pilkington, John William drafted 10-16; Plane crash near PC Tracy home 12-18; Player & Allen Mercantile moved to Folkston 7-24; Player, R.E. aux police 3-27; Player, R.E. bought Roddenberry store, Winokur 1-23; Player, R.E. building new home on Kings. Drive 1-23; Player, Thomas baptized 12-11; Poll tax notice pay before election so you can vote 4-10; Ponsell, Raymond married 6-19; Pool room closes because men went to war 10-2; Popham, Mrs. Audrey had new baby girl 9-4; Powell, Morris, Jr. at scout camp 6-26; Prescott ìOllieî died 4-10; Prescott, ìUncle Dockî died 4-3; Prescott, A. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Prescott, Alvin visited Camp Pinckney on horseback 4-24; Prescott, B.S. brother died 4-10; Prescott, B.S. brother died 4-3; Prescott, C.W. Dock d. Verdie married 11-13; Prescott, Claude father died 4-10; Prescott, Claude Wilson died 4-3; Prescott, Everett father died 4-10; Prescott, Henry Oliver died 4-10; Prescott, Homer draftee 12-4; Prescott, Homer father died 4-10; Prescott, J.S. brother died 4-3; Prescott, Joe brother died 4-10; Prescott, Leila Mae graduate 5-22, 5-29; Prescott, Mary Alice husband died 4-10; Prescott, Mersal father died 4-10; Prescott, Mersal new baby boy [probably Freddy] 9-18; Prescott, Miss Verdie father died 4-3; Prescott, Mrs. M.J. brother died 2-13; Prescott, Mrs. O.M. has son Proctor 6-12; Prescott, Myra Thelma graduate 5-22, 5-29; Prescott, Ollie brother died 4-3; Prescott, Owen father died 4-10; Prescott, Proctor with Joe OíBerry when he died 6-12; Prescott, Rhunell g.father died 4-3; Prescott, Verdie married 11-13; Prescott, W.C. brother died 4-10; Prescott, Winnie father died 4-3; Prevatt, Jewell grad JrHi 6-5; Prevatt, Minnie [Robinson] husband died 10-23; Prevatt, Myra Thelma graduate 5-22; Prevatt, O.K. firewatcher 3-27; Prevatt, O.K. rescue squad 3-27; Prevatt, Vira married 6-5; Proctor, Miss Gertrude lost top to teapot found it 6-5; Proctor, Gertrude on committee share the ride club 7-3; Proctor, Gertrude to teach Home Defense course 5-8; Purvis, Corliss at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Purvis, Joan at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Purvis, Joan graduate 5-22; 
Quarterman, Mrs. Harven sister married 1-30; Quick, C.H. Bomb squad 3-27; Quick, Charlene queen of scrap metal drive 3-13; Quick, Charles H. receives Hercules award 6-26;
Racepond Johnson Lumber Co. shut down 3-27; Ratcliffe, Mrs. William teacher 9-4; Ration Board Mrs. Pearce resigns 12-25; Rationing books to be issued next week 5-1; Raulerson, Dan grad 7 grade 6-5; Raulerson, Juanita in school play 6-5; Raulerson, Mrs. Cleo brother died 2-27; Raynor, Capt. O.E. Guards making progress 4-10; Raynor, Capt. O.E. to organize shotgun unit 4-10; Raynor, Mrs. O.E. mother died 11-27; Raynor, O.E. appointed Capt. of local Ga State Guards 2-6; Raynor, O.E. goes to wildlife ranger meeting 5-22; Raynor, O.E. questioned status of Jack Howard as comm. 6-5; Raynor, O.E. wants more boys on guard duty 3-27; Rayson, Gertha colored teacher 1-23; Red Cross district meeting 11-6; Red Cross final report on War Relief Drive 3-20; Red Cross help needed to knit wool 2-6; Red Cross to get proceeds from scrap material sale 8-7; Red Cross Relief Fund drive completed 2-13; Red Cross, Production chrm is Mrs. E.C. Roy 4-17; Registration for Draft set for Feb. 16 1-9; Renshaw, Ida Mae in school play 6-5; Renshaw, W.E. new baby boy 5-22; Retort at Coleraine 11-20; Rhoden, Tobe at Johns Hopkins Hospital 5-22; Rhoden, Wade Tobe returns from hospital sight improved 6-12; Richís essay contest 2 Charlton winners 5-8; Rider children 5 sent to orphans home 5-8; Rider, Clifford joins siblings at Orphans Home 7-3; Rider, Rufus children at orphan home 7-3; Rider, Rufus children in orphanís home 5-8; Riggins, J. in Home Defense Unit 1-9; Riggins, James attack of measles, in hospital 4-17; Ritz Theater undergoing repairs 7-10; Roberts, Dr. Cora B. died 1-9; Roberts, Emmett in Army Air Force 1-2; Roberts, L.E. bought old WOW lodge, St. Geo. 8-14; Robinson, A.L. father died 10-23; Robinson, A.R. father died 10-23; Robinson, Alvin died 10-23; Robinson, C.H. brother died 10-23; Robinson, Cecil Glenn draftee 12-4; Robinson, Fred Matthew draftee 12-4; Robinson, Hamp road repair crew 3-27; Robinson, Harold father died 10-23; Robinson, J.W. brother died 10-23; Robinson, James E. son died 10-23; Robinson, Minnie Prevatt husband died 10-23; Robinson, Mrs. W.H. nephew may have been killed in war 7-24; Robinson, N.E. brother died 10-23; Robinson, Rosa gave quilt top to Bap women 10-16; Roddenberry Mercantile sold 1-23; Roddenberry Store at Winokur bought by Allen&Player 7-24; Roddenberry, Delmus ran store in Winokur 1-23; Roddenberry, Eugene E. brother died 7-24; Roddenberry, Frank son died 5-22; Roddenberry, Franklin member Meth Ch 12-11; Roddenberry, Franklin rescued Newton Rodd. at river 6-26; Roddenberry, Gad son Newton hurt in diving accident 6-26; Roddenberry, George W. daughter died 3-27; Roddenberry, George W. daughter died 4-24; Roddenberry, Hilbert Earl died 7-24; Roddenberry, James Franklin draftee 8-7; Roddenberry, John P. ìBig Johnî died 5-22; Roddenberry, Johnnie father died 5-22; Roddenberry, Leon son died 7-24; Roddenberry, Mary Hatcher daughter died 3-27; Roddenberry, Mary Hatcher daughter died 4-24; Roddenberry, Morris father died 5-22; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D. given tenure 5-8; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D. teacher 9-4; Roddenberry, Mrs. N.E. ran store in Winokur 1-23; Roddenberry, Newton hurt in swimming accident 6-26; Roddenberry, Newton recovering from diving accident 7-3; Roddenberry, Susie son Newton hurt in diving accident 6-26; Roddenberry, William brother died 7-24; Rodgers, Clifford married 12-11; Rodgers, Mrs. Ben Treasurer Alumnae Assn. 5-29; Rodgers, Mrs. J.W. nephew died 7-24; Rogers, Archibald son died 5-15; Rogers, Bertha father died 5-15; Rogers, Hoke S. father died 5-15; Rogers, Hugh D. father died 5-15; Rogers, Ira father died 5-15; Rogers, Ira, Jr. grandfather died 5-15; Rogers, James Homer died 5-15; Rogers, Lucretia Highsmith husband died 5-15; Rogers, Patsy grandfather died 5-15; Rowell, Dock in Ga State Guards 2-20; Roy, C.E. air raid warden 3-27; Roy, Mrs. C.E. resigned as prod. Chrm RedCross 6-26; Roy, Mrs. E.C. Prod. Chrm for Red Cross 4-17; Russell, Grace student helper in Library 4-24; Russell, Harford moved to Detroit, work in war industry 5-8; Russell, Idell graduate 5-29; Russell, Ray graduate 5-22; Ryder children in Macon orphan home 2-20; 
Sands, Clyde new son born 3-6; Sands, Maxie drafted 11-6; Saturday Evening Post photographer here for swamp pix 5-1; Sawyer, Dr. J.L. member Meth Ch 12-11; Sawyer, Dr. James L. promoted to Captain 5-15; Schneider, Dr. treated boy hurt at river 6-26; School St. George Sr. Class play 5-1; School to open on Sept 7th. 8-7; School, hot lunches by WPA 6-5; School, all open Monday 9-4; School, Charlton County High graduation 5-22; School, colored ìManless Weddingî play put on 4-10; School, colored ones listed as places to reg. 1-23; School, colored teachers names 1-23; School, Folk Alumnae banquet held 5-29; School, Folk Jr.-Sr. Reception held 5-29; School, Folk High Sr. Class trip to Silver Springs 5-29; School, Folk. Commencement church service held Sunday 5-29; School, Folkston Jr.-Sr. reception in gym 5-22; School, Folkston Stage furniture bought by Seniors 1-9; School, Folkston teacher Susie Johnston now works Cit Bank 6-12; School, Folkston teachers 8-7; School, Folkston teachers 9-4; School, Folkston Elementary teachers 9-4; School, Folkston Jr. High teachers 9-4; School, Folkston Sr. High teachers 9-4; School, Jr. Hi graduation 6-5; School, Moniac 7th grade graduation 6-5; School, Moniac teachers 9-4; School, Moniac Colored place to register 1-23; School, Paxton Place colored 1-23; School, St. George teachers 9-4; School, St. George colored place to reg. 1-23; School, St. George graduation 6-5; School, Winokur teacher Rosa King m. Wilson Huling 7-3; Schools, community gardens in Ga. grow veg. For lunchroom 8-21; Schools, no basketball tournament because of war 2-6; Schools, no vacations for colleges [war] 5-15; Schools, 1,000 children out for summer 5-29; Schools, graduation week, many activities 4-17; Schools, tenured teachers elected 5-8; Scott, Margie at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Scott, Margie graduate 5-22, 5-29; Scott, Mrs. Arnold sister died 7-17; Scott, Mrs. Mary teacher 9-4; Scott, Mrs. Mary teacher 9-4; Scott, Mrs. T.A. teacher 8-7; Scott, Tom at scout camp 6-26; Sears, Mrs. Imogene given tenure 5-8; Sears, Mrs. Imogene teacher 9-4; Share the Ride clubs promote use of cars 7-3; Sheffield, Henrietta sister died 4-24; Sheffield, Henrietta Roddenberry died 3-27; Shotgun Unit Raynor to organize 4-10; Shuman, Woodrow enlists in army 10-9; Shuman, Woody in Signal Corps 11-6; Sikes, Baily draftee 8-7; Sikes, Jacqueline Eleanor graduate 5-22, 5-29; Sikes, Jacquelyn school party 5-29; Sikes, Police Chief 3-27; Sikes, Sheriff J.O. took insane men to hospital 6-12; Simpson, Mrs. G.M. brother William died 7-17; Singing school to begin next week, Camp Pinckney 6-26; Smiley, Carol working for Union Bag 11-20; Smiley, Stacey working for Union Bag 11-20-42; Smith, Everett C. got Edgar Allen as Dep Clerk 6-5; Smith, Everett C. Pres. Alumnae Assn. 5-29; Smith, Everett C. resigns clerk of court 7-31; Smith, Everett C. working with Rayonier 5-29; Smith, Julius killed Nathan Williams/Stubbs Mill 5-1; Smith, Mrs. W.J. father died 11-6; Smith, Rev. O.C. pastor at Grace Chapel 3-13; Smith, Rev. O.C. to be new pastor Grace Chapel 1-30; Smith, Rev. O.C. to bring visitors next week 4-3; Smith, S.J. given tenure 5-8; Smith, S.J. Registrar for vol. For victory 1-23; Smith, Virgil in Army 12-25; Snowden, Charlton drafted 10-16; Soldier jumped from moving train 7-24, 7-31; Solomon, Margie class pres., grad from Jr. Hi. 6-5; Southwell, Betty grad JrHi 6-5; Southwell, Rosalie graduate 5-22; Southwell, Rosalie student Jones Business College 6-19; Southwell, Rosalie Valedictory on grad. program 5-29; Speed limit now 35 mph 10-2; Spence, Gilbert Green draftee 8-7; Spence, Gordon L. drafted 10-16; Spivey, Orville in school play 6-5; Spurlock, Supt. head of retort operations 11-20; St. George old lodge building sold 6-14; Stafford, Lonnie rescue squad 3-27; Stafford, Louie repair squad 3-27; Stafford, Wash repair squad 3-27; Stafford, Wash rescue squad 3-27; Standard War Time clocks moved forward one hour 2-13; Stanley, Dale W. married 10-30; Stapleton, C.P. nurse aide 3-27; Stapleton, E.B. head of Red Cross drive 2-13; Stapleton, E.B. officer Red Cross 11-6; Stapleton, E.B. on Ch Co Defense Comm. 3-27; Stapleton, E.B. Red Cross officer 7-17; Stapleton, E.B. elected councilman 12-4; Stapleton, E.B. Jr. member Meth Ch 12-11; Stapleton, E.B. member Emer. Med. Div. 3-27; Stapleton, E.B., Jr. married 12-4; Stapleton, Emmet, Jr. at Duncan Field, Texas 10-2; Stapleton, Jr. stationed in Texas 6-5; Stapleton, Mrs. C.P. has missing flower containers 5-15; Stapleton, Mrs. E.B. em food and h ousing 3-27; Stapleton, Mrs. E.B. officer Red Cross 11-6; Stapleton, Mrs. E.B. RedCross production chrm 6-26; Staton, Robert to open new dairy 2-13; Stewart, Mary Lou at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Stokes, Audrey in school play 6-5; Stokes, Elsie Lourena graduated high school 6-5; Stokes, Emily given tenure 5-8; Stokes, Emily teacher 9-4; Stokes, Hubert new baby boy 5-8; Stokes, L. Jasper new baby boy 10-30; Stokes, L.E. son Wilton married 3-13; Stokes, L.E. & Son store-closing agreement 4-10; Stokes, Mrs. Lourilla B. teacher 9-4; Stokes, Mrs. W.C. teacher 8-7; Stokes, P.I. aux fireman 3-27; Stokes, P.O. chrm of scrap materials comm. 8-7; Stokes, P.O. chrm scrap rubber collection 8-7; Stokes, P.O. head of used rubber drive 6-19; Stokes, Wilton C. married 3-13; Stover, Mrs. J.T. mother died 3-27; Stubbs Mill Nathan Williams shot and killed 5-1; Stuckey Pecan Station fire 2-27; Sugar rationed to file for ration book 4-24; Sugar rationing 1-30; Sugar sales suspended for a week 5-1; Sugar rationing canning sugar application 6-5; Sugar rationing Sugar back on sale 5-8; Sugar rationing registration 5-1; Suggs, Marcetta teacher 9-4; Sullivan, Lanford L. drafted 10-16; Suwannee Store store-closing agreement 4-10; Swain, Mr. and Mrs. Have new baby boy. 8-28; Swisher, John H. Cigar Co. needs women workers 5-29; 
Talbert, C.L. given tenure 5-8; Talbert, C.L. teacher 9-4; Talbert, Mrs. C.L. teacher 8-7; Talbert, Mrs. Opal C. teacher 9-4; Talmadge, Eugene defeated as governor 9-11; Tanner, W.L. new baby boy 1-23; Taylor, A.L. father died 11-20; Taylor, Aaron died 11-20; Taylor, D.F. father died 11-20\; Taylor, Dr. rescue squad 3-27; Taylor, H.B. brother died 11-20; Taylor, Howard injured in car wreck 4-17; Taylor, I.H. brother died 11-20; Taylor, Richard C. new son 2-6; Taylor, T.O. father died 11-20; Telephone system B. Parker owns local system 4-17; Templeton, Cadet James L. transferred to Arizona 6-5; Templeton, Mary Sue registered nurse in NY 6-5; Templeton, Mrs. H.D. given tenure 5-8; Templeton, Mrs. H.D. teacher 9-4; Templeton, Mrs. H.D. moved to Arizona to be near son 6-5; Thaxton, Noble may be casualty of war 7-24; Theater, Ritz undergoing repairs 7-10; Thomas, Delene married 1-2; Thomas, Henry family moved to Homeland 1-2; Thomas, Nicholas died 10-9; Thomas, W.L. apptd to Draft Board 2-6; Thomas, W.L. aux police 3-27; Thomas, W.L. d. Delene married 1-2; Thomas, Wilbur bought deer from Mizell 1-2; Thomas, William L. died 6-12; Thompson, Dr. nurse aide 3-27; Thompson, Kathryn draft board clerk 10-9; Thompson, Kathryn to work in Atlanta 5-22; Thompson, Louise Red Cross fund drive 2-13; Thompson, Louise helped get TB clinic 2-13; Thompson, Mrs. J. nurse 3-27; Thompson, W.D. Red Cross Chrm 7-17; Threlkeld, Cumire Beatrice graduate 5-22, 5-29; Thrift, Buford drafted 11-6; Thrift, Daiseybelle grad 7 grade 6-5; Thrift, Forrest draftee 3-13; Thrift, Harvey to operate motor patrol for Glynn Co. 5-15; Thrift, J.R. guard at bridge in hospital 6-19; Thrift, J.R. weiner roast in his honor, joining Air Corps 5-1; Thrift, James R. graduate 5-22; Thrift, M.D. new baby girl born 4-3; Thrift, R.H. manages road machine 10-30; Thrift, R.H. taking care of road machine 12-18; Thrift, Thomas baptized 12-11; Thrift, Woodrow drafted 11-6; Tire rationing thief stealing tires 1-23; Tire rationing board named 1-9; Tire rationing rules 1-2; Tires Record serial No. to keep from being stolen 1-23; Tires, tubes rationed 1-2; Tobacco Congress bill ñ wartime essential commodity 5-15; Tobacco prices frozen by Price Admr. 1-2; Tomlinson, Aldine at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Toy, M.M. elected Mayor 1-16; Tracy, Porte C. plane crashed nearby 12-18; Traders Hill Home Defense Course to be taught 5-8; Traders Hill Keene home burned 3-20; Tuberculosis clinic to be held 2-13; Tucker, George Warden who was replaced by Herring 6-19; Tucker, Mr. on box supper committee 4-17; Turner, Alfred new baby girl 12-18; Tyson, Arthur grandfather died 5-15; Tyson, Carol grandfather died 5-15; Tyson, Edna grandfather died 5-15; Tyson, Johnnie at scout camp 6-26; Tyson, Mrs. A. father died 5-15; 
Union Bag and Paper Co. 6 men working there 11-20; Union Bag and Paper Co. Dean Gowen surveyor 10-16; Uptonville Aaron Taylor family lived there 11-20; Uptonville doubles quota for Naval Relief Fund 5-1; Uptonville community box supper for Naval Relief 4-17; 
Vickery, J.W. employed at convict camp 7-10; Vickery, J.W., Jr. father died 11-6; Vickery, J.W., Jr. member Meth Ch 12-11; Vickery, Jesse W. died 11-6; Vickery, John son Jesse died 11-6; Vickery, Mrs. Annie Gowen husband died 11-6; Victory gardens those who planted 4-10; Volunteer for Victory ad places to register 1-23; 
Wainwright, Doris sister died 5-22; Wainwright, Edna g.father died 4-3; Wainwright, Frances Rachel died 5-22; Wainwright, Jim sister died 5-22; Wainwright, Martha sister died 5-22; Wainwright, Mary Alice [Prescott] husband died 4-10; Wainwright, Mrs. W.J. father died 4-3; Wainwright, Phillip sister died 5-22; Wainwright, Ralph L. sister died 5-22; Wainwright, Timothy daughter Frances died 5-22; Wainwright, W.J. father in law died 4-3; Wainwright, Wilson g.father died 4-3; Wainwright, Woodrow g.father died 4-3; War 2 Folkston men missing in action 6-26; War 4-H Club to collect scrap rubber 7-3; War Air raid wardens 3-27; War ambulance drivers 3-27; War Aux. Firemen 3-27; War Aux. Police 3-27; War ban on gasoline sales lifted 12-25; War bill that tobacco be known as wartime essential commodity. 5-15; War Bomb Squad 3-27; War boys playing on roof near plane spotters 7-31; War Brunswick gets big contracts for war ships 3-27; War Charlton Co Defense Committee lagging behind 5-29; War chief wardens 3-27; War Civilian Defense Volunteer Day 1-23; War civilians not to travel on weekend 10-2; War coffee to be rationed 10-30; War collection of cooking fat 6-26; War control center members 3-27; War county wide scrap roundup 10-30; War defense setup completed. Long list volunteers 3-27; War Demolition squad and blackouts 3-27; War demolition, repair squad 3-27; War Divorces to increase says Atlanta lawyer 6-19; War doctors 3-27; War Ed comment about tire and gas shortage 6-19; War emergency food and housing 3-27; War Emergency Medical Division 3-27; War fire watchers 3-27; War freeze on price of womenís clothing 5-29; War Garden Club buys bonds 11-13; War gas rationing keep cars off highway 5-22; War gas rationing to begin 4-24; War guard fires on gator hunter on river 7-24; War Help needed to send Heralds to servicemen 6-26; War Home Defense course to be taught 5-8; War Home front Look for more scrap metal 9-18; War Home front Quit making elec fans, caffeine, anti-freeze 9-18 ; War Home front two-tone shoes restricted. Taxis limited to 10 miles 9-18; War home front, junk metal makes weapons 9-25; War kitchen fat to be collected 7-24; War Levi Knowles moved to Bwk to work in shipyard 6-19; War National Junior Army organized for scrap drive 10-2; War Navy Relief Fund Uptonville doubles quota 5-1; War new Federal Vehicle Tax stamp 6-19; War new tax on cigarettes 11-6; War no tourist trains 11-27; War Nurse aids 3-27; War nurses 3-27; War On Home Front 11-20; War On Home Front 11-6; War On Home Front 12-4; War on the home front 11-27; War On the home front 12-18; War plane crash near Tracy home 12-18; War plane spotters booth on courthouse 7-24; War Police Chief 3-27; War pool room closes men gone 10-2; War Public Works and Utilities 3-27; War rationing board members 3-27; War record numbers on tires 1-23; War Rescue squad 3-27; War Road repair crew 3-27; War scrap collection is success 11-6; War scrap collection results 10-30; War Scrap drive used iron from retort Coleraine 11-20; War scrap iron one day drive 10-23; War scrap materials being collected 8-7; War scrap metal collection 9-18; War scrap metal drive ends 3-13; War scrap metal, 100 pounds per person 10-2; War servicemenís pay raise bill 5-15; War Share the Ride clubs share cars to trips 7-3\; War silver replacing copper 10-2; War slice your own bread, no more parts for machines 5-15; War speed limit is 35, Greyhound Lines 10-16; War sugar and gas rationing 5-1; War sugar rationed 4-24; War sugar rationing to begin 1-30; War tire rationing rules 1-2; War tires, tubes rationed 1-2; War Tobacco prices frozen 1-2; War toothpaste containers needed 4-10; War victory gardens 4-10; War war bond quota for county 9-18; War Waycross Air Base opens 7-31; War Waycross Airport contract 6-26; War Waycross Army Airport 8-21; War women to be recruited into war industries 11-6; War Bond quotas for Charlton 6-5; War Home front bicycle production cut 9-11; War Home front coal shortage 9-11; War Home front no more wool robes for men 9-11; War Home Front ñ stockings 11-13; War Home front to get aluminum from Ga. ore 9-11; War news list of items no longer being produced 7-24; War news typewriters, sewing machines, sugar rationing 7-17; War Scrap iron drive by school kids 10-2; War soldier jumped from moving train 7-24, 7-31; War, 50,000 pounds rubber collected 8-7; War, Federal Use Stamps to put on cars 2-6; War, rubber drive underway 6-19; War, no out/town tournaments for school 2-6; War, on the home front 8-14; War, quit making cars, trucks 2-6; Waterman, Rev. R.W. to move to Jesup 3-20; Waughtel, C.W. elected recorder 1-16; Waughtel, Eli council 1-16; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. brother died 2-27; Waycross Air Base opens 7-31; Waycross Airport contract awarded 6-26; Webster, Henry repair squad 3-27; Webster, Henry rescue squad 3-27; Welfare director Mrs. Grace Morris is new director 4-24; Wells, Mrs. E.C. mother died 3-27; Wesley, Lawrence killed 8-28; Westberry, Emory draftee 12-4; Westberry, Mrs. Lillian brother died 6-12; Whiddon, Mrs. L.J. father died 11-20; White, George at scout camp 6-26; White, George took scouts to Waycross camp 6-26; White, Harold enlisted in Naval Reserves 7-10; White, Harold member Meth Ch 12-11; White, John member Meth Ch 12-11; White, John rescued from Greenland icecap 8-21; White, Lt. John commiss. Combat pilot 2-27; White, M.G. firewatcher 3-27; White, M.G. son Harold enlisted in Navy 7-10; White, M.G. son John rescued from Greenland 8-21; White, Warden Royal Johns escaped from prison 10-2; Wildes, A..C. wife died 6-12; Wildes, Answel in Navy 12-18; Wildes, Arnold mother died 6-12; Wildes, Clyde mother died 6-12; Wildes, Harry in Army Air Force 12-18; Wildes, Hazel mother died 6-12; Wildes, Homer mother died 6-12; Wildes, J. Mack 2 sons in service 12-18; Wildes, Leon mother died 6-12; Wildes, Liston mother died 6-12; Wildes, Melvin new baby boy born 8-14; Wildes, Milton mother died 6-12; Wildes, Miss Jimmie mother died 6-12; Wildes, Mrs. A.C. [Anderson] died 6-12; Wildlife rangers meet in north Ga. 5-22; Williams, A.D. elect dist off/Sp War Vets Assn. 1-2; Williams, Mrs. L.S. father died 6-12; Williams, Nathan killed at Stubbs Mill 5-1; Willson, Charles P. member Meth Ch 12-11; Willson, Charles P. stationed Valdosta Air Base 6-12; Willson, Gladys D. teacher 9-4; Willson, Mrs. Gladys D. given tenure 5-8; Wilson residence B. Parker family bought 4-17; Wilson, Delores at party for J.R. Thrift 5-1; Wilson, J.M. had new grand baby girl 7-24; Wilson, J.M. wants fund to fix fence to keep cattle out of town 7-24; Wilson, J.M., Jr. Demolition, blackouts 3-27; Wilson, Louise Delores graduate 5-22, 5-29; Wilson, Martha Grace [Norman] had baby girl 7-24; Wilson, Martha Grace husband MIA 11-20-42; Wilson, Mrs. Charles P. found teapot top 6-5; Wilson, Robert baptized 12-11; Winokur Allen & Player store moved to Folkston 7-24; Woolard, Dayton new baby girl 2-27; Woolard, Edgar firewatcher 3-27; Woolard, Fay Elizabeth new baby girl born 2-27; Woolard, Leonard rescue squad 3-27; Woolard, Mrs. Steve grew good garden 6-12; Woolard, Ruby student helper in Library 4-24; WPA phased out 12-11; Wrench, Howard closes pool room war 10-2; Wrench, Howard Registrar for vol for victory 1-23; Wrench, Howard stored scrap in pool room 8-7; Wrench, Ralph now serving in England 9-18; Wrench, Ralph promoted to Sergeant 7-3; Wrench, Ralph propeller specialist in air corps 5-8; Wrench, T.W. chrm Red Cross 11-6; Wrench, T.W. elected dist off in Sp War Vets Assn 1-2; Wrench, T.W. new Red Cross chrm. 7-17; Wright residence opposite P.O. renting apart. 6-19; Wright, Carroll aux police 3-27; Wright, Carroll, Jr. at scout camp 6-26; Wright, Carroll, Jr. grad JrHi 6-5; Wright, E.H. firewatcher 3-27; Wright, J.C. goes to wildlife ranger meeting 5-22; Wright, Mrs. C.J. em food and housing 3-27; Wright, Mrs. E.H. gave quilt top to Bap women 10-16; 
Zarfos, John council 1-16;

Charlton  County Archives