Index - Charlton County Herald - 1941

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

ACL Railroad Edward B. Hodges works for them 4-4; ACL Railroad operator at Racepond was Giddens 6-20; ACL Railroad Elijah Petty worked for them 4-4; ACL RR bridge trestle being painted, worker fell 10-31; ACL RR Harold Barfield worked for them 7-4; ACL RR Leroy Hodges works for Signal Dept. 7-25; ACL RR bridge to be guarded by Home Def. Unit 12-19; Adams, R.H., Jr. killed in accident 11-14; Adams, R.H., Sr. son killed 11-14; Adkins, C.F. elected councilman 12-5; Adkins, C.F. Red Cross 12-12; Adkins, Mrs. C.F. vp cemetery association 2-7; Adult Ed Classes suspended 5-2; Adult Ed Classes still meeting reg. 6-6; Airport pilot training program 2-7; Airport Cafe C.E. Roy to run this 9-5; Aldridge, E.C. Home Defense 12-12; Aldridge, E.C. Sportsmen Club 1-24; Aldridge, Gene Home Defense Unit 12-5; Aldridge, Juanita high grades at college 11-7; Aldridge, Juanita Sr. honor pupil 5-23; Aldridge, Neal broken leg at Gowen Sawmill 8-8; Allen, A.A. daughter married 6-20; Allen, A.A. daughter married 8-1; Allen, Bernice brother died 1-31; Allen, Bernice county welfare director resigns 2-21; Allen, Bernice resigned as welfare director 3-14; Allen, Buck, Elliott, got promotion 6-13; Allen, Elliot Wilson called by draft board 4-4; Allen, J.C. Lilly Pearl and Jesse Crews lived there 5-9; Allen, Jimi grad. 5-23; Allen, Jimi married 6-20; Allen, Latrell Atlanta radio program 2-28; Allen, Mayme married 8-1; Allen, Mrs. E.F. head of Red Cross 6-13; Allen, Mrs. Edgar Red Cross 12-12; Allen, Mrs. John A. sister died 11-7; Allen, Rebecca Jean wins 4-H gold medal 11-14; Allen, W.R. Red Cross 12-12; Altman, Althea Floree married 3-7; Altman, B.A. daughter Bennie Eloise married 7-4; Altman, B.A. daughter married 3-7; Altman, Bennie Atlanta radio program 2-28; Altman, Bennie grad 5-23; Altman, Bennie Eloise married 7-4; Altman, C.J. daughter Ernie Belle married 10-17; Altman, Ernie Belle married 10-17; Altman, Monroe charter member scouts 8-8; Altman, Monroe second class scout 9-26; Altman, Raymond Mikeler called by draft board 2-7; Altman, Ronald Matthew born 9-5; Altman, S.M., Jr. new baby boy 9-5; Aluminum drive, 14 million pounds 9-12; Amaryllis garden, Dr. Fleming 4-25; American Legion collecting firearms for Britain 3-7; American Red Cross elected officers 1-17; Ammons, Frank Marcus reg. for draft 8-1; Ammons, John sister died 11-7; Anderson, M.L. sister died 12-5; Anderson, R.F. sister died 12-5; Anderson, W.L. sister died 12-5; Askew, Ann baptized at Bap Ch 8-8; Askew, Bessie Epworth League 10-3; Askew, Bessie Sr. play 12-12; Askew, Leon building Stokes rental 8-22; Askew, Leon built airport caf» 9-5; Askew, Leon home destroyed by fire 12-5; Askew, Leon in charge of airport war 12-12; Askew, Mayme G.W. Davis lived with her 4-11; Askew, Mayme Red Cross 12-12; Askew, Mrs. Leon to run new caf» near her home 5-30; Askew, Tom Red Cross 12-12; Atlanta Journal radio program on Charlton 2-28; Atlanta radio program 3-7; Atlanta radio program many from Charlton 2-28; Atlantic Coast Line RR bridge guarded 12-12; Austin, Rudolph reg. for draft 8-1; Automobile Owen Dinkins has new Willis-American 10-17
Automobile Tom Harris thinks RW Harrison car is his 1-31
Bacon, Eddie drafted 8-1; Baer, Mr. bought Norwood home in Homeland 3-21; Bailey Branch Goethe Lumber Co. sawmill nearby 5-9; Banks to close two days for Thanksgiving 11-21; Banks, J.A. Red Cross 12-12; Banks, John Red Cross 12-12; Banks, Mrs. W.E. Red Cross 12-12; Banks, W.E., J.P. held city election 12-5; Barefoot, Bill Home Defense 12-12; Barefoot, William Home Defense Unit 12-5; Barfield, Jefferson Harold married 7-4; Barker, J.A. Red Cross 12-19; Barker, Mrs. J.A. Red Cross 12-5; Barnes, Beryl Red Cross 12-12; Batten, Rev. preaching at Mt. Zion 8-22; Battle, J.C. reg. for draft 8-1; Battle, Murphy reg. for draft 8-1; Batton, Rev. E.M. pastor of Mt. Zion 5-23; Baxley, E.M. working for city of Folkston 2-7; Beauty Shop, Folkston Mrs. Troy Jones 11-21; Bedell, Marward Red Cross 12-12; Bedell, Marward Red Cross 12-5; Bell, E. Sportsmen Club 1-24; Bell, Iva Pauline grad 5-23; Bell, Iva Pauline grad 6-6; Bennett, Edna Dell died 4-11; Bennett, Van Dell goes off council 1-10; Bennett, Vandell daughter died 4-11; Bentley, Guy president GEA 12-12; Bentley, Guy W. scout troop comm. 8-8; Billys Island žSwamp WaterÓ filmed there 6-27; Blue Willow Caf» Louise Brockman use to work 1-10; Blue Willow Caf» new manager 5-23; Boggs, Leona drafted 8-1; Bonner, Sammie to leave for service 4-25; Boring, Mrs Viola Louise [Clark] died 2-14; Boy Scouts charter presented 8-8; Boy Scouts to help with aluminum drive 7-25; Boyd, Mrs. R.A. Red Cross 12-12; Boyd, R.A. Red Cross 12-12; Bradley, Mrs. J.L. organized WMS at Camp P. 11-7; Bradley, Rev. pastor at Camp Pinck Bap 9-5; Bradley, Rev. Laura Bible class leader at Camp Pinck Bap 9-19; Bridge, Woodbine burned 2-7; British people firearms needed 3-7; Brock, Vernon new baby girl 3-21; Brockman, Louise new man. Kozy Kabin Kafe 1-10; Brockman, Louise operated K.K. Kafe 8-22; Brockman, Louise party for Mrs. Clay 9-5; Brockman, Louise Red Cross 12-12; Brooker, C.L. brother killed 10-17; Brooker, Charlie son was killed 10-17; Brooker, Hilton killed 10-17; Brooker, J.B. brother killed 10-17; Brooker, Margaret husband killed 10-17; Brooks, P.G. rents house to Ocie Cason 11-7; Brown, Albert AWOL convict 4-25; Brown, George draft call 10-10; Brown, Holland Red Cross 12-19; Brown, J.H. Sportsmen Club 1-24; Brown, Mallette Atlanta radio program 2-28; Brown, Purley called by draft board 9-5; Brown, Viola Mae grad 5-23; Browning, Clyde Smith AWOL convict 4-18; Bryant, Daisey son married 10-17; Bryant, Frank son married 3-28; Bryant, George son married 10-17; Bryant, George Neal married 10-17; Bryant, James married 3-28; Bryant, Wesley given master rating on steam ship 7-18; Buchanan, C.S. Askews living there after house fire 12-5; Buchanan, Mrs. C.S. party for Mrs. Clay 9-5; Buchanan, Paul Lane reg. for draft 8-1; Burch, Ralph building Stokes rental 8-22; Burgen, Rev. preaching at Mt. Zion 8-22; Burgess, Willie Clay called by draft board 6-20; Burney, Dan new baby girl 7-18; Burnsed, Elma grad program Moniac 6-6; Byrd, Elwood in CCC 2-28; Byrd, James L. studying surgery in army 11-21; Byrd, Leroy called by draft board 9-5
Camp Pinckney SS picnic on the 4th 7-4; Camp Pinckney adult ed class still meeting 6-6; Camp Pinckney shad fishing popular with men 2-7; Camp Pinckney choir Atlanta radio program 2-28; Canaday, Johnnie Red Cross 12-19; Canaday, S.F. supervises draft reg. 6-27; Canaday, Theodore draft call 10-10; Carter, Billy grad. 5-23; Carter. Mildred grad 5-23; Cason, Bertilie father died 4-11; Cason, Mrs. Ocie moved to Uptonville 11-7; Cattle Guards to be installed on highways, cows 3-14; Cattle ruining flower beds 3-7, 3-14; CCC Elwood Byrd enlisted 2-28; CCC put well at Hursey Park 6-13; CCC camp draft reg. Cards avail. 7-4; CCC camp disbanded here 12=12; CCC camp discontinued in Charlton 10-31; Cemetery Association accomplishments 2-28; Cemetery Association, Folkston organized 2-7; Cemetery, Brandy Branch, old Stokes family cem. 5-2; Cemetery, Corinth Mrs. W.J. Prescott; Chancey, Marvin Jackson called by draft 4-11; Chancey, Marvin to leave for service 4-25; Charlton Co Singing Class Atlanta radio program 2-28; Charlton County Herald 1-1; Charlton County Herald, free to servicemen 11-7; Chesser, Harry charter member scouts 8-8; Chesser, Harry daughter married 3-28; Chesser, Lois married 3-28; Chesser, Tessie baptized at river 5-16; Chesser, Willie injured 2-7; Child Welfare Dr. Williams work with Amer Legion 9-26 ; Chism, Billie grad program Moniac 6-6; Chism, Charles, Jr. grad 5-23; Chism, Charles, Jr. grad 6-6; Chism, George Red Cross 12-19; Chism, Myrtle grad program Moniac 6-6; Christmas continue as usual 12-12; Christmas pageant cancelled 12-12; Church, Mt. Zion revival 8-22; Church, Bethel Meth. Cem. Cleaning not finished 8-22; Church, Camp Pinckney Mr/Mrs Lum Woolard bap. 4-18; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap. Bible Cclass meets weekly 9-19; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap. SS picnic on 4th 7-4, 7-11; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap. Ceiling the church 4-11; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap. Rev. Bradley pastor 9-5; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap. WMS organized 11-7; Church, Camp Pinckney Baptist 12 to be bap. 9-5; Church, Camp Pink Bap Elijah Petty member 4-11; Church, Corinth Mrs. C.W. Prescott member 11-7; Church, Cornhouse Miss Meth Mrs. Mary Petty Rider was mem 2-14; Church, Folk Bap 3 baptized 8-8; Church, Folk Meth Epworth League elects officers 10-3; Church, Folk Meth H.S. Mattox was member 12-19; Church, Folk Meth new pastor George F, Erwin 11-14; Church, Folkston Bap Quilts for children Home 11-7; Church, Grace Chapel baptism next Sunday 7-11; Church, Grace Chapel baptismal service 9-19; Church, Grace Chapel Ed Stokes takes grapes,peanuts SS 8-1; Church, Grace Chapel hosts peanut boiling 9-19; Church, Grace Chapel Rev. Rice there 10-17; Church, Grace Chapel SS picnic at T Hill 8-22; Church, Grace Chapel I think baptisms at Thill 10-3; Church, Grace Chapel Pastor wants all to come 9-5; Church, Homeland Meth new piano 9-26; Church, Homeland Meth. New piano paid for 12-12; Church, Mt. Zion has been reorganized 5-23; Church, Mt. Zion Baptist Christmas program 12-26; Church, Prospect Meth. To organize SS 4-18; Church, Winokur Bap. Comm. Service Class meets 8-8; Chute, Miss teacher, commercial class 12-5; Citizens Bank to close 2 days for Thanksgiving 11-21; Citizens Bank, The state of condition 1-17; Citizens Bank, The statement of condition 7-18; Clark, H. Furman widow died 2-14; Clark, Laverne charter member scouts 8-8; Clark, LaVerne second class scout 9-26; Clark, Mrs. Viola Louise Boring died 2-14; Clarke, Mrs. Maude stepmother died 1-31; Clay, Mrs. M.E. Red Cross 12-12; Clay, Mrs. Minnie surprise birthday party 9-5; Coal ordered by county comm. Thru Stapletons 9-12; Cockrell, Eleanor Red Cross 12-12; Cockrell, S.T. Red Cross 12-12; Coleman, William D. inducted in army 11-14; Coleraine Plantation Hebard died 5-16; Collins, Richard called by draft board 2-7; Colson, Arthur žRedÓ home from Marines 9-5; Colson, Hurder Sr. play 12-12; Colson, Mrs. Wilton E. brother killed 8-8; Combs, Mrs. Roy father died 10-3; Cone, James Layten draft call 10-10; Conner, Clora Lee grad 5-23; Conner, Ellis Lee drafted 8-1; Conner, J.P. Atlanta radio program 2-28; Conner, J.P. chicken farm 5-9; Conner, J.P. raising chickens 12-12; Conner, J.P. driving new Chev. Truck 8-22; Conner, J.T. Sportsmen Club 1-24; Conner, Jewell Sr. play 12-12; Conner, Melvin Red Cross 12-12; Conner, Mrs. A.J. sister died 11-28; Conner, Mrs. Troy chrm of dist conf PTA meeting in Folk 4-11; Conner, Mrs. Troy Red Cross 12-19; Conner, Mrs. Troy Red Cross drive 12-5; Conner, Mrs. Zelton funeral of CH Gay 3-7; Conner, Mrs. Zelton Red Cross 12-5; Conner, Troy raising chickens 12-12; Conner, Troy Red Cross 12-12; Conner, Troy scout troop committee 8-8; Conner, Zelton assistant scoutmaster 8-8; Conner, Zelton city council 1-17; Conner, Zelton Red Cross 12-12; Convict died at prison camp Luther Poole 9-26; Convict camp 4 escaped 4-11; Convict camp convicts still AWOL 4-18; Convict camp has 111 convicts 1-31; Convict Camp new warden Tucker 4-11; Convicts 3 escape 4-25; Cook, Rudolph opening photo shop 10-3; Cook, T. fire destroyed store room, tool house, etc 3-14; Cook, T. sells furniture business 6-20; Cook, T. son opening photo shop 10-3; Cooner, Mrs. Eva Strickland died 3-7; Cooner, Pete A. widow died 3-7; Corn House adult ed class still meeting 6-6; Corning, Mrs. John father died 5-16; Crawford, Edward in Nat Youth Admr 7-18; Crawford, James M. in Nat Youth Admr. 7-18; Crawford, John new baby boy 9-12; Crawford, Lawrence in Nat Youth Admr 7-18; Crawford, Neal grad program Moniac 6-6; Crews, Bobbie Joe born 3-7; Crews, Bryant in žSwamp WaterÓ film 6-27; Crews, Carlos LeRoy reg. for draft 8-1; Crews, Champ sister died 10-17; Crews, Dean reg. for draft 8-1; Crews, Dean sister died 10-17; Crews, Dolphus reg. for draft 8-1; Crews, Earl Sr. Play 12-12; Crews, Eddie son died 4-18; Crews, Ellis sister died 10-17; Crews, Fell sister died 10-17; Crews, Fred grad. 5-23; Crews, Henry sister died 10-17; Crews, Herbert Milton draft call 10-10; Crews, J. Melton married 10-17; Crews, Jacob daughter died 10-17; Crews, Jesse married 5-9; Crews, Julian mechanic for Folkston Motor Co. 9-19; Crews, L.J. Safety Patrol member 10-10; Crews, Leon reg for draft 8-1; Crews, Lonera grad 5-23; Crews, Martha honor student 11-21; Crews, Miss Collie sister died 10-17; Crews, Mose settlement revival at Mt. Zion 8-22; Crews, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert baptized at T. Hill 10-3; Crews, Mrs. Nathan Crews organized WMS at C. Pinckney 11-7; Crews, Nellie grad 5-23; Crews, Oscar Lee called by draft board 9-5; Crews, Oscar Lee draft call 10-10; Crews, Oscar Lee drafted 8-1; Crews, Raleigh new baby boy 3-7; Crews, Sylvester died 4-18; Crystal Springs Camp Gowen Oil ser station 6-13; Custom Homeland celebrates 7-4th 7-11; Custom July 4th entertainment 6-27; Customs New Years celebration 1-3; Customs, SS picnic by Camp P Church, details 7-11
Daniels, Lois K. new welfare director 3-14; Daniels, Mrs. Hamilton Red Cross 12-19; Daniels, Mrs. Hamilton Red Cross 12-12; Dasher, George Bernard married 3-7; Daugherty, Mrs. Slayton Red Cross 12-19; Daugherty, Mrs. Slayton Red Cross 12-5; Daughtry, Mrs. Slayton Red Cross 12-12; Davis, žUncle BillÓ died 4-11; Davis, A.D. father died 4-11; Davis, A.N. father died 4-11; Davis, Arthur W. father died 4-11; Davis, Carvy killed 6-20; Davis, George G. son died 4-11; Davis, George William died 4-11; Davis, Lilly Pearl married 5-9; Davis, M.G. daughter Lilly Pearl married 5-9; Davis, Mary Son, Geo William Davis died 4-11; Davis, Mrs. H.J. member cemetery association 2-7; Davis, Mrs. H.J. stepmother died 1-31; Davis, Oscar Buck in army 1-17; Davis, Oscar Underwood called by draft brd 1-10; Davis, Ralph new member of Co Comm 1-3; Davis, Ralph Red Cross 12-19; Davis, Thomas Watson called by draft 6-27; Dean, Rev. E.F. assigned asst pastor Folk charge 11-14; Deen, J.P. AWOL convict 4-18; Defense bonds and stamps 5-2; DeLaughter, Henry reg. for draft 8-1; Dell, E.E. helped org. Home Def. Unit 12-5; Denny, Luther Martin, Jr. married 10-24; Denny, Luther, Sr. son married 10-24; Depression sewing room project discontinued 6-27; Depression WPA project report 11-28; Depression, glass jars needed for canning 5-23; Dinkins, Bonnie attended baptism 10-3; Dinkins, Jessie attended baptism 10-3; Dinkins, Mrs. J.T. had new baby girl 2-21; Dinkins, Mrs. J.W. attended baptism 10-3; Dinkins, Owen Atlanta radio program 2-28; Dinkins, Owen attended baptism 10-3; Dinkins, Owen driving new car 10-17; Dinkins, Owen. K. acting postmaster 5-2; Dinkins, Theo big garage on hwy 5-16; Dinkins, Theo brought piano from Jax for church 9-26; Dinkins, Theo city council 1-17; Dinkins, Theo employs Bud Flewell 7-18; Dinkins, Theo had West. Elec Store 1-31; Dinkins, Theo owns Folk Motor Co, sell Fords 7-11; Dinkins, Theo Red Cross 12-12; Dinkins, Theo Sec-Treas Sportsmen Club 1-17, 1-24; Dinkins, Theo store just in front of Shuman radio shop 9-5; Dixie Caf» new management 5-30; Dixon, Fadell mother died 10-17; Dixon, Mrs. Lee died 10-17; Dixon, Rev. Hughie wants all to come Sunday 9-5; Dowell, Mance called by draft board 9-5; Dowling Furniture Co, Hoboken bought out T. Cook 6-20; Draft Board another registration for men on 7-1 6-27; Draft Board called 14 men 9-5; Draft Board calls 18 men 10-10; Draft Board calls five men 4-11; Draft Board calls more men 1-10; Draft Board sends more men 3-21; Draft Board sent two men notices 5-16; Draft board calls 3 men 2-7; Draft Board calls 4 men 6-27; Draft Board calls four men 6-20; Draft Board sends 3 4-4; Draft Board, 2nd registration for men on October 16th 6-20; Draft Board, L. Knabb appointed 6-20; Draft registration list of second registration 8-1-41; Draft registration of 7-1-41 registered 26 7-4; Drury, Ola sick at home 8-8; Drury, Ola Rebecca Woolard died 11-28; Duggan, Ralph baby son died 11-14; Dunman, Harry married 4-4; Dunman, William son married 4-4; Dyal, Joe Lee called by draft board 3-21; Dynamite New Years celebration 1-3
Eastern Star, Order of sponsored movies 11-7; Edenfield, Everett mother died 11-28; Entertainment PTA box supper1-31; Entertainment Watermelon cutting at Gibsons 7-25; Erwin, Rev. George F. new pastor for Folk Meth 11-14; Eskew, Herman man. Blue Willow Caf» 5-23
Firearms needed to be sent British people 3-7; Fish, pool for rearing fish on state park tract 1-24; Fleming, Dr. Hospital Mary Ann Johnson born 2-7; Fleming, Dr. Hospital new baby for Gibsons 2-14; Fleming, Dr. hospital new Jones baby 9-12; Fleming, Dr. new draft board Med Ex. 3-14; Fleming, Dr. A. clinic located in old office of Dr. F. 9-5; Fleming, Dr. A. Red Cross 12-12; Fleming, Mrs. A. member cemetery association 2-7; Fleming, Mrs. A. Red Cross 12-12; Fleming, Mrs. Accomplish. Cemetery Asso. 2-28; Flewell, Lawrence Raymond Bud married 7-18; Flu epidemic closes school 1-17; Folkston Beauty Shop to be closed for Thanks. 11-21; Folkston Cemetery Association organized 2-7; Folkston Colored School choir Atl radio program 2-28; Folkston Grain & Gro. Burglary 5-23; Folkston Motor Co to sell Fords 7-11; Folkston Motor Co. begun operations 9ů19; Folkston Motor Co. ready to begin business 9-5; Folkston, Bank, Poolroom collect for aluminum drive 7-25; Folkston, city of bought new pickup truck 1-31; Folkston, city of businesses agree on closing hours 10-3; Folkston, city of cattle ruining flower beds 3-7, 3-14; Folkston, city of citizens to save glass jars for canning 5Ů23; Folkston, city of E.M. Baxley working 2-7; Folkston, city of election 12-5; Folkston, city of new council reorganizes 1-17; Folkston, city of, contest tree-planting, one who plans most 4-18; Fraized, Eugene called by draft 6-27
Gainey, Miss Red Cross 12-12; Garage big bld being built 5-16; Gardner, Eustus T. reg. for draft 8-1; Garrison councilman 2-14; Garrison, Earl city council 1-10; Garrison, Earl postmaster at Homeland 5-2; Gasoline, 15% less than in July, short supply 9-5; Gay, Albert Safety Patrol member 10-10; Gay, Austin new baby boy 8-8; Gay, Austin rental house built for them 8-22; Gay, Austin uncle died 3-7; Gay, Brantley new baby boy 8-1; Gay, Brantley uncle died 3-7; Gay, C.H., Jr. father died 3-7; Gay, Charles Hinton, Sr. died 3-7; Gay, J.H. brother died 3-7; Gay, R.M. father died 3-7; Gay, Woodrow father died 3-7; Georgia Educators Association org. 12-12; Gibbs, Arnold called by draft 4-11; Gibson, C.H. Red Cross 12-19; Gibson, Charles H. son Lamar wins prize of book 5-2; Gibson, Guy Home Defense 12-12; Gibson, Guy in Norwood wedding 12-5; Gibson, Guy new baby girl 2-14; Gibson, John S. sworn in as congressman 1-10; Gibson, Lamar charter member scouts 8-8; Gibson, Lamar honor student 11-21; Gibson, Lamar Safety Patrol member 10-10; Gibson, Lamar second class scout 9-26; Gibson, Lamar wins prize of book 5-2; Gibson, Lamar wrote of trip to silver springs 5-16; Gibson, Mrs. W.E. Atlanta radio program 2-28; Gibson, Mrs. W.E. Red Cross 12-12; Gibson, Ray enlisted in Army Aviation Corps 9-19; Gibson, Ray helped with burglary 5-23; Gibson, Ray recovering from poisoning 8-8; Gibson, S.G. Ralph Davis takes his place on Co Comm 1-3; Gibson, S.G. Ray is son 5-23; Gibson, S.G. son Ray recovering 8-8; Gibson, S.G. Watermelon cutting 7-25; Gibson, W.E. son serving in war zone 12-12; Gibson, W.E. Sportsmen Club 1-24; Gibson, Wallace serving in war zone 12-12; Gibson, Wanda grad 5-23; Gibson, Wanda Sr. play 12-12; Giddens, R.O. married 6-20; Glover, Albert AWOL convict 4-18; Glover, Willie Lee called by draft 4-11; Goethe Lumber Co. locating sawmill Bailey Branch 5-9; Gowen Sawmill Neal Aldridge broke leg 8-8; Gowen Sawmill Willie Chesser working for them 2-7; Gowen, Albert in Norwood wedding 12-5; Gowen, Annie Pearl grad 5-23; Gowen, Barney grad. 5-23; Gowen, Clyde city councilman 12-5; Gowen, D.L. Red Cross 12-12; Gowen, Dean Red Cross 12-19; Gowen, E.C. city council 1-17; Gowen, E.C. Home Defense 12-12; Gowen, E.C. Red Cross 12-12; Gowen, G.R., Jr. big garage on hwy 5-16; Gowen, G.R., Jr. VP Sportsmen Club 1-17; Gowen, George R., Jr. city atty 1-17; Gowen, George R., Jr. Sportsmen Club 1-24; Gowen, George, Jr., owns Folk Motor Co sells Fords 7-11; Gowen, Harold grad. 5-23; Gowen, J.V., Jr. Red Cross 12-12; Gowen, J.V., Sr. Spanish Amer Vet 4-18; Gowen, J.V., Sr. Sportsmen Club 1-24; Gowen, Juanita brother killed 10-17; Gowen, Mrs. A.R. Red Cross 12-12; Gowen, Mrs. Randall mother died 2-14; Gowen, T.C. Home Defense Unit 12-5; Gowen, Tom Home Defense 12-12; Gowen, Tom Red Cross 12-12; Gowen, Tom to Macon meeting Home Defense unit 12-19; Gowen’s Commissary at T. Hill place for aluminum drive 7-25; Guinn, H.L. wrote Soldier’s Lament poem 8-22; Guinn, Harold Lee left for service 6-13; Guy, M.T. Infant son died 8-22
Haddock, Billy charter member scouts 8-8; Haddock, Billy second class scout 9-26; Haddock, Evalina born 5-2; Haddock, J.S. charter member scouts 8-8; Haddock, J.S. Red Cross 12-12; Haddock, J.S. second class scout 9-26; Haddock, Spencer new baby girl 5-2; Haddock’s Pressing Club next to Wade Bldg 10-3; Hall, Arleous called by draft board 5-16; Hall, P.C. contractor for Gowen/Dinkins garage 5-16; Hannaford, J.O. Home Defense 12-12; Hannaford, J.O. Home Defense Unit 12-5; Hannaford, James Oscar charter member scouts 8-8; Hannaford, James Oscar second class scout 9-26; Hannaford, Leonard baptized at Bap Ch 8-8; Hannan, Albert called by draft board 3-21; Hannan, Albert called by draft board 4-4; Hardee, Abraham had d. Fannie Hardee 12-19; Hardee, Fannie husband, Mattox died 12-19; Harden, B.G. brother killed 8-8; Harden, Bert best man in Norwood wedding 12-5; Harden, Bert Home Defense 12-12; Harden, Bert Home Defense Unit 12-5; Harden, Bert new game protector 5-23; Harden, Francis LaVerne father killed 8-8; Harden, Henry married 4-11; Harden, J.B. brother killed 8-8; Harden, L.H. brother killed 8-8; Harden, Leitha Gibson husband killed 8-8; Harden, Margaret father killed 8-8; Harden, Mrs. L.P. son killed 8-8; Harden, O.F. brother killed 8-8; Harden, Robert H. killed in car wreck 8-8; Harden, Robert, Jr. father killed 8-8; Harden, Thomas father killed 8-8; Harden, W.H. brother killed 8-8; Harris, John arranged trip to silver sprngs for kids 5-16; Harris, John gave out StGeo diplomas 6-6; Harris, John radio program 2-28; Harris, John Red Cross 12-12; Harris, John scout troop committee 8-8; Harris, Johnnie burglarized Grain & Gro. 5-23; Harris, King Felton called by draft 6-27; Harris, King Felton called by draft board 6-20; Harris, Mrs. John Red Cross 12-12; Harris, Supt. to supply truck for aluminum drive 7-25; Harris, Supt. John flu victim 1-17; Harrison, Ethel Epworth League 10-3; Harrison, Kenneth charter member scouts 8-8; Harrison, Kenneth Safety Patrol member 10-10; Harrison, Kenneth second class scout 9-26; Harrison, R Ward car almost taken by Tom Harris 1-31; Harrison, R. Ward celebrating new home, just completed 7-25; Harrison, R. Ward editor 1-1; Harrison, R. Ward Red Cross 12-12; Harrison, R. Ward Sportsmen Club 1-24; Harrison, R.Ward chosen chrm of dist for President’s birthday 1-10; Harvey, J.E. Home Defense 12-12; Harvey, J.E., Jr. Home Defense Unit 12-5; Harvey, Margaret Epworth League 10-3; Hathaway, David Safety Patrol member 10-10; Hathaway, Elizabeth grad. 5-23; Haywood, Thomas J. reg for draft 8-1; Health clinic planned, to be named for Hebard 9-5; Health, Free clinic in St. George 11-7; Hebard, employs Lois Edna Mizell Flewell 7-18; Hebard, Charles son died 5-16; Hebard, D.L. Health clinic to be named for him 9-5; Hebard, D.L. Sportsmen Club 1-24; Hebard, Daniel L. died 5-16; Hebard, Frederick V. father died 5-16; Hebard, Julia Kennedy Vanuxem husband died 5-16; Hebard, Mary Case son died 5-16; Hebard, Mrs. D.L. chrm of Red Cross 1-17; Hebard, Mrs. D.L. Red Cross 12-12; Henderson, Sara married 4-4; Hendricks, Louise wins 4-H gold medal 11-14; Hendrix, Sammie new baby boy, Sammie Eugene 4-11; Hendrix, Sammie Eugene new baby boy 4-11; Henry, Hubert daughter Ruth married 7-25; Henry, Ruth married 7-25; Hercules Powder Co. Jesse Crews works there 5-9; Hercules, Tom Harris is employee 1-31; Herrin, James David draft call 10-10; Herrin, Karl charter member scouts 8-8; Herrin, Karl second class scout 9-26; Higginbotham, Clementine mother died 11-28; Higginbotham, Hattie mother died 11-28; Higginbotham, Helen mother died 11-28; Higginbotham, Vera mother died 11-28; Highsmith, Coleman Clarence reg for draft 8-1; Highway 23 no action on paving 11-14; Hill, Floyell AWOL convict 4-25; Hodges, Edward B. married 4-4; Hodges, Hubert reg. for draft 8-1; Hodges, LeRoy married 7-25; Hodges, Marshall Marian draft call 10-10; Hodges, Mrs. Ruby father died 4-11; Hodges, Mrs. Willie new baby boy 10-24; Hodges, V.A. Red Cross 12-12; Hodges, V.A. retires as mayor 1-17; Hodges, V.A. son Leroy married 7-25; Hodges, V.A. son married 4-4; Hodges, Wilma wins 4-H gold medal 11-14; Holzendorf, Mrs. S.W. Red Cross 12-12; Home Defense Unit 4 to meeting in Macon 12-19; Home Defense Unit has own mess hall 12-19; Home Defense Unit organized 12-5; Home Defense Unit thanks for financial support 12-19; Home Defense Unit to guard bridge 12-19; Home Defense Unit org. 12-12; Homeland new homes going up 3-21; Homeland Community Center celebration on 7-4th 7-11; Homeland post office, new pm Earl Garrison 4-18; Homeland, celebrates 7-4th 7-11; Homeland, city of recreation center proposed 6-13; Homeland, city of begins new year 2-14; Homeland, city of cit. to save glass jars for canning 5-23; Homeland, city of election 1-10; Homeland, P.O. collect for aluminum drive 7-25; Hoover, Herbert signed boy Scout charter 8-8; Hopkins, A.J. Red Cross 12-12; Hopkins, A.J., Jr. Home Defense Unit 12-5; Hopkins, Alva J., Jr. building ser sta across river 6-13; Hopkins, Alva, Jr. Home Defense 12-12; Hopkins, Ann Atlanta radio program 2-28; Hopkins, Ann Sr. Play 12-12; Hopkins, John M. radio program 2-28; Hopkins, Mrs. Alva Atlanta radio program 2-28; Hopkins, Mrs. Walter Red Cross 12-19; Hopkins, W.C. Sportsmen Club 1-24; Howard, G.G. store/St Geo. Place for aluminum drive 7-25; Howard, Orry draft call 10-10; Howard, Osworth Sr. play 12-12; Howard, S.M. Red Cross 12-19; Howell, Rhymer R. in Nat Youth Admr 7-18; Howell, Rhymer Rhubin called by draft board 9-5; Huling, Doris Atlanta radio program 2-28; Huling, Doris baptized at river 5-16; Huling, Herbert Atlanta radio program 2-28; Huling, Merlyn grad. 5-23; Huling, Merlyn to Macon for training course 9-5; Huling, Mrs. Herbert Atlanta radio program 2-28; Huling, Mrs. J.O. new home about ready 10-31; Huling, Mrs. J.O. sister died 11-28; Huling, Mrs. Jim new home being built 10-10; Huling, Mrs. W.L. organized WMS at Camp P. 11-7; Huling, W.:L. contractor for new Huling home 10-10; Huling, Wilson working for civil service 9-5; Hutson, Anna Belle grad 5-23; Hutson, Anna Belle grad 6-6; Hutson, Anna Belle, Salutatory at Grad 6-6; Hutson, Earl in Nat Youth Admr. 7-18; Hutson, Jack registered for draft 8-1
Infantile Paralysis RW Harrison chosen chrm of dist for fund cam. 1-10; Infantile Paralysis epidemic 440 cases 8-22; Irvin, Cleveland reg for draft 8-1; 
Jackson, Jo Frank draft call 10-10; Jacobs, Gordon Red Cross 12-12; James, Norman killed a man 5-9; James, Winston AWOL convict 4-18; James,. David Wilbur called by draft board 9-5; Jenkins, J.H. hired as courthouse janitor 1-24; Johnson Lumber Co. describes operations in Swmp 5-9; Johnson Lumber Co. hosts picnic in Swmp 5-9; Johnson sawmill site, Folkston new mill to come in 11-28; Johnson, B.S. Red Cross 12-12; Johnson, C.P. son married 3-28; Johnson, Carl Red Cross 12-12; Johnson, Gertrude W. acting Co Comm Clerk 4-25; Johnson, Gertrude W. elected town clerk 12-5; Johnson, J.H. daughter married 3-28; Johnson, J.W. at court of honor, scouts 9-26; Johnson, Judge hosts picnic in swamp 5-9; Johnson, Mary Ann born 2-7; Johnson, Mildred married 3-28; Johnson, Mrs. A.R. Red Cross 12-12; Johnson, Mrs. B.S. Red Cross 12-12; Johnson, Mrs. E.H. Red Cross 12-12; Johnson, Mrs. J.H. brother died 3-7; Johnson, Mrs. J.H. Red Cross 12-12; Johnson, Mrs. Scott Sec-Treas Red Cross 1-17; Johnson, Ralph funeral of CH Gay 3-7; Johnson, Ralph vp Sportsmen Club 1-24; Johnson, Ralph operates Kozy Kabin 1-10; Johnson, Reginald married 3-28; Johnson, Roswald charter member scouts 8-8; Johnson, Roswald Safety Patrol member 10-10; Johnson, Roswald second class scout 9-26; Johnson, Russell Red Cross 12-19; Johnson, Russell Red Cross 12-12; Johnson, Scott new daughter born 2-7; Johnson, Susie helped with dist PTA meeting here 4-11; Jones W.D. new baby boy 9-12; Jones, James son married 8-8; Jones, Johnnie Vinson left for service 6-13; Jones, Kathryn Raynor Epworth League 10-3; Jones, Kirby Robert reg for draft 8-1; Jones, Mrs. Kirby Red Cross 12-12; Jones, Mrs. T.E. Red Cross 12-12; Jones, Mrs. Troy beauty shop to be closed 11-21; Jones, Mrs. W.J. father died 12-19; Jones, Mrs. W.J. member cemetery association 2-7; Jones, Rev. Lambert at funeral for Hilton Brooker 10-17; Jones, Robert Kirby married 8-8; Jones, Ruth grad 5-23; Jones, Snooks working on RW Harrison car 1-31; Jones, Troy burg. Of Grain&Gro. 5-23; Jones, Troy police chief 1-17; Jones, W.D. county agent glass jars for canning 5-23; Jones, W.D. hired again as county agent 1-24; Jordan, James called by draft board 2-7
Kelley, Wille Floyd reg for draft 8-1; Kendrick, Grover C. bookkeeper for Folk Motor Co. 9-19; Kendrick, H.W. son died 11-21; Kendrick, J.A. grandson died 11-21; Kendrick, James W. died 11-21; Kennedy, W.I. Atlanta radio program 2-28; Kennison, Seaborn F. failed physical for army 1-17; Kennison, Seaborn Foster called by draft brd 1-10; King, Marjorie assistant telephone operator 8-1; Knabb, L. appointed to draft board 6-20; Knabb, L. supervises draft reg. 6-27; Knabb, Mrs. Ralph Red Cross 12-19; Knabb, Ralph disqualified to serve on draft brd 6-20; Knabb, Ralph new member of Draft Board 5-2; Knabb, Ralph store place for aluminum drive 7-25; Knowles, Beulah sick with sore eyes 9-5; Knowles, Ernest Bible class leader 9-19; Knowles, Inez Atlanta radio program 2-28; Knowles, Jeffery Bible class leader 9-19; Knowles, Jeffery SS supt. at Camp P Ch 7-11; Knowles, Lonnie Lowell reg. for draft 8-1; Knowles, Thomas called by draft board 1-10; Knowles, Thomas in army 1-17; Kottman, Fred Red Cross 12-12; Kottman, Mrs. Fred party for Mrs. Clay 9-5; Kozy Kabin Kafe Louise Brockman new manager 1-10; Kozy Kabin Kafe J.L. McKendree and sister running now 8-22
Land for tenant farmers in Wheeler County (Hinesville area) 4-4; Langley, William died 11-7; Lard how to make at home 1-17; Leckson, Willie C. volunteered 8-1; Lee, Benjamin in Nat Youth Admr 7-18; Lind, Buddy called by draft board 9-5; Little, Rev. speaker at July 4th SS picnic 7-11; Littlefield, David enlisted in Army Aviation Corps. 9-19; Littlefield, David William reg. for draft 8-1; Littlefield, Margaret Red Cross 12-12; Littlefield, Mary Jane had twin boys 11-7; Littlefield, Mrs. J.C. Red Cross 12-12; Lloyd, Clarence Columbus called by draft board 5-30; Lloyd, Frank reg. for draft 8-1; Lloyd, John new baby 11-21; Lloyd, Lee drives city truck 1-31; Lloyd, Lee resigned from city of Folkston 2-7; Lloyd, Trudie Mae Atlanta radio program 2-28; Lloyd, Willie new baby girl 8-22; Lockhart, Ruby died 5-23; Lockson, Willie C. volunteered for service 8-1; Londeree Building free clinic in St. George 11-7; Loper, Wilma honor student 11-21; Loper, Wilma Sr. play 12-12; Lowther, Vandilla Sr. play 12-12
Majors, L.D. Home Defense 12-12; Majors, L.D. Home Defense Unit 12-5; Majors, L.D. to Macon meeting Home Defense unit 12-19; Majors, Mrs. L.D. Red Cross 12-12; Mallard, L.E. Red Cross 12-12; Mallard, L.E. succeeds Mrs. Roddenberry as T.C. 1-3; Marsden, Mrs. Biddle R. brother died 5-16; Martin, Arline new home in Homeland 3-21; Masonic Bld, Elect store by Theo Dink 1-31; Masonic Lodge oldest mem. H.S. Mattox died 12-19; Mattox Apartments Jim and Lois Bryant live there 3-28; Mattox, A.M. father died 12-19; Mattox, Capt. J.M. Civil War 12-19; Mattox, Dorothy father died 12-19; Mattox, H.S. heart attack 12-12; Mattox, Hamilton Stanley died 12-19; Mattox, Robert H. died 12-19; May Bluff tract leased to new sawmill people 11-28; McCook, Ira reg. for draft 8-1; McCoy, Bill charter member scouts 8-8; McCoy, Bill second class scout 9-26; McCoy, Dr. W.R. Red Cross 12-12; McCoy, Dr. W.R. county physician 1-24; McCoy, Dr. W.R. pres. Sportsmen Club 1-17; McCoy, Dr. W.R. resigned from draft board 3-14; McCoy-Sawyer Hospital new Crawford baby boy 9-12; McDonald Apartments New married Hodges couple 4-4; McDonald, Mrs. B.G. member cemetery association 2-7; McDonald, Mrs. B.G. Red Cross 12-12; McDuffie, Ermine new home in Homeland 10-31; McKendree Jim Red Cross 12-12; McKendree, Jim L. operating K.K. Kafe 8-22; McKendree, Mrs. Jim Red Cross 12-12; McLeod, Carrie tax collector 2-14; McLeod, Mrs. Carrie Red Cross 12-12; McQueen, A.S. moves to new home on Magnolia 12-19; McQueen, A.S. buys Mizell home place 11-14; McQueen, A.S. radio program 2-28; McQueen, A.S. Son Bill finishes college 6-20; McQueen, Bill receives LLB degree 6-20; McQueen, William Alexander reg. for draft 8-1; Meat, thief steals Mrs. B.B. Gowen’s meat 1-31; Merrow, Mrs. T.C. sister died 11-28; Miller, Lois Mattox father died 12-19; Miller, Mrs. Roy new car 1-10; Mills, Douglas Wilson reg. for draft 8-1; Mills, Floy Wilson married 8-1; Mills, Joy Atlanta radio program 2-28; Mills, Mrs. Floy member cemetery association 2-7; Mills, Mrs. Frank D. stepmother died 1-31; Mills, Sol P. owns old Wainwright place 10-10; Mills, Walter grad. 5-23; Mizell, Alice Sr. play 12-12; Mizell, Alton Mathew drafted 8-1; Mizell, Audrey Mae bought defense bonds 5-2; Mizell, Audrey Mae in Train-Truck wreck 12-5; Mizell, Carl David called by draft board 9-5; Mizell, Carl David draft call 10-10; Mizell, Clifford Capt, Home Defense 12-12; Mizell, Everett, Jr. killed in auto wreck 1-3; Mizell, Everett, Sr. son killed in wreck 1-3; Mizell, Frances Atlanta radio program 2-28; Mizell, Helen Red Cross 12-12; Mizell, Helen treas cemetery association 2-7; Mizell, J. and Bro. tract east of Folkston 5-9; Mizell, J.D. hired as bridge keeper 1-24; Mizell, J.P. Sportsmen Club 1-24; Mizell, Jackson brother killed in wreck 1-3; Mizell, Jesse P. daughter married 7-18; Mizell, Jesse P. daughter married 4-4; Mizell, Joe P. home place bought by McQueen 11-14; Mizell, Lois Edna married 7-18; Mizell, Lucille Lee married 4-4; Mizell, Mrs. Herbert stepmother died 1-31; Mizell, Mrs. William sec cemetery association 2-7; Mizell, O.C. Home Defense Unit 12-5; Mizell, O.C. to Macon meeting Home Defense unit 12-19; Mizell, W.H. held city election 12-5; Mizell, W.H. wrote Hitler poem 11-7; Mizell, W.H. wrote poem on Hitler & Devil 11-14; Mizell, William chairman aluminum drive 7-25; Mizell, William city council 1-17; Mizell, William radio program from Atlanta 2-28; Mizell, William Red Cross 12-12; Mizell, William, grand nephew killed in wreck 1-3; Mizell, William, State Defense meeting, Macon 12-19; Moniac Ralph Knabb’s store place for aluminum drive 7-25; Moniac committee for Red Cross 12-19; Moniac School July 4th entertainment, play, bingo, refresh 6-27; Moniac, draft registration at Knabb store 6-27; Monroe, Mrs. Shelton Red Cross 12-12; Monroe, Mrs. Shelton, on tree-planting committee 4-18; Monroe, Shelton ch of Infan Paralysis Camp. 1-24; Monroe, Shelton chrm Infantile Par. Campaign 2-7; Morgan, B.H. new baby boy 10-3; Morgan, Colonel called by draft board 4-4; Mosley, Wilbur Woodrow called by draft board 9-5; Motion Picture filmed in Swamp “Swamp Water”. 6-27; Moultry, Charlie D. volunteered for service 8-1; Mule runaway, killed Hardee Privett 11-14; Murray, Carlton Francis reg for draft 8-1; Murray, Ernest Edward called by draft board 9-5; Murray, Ernest Edward draft call 10-10; Murray, Fitzhugh L., Jr. born 6-20; Murray, Fitzhugh L., Mr./Mrs. new baby boy 6-20; Murray, J.C. repair shop man Folkston Motor Co. 9-19
National Guard unit State Defense Corps to take place 11-28; National Youth Admr. 9 from here join 7-18; Naval stores prices rising 8-8; Nazworth, Allen new baby boy 12-12; Nazworth, Mrs. Allen party for Mrs. Clay 9-5; Nettles, J.C. fell from bridge trestle when working 10-31; Nipper, Henry drafted 8-1; Norman, Leon Red Cross 12-12; Norman, N.J. Red Cross 12-19; Norwood councilman and mayor pro-tem 2-14; Norwood, M. city council 1-10; Norwood, M. son married 12-5; Norwood, Mr. building new home on highway 3-21; Norwood, Mrs. Rudolph Red Cross 12-12; Norwood, Rudolph new home on highway 3-21; Norwood, Rudolph married 12-5
O’Quinn, Arnold married 4-18; O’Quinn, Bennie new baby boy 10-3; O’Quinn, Jesse Wilbur registered for draft 8-1; O’Quinn, Silas son, Arnold married 4-18; O’Quinn, W.S. grandson killed 10-17; Okefenokee Shop was Dixie Caf» 5-30; Orr, Nannie Mae m. H.S. Mattox 12-19; Osterman, Marguerite grad 5-23; Osterman, Marguerite Validictory at Grad 6-6; Outlaw, Mrs. Alvin operating K.K. Kafe 8-22; 
Padgett, Walter Raleigh called by draft 6-27; Page, H.C. Spanish Amer Vet 4-18; Page, Mrs. H.C. party for Mrs. Clay 9-5; Page, Mrs. H.C. Red Cross 12-12; Parham, Margaret grad 5-23; Parham, Margaret grad 6-6; Passieu, C.J. bought defense bonds 5-2; Passieu, C.J. city council 1-17; Passieu, C.J. Red Cross 12-12; Passieu, Joanne baptized at Bap Ch 8-8; Passieu, Mrs. C.J. member cemetery association 2-7; Pearce, Bernice bought defense bonds 5-2; Pearce, Bernice Red Cross 12-12; Pearce, Bernice Red Cross 12-12; Pearce, J.B. Red Cross 12-12; Pearce, Marion Red Cross 12-12; Pearre, Elvira son died 7-4; Pearre, Jeanne brother died 7-4; Pearre, Robert L. died 7-4; Pearre, Thomas brother died 7-4; Pearre, Thomas son died 7-4; Percer, James Evans drafted 8-1; Persons, Capt. H.K. convict warden 4-11; Petty Jesse Woodrow called by draft board 9-5; Petty, Clifton father died 4-11; Petty, Clifton new baby boy 10-3; Petty, Elijah died 4-4, 4-11; Petty, Glenn left for service 6-13; Petty, H.W. daughter died 2-14; Petty, Jesse father died 4-11; Petty, Jesse Woodrow reg. for draft 8-1; Petty, Lila Crews husband died 4-11; Petty, Mrs. Aggie Snowden daughter died 2-14; Petty, Oscar father died 4-11; Petty, Sam brother died 4-11; Petty, Tom brother died 4-11; Petty, Wade father died 4-11; Phillips, Margaret mother died 11-28; Phillips, Walter Edward draft call 10-10; Photo studio in Folkston 10-3; Pickren Service Garage owned by WWP 2-14; Pickren, Dora son married 10-10; Pickren, Marion Sr play 12-12; Pickren, Mrs. Marion ch of production, RedCross 6-13; Pickren, Mrs. Marion chrm production, Amer Red Cross 1-17; Pickren, Mrs. W.W. Red Cross 12-12; Pickren, Nellie husband died 7-4; Pickren, Postmaster V.J. sells defense bonds 5-2; Pickren, T.L. son married 10-10; Pickren, V.J. bought defense bonds 5-2; Pickren, V.J. Red Cross 12-12; Pickren, Verne host to Dist Postmasters meet 12-5; Pickren, Verne J. married Leila 10-10; Pickren, W.W. Red Cross 12-12; Pickren, W.W. owner of Pickren Service Station 2-14; Pilot training program Folk airport 2-7; Player, R.E. new home being built 11-21; Poem When Hitler Phones For Help by WH Mizell 11-7; Poole, Luther died at prison camp 9-26; Popham, Mrs. Jewell father died 4-11; Post office, Dist Postmasters meet here 12-5; Post Office, Homeland Earl Garrison new PM 4-18; Poultry business destroyed by fire 3-14; Powell, David Lee called by draft 4-11; Powell, Joseph Melvin draft call 10-10; Powell, Lorenze draft call 10-10; Powell, Maurice E. bought McQueen home on 6th St. 12-26; Prather, Roosie Joyce called by draft board 6-20; Prescott, Aunt Het died 11-7; Prescott, Dr. E.W. son Jesse died 7-25; Prescott, Jesse H. died accident 7-25; Prescott, Leila Mae Sr. Play 12-12; Prescott, Mrs. C.W. žDockÓ died 11-7; Prescott, Paul Proctor reg. for draft 8-1; Prescott, Uncle Dock wife died 11-7; Prescott, W.H. Red Cross 12-19; Prescott, Willie new baby boy 4-11; Prescott, Winnie H. mother died 11-7; Prevatt, Velma Sr. play 12-12; Prevatt, Vira Atlanta radio program 2-28; Privett, Hardee killed in accident 11-14; Proctor, Gertrude called off 4-H camp/Polio 8-1; Proctor, Gertrude Red Cross 12-12; Proctor, Gertrude hired again as HoDem Agent 1-24; Public Welfare, commodities helping many families, schools 10-3; Purdom, Major Lee helped org. Home Def. Unit 12-5; Purdom, Mrs. James Red Cross 12-12; Purvis, Joan Sr play 12-12
Quarterman, Cleo grad. 5-23; Quick, Charles Safety Patrol member 10-10; Quilts for Baxley Home 11-7
Racepond Turpentine Co. Adams’ son killed 11-14; Racepond, Will Swain killed by hit and run 10-24; Racepond, S.M. Howard store place for aluminum drive 7-25; Radio program listeners disappointed 3-7; Radio shop Woodrow Shuman opened sales/serv. 9-5; Ratcliffe, William B. grad 6-6; Raulerson, Mrs. J.L. sister died 12-5; Raulerson, Roxie grad program Moniac 6-6; Raynor, Kathryn Belle married 8-8; Raynor, Mrs. O.E. Red Cross 12-12; Raynor, Mrs. O.E. Red Cross 12-5; Raynor, O.E. apptd to National Reemployment Comm. 9-19; Raynor, O.E. Red Cross 12-12; Raynor, O.E. State Def. Meeting, Macon 12-19; Raynor, Oscar Eldridge daughter married 8-8; Recreation center proposed at Hurshey Park 6-13; Red Cross chairmen listed 12-5; Red Cross long list of members 12-12; Red Cross need more $ for War Relief 12-19; Red Cross meeting projects 10-10; Red Cross projects lists projects 6-13; Reddish, Lee draft call 10-10; Registration of men for draft (2nd time) 6-27; Rider, Mrs. Johnnie new baby boy 8-8; Rider, Mrs. Mary Petty died 2-14; Rider, Rufus wife died 2-14; Riggins, James in Nat Youth Admr 7-18; Riggins, Mrs. Verdy mother died 11-7; Ritz Theater Eastern Star sponsored movies 11-7; Roberts, Dr. Cora party for Mrs. Clay 9-5; Roberts, Ernest AWOL convict 4-25; Roberts, L.E. helped with free health clinic in St Geo 11-7; Roberts, L.E. Red Cross 12-12; Roberts, Lonnie Emmett, Jr. reg. for draft 8-1; Roberts, Mrs. St. Geo. Red Cross 12-19; Roberts, Mrs. A. Red Cross 12-12; Robinson, Frances Ann born 2-7; Robinson, Mrs. Ralph father died 4-11; Robinson, W.H. Red Cross 12-12; Robinson, William P. new daughter born 2-7; Roddenberry, Cecil mother died 12-5; Roddenberry, Delmas mother died 12-5; Roddenberry, Donald Gray reg. for draft 8-1; Roddenberry, Ethel Pauline Anderson died 12-5; Roddenberry, J.M. Red Cross 12-12; Roddenberry, James new baby girl 12-12; Roddenberry, Jett sister died 1-31; Roddenberry, Lt. Henry daughter died 1-31; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D. sis in law died 1-31; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M. L.E. Mallard takes her place as TC 1-3; Roddenberry, Mrs. N.E. boarded Syl. Crews 4-18; Roddenberry, N.E. widow died 12-5; Roddenberry, N.E. store place for aluminum drive 7-25; Rodgers, Mrs. Ben Red Cross 12-12; Rodgers, Mrs. J.W. sister died 1-31; Roosevelt, Franklin D. signed Boy Scout charter 8-8; Roy, C.E. married 8-1; Roy, C.E. returned to Ga. 8-22; Roy, C.E. to run airport caf» 9-5; Roy, Cecil new baby 8-22; Rozier, Mrs. M.A. sister died 12-5; Rozier, Willene wins 4-H gold medal 11-14; Russell, Estelle bridesmaid Waughtel wedding 12-5; Russell, Estelle Red Cross 12-12; Russell, Eugene father died 10-3; Russell, Idell Sr. play 12-12; Russell, James father died 10-3; Russell, John died 10-3; Russell, Lucy husband died 10-3; Russell, Ray brother died 10-3; Russell, Ruby father died 10-3
Sands, Holland registered for draft 8-1; Sawmill to come to old Johnson mill on RR 11-28; Sawyer Hospital, Willie Chesser released 2-7; Sawyer, Dr. J.L. at Fort Jackson 1-31; Sawyer, Dr. J.L. Red Cross 12-12; Sawyer, Dr. James L. called to serve in med. Corp. 1-3; Sawyer, Dr. James L. mayor 1-17; Sawyer, Mrs. J.L. Red Cross 12-12; Sawyer, Rev. Swoll Red Cross 12-12; Sawyer, Rev. Swoll graphaphone, loud speakr, at July 4th 7-11; Sawyer, Rev. Swoll scout troop comm. 8-8; Schneider, Dr. W.J. Red Cross 12-12; School Folk Elem number enrolled 9-19; School Folk Senior High number enrolled 9-19; School Folkston opened Monday 9-19; School PTA held district conference all day here 4-11; School PTA sponsors box supper 1-31; School Folk CCHS enrollment 9-26; School Folk Elem enrollment 9-26; School Folk Jr. High number enrolled 9-19; School Folk JrHi enrollment 9-26; School, Alumni banquet-sr. class night 5-23; School, Ch Co High School Safety Patrol members 10-10; School, teachers org. GEA assn. 12-12; School, business machine for commercial class 12-5; School, CCHS Sr. Play 12-12; School, flu epidemic closes 1-17; School, Folk groups state patriotic plans 12-19; School, Folk Col. Choir Atlanta radio program 2-28; School, Folkston High School honor students 11-21; School, Grammar stage equip installed 1-31; School, High School graduation 5-23; School, Moniac enrollment 9-26; School, Moniac grad 6-6; School, Moniac to present program 5-23; School, night classes in commercial class 12-5; School, Racepond Pie supper for window and door repair 10-17; School, St. Geo. Elem enrollment 9-26; School, St. Geo. High enrollment 9-26; School, St. George Graduation 6-6; School, St. George graduation 5-23; School, Uptonville enrollment 9-26; School, Winokur enrollment 9-26; Schools all schools total enrollment 9-26; Schools to reopen after flu epidemic 1-24; Carter, Tommy pres Sportsmen Club 1-24; Scott, Margie Epworth League 10-3; Scott, Margie Sr. play 12-12; Scott, Tom charter member scouts 8-8; Scott, Tom second class scout 9-26; Scouts court of honor 9-26; Seace, Calvin Coolidge called by draft board 9-5; Service Station, new being constructed Gowen Oil 6-13; Sewing room project discontinued 6-27; Shad fishing popular with Camp Pinckney men 2-7; Shivar, Bernard grad. 5-23; Shivar, E.D. building Player home 11-21; Shuman, Mrs. Nannie Mae husband Mattox, died 12-19; Shuman, Woodrow opened radio sales/service 9-5; Sikes, J.O. collecting firearms for Britain 3-7; Sikes, J.O. State Def. Meeting, Macon 12-19; Sikes, Jackie Sr. play 12-12; Sikes, Sheriff man killed another 5-9; Sikes, Sheriff burg. Of Grain&Gro. 5-23; Sikes, Sheriff city election held in his office 12-5; Sikes, Thomas Lewis called by draft board 5-16; Simmons, Ulysees volunteered for service 8-1; Simmons, Ulyses called by draft board 9-5; Singletary, Dick fell from bridge trestle when working 10-31; Sise, Mrs. John father died 5-16; Smith Nellie grad 6-6; Smith, Mrs. Everett Red Cross 12-12; Smith, Mrs. N.M. party for Mrs. Clay 9-5; Smith, Mrs. W.B. member cemetery association 2-7; Smith, Nellie grad 5-23; Smith, R.L. grandson died 11-21; Smith, S.J. sec. Of GEA 12-12; Smith, Uncle Billy niece died 3-7; Smith, Virgil Lee left for service 6-13; Sollinger, F.S. Red Cross 12-12; Southern Bell Tel. Co. Underground cable lines 10-3; Southwell, J.B. city council 1-17; Southwell, John B. family to stay in Atlanta dur. Session 1-10; Southwell, John B. building ser sta across river 6-13; Southwell, M/M J.B. State Defense meeting, Macon 12-19; Southwell, Mrs. J.B. Red Cross 12-12; Southwell, Rosalie Sr. play 12-12; Southwell, Rosalie to stay in Folkston 1-10; Spanish-Amer Vets picnic at Burnt Fort 4-18; Spence, Gilbert left for service 6-13; Spence, Gilbert wrote Soldier’s Lament poem 8-22; Spence, Gordon in Nat Youth Admr 7-18; Spence, Gordon L. reg. for draft 8-1; Sportsmen Club organized 1-17, 1-24; St. George comm for Red Cross 12-19; St. George draft registration at Canaday store 6-27; St. George GG Howard’s store place for aluminum drive 7-25; Stage equipment installed at school 1-31; Stapleton, C.P. bought defense bonds 5-2; Stapleton, C.P. Red Cross 12-12; Stapleton, E.B. bought defense bonds 5-2; Stapleton, E.B. ch. War relief of Red Cross 12-19; Stapleton, E.B. Red Cross 12-12; Stapleton, E.B. resigned Draft Board 5-2; Stapleton, E.B. resigned draft board 6-20; Stapleton, E.B. ordered coal for county 9-12; Stapleton, Mrs. C.P. Red Cross 12-12; Stapleton, Mrs. E.B. Red Cross 12-12; Stapleton, Mrs. E.B. Pres. Cem. Association 2-7; Stapleton, Mrs. Pearce Red Cross drive 12-5; Stapleton, State Defense meeting, Macon 12-19; State Defense Corps to be organized 11-28; Stephens, John A. inducted in army 11-14; Stephens, John Aster draft call 10-10; Stewart, D.L. home being remodeled 1-17; Stewart, D.L. new baby boy 5-23; Stokes, Council Braddock called by draft board 3-21; Stokes, Ed takes grapes, peanuts to SS 8-1; Stokes, George Lester died 5-2; Stokes, Geraldine grad 5-23; Stokes, Geraldine grad 6-6; Stokes, Jasper scout troop committee 8-8; Stokes, L.E. brother died 5-2; Stokes, L.E. building rental house 8-22; Stokes, L.E. Red Cross 12-12; Stokes, Mrs. St. Geo. Red Cross 12-19; Stokes, Mrs. N.H. Red Cross 12-12; Stokes, Mrs. P.O. Red Cross 12-12; Stokes, P.O. to Macon meeting Home Defense unit 12-19; Streetman, Jack twin baby boys 11-7; Strickland, Eva [Cooner] died 3-7; Strickland, Gilbert Safety Patrol member 10-10; Stringfield, Mrs. James T. brother killed in wreck 1-3; Stubbs Sawmill burned down 10-17; Stubbs, S.J. Red Cross 12-19; Stubbs, S.J. Sawmill burned 10-17; Stuckey, Mr. store built by Gowen Oil 6-13; Sulmin, James draft call 10-10; Swain, Georgia brother died 10-24; Swain, Will killed 10-24; Swamp Water movie being filmed 6-27
Talmadge, Gov. Eugene apptd OE Raynor to Nat Reem Comm 9-19; Taylor, A.B. Dr. Taylor’s brother 2-7; Taylor, D.M. daughter married 4-11; Taylor, Dr. J.S. donates blood to brother 2-7; Taylor, Henry Frank called by draft board 9-5; Taylor, Henry Frank reg. for draft 8-1; Taylor, Lexie married 4-11; Telephone cable lines survey crew putting them underground 10-3; Telephone, county comm. Need sheriff’s phone 12-19; Templeton, Mrs. H.D. Red Cross 12-12; Thanksgiving holiday which day to celebrate 11-14; Thomas, David called by draft board 6-20; Thomas, Henry Red Cross 12-12; Thomas, Jeannette married 9-5; Thomas, Wilbur L. daughter Jeannette married 9-5; Thompson, Dr. W.D. Daughter Willette to be nurse 9-5; Thompson, Jack Red Cross 12-12; Thompson, Kathryn Epworth League 10-3; Thompson, Louise established free health clinic StGeo 11-7; Thompson, Louise hired again as county nurse 1-24; Thompson, Louise, Red Cross drive 12-5; Thompson, Mrs. Jack Red Cross 12-19; Thompson, Mrs. Jack Red Cross12-12; Thompson, Mrs. Jack v. chrm of Red Cross 1-17; Thompson, Mrs. W.D. Red Cross 12-5; Thompson, O.R. Red Cross 12-12; Thompson, W.D. Red Cross 12-12; Thompson, W.D. Red Cross 12-19; Thompson, Willette to train as nurse 9-5; Threlkeld, Cumie Sr. play 12-12; Thrift, M.D. Red Cross 12-19; Thrift, Ruth grad program Moniac 6-6; Timmons, Henry killed by Norman James 5-9; Tison, Margaret grad. 5-23; Tittle, Mrs. R.E. party for Mrs. Clay 9-5; Tittle, Mrs. R.E. Red Cross 12-12; Tittle, R.E. moving to St. Marks, Fla. 12-12; Tittle, R.E. Red Cross 12-12; Tittle, R.E. Red Cross meeting 6-13; Tobacco sales getting 30 cents per pd. 8-8; Togdlander, Mrs. W.J. Red Cross 12-12; Tolbert, C.L. scoutmaster 8-8; Tomlinson, Aldine Safety Patrol member 10-10; Toy councilman 2-14; Toy, M.M. city council 1-10; Tracy, Ada Byron on northern trip 2-21; Tracy, Leila bought defense bonds 5-2; Tracy, Leila Jeanette, assist. Postmaster on northern trip 2-21; Tracy, Leila Jeannette married 10-10; Tracy, P.C. daughter Leila married 10-10; Tracy, P.C. very ill 6-6; Tracy, Port C. daughters on trip 2-21; Traders Hill Gowen’s Comm. Place for aluminum drive 7-25; Trees planted in Folkston, prize to one plant. Most 4-18; Trophy Amer Legion Dr. Williams won 2nd time 9-26; Tucker, Capt. Warden of convict camp 4-11; Tucker, Capt. George W. convict warden 4-11; Tucker, Mrs. Lonnie Red Cross 12-5; Tucker, Mrs. Lonnie Red Cross 12-19; Tucker’s Store, Uptonville place for aluminum drive 7-25; Turner, Sylvester drafted 8-1; Turpentine prices rising 8-8; Tyndall, Thomas married 8-1; Tyson, John S. Red Cross 12-12; Tyson, Johnnie charter member scouts 8-8; Tyson, Johnnie second class scout 9-26
Uptonville adult ed class still meeting 6-6; Uptonville Tucker’s store place for aluminum drive 7-25; Uptonville, Mrs. Ocie Cason moved there 11-7
Vanderhyde, Mrs. F.S. father died 12-19; Vanuxem, Julia Kennedy [Hebard] husband died 5-16; Varn Turp Still destroyed by fire 11-21; Vickers, J.M. Red Cross 12-12; Vickers, Mrs. James bridesmaid Waughtel wedding 12-5; Vickery, J.W. son died 1-31; Vickery, J.W. Spanish Amer Vet 4-18; Vickery, J.W., Jr. brother died 1-31; Vickery, Mary Banks husband died 1-31; Vickery, Mrs. Annie Gowen son died 1-31; Vickery, Mrs. J.W. member cemetery association 2-7; Vickery, Waudell Barney died 1-31
Wade Building photo studio 10-3; Wainwright, J.A. žRooksÓ stepdaughter died 3-7; Wainwright, James in Nat Youth Admr 7-18; Wainwright, Martha Lee Red Cross 12-19; Wainwright, Mrs. J.A. daughter died 3-7; Wainwright, Mrs. W.J. mother died 11-7; Wainwright, Rooks home place new rental house 8-22; Wainwright, Sue Dee Epworth League 10-3; Wainwright, Sue Dee honor student 11-21; Wainwright, T. near Ocie Cason house 11-7; Wainwright, T. peanut boiling 9-19; Wainwright, Wiley old home place 10-10; War Aluminum drive results 9-12; War Ů Aluminum needed, drive for 7-25; War declared on Germany, Italy 12-12; War defense bonds and stamps 5-2; War gasoline in short supply 15% less than in July 9-5; War gasoline sales curtailed after 7 PM 8-8; War Many troops come thru here 10-31; War new draft board Med Exam 3-14; War Railroad bridge guarded by Army 12-12; War school groups plan patriotic plans 12-19; War State Defense Corps to be org. 11-28; War troop convoys come thru Folk. 3-14; War 6 went to Macon, for defense meeting 12-19; War Land for tenant farmers forced to move from Hinesville 4-4; War pilot training program Folk airport 2-7; War, free Heralds to servicemen 11-7; War, Japan’s sneak attack 12-12; Ward, Helen honor student 11-21; Ward, Mrs. Estell Red Cross 12-12; Wasdin, Mrs. Kizzie married 10-17; Waterman, Mrs. R.W. organized WMS at Camp P. 11=7; Waterman, Mrs. R.W. Red Cross 12-12; Waughtel, Beulah Lee in Gerry’s wedding 12-5; Waughtel, C.W. Adult Classes he taught, suspended 5-2; Waughtel, C.W. Community teacher org. Prospect SS 4-18; Waughtel, C.W. daughter married 12-5; Waughtel, C.W. directs classes at Winokur 8-8; Waughtel, C.W. on committee rec. center 6-13; Waughtel, C.W. order for 200 lbs shelled pecans 12-12; Waughtel, C.W. recorder 2-14; Waughtel, C.W. Red Cross 12-12; Waughtel, C.W. saw flames at Askew house 12-5; Waughtel, C.W. speaker at 7-4th SS picnic 7-11; Waughtel, C.W. still teaching volunteer 6-6; Waughtel, C.W. town clerk 1-10; Waughtel, C.W. visitors from Ohio 2-7; Waughtel, C.W. prin. and proprietor of Danville, O. College 2-7; Waughtel, Eli city council 1-10; Waughtel, Eli councilman 2-14; Waughtel, Eli Red Cross 12-12; Waughtel, Eli retired as PM in Homeland 4-18; Waughtel, Eli retired PO 5-2; Waughtel, Geraldine married 12-5; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. party for Mrs. Clay 9-5; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. plays piano at classes 8-8; Welfare director resigns Bernice Allen 2-21; Wells, Louis called by draft 4-11; Westberry, Mrs. Elma man. Dixie Rest. 5-30; Westinghouse Elec Store Masonic bld 1-31; White, Harold grad 5-23; White, John joins Army Air Force 7-18; White, John C. aviator in Army Air Force 12-19; White, M.G. son in air force 12-19; White, M.G. son John joins air force 7-18; White, Mrs. M.G. party for Mrs. Clay 9-5; White, Mrs. M.G. Red Cross 12-12; Whittaker, Isadore reg. for draft 8-1; Wildes, Gertrude W. new county clerk 9-5; Wildes, Harry enlisted in Army Aviation Corps 9-19; Wildes, Harry grad 5-23; Wildes, Hattress son Melvin married 9-5; Wildes, Kathleen [Jones] new baby boy 9-12; Wildes, Melvin married 9-5; Williams, A.D. established free health clinic StGeo 11-7; Williams, Dr. A.D. delegate to American Legion convention 9-19; Williams, Dr. A.D. elected state officer in Amer Legion 6-13; Williams, Dr. A.D. Red Cross 12-12; Williams, Dr. A.D. Spanish Amer Vet 4-18; Williams, Dr. won Amer. Legion trophy 2nd time 9-26; Williams, Eugene went with couple to marry 3-28; Williams, Eugene Red Cross 12-12; Williams, Henry injured 5-9; Williams, Jack new baby girl 2-14; Williams, Jim moved to St. Marks, Fla. 12-12; Wilson, Delores Sr. play 12-12; Wilson, Mrs. Carrie stepmother died 1-31; Wilson, O.F. city clerk 1-17; Wilson, O.F. daughter married 8-1; Wilson, O.F. died and Ger Johnson took place 12-5; Wilson, O.F. new home is s. of new garage 5-16; Wilson, O.F. home apartments Hardens lived there 4-11; Wilson, Owen F. He died, Gertrude took place 9-5; Winokur comm. Serv. Class 32 attended 8-22; Winokur, Community Service Class 8-8; Winokur, Mrs. Roddenberry, mercantile owner died 12-5; Winokur, N.E. Roddenberry store place for aluminum drive 7-25; Witty, Mrs. T.B. Red Cross 12-12; Woodbine Bridge burned traffic routed thru Folkston 2-7; Woolard Lula daughter died 11-28; Woolard, A.W. sister died 11-28; Woolard, D.C. sister died 11-28; Woolard, Estelle Atlanta radio program 2-28; Woolard, H.H. sister died 11-28; Woolard, H.W. sister died 11-28; Woolard, L.S. sister died 11-28; Woolard, L.W. sister died 11-28; Woolard, Lum recovering from poisoning 8-22; Woolard, Mr. Lum baptized 4-18; Woolard, Mrs. Lum baptized 4-18; Woolard, Nadine baptized at river 5-16; Woolard, O.E. sister died 11-28; Woolard, R.S. sister died 11-28; Woolard, Steve sister died 11-28; Woolard, Thelma Atlanta radio program 2-28; Woolard, W.L. sister died 11-28; WPA project report lists many projects 11-28; WPA Adult Ed Classes suspended 5-2; WPA staffs the commodities warehouse 10-3; Wrench councilman 2-14; Wrench, Billye grad. 5-23; Wrench, H. G. city council 1-10; Wrench, Howard Red Cross 12-12; Wrench, Ralph in Army Air Corp 1=17; Wrench, T.W. elected Mayor 1-10; Wrench, T.W. Red Cross 12-12; Wrench, T.W. Red Cross 12-5; Wrench, T.W. chairman aluminum drive 7-25; Wrench, T.W. hosts meeting of Sp-Amer Vets 4-18; Wrench, T.W. mayor 2-14; Wright, C.M. daughter married 10-24; Wright, Carroll, Jr. charter member scouts 8-8; Wright, Charles M. stepmother died 1-31; Wright, Dr. J.C. widow died 1-31; Wright, E.H. city council 1-17; Wright, E.H. stepmother died 1-31; Wright, James C. mother died 1-31; Wright, Leslee Grace married 10-24; Wright, Mrs. Annie Roddenberry died 1-31; Wright, Wilbur Red Cross 12-12
Youmans, Mrs. New baby boy 8-22; Young, Tom reg. for draft 8-1
Zarfos, Job Red Cross 12-12; Zarfos, John on committee rec. center 6-13


Charlton  County Archives