Index of Charlton County Herald - 1940

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

1940; 4-H Club district meeting 7-26; 4-H Picnic at Burnt Fort 17 boys and girls 11-15; A.C.L. Railroad Peter A. Cooner worked for them 12-6; Ackerman, Joanne student ticket to movie 2-16; Ackerman, Verle student ticket to movie 2-16; ACL RR M.A. Gay works in signal dept. 4-12; ACL RR N.V. Brown was operator here 12-27; ACL RR SM Altman works there 6-21; ACL RR More tourist trains 12-13; Adkins Funeral Home ambulance took Mrs. Norwood body to NY 4-12; Adkins Funeral Home Brock funeral 7-5; Adkins Funeral Home new intern, Billie Carter 9-13; Adkins Funeral Home Whit Banks funeral 11-29; Adkins, C.F. has new intern, Billie Carter 9-13; Adkins, Charles F. draft 11-8; Adult Literacy Classes attendance is down 7-26; Airplane took several up in airplane over weekend 4-12; Aldridge, E.C. officer in Defense Corps 8-23; Aldridge, E.C. officer state home defense corp 9-6; Aldridge, Juanita student ticket to movie 2-16; Aldridge, Juanita swamp booklet 6-14; Aldridge, Louise student ticket to movie 2-16; Aldridge, Loyce Cleveland draft 11-8; Aldridge, Mr and Mrs in Homeland new baby boy 5-17; Aldridge, Mrs. Mary mother died 7-12; Aldridge, Owen Samuel draft 11-8; Aldridge, Reta BTU camp 8-16; Alexander, E. his widow died 9-13; Alexander, Mary died 9-13; Aliens must register at courthouse 6-14; Allen, A.A. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Allen, Bernice head of welfare dept. 5-24; Allen, Bob officer in Defense Corps 8-23; Allen, Bob, Jr. working in Vidalia bank 8-2; Allen, Buck member of Folkston orchestra 5-24; Allen, Edgar State Defense Corps 8-2; Allen, Elliott Wilson draft 11-8; Allen, Homer Wilson draft 11-8; Allen, Ira draft 11-8; Allen, Jimi in school play 12-27; Allen, Jimi swamp booklet 6-14; Allen, Jimmy student ticket to movie 2-16; Allen, John Riley draft 11-8; Allen, Lawrence Mallard draft 11-8; Allen, Rebecca Jean 4-H Gold Medal 11-15; Allen, Rebecca Jean officer Home Ec Club 10-4; Allen, Rebecca Jean student ticket to movie 2-16; Allen, Rebecca Jean went to district 4-H Club meeting 7-26; Allen, W.R. helped draftees w/forms 12-6; Allen, W.R. Officer State Home Defense Corp 9-6; Alston, Downing draft 11-8; Alston, John Lee draft 11-8; Alston, Willie James draft 11-8; Altman, Bennie in school play 12-27; Altman, Bonnie swamp booklet 6-14; Altman, Hubert Hilton draft 11-8; Altman, James student ticket to movie 2-16; Altman, Leila student ticket to movie 2-16; Altman, M. at Dinkins reunion 6-28; Altman, Monroe student ticket to movie 2-16; Altman, Raymond Mikeler draft 11-8; Altman, S.M. bought ice plant from Ga. Power 5-17; Altman, S.M. son marries 6-21; Altman, Samuel Mathews, Jr. married 6-21; Altman, Valentine had twin girls 3-22; American Scenic Co. to paint stage scenery 12-20; Amessmer, Mrs. William A. father died 6-7; Anderson, Ben father died 2-9; Anderson, Elias F. died 2-9; Anderson, Georgia teacher 8-16; Anderson, Jack draft 11-8; Anderson, James Terrell draft 11-8; Anderson, Joe son died 2-9; Anderson, Mrs. Ida Dinkins at Dinkins reunion 6-28; Armstrong, Amos James draft 11-8; Art exhibit fine art prints at school on display 12-6; Askew, A.L. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Askew, Christine married 11-15; Askew, Christine sec. Of Mattress Project 10-18; Askew, Fred at party 7-26; Askew, Fred D. daughter married 11-15; Askew, Leon building Gowen home 11-1; Askew, Leon contractor for P.O. Stokes Ok. Station new showroom 12-27; Askew, Leon daughter married 6-14; Askew, Mabel member of Fokston orchestra 5-24; Askew, Mary Inez married 6-14; Askew, Mayme prin. At John Harris Jr High 5-10; Askew, Mayme teacher 8-16; Askew, Mrs. Thomas teacher 8-16; Askew, Mrs. Zelle teacher 6-14; Askew, Thomas Wallace draft 11-8; Askew, Tom working at bank 7-26; Atlanta Journal Magazine Mattox girls 5-10; Austin, Augusta draft 11-8; Austin, Lonnie draft 11-8; Austin, Willie draft 11-8; Aviation Training School at Douglas 6-7; 

Bacon, Eddie draft 11-8; Bailey, Sylvester draft 11-8; Baker, Elisha draft 11-8; Baker, Mrs. J.B. brother died 2-2; Bank Building, Old Dr. Schneider office downstrs, fire 2-2; Banks, C.R. brother died 11-29; Banks, C.S. brother died 11-29; Banks, Judge W.E. son died 11-29; Banks, Mrs. W.E. stepson died 11-29; Banks, W.E. coroner inquest 3-1; Banks, W.E. reelected JP 12-13; Banks, Whit Wesley died 11-29; Banks, Whit Wesley draft 11-8; Barker, Arthur Red Cross Comm. 12-6; Barnes, Arizona draft 11-8; Barnes, Betty at party 7-26; Barnes, Betty student ticket to movie 2-16; Barnes, Dorris married 8-23; Barnes, Mrs. Inez married 3-29; Barr, Mrs. W.M. father died 6-7; Basketball-Burro game 12-6; Batten, Jeffrey Albert draft 11-8; Batten, Legree new Boy Scout 5-10; Baugh, Ida delegate Farm & Home Week 8-16; Beale, Mrs. B.W. father died 2-9; Beauty shop just east of Jr. Hi built 12-20; Bedell, Marward Cook family building new home near 11-1; Bedell, Marward Garden club president 5-17; Bedell, Marward helping in Red Cross drive 11-29; Bedell, Marward Red Cross committee 12-6; Bedell, Marward Red Cross worker 5-24; Belcher, Harvey draft 11-8; Bell, Central draft 11-8; Bell, Henry killed John Glover 8-9; Bell, Jr. Boy Scout 5-10; Bell, Lathon draft 11-8; Bell, Simon T. draft 11-8; Bell, Willie murdered by Creasie Johnson 4-19; Bellem, Lee draft 11-8; Bellem, Porter draft 11-8; Belt, Willie draft 11-8; Bennett, Celeste son died 7-5; Bennett, Clarence draft 11-8; Bennett, Jackie student ticket to movie 2-16; Bennett, Louise teacher 6-14; Bennett, Louise teacher 8-16; Bennett, Mrs. A.J. grandson died 7-5; Bennett, Van Dell draft 11-8; Bennett, Vandell city council 1-12; Bennett, Vandell new baby girl 7-12; Bentley, Guy helped with swamp booklet 6-14; Bentley, Guy W. prin. At Ch Co High 5-10; Bentley, Guy W. teacher 8-16; Bentley, Guy Woods draft 11-8; Bentley, Leroy draft 11-8; Bentley, Mr. helped with Christmas club 12-13; Bently, Jack draft 11-8; Betts, Harold draft 11-8; Betty Tyson BTU camp 8-16; Blount, James Henderson draft 11-8; Blue Willow CafÈ Mrs. Charles Quick sold to Mrs. Kline Gowen 12-27; Blue Willow CafÈ sold to Mrs. Quick 8-9; Boggs, James Eleroe draft 11-8; Boggs, Leona draft 11-8; Bolden, James draft 11-8; Bolden, John draft 11-8; Bolton, Catherine BTU camp 8-16; Bolton, Kathryn joined Meth Church 4-5; Bolton, Mrs. H.H. joined Meth Church 4-5; Booth, Leonard draft 11-8; Boutwell, Albert draft 11-8; Braddock, Houston Berry draft 11-8; Braddock, Linton Dozier draft 11-8; Bradley, Elizabeth teacher 6-14; Bradley, Elizabeth teacher 8-16; Bradley, Marvin Callings draft 11-8; Bradley, Rev. new pastor of Camp Pinckney Bap, 9-27; Bradley, Waymon draft 11-8; Brazell, Mrs. J.A. mother died 5-17; Brazell, Mrs. John, Jr. Mother Mrs. Gay very sick 5-10; Brinkley, Alfonzer draft 11-8; Brinson, Ed draft 11-8; Britt, Johnie Cornelius draft 11-8; Brock, Andrew Benjamin draft 11-8; Brock, George Washington draft 11-8; Brock, J.M. student ticket to movie 2-16; Brock, Lillian Waunell marries 6-21; Brock, Louie student ticket to movie 2-16; Brock, Louie James died 7-5; Brock, Mrs. Mary brother died 3-8; Brock, Sidney Vernon draft 11-8; Brock, Thomas Gordon draft 11-8; Brooks, Clyde Elliott draft 11-8; Brooks, Devoy student ticket to movie 2-16; Brooks, Jim Fay draft 11-8; Brooks, Judge P.G. married couple 1-19; Brooks, Lourilla new teacher 9-13; Brooks, Lourilla teacher 8-16; Brooks, P.G. delegate to church conf. 10-11; Brooks, P.G. ordained Deacon at Grace Chapel 12-13; Brooks, P.G. Mr and Mrs joined Grace Chapel 6-14; Brown, Allen DeLeon draft 11-8; Brown, Betty Lou married 5-3, 5-10; Brown, Charles new baby boy 10-25; Brown, Dewey draft 11-8; Brown, Ed draft 11-8; Brown, George draft ll-8; Brown, Holland 1940 census enumerator 5-17; Brown, Holland 1940 census enumerator 5-3; Brown, Holland 1940 census taker 4-5; Brown, James Holland, Jr. joined Meth Church 4-5; Brown, Jimmy student ticket to movie 2-16; Brown, John Warren draft 11-8; Brown, Johnie B. draft 11-8; Brown, Juliette Louise letter to santa 12-20; Brown, Mallette theater ticket to movie 2-16; Brown, Mrs. D.F. teacher 6-14; Brown, Mrs. N.V. on comm for playground for children 12-20; Brown, Mrs. N.V. teacher 8-16; Brown, N.V. residence across street from Wilsons 9-13; Brown, N.V. sold home to J.T. Stover 12-27; Brown, Purley draft 11-8; Brown, Thornton draft 11-8; Brown, Viola Mae swamp booklet 6-14; Brown, Will draft 11-8; Brown, William Virgil draft 11-8; Brunt, Hugh Celious draft 11-8; Bruschke, Mrs. R.W. wrote of trip to swamp 5-31; Bruschke, Richard Willie draft 11-8; Bryant, James Icem draft 11-8; Bryant, Lemuel Bartow, Jr. draft 11-8; Bryant, Lottie May mother died 11-15; Bryant, Mrs. Daisy sister died 1-19; Bryant, Pasco student ticket to movie 2-16; Buchanan, Mrs. C.S. Hostess for garden club 6-21; Bullington, Willie Eugene draft 11-8; Burch, Dotha draft 11-8; Burch, J.W. student ticket to movie 2-16; Burch, Johnnie Washington draft 11-8; Burch, Layton student ticket to movie 2-16; Burch, Mrs. Ralph presented program at church 11-8; Burgess, Willie Clay draft 11-8; Burney, Dan married 6-14; Burnsed, Enoch J. draft 11-8; Burnsed, James Lester draft 11-8; Burnsed, Mrs. Lily sister died 5-31; Burnt Fort REA current turned on 9-13; Burnt Fort W.W. Wright new baby girl 3-1; Burnt Fort has REA electricity 9-6; Bush, David draft 11-8; Bussey, Kerry Boy Scout 5-10; Butts, Mrs. Eastern Star officer 1-19; Byrd, Eulie Cecil draft 11-8; Byrd, James Ivey draft 11-8; Byrd, Leroy draft 11-8; 
Cain, Gentle draft 11-8; Calhoun, Thomas Calvin draft 11-8; Camp Pinckney adult class high record of attendance 5-31; Camp Pinckney Adult Classes 7-26; Camp Pinckney, Whooping cough epidemic in children 4-5; Camp Pinkney Adult class attendance 10-25; Campbell, J.W.H. friends with Sheridan Cooper 4-26; Campbell, Julious Jack draft 11-8; Canaday, Casey draft 11-8; Canaday, Elias draft 11-8; Canaday, Hoke draft 11-8; Canaday, John daughter died 5-31; Canaday, Lonnie draft 11-8; Canaday, Milledge draft 11-8; Canaday, Roland appt to welfare board 9-13; Canaday, Theodore draft 11-8; Canaday, Willie Monroe draft 11-8; Cantrell, Bud draft 11-8; Carney, Mrs. F.J. mother died 1-12; Carswell, Geneva Mizell died 1-12; Carswell, J.P. mother died 1-12; Carswell, Pratt A. wife died 1-12; Carswell, W.A. mother died 1-12; Carter, Alton John draft 11-8; Carter, Arthur Leroy draft 11-8; Carter, Billie intern at funeral home 9-13; Carter, Cecil mother died 7-12; Carter, Charles draft 11-8; Carter, Clarence Warren draft 11-8; Carter, Donald mother died 7-12; Carter, Dorothy student ticket to movie 2-16; Carter, Elvin mother died 7-12; Carter, Ernest mother died 7-12; Carter, Euretha student ticket to movie 2-16; Carter, Hayden Anthony draft 11-8; Carter, James joins CCC 1-5; Carter, James mother died 7-12; Carter, Joe draft 11-8; Carter, Joe first draftee in WWII 12-6; Carter, John Elvin draft 11-8; Carter, John James draft 11-8; Carter, Margaret student ticket to movie 2-16; Carter, Matthew draft 11-8; Carter, Mildred student ticket to movie 2-16; Carter, Mildred swamp booklet 6-14; Carter, Mrs. Mary died 7-12; Carter, Mrs. Will her children, orphans, moved to Waycross 7-19; Carter, Pauline student ticket to movie 2-16; Carter, Riley draft 11-8; Carter, Romey Allen draft 11-8; Carter, Ruth mother died 7-12; Carter, Soloman draft 11-8; Carter, Troy mother died 7-12; Carter, Troy died 7-5; Carter, Vera mother died 7-12; Carter, Will his widow died 7-12; Carter, Will son died 7-5; Carver, Ralph draft 11-8; Carver, Ralph Mitchell draft 11-8; Casey, Mrs. Katie brother died 3-8; Cason, Elsie Lee student ticket to movie 2-16; Cason, Geneva student ticket to movie 2-16; Cason, Mrs. Ocie sang at WPA banquet 5-24; Cason, Muriel student ticket to movie 2-16; Cason, Sarah reimbursed for loss of two oak trees 10-25; Cattle gap Co Comm asked Hwy Dept to put one S of Folk 8-30; Caudle, Mrs. Proctor sang at WPA banquet 5-2; CCC 3 men joined 1-5; CCC boys eligible for military training. 6-14; CCC camp draft enrollees 10-18; CCC Camp REA current turned on 9-13; CCC Camp, Andrew G. Gowen is foreman 3-29; CCC Thomas Knowles in CCC but enlists Army 12-27; CCC, James Carter was member 7-12; Cemetery, Antioch Preston Wildes 1-12; Cemetery, Corinth Anna Harris Murchison funeral 3-29; Cemetery, Missouri Thompson funeral 5-24; Census takers named 4-5; Census, 1940 enumerators 5-3; Census, 1940 still working on this 5-17; Census, 1940 count for county 7-5; Census, Folkston population increases 5-31; Center line painted in highway for safety 6-14; Central Sand and Asphalt Co. for Route 23 10-25; Chance, Jessie, Jr. draft 11-8; Chancey, Jess Willard draft 11-8; Chancey, Marcelle married 5-3; Chancey, Marvin Jackson draft 11-8; Chancey, W.L. daughter married 5-3; Chandler, Mrs. W.H. father died 2-9; Chaplin, Ronnie married 11-22; Charlton County Defense Corps EBStap named Commander 8-15; Charlton County Herald 1-5; Charlton County Herald Lois Mattox Miller worked there 5-10; Charlton County Singers met for rehearsal 6-14; Chatman, S.T. teacher 8-16; Chatman, Samuel Ross draft 11-8; Chesser, James Gay draft 11-8; Chesser, Lois went to district 4-H Club meeting 7-26; Chesser, Marshall student ticket to movie 2-16; Chesser, Morgan Lee draft 11-8; Chesser, Mrs. Harry brother died 4-26; Chesser, Robert Elee draft 11-8; Chesser, Tessie Mae student ticket to movie 2-16; Chesser, William Moab draft 11-8; Children playground committee formed 12-20; Chism, George Washington draft 11-8; Christmas Folkstonís decorations uptown 12-20; Christmas Club organized toys for kids 12-13; Christmas, turkeys for sale 12-13; Church, Antioch Preston Wildes funeral 1-12; Church, Baptist railroad carload of goods/Childrenís Home 11-15; Church, Bethel improvements 5-10; Church, Bethel Meth. Cemetery clean up day 9-6; Church, Bethel Methodist Dinkins family church 6-28; Church, Bethel Methodist funeral of Della Grooms Gay 5-17; Church, Bethel Methodist Kline Eugene Gowen member 2-2; Church, Bethel Methodist Mrs. B.F. Gay is member 5-10; Church, Camp Pinckney dinner on the grounds 9-27; Church, Camp Pinckney Missionary Bap. new pastor Rev. Bradley 9-27; Church, Corinth Owen Melvin Prescott died 2-9; Church, Corinth Sarah Jane Lowther Crews funeral 1-12; Church, Corinth Tom Rhoden funeral 10-25; Church, Fokston Methodist music program 5-31; Church, Folk Bap Bap Training Union Camp 8-16; Church, Folk Bap. 2 were baptized 7-26; Church, Folk Bap. SS conference held here 11-8; Church, Folk Meth Ed Millen played sax 6-14; Church, Folk Meth Parsonage repairs 5-31; Church, Folk Meth to have VBS with Presb. 6-7; Church, Folk Presby Mary Alexander was member 9-13; Church, Folkston Bap. Deacons to be ordained 11-8; Church, Folkston Baptist Pillow case sale by Miss Society 5-3; Church, Folkston Baptist pillow slip sale 4-19; Church, Folkston Meth 8 new members (named) 4-5; Church, Grace Chapel 3 deacons ordained 12-13; Church, Grace Chapel 4 new members 6-14; Church, Grace Chapel baptism at the creek 7-12; Church, Grace Chapel box supper 11-29; Church, Grace Chapel box supper to pay for lumber, paint 11-8; Church, Grace Chapel change in schedule 5-10; Church, Grace Chapel eleven persons baptized. 7-19; Church, Grace Chapel finished building, to paint now 12-6; Church, Grace Chapel to ceil and paint it soon. 11-8; Church, Grace Chapel changed SS hour 7-26; Church, Grace Chapel delegates 10-11; Church, Grace Chapel, E.F. Dean preached 1-5; Church, Homeland Meth. Oyster supper to rewire and paint building 11-8; Church, Homeland Methodist organize WSCS 10-18; Church, Mt. Zion many members moved to Camp Pinck. 9-27; Church, Mt. Zion Rev. Bradley, former pastor goes to Camp Pinck. 9-27; Church, Philadelphia Big Day and Sing 5-10; Church, Pleasant Grove Methodist organ 3-1; Church, Presbyterian to have VBS with Meth Church 6-7; Church, St. Geo Bap. Monroe Johnson funeral 6-7; Chute, Eunice teacher 8-16; Chute, Eunice helped with swamp booklet 6-14; Chute, Eunice teacher 6-14; Chute, Miss directed Christmas play 12-27; Citizens Bank statement of condition 1-12; Citizens Bank statement of condition 7-12; Citizens Bank, Tom Askew working there 7-26; Clanton, Bascom Henry draft 11-8; Clark, Lewis Grant draft 11-8; Clark, Ralph draft 11-8; Clark, Willie Elbert draft 11-8; Clarkson, Ruthard draft 11-8; Clayton, John draft 11-8; Coca Cola Bottling Co. new truck 5-24; Coca-Cola plant Cook furniture on 2nd floor 11-1; Cockrell, Eleanor teacher 6-14; Cockrell, Eleanor teacher 8-16; Cockrell, S.T. helped draftees w/forms 12-6; Cohron, Mrs. Rotha father died 3-8; Coleraine Hamp Colson lives there 11-1; Coleraine Plantation Audrey Popham familily there 10-4; Collier, James Calvin draft 11-8; Collins, Joseph Richard draft 11-8; Colson, Arthur ìRedî married 11-1; Colson, Arthur M. enlisted in Marines 8-2; Colson, Hamp son married 11-1; Colson, Thomas H. son in Marines 8-2; Combs, Lawrence new Boy Scout 5-10; Combs, Roy draft 11-8; Combs, Wilburn draft 11-8; Cone, James Laten draft 11-8; Cone, Royal Lee draft 11-8; Conley, Titus draft 11-8; Conner, Zelton Woodrow draft 11-8; Conner, Alfred Lee draft 11-8; Conner, Alma Eastern Star officer 1-19; Conner, Aubrey Allen draft 11-8; Conner, Cecil Thomas draft 11-8; Conner, Charles Lee draft 11-8; Conner, Clora Lee student ticket to movie 2-16; Conner, Clora Lee swamp booklet 6-14; Conner, Dempsy Griffin draft 11-8; Conner, Ellis Lee draft 11-8; Conner, Francis George draft 11-8; Conner, Fred Daniel draft 11-8; Conner, J.P. member of Uptonville Quartet 5-24; Conner, J.P. Uptonville choir member 5-31; Conner, James Preston draft 11-8; Conner, Jewell student ticket to movie 2-16; Conner, Joseph Troy draft 11-8; Conner, Lacy draft 11-8; Conner, Maudria Eastern Star officer 1-19; Conner, Melvin Frank Thomas draft 11-8; Conner, Mrs. Mary stepmother died 1-12; Conner, Mrs. Zelton Red Cross comm. 12-6; Conner, Steve Everett draft 11-8; Conner, Troy lodge officer 12-20; Conner, Zelton Eastern Star officer 1-19; Conner, Zelton elected city coun. 12-6; Conner, Zelton lodge officer 12-20; Conner, Zelton to run for councilman 11-22; Contest prize money used for clinic expenses 3-22; Convict working on State Route 23 near Winokur 5-31; Convict camp moving here 12-6; Convict camp to be moved to Folkston 11-29; Convicts working on Highway 23 9-27; Cook Furniture Co. to locate in Folk 11-29; Cook, T. building new home 11-1; Cook, T. building new home 8-23; Cook, Tarver, Sr. to bring furn. Store here 11-29; Cooner, George father died 12-6; Cooner, J.H. father died 12-6; Cooner, J.M. found body of dead woman 7-19; Cooner, James father died 12-6; Cooner, Jim brother died 12-6; Cooner, Lawrence father died 12-6; Cooner, Peter A. died 12-6; Cooper, Billy Taylor draft 11-8; Cooper, John Robert draft 11-8; Cooper, Joseph William draft 11-8; Cooper, Sheridan died 4-26; Copeland, Mrs. Flora brother died 3-8; Corbett A.B. Lang draft 11-8; Cornhouse Adult Class attendance 10-25; Cornhouse Adult Classes 7-26; Cornhouse community fish fry at river 5-31; Cornhouse Creek Community Ellis Rider died 4-26; Courley, Floyxell draft 11-8; Courson, Tommie Glenn draft 11-8; Craiges, Tom draft 11-8; Crawford, Edward draft 11-8; Crawford, Harold draft 11-8; Crawford, Josie draft 11-8; Crews, Annie Jane student ticket to movie 2-16; Crews, Arch died 3-1; Crews, Arch father died 3-1; Crews, Barney draft 11-8; Crews, Bert father died 3-1; Crews, Bryant draft 11-8; Crews, Cecil student ticket to movie 2-16; Crews, Champ to drive school bus 8-9; Crews, Champ Edwards draft 11-8; Crews, Charles Basil draft 11-8; Crews, Clarence draft 11-8; Crews, Dayton draft 11-8; Crews, Donald draft 11-8; Crews, Eaton father died 3-1; Crews, Edward Sundy draft 11-8; Crews, Ellis draft 11-8; Crews, Evelyn student ticket to movie 2-16; Crews, Fell Edgar draft 11-8; Crews, Frank draft 11-8; Crews, Frank Gilbert draft 11-8; Crews, Fred in school play 12-27; Crews, Fred student ticket to movie 2-16; Crews, Fred swamp booklet 6-14; Crews, Fred to drive school bus 8-9; Crews, Geraldine mother died 11-15; Crews, H.H. daughter married 12-20; Crews, H.H. home destroyed by fire 3-1; Crews, H.H. stepmother died 1-12; Crews, H.M. wife died 1-12; Crews, H.M., Jr. stepmother died 1-12; Crews, Harley draft 11-8; Crews, Herbert Milton draft 11-8; Crews, Hugh Dorsey draft 11-8; Crews, Ivey to drive school bus 8-9; Crews, J. Eastern Star officer 1-19; Crews, J.M. State Home Defense Corp 9-6; Crews, Jacob Henry draft 11-8; Crews, James Lewis draft 11-8; Crews, Jessie draft 11-8; Crews, John Charles draft 11-8; Crews, John Melton draft 11-8; Crews, Joseph Lee draft 11-8; Crews, Julian State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Crews, Lenard draft 11-8; Crews, Leslie draft 11-8; Crews, Levy draft 11-8; Crews, Lonnie draft 11-8; Crews, Lorene swamp booklet 6-14; Crews, Louise mother died 11-15; Crews, Louise student ticket to movie 2-16; Crews, Marshall Jehu draft 11-8; Crews, Mose draft 11-8; Crews, Mose, Sr. died 3-1; Crews, Moses Rufus draft 11-8; Crews, Mrs. Ailey father died 3-1; Crews, Mrs. Alfred father died 3-1; Crews, Mrs. H.H. fire at her home 3-1; Crews, Mrs. W.W. died 11-15; Crews, Nathan Allen draft 11-8; Crews, Newton student ticket to movie 2-16; Crews, Oscar Edward draft 11-8; Crews, Oscar Lee draft 11-8; Crews, Oswell draft 11-8; Crews, Owen Washington draft 11-8; Crews, Randle Bryan draft 11-8; Crews, Reuben draft 11-8; Crews, Riley draft 11-8; Crews, Riley draft 11-8; Crews, Robert father died 3-1; Crews, Romey draft 11-8; Crews, Rufus father died 3-1; Crews, Sam draft 11-8; Crews, Sarah Jane Lowther died 1-12; Crews, Susie married 12-20; Crews, Sylvester draft 11-8; Crews, Uncle Hamp wife died 1-12; Crews, Velma swamp booklet 6-14; Crews, Virgil mother died 11-15; Crews, W.W. wife died 11-15; Crews, Walter Raleigh draft 11-8; Crews, Wheeler draft 11-8; Crews, William father died 3-1; Crews, William Elbert draft 11-8; Crews, Willis Leroy draft 11-8; Criss, Robert Lee draft 11-8; Cushing, Mrs. A.E. father sick 1-12; Cushing, Mrs. Eliza Avard died 2-2; Cushing, Mrs. W.W. died 2-2; Cushing, W.W. widow died 2-2; Custom Teachers Christmas Call on Mr. Harris 12-20; Customs How Folk decorated uptown for Christmas 12-20; 
Dasher, Hubert draft 11-8; Dasher, Nathaniel draft 11-8; Daughtry, Marcus Slaten draft 11-8; Daughtry, Mrs. Slayton Red Cross Comm. 12-6; Davis Tourist Home where Mr and Mrs. Burney lived 6-14; Davis, Belle Motte son died 11-29; Davis, Colon student ticket to movie 2-16; Davis, Earlie Franklin draft 11-8; Davis, Eugene Oden draft 11-8; Davis, Frank Hubert draft 11-8; Davis, H.A. sister died 5-3; Davis, H.J. daughter died 5-3; Davis, H.J. very ill 7-19; Davis, Henry son died 11-29; Davis, Henry Jackson died 11-29; Davis, Herman Alexander father died 11-29; Davis, John Hymond draft 11-8; Davis, Laurie Marshal draft 1 1-8; Davis, Lillian Eastern Star officer 1-19; Davis, Lily Pearl sold Blue Willow CafÈ 8-9; Davis, Mrs. E.M. niece of Mary Alexander 9-13; Davis, Mrs. Frank teacher 8-16; Davis, Mrs. H.J. hostess for Garden Club 6-21; Davis, Mrs. Mary teacher 6-14; Davis, Mrs. Sallie Scott daughter died 5-3; Davis, Oscar Underwood draft 11-8; Davis, Ralph draft 11-8; Davis, Ruby father died 11-29; Davis, Ruby sister died 5-3; Davis, Thomas Watson draft 11-8; Davis, Tommy Lee draft 11-8; Davis, Violet Eubanks father died 11-29; Day, Pat draft 11-8; Dean, E.F. Rev. preached at Dinkins reunion 6-28; Dean, G.A. sold home to Mays 12-6; Dean, G.A. sold house on 2nd St. to Mrs. Mays 7-26; Dean, Rev. E.F. at JS Joyner birthday party 11-22; Dean, Rev. E.F. attending conf. 11-8; Dean, Rev. E.F. in another wreck 1-5; Dean, Rev. E.F. preached Allen Surrency funeral 10-25; Decker, Douglas William draft 11-8; Defense Corps Stap apptd officers 8-23; Defense Corps, EBStap named commander 8-16; DeLoach, James draft 11-8; Depression commodities issued to 151 families 7-26; Depression making mattresses 5-24; Depression Nahunta school lunches 1-12; Depression WPA week to be celebrated, accomplishments 5-17; Depression, mattress making 8-16; Dinkins, A.L. at Dinkins reunion 6-28; Dinkins, Alton Uptonville choir member 5-31; Dinkins, Archie grandson died 7-5; Dinkins, Dan stepson died 7-5; Dinkins, Daniel R. reunion at home place 6-28; Dinkins, Daniel Robert draft 11-8; Dinkins, Dannie brother died 7-5; Dinkins, Danny student ticket to movie 2-16; Dinkins, Dell brother died 7-5; Dinkins, Ernest Lemuel draft 11-8; Dinkins, Eugene brother died 7-5; Dinkins, Ferman at Dinkins reunion 6-28; Dinkins, J.T. draft 11-8; Dinkins, J.T. married 1-19; Dinkins, J.W. reunion at home place 6-28; Dinkins, Jessie delegate to church conf 10-11; Dinkins, L.F. at Dinkins reunion 6-28; Dinkins, L.J. at Dinkins reunion 6-28; Dinkins, L.J. comes to reunion 6-28; Dinkins, Mrs. D.R. son died 7-5; Dinkins, Mrs. J.W. hosts reunion 6-28; Dinkins, Mrs. J.W. injured in fall 7-12; Dinkins, Mrs. J.W. long tables for food for reunion 6-21; Dinkins, Mrs. J.W. new roof on home 11-29; Dinkins, O.K. ordained Deacon at Grace Chapel 12-13; Dinkins, Owen delegate to church conf 10-11; Dinkins, Owen new Homeland postmaster 11-29; Dinkins, Owen K. 1940 census enumerator 5-17; Dinkins, Owen K. 1940 census enumerator 5-3; Dinkins, Owen K. 1940 census taker 4-5; Dinkins, Owen K. Uptonville choir member 5-31; Dinkins, Owen King draft 11-8; Dinkins, Ruth entertainment at tobacco barn 7-26; Dinkins, Theo building gym in Hilliard 11-8; Dinkins, Theo draft board 10-25; Dinkins, Theo on city coun. 12-6; Dinkins, Theo on Draft Board 10-18; Dinkins, Theo sworn in as councilman 1-5; Dinkins, W.J. at Dinkins reunion 6-28; Dinkins, Walter Ruth draft 11-8; Dixie Cafe, Mrs. Leon Askew operator 2-16; Dixie Flagler new streamliner 11-22; Dixon, Arthur Redman draft 11-8; Dixon, Earney draft 11-8; Dixon, Earnie watched Tom Gowen ride in plane 12-20; Dixon, Lee draft 11-8; Dixon, Rev. Hughie announced ord. Ser. For deacons 12-6; Dixon, Rev. Hughie baptized ll people 7-19; Dixon, Rev. Hughie pastor Grace Chapel 4 new members 6-14; Dixon, Rev. Hughie pastor Grace Chapel 5-10; Dixon, Rev. Hughie pastor of Mose Crews 3-1; Dixon, Rev. Hughie pastor, Grace Chapel 7-12; Dixon, Stephen draft 11-8; Dixon, Willie draft 11-8; Dowdell, Mance draft 11-8; Dowdy, Richard draft 11-8; Dowling, Mrs. Lester father died 1-12; Dozier, Wheeler draft 11-8; Draft 773 register for draft 10-18; Draft Joe Carter was first draftee 12-6; Draft list of 822 who registered 11-8; Draft Moniac count 10-18; Draft quota to be called soon 11-1; Draft Traders Hill count 10-18; Draft Act signed by Pres. Roosevelt 9-20; Draft Board begins work 10-25; Draft Board sent out forms 12-6; Draft for young men, bill revised 7-26; Draft quota for two men 11-29; Draft quota first to be called in Dec. 11-15; Draft registration at school houses on Oct 16 10-4; Draft registration to be Oct 16 10-11; Draft, Folkston count 10-18; Draft, St. George count 10-18; Drawdy, Cecil draft 11-8; Drury, A.O. son died 2-23; Drury, Bill brother died 2-23; Drury, Claud died 2-23; Drury, John brother died 2-23; Drury, Jonnie Roy draft 11-8; Drury, Pat brother died 2-23; Drury, William Arnold draft 11-8; Duberly, Claud draft 11-8; Duggan, Ralph Jackson draft 11-8; Duggans, Irene married 5-17; Duggans, Ralph married 5-17; Dukes, Ruby BTU camp 8-16; Dunbar, Nathan draft 11-8; Duncan, Gladys teacher 6-14; Duncan, Gladys teacher 8-16; Duncan, Hezekiah draft 11-8; Dunson, Johnnie draft 11-8; Dupree, Eddie draft 11-8; Durden, Mrs. Ray sister died 5-3; Dyal, Bennie Lee draft 11-8; Dyal, Joe Leon draft 11-8; Dyal, Lewis Jackson draft 11-8; 
Eakins, Mrs. Brother died 12-13; East Spring needs protection 7-5; East Springs someone polluted it. Raynor has reward 6-21; Eastern Star installs officers 1-19; Edenfield, Cora teacher 6-14; Edenfield, Cora teacher 8-16; Edgar J. Johnson died 7-19; Editorial Predicts country getting into war 6-21; Editorial Society events in daily papers before put in county paper 6-7; Edmonds, Anthony draft 11-8; Edmondson, Decature Franklin draft 11-8; Edwards, Charlie Bo draft 11-8; Edwards, Chester draft 11-8; Edwards, Mrs. R.S. sister died 1-19; Edwards, Noah draft 11-8; Elder, James Newton draft 11-8; Election Poll tax due 3-1; Electricity now at Winokur, Burnt Fort 9-6; Electricity REA for Uptonville, Thill and StGeo 9-13; Electricity lines on in Brantley 8-2; Electricity, celebration of big party OREMC 9-20; Ellison, Riley draft 11-8; Entertainment Burro-Basketball game 12-6; Entertainment, singing convention 8-30; Erwin, Mrs. W.A. brother died 12-13; Eubanks, Mrs. Violet sister died 5-3; Eunice, John Lester draft ll-8; Eunice, Leona at party 7-26; Eunice, Margaret student ticket to movie 2-16; Evans, Clarence draft 11-8; Evans, Percer James draft 11-8; Evans, William Brantley draft 11-8; Everett, Bud draft 11-8; Everett, Hermon draft 11-8; 
Farmer, Jack draft 11-8; Farmers turnip crop sale 1-19; Farming, free veg. Plants from CW Waughtel 6-14; Favors, Earnest draft 11-8; Felton, Petter draft 11-8; Fire cabin of Henry Lane destroyed 2-2; Fire W.L. Suggs home destroyed 1-5; Fire, home of Annie B. Symonds, Winokur 3-22; Flansburg, Raymond Bruce draft 11-8; Fleming, Dr. Listed in new book 4-5; Fleming, Dr. A. protect East Springs 7-5; Fleming, John draft 11-8; Flowers, Eddie draft 11-8; Floyd, Venson Hubert draft 11-8; Floyd, Walter Jackson draft 11-8; Flynn, Francis Patrick draft 11-8 ; Folk Grain and Gro. Westberrys worked there 12-27; Folkston draft count 10-18; Folkston Beauty Shop just east of Jr Hi Bldg built 12-20; Folkston Pharmacy getting neon signs 11-1; Folkston, city of annual election 12=6; Folkston, city of election soon 11-22; Folkston, city of how decorated for Christmas 12-20; Folkston, city of officers sworn in 1-5; Folkston, Co Comm asked Hwy Dept to put cattle gap on S side 8-30; Ford Company ready to produce airplanes 6-14; Fountain, Homer Choice draft 11-8; Franich, Emilie married 6-21; Frazier, Mayo draft 11-8; French, Mrs. Alma Laura brother died 2-2; Fulton, Lucion draft 11-8;
Gadson, Antony draft 11-8; Gadson, James Preston draft 11-8; Gainey, Alma new teacher 9-13; Gainey, Alma teacher 8-16; Gainey, Lewis Earl draft 11-8; Gainey, Mrs. Raiford mother died 5-31; Gainey, Raiford draft 11-8; Gainly, Mrs. Rayford mother died 5-24; Garard, Albert draft 11-8; Garard, Central draft 11-8; Garden Club clean up contest for service stations 9-6; Garden Club contest for one who plants most shrubs 5-17; Garden Club met at Buchanan home 6-21; Garden Club offering prizes for number of trees planted 11-1; Garrison, Earl city council 1-12; Garrison, Earl father died 3-8; Garrison, James Pinckney died 3-8; Garrison, Lewis father died 3-8; Garrison, Mrs. Earl helped org. WSCS 10-18; Garrison, Mrs. Maggie helped org. WSCS 10-18; Garrison, Paul father died 3-8; Gaskin, Jessie draft 11-8; Gay, Albert at party 7-26; Gay, Austin mother died 5-17; Gay, Austin mother very ill 5-10; Gay, Austin uncle died 10-25; Gay, B.F. widow died 5-17; Gay, Brantley Guide for Home Dem. Club to go to Swamp 5-31; Gay, Brantley mother died 5-17; Gay, Brantley uncle died 10-25; Gay, Charlie mother died 5-17; Gay, Fred mother died 5-17; Gay, Hamp mother died 5-17; Gay, Henry Hampton draft 11-8; Gay, M.A. New baby boy Bobby 4-12; Gay, Mildred mother died 5-17; Gay, Mrs. B.F. very ill 5-10; Gay, Mrs. Della Grooms died 5-17; Gay, Ray mother died 5-17; Gay, Robert Brantley born 4-12; Geese, Canadian landed in OíQuinn field 12-13; George, William Brice draft 11-8; George, Willie new baby 10-18; Georgia Light and Power Co. supplies REA 9-6; Georgia Power and Light Co sold ice plant to Ga. Power 5-17; Germany aligns with Italy war news 6-14; Gibbs, A.F. 2 year old son died 5-24; Gibbs, Earnest, Jr. draft 11-8; Gibbs, Ernest draft 11-8; Gibbs, Flonie Arley draft 11-8; Gibbs, Gerald died at St. George 5-24; Gibbs, W. Ben died 9-13; Gibson, Bernice Lorene married 10-11; Gibson, Charles Henry director REA 9-20; Gibson, Charlie draft 11-8; Gibson, Glenn Charles draft 11-8; Gibson, John S. elected to congress 9-13; Gibson, Lamar student ticket to movie 2-16; Gibson, Marcel BTU camp 8-16; Gibson, Mrs. W.E. Meth Ch Choir member 5-31; Gibson, Ray joined army 8-30; Gibson, Ruby student ticket to movie 2-16; Gibson, Rubye letter to santa 12-20; Gibson, S.G. Barn raising at his farm 11-15; Gibson, W.E. daughter married 10-11; Gibson, W.E. helped draftees w/forms 12-6; Gibson, W.E. son married 6-21; Gibson, Wallace E., Jr. married 6-21; Gibson, Wanda swamp booklet 6-14; Gibson, William Guy draft 11-8; Gilman, Charles to build pulp mill 9-13; Glover, Alfred draft 11-8; Glover, Dennis draft 11-8; Glover, John killed 8-9; Glover, Willie Lee draft 11-8; Goddin, Joseph David draft 11-8; Gohn, Mrs. Annie M. died 10-4; Golson, Josephine [Mills] husband died 2-2; Gordon, Spencer draft 11-8; Gordon, Willie draft 11-8; Gowen, Albert taking Red Cross life saving course 5-24; Gowen, Andrew brother died 3-8; Gowen, Andrew G. married 3-29; Gowen, Annie Pearl in school play 12-27; Gowen, Annie Pearl swamp booklet 6-14; Gowen, B.B. son killed 2-2; Gowen, B.B., Jr. brother died 2-2; Gowen, Barney swamp booklet 6-14; Gowen, Baynard member of Folkston orchestra 5-24; Gowen, Clifton member of Folkston orchestra 5-24; Gowen, Clifton Carney draft 11-8; Gowen, Clyde Vickers couple living with them 8-23; Gowen, Clyde won top honors at Burro-Basketball game 12-6; Gowen, Donald Lee draft 11-8; Gowen, E.C. installed new lights for drug store 5-17; Gowen, E.C. on city coun. 12-6; Gowen, E.C. sworn in as councilman 1-5; Gowen, Emory Clyde draft 11-8; Gowen, Ferris brother died 2-2; Gowen, Frances M. brother died 2-2; Gowen, G.R., Jr. appeals agent on Draft Board 10-18; Gowen, George R., Jr. sworn in as city atty 1-5; Gowen, George Rhoan Gowen, III joined Meth Church 4-5; Gowen, George Rhoan, Jr. draft 11-8; Gowen, Glenn W. died 3-8; Gowen, Guy Albert draft 11-8; Gowen, Harold in school play 12-27; Gowen, Harold student ticket to movie 2-16; Gowen, Harold swamp booklet 6-14; Gowen, J.V. heard reports of pulp mill 7-26; Gowen, J.V., Jr. building new home 11-1; Gowen, J.V., Sr. brother died 3-8; Gowen, J.V., Sr. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Gowen, James Dean draft 11-8; Gowen, Jane brother died 2-2; Gowen, Joyce Vernon draft 11-8; Gowen, Kline Eugene killed 2-2; Gowen, Louis Lee draft 11-8; Gowen, Morris Pierce draft 11-8; Gowen, Mrs. Andrew daughter married 8-23; Gowen, Mrs. Ann teacher 6-14; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. stepson died 2-2; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. teacher 6-14; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. teacher 8-16; Gowen, Mrs. E.C. on comm for playground for children 12-20; Gowen, Mrs. E.C. teacher 8-16; Gowen, Mrs. George R., Jr. head of VBS at church 6-7; Gowen, Mrs. Kline bought Blue Willow CafÈ 12-27; Gowen, Mrs. Minnie husband died 3-8; Gowen, Randall Woodrow draft 11-8; Gowen, Sheppard Andrew draft 11-8; Gowen, Thomas Cummings draft 11-8; Gowen, Tom on comm. For playground for children 12-20; Gowen, Tom ride in airplane in Atlanta 12-20; Gowen, Tom C. Lodge officer 12-20; Gowen, Willie Vernon brother died 3-8; Graham, Sanford John draft 11-8; Graham, Verdell draft 11-8; Green, Christopher draft 11-8; Green, Christopher teacher 8-16; Green, David draft 11-8; Green, Embry Bennett draft 11-8; Green, Hezekiah draft 11-8; Green, John Wesley draft 11-8; Green, Nathaniel draft 11-8; Green, Nelson draft 11-8; Green, Willie Lee draft 11-8; Greene, Christopher principal of colored school 5-10; Griffin, Albert draft 11-8; Griffin, Joe Lee draft 11-8; Griffin, Mrs. Mary sang at WPA banquet 5-24; Griffin, Mrs. May sister died 11-15; Griffin, Willie Mae student ticket to movie 2-16; Griffis, Joe draft 11-8; Griffith, Allen moves to Douglas 5-31; Grooms, E.N. sister died 5-17; Grooms, Jesse daughter died 5-17; Grooms, L.E. sister died 5-17; Grooms, R.W. sister died 5-17; Guinn, Alice father died 3-15; Guinn, Carl father died 3-15 ; Guinn, Carl Cephus draft 11-8; Guinn, E.L. draft 11-8; Guinn, E.L. father died 3-15; Guinn, Helen father died 3-15; Guinn, Joseph C. died 3-15; Guinn, Lonnie draft 11-8; Guinn, Mae father died 3-15; Guy, DeVant in school play 12-27; Guy, Devant student ticket to movie 2-16; Guy, M.T. wife died 5-3; Guy, Mannie Tallie draft 11-8; Guy, Mrs. M.T. died 5-3; Guy, Odetha at party 7-26; Guy, Odetha student ticket to movie 2-16; Guy, Talmadge at party 7-26; Guy, Talmadge mother died 5-3; Guy, Wayne mother died 5-3; 
Hagin, Everett Vartors draft 11-8; Hagin, Menza student ticket to movie 2-16; Hale, Alfred Dois draft 11-8; Hall, King draft 11-8; Hall, P.C. building gym in Hilliard 11-8; Hall, P.C. son married 11-15; Hall, Winston C. married 11-15; Hall, Winston Curvin draft 11-8; Hamilton, Alfonsa draft 11-8; Hamilton, George Ben draft 11-8; Hamler, Elnora teacher 8-16; Hamler, Elnora teacher of colored school 5-10; Hamrick, Mrs. O.V. sister died 9-13; Hanans, Eliga draft 11-8; Hannaford, J.O. State Home Defense Corp 9-6; Hannan, Vellie draft 11-8; Hannans, Benjamin draft 11-8; Hannans, Daniel draft 11-8; Hanon, Erceal draft 11-8; Harden, Bert G. draft 11-8; Harden, Joseph Brown draft 11-8; Harden, Mary teacher 6-14; Harden, Mary teacher 8-16; Harrell, Alvin draft 11-8; Harrell, Hoke draft 11-8; Harrell, Kennie draft 11-8; Harrell, Oscar draft 11-8; Harrelson, Allen draft 11-8; Harris, Benjamin Franklin draft 11-8; Harris, Buddy Arch Crews died at his house 3-1; Harris, Calvin draft 11-8; Harris, Eunice sister died 3-29; Harris, James Roy draft 11-8; Harris, Jasper H. daughter died 3-29; Harris, John direction of draft registration on Oct 16 10-11; Harris, John Draft registration director 10-25; Harris, John helped with swamp booklet 6-14; Harris, John, Registrar for draft 10-18; Harris, Johnnie son of Buddy Harris 3-1; Harris, King Felton draft 11-8; Harris, Mrs. Lelia sister died 3-29; Harris, Supt. Teachers visit for Christmas 12-20; Harris, T.W. sister died 3-29; Harris, Tommie William draft 11-8; Harris, Willie draft 11-8; Harrison, D.R. new baby girl 8-30; Harrison, Ethel in school play 12-27; Harrison, Ethel officer Home Ec Club 10-4; Harrison, Ethel student ticket to movie 2-16; Harrison, Eva Eastern Star officer 1-19; Harrison, R. Ward committee for State Defense Corps 8-2; Harrison, R. Ward State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Harrison, R. Ward, editor 1-5; Harrison, R.Ward watched T. Gowen ride in plane 12=20; Harvard, Jerome Thomas draft 11-8; Harvey, Daniel Henry draft 11-8; Harvey, Harry installed new lights for drug store 5-17; Harvey, J.E., Jr. taking Red Cross life saving course 5-24; Harvey, J.E., Jr. working signal dept., Savannah 9-6; Harvey, John Herbert draft 11-8; Harvey, Joseph Emmet Harvey, Jr. joined Meth Church 4-5; Harvey, Margaret student ticket to movie 2-16; Harvey, Mrs. J.E. hostess for garden club 6-21; Hathaway, Elizabeth student ticket to movie 2-16; Hathaway, Elizabeth swamp booklet 6-14; Hathaway, J.A., Jr. draft 11-8; Hathaway, Juanita student ticket to movie 2-16; Hathaway, Mrs. J.A. brother died 11-22; Hayes, John P. teacher 8-16; Hayes, John Pryor draft 11-8; Hayes, John Pryor new teacher 9-13; Haywood, David draft 11-8; Haywood, James draft 11-8; Haywood, Timothy draft 11-8; Hebard Plantation Sheridan Cooper had worked there 4-26; Heflin, Hubert draft 11-8; Heflin, Ruben draft 11-8; Henderson, Sara teacher 6-14; Henderson, Sarah teacher 8-16; Henderson, Willie James draft 11-8; Hendrix, Sammie Jackson draft 11-8; Hendry, Benjamin draft 11-8; Henley, Joe Patterson draft 11-8; Hercules employees get Christmas bonus and a ham 12-20; Hercules Co. J.M. Vickers is bookkeeper 8-23; Hercules Powder Co. Clifton Petty works there 11-29; Hercules Powder Co. Eugene Williams was employee 3-1; Hercules Powder Co. M.T. Guy is employee 5-3; Hercules Powder Co., Annie B. Symonds husband is employee 3-22; Herrin, A.J. student ticket to movie 2-16; Herrin, Benjamin Franklin draft 11-8; Herrin, Carl student ticket to movie 2-16; Herrin, Elias Belonuel Sylvester draft 11-8; Herrin, James David draft 11-8; Herrin, Juanita student ticket to movie 2-16; Herrin, Kenneth student ticket to movie 2-16; Herrin, Zibe King draft 11-8; Herrington, Sam draft 11-8; Hickox, Gilbert Floyd draft 11-8; Hickox, Paul Samuel draft 11-8; Hickox, Arer draft 11-8; Hickox, David draft 11-8; Hickox, David, Jr. draft 11-8; Hickox, Inez student ticket to movie 2-16; Hickox, Irvin Taylor draft 11-8; Hickox, Marshal Lewsi draft 11-8; Hickox, Paul new baby boy 4-5; Hickox, Vera married 1-19; Hicks, Mrs. R.N. daughter died 5-3; Higginbotham, Denny student ticket to movie 2-16; Higginbotham, Dora Nell student ticket to movie 2-16; Higginbotham, Dorsey killed Tom Drury 2-23; Higginbotham, Hugh Dorsey draft 11-8; Higginbotham, L.A. niece married 11-29; Higginbotham, Mrs. P.B. father died 10-25; Higginbotham, Roy draft 11-8; Higginbotham, Willene student ticket to movie 2-16; Highsmith, Everett T. draft 11-8; Highsmith, Raymond Gilpherd draft 11-8; Highway 23 work proceeding convicts helping 6-28; Highway 23 work still suspended 11-1; Highway No. 23 Nahunta ñ Folkston grading complete 9-27; Highway, center line for safety 6-14; Highway, No. 23 to be paved. Orders to stop for a while 10-25; Highway, St. George-Moniac to begin soon 11-8; Highway, State Route 23 entire convict force working on it 5-31; Hilton, J.M. to drive school bus 8-9; Hilton, Jesse Madison draft 11-8; Hilton, Thedora James draft 11-8; Hines, Frances teacher 6-14; Hines, Frances teacher 8-16; Hires, Linda Pearl new baby for Melvin Hires family 7-12; Hires, Melvin new baby girl 7-12; Hobbs, Amos draft 11-8; Hodges, Alec Eldry draft 11-8; Hodges, Charlie Lee draft 11-8; Hodges, Edward B. draft 11-8; Hodges, H.M. new baby boy 8-9; Hodges, Hubert new baby boy 8-9; Hodges, Lee Roy draft 11-8; Hodges, Marshal Marian draft 11-8; Hodges, Mayor called meeting for State Defense Corps org. 8-2; Hodges, V.A. Mayor 11-22; Hodges, V.A. sworn in as Mayor 1-5; Hodges, V.A. teases Mallard 5-31; Hodges, V.A. Roadmaster said more trains than ever thru F. 12-13; Holley, Ira Cornelius draft 11-8; Holley, James Hiawatha draft 11-8; Holt, Avener new Boy Scout 5-10; Holtzendorf, George brother died 3-15; Home Defense Corp names officers, etc 9-6; Homeland Mrs. Mary Carter died 7-12; Homeland postmaster to retire 10-4; Homeland Troy Carter, resident, died 7-5; Homeland Home Demonstration Club trip to Swamp 5-31; Homeland, city of names of city officials 1-12; Hopkins, Alva J., Jr. to marry 6-14; Hopkins, Ann in school play 12-27; Hopkins, Ann student ticket to movie 2-16; Hopkins, Kenneth new Boy Scout 5-10; Hopkins, W.C. helped draftees w/forms 12-6; Hopkins, W.C. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Horard, Emery Isham draft 11-8; Hospital, Dr. Fleming Jones baby born 3-29; Hospital, Dr. Sawyer new heating system 11-22; Hospital, Sawyer Bobby Gay born 4-12; Hospital, Sawyer new Leckie babyt= 4-19; Houston, Sol draft 11-8; Howard, Ellery Lee draft 11-8; Howard, Gladys Allen draft 11-8; Howard, Gordie C. draft 11-8; Howard, Jack C. Highway 23 in his district 10-25; Howard, Jasper Christopher draft 11-8; Howard, Jessie at party 7-26; Howard, Joseph Lawrence draft 11-8; Howard, Milton draft 11-8; Howard, Mrs. A.B. helped org. WSCS 10-18; Howard, Mrs. J.M. son married 10-11; Howard, Mrs. S.M. Racepond postmaster pay raise 6-7; Howard, Orry draft 11-8; Howard, Osworth student ticket to movie 2-16; Howard, S.M. helped draftees w/forms 12-6; Howard, Thomas Marion married 10-11; Howard, Thomas Watson draft 11-8; Howell, Elbert Mr and Mrs joined Grace Chapel 6-14; Howell, Elbert new baby boy 11-15; Howell, Elbert Matthew draft 11-8; Howell, Lorene married 11-15; Howell, M. daughter married 11-15; Howell, Rhymer Rhubin draft 11-8; Hubert, Mrs. B.F. running Wright Tourist Home 11-29; Hudson, Mrs. H.S. son married 10-11; Hudson, Thomas R. engaged 7-26; Hudson, Thomas Ruehl married 10-11; Huggins, Ellis joins CCC 1-5; Huggins, Lee draft 11-8; Huggins, Mrs. Lee father died 2-23; Huggins, Vernon student ticket to movie 2-16; Hughes, Ella teacher 8-16; Hughes, Ella Belle teacher 6-14; Hughes, Ella Belle teacher helped with toys for kids 12-13; Hughs, Ruth BTU camp 8-15; Huling, Ben BTU camp 8-16; Huling, Ben in school play 12-27; Huling, Cleo teacher 6-14; Huling, Cleo teacher 8-16; Huling, Doris student ticket to movie 2-16; Huling, Fleming student ticket to movie 2-16; Huling, Herbert Uptonville choir member 5-31; Huling, Merlyn student ticket to movie 2-16; Huling, Merlyn swamp booklet 6-14; Huling, Merrill student ticket to movie 2-16; Huling, Mildred graduated Andrew college 5-31; Huling, Mildred new teacher 9-13; Huling, Mildred teacher 6-14; Huling, Mildred teacher 8-16; Huling, Mr. doing brick work on Gowen home 11-1; Huling, Sidney Wilson draft 11-8; Huling, W.L. new baby girl 5-10; Hunt, Eunice helped with swamp booklet 6-14; Hunt, Eunice teacher 6-14; Hunt, Eunice teacher 8-16; Hunt, Eunice member of Folkston Orchestra 5-24; Hurst, Earl draft 11-8; Hutson, Earl Boy Scout 5-10; Hutson, Edna married Hodges and had baby boy 8-9; Hutson, Edward joined Navy 8-9; 
Ice plant for St. George 5-24; Irving, Eugene Jake draft 11-8; Italy aligns with Germany war news 6-14; 
Jackson, A.C. draft 11-8; Jackson, Grady draft 11-8; Jackson, J.C. draft 11-8; Jackson, Joe Frank draft 11-8; Jackson, Kitty died 7-19; Jackson, Raddie draft 11-8; Jacobs, Gordon draft 11-8; Jacobs, Mrs. Baptized at Folk Bap Ch. 7-26; James, David Wilbur draft 11-8; Jenkins, Dewey Draft 11-8; Jenkins, Horace draft 11-8; Jenkins, Luke draft 11-8; Johns, Aaron Marvin draft 11-8; Johns, Arthur draft 11-8; Johns, Edith student ticket to movie 2-16; Johns, Frank draft 11-8; Johns, Frank draft 11-8; Johns, George Washington draft 11-8; Johns, Gordon Columbus draft 11-8; Johns, Ivey Jeremiah draft 11-8; Johns, Mrs. S.A. father died 3-1; Johns, Shep draft 11-8; Johns, Trody draft 11-8; Johns, Wesley Bloxton draft 11-8; Johns, Willie Stevenson draft 11-8; Johns, Willie Winton draft 11-8; Johns, Yullee draft 11-8; Johnson Lumber Co. employed Henry Bell and John Glover 8-9; Johnson Sawmill card of thanks in aid in fire 11-22; Johnson, Arcer draft 11-8; Johnson, Ben Scott draft 11-8; Johnson, Bernice Frank draft 11-8; Johnson, Claud Marvin draft 11-8; Johnson, Clayton draft 11-8; Johnson, Creasie murdered Willie Bell 4-19; Johnson, E.M. father died 6-7; Johnson, Elijah son died 7-19; Johnson, Estell Moultry draft 11-8; Johnson, J.E. brother died 6-7; Johnson, J.H. card of thanks aiding in fire 11-22; Johnson, Judge J.H. granddaughter born on his birthday 8-30; Johnson, Luther draft 11-8; Johnson, Monroe M. died 6-7; Johnson, Mrs. J.H. brother in law died 10-25; Johnson, Mrs. J.W. teacher 6-14; Johnson, Mrs. J.W. teacher 8-16; Johnson, Mrs. Scott Red Cross comm. 12-6; Johnson, Norman daughter died 1-26; Johnson, Ralph uncle died 10-25; Johnson, Roswald student ticket to movie 2-16; Johnson, Sammie Clifford draft 11-8; Johnson, Sumlin draft 11-8; Johnson, Susie teacher 6-14; Johnson, W.F. father died 6-7; Johnson, Willie draft 11-8; Johnson, Willie draft 11-8; Johnsonís Mill Quarters near Racepond 8-9; Johnston, Susie library manager during summer 6-28; Johnston, Susie teacher 8-16; Jones, Edd draft 11-8; Jones, Edith at party 7-26; Jones, Eugenia Jane engaged 7-26; Jones, Everett draft 11-8; Jones, Helen student ticket to movie 2-16; Jones, J.E. at party 7-26; Jones, J.R. student ticket to movie 2-16; Jones, James Carl draft 11-8; Jones, James Clifford draft 11-8; Jones, Jane married 10-11; Jones, Jane resigned job at P.O. 10-4; Jones, Johnnie Mack new baby boy 3-29; Jones, Jonny Vinson draft 11-8; Jones, Miss Stella sang at WPA banquet 5-24; Jones, Ruth swamp booklet 6-14; Jones, Sam draft 11-8; Jones, Thomas Levy draft 11-8; Jones, Thomas Scott draft 11-8; Jones, Troy committee for State Defense Corps 8-2; Jones, Troy sworn in as city police 1-5; Jones, Troy Edwards draft 11-8; Jones, W.D. new baby boy 3-29; Jones. W.J. daughter announce engage. 7-26; Jones. W.J. daughter married 10-11; Jordan, Lois student ticket to movie 2-16; Jordan, Mildred student ticket to movie 2-16; Jorden, James draft 11-8; Joyner, J.S. Birthday party 11-22; Joyner, J.S. daughter died 1-19; Joyner, John Robert draft 11-8; Joyner, Lily [Powell] died 1-19; 
Keck, Mrs. J.L. sister died 5-31; Keen, Irvin Hardy draft 11-8; Keene, Nettie project chairman Mattress Project 10-18; Keene, Nettie J. delegate Farm & Home Week 8-16; Kelly, George Cleveland draft 11-8; Kemp, Tom draft 11-8; Kendrick, Donald student ticket to movie 2-16; Kendrick, Grover father died 2-23; Kendrick, Grover Lee draft 11-8; Kendrick, H.L. brother died 2-23; Kendrick, Hubert Winton draft 11-8; Kendrick, J.A. brother died 2-23; Kendrick, L.W. died 2-23; Kennedy, Sarah teacher 8-16; Kennedy, Thornhill draft 11-8; Kennedy, W.I. Meth Ch Choir member 5-31; Kennedy, Wiley Ivey draft 11-8; Kennison, Ernest Albert draft 11-8; Kennison, Mrs. Tabitha brother died 12-6; Kennison, Seaborn Foster draft 11-8; Kent, Thomas at party 7-26; Kent, Thomas student ticket to movie 2-16; Kight, Homer draft 11-8; King, Clyde BTU camp 8-16; King, Margie night operator tel. exchange 8-16; King, Rosa teacher 6-14; King, Rosa teacher 8-16; Kirkland, Albert Finder draft 11-8; Kirkland, Alton draft 11-8; Kirkland, Mrs. Allen father died 3-1; Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Laura brother died 3-8; Knabb, L. resigned from welfare board 9-13; Knabb, Ralph Ernest draft 11-8; Knight, Jessie Lee draft 11-8; Knight, John, Jr. draft 11-8; Knowles, Alfred draft 11-8; Knowles, Beulah student ticket to movie 2-16; Knowles, Ernest draft 11-8; Knowles, Inez student ticket to movie 2-16; Knowles, Jeffery son in Army 12-27; Knowles, Mrs. Ernest father died 3-15; Knowles, Mrs. Leroy father died 3-15; Knowles, Thomas in Army 12-27; Kozy Kabin Kafe Mattie Roddenberry worked there 11-1; 
Laidler, John Henry draft 11-8; Lambert, Eddie draft 11-8; Lambert, Nathan draft 11-8; Lane, Bobbie draft 11-8; Lane, Carl Edward draft 11-8; Lane, Connie Sinclair draft 11-8; Lane, Henry died in fire 2-2; Lang, Bertha student ticket to movie 2-16; Lang, Doris student ticket to movie 2-16; Lang, Jackie student ticket to movie 2-16; Lanier, Lee draft 11-8; Lanier, Walter draft 11-8; Lastinger, Seaborn James draft 11-8; Lawrence, Tinnie draft 11-8; Lawson, Jefferson Davis draft 11-8; Layton, Ezekill draft 11-8; Layton, Mrs. J.C. brother killed 2-2; Layton, Mrs. Jessie Inez brother died 2-2; Leckie, Mrs. Member of Miss. Society 5-3; Leckie, Oscar Herman draft 11-8; Leckie, Powell new baby boy 4-19; Leckie, Robert Powell draft 11-8; Leckie, Wordie taking Red Cross course 6-14; Leckie, Wordie taking Red Cross life saving course 5-24; Lee, Frank Jackson draft 11-8; Lee, Luther Dolphus draft 11-8; Lee, Mrs. Everett father died 10-25; Leonard, Raleigh draft 11-8; Levant, Walter Herbert draft 11-8; Leverson, George draft 11-8; Levingston, Charlie draft 11-8; Lewis, Miss Sue Red Cross Comm. 12-6; Lewis, Mrs. J.A. sister died 1-19; Lewis, Susie Mae new teacher 9-13; Lewis, Walter Thomas draft 11-8; Library, public open during summer 6-28; Lindsay, Buddy draft 11-8; Lindsay, James Charles draft 11-8; Linen sale Womans Missionary Society 4-19; Little, Matthew draft 11-8; Little, Rufus H., Jr. draft 11-8; Little, Walter Brown draft 11-8; Littlefield, Candler airplane pilot 11-22; Littlefield, Candler took Tom Gowen for ride in plane 12-20; Littlefield, David taking Red Cross life saving course 5-24; Littlefield, Joseph Carnie, Jr. joined Meth. Church 4-5; Littlefield, Joseph Conner, Jr. draft 11-8; Littlefield, Margaret new teacher 9-13; Littlefield, Margaret on comm for playground for children 12-20; Littlefield, Margaret teacher 8-16; Littlefield, Mrs. J.C. son is plane pilot 11-22; Littlefield, Mrs. Jake WPA banquet speaker 5-24; Littles, Marshal draft 11-8; Lloyd M.H. daughter married 11-29; Lloyd, Bill married 5-17; Lloyd, Charles Fletcher draft 11-8; Lloyd, Charlie sick son 11-15; Lloyd, Clarence Columbus draft 11-8; Lloyd, Dallas swamp booklet 6-14; Lloyd, Daniel wife died 1-26; Lloyd, Edward student ticket to movie 2-16; Lloyd, Elizabeth student ticket to movie 2-16; Lloyd, Irie Bernie draft 11-8; Lloyd, James Daniel draft 11-8; Lloyd, Jeff son badly burned 11-15; Lloyd, L.W. student ticket to movie 2-16; Lloyd, Lucille married 11-29; Lloyd, Marion student ticket to movie 2-16; Lloyd, Mrs. Daniel died 1-26; Lloyd, Ralph Marvin draft 11-8; Lloyd, Raybun Cecil draft 11-8; Lloyd, Robert Salem draft 11-8; Lloyd, Vena [Brown] new baby boy 10-25; Lloyd, Willie draft 11-8; Lloyd, Willie Willise draft 11-8; Lockhart, Ruby teacher 6-14; Lockhart, Ruby teacher 8-16; Logan, Thomas Stoolman draft 11-8; Loper, Gene theater ticket to movie 2-16; Loper, John student ticket to movie 2-16; Loper, John Jasper draft 11-8; Loper, Johnny Mae student ticket to movie 2-16; Loper, Wilma student ticket to movie 2-16; Love, Sammie Lee draft 11-8; Lowther, O.K. to drive school bus 8-9; Lowther, O.K. wife died 1-12; Lowther, Owen K. draft 11-8; Lowther, Sarah Jane [Crews] died 1-12; Lowther, T.H. mother died 1-12; Luke, Walter Jackson draft 11-8; Lynchings, none so far this year 7-19; 
Mains, Mrs. Joyce mother died 5-3; Majors, L.D. had eye surgery 4-12; Majors, L.D. injured eye 2-16; Majors, L.D. married 6-21; Majors, Lorenzo Dow draft 11-8; Majors, Mrs. L.D. runs Ritz Theater 7-19; Mallard, L.E. lodge officer 12-20; Mallard, L.E. Pa Hodges teases him 5-31; Mallard, L.E. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Mallard, L.E. heard reports at pulp mill meeting 7-26; Mallory, Jo Lee teacher 8-16; Mallory, Joe Lee new teacher 9-13; Mallory, Miss directed Christmas play 12-27; Mancil, Earnest Earl draft 11-8; Marshal, Darnell draft 11-8; Marshal, Leon draft 11-8; Martin, Catherine father died 11-22; Martin, Catherine student ticket to movie 2-16; Martin, E.L. son died 11-22; Martin, Gaines Otto died 11-22; Martin, Gerald father died 11-22; Martin, Lang died 11-22; Martin, Mrs. E.L. son died 11-22; Martin, Mrs. Ed father died 1-12; Martin, Odell father died 11-22; Martin, Odell student ticket to movie 2-16; Martin, Otto has TB 10-18; Martindale, Charles Richard draft 11-8; Mason, Willie draft 11-8; Masonic Lodge elects new officers 12-20; Mathews, James draft 11-8; Mattox Apartments Christine&Winston C. Hall live there 11-15; Mattox, Eva had baby girl 4-12; Mattox, Dorothy magazine article 5-10; Mattox, H.S. grandson to go to West Point 6-7; Mattox, Lois [Miller] magazine article 5-10; Mattox, Mrs. Bessie Nye son to go to West Point 6-7; Mattox, Mrs. J.J. sister died 5-17; Mattox, Robert H. to attend West Point 6-7; Mattox, Stanley at Dinkins reunion 6-28; Mattress project has begun 10-18; Mattress making class 8-16; Maxwell, Floyd draft 11-8; Maynor, Odell draft 11-8; Mays, Jack Robert in school play 12-27; Mays, Mrs. H.J. brother died 11-22; Mays, Mrs. H.J. moved to Folkston 12-6; Mays, Mrs. H.J. buys house on 2nd St. 7-26; McClain, Alfonzo draft 11-8; McClain, Ellen husband died 8-9; McClain, Elmo Lee draft 11-8; McClain, Fred draft 11-8; McClain, George Ollie draft 11-8; McClain, Walter died 8-9; McClendon, Malachi draft 11-8; McCloud, David draft 11-8; McCormick, Joe draft 11-8; McCoy, Dr. W.R. advisor for coroner inquest 3-1; McCoy, Dr. W.R. medical advisor on Draft Board 10-18; McCoy, Mary Eleanor new teacher 9-13; McCray, Samuel draft 11-8; McDonald Annex being remodeled 11-8; McDonald, Mrs. B.G. The annex being remodeled 11-8; McDougal, Willie draft 11-8; McDougald, Miller draft 11-8; McDuffie, Ermine Pepsi cola truck 6-7; McDuffie, Henry Ermie draft 11-8; McDuffie, Thyra teacher 6-14; McDuffie, Thyra teacher 8-16; McKay, Robert draft 11-8; McKendree, Beryl mother died 2-23; McKendree, Bobbie Lee mother died 2-23; McKendree, Cleveland mother died 2-23; McKendree, J.M. widow died 2-23; McKendree, J.P. mother died 2-23; McKendree, Jim Lee draft 11-8; McKendree, Josie mother died 2-23; McKendree, Mrs. J.M. died 2-23; McKendree, Woodrow mother died 2-23; McLean, Helen student ticket to movie 2-16; McLean, Tommy Hugh student ticket to movie 2-16; McLean, Vanice student ticket to movie 2-16; McLeod, Mrs. Carrie helped org WSCS 10-18; McLeod, Woodrow draft 11-8; McLeoud, Jessie Willie draft 11-8; McMullen, Mrs. C.Y. brother died 2-2; McQueen, A.S. having home painted 11-8; McQueen, Billís horse wins race 12-6; Merkle, August draft 11-8; Merritt, James draft 11-8; Merrow, Duncan Ellroy draft 11-8; Merrow, Ellroy student ticket to movie 2-16; Merrow, Marie student ticket to movie 2-16; Milk Red Cross project helping schools buy milk 9-20; Milk for school children chamber of comm. 12-13; Millen, Ed member of Folkston orchestra 5-24; Millen, Ed played sax at church 6-14; Miller, Decar draft 11-8; Miller, Frank draft 11-8; Miller, Lois Mattox magazine article 5-10; Miller, Mrs. Oscar magazine article 5-10; Miller, Mrs. Roy delegate to church conf 10-11; Miller, Oliver draft 11-8; Mills Home, east of Folkston S.F. Mills born there 2-2; Mills, Albert BTU camp 8-16; Mills, Albert in school play 12-27; Mills, Albert in school play 12-27; Mills, E. Floyd father died 2-2; Mills, Edgar G. brother died 2-2; Mills, Frank D. brother died 2-2; Mills, Helen Margaret brother died 2-2; Mills, John A. taking Red Cross life saving course 5-24; Mills, John Alexander draft 11-8; Mills, Joye grandfatherís birthday 11-22; Mills, Maurice in school play 12-27; Mills, Morris BTU camp 8-16; Mills, S.F., Sr. son died 2-2; Mills, Sam buys new Coca Cola truck 5-24; Mills, Sam Coca Cola king 6-7; Mills, Seaborn F., Jr. died 2-2 ; Mills, Sol P. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Mills, Walter swamp booklet 6-14; Mills, Walter was with HJ Davis when he got sick 7-19; Milton, Joe Dan draft 11-8; Mims, Benjamin draft 11-8; Mitcholl, George draft 11-8; Mixon, Ace draft 11-8; Mixon, Thomas Jackson draft 11-8; Mizell Grocery and Market Allen Griffith moving to another store 5-31; Mizell, Alice student ticket to movie 2-16; Mizell, Alton member of Uptonville Quartet 5-24; Mizell, Alton Matthew draft 11-8; Mizell, Audrey Mae clerk in P.O. 10-4; Mizell, Billy student ticket to movie 2-16; Mizell, Carl David draft 11-8; Mizell, Clifford student ticket to movie 2-16; Mizell, Ernest student ticket to movie 2-16; Mizell, Eustace Matthew draft 11-8; Mizell, Frances in school play 12-27; Mizell, Geneva [Carswell] died 1-12; Mizell, H.M. sister died 1-12; Mizell, Harold student ticket to movie 2-16; Mizell, Helen on comm for playground for children 12-20; Mizell, J.P. Uptonville choir member 5-31; Mizell, J.P., Jr. member of Uptonville Quartet 5-24; Mizell, Jesse Pleasant draft 11-8; Mizell, Jewell Alice to marry 6-14; Mizell, Jewell Inez member of Uptonville Quartet 5-24; Mizell, Jewell Inez Uptonville choir member 5-31; Mizell, Lonnie draft 11-8; Mizell, Madria at party 7-26; Mizell, Madria student ticket to movie 2-16; Mizell, Mrs. Annie brother died 2-2; Mizell, Mrs. Joe P. stepdaughter died 1-12; Mizell, Mrs. O.C. Red Cross comm. 12-6; Mizell, Mrs. P.G. daughter married 3-1; Mizell, O.C. helped draftees w/forms 12-6; Mizell, O.C. officer state Home Defense Corp 9-6; Mizell, O.C., officer in Defense Corps 8-23; Mizell, Oliver C. daughter to marry 6-14; Mizell, Sallie Lou married 3-1; Mizell, Will heard reports of pulp mill 7-26; Mizell, William elected city coun. 12-6; Mizell, William lodge officer 12-20; Mizell, William State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Mizell, William to run for councilman 11-22; Mobley, Willie draft 11-8; Moniac draft count 10-18; Monroe, Shelton on comm. For playground for children 12-20; Monroe, Shelton Wilson draft 11-8; Moody, C.I. draft 11-8; Moor, J.E. draft 11-8; Moor, John Isado draft 11-8; Morgan, Colonel draft 11-8; Morgan, Dortha teacher 6-14; Morgan, Dortha teacher 8-16; Morgan, Jasper Shelder draft 11-8; Morgan, Joe draft 11-8; Moring, E.G. draft 11-8; Mosley, Wilbur Woodrow draft 11-8; Moss, Dawson Burch draft 11-8; Motes, Charles Broderick draft 11-8; Motes, Dorsey Jefferson, Jr. draft 11-8; Mothers Day gifts pillow slip sale by ladies of Bap Church 4-19; Mull, Daniel killed in wreck 8-30; Mull, Mrs. Daniel hurt in wreck 8-30; Murchison, Mrs. Anna Harris died 3-29; Murder at Howards Still Willie Bell was shot by Creasie Johnson 4-19; Murray, Ernest Edward draft 11-8; Murray, Fitzhugh Lee draft 11-8; Murray, James Wesley draft 11-8; Murray, Jasper Claud draft 11-8; Murray, Mrs. Julia Dinkins at Dinkins reunion 6-28; Murray, Ralph Marion draft 11-8; 
Nahunta school lunches 1-12; Nails, Mack draft 11-8; Nails, Peter draft 11-8; Nathan, Roosevelt draft 11-8; National Defense Program classes in school 9-6; National Guard Defense Corps to take place 8-16; Nazworth, Jessie Allen draft 11-8; Neely, David draft 11-8; Nelson, Barney Lucius draft 11-8; Nelson, Nellie Davis died 5-3; Nelson, William Peterson wife died 5-3; Nelson, Willie draft 11-8; Nemeth, Frank draft 11-8; Neon signs Folk Pharm. 11-1; Nettles, Donald Alexander draft 11-8; New York Camp founded by M. Norwood 4-12; Newell Anderson family 2-9; Newell, Asphalt plant for Route 23 located there 10-25; Newell, Juliette Louise Brown lived there 12-20; Newell, Mrs. Daniel Lloyd died 1-26; Nipper, Clinton draft 11-8; Nipper, Ernest draft 11-8; Nipper, George W. draft 11-8; Nipper, Henry draft 11-8; Nipper, Rossie draft 11-8; Nipper, Willie draft 11-8; Nixon, Leroy draft 11-8; Noble, Sterling draft 11-8; Nobles, Pauline student ticket to movie 2-16; Norman, Fannye teacher 6-14; Norman, Leon Jefferson draft 11-8; Norman, Leslie N. ran against Southwell, lost 9-13; Norman, Leslie Newton draft 11-8; Norman, Marie teacher 6-14; Norman, Mrs. Leon teacher 8-16; Norman, Mrs. Leslie teacher 8-16; Norman, N.J. director REA 9-20; Norton, Mrs. R.L. mother died 5-17; Norwood Rudolph Archibald draft 11-8; Norwood, M. city council 1-12; Norwood, M. wife died 4-12; Norwood, Marie died 4-12; Norwood, Rudolph mother died 4-12; 
O’Berry, David student ticket to movie 2-16; O’Berry, James Franklin draft 11-8; OíBerry, Leroy draft 11-8; O’Berry, Liston Cleveland draft 11-8; O’Neil, Ramon J. draft 11-8; O’Quinn, Bennie married 12-20; OíQuinn, Clarence draft 11-8; O’Quinn, George student ticket to movie 2-16; O’Quinn, Louis Freddie draft 11-8; O’Quinn, Robert student ticket to movie 2-16; O’Quinn, Silas geese landed in his field 12-13; O’Quinn, Silas son married 12-20; O’Quinn, Talmadge student ticket to movie 2-16; O’Quinn, Walton Ezekiel draft 11-8; Oil well closed between Folk and Hilliard 6-14; Okefenokee Station PO Stokes to sell Chrysler and Plymouth 11=29; Okefenokee Station, auto showroom for Chry. And Ply. Cars 12-27; Okefenokee Swamp Broadcast booklet by students 6-14; Old Bank Building fire 2-2; Operetta Ye Old Eng. Christmas presented 12-27; Orchestra were to play at church but didnít 6-14; Orchestra, Fokston to play for church 5-24; Orchestra, Folkston played for WPA week banquet 5-24;
Paddin, Louis draft 11-8; Padgett, Bennie Leo draft 11-8; Padgett, Robert Hoyt draft 11-8; Padgett, Roy Lee draft 11-8; Padgett, Silas Carl draft 11-8; Padgett, Walter Raleigh draft ll-8; Page, Jewell graduated Peabody University 6-7; Page, Mrs. H.C. daughter graduated University 6-7; Parish, George student ticket to movie 2-16; Parrish, James student ticket to movie 2-16; Parrish, Thelma student ticket to movie 2-16; Passieu Chev. Co. T. Cook worked there 8-23; Passieu Chevrolet Co. Majors injured eye there 2-16; Passieu Chevrolet Co. Majors worked there 4-12; Passieu Chevrolet Co. Majors works there 6-21; Passieu, C.J. chewing tobacco to Penn. 11-8; Passieu, C.J. daughter married 6-21; Passieu, C.J. OF Wilson building home nearby 11-22; Passieu, C.J. State Home Defense Corp 9-6; Passieu, C.J. sworn in as councilman 1-5; Passieu, C.J. went with Majors to Atlanta for eye surgery 4-12; Passieu, Charles Louie draft 11-8; Passieu, Elizabeth marries 6-21; Passieu, Janie Lou Eastern Star officer 1-19; Passieu, Louie at Passieu-Majors wedding 6-21; Passieu, Louie married 11-1; Passieu, Louie runs Ritz Theater 7-19; Passieu, Louie to manage Chev. Agency in Jax. 5-24; Paxton Place, now Old Prescott Family home place 2-9; Paxton Store Bldg. Cook Furniture Co. to locate there 11-29; Peacock, Odum draft 11-8; Peacock, Wilton draft 11-8; Pearce, Bernice Eastern Star officer 1-19; Pearce, Bernice mother died 12-27; Pearce, D.F. mother died 12-27; Pearce, D.O. widow died 12-27; Pearce, D.O. Jr. mother died 12-27; Pearce, J.B. mother died 12-27; Pearce, Lucille, clerk, draft board 10-25; Pearce, Marion mother died 12-27; Pearce, Marion teacher 8-16; Pearce, Marion, prin at Folkston Grammar 5-10; Pearce, Mattie McDonald died 12-27; Pearson, Jacob draft 11-8; Pepsi cola Co. new truck 6-7; Persons, Wardens heads convict camp here 12-6; Peterson, Nellie Davis father died 11-29; Peterson, Robert Lee draft 11-8; Petty, Clifton married 11-29; Petty, Delmar draft 11-8; Petty, Dexter draft 11-8; Petty, Eddie Oscar draft 11-8; Petty, Glynn draft 11-8; Petty, Jake draft 11-8; Petty, James Wade draft 11-8; Petty, Joseph draft 11-8; Petty, Leon draft 11-8; Petty, Lige son married 11-29; Petty, Royal draft 11-8; Petty, Talmadge draft 11-8; Petty, Wilmer draft 11-8; Petty, Woodrow to drive school bus 8-9; Phillips, Walter Edwards draft 11-8; Pickren, Gene BTU camp 8-16; Pickren, Jean DeVonne at party 7-26; Pickren, Marion LaVerne BTU camp 8-16; Pickren, Mrs. Marion BTU camp 8-16; Pickren, Mrs. T.L. granddaughter married 11-22; Pickren, Rev. Exum married niece 11-22; Pickren, S.L. letter to santa 12-20; Pickren, V.J. bought Wright Tourist Home 10-25; Pickren, Verne J. remodeled Wright Tourist Home 11-29; Pickren, Woodrow Wilson draft 11-8; Pictures fine art prints at school on display 12-6; Pilkington, John William draft 11-8; Pillow case sale Bap. Women 5-3; Pine, Mrs. P.P. brother died 12-13; Player, Edward Eugene draft 11-8; Player, R.E. resigned from Welfare Board 7-12; Playground for children comm. Formed 12-20; Poll Taxes due 3-1; Pollock, Bennie draft 11-8; Pollock, Lige draft 11-8; Popham, Audrey new baby boy 10-4; Popham, Audrey niece married 11-29; Popham, Audrey Frances draft 11-8; Post office, Folk. Jane Jones works there 7-26; Post Office, Folkston Jane Jones quit, Audrey Mae Mizell took job 10-4; Post Office, Homeland new postmaster 11-29; Post Office, Homeland PM to retire 10-4; Post Office, Homeland rebuilding is almost finished 7-12; Post office, Homeland opened for business 10-18; Post office, Racepond, Will Carter was PM 7-5; Postmasters may get pay raise 4th class offices 6-7; Powell, Bob mother died 1-19; Powell, David Lee draft 11-8; Powell, Frank wife died 1-19; Powell, Frank, Jr. mother died 1-19; Powell, Lily Joyner died 1-19; Powell, Morris student ticket to movie 2-16; Powell, Morris Euzeal draft 11-8; Powell, Toby mother died 1-19; Powell, Vernice mother died 1-19; Powers, Mrs. Pearl sister died 5-31; Prather, Rossie Joyce draft 11-8; Prescott, Arlene student ticket to movie 2-16; Prescott, B.S. appointed to Welfare Board 7-12; Prescott, B.S. brother died 2-9; Prescott, B.S. resigned from welfare board 9-13; Prescott, C.W. brother died 2-9; Prescott, Claud draft 11-8; Prescott, Edmund father died 2-9; Prescott, H.O. brother died 2-9; Prescott, H.O. State Home Defense Corp 9-6; Prescott, Henry son died 2-9; Prescott, Homer draft 11-8; Prescott, Irene student ticket to movie 2-16; Prescott, J.E. State Home Defense Corp 9-6; Prescott, J.L. brother died 2-9; Prescott, John Ellis draft 11-8; Prescott, John Thomas draft 11-8; Prescott, Johnnie father died 2-9; Prescott, Lee father died 2-9; Prescott, Lelia Mae father died 2-9; Prescott, Lester father died 2-9; Prescott, Lester married 11-15; Prescott, Lester Walker draft 11-8; Prescott, Lila Mae 4-H gold medal 11-15; Prescott, Marcell student ticket to movie 2-16; Prescott, Mary Wildes husband died 2-9; Prescott, Mersal draft 11-8; Prescott, Mrs. B.M. sister died 3-29; Prescott, Mrs. M.R. mother died 5-17; Prescott, Mrs. O.M. brother died 1-12; Prescott, O.M. son married 11-15; Prescott, O.M., Jr. father died 2-9; Prescott, Owen to drive school bus 8-9; Prescott, Owen Melvin died 2-9; Prescott, Proctor father died 2-9; Prescott, Velma to receive gold medal 11-8; Prescott, W.H. appt to welfare board 9-13; Preston, Solomon draft 11-8; Prevatt, Barbara Neal student ticket to movie 2-16; Prevatt, Velma in school play 12-27; Prevatt, Velma student ticket to movie 2-16; Prevatt, Vira in school play 12-27; Price, Fannie B. brother died 4-26; Privett, Fed draft 11-8; Privett, Ned draft 11-8; Privett, Yulee Webster draft 11-8; Prize money for contest of counties used for clinic 3-22; Proctor, Gertrude delegate Farm & Home Week 8-16; Proctor, Gertrude helping in Red Cross drive 11-29; PTA group met, musical program 4-5; Pulliam, Dallas student ticket to movie 2-16; Pulliam, Thomas student ticket to movie 2-16; Pulp mill at St. Marys made real estate activity 11-22; Pulp mill to go to St. Marys 7-26; Purdom, Mrs. James sister died 9-13; Purdom, Mrs. James Westberrys live with her 12-27; Purvis, Corliss at party 7-26; Purvis, Corliss student ticket to movie 2-16; Purvis, Guy student ticket to movie 2-16; Purvis, Joan student ticket to movie 2-16; 
Quarterman, Cleo in school play 12-27; Quarterman, Cleo swamp booklet 6-14; Quarterman, D.S. BTU camp 8-16; Quarterman, D.S. in school play 12-27; Quarterman, Joe Pete student ticket to movie 2-16; Quick, C.H. Eastern Star officer 1-19; Quick, Charlene birthday party 7-26; Quick, Charlene student ticket to movie 2-16; Quick, Charles in school play 12-27; Quick, Charles student ticket to movie 2-16; Quick, Harry BTU camp 8-16; Quick, Harry in school play 12-27; Quick, Harry student ticket to movie 2-16; Quick, Mrs. C.H. bought Blue Willow CafÈ 8-9; Quick, Mrs. C.H. party for Charlene 7-26; Quick, Mrs. Charles sold Blue Willow CafÈ 12-27; Quick, Nick at Passieu-Majors wedding 6-21; Quick, Willie Eastern Star officer 1-19; 
Racepond Will Carter was postmaster and turpentine operator 7-5; Railroad streamliner named Dixie Flagler 11-22; Rankins, John draft 11-8; Ratcliff, Betty brother died 3-15; Ratcliff, David J. died 3-15; Ratcliff, James brother died 3-15; Ratcliff, Rev. F.A. grandson died 3-15; Ratcliff, W.E. son died 3-15; Ratcliff, William E., Jr. brother died 3-15; Ratliff, Thedo draft 11-8; Raulerson, Douglas draft 11-8; Raulerson, Lee draft 11-8; Raulerson, Robert Chester draft 11-8; Raulerson, Rudolph new Boy Scout 5-10; Rawl, Cornee Orestus draft 11-8; Raynor, Kathryn new teacher 9-13; Raynor, Kathryn teacher 6-14; Raynor, Kathryn teacher 8-16; Raynor, Mrs. Oscar Red Cross comm. 12=6; Raynor, O.E. chairman of arrangements for singing convention 8-30; Raynor, O.E. Ga. Presidential Elector outstanding honor 12-13; Raynor, O.E. Meth Ch choir member 5-31; Raynor, O.E. reward for ruining East Springs 6-21; Raynor, O.E. Ch of Board of Commissioners WPA week 5-17; Raynor, O.E., committee for State Defense Corp 8-2; Raysar, Gertha teacher 8-16; REA H.D. Templeton wired homes in St Geo 12-13; REA lines turned on in Brantley 8-2; REA power line thru Charlton in final stages 7-26; REA power lines soon to be in Uptonville 6-21; REA power lines may turn on August lst 6-28; Red Cross drive for members 11-29; Red Cross drive in progress 11-29; Red Cross making refugee clothing 9-13; Red Cross membership drive 12-6; Red Cross milk, refugee clothing are projects 9-20; Red Cross officers attend conf.; making sweaters, refugee clothes 10-25; Red Cross campaign for refugee funds 5-17; Red Cross campaign for refugee funds 5-24; Red Cross life saving course 6 boys taking this 5-24; Red Cross refugee fund 92.78 collected so far 5-31; Reddish, Lee draft 11-8; Redmon, George draft 11-8; Reed, Eugene Arthur draft 11-8; Reed, Freeman draft 11-8; Reed, Theodore draft 11-8; Refugee, clothing, Red Cross making 9-20; Refugees, Red Cross project making clothes 10-25; Registration Day for draft 9-20; Renfroe, Mrs. H.A. brother died 2-2; Rewis, Edd David draft 11-8; Reynolds, Dorothy new teacher 9-13; Reynolds, Dorson draft 11-8; Reynolds, Dorthy teacher 8-16; Reynolds, Mrs. D.W. Moniac postmaster pay raise 6-7; Reynolds, Willlie Alvin draft 11-8; Rhoden, Allen draft 11-8; Rhoden, Mrs. Ivy mother died 5-24, 5-31; Rhoden, Mrs. Noah mother died 5-24, 5-31; Rhoden, Mrs. W.P. sister died 3-29; Rhoden, Noah draft 11-8; Rhoden, T.V. father died 10-25; Rhoden, Thomas ìUncle Tomî died 10-25; Rhoden, Tom Place affray there 2-23; Rhoden, Tommy draft 11-8; Rhoden, W.C. student ticket to movie 2-16; Rhoden, W.J. father died 10-25; Rhodes, Collin draft 11-8; Rhythm Band, first grade performed 4-5; Ricketson, George draft 11-8; Ricketson, Horace driver of car that wrecked 8-30; Rider, Doc brother died 4-26; Rider, Ellis died 4-26; Rider, Johnnie brother died 4-26; Rider, Johnnie Boshie draft 11-8; Rider, Ralph brother died 4-26; Rider, Rufus brother died 4-26; Rider, W. Reese son died 4-26; Ritz Theater new inclined floor, new seats 7-19; Road, Moniac-St. George WPA to construct this 7-19; Roberson, Ardelbert draft 11-8; Roberson, Ernest Ottis draft 11-8; Roberson, Essie teacher 8-16; Roberson, Reubin draft 11-8; Roberson, Troy Lee draft 11-8; Roberts, Lee Roy draft 11-8; Roberts, Mrs. Betty brother died 12-6; Roberts, Mrs. L.E. St. George postmaster pay raise 6-7; Roberts, Orlando Jerrymih draft 11-8; Roberts, Steve draft 11-8; Robinson, Cecil Glenn draft 11-8; Robinson, Cecil Glenn drafted 12-6; Robinson, Emmit James draft 11-8; Robinson, Frances student ticket to movie 2-16; Robinson, G.R. daughter married 5-10; Robinson, James draft 11-8; Robinson, James Monroe draft 11-8; Robinson, Vernie Mae BTU camp 8-16; Robinson, William Perry draft 11-8; Roddenberry, Frank caught big fish at picnic 11-15; Roddenberry, James Gadson draft 11-8; Roddenberry, Mattie B. at Passieu-Majors wedding 6-21; Roddenberry, Mattie B. married 11-1; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D. teacher 6-14; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D. teachers 8-16; Roddenberry, Riley H.H. Crews family living at his home 3-1; Roddenberry, Ruth at party 7-26; Roddenberry, Ruth student ticket to movie 2-16; Roddenberry, Thomas Lanier draft 11-8; Rodgers, Ben new baby girl born 9-6; Rodgers, H.B. State Home Defense Corp 9-6; Rodgers, Margaret Rose born 9-6; Rogers, Carl Edward draft 11-8; Roosevelt, Franklin D. wins as president 11-8; Roosevelt, Pres. Draft act 9-20; Roosevelt, Pres. Radio broadcast 5-17; Roosevelt, Pres. Sets date for Thanksgiving 10-11; Roosevelt, Pres. To pick first draft lottery number 10-25; Rose bushes Paul Scarlet over 600 to be planted 10-25; Royals, James draft 11-8 ; Royalston, James draft 11-8; Rozier family building home in Homeland 7-12; Rozier, Willene officer Home Ec Club 10-4; Rufus, Benjamin draft 11-8; Russell, Elizabeth sang at WPA banquet 5-24; Russell, Elvie Harford, Jr. draft 11-8; Russell, Eugene joins CCC 1-5; Russell, Grace at party 7-26; Russell, Idell in school play 12-27; Russell, Mrs. J.P. daughter died 2-23; Russell, Rufus sister died 2-23; Russell, Sam sister died 2-23; 
Sands, Clyde draft 11-8; Sawyer Hospital Noah Stokes new baby 4-12; Sawyer, Dr. lodge officer 12-20; Sawyer, Dr. James L. elected mayor 12-6; Sawyer, Dr. James L. qualified for Mayor 11-22; Sawyer, Dr. James L. treated Mrs. J.W. Dinkins 7-12; Sawyer, Rev. Swoll at JS Joyner birthday party 11-22; Sawyer, Rev. Swoll opens forum for remembering at reunion 6-29; Schmidt, Mrs. W.H. father died 2-2; Schneider, Dr. W.M. office fire 2-2; School Christmas play presented Ye Old English Christmas 12-27; School Holiday when buildings were used for draft 10-18; School teachers Christmas party 12-20; School teachers elected for new year 6-14; School Uptonville teachers 6-14; School, draft registration on October 16 10-4; School, Sardis district bus driver 8-9; School, Adult Class at Camp Pinckney good record of attendance 5-31; School, Adult Ed. Classes attendance for each 10-25; School, Bentleyís manual arts class helped with toys for kids 12-13; School, bus drivers for new term selected 8-9; School, Ch Co High produced booklet on Swamp 6-14; School, Ch of Comm bought milk for kids 12-13; School, closing activities no graduating class 6-7; School, Coleraine district bus driver 8-9; School, colored term ended 5-10; School, colored begins new term 10-11; School, Cornhouse district bus driver 8-9; School, Folk Gram. Pictures in auditorium may have come from this 12-6; School, Folk Grammar Artist to paint scenery on stage 12-20; School, Folk Grammar stage equipment ordered 12-20; School, Folkston PTA to present fine arts program 12-6; School, Folkston school closing No senior class 5-24; School, Folkston teachers for new year 6-14; School, Ga Schools are short of funds indebted to teachers 6-7; School, Grammar singing convention held there 8-30; School, Home Ec Club elects officers 10-4; School, Johnsonís Mill Negro, teachers 8-16; School, Moniac teachers 6-14; School, Moniac teachers 8-16; School, Moniac Negro, teacher 8-16; School, new teachers this year 9-13; School, Paxton Place Negro teachers 8-16; School, principals named for new term 5-10; School, pupils awarded tickets to theater 2-16; School, Racepond district bus driver 8-9; School, River route district bus driver 8-9; School, St. George S.C. Stokes is new trustee 5-10; School, St. George school closing 5-24; School, St. George teachers 6-14; School, St. George teachers 8-16; School, St. George Negro teacher 8-16; School, Toledo Negro teacher 8-16; School, Toledo district bus driver 8-9; School, total enrollment 9-13; School, Traders Hill district bus driver 8-9; School, Traders Hill Negro teachers 8-16; School, Uptonville teachers 8-16; School, Uptonville, mattress making class 8-16; School, Winokur teachers 6-14; School, Winokur teachers 8-16; School, Winokur district bus driver 8-9; Schools closings announced. No grad class this year 5-24; Schools, Negro open on 9-16 8-16; Schools, Folkston teachers 8-16; Schools, Negro, Folkston, teachers 8-16; Schools, teachers for new year 8-16; Scott, Margie in school play 12-27; Scott, Margie student ticket to movie 2-16; Scott, Mrs. M.P. mother died 5-17; Scott, Mrs. Vera father died 3-8; Scott, Sally C. married 11-29; Scott, T.A. operated sawmill 2-2; Scott, Thomas Arnold, Jr. joined Meth Church 4-5; Scouts, St. George ceremony 5-10; Scranton, Wallace draft 11-8; Sears, Imogene teacher 8-16; Sears, Mrs. Imogene teacher 6-14; Sell, Mrs. Clara brother died 6-7; Sewing room of WPA statistics of work done in Folkston 5-24; Sharp, Kitty pen name for Lois Mattox Miller 5-10; Shellman, Herny draft 11-8; Shellman, Lonnie draft 11-8; Shivar, Bernard swamp booklet 6-14; Shivar, E.W. building Wilson new home 9-13; Shivar, E.W. making repairs on parsonage 5-31; Shivar, Mary Frances [Wright] new baby girl 3-1; Shuman, Jacob Woodrow draft 11-8; Sikes, Dan Madison draft 11-8; Sikes, Daniel Eustace draft 11-8; Sikes, Frances married 11-1; Sikes, J.O. committee for State Defense Corps 8-2; Sikes, Jacquelyn in school play 12-27; Sikes, Sheriff woman found dead 7-19; Simmons, Grover Cleveland draft 11-8; Sims, Emanuel draft 11-8; Sims, Isaac draft 11-8; Singers, Ccharlton County met for rehearsal 6-14; Singing convention 1200 people in Folkston 8-30; Small, Frank draft 11-8; Smiley, Cyrus, Jr. draft 11-8; Smiley, John Thomas draft 11-8; Smith, Albert G. draft 11-8; Smith, Australia teacher 8-16; Smith, Australia teacher of colored school 5-10; Smith, Bennie draft 11-8; Smith, Benny didnít take job as census taker 4-5; Smith, Clarence, Jr. draft 11-8; Smith, Earnest draft 11-8; Smith, Erma Eastern Star officer 1-19; Smith, Everett C. aunt died 9-13; Smith, Everett C. has baby girl 9-20; Smith, Everett Council draft 11-8; Smith, George Dewey draft 11-8; Smith, Inman draft 11-8; Smith, John Hardy, Jr. draft 11-8; Smith, Julius Lee draft 11-8; Smith, Laura Gale born 9-20; Smith, Mahlon Dean draft 11-8; Smith, Mrs. Edna father died 3-8; Smith, Mrs. W.B. Gowens next door building home 11-1; Smith, Mrs. W.B. sister died 9-13; Smith, Mrs. William S. teacher 8-16; Smith, Paul draft 11-8; Smith, Verldon student ticket to movie 2-16; Smith, Virgil Lee draft 11-8; Smith, William Eli draft 11-8; Smith, William S. teacher 8-16; Smith,. William Shock draft 11-8; Snowden, Charlton draft 11-8; Social Security plan started 1-5; Southward, Charles draft 11-8; Southwell, Betty student ticket to movie 2-16; Southwell, J.B. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Southwell, J.B. sworn in as councilman 1-5; Southwell, J.B. elected state representative 9-13; Southwell, John B. on city coun. 12-6; Southwell, John B. on Draft Board 10-18; Southwell, John B. on draft Board 10-25; Southwell, John B. watched Tom Gowen ride in plane 12-20; Southwell, John, Jr. conducted in Rhythm Band 4-5; Southwell, Mrs. J.B. Red Cross worker 5-24; Southwell, Mrs. John Red Cross chairman for refugee clothes 9-20; Southwell, Mrs. John Red Cross chairman of production 10-25; Southwell, Mrs. John Red Cross committee 12-6; Southwell, Mrs. John B. helping in Red Cross drive 11-29; Southwell, Rosalie BTU camp 8-16; Southwell, Rosalie in school play 12-27; Spatcher, Ernest draft 11-8; Spatcher, Neal draft 11-8; Spatcher, Pilot draft 11-8; Spivey, Ottis James draft 11-8; St. George draft count 10-18; St. George Monroe M. Johnson old settler died 6-7; St. George REA current turned on 9-13; St. Marys pulp mill made real estate activity 11-22; St. Marys to get pulp mill plant 7-26; St. Marys Pulp Mill plans for mill 9-13; Stafford, Aaron draft 11-8; Stafford, Nathan draft 11-8; Stage at grammar school. Artist to paint 12-20; Stage equipment PTA orders 12-20; Stanaland, Wesley Columbus draft 11-8; Stapleton Pharmacy new lighting fixtures 5-17; Stapleton, C.P. Lodge officer 12-20; Stapleton, Charles Pearce draft 11-8; Stapleton, E.B chairman Draft Board 10-25; Stapleton, E.B. appointed officers for Defense Corps 8-23; Stapleton, E.B. Commander Ch Co Defense Corps 8-16; Stapleton, E.B. State Defense Corps 8-2; Stapleton, E.B. sworn in as Capt. State Defense Corps 10-25; Stapleton, E.B. watched installing of lights 5-17; Stapleton, E.B. Capt., State Home Defense Corp 9-6; Stapleton, E.B. heard reports at pulp mill meeting 7-26; Stapleton, E.B. on Draft Board 10-18; Stapleton, Emmet Brewer, Jr. draft 11-8; Stapleton, Hazel Eastern Star Officer 1-19; Stapleton, Mrs. E.B., Sr. mother died 12-27; Starling, Ralph Daniel draft 11-8; State Defense Corp sworn in 10-25; State Defense Corps to be organized 8-2; Stephen, porter draft 11-8; Stephens, Henry Leroy draft 11-8; Stephens, John Aster draft 11-8; Stewart, Alexander draft 11-8; Stewart, Ben draft 11-8; Stewart, Dottress draft 11-8; Stewart, Hobart M. widow died 5-3; Stewart, James draft 11-8; Stewart, Mary Lou at party 7-26; Stokes, Carlie Mae teacher 6-14; Stokes, Carlie Mae teacher 8-16; Stokes, Clinton Christopher draft 11-8; Stokes, Counsel Braddock draft 11-8; Stokes, Crant draft 11-8; Stokes, Ed delegate to church conf 10-11; Stokes, Ed ordained Deacon at Grace Chapel 12-13; Stokes, Emily teacher 6-14; Stokes, Emily teacher 8-16; Stokes, Emily Mae graduated college 5-17; Stokes, John draft 11-8; Stokes, L. Jasper ordained Deacon 11-8; Stokes, L.E. store will sell pillow cases 5-3; Stokes, Lewis Jasper draft 11-8; Stokes, Mrs. Hattie M. Eastern Star officer 1-19; Stokes, Noah new baby girl 4-12; Stokes, Noah officer in Defense Corps 8-23; Stokes, Noah officer state home defense corp 9-6; Stokes, P.O. chrm committee on turnip sales 1-19; Stokes, P.O. showroom for new cars at Ok Station 12-27; Stokes, P.O. sot sell Chrysler and Plymouth 11-29; Stokes, P.O. Apartments 6-21; Stokes, Paxton Oran draft 11-8; Stokes, S.C. new trustee for St. George school dist. 5-10; Stokes, Thomas Edwin draft 11-8; Stone, Archie draft 11-8; Stover, J.T. bought NV Brownís home 12-27; Stover, J.T. ordained Deacon 11-8; Stover, J.T. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Stover, J.T. arranged district program at church 11-8; Strain, Jesse J. draft 11-8; Stratton, Mrs. Brother died 6-7; Strickland, Cleo Freeman draft 11-8; Strickland, Darley draft 11-8; Strickland, Mrs. J.J. father died 10-25; Stroup, Dick member of Folkston orchestra 5-24; Stroup, Richard Bernard draft 11-8; Suggs, Clarence draft 11-8; Suggs, W.L. home destroyed by fire 1-5; Suggs, W.L. resigned as school trustee, moved out of dist. 5-10; Sullivan, Lanford L. 11-8; Surrency, Allen died 10-25; Swicord, L.C. nephew of Mattie M. Pearce 12-27; Symonds, Mrs. Annie B. died 3-22; 
Talbert, Charlton teacher 8-16; Talbert, Charlton Lewis draft 11-8; Tax poll tax due 3-1; Taylor, Andrew draft 11-8; Taylor, Elbert draft 11-8; Taylor, George draft 11-8; Taylor, Mary Seward (Sue) born to Dr. J.S. Taylor family 11-8; Taylor, Merit draft 11-8; Taylor, Robert Hiram draft 11-8; Taylor, Willie Lee draft 11-8; Telephone exchange, Margie King new operator 8-16; Telephone system J.L. VanLandingham killed in Fla. 11-1; Templeton, Harley D. died 12-13; Templeton, Jim father died 12-13; Templeton, Mary Sue father died 12-13; Templeton, Mrs. A.M. son died 12-13; Templeton, Mrs. H.D. husband died 12-13; Templeton, Mrs. H.D. teacher 8-16; Templeton, Mrs. H.D. teacher at St. George 12-13; Theater, Ritz gave tickets to students 2-16; Theater, Ritz new inclined floor, seats 7-19; Thomas, Ben draft 11-8; Thomas, Freda BTU camp 8-16; Thomas, Harold Duston draft 11-8; Thomas, Herman Lee involved in manís death 3-1; Thomas, Isaac William draft 11-8; Thomas, James draft 11-8; Thomas, Janet BTU camp 8-16; Thomas, Janet in school play 12-27; Thomas, Janett baptized at Folk Bap Ch. 7-26; Thomas, Junior at party 7-26; Thomas, W.L. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Thomas, W.L., Jr. student ticket to movie 2-16; Thomas, Willie draft 11-8; Thomas, Willie drafted 12-6; Thompson School House at Toledo Adult Ed Classes 11-15; Thompson, Benny student ticket to movie 2-16; Thompson, Bruce draft 11-8; Thompson, Cleon Clayton draft 11-8; Thompson, Dr. W.D. putting neon signs in store 11-1; Thompson, Fred mother died 5-24, 5-31; Thompson, Hamp mother died 5-24; Thompson, J. Hampton mother died 5-31; Thompson, John Calvin draft 11-8; Thompson, John Hamp draft 11-8; Thompson, Jules widow died 5-24; Thompson, Julius H. widow died 5-31; Thompson, Mary Jean at party 7-26; Thompson, Mary Jean student ticket to movie 2-16; Thompson, Missouri Canaday died 5-31; Thompson, Mrs. Jack helping in Red Cross drive 11-29; Thompson, Mrs. Jack chairman Red Cross committee 12-6; Thompson, Mrs. Jack Red Cross roll call chm. 10-25; Thompson, Mrs. Misouri died 5-24; Thompson, Mrs. W.D. Red Cross comm. 12-6; Thompson, Myra Lea student ticket to movie 2-16; Thompson, Neal mother died 5-31; Thompson, Neil mother died 5-24; Thompson, W.D. Highway 23 just east of his home 9-27; Thompsonís Drug Store Hodges and Mallard joke 5-31; Thrift, Alcene student ticket to movie 2-16; Thrift, Alfred draft 11-8; Thrift, Brunson student ticket to movie 2-16; Thrift, Carolyn student ticket to movie 2-16; Thrift, Charlie draft 11-8; Thrift, Earl William draft 11-8; Thrift, Elma married 12-27; Thrift, Forrest draft 11-8; Thrift, Lonnie draft 11-8; Thrift, Mack D. Winokur postmaster pay raise 6-7; Thrift, Paul draft 11-8 ; Thrift, Rufus draft 11-8; Thrift, Thomas student ticket to movie 2-16; Thrift, Uldine student ticket to movie 2-16; Thrift, Woodrow draft 11-8; Tiller, Mack Crimon draft 11-8; Tillman, Mrs. R.C. sister died 1-19; Tillman, R.C. fatherís birthday 11-22; Tillman, R.C. lodge officer 12-20; Tillman, Willie draft 11-8; Timmons, Reverent Henery draft 11-8; Tison, Carolyn student ticket to movie 2-16; Tison, Elizabeth student ticket to movie 2-16; Tison, Eloise married 11-22; Tison, Hal student ticket to movie 2-16; Tison, Kathleen daughter married 11-22; Tison, Margaret student ticket to movie 2-16; Tison, Margaret swamp booklet 6-14; Tittle, Mrs. R.E. chrm of Red Cross Fund campaign 5-17; Tittle, Mrs. R.E. head of Red Cross drive 11-29; Tittle, Mrs. R.E. Red Cross campaign chrm 5-24; Tittle, R.E. Ch of Comm paid for schl child milk 12-13; Tittle, R.E. committee for State Defense Corps 8-2; Tittle, R.E. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Tittle, R.E. Forestry Supt. of the CCC 5-31; Todd, Frank draft 11-8; Todd, Holton draft 11-8; Todd, Jimmie draft 11-8; Todd, Mrs. Lula sister died 11-15; Tolbert, C.L. lodge officer 12-20; Tolbert, Charlton L. teacher 6-14; Toledo Adult Class attendance 10-25; Toledo, Adult Education classes 11-15; Toles, Anthony draft 11-8; Tom Sawyer puppet play presented for PTA 4-5; Tomberlin, Mrs. J.A. niece of Mattie M. Pearce 12-27; Tomlinson, Aldine student ticket to movie 2-16; Tomlinson, Betty Jean student ticket to movie 2-16; Tomlinson, Winona at party 7-26; Tomlinson, Winona student ticket to movie 2-16; Tootle, Irene teacher 8-16; Toy, M.M. city council 1-12; Tracy, P.C. heart attack 1-12; Traders Hill draft count 10-18; Traders Hill REA current turned on 9-13; Trees, two oak trees belong. to Sarah Cason. County reimbursed 10-25; Tucker, Theodore Roosevelt draft 11-8; Turner, Arthur Eugene draft 11-8; Turner, Sylvester draft 11-8; Tuskegee Institute reports no lynchings so far this year 7-19; Tyson, Johnny BTU camp 8-16; 
Underwood, Charlie Lee draft 11-8; Underwood, Lawrence Vanoye draft 11-8; Underwood, Loy draft 11-8; Uptonville making mattresses there 10-25; Uptonville Mrs. J.W. Dinkins fell 7-12; Uptonville REA current turned on 9-13; Uptonville Adult Class attendance 10-25; Uptonville Adult Classes 7-26; Uptonville choir special music program 5-31; Uptonville Quartet to sing for church 5-24; Uptonville, mattress making class 8-16; Uptonville, new road underway at last to school 6-7; Uptonville, several flew in airplane Sunday 4-12; 
VanLandingham, J.L. killed 11-1; Veal, Clyde Buck draft 11-08; Veal, Earl Edwin draft 11-8; Vickers, J.M. married 8-23; Vickers, James Maxwell draft 11-8; Vickery, Jesse , Jr. married 5-3; Vickery, Jesse W. son married 5-3; Vickery, Mrs. Annie brother died 3-8; Vickery, Mrs. Waudell brother died 11-29; Vickery, W.B. State Home Defense Corp. 9-6; Vickery, W.B. contractor for POStokes Ok Station new showroom 12-27; Vieira, Mrs. Edward P. mother died 5-31; Vieira, Nellie mother died 5-24;
Wadsworth, Charles Tarvis draft 11-8; Wainwright, Alton B. draft 11-8; Wainwright, Faye brand new girl born 3-22; Wainwright, Faye died 6-14; Wainwright, J.S. working in Jax. 8-9; Wainwright, Jerome twin daughters born 3-22; Wainwright, Jerome twin daughters died 6-14; Wainwright, Kay died 6-14; Wainwright, Kaye brand new girl born 3-22; Wainwright, L.D. student ticket to movie 2-16; Wainwright, Lloyd draft 11-8; Wainwright, Milton Elbert draft 11-8; Wainwright, Mrs. Ida stepmother died 2-2; Wainwright, Rachel delegate Farm & Home Week 8-16; Wainwright, Sue Dee officer Home Ec Club 10-4; Wainwright, Tim working in Jax. 8-9; Wainwright, Wiley new home nearby 8-23; Walker, Clyde draft 11-8; Walker, Everline sister died 11-15; Walker, Harvey draft 11-8; Walker, John draft 11-8; Walker, Pete, Jr. draft 11-8; Walker, Robert sister died 11-15; Walker, Wade sister died 11-15; Walker, Warren sister died 11-15; Walker, William Elzie draft 11-8; War convoys on the road 12-6; War Red Cross making clothes for refugees 9-20; War Servicemen pay reduced train fare 12-13; War news ships ready for England made by Electric Boat Corp. 6-21; War, Democracy and Patriotism to be taught in school 9-6; War, WWI veterans oyster roast 10-11; Ward, Estelle Eastern Star officer 1-19; Warrington, Frederica sang at WPA banquet 5-24; Washington, Willie J. draft 11-8; Waterman, Alice BTU camp 8-16; Waterman, Alice in school play 12-27; Watkins, Brooker T. draft 11-8; Watson, Calvin draft 11-8; Waughtel Quarter to sing for church 5-24; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. baby chix for sale 5-31; Waughtel, C.W. 4-room house for sale 12-20; Waughtel, C.W. free vegetable plants 6-14; Waughtel, C.W. J.H. Zarfos staying there now 6-28; Waughtel, C.W. organized Uptonville choir 5-31; Waughtel, C.W. sister died 10-4; Waughtel, C.W. teacher Toledo Adult Ed 11-15; Waughtel, C.W. teacher, adult classes 10-25; Waughtel, Eli Homeland postmaster pay raise 6-7; Waughtel, Eli postmaster at Homeland 7-12; Waughtel, Eli postmaster, Homeland 10-18; Waughtel, Eli sister died 10-4; Waughtel, Eli to retire from P.O. 10-4; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. elected Pres WSCS 10-18; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. music at Toledo Adult Ed 11-15; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. pianist for Uptonville Quartet 5-24; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. turkeys for sale 12-13; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. played piano for choir 5-31; Way, Harris draft 11-8; Webster, Henry draft 11-8; Welfare Board new members 9-13; Welfare Dept. commodities issued to 151 families 7-26; Welker, Charles Maxey draft 11-8; Wenchell, Walter wrote about Lois Mattox Miller 5-10; Wesley, Thirlie draft 11-8; Westberry, Emory draft 11-8; Westberry, Emory married 12-27; Whitaker, Parnell draft 11-8; White, Clemon draft 11-8; White, George William joined Meth Church 4-5; White, Harold swamp booklet 6-14; White, John taking Red Cross life saving course 5-24; White, M.G. Sheridan Cooper turned affairs over to Mr. White 4-26; White, Mrs. M.G. hostess for garden club 6-21; White, Rass draft 11-8; Whooping cough in Camp Pinckney children 4-5; Wicks, Lowis draft 11-8; Wiggs, William Hosea, Jr. draft 11-8; Wilcox, James draft 11-8; Wildes, Clark father died 1-12; Wildes, George Flournoy draft 11-8; Wildes, Gilbert student ticket to movie 2-16; Wildes, Harry swamp booklet 6-14; Wildes, Huell student ticket to movie 2-16; Wildes, J.D. brother died 1-12; Wildes, J.M. brother died 1-12; Wildes, J.M. grandson named for him 3-29; Wildes, J.M. surprise birthday dinner 5-10; Wildes, Jeannette father died 1-12; Wildes, Jim affray there 2-23; Wildes, Joannah student ticket to movie 2-16; Wildes, Josephine father died 1-12; Wildes, K.D. brother died 1-12; Wildes, M.F. brother died 1-12; Wildes, Madilee father died 1-12; Wildes, Margaret father died 1-12; Wildes, Martha Clark husband died 1-12; Wildes, Mary Emma father died 1-12; Wildes, Mrs. Clyde brother died 2-23; Wildes, Preston died 1-12; Wildes, R.C. brother died 1-12; Wildes, R.H. brother died 1-12; Wildes, Wilbur Liston draft 11-8; Wilkerson, Max draft 11-8; Williams, Calvin Dell draft 11-8; Williams, Dr. awarded Amer. Legion trophy 10-4; Williams, Dr. delegate to American Legion Convention 9-20; Williams, Dr. trophy on display 10-18; Williams, Dr. A.D. new granddaughter 7-12; Williams, Dr. A.D. son married 3-1; Williams, Eugene at Passieu-Majors wedding 6-21; Williams, Eugene married 3-1; Williams, Eugene Mizell draft 11-8; Williams, Fred draft 11-8; Williams, Hezekiah draft 11-8; Williams, Jessie draft 11-8; Williams, Lester draft 11-8; Williams, Mathie Franklin draft 11-8; Williams, Mrs. A.D. sister died 1-12; Williams, Solomon draft 11-8; Williams. Dr. host for WWI veterans oyster roast 10-18; Wilson, A.E. helped draftees w/forms 12-6; Wilson, Alva officer in Defense Corps 8-23; Wilson, Alva State Defense Corps 8-2; Wilson, Alva E. officer state Home Defense Corp 9-6; Wilson, Earnest draft 11-8; Wilson, Jacquelyn student ticket to movie 2-16; Wilson, John Calhoun draft 11-8; Wilson, Nathries draft 11-8; Wilson, O.F. building new home 9-13; Wilson, O.F. city clerk 11-22; Wilson, O.F. elected city clerk 12-6; Wilson, O.F. new home [later Parker, Renfroe, Tel Co.] 11-22; Wilson, O.F. sworn in as city clerk 1-5; Wilson, Sallie Eastern Star officer 1-19; Wilson, Sam draft 11-8; Wilson, Solister draft 11-8; Winokur has REA electricity 9-6; Winokur REA current turned on 9-13; Winokur, Howards Still Quarters Murder of Willie Bell 4-19; Winokur, Mrs. Annie B. Symonds burned to death 3-22; Womble, Horrie Marvin draft 11-8; Wood, Robert draft 11-8; Woodard, Leaster draft 11-8; Woolard, Alice student ticket to movie 2-16; Woolard, Dayton Clyde draft 11-8; Woolard, Estelle student ticket to movie 2-16; Woolard, Iran Edgar draft 11-8; Woolard, John Howard draft 11-8; Woolard, Lum Webster draft 11-8; Woolard, Mrs. Edgar father died 3-15; Woolard, Thelma student ticket to movie 2-16; World War II Aviation Training School at Douglas 6-7; World War II Red Cross fund campaign 5-17; World War II Red Cross fund for refugees 5-31; World War II Troop recruitment announced 1650 boys per month 6-7; WPA making mattresses 5-24; WPA banquet celebrating WPA week 5-24; WPA project St George Moniac road 11-8; WPA week celebrated 5-17; Wrench, Billye swamp booklet 6-14; Wrench, H.G. city council 1-12; Wrench, Howard loaned car to Colson who wrecked it 11-1; Wrench, Howard George draft 11-8; Wrench, Mrs. Howard arranged for Home Dem. Club to go to Swmp 5-31; Wrench, Mrs. Howard helped org. WSCS 10-18; Wrench, Ralph W. married 5-3, 5-10; Wrench, T.W. elected Commander of Sp American War Vets 12-20; Wrench, T.W. helping in Red Cross drive 11-29; Wrench, T.W. mayor of Homeland 1-12; Wrench, T.W. son married 5-3, 5-10; Wrench, Tom Red Cross Comm. 12-6; Wright Pearl husband died 11-29; Wright Tourist Home remodeled 11-29; Wright Tourist Home sold to V.J. Pickren 10-25; Wright, Bill student ticket to movie 2-16; Wright, Birdie student ticket to movie 2-16; Wright, C.J. Lodge officer 12-20; Wright, Carroll J. sold Wright Tourist Home 10-25; Wright, Carroll, Jr. BTU camp 8-16; Wright, Charles Huey draft 11-8; Wright, Daniel Lee draft 11-8; Wright, E.H. sworn in as councilman 1-5; Wright, Margaret Eastern Star officer 1-19; Wright, Mrs. Carroll father died 3-8; Wright, Mrs. E.H. member of Miss. Society 5-3; Wright, Vivian BTU camp 8-16; Wright, W.W. new baby girl 3-1; Wright, Wilbur lodge officer 12-20; Wright, Wilbur Granville draft 11-8; Wynn, Evelyn BTU camp 8-16; 
Yarbough, Frank draft 11-8; Yarbrough, Mrs. David sister died 5-31; Yeomans, James Vester draft 11-8; Yound, Isaiah draft 11-8; Young, Arthur Lee draft 11-8 ; Young, Elijah draft 11-8; Young, Horace draft 11-8; Young, Jim draft 11-8; 
Zarfos family move here 10-18; Zarfos Wagon builders famous manufacturers 6-28; Zarfos, J.H. to return to Homeland 6-28; Zarfos, Norman J.H. Zarfos is brother 6-28.

Charlton  County Archives