Index - Charlton County Herald - 1939

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

1939; ; ; 4-H camp for girls at Camp Hursey 7-7; 4-H Club gold medal winner V. Prescott 11-24; 4-H Club new officers 10-27; 4-H Club fair to be soon 10-27;


ACL train 76 brought body of Guy Brooks home 3-3; ACL RR contest to name train (The Champion) 9-15; ACL RR hiring 100 men 7-7; ACL RR James Purdom worked there 3-10; ACL RR men back at work 1-13; ACL RR Pres. Roosevelt waves from train 2-24; ACL RR recalls Scott Johnson as tie inspector 2-24; ACL RR V.A. Hodges won award 1-6; ACL RR Champion came thru 12-1, 12-8; ACL RR Champion name wins contest 11-3; ACL RR Hospital James Purdom 3-10; ACL RR, B.M. Roney was dining car steward 6-9; ACL RR, J.B. Morgan who died worked there 6-9; Adkins Funeral Home Gibson 1-13-39; Adkins Funeral Home Guy Brooks 3-3; Adkins Funeral Home in new quarters in Rodgers residence 6-9; Adkins Funeral Home Petty baby 2-3; Adkins Funeral Home to be in Rodgers resident 5-12; Adkins, C.F. did wiring on parsonage 2-10; Adkins, Mrs. C.F. treasurer of garden club 2-17; Alderman, Dr. G.S. wife died 3-10; Alderman, Mrs. G.S. died 3-10; Aldridge, Juanita good grades 9-29; Aldridge, Juanita scholarship award at JrHi grad 5-26; Allen, Bernice head of Dept of Public Welfare 9-8; Allen, E.F. supervising curb and gutter for Folk 12-1; Allen, Fleming has new ice route in Winokur, etc 8-4; Allen, Johnnie with man who died 11-10; Allen, Louis new baby boy 12-8; Allen, Mrs. A.A. father died 10-20; Allen, Mrs. W.R. father died 1-27; Allen, Rebecca Jean 4-H club officer 10-27; Allen, Rebecca Jean highest honors at JrHi grad 5-26; Altman, Althea grad JrHi 5-26; Altman, B.S. daughter married 7-7; Altman, Ernie Belle graduated HS 5-19; Altman, Hubert Hilton graduated HS 5-19; Altman, Leila Jeanette married 7-7; Anderson, Floyce in nursing school 9-15; Askew, Bessie good grades 9-29; Askew, Inez married 4-28; Askew, Leon daughter married 4-28; Askew, Mayme teacher 9-29; Askew, Mrs. Thomas teacher 9-29; Askew, Tom working for Gowen Bros. 12-1; Automobile rumble seat fell on Mrs. Harris 10-27; 


Bachlott, J.R. daughter died 3-3; Bachlott, Violet [Sirmans] died 3-3; Baker, Mrs. P.H. sister died 3-3; Bank, Old Bldg. Dr. Schneider has office 6-16; Bank, Old Building, Dr. Schneider to have office 2-24; Banks CafÈ site of dinner Roadmaster Hodges held 1-6; Banks, Mrs. W.E. prepared eggs for egg hunt 4-14; Banks, Raymond Masons 12-22; Banks, Raymond new baby daughter 5-26; Banks, Teresa Mae is brand new baby girl 5-26; Banks, W.E., Jr. plumbing work on parsonage 2-10; Barnes, Beryl good grades 9-29; Barnes, Beryl Elizabeth graduated HS 5-19; Barnes, Chief J.H. son married 6-9; Barnes, John M. marries 6-9; Batten, Lois married 10-27; Beauty shop opened by Willie Mae Lane 4-14; Bedell, Marward on Garden Club committee 2-17; Bedell, Marward secretary of garden club 2-17; Bennett, Arthur mother died 9-22; Bennett, Clarence tornado damage 3-3; Bennett, George mother died 9-22; Bennett, Hubert mother died 9-22; Bennett, Louise teacher 9-29; Bennett, Mrs. A.J. died 9-22; Bennett, Vandell mother died 9-22; Bennett, Vandell owns old Cassell Place 8-11; Bentley, Guy W. gave out awards at JrHi grad 5-26; Bentley, Guy W. teacher 9-29; Bentley, Mr. gave awards at graduation 5-26; Blue Willow CafÈ fire 8-11; Books, Glenn brother died 3-3; Bottling plant, Mills building 6 room house nearby 5-19; Boyd, Marie married 1-13; Boyd, R.A. daughter married 1-13; Boyd, R.A. remodeling home 9-15; Braddock, Mrs. R., father died 6-9; Bradley, Elizabeth teacher 9-29; Bragg, Martha Grace brother died 6-23; Bread, baking light bread demonstration 9-1; Brock, Lillian Waunell graduated HS 5-19; Brockinton, Mrs. Johnnie new member Traders Hill Meth 9-8; Brockman, Louise runs Blue Willow 8-11; Brooks, Bill brother died 3-3; Brooks, Devoy grad JrHi 5-26; Brooks, Edo brother died 3-3; Brooks, Eugene brother died 3-3; Brooks, Guy died 3-3; Brooks, Irene brother died 3-3; Brooks, June brother died 3-3; Brooks, Lois has new baby girl 9-22; Brooks, Lois married 8-25; Brooks, P.C. daughter married 8-25; Brooks, P.G. son died 3-3; Brooks, Rubye Mae Brooks graduated HS 5-19; Brooks, Victor brother died 3-3; Brooks, Woodrow brother died 3-3; Brown, H.B. daughter married 6-9; Brown, John colored library 8-4; Brown, Mary Sue marries 6-9; Brown, Mrs. N.V. teacher 9-29; Bruschke, Bill remodeling Boyd house 9-15; Bryant, Chester A. graduated HS 5-19; Buchanan family, lived over P.O. in Homeland 12-22; Burnsed, B.R. new baby boy 12-8; Burnsed, Beulah 4-H club officer 10-27; Burnsed, Doris 4-H club officer 10-27; Burnsed, Thelma married 1-20; Burnt Fort, James Lloyd came from Maine 11-3; Byrd, James taken from CCC and put in hospital 8-11; Byrd, Mrs. S.J. brother died 10-6;


Caffee, Mrs. Charlie L. brother died 12-15; Camp Pinckney Charlie Lloyd son sick 9-15; Canaday, Irene 4-H Club officer 10-27; Canaday, Lonnie tornado damage 3-3; Cancer control campaign headed by Mrs. W.H Robinson 3-24; Cannon tract Sol Mills buys 6-23; Carter, Bud son killed wife, himself 6-30; Carter, Clyde killed wife, killed himself 6-30; Carter, Euretha grad Jr. Hi 5-26; Carter, Hansel sister died 3-3; Carter, Martha Thrift killed 6-30; Carter, Mrs. Allen mother died 9-29; Carter, Mrs. Nancy peanut boiling 9-15; Carter, Vera grad JrHi 5-26; Carter, Verdie [Howell] died 3-3; Cash, James Bailey, Jr. murdered 2-17; Cason, Mrs. Leona mother died 9-29; Cassell Place, Old in Homeland fire 8-11; Caution lights C.J. Passieu invented and to install 2-24; CCC J.C. Cooper member 12-15; CCC anniversary to be observed 4-7; CCC singers on radio 9-8; CCC camp 3 leave for camp 4-14; CCC camp Gordon Spence 1-6; CCC camp REA to come 10-20; CCC camp Raymond and Harold Guinn home 6-2; CCC experimental plot 10-6; Cemetery, Allen E.R. Highsmith 3-31; Cemetery, Bethel Maggie Taylor Crews 9-29; Cemetery, Corinth Harry Woolard 3-31; Cemetery, Corinth Jim Taylor 12-15; Cemetery, Edgewood Memorial Ara Wildes 3-10; Cemetery, Folkston Clifton Williams 2-24; Cemetery, Folkston J.R. Bachlott one of first buried there 3-3; Cemetery, Folkston J.W. Rodgers 1-13; Cemetery, Folkston Violet Bachlott Sirmans 3-3; Cemetery, Folkston, James Purdom 3-10; Cemetery, High Bluff Edward Eunice 2-10; Cemetery, Sand Hill Verdie Carter Howell 3-3; Cemetery, Sardis Gibson 1-13-39; Cemetery, Sardis Julia Vickery Gibson 5-12; Cemetery, Sardis Petty baby 2-3; Chamber of Commerce meets at CCC camp 8-18; Champion train came thru 12-1, 12-8; Champion, train name in contest 11-3; Chancey, Grace good grades 9-29; Chancey, M.A. in fiddlers convention 1-27; Chapman, Sam colored library 8-4; Charlton County Herald 1-6; Charlton County Herald birthday 6-30; Charlton County Herald Mrs. Lydia Crews reader for 30 yrs 12-15; Chesser, Hamp barn burned down 5-5; Chesser, Lois grad Jr Hi 5-26; Chesser, Morgan married 11-3, 11-10; Chesser, Ridley new baby 10-27; Chism, George married 10-27; Church, Bethel Maggie Taylor Crews funeral 9-29; Church, Bethel Meth. Dobbs funeral 12-15; Church, Bethel Meth. Mrs. Bertie Grooms Gowen lifelong member 7-28; Church, Callahan Bap. William Mizell speaker 8-25; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap. John B. Lloyd member 11-3; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap. Missionary Circle 11-10; Church, Camp Pinckney Baptist homecoming 9-22; Church, Cornhouse Easter egg hunt 4-14; Church, Cornhouse SS 11-3; Church, Folk Bap 350 at revival 8-4; Church, Folk Bap Baptism 10-27; Church, Folk Bap hosts children from orp. Home 7-7; Church, Folk Bap. James Purdom member 3-10; Church, Folk Bap. Helps Meth with dist conf 6-2; Church, Folk Meth J.W. Rodgers, member 1-13; Church, Folk Meth Rev. Marshall killed 7-28; Church, Folk Meth hosts district conf. 6-2; Church, Folk Methodist Love Culbreth funeral 5-19; Church, Folk Methodist parsonage renovation 2-10; Church, Folk Presby. Helps Meth with dist conf 6-2; Church, Grace Chapel service dates listed 3-31; Church, Grace Chapel Baptism 10-6; Church, Grace Chapel Crews, Chesser wedding 11-3; Church, Grace Chapel ladies helping clean grounds, men build building 3-24; Church, Grace Chapel plans new church bldg 1-6; Church, Grace Chapel services Sat. and Sunday 5-12; Church, Grace Chapel volunteers cutting logs, making cement blocks 2-10; Church, Grace Chapel work progressing 5-5; Church, Grace Chapel almost finished with construction 5-19; Church, Grace Chapel benefit performance by band 5-26; Church, Grace Chapel near complete 6-30; Church, Grace Chapel, band to play 6-9; Church, Methodist reunite North and South 5-12; Church, Mills Chapel over 100 yr old, 3rd bldg. 12-8; Church, Prim Bap. Matthew J. Wainwright was member 63 years 1-27; Church, Racepond new SS organized 6-30; Church, Sand Hill cemetery working 8-18; Church, Sardis Mrs. Julia Ann Vickery Gibson was member 5-12; Church, St. George Bap. Smith funeral 8-11; Church, Traders Hill Meth Gowen funeral 8-4; Church, Traders Hill Methodist revival 9-8; Church, Uptonville dedicated 9-22; Church, Uptonville nearly complete 9-15; Church, Winokur Bap. Funeral of Georgia Smith Norman 8-11; Chute, Eunice teacher 9-29; Citizens Bank, statement of condition 1-13; Clark, Gladys grad JrHi 5-26; Clark, Mildred grad JrHi 5-26; Clubfoot of the Okefenokee new book by Col McQueen 2-24; Cockrell, Eleanor teacher 9-29; Coleraine Plantation F.A. Popham family live there 12-15; Colson, J.W. son Pascal working in plane factory 4-7; Colson, John son married 9-15; Colson, Pascal working in plane factory 4-7; Colson, Shelton Edgar graduated HS 5-19; Colson, Virgil going to college 9-8; Colson, Wilton E. married 9-15; Conner, Dawson new baby boy 10-27; Conner, J.J.N. building Z. Conner house 1-27; Conner, J.P. Singing school 1-6; Conner, Jewell good grades 9-29; Conner, Mrs. L.S. cane grinding 12-1; Conner, Troy Masons 12-22; Conner, Zelton building home 1-27; Conner, Zelton Masons 12-22; Conner, Zelton moved into new home 4-28; Conner, Zelton sells suit to Mallard 12-15; Contest to name train 9-15; Convicts, working on highway No 23 8-4; Cooper, Billy brother died 12-15; Cooper, J.C. died 12-15; Cooper, J.C. leaves for CCC camp 4-14; Cooper, Joseph brother died 12-15; Cooper, Mrs. Minnie father died 12-29; Cooper, Robert brother died 12-15; Corn House Creek SS. Weiner roast 12-22; Corn House Sunday School 12-8; Cornhouse Creek Hamp Chesser barn burned 5-5; Cornhouse Creek, Harris brothers accused of stealing 5-5; Cornhouse Sunday School, large group 11-3; Crawford, Emma at college 10-6; Crawford, Emma going to college 9-8; Crawford, Emma graduated HS 5-26; Crews, Bessie 4-H club officer 10-27; Crews, Calvin grad JrHi 5-26; Crews, Calvin died 9-15; Crews, Carlos L. graduated HS 5-19; Crews, Charlie brother died 12-29; Crews, Charlie Arch brother died 12-29; Crews, Charlie Lee brother died 12-29; Crews, Darling brother died 12-29; Crews, Ed new baby girl 11-17; Crews, Everett brother died 12-29; Crews, Freeman mother died 9-29; Crews, Helen married 11-3, 11-10; Crews, J.C. injured foot 1-20; Crews, James Alfred killed 12-29; Crews, Jesse father died 12-29; Crews, Josephine 4-H club officer 10-27; Crews, Leonard mother died 9-29; Crews, Levy new baby girl 7-28; Crews, Lewis father died 12-29; Crews, Lorene good grades 9-29; Crews, Minnie Lucille graduated HS 5-19; Crews, Mose father died 12-29; Crews, Mose husband of Lydia V. Crews 12-15; Crews, Mrs. Julian nephew died 2-24; Crews, Mrs. Lettie mother died 9-29; Crews, Mrs. Lloyd brother died 3-3; Crews, Mrs. Lydia V. Herald reader for 30 years 12-15; Crews, Mrs. Maggie Taylor died 9-29; Crews, Otise father died 12-29; Crews, Pearl 4-H club officer 10-27; Crews, Perry son injured foot 1-20; Crews, Ray father died 12-29; Crews, Raymond mother died 9-29; Crews, Romney father died 12-29; Crews, Velma good grades 9-29; Crews, Wiley mother died 9-29; Crews, Wylie father died 12-29; Culbreth, Love died 5-19; Custom, community egg hunt 4-7, 4-14; Custom, egg hunt at Cornhouse church 4-14; Custom, peanut popping at Murrays 4-14; Custom, Thanks. Services at Bap church 12-1; Customs, Thanksgiving service 11-24;


Dasher, Boogie killed by Isaac Sims 3-10; Davis, Frank building duplex apartments across from H.J. Davis 1-13; Davis, Mrs. E.J. brother died 2-10; Davis, Mrs. Florence brother died 1-6; Davis, Mrs. Frank teacher 9-29; Davis, Mrs. H.J. on committee for parsonage renovation 2-10; Davis, Mrs. Ruth brother died 3-31; Day, Mrs. J.G. brother died 3-3; Dean, E.F. preached at dedication of Uptonville Church 9-22; Dean, E.F., Jr. son died 2-24; Dean, G.A. neighbor of Zelton Conner 4-28; Dean, G.A. wins trip to worldís fair 8-18; Dean, Guy A. neighbor to Z. Conner 1-27; Dean, Harry died 2-24; Dean, Martha Sue going to college 9-8; Dean, Mrs. E.F., Jr. father died 1-13-39; Dean, Old Home place burned 2-10; Dean, Rev. E.F. pastor of MEC North at reunification 5-12; Dean, Rev. E.F. spoke at Thanks. Serv. 12-1; Dean, Rev. E.F., Sr. grandson died 2-24; Depression railroad hiring 100 men 7-7; Depression, 116 families helped in June by food commodities 8-4; Depression, ACL men back at work 1-13; Depression, all road work ceased by county. No funds 8-4; Depression, commodity food reaches 126 families 6-2; Depression, Unemployed workers paid 11-10; Dinkins, Bonnie to work for Hebards at Coleraine 10-13; Dinkins, Mrs. Celeste mother died 9-22; Dinkins, Mrs. Theo sister married 2-10; Dinkins, Theo apology ad for price increases 9-8; Dinkins, Theo at Hall accident hearing 10-6; Dinkins, Theo building home on Main St for Jim and Mae McK 5-19; Dinkins, Theo elected to council 12-8; Dinkins, Theo working at tobacco warehouse 7-14; Dinkins, W.R. horse Old Dock died 8-4; Dixie CafÈ new manager Mrs. Troy Jones 4-14; Dixon, Huey pastor Uptonville Church 9-15; Dixon, Hughie baptism of church members 10-6; Dixon, Rev. Huie preacher at Grace Chapel 5-12; Dixon, Rev. Huie worked on building church 5-19; Dobbs, Herman mother died 12-15; Dobbs, Ira mother died 12-15; Dobbs, Maggie mother died 12-15; Dobbs, Mary Elizabeth died 12-15; Dorsey, Mrs. L.J. sister died 9-22; Duggan, Ralph new baby boy 12-8; Dumberly, Prof. Singing school 1-6; Duncan, Gladys teacher 9-29; Dunn, Mrs. O.M. father died 10-20; Dyal, Darrel Loiell new baby boy 10-20; Dyal, R. new baby boy 10-20; Dyal, R. hosts tacky party 6-9; 


Eason, Mabel grandson died 7-14; Easter Egg Hunt at Cornhouse church 4-14; Easter egg hunt, community 4-7, 4-14; Eastern Star chapter sponsors egg hunt 4-7, 4-14; Edenfield, Cora teacher 9-29; Electricity REA for rural areas 5-12; Electricity REA to come to Charlton 10-20; Electricity, for Uptonville 11-3; Ellis, Mrs. A.J. brother died 10-6; Entertainment box supper at Uptonville 1-20; Entertainment Marsh Mallow roast 10-13; Entertainment peanut boiling Carters 9-15; Entertainment Peanut popping at Wainwrights 3-24; Entertainment pie supper Racepond 2-10; Entertainment singing convention 9-1; Entertainment singing school, Uptonville 1-6; Entertainment, box supper, Uptonville 1-13; Entertainment, cane grinding and candy pulling 12-1; Entertainment, Fiddlers Convention 1-27; Entertainment, tacky party at Dyals 6-9; Eunice Mrs. Walter son died 2-10; Eunice, Claude brother died 2-10; Eunice, Edward died 2-10; Eunice, Elmer brother died 2-10; Eunice, George brother died 2-10; Eunice, Henry brother died 2-10; Eunice, Joe brother died 2-10; Eunice, Lester brother died 2-10; Eunice, Lowell brother died 2-10; Experimental Plot CCC gardening, etc 10-6; ;


Farmers, sweet potatoes inspection 7-28; Farming corn sheller, etc for sale 9-1; Farming turnips 11-24 ; Fiddlers Convention Warm Springs Found. 1-27; Fire, Hamp Chesser barn 5-5; Fire, Old Emory Dean home burned 2-10; Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Married 3-3; Fleming, A. Rat killing campaign 10-6; Fleming, Albert clinic 1-13; Fleming, Dr. Hospital Kendricks baby born 9-29; Fleming, Dr. A. pres of Ch of Comm 8-11; Fleming, Mrs., A. chairman of dist conf affairs here 6-2; Florida East Coast Railway contest to name train 9-15; Folkston Chamber of Commerce new officer 8-11; Folkston Furniture Co. owned by Mr. Mathews 3-10; Folkston Library moved 1-13-39; Folkston Pharmacy repairs 6-23; Folkston, city of annual election 12-8; Folkston, city of CJ Passieu invented blinking caution lights 2-24; Folkston, city of curb and gutter project begun 12-1; Funeral Home, Adkins in new quarters 6-9;


Gainey, Earl tornado damage 3-3; Gainey, Ralph tornado damage 3-3; Gainey, Thelma married 12-15; Garden Club giving Chinese elm trees away 2-17; Garrison, Earl on Homeland council 12-15; Gay, Mrs. B.F. sister died 7-28; George, Mrs. Gladys father died 12-29; George, Willie new baby girl 2-3; Georgia General Assembly speed limit law to be debated 1-27; Georgia Legislature to study danger of cattle on highway 1-6; Gibson, Alice mother died 5-12; Gibson, C.E. father died 1-13-39; Gibson, Charles H. mother died 5-12; Gibson, Grady H. mother died 5-12; Gibson, H.G. sold home to Raynor 5-26; Gibson, H.J. father died 1-13-39; Gibson, Henry G., Jr. father died 1-13-39; Gibson, Henry Gilbert died 1-13-39; Gibson, Irene good grades 9-29; Gibson, Irene got Highest Scholarship Average at graduation 5-26; Gibson, Irene scholarship award at JrHi grad 5-26; Gibson, J.D. father died 1-13-39; Gibson, J.W. mother died 5-12; Gibson, John S. gave literary address at graduation 5-26; Gibson, John S. mother died 5-12; Gibson, Judge H.G. very sick 1-6; Gibson, Julia Ann Vickery died 5-12; Gibson, Marcell grad JrHi 5-26; Gibson, Marjorie Inez graduated HS 5-19; Gibson, Mrs. H.G. moving to Waycross 5-26; Gibson, N.M. father died 1-13-39; Gibson, S.G. mother died 5-12; Gibson, S.G. son married 12-29; Gibson, Violet Irene graduated HS 5-19; Gibson, W.E. at Hall accident hearing 10-6; Gibson, W.E. father died 1-13-39; Gibson, W.E. on city council 12-8; Gibson, W.O. brother died 1-13-39; Gibson, W.O. widow died 5-12; Gibson, William Guy married 12-29; Gold ore, from N.Ga. 11-24; Gowen Brothers Tom Askew working for them 12-1; Gowen, Andrew G. wife died 7-28; Gowen, Baynard H. graduated HS 5-19; Gowen, Cecil stepmother died 7-28; Gowen, Clayton mother died 7-28; Gowen, Clifton in orchestra 12-15; Gowen, E.C. elected to council 12-8; Gowen, E.C. New Pearce Stapleton home next door to him 5-19; Gowen, E.C. owns home next to Stap house 8-25; Gowen, Grace mother died 7-28; Gowen, J.V. owned Dean Home place 2-10; Gowen, J.V., Sr. urged that River channel be cleaned out 9-29; Gowen, James Gary just born 4-7; Gowen, Jane grad JrHi 5-26; Gowen, Louie mother died 7-28; Gowen, Louis mother died 8-4; Gowen, Morris mother died 7-28; Gowen, Mrs. Andrew G. died 8-4; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. mother died 12-15; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. teacher 9-29; Gowen, Mrs. Bertie Grooms died 7-28; Gowen, Mrs. E.C. teacher 9-29; Gowen, Randall new baby boy 10-6; Gowen, Sheppard mother died 7-28; Gowen, T.C. son injured 11-24; Gowen, Tom Masons 12-22; Gowen, Tom C. new son Gary 4-7; Gowen, Tommie injured thumb 11-24; Grandy, Mrs. Ella brother died 10-20; Gregory, Charles sister died 12-15; Gregory, Fannie sister died 12-15; Gregory, J.B. sister died 12-15; Gregory, Stark sister died 12-15; Griffin, Ethan sister died 9-29; Griffin, Mrs. Hoke S. father died 1-13; Griffin, Mrs. P.U. mother died 5-12; Griffin, Willie Mae grad Jr. Hi 5-26; Grooms, Bertie [Gowen] died 7-28; Grooms, Dock sister died 7-28; Grooms, Ernie sister died 7-28; Grooms, Ralph sister died 7-28; Guinn, Harold leaves for CCC camp 4-14; Guinn, Harold, home from CCC camp 6-2; Guinn, Raymond leaves for CCC camp 4-14; Guinn, Raymond, home from CCC camp 6-2; Gurwe, Mrs. Jackie mother died 9-22; Guy, Devant grad JrHi 5-26;


Haddock, Vera grad JrHi 5-26; Hall, C.E. sister died 9-22; Hall, Hubert sister died 9-22; Hall, L.N. sister died 9-22; Hall, Norma Jean mother died 9-29; Hall, P.C. building home for Jim and Mae McK on W main for Theo D. 5-19; Hall, P.C. built L. OíCain bldg 12-8; Hall, P.C. sonís wife died in accident 10-6; Hall, Ronald mother died 9-29; Hall, Ruby Alene died 9-29; Hall, Ruby Alene died in auto accident 10-6; Hall, Winston Baptized 10-27; Hall, Winston C. wife died 9-29; Hall, Winston C. wife died in auto accident 10-6; Hannaford, J.O. manager Suwannee Store 8-4; Harden, Clarence grad JrHi 5-26; Harden, Mary teacher 9-29; Harden, Mrs. L.P. daughter married 9-15; Harden, Otellia married 9-15; Harkenrode, Dan new baby boy 7-14; Harkenrode, Wendell Adrien new baby 7-14; Harrell, Mr. died at Stubbs Mill 11-17; Harris, Buddy sons accused of stealing 5-5; Harris, D.L. son died 9-22; Harris, Frank cow stealing 5-5; Harris, Hubert died 9-22; Harris, John gave out diplomas at grad 5-26; Harris, John presented diplomas at graduation 5-19; Harris, John school to begin Monday 9-22; Harris, John, Sec of Ch of Comm 8-11; Harris, Marvin cow stealing 5-5; Harris, Mrs. John rumble seat fell on her 10-27; Harrison, Ethel grad JrHi 5-26; Harrison, R. Ward, editor 1-6; Harrison, R.Ward son to take special course 9-8; Harrison, Robert going to college 9-8; Harrison, Robert to take special course for US Naval Academy 9-8; Harrison, Robert Ward, Jr. graduated HS 5-19; Harvey, J. Emmet, Jr. graduated HS 5-19; Harvey, J.E., Jr. going to college 9-8; Harvey, J.E., Jr. gold from N Ga 11-24; Harvey, Margaret grad JrHi 5-26; Hatcher, Mrs. T.K. sister died 9-22; Health county nurse office in courthouse 1-13; Health, rat killing campaign 10-6; Health, syphilis clinic 1-13; Hebard, D.L. to return to Coleraine 10-13; Henderson, Allen daughter died 9-29; Henderson, Cleon sister died 9-29; Henderson, Roy sister died 9-29; Henderson, Sarah teacher 9-29; Hendricks, Emma Louise new member Traders Hill Meth 9-8; Hercules Co. B.C. Taylor formerly manager of store 6-23; Hercules Powder Co. camp Eunice lad died 2-10; Herrin, Mrs. Jerry died 2-3; Hershey Park US 23 to pass by 6-23; Highsmith, Cecil brother died 3-31; Highsmith, Elzie Rufus died 3-31; Highsmith, Evelyn father died 3-31; Highsmith, Everett father died 3-31; Highsmith, Felix half-brother died 3-31; Highsmith, Henry half-brother died 3-31; Highsmith, Jasper half-brother died 3-31; Highsmith, Joe half-brother died 3-31; Highsmith, Mamie father died 3-31; Highsmith, Martha married 1-13-39; Highsmith, Miss Zincie half-brother died 3-31; Highsmith, Mrs. Artie OíBerry husband died 3-31; Highsmith, Mrs. Laura stepson died 3-31; Highsmith, Raymond father died 3-31; Highsmith, Ruth father died 3-31; Highway No. 23 work underway 8-4; Highway, Route 23 rights of way 8-25; Hines, Frances teacher 9-29; Hodges, Alex new baby boy 10-27; Hodges, V.A. holds dinner for section foremen 1-6; Hodges, V.A. Mayor elected 12-8; Holbrook, Mitchell won fiddlers convention 1-27; Holt, Joe cows stolen 5-5; Homeland post office destroyed by fire 12-22; Homeland, city of election managers named 12-22; Homeland, city town limits established by Dean Gowen 12-15; Homeland, Dr. W.J. Schneider 2-24; Homeland, reached quota Warm Springs Found 1-27; Hopkins, Frances at college 10-6; Hopkins, Frances graduated HS 5-26; Hospital, Dr. Flemingís Huling baby born 1-20; Hospital, Sawyer Gowen baby born 10-6; Howard, B.M., Jr. married 4-28; Howard, Gordy C. married 12-15; Howard, Jack C. working at tobacco warehouse 7-14; Howard, Mrs. A.H. mother died 5-12; Howell, Mrs. Verdie Carter died 3-3; Huggins, Dorothy hosted Marshmellow roast 10-13; Huggins, J.M. Marsh Mallow roast 10-13; Hughes, Ella Belle teacher 9-29; Huling, Cleo teacher 9-29; Huling, Dock construct home for SM Mills 5-19; Huling, Fleming grad Jr Hi 5-26; Huling, Howard has new baby daughter 1-20; Huling, Merlyn good grades 9-29; Huling, Merlyn scholarship award at JrHi grad 5-26; Huling, Mrs. Herbert Miss. Circle 11-10; Huling, Mrs. Howard teacher 9-29; Huling, Mrs. M.H. Miss. Circle 11-10; Huling, Mrs. W.L. Miss. Circle 11-10; Huling, W.L. building store for B.C. Taylor 6-23; Huling, W.L. contractor for Frank Davis apartments 1-13; Huling, W.L. good grades 9-29; Huling, W.L. got best all around boy at grad 5-26; Huling, Walter contractor in parsonage renovation 2-10; Huling, Walter L., Jr. graduated HS 5-19; Hunt, Eunice teacher 9-29; Hutson, Jack at college 10-6; Hutson, Jack going to college 9-8; Hutson, Jack graduated HS 5-26;


Ice cream parlor, T.E. Leckie opens it 6-9; Infantile Paralysis Drive Racepond-Mattox 2-10; Infantile Paralysis Fund Many activities 1-20, 1-27; Infantile Paralysis Fund Racepond pie supper 1-27; Infantile Paralysis Fund drive total made 2-3;


Jacobs, Mrs. Ioma father died 3-31; Jarvis, E.K. owned Cannon tract 6-23; Jenkins, J.H. colored library 8-4; Johns, Farley tornado damage 3-3; Johns, Lewis new baby boy 2-3; Johns, Paul father of Lydia V. Crews 12-15; Johnson, Eason died 7-7, 7-14; Johnson, Edgar father died 12-22; Johnson, Elijah J. died 12-22; Johnson, Guy son died 7-7, 7-14; Johnson, J.H. uncle died 12-22; Johnson, J.W. uncle died 12-22; Johnson, Jewell grad JrHi 5-26; Johnson, Merrill Tracy married 9-29; Johnson, Mildred Lois graduated HS 5-19; Johnson, Mrs. E.J. died 12-22; Johnson, Mrs. J.W. teacher 9-29; Johnson, Scott did plumbing work and wiring work on parsonage 2-10; Johnson, Scott RR recalls him as tie inspector 2-24; Johnson, W.E. son married 9-29; Johnson, Wesley grandson died 7-7, 7-14; Johnston, Susie teacher 9-29; Jones, Dudley at military camp 7=21; Jones, J.B. daughter married 2-10; Jones, Kirby R. graduated HS 5-19; Jones, Mae married 2-10; Jones, Mrs. Troy new manager of Dixie CafÈ 4-14; Jones, Mrs. W.J., chairman food comm at dist conf here 6-2; Jones, Troy cow stealing case 5-5; Jones, Troy sister married 2-10; Jones, W.D. County Agent to be terminated 1-6; Jones, W.D. rehired by county as county agent 2-24; Jones, W.D. visited tornado damage 3-3; Jordan, Mildred 4-H club officer 10-27; Jordan, Mrs. Floyd brother died 10-20; Joyner, J.S. daughter married 4-28; Joyner, John in orchestra 12-15; Joyner, Mrs. J.S. died 12-1;


Kemp, Mrs. Albert mother died 8-11; Kencaid, Louise mother died 9-22; Kendrick, Waunell Ella graduated HS 5-19; Kendricks, Grover new baby girl 9-29; Kendricks, L.W. bought Sol Mills place 6-23; Kendricks, Nell good grades 9-29; Kent, Mrs. Will Baptized 10-27; King, Mrs. Lillie half-brother died 3-31; King, Rosa teacher 9-29; King, Rosa Lee teacher at Winokur 1-6; Kirkpatrick, Mrs. J.C. father died 7-21; Knowles Lilly hosted Marshmellow roast 10-13; Knowles, A.J. new-born baby 1-27; Knowles, Andrew new baby boy 1-27; Knowles, Mrs. Alfred Miss. Circle 11-10;


Lane, Carl Edward married 7-7; Lane, Willie Mae opens beauty shop 4-14; Lang, Felder Milligan died 6-23; Lang, S.H. resigned as supt of roads. 1-6; Layton, Mrs. O.W. son is Emerson Payne 12-1; Leckie, James graduated HS 5-26; Leckie, Robert Powell married 7-21; Leckie, T.E. building service station [Randyís on hwy s. of Folkston] 3-3; Leckie, T.E. opens ice cream parlor and ser. Station 6-9; Leckie, T.E. son married 7-21; Leckie, Wordie going to college 9-8; Lee, Elizabeth married 1-13-39; Leonard, Luther, member Grace Chapel Church 1-6; Library for colored people announcement 8-4; Library, Folkston moved 1-13-39; Literacy, CW Waughtel to teach reading, etc. 11-10; Little, Mrs. J.R. sister died 9-22; Littlefield, Kemp going to college 9-8; Littlefield, Thomas Kemp graduated HS 5-19; Lloyd, Brantley father died 11-3; Lloyd, Charlie son in hospital 9-15; Lloyd, James grandson died 11-3; Lloyd, Jeff father died 11-3; Lloyd, John B. died 11-3; Lloyd, Lester father died 11-3; Lloyd, Mack father died 11-3; Lloyd, Mrs. Bernie Miss. Circle 11-10; Lockhart, Ruby teacher 9-29; Londeree, Mrs. W.T. mother died 8-11; Loper, Jonnie Mae Baptized 10-27; Loper, Wilma Baptized 10-27; Love, Lillian sister died 3-3; Lowrimore, Edith attends summer camp 8-18; Lowrimore, Edith good grades 9-29; Lowrimore, Isabelle training to be nurse at St Vincent 5-26 ; Lowrimore, Mary Edith graduated HS 5-19; Lowther, Annie Belle married 12-29; Lowther, Berry daughter married 12-29; Lowther, Mamie Pauline graduated HS 5-19; Lowther, Mrs. B.H. daughter married 3-24; Lowther, Pauline going to college 9-8; Lowther, Pauline gold medal 11-10; Lowther, Willie Maude married 3-24;


Maine, James Lloyd came to Burnt Fort 11-3; Mallard, L.E. on committee for parsonage renovation 2-10; Mallard, L.E. receives gifts from friends 12-15; Mallard, L.E. to list Meth. Property 12-8; Marshall, Rev. M.M. killed in accident 7-28; Martin, Mrs. Janie brother died 12-29; Martin, Odell wins prize at party 6ó9; Martin, Thelma works in beauty shop 4-14; Masonic Building, beauty shop opens 4-14; Masonic Hall refinanced 10-6; Masonic Lodge, new officers elected 12-22; Masons, sponsor egg hunt 4-7, 4-14; Mathews building home on Okefenokee Drive N. 3-10; Matthews, Mrs. T.H. father died 12-22; Mattox, Dorothy chief credit manager St. Regis Hotel 2-24; Mattox, H.S. father of Dorothy who got promotion 2-24; Mattox, Ollie sister died 7-28; Mattox-Racepond quota for Infantile Paralysis Fund 1-27; Maund, Ella Ligon married 3-31; Maund, J.B. daughter married 3-31; Mayo, Mrs. Oscar brother died 3-3; Mays, B.J. brother died 10-27; Mays, Dick father died 10-27; Mays, H.J. Earl Garrison took his place on city council 12-15; Mays, H.J. returns to Suwannee Store 4-14; Mays, Howard Jasper died 10-27; Mays, Jack Robert father died 10-27; Mays, Naomi Martin husband died 10-27; Mays, William Howard father died 10-27; McCall, Franklin Pierce sentenced to death for kidnap-murder 2-17; McCoy, Dr. W.R. new equip. for clinic 11-24; McCoy, Dr. W.R. to return to Folkston 9-8; McDonald, Mrs. B.G. nephew died 6-23; McDuffie, Thyra teacher 9-29; McKendree, Jim and Mae Theo Dinkins building home for them 5-19; McKendree, Jimmy Lee married 2-10; McLean, Annie Louise married 9-15; McLean, Helen grad JrHi 5-26; McLean, L.P. daughter married 9-15; McLeod, Carrie election manager for Homeland 12-22; McQueen, A.S. county attorney 1-6; McQueen, A.S. married Lowther-Mizell 3-24; McQueen, Bill going to college 9-8; McQueen, Col. author of new book, Clubfoot of the O.S. 2-24; McQueen, Mrs. A.S. father died 1-13; Merrow, Mrs. Tom Miss. Circle 11-10; Millen, Edward in orchestra 12-15; Mills, Albert grad JrHi 5-26; Mills, Edgar G. married 3-3; Mills, Frank family moved to Fernandina 12-15; Mills, John L. graduated HS 5-19; Mills, Morris grad JrHi 5-26; Mills, Mrs. Fannie Joyner married 4-28; Mills, S.M. building 6 room house 5-19; Mills, Sol buys Cannon tract 6-23; Milton, Julia Ann colored library 8-4; Milton, Mrs. C.S. father died 12-22; Minter, Mrs. R.L. father died 9-29; Mixon, Mrs. Ira father died 12-29; Mizell, Alton M. graduated HS 5-19; Mizell, Audrey Mae brother died 9-29; Mizell, E.M. Head of county road work 1-6; Mizell, Eustace brother died 9-29; Mizell, Frances grad JrHi 5-26; Mizell, Gilbert brother died 9-29; Mizell, J.P. married 3-24; Mizell, Jack in fiddlers convention 1-27; Mizell, Jesse P. son married 3-24; Mizell, Jewell going to college 9-8; Mizell, Jim brother died 9-29; Mizell, Lois to work for Hebards at Coleraine 10-13; Mizell, Mrs. John son died 12-15; Mizell, Mrs. Stewart grandson married 9-15; Mizell, Mrs. W.H. brother died 1-6; Mizell, Mrs. William Pres garden club 2-17; Mizell, Mrs. William visited tornado damage 3-3; Mizell, O.C. selling turkeys 10-20; Mizell, Pratt G. son died 9-29; Mizell, Pres. Wm Jr. helped with refinancing Lodge Hall 10-6; Mizell, Sally Lou brother died 9-29; Mizell, Sara Kathryn going to college 9-8; Mizell, Sara Kathryn good grades 9-29; Mizell, Sara Kathryn got second highest Scholarship Average at grad. 5-26; Mizell, Sara Kathryn graduated HS 5-19; Mizell, W.H. neighbor to Z. Conner 1-27; Mizell, Ward Emerson died 9-29; Mizell, William Masons 12-22; Mizell, William ordered 200 chinese elm trees to give away 2-17; Mizell, William speaker in Callahan 8-25; Mizell, William, on committee for parsonage renovation 2-10; Mock, Mrs. J.A. brother died 3-3; Moniac tornado 3-3; Moore, Nina teacher 9-29; Morgan, Dortha teacher 9-29; Morgan, J.B. died 6-9; Morgan, Maggie, husband died 6-9; Morgan, Virgil father died 6-9; Murder Clyde Carter killed wife 6-30; Muril, Sara teacher 9-29; Murray, Clifford peanut popping 4-14; Murray, J.C. home burned, Dean home place 2-10; Murray, Mrs. Estelle mother died 9-22;


Nawlin, Mrs. H.A. father died 10-27; Nazworth, Corbett new baby boy 1-6; Nazworth, Elliott ìBuckî in orchestra 12-15; Nazworth, Elma grad JrHi 5-26; Nazworth, Jesse died 11-17; Nelson, Mrs. S.U. father died 1-13-39; Newspapers 1-6; Norman, Georgia Smith died 8-11; Norman, Leon married 1-13; Norman, Mrs. Leon teacher 9-29; Norman, Mrs. Leslie father died 1-13; Norman, Mrs. Leslie teacher 9-29; Norman, N.J. son married 1-13; Nutt, Mrs. L.J. brother died 10-6;


O’Cain, Leonard new bldg 12-8; O’Quinn, George home from hospital 7-14; O’Quinn, George suffering from tetanus 6-23; O’Quinn, Lester son Georgia home from hospital 7-14; O’Quinn, Lester son has tetanus 6-23; O’Quinn, Maggie Myrtle graduated HS 5-19; O’Quinn, Mrs. S.A. Miss. Circle 11-10; Odd Fellows James Purdom member 3-10; Oil Well unofficial reports of oil in Pierce Co. 5-5, 5-12; Oil Well, being drilled near Hilliard 9-8; Orchestra, first appearance of Folk. Group 12-15; Orphans from Baxley 7-7; Osterman home, cane grinding 11-17;


Page, Jewell clinic 1-13; Page, Jewell gone to Tifton, Tift County Health Dept. 1-6; Page, Jewell resigned as county health nurse 1-6; Palmer, Mrs. Samuel father died 12-22; Parmenter, Gressie married 1-20; Passieu, C.J. councilman 12-8; Passieu, C.J. invented blinking caution lights 2-24; Passieu, Elizabeth runs theater 12-15; Passieu, Louie runs theater 12-15; Paul, Vincent car killed James Alfred Crews 12-29; Paxton, Jehu built Raynor Home [I think Bedell built it] 5-26; Payne, Emerson part of crew on Champion 12-1; Peanut popping at Clifford Murrays 4-14; Pearce, Betty won prize at egg hunt 4-14; Pearce, Jim grad Jr Hi 5-26; Pearce, Marion teacher 9-29; Peeples, Rev. R.T. pastor Camp Pink Bap Ch 9-22; Penland, Mrs. C.H. father died 1-27; Petty, Joe new baby boy 12-1; Petty, John baby girl died 2-3; Philips, James Clinton married 3-31; Photo Gallery Ad in paper 2-3; Photography Studio Ad 2-3; Pickren, W.W. new baby boy 7-14; Pickren, Woodrow Wilson, Jr. new baby boy 7-14; Pickrenís Garage US 23 to come by there 6-23; Player, R.E. apptd to SS Board 11-24; Popham, Annie Delores died 12-15; Popham, F.A. daughter died 12-15; Post Office, beauty shop opens next door 4-14; Post office, Homeland fire 12-22; Powell, Mrs. Maurice father died 1-13; Powers, Mrs. A.G. father died 1-13-39; Prescott community E.R. Highsmith died 3-31; Prescott, B.S. daughter Hazel engaged 5-12; Prescott, B.S. daughter married 5-26; Prescott, Hazel engaged 5-12; Prescott, Hazel married 5-26; Prescott, Mrs. B.S. mother died 5-12; Prescott, Mrs. Lula father died 1-27; Prescott, O.M. at wedding of Hazel Prescott 5-26; Prescott, Owen new baby girl 7-14; Prescott, Velma gold medal 11-24; President Franklin Roosevelt waves from train 2-24; Price, Addie brother died 3-10; Proctor, Gertrude demonstrated baking light bread 9-1; Proctor, Gertrude Home Dem Agent terminated 1-6; Proctor, Gertrude rehired by county as home dem. Agent 2-24; Proctor, Gertrude visited Tornado in Moniac area 3-3; Proctor, Gertrude announces 4-H camp 7-7; Proctor, Gertrude, Home Dem Agent 11-10; Public Welfare helped 116 families in June 8-4; Public Welfare names application for help days 9-8; Purdom, James died 3-10; Purdom, Mrs. James Gibson couple lives with her 12-29; Purdom, Mrs. James was manager Dixie CafÈ 4-14; Purdom, T.E. brother died 3-10; Purdom, W.P. brother died 3-10;


Quarterman, Althea mother died 7-28; Quarterman, V.A. Masons 12-22; Quick, Charles grad JrHi 5-26; Quick, Harry grad JrHi 5-26;


Racepond pie supper 1-27; Racepond pie supper 2-10; Racepond-Mattox Polio Drive 2-10; Radio CCC singers 9-8; Raiden, W.L. died 1-13-39; Raulerson, Evelyn 4-H club officer 10-27; Raulerson, Mrs. B.B. brother died 3-10; Raulerson, Mrs. Russell injured in tornado 3-3; Raulerson, Russell tornado damage 3-3; Raulerson, Vera 4-H club officer 10-27; Raynor, Kathryn going to college 9-8; Raynor, O.E. announces work on Rt. 23 6-23; Raynor, O.E. apptd caretaker of State Park property 8-4; Raynor, O.E. buys Gibson Home on Magnolia and Love 5-26; Raynor, O.E. Chrm Co Comm. 1-6; Raynor, O.E. had apartment for Mae and Jimmie Lee McK 2-10; Raynor, O.E. head of singing convention 9-1; Raynor, O.E. at Hall accident hearing 10-6; REA line it will take to bring power to rural places in Charlton 5-12; REA to come to Charlton 10-20; Red Cross chapter organized 12-1; Red Cross roll call 12-8; Reynolds Place, Old tornado damage 3-3; Reynolds, Aderine had baby 4-28; Rhoden, Allen tornado damage 3-3; Rhoden, O.W. married 1-20; Ritz Theater to have 2 films each day 12-15; Ritz Theater to have matinee each Mon. 1-27; Roberts, Emmett at college 10-6; Roberts, Emmett going to college 9-8; Roberts, Orlando election manager 12-22; Robinson, Clyde new baby girl Sarah Catherine 5-5; Robinson, Mrs. W.H. heads cancer control campaign 3-24; Robinson, Sarah Catherine brand new baby 5-5; Robinson, W.H. egg hunt held behind his house 4-14; Roddenberry, Belle next door to Stap residence 8-25; Roddenberry, Belle Brantley husband died 7-21; Roddenberry, Brantley father died 7-21; Roddenberry, Cecil M. father died 10-6; Roddenberry, Delmas opens store in Nahunta 7-28; Roddenberry, Delmas E. father died 10-6; Roddenberry, George son died 1-6; Roddenberry, George W. brother died 10-6; Roddenberry, H.S. brother died 10-6; Roddenberry, Henry, Jr. son died 7-21; Roddenberry, J.D. New Pearce Stap. Home next door to him 5-19; Roddenberry, J.D. ìDockî died 7-21; Roddenberry, Jet brother died 7-21; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D. teacher 9-29; Roddenberry, N.E. member of Social Security Board 11-24; Roddenberry, Nathaniel Eugene died 10-6; Roddenberry, Riley F. died 1-6; Roddenberry, Rudolph father died 1-6; Roddenberry, Virginia father died 1-6; Rodgers residence, now funeral home 6-9; Rodgers resident to be funeral home 5-12; Rodgers, Ben father died 1-13; Rodgers, J.W. died 1-13; Rodgers, Kathleen Roddenberry husband died 1-13; Rodgers, Mary Edna father died 1-13; Rodgers, Mary Edna married 7-21; Rodgers, Mildred father died 1-13; Rodgers, Mrs. J.W. brother died 7-21; Rodgers, Mrs. J.W. daughter married 7-21; Rogers, Mrs. Ira father died 11-3; Roney, B.M. died 6-2; Roney, Jack, daddy died 6-2; Roosevelt, President, waves from train 2-24; Rowell, David engaged 5-12; Rowell, David married 5-26; Rowell, W.H. son engaged 5-12; Rowell, W.H. son married 5-26; Roy, C.E. runs Blue Willow 8-11; Rozier, Mrs. Jim, brother died 6-9; Russell, Rufus remodeling Boyd house 9-15;


Sands, Inez 4-H club officer 10-27; Sardis, reached quota Warm Springs Found 1-27; Sawyer Clinic Maggie Dobbs is nurse 12-15; Sawyer clinic Mrs. John Harris hurt 10-27; Sawyer Clinic, Oxygen machine installed 11-24; Sawyer Hospital J.H. Sullivan died 11-10; Sawyer Hospital Lucas Ward injury 2-24; Sawyer Hospital new baby for Raymond Banks 5-26; Sawyer Hospital Sarah Catherine Robinson born 5-5; Sawyer Hospital and Clinic Dr. McCoy to be associated 9-8; Sawyer Hospital, Gary Gowen was born 4-7; Sawyer, Dr. J.L. W.L. Raiden death 1-13; Sawyer, Dr. James L. Dr. McCoy to be in practice with him 9-8; Sawyer, Dr. James L. new equip for clinic 11-24; Sawyer, Dr. James L. passes Fla Med Board Test 8-4; Sawyer, J.L. clinic 1-13; Sawyer, Mrs. J.L. VP of garden club 2-17; Sawyer, Rev. Swoll Open House at Parsonage 2-10; Sawyer, Rev. Swoll teacher of high school Bible Club 1-6; Sawyer, Rev. Swoll visited tornado damage 3-3; Sawyer, Rev. Swoll pastor of MEC S at reunification 5-12; Schneider, Dr. treated George OíQuinn 6-23; Schneider, Dr. W.J. has office in Old Bank Bldg 6-16; Schneider, Dr. W.J. to open office 2-24; School to begin Monday 9-22; School to open 9-25 9-15; School, graduation of H.S. 5-19; School, 15 white and 9 black teachers let go because of money shortage 3-31; School, 56 Miss. teachers, students visit here 8-4; School, alumni association banquet and dance 6-2; School, Camp Cornelia new school route 9-22; School, Ch Co High teachers 9-29; School, closing plans for all schools 4-28; School, Coleraine district new school bus 9-22; School, Didnít set opening date, uncertainty of funds 8-4; School, Folk Consolidated teachers 9-29; School, Folk Grammar Fiddlers Convention 1-27; School, Folk High, John Gibson gave address at grad. 5-26; School, Folk Sr High those with high averages 9-29; School, Folkston High Bible Club 1-6; School, Folkston, number of students 9-29; School, John Harris Annual Report 8-11; School, John Harris Jr Hi teachers 9-29; School, Jr. High graduation 5-26; School, Moniac Marie Boyd, teacher 1-13; School, Moniac number of students 9-29; School, Moniac teachers 9-29; School, new bus bodies bought 9-8; School, parents making kids study at home to help in school situation 4-7; School, people paying delinquent taxes to help pay school bills 4-7; School, Racepond new school route 9-22; School, Sardis new school route 9-22; School, singing convention in auditorium 9-1; School, St. George teachers Ella Maund and James Clinton Philips married 3-31; School, St. George number of students 9-29; School, St. George teachers 9-29; School, St. George graduation 5-26; School, Stokesville district new school bus 9-22; School, teachers listed 9-29; School, teachers receiving checks for this year 3-10; School, to begin Sept. 18 9-8; School, Toledo district new school bus 9-22; School, Uptonville number of students 9-29; School, Uptonville teachers 9-29; School, Uptonville to operate as last year 9-15; School, Uptonville district new school bus 9-22; School, Uptonville repaired building 1-13-39; School, Winokur number of students 9-29; School, Winokur Rosa Lee King, teacher 1-6; School, Winokur teachers 9-29; School, Winokur to be only a primary school 9-15; School, Winokur district new school bus 9-22; Schools, to stay open 9 months, reducing teaching force, curtailing services 3-24; Scott & Kendricks sawmill Lucas Ward injured 2-24; Scott, C.M. son featured in Wayx paper 10-6; Scott, Malcolm featured in Wayx paper 10-6; Scott, Margie good grades 9-29; Sears, Imogene teacher 9-29; Sewing machine clinic ladies taught how to clean and adjust machines 4-28; Shanklin, Mrs. C.A. father died 7-14; Sheffield, Mrs. Henrietta brother died 1-6; Shivar, Bernard won prize at egg hunt 4-14; Shivar, E.D. built Pearce Stap house 8-25; Shivar, E.D. remodeling Boyd house 9-15; Shivar, E.W. building Pearce Stap new home 5-19; Shivar, E.W. built china closet in parsonage 2-10; Shivar, Ed brother died 9-29; Shivar, James Francis father died 9-29; Shivar, James Samuel died 9-29; Shivar, Mrs. E.W. Miss. Circle 11-10; Shoemaker, Mrs. Maggie brother died 6-9; Sikes, J.O. father died 10-20; Sikes, James Hampton died 10-20; Sikes, Sheriff cow stealing 5-5; Sikes, W.T. father died 10-20; Simmons, Mrs. Buster Miss. Circle 11-10; Sims, Isaac sentence for manslaughter 3-10; Singer Sewing Machine Co. send reps. To teach ladies how to clean machines 4-28; Singing convention 9-1; Sirmans, Violet Bachlott died 3-3; Smith, Arthur wife died 8-11; Smith, C.O. stepmother died 8-11; Smith, D.V. daughter died 8-11; Smith, Dustin mother died 8-11; Smith, Mahlon new baby girl 9-22; Smith, Mahlon D. married 8-25; Smith, Mrs. Ernest, father died 6---9; Smith, Mrs. W.B. teacher 9-29; Smith, Sarah Jane died 8-11; Smith, William S. gave out awards at grad 5-26; Smith, William S. teacher 9-29; Southard, Charlie colored library 8-4; Southern Railway, W.L. Raiden , a lineman, died at St. George 1-13-39; Southwell, J.B. sec of Ch of Comm 8-11; Southwell, John B. elected to council 12-8; Southwell, Rosalie good grades 9-29; Southwell, Rosalie scholarship award at JrHi grad 5-26; Spence, Gilbert wins prize at party 6-9; Spence, Gordon in CCCs 1-6; St. George REA to come 10-20; St. Marys River cleaning out channel 9-29; St. Marys River Oil Corp. new well near Hilliard 9-8; Stapleton, C.P. Masons 12-22; Stapleton, E.B. daughter married 9-29; Stapleton, Kathleen going to college 9-8; Stapleton, Kathleen graduated HS 5-19; Stapleton, Kathleen got best all around girl at grad. 5-26; Stapleton, Martha married 9-29; Stapleton, Pearce building home on West Main 5-19; Stapleton, Pearce home completed 8-25; Stewart, Domingo, Jr. at military camp 7-21; Stewart, G.J. son married 9-15; Stewart, George J., Jr. married 9-15; Stokes, Carlie Mae teacher 9-29; Stokes, Dorthey at college 10-6; Stokes, Emily teacher 9-29; Stokes, L.J. owns old Roddenberry residence (Stell and Mary Alice Jones) place 3-10; Stokes, Wilton took W.E. Mizell to Jax 9-29; Strickland, Mrs. L.G. brother died 3-3; Stroup, Mrs. C.E. mother died 8-11; Stubbs Mill, Mr. Harrell died 11-17; Suicide Clyde Carter 6-30; Sullivan, James Houston 11-10; Sunrise Dairy Mr. Leckie building service station near there 3-3; Sunrise Dairy Robert Powell Leckie works there 7-21; Sunrise Dairy (Leckie) opens ice cream parlor 6-9; Suwannee Store, Mays is manager 4-14; Suwannee Store, new manager, Hannaford 8-4; Sykes, Robert Merlin is new baby 8-18; Sykes, W.B. new baby boy 8-18; Syphilis clinic 1-13;


Talbert, Charlton teacher 9-29; Tanner, Fred married 1-20; Tanner, Fred new baby 11-17; Taylor Grocery and Market, D.C. Taylor burned 12-29; Taylor, Aaron sister died 9-29; Taylor, B.C. building store just N of Hercules 6-23; Taylor, Ben sister died 9-29; Taylor, D.C. his grocery store burned down 12-29; Taylor, Dr. J.S. office in Waycross 5-2; Taylor, Dr. W.M. Dr. J.S. Taylor brother 5-2; Taylor, Ira sister died 9-29; Taylor, Jim died 12-15; Taylor, Nelson father died 12-15; Television, first showing in Atlanta 8-4; Templeton, James going to college 9-8; Templeton, Jim at college 10-6; Templeton, Mrs. S.D. teacher 9-29; Teston, Winnie brother died 6-9; Thanksgiving services at Bap church 12-1; Thanksgiving turkeys Farmers Waughtel and Mizell grew 10-20; Theater, Ritz to have matinee each Mon. 1-27; Thomas, Delene going to college 9-8; Thomas, Delene pres. YWCA 10-13; Thomas, Henry H. died 7-14; Thomas, J.A. brother died 7-14; Thompson, Evelyn Willette graduated HS 5-19; Thompson, Jack married 8-18; Thompson, W.D. brother married 8-18; Thompson, W.D. egg hunt held behind his house 4-14; Threlkeld, Cumie 4-H club officer 10-27; Thrift, Elma student at Perry Business School 8-4; Thrift, J.R. good grades 9-29; Thrift, Martha killed 6-30; Thrift, R.H. new baby girl 8-4; Tillman, R.C. married 4-28; Tillman, R.C. Masons 12-22; Tison, Eloise going to college 9-8; Tison, Margaret good grades 9-29; Title, R.E. pres. Chamber commerce 8-11; Tomlinson, Aldine grad JrHi 5-26; Tornado in Moniac 3-3; TPO county hired five forest range riders against menace of fire 2-24; Tracy, Ada grad. nursing school 11-24; Tracy, Agnes grad. nursing school 11-24; Tracy, Leila attends grad. of sisters 11-24; Tracy, Porte has birthday 8-25; Traders Hill cleaning out River channel 9-29; Traders Hill REA to come 10-20; Traders Hill, B.H. Lowther daughter married 3-24; Traders Hill, J.S. Joynerís daughter married 4-28; Trussell, Louise married 8-18; Trussell, Louise new county health nurse 1-6; Trussell, Louise visited tornado damage 3-3; Tucker, Mrs. Macie father died 12-29; Turkeys farmers Waughtel and Mizell grew many 10-20; Turner, Mrs. J.M. father died 1-13-39; Turnip farmers to sell crop 11-24; Turnips farmers planting to sell 10-6; Tyson, Johnnie Baptized 10-27;


U.S. 23 work begins 6-23; Uptonville baby girl of the John Pettys died 2-3; Uptonville James Alfred Crews killed 12-29; Uptonville REA to come 10-20; Uptonville singing school 1-6; Uptonville Camp new operator is Mr. Adkins 7-14; Uptonville farmers to sell turnips 11-24; Uptonville Singing Choir box supper 1-13; Uptonville Singing Class box supper 1-20; Uptonville, reached quota Warm Springs Found. 1-27; Uptonville, cane grindings 11-17; Uptonville, Conner cane grinding 12-1; Uptonville, farmers planting turnips 10-6; Uptonville, fire burned T. Wainwrightís fence 4-7; Uptonville, Mrs. Carter has peanut boiling 9-15; Uptonville, new church site being cleared 2-24; Uptonville, peanut popping at Tim Wainwright 3-24; Uptonville, soon to get electricity 11-3; Uptonville, young people building church 6-9; 


Vickery, J.W., Jr. in US Merchant Marines 8-25; Vickery, Julia Ann [Gibson] died 5-12; 


Wade, Merle F. married 5-26; Wainwright, D.R. at Hall accident hearing 10-6; Wainwright, D.R. building home for mother 3-10; Wainwright, E.A. father died 1-27; Wainwright, Elizabeth son building home for her 3-10; Wainwright, J.A. father died 1-27; Wainwright, Matthew J. died 1-27; Wainwright, R.J. father died 1-27; Wainwright, Rev. Oliver to preach at Grace Chapel 5-12; Wainwright, Sue Dee grad JrHi 5-26; Wainwright, Tim fire burned part of fence around his field 4-7; Wainwright, Tim Peanut popping 3-24; Wainwright, Wiley grad JrHi 5-26; Walker, Mrs. Jim brother died 6-9; Ward, Helen grad JrHi 5-25; Ward, Lucas injured 2-24; Warren, Mrs. Martha half-brother died 3-31; Waterman, R.W. Masons 12-22; Waterman, Rev. R.W. married Mae and Jimmie Lee McK. 2-10; Waughtel, C.W. selling land 8-25; Waughtel, C.W. corn sheller, potato vine cutter for sale 9-1; Waughtel, C.W. election manager 12-22; Waughtel, C.W. for rent, a farm 10-6; Waughtel, C.W. home saved from fire 12-22; Waughtel, C.W. selling turkeys 10-20; Waughtel, C.W. supervises church at Cornhouse 4-14; Waughtel, C.W. to teach reading, writing 11-10; Waughtel, Eli owned P.O. bldg 12-22; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. piano lessons 1-6; Waycross WMCA band to give benefit performance for church 5-26; Welfare, Public names application for help days 9-8; White, John graduates college 6-16; White, John Pres of 4-H 10-27; White, M.G. son graduates college 6-16; Wildes, Ara died 3-10; Wildes, J.M. daughter in law died 3-10; Wildes, R.H. grad Jr Hi 5-26; Wildes, William O. wife died 3-10; Williams, Clifton died 2-24; Wilson, Fleming grad JrHi 5-26; Wilson, O.F. city clerk 12-8; Wilson, O.F. county clerk 1-6; Winokur Jim Taylor died 12-15; Winokur new baby boy for Lewis Johns 2-3; Winokur REA to come 10-20; Winokur, Hazel Prescott engaged 5-12; Winokur, J.B. Morgan died there 6-9; Winokur, J.C. Crews injured foot 1-20; Winokur, N.E. Roddenberry died 10-6; Woolard, Hardy brother killed 3-31; Woolard, Harry killed 3-31; Woolard, Henry brother killed 3-31; Woolard, Mrs. Lou brother died 11-3; WPA doing curb and gutter for Folk. 12-1; Wrench, Janet married 5-26; Wrench, Janet E. graduated HS 5-19; Wrench, T.W. daughter married 5-26; Wright, C.J. Masons 12-22; Wright, E.H. councilman 12-8; Wright, Grace good grades 9-29; Wright, Mrs. J.C. brother died 7-21; Wright, Wilbur Masons 12-22;


Young, Isiah colored library 8-4∞ ;

Charlton  County Archives