Index of Charlton County Herald - 1938

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

Ackerman, Billy birthday party 11-18; Ackerman, Joan at party 11-18; ACL RR Hodges wins first prize for best road track 12-16; ACL RR more trains added 1-7; ACL RR new engine stopped in Folkston 4-1; ACL RR, Safety goals met by Roadmaster Hodges 2-11; Adkins Funeral Home Huling 7-15; Adkins Funeral Home Jacobs 8-19; Adkins Funeral Home Knowles 10-27; Adkins Funeral Home Nazworth 7-15; Adkins Funeral Home Sullivan 8-19; Adkins Funeral Home Wasdin 7-29; Adkins, C.F. ad for Hawkins & Adkins 1-14; Adkins, C.F. juror 9-15; Adult education census 4-8; Aitkens, Mrs. Mamie brother died 9-29; Aldridge, Foster mother died 12-23; Aldridge, Jesse wife died 12-23; Aldridge, Lois mother died 12-23; Aldridge, Mrs. Georgia Petty died 12-23; Aldridge, Robert mother died 12-23; Aldridge, Tom mother died 12-23; Allen, E.F. contractor, paving sidewalk, courthouse 5-20; Allen, E.F. juror 2-11; Allen, Flora Ann baby queen candidate 10-20; Allen, Jimmie library club 7-8; Allen, Mrs. Bernice Director, Welfare Board 5-27; Allen, Rebecca Jean library club 7-8; Allen, Rev. Fleming Carter funeral 2-4; Allen, W. Robert graduating 5-20; Allen, W.R. juror 9-15; Alligators, lost, strayed from courthouse 7-15; Altman Store Mizell market sold 9-29; Altman, Althea library club 7-8; Altman, C.J. juror 2-11; Altman, Eunice on Warm Springs committee 1-28; Altman, James library club 7-8; Altman, M. juror 2-11; Altman, Mrs. Ben sis of Pratt 1-7; Altman, Mrs. Charlie sis of Pratt 1-7; Altman, Mrs. S.M. sis of Pratt 1-7; Altman, Myrene [Joyner] new baby boy 4-15; Altman, S.M. juror 9-15; American Legion gave flag to school 4-22; American Oil Co. drilling 3-25; American Red Cross 100% teachers, students enrolled 12-2; Anderson, Floyce Mary graduating 5-20; Anderson, M.L. sister died 7-29; Anderson, R.F. sister died 7-29; Anderson, W.L. sister died 7-29; Anderson, W.R. daughter died 7-29; Annie Hotel, Macclenny 5-13; Askew, Bessie library club 7-8; Askew, Fred D. son married 12-30; Askew, Leon contractor jail repairs 4-29; Askew, Leon contractor in charge of paving sidewalk at Courthouse 5-20; Askew, Leon injured in fall 3-4; Askew, Leon juror 2-11, 9-15; Askew, Leon, contractor, new hospital 2-4; Askew, Mayme teacher 6-10; Askew, Tom married 12-30; Askew, Mayme teacher 9-2; Atlanta Constitution contest, Charlton wins third 4-29; 

Baker, Mrs. J.B. sister died 6-3; Banks CafÈ next door to Jones Grocery 4-15; Banks, C.R. close on Thurs afternoons 4-29; Banks, Raymond buys Jones Grocery 4-15; Banks, Raymond juror 9-15; Banks, Raymond Masonic Lodge 12-23; Barker, Arthur new baby girl 1-21; Barnes, Beryl Beta Club 5-20; Barnes, J.H., Jones named as his successor 1-7; Barnes, John M. bought Market 9-29; Barnhill, Elizabeth bible school 8-5; library club 7-8; Barnhill, Joan Bible school 8-5; Barnhill, Joan in college 9-8; Barnhill, Margaret bible school 8-5; Barnhill, Margaret library club 7-8; Barnhill, Rev. J.E. married Woodrow, Jessie Mae 8-26; Barnhill, Rev. J.E. pastor leaving 11-18; Batton, Silas died 11-18; Baugh, Ida librarian 3-11; Baugh, Ida St. Geo librarian 7-29; Baxley, Gwendolyn library club 7-8; Baxter, Mrs. E.G. mother died 12-23; Beale, Burgin W. married 12-30; Bedell home, fire destroys house nearby 9-8; Bell, Willie juror 9-15; Bennett, Andrew J. son in Marines 8-19; Bennett, George W. in US Marines 8-19; Bentley, Guy sponsor for Beta Club 5-20; Bentley, Guy W. teacher 6-10; Bentley, Guy W. teacher 9-2; Blind, survey of blind in county 5-6; Blocker, Annie Earline graduating 5-20; Booth, Miss Alice [Wainwright] died 1-7; Boyd, Marie teacher 6-10; Boyd, Marie teacher 9-2; Boyd, R.A. juror 9-15; Braddock, Owen juror 9-15; Bragg, R.H. new baby boy 7-29; Bragg, Richard Homer, Jr. brand new baby 7-29; Brannan, Mrs. Jack father died 10-20; Bridge-keeper/BurntFort Mizell 6-3; Brock, Nell Beta Club 5-20; Brock, Nell queen candidate 10-20; Brock, Tom infant daughter died 12-9; Brooks, Lois Christmas program 12-30; Brooks, Lois Warm Sprngs Found Committee 1-14; Brooks, Lois, Warm Sprng Found Contest 1-7; Brown, Connie Jane bible school 8-5; Brown, Holland new baby daughter, Juliette Louise 7-22; Brown, Juliette Louise, brand new baby 7-22; Bruschke, Helen teacher 6-10; Bruschke, Helen teacher 9-2; Bruschke, Mrs. Bill at party 11-18; Bruschke, Richard at party 11-18; Bruschke, Walter at party 11-18; Bryant, Mrs. Muriel brother died 10-20; Bryant, T.E. juror 2-11; Brzo, Theodore CCC worker, drowned 7-22; Buffalo Creek fish released for Satilla R 1-14; Bunn, Ruth teacher 9-2; Burch, G.R. Masonic Lodge 12-23; Burch, R.F. commissioner 5-6; Burnsed, A.D. juror 2-11; Burnsed, G.W. home burned 3-4; Burnt Fort, Bridgekeeper 6-3; 
Callahan, Marie bible school 8-5; Camp Pinckney Warm Sprngs Found 1-21; Camp Pinckney, CCC worker, drowned 7-22; Camp Pinckney, Warm Sprngs fund drive 1-14, 1-21; Canaday, Canadair juror 2-11; Canaday, J.H. juror 2-11; Canaday, J.M. juror 9-15; Canaday, R.L. juror 9-15; Canaday, S.F., juror 2-11; Carter, Allen juror 9-15; Carter, Arthur juror 2-11; Carter, Dorothy 2-4; Carter, Gladys 2-4; Carter, Hansel juror 9-15; Carter, J.B. juror 2-11; Carter, Joseph A., Jr. 2-4; Carter, Joseph Allen died 2-4; Carter, Mabel 2-4; Carter, Mrs. Arthur father died 5-13; Carter, Mrs. Bell father died 7-15; Carter, Mrs. Nora 2-4; Carter, Otis, brother J.A. died 2-4; Carter, Owen, brother J.A. died 2-4; Carter, Pauline 2-4; Carter, Raiford juror 2-11; Carter, Raiford, son J.A. died 2-4; Cash, Jimmy, Jr. kidnapped 6-3, 6-10; Cason, Betty father died 9-8; Cason, Margaret father died 9-8; Cason, Mary Agnes husband died 9-8; Cason, W.H. father died 9-8; Cason, W.L. father died 9-8; Cason, W.W. brother died 9-8; Cason, Wade Hampton died 9-8; Caudle, Mrs. Proctor Folkston librarian 7-29; Caudle, Proctor librarian 4-15; CCC to help develop State Park 5-6; CCC camp, gift of tables to colored school 4-22; CCC camp, H.S. Lang was chief mechanic 12-9; CCC camp, using boat cruiser to take workers into Swamp 2-18; CCC celebrates anniversary 4-1; CCC funds in Welfare funds 5-27; CCC worker drowned 7-22; CCC, Eugene Russell, Bennie OíQuinn in Cal. CCC 4-22; CCC, Alvin Huggins in N.C. 1-7; Cemetery, Arlington National Robert H. Mattox 9-15; Cemetery, Bachlott Irwin Crews 9-29; Cemetery, Bethel Alice Wainwright 1-7; Cemetery, Brandy Branch Bap Church Stokes 9-8; Cemetery, Corinth Wasdin funeral 7-29; Cemetery, Emmaus H.S. Hodges funeral 5-13; Cemetery, Folkston Cason 9-8; Cemetery, Folkston Emanuel Knowles 12-23; Cemetery, Folkston Huling 7-15; Cemetery, Folkston Jones 6-3; Cemetery, Folkston Mills 9-29; Cemetery, Haddock in Kings Ferry 4-22; Cemetery, High Bluff Lydia Stone Crews funeral 1-7; Cemetery, High Bluff Mrs. Georgia Petty Aldridge 12-23; Cemetery, Homeland Mrs. Welch 1-21; Cemetery, Johns Cuyler Johns 5-13; Cemetery, Macclenny A. Duff Powers 5-13; Cemetery, Pigeon Creek Lloyd 8-26; Cemetery, Pigeon Creek Lloyd 9-15; Cemetery, Racepond, Joseph Allen Carter 2-4; Cemetery, Sardis Jacobs 8-19; Cemetery, Sardis John Prevatt 5-13; Cemetery, Sardis Lucy Johns Harris 12-16; Cemetery, Sardis Nazworth 7-15; Cemetery, Sardis W.O. Gibson 12-16; Cemetery, Sardis, Pratt Mizell 1-7; Cemetery, Temple J.P. Russell 11-3; Chamber of commerce officers 12-2; Chancey, W.L. juror 9-15; Charlton County Herald 1-7; Charlton County Herald sent to lady learning to write 5-20; Charlton County State Park being surveyed 9-2; Charlton County TPO Mr. Wall employee 9-8; Charlton State Park now a certainty 10-20; Chesser, Aug in Ga. National Guard 5-27; Chesser, Ben T. juror 2-11; Chism, R.L. juror 2-11; Chism, W.W. juror 2-11; Christmas, Tree of Lights at courthouse 12-30; Christmas, Racepond program 12-30; Christmas, Uptonville program 12-30; Church Traders Hill Meth. Typhoid shots given there 7-15; Church, Bethel Methodist Alice Wainwright funeral 1-7; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap Emanuel Knowles 12-23; Church, Corinth funeral of Mrs. Nancy Wildes 4-1; Church, Folk Bap Masonic Lodge service 10-6; Church, Folk Bap. New parsonage 10-13; Church, Folk Bap. Organized menís choir 2-11; Church, Folk Bap. Bazaar 12-2; Church, Folk Meth Martha Mills Jones funeral 6-3; Church, Folk Meth Masonic Lodge service 10-6; Church, Folk Meth new pastor Sawyer 11-18; Church, Folk Meth Parsonage getting new addition 12-9; Church, Folk Meth Thanks. Day ser. 12-2; Church, Folk Meth VBSchool 8-5; Church, Folk Meth. Miss Society in charge of shower for hospital for gifts 5-20; Church, Grace Baptist revival 9-29; Church, Grace Baptist bought new piano 2-11; Church, High Bluff, funeral of Mrs. Minnie Crews 4-1; Church, Homeland Methodist Alfred Lloyd was member 9-15; Church, Methodist Francis Asbury Ratcliffe, Jr. was member 3-4; Church, new Baptist organized at Racepond 7-22; Church, Philadelphia Adult Ed Classes 1-21; Church, Philadelphia FW Bap Everett T. Johns 10-20; Church, Philadelphia FW Bap singing school 11-25; Church, Presbyterian Apron Sale 10-6; Church, St. Geo Bap. New pastor 11-3; Chute, Eunice teacher 6-10; Chute, Eunice teacher 9-2; Citizens Bank to close on Thurs afternoons 5-6; Citizens Bank, James Wrench used to be cashier 3-25; Citizens Bank, new holiday, Roosevelt birthday 1-28; Citizens Bank, state of condition 1-14; Citizens Bank, The Statement of condition 7-15; City Service Station Melvin Hires works there 11-3; City Service Station to close on Thurs afternoons 5-6; Civil War, veterans reunion 10-20; Clay, Mrs. M.E. modeled dress 7-29; Clock, courthouse, cleaned up 2-25; Coastal Flatlands Land Utilization Project lease 10-13; Cockrell, Eleanor teacher 6-10; Cockrell, Eleanor teacher 9-2; Cockrell, Martha Blanche married 11-3; Cockrell, S.T. daughter married 11-3; Cockrell, S.T. juror 9-15; Colson, J.W. juror 2-11; Colson, John Virgil graduating 5-20; Colson, Mrs. J.W. on Warm Springs committee 1-28; Colson, Mrs. John modeled dress 7-29; Colson, T.H. juror 9-15; Colson, Virgil Beta Club 5-20; Colson, Virgil member School Patrol 5-13; Combs, M. juror 9-15; Commodity warehouse behind courthouse 7-29; Confederate veteran widows pension 1-7; Confederate veterans reunion 10-20; Conner Company close on Thurs afternoons 4-29; Conner, Carole baby queen candidate 10-20; Conner, J.J.N. son married 12-2; Conner, J.T. juror 2-11; Conner, J.T. Masonic Lodge 12-23; Conner, Pearl on pie supper committee 4-22; Conner, Pearl Warm Sprngs Found Committee 1-14; Conner, Pearl, Warm Sprng Found Contest 1-7; Conner, Zelton juror 9-15; Conner, Zelton married 12-2; Conner, Zelton Masonic lodge 12-23; Contest, beauty winners 2-25; Contest, statewide, Better County Govt. Award, wins third place 4-29; Convicts, all Ga convicts have shed their chains 7-22; Cooper, Kedon bible school 8-5; Cooper, Mrs. Sallie married 6-3; Corbett, Mrs. Joe [Carter], brother J.A. Carter died 2-4; Court house, clock cleaned up 2-25; Court, Jurors for spring term 2-11; Court, Traffic. New court. First case 3-4; Court, Traverse and Grand named 9-15; Courthouse, paving of sidewalk 60x32 feet 5-20; Cowhouse Island leased to govt. 10-13; Crawford, Emma honor roll 1-14; Crawford, J.M. juror 2-11; Crawley, George oil well 3-25; Crews, A.C. juror 2-11; Crews, Belma on pie supper committee 4-22; Crews, Bertha mother died 4-1; Crews, Earl mother died 4-1; Crews, Eddie juror 2-11; Crews, Francis brother died 9-29; Crews, Frank daughter died 4-1; Crews, Fred member School Patrol 5-13; Crews, H.H. Tax Receiver collecting poll tax 5-13; Crews, Helen on pie supper committee 4-22; Crews, Herbert member School Patrol 5-13; Crews, Hubert M. graduating 5-20; Crews, Ira juror 9-15; Crews, Irving in Ga. National Guard 5-27; Crews, Irwin died 9-29; Crews, Ivey brother died 9-29; Crews, J. Melton husband of Lydia 1-7; Crews, Jack brother died 9-29; Crews, Louie mother died 4-1; Crews, Lydia Stone memorial 1-14; Crews, Lydia V. niece of Lydia 1-7; Crews, M.M., Jr. juror 2-11; Crews, Miss Minnie died 4-1; Crews, Mrs. B.C. died 4-1; Crews, Mrs. Buddie niece of Lydia 1-7; Crews, Mrs. Charley father died 5-13; Crews, Mrs. Cora mother died 12-23; Crews, Mrs. Corbett father died 5-13; Crews, Mrs. Esther mother died 12-23; Crews, Mrs. Lydia Stone died 1-7; Crews, Mrs. Minnie died 4-1; Crews, Nancy brother died 9-29; Crews, Nathan juror 9-15; Crews, Oliver mother died 4-1; Crews, Oscar school bus driver 11-18; Crews, Pratt juror 9-15; Crews, R.L. juror 2-11; Crews, Robert L. juror 9-15; Crews, S.A. juror 9-15; Crews, Ty son died 9-29; Crews, Velma Warm Sprngs Found Committee 1-14; Crews, Velma, Warm Springs Found. Contest 1-7; Crews, W.H. juror 2-11; Cureton, Charles daughter married 8-26; Cureton, Mary Kathleen married 8-26; Customs, manner of entertaining at high school prom 5-13; 
Dailey, Margaret teacher 9-2; Dairy, Sunrise Ad 4-29; Dasher, Buggie killed 2-25; Daughtry, M.S. juror 9-15; Davis, Annie husband died 10-20; Davis, Lewis king candidate 10-20; Davis, Miss Winnifred father died 10-20; Davis, Mrs. Romie brother died 8-19; Davis, W.W. juror 2-11; Dawson, Mrs. Jack aunt died 8-12; Dean, E.F. Wainwright funeral 1-7; Dean, G.A., juror 2-11; Depression WPA project repairing jail adding living quarters4-29; Depression, Adult Ed census 4-8; Depression, Adult Ed. Adult learning to write. 5-20; Depression, commodity warehouse at courthouse 7-29; DeShields, Miss teacher 1-7; Dinkins, Alton Christmas program 12-30; Dinkins, Owen Christmas program 12-30; Dinkins, Theo close on Thurs afternoons 4-29; Dinkins, Theodore juror 9-15; Dinkins, W.R. juror 9-15; Dixon, Curtis juror 2-11; Dixon, Curtis juror 9-15; Dixon, Rev. Hugh revival 9-29; Dixon, Rev. Hugh revival at Racepond 7-22; Dixon, Willie juror 9-15; Dixon. Rev. at Uptonville Christmas program 12-30; Dobbs, Miss on pie supper committee 4-22; Dubberly, Prof singing school 11-25; Duggan, Ralph new baby boy 9-2; Duggan, Ralph Jackson new baby boy 9-2; Duncan, Gladys teacher 6-10; Duncan, Gladys teacher 9-2; Dyal, Daisy at party 11-18; Dyal, Elmo at party 11-18; Dyal, Ivie Lea married 10-13; Dyal, L.D. at party 11-18; Dyal, Mrs. Louis J. father died 5-13; Dyal, R. daughter married 10-13; 
East Springs on Kingsland Hwy 8-5; Edenfield, Cora teacher 6-10; Edenfield, Cora teacher 9-2; Election results 9-15; Electricity in S. Ga. 3-18; Emergency Club helps colored school with projects 4-22; Entertainment pie supper piano fund Uptonville 4-22. 4-29; Entertainment, beauty contest 2-25; Entertainment, fiddlersí convention 2-18; Entertainment, high school prom customs 5-13; Evans, Mrs. Dora father died 7-15; ; Farming, custom egg hatching 2-18; Fire, house owned by Jasper Stokes 9-8; Fish released in Satilla 1-14; Fish marker OíCain sold 7-1; Fleming, Dr. new hospital 2-4; Fleming, Dr. treated son of Dolphus Lee 11-11; Fleming, Dr. A. Ch of Commerce 12-2; Fleming, Dr. A. East Springs to be made safe for drinking 8-5; 
Fleming, Dr. A., award from Ch of Commerce 2-25; Folkston Garden Club Tree of Lights at courthouse 12-30; Folkston Grain & Grocery close on Thurs afternoons 4-29; Folkston Grain & Grocery extension added 9-2; Folkston Lodge 196 church service 10-6; Folkston Post Office to close on Thurs afternoons 5-6; Folkston, city of election 12-2; Folkston, city of list of stores that closed on Thurs afternoons 4-29; Folkston, City of sidewalk at courthouse 5-20; Folkston, City of, keep stock out of town asks Garden Club 2-11; Folkston, city of, street paving and sidewalks 5-13; Folkston, considering traffic lights 1-7; Folkston, editorial, life in small town 12-30; Formby China Co. now Formby Pottery Co. 8-19; Formby Pottery Co. improving plant 8-19; Formby, George M. improving plant 8-19; Fountain, B.J. juror 9-15; Fox Hunters Assn Gibson judge 12-30; Funeral Home, Ad for Hawkins and Adkins; Funeral Home, Oxley Mills 9-29; 
Garden Club planted palm trees at school 2-11; Garrett, Mrs. J.M. father died 5-13; Garrison, J.P. councilman 2-4; George, Julia queen candidate 10-20; Georgia National Guard 6 boys enlisted 5-27; Georgia School Patrol 5-13; Georgia State Patrol, Ga. School Patrol 5-13; Georgia-Fla. Invest Co. Miss Eva worked there 9-29; Georgia-Florida Invest. Co. Marquee added to bldg. 9-2; Gibson, Alice father died 12-16; Gibson, Benjamin S. graduating 5-20; Gibson, Charles H. father died 12-16; Gibson, Charles H. juror 2-11; Gibson, Charles H. nephew kidnapped 6-3; Gibson, Charles H. taking care of WOGibson 1-7; Gibson, Edna Mae baby queen candidate 10-20; Gibson, Elder W.O. grandson kidnapped 6-3; Gibson, Elder William Owen died 12-16; Gibson, Grady H. father died 12-16; Gibson, Guy in Ga. National Guard 5-27; Gibson, H.G. brother died 12-16; Gibson, Irene Beta Club 5-20; Gibson, J.W. father died 12-16; Gibson, John judge of fox hounds 12-30; Gibson, John S. father died 12-16; Gibson, Ray in Ga. National Guard 5-27; Gibson, Ray member School Patrol 5-13; Gibson, Rev. W.O. very ill 1-7; Gibson, S.G. father died 12-16; Gibson, S.G. nephew kidnapped 6-3; Gibson, Steve farm post road being surveyed 5-20; Gibson, W.E. city council 12-2; Gibson, W.E. close store Thur afternoons 4-29; Gibson, W.E. juror 2-11; Gibson, W.G. juror 2-11; Gibson, Wanda queen candidate 10-20; Gigle, Betty Ann bible school 8-5; Gigle, Billie bible school 8-5; Gowen, Albert in college 9-8; Gowen, E.C. city council 12-2; Gowen, E.C. close store Thur afternoons 4-29; Gowen, G.R., Sr. juror 2-11; Gowen, G.R., Sr. juror 9-15; Gowen, George Rhoan king candidate 10-20; Gowen, George Rhoan III bible school 8-5; Gowen, George, Jr. bible school 8-5; Gowen, Harold member School Patrol 5-13; Gowen, J. Dean new baby boy 10-6; Gowen, J. Dean, Jr. is new baby boy 10-6; Gowen, J.V. turpentine operation hired two men who were in row, l killed 2-25; Gowen, J.V., Jr. juror 9-15; Gowen, J.V., Sr. juror 9-15; Gowen, J.V., Sr. pioneers pine seedling planting 4-1; Gowen, J.V., Sr. Wm. Gowen was his g father 4-15; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. teacher 6-10; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. teacher 9-2; Gowen, Mrs. E.C. chairman of Warm Springs contest 1-7; Gowen, Mrs. E.C., associate county chrm of Warm Sprngs Foundation contest 2-11, 3-4; Gowen, Mrs. George, Jr. Garden Club project 2-11; Gowen, Sheppard juror 9-15; Gowen, T.C. city council 12-2; Gowen, T.C. close on Thurs afternoons 4-29; Gowen, T.C. juror 2-11; Gowen, T.C. Masonic Lodge 12-23; Gowen, Tommy king candidate 10-20; Gowen, William owned slave Josephine Lambert 4-15; Greene, Christopher teacher, colored school 4-22; Greene, Christopher teacher, colored school 9-29; Griffin, Louis juror 9-15; Griffin, Mrs. Mamie father died 7-15; Griffin, Mrs. P.U. father died 12-16; Grim, Mrs. W.H. father died 5-13; Griner, Robert E. Oil Well at Offerman 4-29; Guinn, Clyde at party 11-18; Guinn, Evelyn at party 11-18; Guinn, Martha married 9-15; Guy, DeVant library club 7-8; Guy, Odethia library club 7-8; 
Haddock, Billy bible school 8-5; Haddock, Charles Ellis died 4-22; Haddock, Jennings juror 9-15; Haddock, Jennings new home about ready 5-20; Haddock, Jennings to build home 4-22; Haddock, Mrs. Frankie Roddenberry 4-22; Hall, Jessie L. teacher, colored school 4-22; Hall, P.C. contractor at Kozy Kabin Kamp 7-22; Hall, Raymond L. married 10-13; Hambrick, Thera teacher 9-2; Hamler, Elnora L. teacher, colored school 4-22; Hannaford, Leonard bible school 8-5; Hannaford, Merle baby queen candidate 10-20; Hannaford, Oscar bible school 8-5; Harden, Bert juror 2-11; Harden, J.B. juror 9-15; Harden, Mrs. Bert gave party 11-3; Harden, Mrs. Oren gave party 11-3; Harden, O.F. offered basket of snakes to Editor 9-8; Hardison, Mrs. Sara brother died 5-13; Harris, John Ch of Commerce 12-2; Harris, John on library board 7-29; Harris, John Supt of schools, selling Sardis building 8-19; Harris, John directed school campaign, Warm Sprngs Foundation contest 2-11; Harris, John, award from Ch of Commerce 2-25; Harris, Mrs. John, Garden club project 2-11; Harris, Mrs. Lucy ìBuddieî Johns Harris died 12-16; Harris, Supt. school supt. 1-7; Harrison, Jessie Mae married 8-26; Harrison, R. Ward on library board 7-29; Harrison, R. Ward daughter Jessie Mae married 8-26; Harrison, R. Ward, attended Awards banquet 2-11, 3-4; Harrison, R. Ward, editor 1-7; Harrison, R.W. Ch of Commerce 12-2; Harvey, J.E. in Ga. National Guard 5-27; Harvey, J.E. member School Patrol 5-13; Harvey, Mrs. Leroy father died 9-8; Hathaway, Elizabeth brother died 9-8; Hathaway, Juanita library club 7-8; Hawkins & Adkins Funeral Home ad 1-14; Hawkins-Adkins Funeral Home Mizell 1-7; Health, Jewell Page giving shots 7-15; Health, typhoid fever death in county 8-26; Hebard, Mrs. D.L. at Coleraine for winter 10-27; Henderson, Dock new baby son 5-13; Henderson, Gilbert pallbearer 7-29; Henderson, Sarah teacher 6-10; Henderson, Sarah teacher 9-2; Hercules store Mr. Taylor is manager 4-22; Hercules Powder Co. operations are back in Charlton 10-27; Herrin, Juanita at party 11-18; Herrin, Kenneth at party 11-18; Higginbotham, Roy juror 9-15; Highsmith, Everett juror 9-15; Highsmith, Raymond juror 9-15; Hilton, Jesse new baby girl 12-30; Hines, Frances teacher 6-10; Hines, Frances teacher 9-2; Hires, Melvin married 11-3; Hodges, A.J. father died 5-13; Hodges, Adrian father died 5-13; Hodges, Charles juror 9-15; Hodges, Charlie brother died 5-13; Hodges, D.D. father died 5-13; Hodges, Della husband died 5-13; Hodges, Ellen father died 5-13; Hodges, Eula honor roll 1-14; Hodges, F.C. brother died 5-13; Hodges, Frona honor roll 1-14; Hodges, Henry Staton died 5-13; Hodges, J.V. father died 5-13; Hodges, L.R. grandfather died 5-13; Hodges, Mary Etta father died 5-13; Hodges, Melton father died 5-13; Hodges, Mrs. D.R. son died 5-13; Hodges, Mrs. Helen sister died 12-23; Hodges, Ralph father died 5-13; Hodges, Robert brother died 5-13; Hodges, V.A. mayor 12-2; Hodges, V.A. received Roadmaster award 2-11; Hodges, V.A. Roadmaster wins first prize 12-16; Hodges, Vera father died 5-13; Holley, Robert married 7-22; Holley, W.C., Jr. married 11-11; Homeland, Alfred Lloyd died 8-26; Homeland, city of new council 2-4; Homeland, Warm Sprng Found Contest committee 1-7; Homeland, Warm Sprngs Found. Committee 1-14; Hopkins, C.D. juror 9-15; Hopkins, John M. Supt. of Okefenokee Project CCC 4-1; Hopkins, Mrs. W.C. on library board 7-29; Hopkins, Mrs. W.C., Warm Sprng Found Contest 1-7; Hospital construction, Leon Askew fell 3-4; Hospital, shower for necessary items for hospital 5-20; Hospital, new, fire in closet 4-8; Hospital, Sawyer Huling died 7-15; Hospital, Sawyer Sullivan baby died 8-19; Hospital, under construction 2-4; Howard, J.C. at Wildes-Wasdin wedding 11-11; Howard, J.C. pallbearer 7-29; Howard, Mrs. A.H. father died 12-16; Howard, Mrs. Gussie grandson kidnapped 6-3; Howard, Oswald on Christmas program 12-30; Howard, S.M. juror 2-11; Howard, Vera son kidnapped 6-3; Huggins, Alvin in CCC 1-7; Huggins, Erlis painfully injured 12-30; Huggins, J.M. parents of Alvin 1-7; Huggins, Lee juror 9-15; Huggins, Lee sister married 12-30; Huggins, Lee, brother hurt 12-30; Hughes, Ella teacher 9-2; Hughes, Ruth bible school 8-5; Huling, B.M. brother died 7-15; Huling, Carlton father died 7-15; Huling, Cleo father died 7-15; Huling, Cleo teacher 6-10; Huling, Cleo teacher 9-2; Huling, Fleming father died 7-15; Huling, Herbert father in law died 12-23; Huling, Hiram father died 7-15; Huling, Howard father died 7-15; Huling, Hubert father died 7-15; Huling, James Oscar died 7-15; Huling, Jim son Morris visits 4-22; Huling, L.H. brother died 7-15; Huling, Lizzie father died 12-23; Huling, M.H. brother died 7-15; Huling, Mildred father died 7-15; Huling, Morris father died 7-15; Huling, Morris visiting from Wash. DC 4-22; Huling, Mrs. Herbert committee Warm Springs Foundation 1-14, 1-21; Huling, Myrlene father died 7-15; Huling, R.E. brother died 7-15; Huling, Ruby Mildred graduating 5-20; Huling, S.R. brother died 7-15; Huling, W.L. brother died 7-15; Huling, W.L. building new parsonage 10-13; Huling, W.L. building Stokes apts. 10-13; Huling, W.L. buys Frank Mills Place 4-22; Huling, W.L. contractor on new addition to Meth parsonage 12-9; Huling, W.L. in new home 7-1; Huling, W.L. to build Haddock home 4-22; Huling, Wilson father died 7-15; Hunt, Eunice teacher 6-10; 
Illiterate adults in Charlton 3-25; Infantile Paralysis closes school in Tattnall County 12-23; 
Jacobs, C.W. brother died 8-19; Jacobs, Francis at party 11-18; Jacobs, Francis father died 8-19; Jacobs, Frederick Stephens died 8-19; Jacobs, J.F. brother died 8-19; Jacobs, Lamar father died 8-19; Jacobs, N.C. brother died 8-19; Jacobs, Rev. G.H. son died 8-19; Jacobs, Rotha father died 8-19; Jacobs, Rothia at party 11-18; Jacobs, Sherwin father died 8-19; Jacobs, V.T. brother died 8-19; Jail, county, undergoing repairs 4-29; James, Mary Lou died 9-29; Johns, Carl father died 10-20; Johns, Cuyler killed 5-13; Johns, E.J. father died 10-20; Johns, Earnie Lee teacher 6-10; Johns, Ernie Lee teacher 9-2; Johns, Everett T. died 10-20; Johns, Gordon nephew of Lydia 1-7; Johns, Harmon daughter died 12-16; Johns, J. Lester brother died 10-20; Johns, J.B. son died 10-20; Johns, Kiley nephew of Lydia 1-7; Johns, Lucy [Harris] died 12-16; Johns, M.L. son died 10-20; Johns, Moley father died 5-13; Johns, Mrs. Agnes Todd widow of Cuyler Johns 5-13; Johns, O.K. brother of Cuyler Johns 5-13; Johns, Royal killed O.K. Johns 5-13; Johns, Rural drove truck in wreck 11-18; Johns, Trody father died 5-13; Johns, Wade father died 10-20; Johnson, A.R. juror 9-15; Johnson, B.S. juror 2-11; Johnson, E.H. juror 9-15; Johnson, Harry Haddock to build nearby 4-22; Johnson, Harry his home next to new Jennings Haddock home 5-20; Johnson, J.H. closed because of new wage-hour law 10-27; Johnson, J.H. daughter married 12-2; Johnson, J.W. move back to Charlton 9-2; Johnson, James married 3-18; Johnson, Maudria married 12-2; Johnson, Mrs. E.H. has 2 nieces Ada and Agnes 3-11; Johnson, Mrs. J.W. teacher 6-10; Johnson, Mrs. J.W. teacher 9-2; Johnson, Mrs. W.H. father died 5-13; Johnson, Norris king candidate 10-20; Johnson, Ralph built new restaurant 8-19; Johnson, Ralph, new restaurant, service station 7-22; Johnston, Susie teacher 6-10; Johnston, Susie teacher 9-2; Jones, Carl juror 2-11; Jones, Elizabeth mother died 6-3; Jones, J.B. juror 9-15; Jones, Jane bible school 8-5; Jones, Mrs. Bob sister died 12-23; Jones, Mrs. Jim sister died 12-23; Jones, Mrs. Martha Mills died 6ó3; Jones, Mrs. W.J. brother died 9-15; Jones, Susan Jane baby queen candidate 10-20; Jones, Thomas H. juror 9-15; Jones, Troy, named as Police chief 1-7; Jones, W.D. juror 9-15; Jones, W.J. Grocery Store bought by Ray Banks 4-15; Jones, W.J. juror 2-11; Jones, Wilbur mother died 6-3; Jordan, Noah juror 9-15; Joyner, J.S. juror 2-11; Joyner, Robert new baby boy 4-15; 
Keene, Miss Nettie modeled dress 7-29; Keene, Miss Nettie, traveling librarian 7-29; Keene, Nettie teaching adults 3-25; Kendricks, Grover married 12-30; Kendricks, Juannell directed Christmas program 12-30; Kendricks, Nell Beta Club 5-20; Kirkland, Thelma Lenora graduating 5-20; Knabb, Ralph juror 9-15; Knabb, Ralph on Welfare Board 5-27; Knabb, State Senator offers land for state park 5-6; Knowles, Alfred father died 12-23; Knowles, Bula Mae brother died 10-27; Knowles, Charles died 10-27; Knowles, Earney wrote first letter as adult Adult Ed course 5-20; Knowles, Emanuel died 12-23; Knowles, Ernest father died 12-23; Knowles, Geraldine brother died 10-27; Knowles, Inez brother died 10-27; Knowles, Jeffrey father died 12-23; Knowles, Jeffrey son died 10-27; Knowles, Levi father died 12-23; Knowles, Lonnie brother died 10-27; Knowles, Manuel brother died 10-27; Knowles, Mrs. Earnie father died 9-15; Knowles, Mrs. Turner father died 8-26; Knowles, Thomas brother died 10-27; Kottman, Fred juror 2-11; Kottman, Fred, councilman 2-4; Kozy Kabin Kafe new restaurant 8-19; Kozy Kabin Kamp new restaurant, service station 7-22; 
Lambert, Aunt Josephine died 4-15; Lambert, Pearce widow Josephine died 4-15; Lane, Garie husband of Lucy M. 1-7; Lang, Bertha bible school 8-5; Lang, Berthia library club 7-8; Lang, Doris bible school 8-5; Lang, Doris library club 7-8; Lang, Garie wife died 8-12; Lang, Grace bible school 8-5; Lang, H.S. home burned 12-9; Lang, Lucy M. widow Garie Lang, confederate vet. 1-7; Lang, Lucy Mizell died 8-12; Lang, Martha Grace [Bragg] new baby 7-29; Lang, Mrs. Felder sister died 8-12; Lang, S.H. juror 2-11; Larrimore, Mr. found snakes 9-8; Larrimore, S.A. juror 9-15; Laura Walker Park lake under construction 10-13; Lawrimore, Edith Beta Club 5-20; Leckie, Mrs. T.E. modeled dress 7-29; Leckie, T.E. juror 9-15; Lee, Dolphus son poisoned but now ok 11-11; Lee, Mrs. A.B. father died 5-13; Lee, Seward juror 9-15; Leighton, Mrs. O.W. modeled dress 7-29; Leverett, Margaret teacher 9-2; Leverett, Mary teacher 6-10; Library vacation reading club 7-8; Library Board members 7-29; Library, books at home of Carrie McLeod 10-13; Library, St. George established 3-11; Littlefield, David in college 9-8; Littlefield, David William graduating 5-20; Littlefield, J.C. juror 2-11; Littlefield, J.C., Jr. pallbearer 7-29; Littlefield, Margaret teacher 9-22; Littlefield, McAdoo in college 9-8; Littlefield, Mrs. J.C., Jr. sister married 12-30; Lloyd, Albert at party 11-18; Lloyd, Alfred died 8-26; Lloyd, Alfred died 9-15; Lloyd, Barney brother died 10-13; Lloyd, Beckie Ann son died 9-15; Lloyd, Bud at party 11-18; Lloyd, Charles fatherinlaw died 12-23; Lloyd, Clara father died 12-23; Lloyd, D. father died 8-26; Lloyd, George at party 11-18; Lloyd, Hazel at party 11-18; Lloyd, Herbert Seals died 10-13; Lloyd, Jack father died 8-26; Lloyd, Jack father died 9-15; Lloyd, Jeff brother died 10-13; Lloyd, John B. Alfred Lloyd died 9-15; Lloyd, John B. son died 10-13; Lloyd, John R. father died 9-15; Lloyd, John, father died 8-26; Lloyd, Leslie brother died 10-13; Lloyd, Lewis M. father died 9-15; Lloyd, Lillith library club 7-8; Lloyd, Mack brother died 10-13; Lloyd, Mack son died 9-15; Lloyd, Mack, Sr., juror 2-11; Lloyd, Miss Bell father died 8-26; Lloyd, Miss Belle father died 9-15; Lloyd, Mrs. Mack brother died 7-15; Lloyd, Mrs. Mack committee Warm Sprngs Foundation 1-14, 1-21; Lloyd, Mrs. Pearl husband died 10-13; Lloyd, Uncle Budder died 9-15; Loffland Bros. of Tulsa 3-25; Lonsberry, Mrs. Lynn father died 10-20; Lowther, B.H. juror 2-11; Lowther, Pauline Beta Club 5-20; Lowther, T.H. juror 2-11; Lowther, Willie Maude graduating 5-20; Lyons, S.L. juror 2-11; 
MacArthur, Mrs. C.D. father died 4-29; MacArthur, Mrs. William Elliott father died 4-29; Mallard, L.E. promoted state park 10-20; Mallard, L.E. speech at new hospital shower 5-20; Mallard, L.E. launched program to restock Spanish Creek with fish 10-27; Mallard, L.E. on Welfare Board 5-27; Mallard, L.E. securing oil leases 1-14; Mallard, L.E., award from Ch of Commerce 2-25; Mallard, L.E., speaker when Governor was here 3-4; Mallard, Mrs. L.E. brother died 12-23; Mallard, Mrs. L.E. brother died 12-9; Martin, Catherine at party 11-18; Martin, Juanita hurt in wreck 11-18; Martin, Lettie hurt in wreck 11-18; Masonic lodge elects officers 12-23; Masonic Lodge church service 10-6; Masonic Lodge Herbert Seals Lloyd was member 10-13; Matthews, W.L. close on Thurs afternoons 4-29; Mattox Apartments fire 9-22; Mattox Crossing two neon electric signs 1-14; Mattox Station remodeled 3-18; Mattox, A.M. brother died 9-15; Mattox, Bessie Nye husband died 9-15; Mattox, Dorothy brother died 9-15; Mattox, Elvira married 10-20; Mattox, Eva married 9-29; Mattox, H.S. fire at apartments 9-22; Mattox, H.S. juror 2-11; Mattox, H.S. son died 9-15; Mattox, Jesse new baby girl 12-9; Mattox, Jesse snakes found nearby 9-8; Mattox, Mrs. J.J. daughter married 10-20; Mattox, Mrs. J.J. daughter married 9-29; Mattox, Robert H. died 9-15; Mattox, Robert Hamilton, Jr. father died 9-15; Mattox, Stanley father died 9-15; Mattox, Vina married 11-3; Maund, Ella teacher 9-2; Maund, Ella L. teacher 6-10; Mays, H.J., councilman 2-4; McCormick, Mrs. Geraldine winner beauty contest 2-25; McDonald House new sign 4-8; McDonald, Mrs. B.G. niece of Lucy M. Lang 1-7; McDuffie, H.E. juror 9-15; McDuffie, H.P. juror 2-11; McDuffie, Thyra teacher 6-10; McDuffie, Thyra teacher 9-2; McDuffie, W.L. juror 2-11; McLean, Hugh juror 9-15; McLeod, Mrs. Carrie library books at her home 10-13; McMullen, Mrs. C.Y. sister died 6-3; McQueen, Bill in college 9-8; McQueen, Col. speech at new hospital shower 5-20; McQueen, Judge A.S. Judge of new ìTraffic Courtî 3-4; McQueen, Linnie baby queen candidate 10-20; Meehan, Mrs. Mattie brother died 5-13; Melton, Walter murdered Pratt Mizell 1-7; Melton, Walter new trial denied 4-1; Melton, Walter resentenced 10-6; Melton, Walter verdict guilty 3-11; Melton, Walton executed 11-3; Merrow, Mrs. Tom brother died 7-15; Miller, Hilda Grace Christmas program 12-30; Miller, Mrs. Lois brother died 9-15; Miller, Roy juror 2-11; Mills, Albert library club 7-8; Mills, Betsy brother died 9-29; Mills, D.B. married 8-26; Mills, E.G. was game protector 12-9; Mills, Edgar G. sister died 6-3; Mills, F.D. sister died 6-3; Mills, F.D., Jr. brother died 9-29; Mills, F.D., Sr. juror 9-15; Mills, Frank old residence sold to Huling 7-1; Mills, Frank sells home to W.L. Huling 4-22 ; Mills, Frank D., Sr. son died 9-29; Mills, Harold brother died 9-29; Mills, Harry Lee died 9-29; Mills, J.G. brother died 9-29; Mills, Kenneth brother died 9-29; Mills, Marguerite teacher 6-10; Mills, Marguerite teacher 9-2; Mills, Marjorie brother died 9-29; Mills, Raymond Kenneth graduating 5-20; Mills, Rudolph brother died 9-29; Mills, S.F. brother died 9-29; Mills, S.F., Jr. sister died 6-3; Mills, S.F., Sr. dau. Died 6-3; Mills, Sol P. juror 9-15; Mills, Walter member School Patrol 5-13; Mills, Walter brother died 9-29; Mills. S.M. juror 9-15; Minyard, Bro. new pastor of St Geo Bap Church 11-3; Mizell Market and Grocery sold 9-29; Mizell, Alton in Ga. National Guard 5-27; Mizell, Audrey Mae dau of Pratt 1-7; Mizell, Billy bible school 8-5; Mizell, E.T. bro. of Pratt 1-7; Mizell, Eustace son of Pratt 1-7; Mizell, Everett sister died 8-12; Mizell, G.M. close on Thurs afternoons 4-29; Mizell, G.M. juror 9-15; Mizell, Gilbert sold Market 9-29; Mizell, Gilbert son of Pratt 1-7; Mizell, J.D. married 6-3; Mizell, J.S. died 12-9; Mizell, Jackson sister died 8-12; Mizell, Jesse neighbor is J.W. Johnson 9-2; Mizell, Jesse P. daughter married 10-6; Mizell, Jesse P. juror 2-11; Mizell, Jesse P. juror 9-15; Mizell, Jesse P. on Welfare Board 5-27; Mizell, Jessie Mae married 10-6; Mizell, Jessie P. bro of Pratt 1-7; Mizell, Jewell in college 9-8; Mizell, Jewell Alice graduating 5-20; Mizell, Jim son of Pratt 1-7; Mizell, Joseph P. sister died 8-12; Mizell, Joseph Sheppard died 12-23; Mizell, Joshua daughter died 8-12; Mizell, Letitia daughter died 8-12; Mizell, Madria bible school 8-5; Mizell, Mrs. O.C. Warm Springs Foundation contest 1-7; Mizell, Mrs. William on library board 7-29; Mizell, Mrs. William, Garden club project 2-11; Mizell, Mrs. William, Warm Springs Foundation contest 1-7; Mizell, P.G. murdered 4-1; Mizell, P.G. trial of his murder 3-11; Mizell, Pratt G. murdered 11-3; Mizell, Pratt G. murdered 1-7; Mizell, Pratt G. murderer resentenced 10-6; Mizell, Pratt Grooms, obit 1-7; Mizell, Sallie Lou dau of Pratt 1-7; Mizell, Sarah Kathryn Beta Club 5-20; Mizell, Ward bought fish market 7-1; Mizell, Ward son of Pratt 1-7; Mizell, William sister died 8-12; Mizell, William, Jr. juror 2-11; Mizell, William, Jr. Masonic Lodge 12-23; Mizell, William, Jr., speaker when Governor was here 3-4; Moniac district, possibility of state park 5-6; Mooty, Margaret teacher 9-2; Motes, Charles new baby girl 11-11; Motes, Winifred Ann brand new baby girl 11-11; Murder of Pratt G. Mizell 1-7; Murray Barber Shop Marquee added to bldg. 9-2; 
National Guard, Georgia 6 boys enlisted 5-27; Nazworth, Arthur father died 7-15; Nazworth, Corbett father died 7-15; Nazworth, Corbett new baby boy 12-30; Nazworth, G.A. died 7-15; Nazworth, George father died 7-15; Nazworth, Jesse father died 7-15; Nazworth, Mrs. J.S. brother died 5-13; Nazworth, Roy father died 7-15; Nazworth, Uncle Jobie died 7-15; Neal, Daisey teacher 9-2; Neal, Daisy teacher 6-10; Newell, Holland Brown new baby 7-22; Nobles, Ruby bible school 8-5; Norman, L.J. juror 9-15; Norman, Leslie N. ran for Representative 9-15; Norman, N.J. juror 2-11; Norwood, M. juror 2-11; Norwood, M., councilman 2-4; NYA to help develop State Park 5-6; ; O’Cain, Leonard fish market sold 7-1; O’Quinn, Bennie in CCC camp 4-22; O’Quinn, H.L. juror 9-15; Offerman, oil well 3-25; Oil well drilling on Route One 3-25; Oil well oil well flowed in Montgomery County 7-29; Oil well drilling at Offerman 3-25; Oil well near Offerman, rig dismantled 5-13; Oil Well, struck oil reports denied 4-29; Oil Well, Pan American to drill 1-14; Osterman, Marguerite honor roll 1-14; Oxley Funeral Home Cason 9-8; Oxley Funeral Home Mills 9-29; Oxley, Mrs. D.O. father died 9-8; ; 
Padgett, B.R. juror 9-15; Padgett, Doy baby girl died 11-25; Page, H.C. juror 2-11; Page, Jewell typhoid shots 7-15; Pan American Co. to drill well 1-14; Pan American Oil Co. struck oil reports denied 4-29; Pan American oil, oil well 5-13; Passieu Motor Co. to close on Thurs afternoons 5-6; Passieu, C.J. council 12-2; Passieu, C.J. home has copper roof 8-5; Passieu, C.J., juror 2-11; Passieu, Joanne bible school 8-5; Patterson, Goob killed Joe Williams 9-2; Peagler Still Quarters Mary Lou James died 9-29; Peagler, J.M. juror 9-15; Peagler, J.M. new game protector 12-9; Pearce, J.B. juror 2-11; Pearce, Marion teacher 6-10; Pearce, Marion teacher 9-2; Pearce, Miss Pansy [Scott] died 5-20; Petty Harry sister died 12-23; Petty, Colonel sister died 12-23; Petty, Sam sister died 12-23; Phillips, Clinton teacher 9-2; Pickren Bros. Garage close on Thurs afternoons 5-6; Pickren, Marion queen candidate 10-20; Pickren, Marion winner beauty contest 2-25; Pickren, T.L. son Woodrow married 8-26; Pickren, V.J. Ch of Commerce 12-2; Pickren, V.J., attended Awards banquet 2-11; Pickren, V.J., Warm Springs Foundation contest 1-7; Pickren, W.W. juror 9-15; Pickren, Woodrow W. married 8-26; Picture: Dr. Fleming and Dr. Sawyer, new hospital 2-4; Pitts, J.L. pallbearer 7-29; Post Road being surveyed 5-20; Post Road work begun 9-29; Powell, Billie bible school 8-5; Powers Drug Co. Macclenny 5-13; Powers, A. Duff died 5-13; Powers, Richard son died 5-13; Prescott, B.S. juror 9-15; Prescott, C.W. juror 2-11; Prescott, Hazel teacher 6-10; Prescott, Hazel teacher 9-2; Prescott, Lee juror 2-11; Prescott, Lester W. graduating 5-20; Prescott, Mersal juror 9-15; Prescott, Mrs. B.S. father died 12-16; Prescott, Mrs. O.M. mother died 4-1; Prescott, Nancy library club 7-8; Prescott, O.M. daughter married 12-30; Prescott, O.M. juror 2-11; Prescott, Owen juror 9-15; Prescott, Paul Proctor graduating 5-20; Prescott, Sally married 12-30; Prevatt, Herman father died 5-13; Prevatt, Joe A. brother died 5-13; Prevatt, John died 5-13; Prevatt, M.J. father died 5-13; Prevatt, Marvin father died 5-13; Prevatt, Owen K. brother died 5-13; Proctor, Miss Gertrude, Home Dem Agent 7-29; Pryor, Minnie Belle teacher 6-10; Pryor, Minnie Belle teacher 9-2; Public Welfare funds for February 4-8; Purvis, Joan library club 7-8; 
Quarterman, V.A. juror 2-11; Quarterman, V.A. Masonic Lodge 12-23; Quick, C.H. juror 9-15; Quick, Charlene library club 7-8; Quick, Harry bible school 8-5; Quick, Harry library club 7-8; 
Racepond Cuyler Johns killed 5-13; Racepond, Joseph A. Carter died 2-4; Racepond, Miss Lydia died 1-7; Railroad, more trains added 1-7; Rankin, Rosella teacher 9-2; Ratcliffe, Francis Asbury, Jr. killed 3-4; Ratcliffe, Hugh C. brother killed 3-4; Ratcliffe, Mae brother killed 3-4; Ratcliffe, Rev. F.A. son killed 3-4; Ratcliffe, W.E. brother killed 3-4; Raulerson, Mrs. J.L. sister died 7-29; Raynor, Kathryn Beta Club 5-20; Raynor, Kathryn bible school 8-5; Raynor, Kathryn in college 9-8; Raynor, Kathryn Belle graduating 5-20; Raynor, O.E. elected county commissioner 9-15; Raynor, O.E. juror 2-11; REA projects in S.Ga. 3-18; Reed, Mrs. Carl brother died 5-13; Renfroe, Mrs. H.A. sister died 6-3; Reynolds, L.M. juror 9-15; Rivers, Gov. E.D. presents trophies, Warm Springs Found. 3-4; Rivers, Governor proclaimed new bank holiday 1-28; Roberts Bros. to close on Thurs afternoons 5-6; Roberts, Mrs. Kansas father died 9-15; Roberts, Mrs. Louis father died 8-26; Robinson, Alyce teacher 6-10; Robinson, Mrs. A.F. brother died 5-13; Robinson, Mrs. L.W. mother died 10-6; Robinson, Mrs. W.H. taking adult ed. Census 4-8; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D. teacher 6-10; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D. teacher 9-2; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M. Tax Collector 5-13; Roddenberry, Mrs. N.E. sister died 7-29; Roddenberry, N.E. juror 9-15; Roddenberry, N.E. on Welfare Board 5-27; Roddenberry, N.E. pallbearer 7-29; Rodgers, Henry Benjamin engaged 5-13; Rogers, Mrs. Ira brother died 10-13; Ross, Zelle married 12-30 ; Ross, Zelle teacher 6-10; Ross. Zelle teacher 9-2; Rozier, Evelyn married 3-18; Rozier, Jessie married 7-22; Rozier, Mrs. A.B. sister died 7-29; Rozier, W.E. daughter married 3-18; Rushin, Anthony died 4-15; Rushin, Mud-Axe died 4-15; Russell, Eugene in CCC camp 4-22; Russell, Grace library club 7-8; Russell, Joseph Parker died 11-3; Russell, Martha Cottle husband died 11-3; 
Sanderson, Jimmy fatherinlaw died 12-23; Sanderson, Nona father died 12-23; Sands, George juror 9-15; Sardis Adult Ed Class 1-21; Sardis Warm Sprngs committee 1-28; Sawmills, new wage-hour law closes down work 10-27; Sawyer, Dr. James L., building hospital 2-4; Sawyer, Mrs. Speech at new hospital shower 5-20; Sawyer, Rev. W.S. new pastor 11-18; Schneider, Mrs. W.M. where Mrs. Welch died 1-21; School, list of students on School Patrol 5-13; School, prospects bright for teachers getting full pay 10-20; School, Adult Ed at Sardis 1-21; School, Adult Education first letter from adult 5-20; School, CCHigh teachers 9-2; School, Ch Co High Harry Lee Mills graduated 9-29; School, Ch Co High teachers 6-10; School, Ch Co High Beta Club organized 5-20; School, Ch Co High graduates 5-20; School, Ch Co High Seniors had prom 5-13; School, Ch Co. wins Warm Springs Foundation contest 2-11, 2-18; School, college students of county 9-8; School, Colored opening Monday 9-29; School, Folk colored closing exercises 4-22; School, Folk colored teachers 4-22; School, Folk Colored update on happenings 4-22; School, Folk Grammar teachers 6-10; School, Folkston grammar teachers 9-2; School, Halloween carnival king and queen 10-20; School, John Harris Jr High teachers 9-2; School, Jr. High teachers 6-10; School, Moniac teachers 6-10; School, Moniac teachers 9-2; School, project to make funds for feeding children at school. 2-25; School, PTA sponsored beauty contest 2-25; School, PTA to sponsor showboat follies 11-3; 11-11; School, Racepond typhoid shots given there 7-15; School, Sardis building for sale 8-19; School, St. Geo. Teachers 6-10; School, St. George building being erected 1-14; School, St. George honor roll 1-14; School, St. George teachers 9-2; School, teachers for new term 9-2; School, teachers for new year 6-10; School, Uptonville Mrs. J.W. Johnson to teach 9-2; School, Uptonville pie supper 4-22, 4-29; School, Uptonville teachers 6-10; School, Uptonville teachers 9-2; School, Uptonville school bus in wreck 11-18; School, Winokur teacher 9-2; Schools, Palm trees planted 2-11; Scott, B.F. working in old records of county 5-6; Scott, B.F., Sr. juror 2-11; Scott, Mrs. T.A., county librarian 7-29; Scott, Pansy Pearce died 5-20; Scott, Thomas A. wife died 5-20; Scott, Tom bible school 8-5; Sears, Imogene teacher 9-2; Shaw, Madison Dutton married 11-11; Shearouse, Mrs. Henry [Ratcliffe] brother killed 3-4; Sheffield, Maureen, assists in Kozy Kabin Kafe 8-19; Sikes, Bobbie bible school 8-5; Sikes, Bobby Ruth winner beauty contest 2-25; Sikes, J.O. Sheriff when Pratt Mizell murdered 1-7; Sikes, Jacquelyn bible school 8-5; Sikes, Jim bible school 8-5; Sikes, Mary bible school 8-5; Sikes, Mary Connie baby queen candidate 10-20; Sikes, Sheriff J.O. Cuyler Johns killing 5-13; Simmons, Mrs. Henrietta father died 8-26; Simmons, Mrs. Henrietta father died 9-15; Sims, Isaac in row at Traders Hill 2-25; Singing school at Philadelphia 11-25; Smith, Everett C, new clerk court 1-28; Smith, Mrs. Jim sister died 8-12; Smith, Nellie honor roll 1-14; Smith, W.B. son took place as clerk court 1-28; Smith, W.S., Warm Sprng Found Contest 1-7; Smith, William S. teacher 6-10; Smith, William S. teacher 9-2; Snakes, basket of given to Editor 9-8; Southwell, A.J. wife died 10-6; Southwell, J.B. city council 12-2; Southwell, J.B. juror 2-11; Southwell, J.B. juror 9-15; Southwell, J.R. mother died 10-6; Southwell, John B. mother died 10-6; Southwell, Mary Rena died 10-6; Southwell, Mrs. A.J. died 10-6; Spanish Creek, baby trout and bream released 10-27; Spencer, J.W. juror 2-11; St. George, Henry Staton Hodges died 5-13; St. George, Library established 3-11; St. George, Warm Sprng Found Contest committee 1-7; Stalls, Annie bible school 8-5; Stalls, June bible school 8-5; Stapleton, C. Pearce juror 2-11; Stapleton, C.P. Masonic Lodge 12-23; Stapleton, E.B. owned house that burned 12-9; Stapleton, E.B. ran for county commissioner 9-15; Stapleton, Kathleen Beta Club 5-20; Stapleton, Martha teacher 6-10; Stapleton, Martha teacher 9-2; State Park being surveyed 9-2; State Park now a certainty 10-20; State Park project for Charlton 5-6; Stewart, D.L. juror 9-15; Stewart, Mary Lou bible school 8-5; Stewart, Mary Lou winner beauty contest 2-25; Stillwell, Parker Julian married 11-3; Stinson, Kathleen A. married 7-1; Stokes Apartments 10-13; Stokes, Carlie Mae teacher 6-10; Stokes, Carlie Mae teacher 9-2; Stokes, Edward M. juror 2-11; Stokes, Eula Mae working in Jax. 11-11; Stokes, Festus N. juror 9-15; Stokes, Henry widow died 9-8; Stokes, Jasper new baby girl 12-23; Stokes, Jasper owned house destroyed by fire 9-8; Stokes, L. Jasper juror 9-15; Stokes, L.E. mother died 9-8; Stokes, L.E.&Son close store Thurs afternoons 4-29; Stokes, Lewis E. daughter getting married 5-13; Stokes, Maggie teacher 1-7; Stokes, Maggie Mason engaged 5-13; Stokes, Mary Ann brand new baby girl 12-23; Stokes, Mrs. Mary C. died 9-8; Stokes, Noah juror 9-15; Stokes, Noah married 9-29; Stokes, Noah on Welfare Board 5-27; Stokes, Paxton building apartments 10-13; Stokes, S.C. juror 9-15; Strain Lake, fishing rights 3-25; Stroup, Peggy new daughter 3-25; Stroup, R.B. juror 2-11; Stroup, Richard new baby daughter 3-25; Suggs, W.C. juror 2-11; Sullivan, Thomas F. infant died 8-19; Sunrise Dairy Ad 4-29; Suwannee Store close on Thurs afternoons 4-29; Sweat, Rev. W.L. Crews funeral 1-7; Sweat, Rev. W.L. memorial for Crews 1-14; 
Talbert, Charlton teacher 6-10; Talbert, Charlton teacher 9-2; Taxes Poll being collected 5-13; Taylor, Bill dau. Married 6-3; Taylor, Dr. J.S. infant died 12-16; Taylor, Dr. J.S. ran for Representative 9-15; Taylor, Richard C. juror 9-15; Taylor, Sallie married 6-3; Telephone exchange church apron sale downstairs 10-6; Templeton, H.D. daughter married 11-11; Templeton, Mary Sue married 11-11; Templeton, Mrs. H.D. teacher 6-10; Templeton, Mrs. H.D. teacher 9-2; Texas Service Station run by Eugene Williams 5-27; Thanksgiving Day service 12-2; Thomas, Delene Beta Club 5-20; Thomas, Delene in college 9-8; Thomas, Dorothy Delene graduating 5-20; Thomas, Edwin son married 10-6; Thomas, Everett married 10-20; Thomas, Everett married 11-3; Thomas, H.D. juror 2-11; Thomas, Henry married 10-6; Thomas, Jeannette queen candidate 10-20; Thompson, Kathryn in college 9-8; Thompson, Mary Jean bible school 8-5; Thompson, Mary Jean library club 7-8; Thompson, W.D. juror 9-15; Thrift, B. juror 9-15; Thrift, Dorothy had scarlet fever 11-18; Thrift, J.L. juror 2-11; Thrift, J.T. juror 2-11; Thrift, M.D. pallbearer 7-29; Thrift, Mrs. Henry mother died 10-6; Thrift, Mrs. M.D. teacher 9-2; Thrift, N.A. juror 2-11; Thrift, N.A., juror 2-11; Thursday afternoon at stores 4-29; Tison, Carolyn bible school 8-5; Tison, Elizabeth library club 7-8; Tison, Hal bible school 8-5; Toledo Noah and Miss Eva Stokes live there 9-29; Toledo Manufacturing Co. Noah Stokes 9-29; Toll bridge receipts 10-20; Toy, M.M., councilman 2-4; TPO Mr. Wall employee 9-8; Tracy, Ada training for nurse 3-11; Tracy, Agnes training for nurse 3-11; Tracy, Leila Jeanette graduating 5-20; Tracy, P.C. twin daughters to be nurses 3-11; Traders Hill, Buggie Dasher shot and killed in row 2-25; Tucker, L.H. juror 2-11; Tucker, L.H. Mattox business man furnish electricity 1-14; Tucker, L.H. remodeling Mattox Station 3-18; Tucker, Theo juror 9-15; Typhoid Fever death in the county 8-26; Tyson, John S., Jr. close on Thurs afternoons 4-29; 
Unknown man with K on belt buckle died near ACL tracks 5-27; Uptonville Singing Class funds for piano 4-22, 4-29; Uptonville, Christmas program 12-30; Uptonville, Warm Springs Foundation contest committee 1-7; Uptonville, Warm Sprngs Foundation Committee 1-14; 
VanderHyde, Mrs. Frank brother died 9-15; Vickery, J.W. new couple boarding there 12-30; Vickery, J.W., attended Awards banquet 2-11; Vickery, Jesse W. elected Representative 9-15; Vickery, Jesse W. juror 2-11; Vickery, Julia Ann husband died 12-16; Vickery, W.B. injured in fall 3-4; Volunteer Fire Fighters fire at Mattox Apts. 9-22;
Wade, Helena S. father died 4-29; Wade, Mary E. husband died 4-29; Wade, Miss Laura brother died 4-29; Wade, Neill G., Jr. father died 4-29; Wade, Neill Gillespie died 4-29; Wainwright, Elizabeth son married 7-1; Wainwright, Elmer Lamar graduating 5-20; Wainwright, Escher Candler married 7-1; Wainwright, Frank R. husband of Alice 1-7; Wainwright, Hamp son of Alice 1-7; Wainwright, Jack sister died 10-6; Wainwright, Jesse sister died 10-6; Wainwright, Lamar Beta Club 5-20; Wainwright, Lamar bible school 8-5; Wainwright, Lamar in college 9-8; Wainwright, Mrs. Alice died 1-7; Wainwright, Nancy Linda is new baby girl 5-27; Wainwright, Oscar son of Alice 1-7; Wainwright, Rev. pastor for new Bap church at Racepond 7-22; Wainwright, Robert son of Alice 1-7; Wainwright, Robert P. new baby girl 5-27; Wainwright, Robert son of Alice 1-7; Wainwright, Sue Dee bible school 8-5; Wainwright, Sue Dee library club 7-8; Wainwright, W.R. son married 7-1; Wall, Mr. occupied house destroyed by fire 9-8; War, Civil, veteran pensions 1-7; Ward, Helen library club 7-8; Warm Springs Foundation contest 1-7; Warm Springs Foundation contest, Ch Co wins 2-11, 2-18, 3-4; Warm Springs Foundation fund drive 1-14, 1-21; Warren, Helen library club 7-8; Wasdin, L.T. married 11-11; Wasdin, L.T. sold fishing rights to lake 3-25; Wasdin, L.T. wife died 7-29; Wasdin, Mrs. L.T. died 7-29; Waterman, R.W. Thanks Day service 12-2; Waterman, Rev. R.W. Masonic Lodge 12-23; Waterman, Rev. R.W. on library board 7-29; Waughtel, C.W. on Christmas program 12-30; Waughtel, C.W. teacher adult ed class 1-21; Waughtel, C.W., Recorder for Homeland 2-4; Waughtel, Geraldine on Christmas program 12-30; Waughtel, Geraldine, Warm Sprng Found Contest 1-7; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. Christmas program, Uptonville 12-30; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W. directed Christmas program 12-30; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W., custom egg hatching 2-18; Welch, Mrs. Died in Homeland 1-21; Welfare benefits for Charlton 5-27; Welfare dept. members 5-27; Welfare, Dept. of funds for Feb. 4-8; Wheeler, Mrs. Charley father died 5-13; White, George bible school 8-5; White, M.G. in charge of Thanks. Day service 12-2; White, M.G. juror 9-15; White, M.G. mules for sale 1-7; Widowís Lake Slew, fishing rights 3-25; Wilder, J.E. found drowned CCC worker 7-22; Wildes, A.C. mother died 4-1; Wildes, A.F. widow died 4-1; Wildes, Alex granddaughter married 11-11; Wildes, Floyd C. visiting 2-4; Wildes, H.P. mother died 4-1; Wildes, Harry member School Patrol 5-13; Wildes, J.D. mother died 4-1; Wildes, J.M. mother died 4-1; Wildes, J.M., son Floyd visiting 2-4; Wildes, K.D. mother died 4-1; Wildes, Lawrence home from Navy 5-6; Wildes, M.F. mother died 4-1; Wildes, Mark daughter married 11-11; Wildes, Mildred married 12-30; Wildes, Mrs. Nancy died 4-1; Wildes, Pearl married 11-11; Wildes, R.H. daughter married 12-30 Kendricks, L.W. son married 12-30; Wildes, R.H. juror 9-15; Wildes, R.H. mother died 4-1; Williams, A.D. daughter married 11-3; Williams, Carrie Belle married 11-3; Williams, Carrie Belle working in cafÈ 5-27; Williams, Dr. gave flag to school 4-22; Williams, Dr. A.D. treated Erlis Huggins 12-30; Williams, Eugene juror 2-11; Williams, Eugene opens service station 5-27; Williams, Joe killed 9-2; Williams, Susie library club 7-8; Williams, Virginia library club 7-8; Willson, Charles P. teacher 6-10; Wilson, A.D. juror 9-15; Wilson, Charles P. teacher 9-2; Wilson, Essie married 11-11; Wilson, George killed Cuyler Johns 5-13; Wilson, J,M., Sr. juror 9-15; Wilson, J.M. daughter married 11-11; Wilson, O.F. city clerk 12-2; Wilson, O.F., clerk 5-6; Winokur Irwin Crews died 9-29; Winokur Wildes-Wasdin wedding 11-11; Winokur, Henderson baby son born 5-13; Winokur, Mrs. L.T. Wasdin died 7-29; Woodall, Ann M. teacher 6-10; Woodall, Mrs. Annie M. teacher 9-2; Woolard, Lula Alfred Lloyd died 9-15; World War I, John Prevatt 5-13; WPA commodity warehouse 7-29; WPA Post Road work begun 9-29; WPA sidewalk at courthouse 5-20; WPA to help develop State Park 5-6; WPA project, reindexing old records, survey of blind people 5-6; WPA wages for Charlton 5-27; WPA workers working on Route 23 9-29; Wrench, Agnes teaching in Nahunta 9-8; Wrench, James with new ins. Co. 3-25; Wrench, James H., juror 2-11; Wrench, T.W. Mayor 2-4; Wright, Bertie library club 7-8; Wright, Bill bible school 8-5; Wright, Birdie bible school 8-5; Wright, C.J. Masonic Lodge 12-23; Wright, E.H. city council 12-2; Wright, E.H. juror 2-11; Wright, Eleanor bible school 8-5; Wright, Grace library club 7-8; Wright, Mrs. E.H. modeled dress 7-29; Wright, Patsy Ruth baby queen candidate 10-20; Wright, Wilbur Masonic lodge 12-23; Wright, William bible school 8-5; ; Zart, Mrs. C.H. brother died 9-29. 

Charlton  County Archives