Index of Charlton County Herald 1937

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


ABAC College , John White scholarship 8-20; ACL RR safety meeting 12-3; ACL RR Warren Baird Smith worked there 12-17; ACL RR, Seaborn Allen Roddenberry worked there 8-27; ACLRR, new loading track for Hercules 4-30; ACLRR, wreck with car 5-28; Adult Ed Class organized T. Hill 2-26; Air mail from Folkston 8-13; Airport, Folkston, air mail established 8-13; Aldridge, Juanita grad JrHi 4-30; Aldridge, Mrs. Gussie 2-26; Alexander, Mrs. Mary kin to WB Smith 12-17; Allen, A.A. juror 10-1; Allen, Bernice Vickery, apptd welfare director 7-9; Allen, Bernice, welfare director 8-6; Allen, Crum brother died 10-29; Allen, Edgar F. daddy died 10-29; Allen, Edgar F., not qualified to be wel direct 7-9; Allen, George W. had son Joseph C. Allen 10-29; Allen, Homer daddy died 10-29; Allen, Jimmie Estell grad JrHi 4-30; Allen, John C. bought Mitch Mizell place 8-13; Allen, Johnnie daddy died 10-29; Allen, Joseph C. died 10-29; Allen, Lawrence daddy died 10-29; Allen, Mrs. E.F., wel director accompanied CCC boys 10-15; Allen, W.R. brother died 10-29; Allen, W.R. juror 10-1; Allgood, Gertrude teacher 9-10; Allgood, Miss girl scout 12-10; Allmond, Sidney at party 1-8; Alsobrook, David Milton grad Jr Hi 4-30; Altman, B.A. has d. valentine 10-1; Altman, B.A., daughter married 7-9; Altman, Ben family moved 1-8; Altman, Bennie Aloise grad JrHi 4-30; Altman, Blanche married 2-19; Altman, Eleanor Valentine to marry 10-1; Altman, Eunice Cora grad 4-30; Altman, Ida Mae married 7-9; Altman, M. has sister Vicie 8-27; Altman, S.M. 2-19; Altman, S.M., Jr. grad JrHi 4-30; Anderson, Floyce at party 1-8; Anderson, James Terrell married 7-9; Anderson, M.R. new daughter 1-29; Anderson, Mrs. Avie at party 1-8; Askew, Inez, is clerk at CCC camp near Folkston 11-12; Askew, Leon juror 10-1; Askew, Leon, has daughter Geraldine 2-5; Askew, Mable Eunice grad 4-30; Askew, Mary Inez grad 4-30; Askew, Mayme 8-6; Askew, Mayme move home from r-o-w 2-19; Askew, Mayme teacher 9-10; Askew, Thomas W. juror 10-1; Automobile 25 million Ford car shown in Folk 2-26;


B&W RR, rails stolen in Brantley 5-5; Banks, Judge, Jackson Nettles body 10-29; Banksí CafÈ neon sign 2-12; Baptist Orphanage near Baxley 3 Howard children 4-16; Barker family moved 1-8; Barker, W.B. grad 4-30; Barker, W.B. Suwannee Store..1-8; Barnes, Beryl father died 12-3; Barnes, Betty father died 12-3; Barnes, Blanche Zellner 12-3; Barnes, Doris father died 12-3; Barnes, Doris Mae grad 4-30; Barnes, John M. father died 12-3; Barnes, P.S. 12-3; Barnes, Police Chief John H. died 12-3; Barnhill, Rev. J.E. contest 4-2; Bassett, S.X, hitch hiker killed 10-29; Batten, Lois grad 7 grade 4-30; Beach, J.H. 12-3; Beauty Parlor, Sunrise 3-26; Bedell, Marward , Stokes family living there 3-26; Bell, E. juror 10-1; Bell, E. new baby boy 11-5; Bell, Eloise party 3-26; Bell, George Edward party 3-26; Bell, Iva candy pulling party 12-3; Bell, Iva student 9-24; Bell, Ive Pauline grad 7 grade 4-30; Bell, James Thomas died 2-19; Bentley, Guy W. 8-6; Bentley, Guy W. teacher 9-10; Benton, Rainey Dinkins died 3-26; Betts, H. 1-22; Billys Island 2-5; Black, W.M. 12-3; Bledsoe, Louise teacher 9-10; Blue Willow Tea Room opens again 12-10; Blue Willow Tea Room owner died 11-26; Boyd, Annie Lou girl scout 12-10; Boyd, Marie 8-6; Boyd, Marie party 3-26; Boyd, Marie teacher 9-10; Bradley, Pete died 3-26; Bradshaw, Mrs. Winnie married 12-3; Bragg, Richard married 7-23; Brills Fever 1-29; Brills Fever, Rat killing campaign 12-24; Brills Fever, Peck Wright has it 8-6; Brills fever, rat poisoning night 8-6; Brock, Mrs. Wood ñ Sawing 4-23; Brock, T.G. juror 10-1; Brock, Tom Peanut popping 3-5; Brockman, Charles brother of Mrs. C.E. Roy who died 11-26; Brockman, Dr. daughter Mrs. C.E. Roy died 11-26; Brockman, Helen sister of Mrs. C.E. Roy who died 11-26; Brockman, Louise opened tea room 12-10; Brockman, Louise sister died 12-3; Brockman, Louise sister of Mrs. C.E. Roy who died 11-26; Brooks, Agnes teacher 9-10; Brooks, Clyde hit Woodrow Brooks 1-29, 2-5; Brooks, Devoy party 4-23; Brooks, Jane is new baby daughter. 4-30; Brooks, P.G., new daughter 4-23; Brooks, P.J. has new daughter Jane 4-30; Brooks, Perry completed cottages 1-22; Brooks, Woodrow injured 1-29, 2-5; Brown, Mrs. M.A. 8-13; Brown, Viola Mae grad JrHi 4-30; Bruschke, Helen teacher 9-10; Bruschke, Helen 8-6; Bruschke, R.W. juror 10-1; Bryant, Bertha Johns died 12-24; Bryant, Chester at party 1-8; Bryant, James mother died 12-24; Bryant, Joyce at party 1-8; Bryant, L.B. at party 1-8; Bryant, Modena at party 1-8; Bryant, Mrs. J.F. died 12-24; Bryant, Mrs. R.A. sister of Bertha Johns Bryant 12-24; Bryant, Pasco at party 1-8; Bryant, Pasco mother died 12-24; Bryant, R.A. juror 10-1; Buchanan, C.S. juror 10-1; Buford, Mrs. Herman 10-22; Burns, Capt Newnan at CCC camp 6-11; Burnsed, A.D. juror 10-1; Burnsed, Sol juror 10-1; Burnsed, Thelma grad 4-30; Burnt Fort, Mrs. John Mizell [Shivar] died 7-2; Bussey, Kathryn grad 7 grade 4-30; Bussey, Marie party 3-26; Byrd, Mrs. S.J. 8-27;


Camp Cornelia 2-5; Camp Cornelia CCC camp 4-9; Camp Cornelia, CCC camp 4-2; Campbell, Mr. at grist mill 7-9; Canaday, Bettie Thompson 2-12; Canaday, Ella Thompson 2-12; Canaday, R.L. juror 10-1; Carter, Alton John grad 4-30; Carter, Bryant tie camp 1-8; Carter, James party 4-23; Carter, John 4-23; Carter, Mildred Myrtle grad JrHi 4-30; Carter, Mrs. J.B. 9-10; Carter, Vera party 4-23; Caudle, Proctor, librarian 12-10; Caudle, Proctor, librarian 12-24; CCC boys names 7-9; CCC camp 4-9; CCC camp for swamp 4-9; CCC camp is Negro organ., constr road to Camp Cornelia 6-11; CCC camp on St. Geo highway 4-16; CCC camp to be at Camp Cornelia 4-2; CCC camp, Inez Askew is new clerk 11-12; CCC camp, Melvin Crews at Brunswick camp 6-25; CCC camps may come to Charlton 2-5; CCC enrollees, eleven new 10-15; CCC, need local fresh veg. 7-9; Cemetery, Bethlehem Mrs. Perry Griffin 11-5; Cemetery, Boones Creek, Jules H. Thompson 2-12; Cemetery, Folkston John H. Barnes 12-3; Cemetery, Folkston Wainwright 10-22; Cemetery, Sardis Benton funeral 3-26; Cemetery, Sardis Dowling 4-23; Cemetery, Sardis Lula Howard 4-16; Cemetery, Sardis Monnie Crews Harden 2-26; Cemetery, Sardis Robinson funeral 8-13; Cemetery, Sardis Petty, Johnson funerals 5-28; Cemetery, Sardis, Laura Thrift funeral 7-23; Cemetery, Sardis, Mrs. John Mizell funeral 7-2; Cemetery, Traders Hill Bertha Johns Bryant 12-24; Chaffin, Mrs. Susie Murray 4-2; Chamber of Commerce contest, Atlanta paper 3-12; Chancey, Mrs. A.A. 1-1; Chancey, Soley Place 10-15; Chancey, W.L. juror 10-1; Charlton Co Nursing Council organized 5-21; Charlton County Herald 1-1; Charlton County, road machine bought 5-5; Charlton Hardware & Supply Co. selling Formsby Pottery 1-8; Chesser Ben C. juror 10-1; Chesser, Bernice married 12-10; Chesser, Harry daughter married 12-10; Chesser, Norman at party 1-8; Chesser, Robert juror 10-1; Chesser, Robert pallbearer 12-24; Chism, Addie Viola grad 4-30; Chism, Charles W., Jr. grad 7th grade 4-30; Chism, Edith grad 7 grade 4-30; Chism, George student 9-24; Christmas, community tree 12-17; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap. Clyde C. Lloyd member 10-15; Church, Folk Bap Wiley R. Wainwright was member 12-3; Church, Folk Bap, preacher moving 8-6; Church, Folk Bap., new pastor Waterman 9-10; Church, Folk Meth, flowers for Martha Mizell Lang 5-14; Church, Folk Presby. Bell funeral 2-19; Church, Folk Presbyterian WB Smith was member 12-17; Church, Folkston Baptist John H. Barnes was member 12-3; Church, Grace Chapel to hold box supper for piano funds 11-19, 11-26; Church, Mt. Zion revival 8-27; Church, Old Prospect near Chesser Island Jacobs 10-29; Church, Philadelphia, Mrs. John Mizell member 7-2; Church, Raymos, Dyal funeral 9-10; Church, T Hill Meth, box supper, to buy SS literature 6-11; Church, T Hill Methodist, adult ed classes 2-26; Church, Traders Hill Methodist Adult Ed. Classes meet 11-26; Church, Traders Hill Methodist SS 2-12; Chute, Eunice 8-6; Chute, Eunice teacher 9-10; Citizens Bank 1-15; City Barber Shop 3-26; Civil War, Memorial day observ 4-23; Clayhole Point, where Jackson Nettles was found 10-29; Clyborne, Alvin, Lt., at CCC camp 6-11; Cockrell, Eleanor 8-6; Cockrell, Eleanor teacher 9-10; Cockrell, Justin juror 10-1; Cockrell, Justin W. married 12-3; Cockrell, S.T. juror 10-1; Cockrell, S.T. son married 12-3; Coleman, Raymond at party 1-8; Coleraine, Hamp Colson lived there 7-16; Coleraine, Mrs. Alice Marr died 10-1; Coleraine, new son for Audrey Pophams 7-2; Colson, Foster 1-1; Colson, George 1-1; Colson, Hamp has dau named Jessie 7-16; Colson, J.D. 1-1; Colson, J.J. 1-1; Colson, J.W. 1-1; Colson, Jessie grad 4-30; Colson, Jessie married 7-16; Colson, T.H. 1-1; Colson, Tom J. died 1-1; Colson, Zack 1-1; Combs, Mrs. Ada 12-3; Combs, Roy in friends wedding 8-20; Combs, Roy married 9-24; Community center project closes 6-25; Cone, Ann teacher 9-10; Conner, Bashia Clora Lee grad JrHi 4-30; Conner, J.P. led singing 11-26; Conner, J.P. party 4-23; Conner, Jewell party 4-23; Conner, Loleta Pearl grad 4-30; Conner, Mrs. P.A. 10-22; Conner, The Company to close on Thurs 5-5; Contest, Atlanta Constitution 1-8; Contest, Atlanta paper 3-12; Contest, Ch Co Improvement 10-1; Contest, those working, pictures 4-2; Cooper, A.C. pled guilty to murder 10-8; Cooper, Robert lost possessions when Gibson home burned 12-24; Corbin, H.S. 12-3; Cornhouse Creek community, Jackson Nettles 10-29; Courson, Glenn married 2-19; Court jurors, Grand, Traverse 10-1; Court, guilty pleas 10-8; Courthouse, G.J. recommended sidewalks in front 3-5; Crawford, Bessie at party 1-8; Crawford, Edna at party 1-8; Crawford, Emma student 9-24; Crawford, J.M. juror 10-1; Crawford, Lawrence, grad 7 grade 4-30; Crawford, Mearl, grad 7 grade 4-30; Crews, Alvin party 4-23; Crews, C.B. 2-26; Crews, Calvin party 4-23; Crews, Champ new baby daughter 11-5; Crews, Charlie A. very sick 10-8; Crews, Cleve 5-21; Crews, Earl party 4-23; Crews, Ed new baby girl 8-6; Crews, Eddie had dau who died 11-5; Crews, Eddie N. 2-26; Crews, Elmina grad 4-30; Crews, Elvin party 4-23; Crews, Emma Jeanette new baby girl 11-5; Crews, Eugene 2-26; Crews, Fred 2-26; Crews, Fred Marvin grad JrHi 4-30; Crews, Hazel 2-26; Crews, Helen Mildred grad 4-30; Crews, Janie Elizabeth grad JrHi 4-30; Crews, John Barryon died 5-21; Crews, Josephine party 4-23; Crews, Julian driving new car 11-5; Crews, Julian juror 10-1; Crews, L.D. father of J.B. Crews 5-21; Crews, Lonnie, new son born 6-25; Crews, Lorene Beatrice grad JrHi 4-30; Crews, Marshall had new daughter 2-19; Crews, Mary Gladys grad 4-30; Crews, Melvin in CCC camp 6-25; Crews, Mildred Gertrude grad 4-30; Crews, Monnie [Harden] died 2-26; Crews, Mrs. Emmie 2-26; Crews, Mrs. Mabelle 2-26; Crews, Mrs. Mildred, widow of J.B. Crews 5-21; Crews, Pratt 6-4; Crews, Pratt had niece who died 11-5; Crews, Pratt juror 10-1; Crews, R.L. juror 10-1; Crews, Raymond 5-21; Crews, Reuben CCC 4-2; Crews, Royal 5-21; Crews, W.L. married 6-4; Crews, W.R. juror 10-1; Cushing, E.A. 9-17; Cushing, Earnest Albertie, Jr. married 9-17; Cushing, Ernest A., Jr. married 8-27; Customs, Thursdays off 5-5;


Davis, Alma at party 1-8; Davis, Lillian indexing vital statistics records 12-3; Davis, Mrs. Frank teacher 9-10; Davis, Mrs. H.J. Garden Club 3-5; Davis, Mrs. Nelson daddy died 10-29; Davis, Mrs. R.F. 10-29; Dean, Martha Sue grad 4-30; Depression Adult Ed Classes 2-26; Depression, adult ed class at Uptonville, Camp Pinckney 3-19; Depression, Adult Ed Classes 11-26; Depression, colored adult ed classes 5-21; Depression, community center project closes 6-25; Depression, sewing room project 5-21; Depression, truckload of govt commodities potatoes, rice, milk 6-25; Depression, WPA library 12-10; Depression, WPA project, Ordinaryís records transcribed 4-30; DeShields, Alice teacher 9-10; Dinkins, D.R. daughter died 3-26; Dinkins, Ruth ice cream party 5-28; Dinkins, Ruth REA committee 11-5; Dinkins, Theo aunt died 3-26; Dinkins, Theo bought Yarber Place 4-9; Dinkins, Theo juror 10-1; Dinkins, Theo store 1-8; Dinkins, Theo, to close on Thurs 5-5; Dixie Restaurant Ch of Comm met there 3-12; Dixon, Eli 10-15; Dixon, Jodie Man married 10-15; Dixon, Joseph M. married 10-15; Dixon, Miss Dollie married 10-15; Doctor W.J. Schneider to locate here 12-17; Dowling, Frank 1-22; Dowling, J.D. died 4-23; Dowling, James 4-23; Dowling, Mrs. Addie Carter 4-23; Dowling, Pearl Mae 4-23; Drury, Pat, baby daughter died 6-25; Duncan, Gladys 8-6; Duncan, Gladys teacher 9-10; Dyal, Dan 9-10; Dyal, Dolly Mae at party 1-8; Dyal, Joe at party 1-8; Dyal, John 9-10; Dyal, Mr and Mrs at party 1-8; Dyal, Mrs. Ida 9-10; Dyal, Randall 9-10; Dyal, Roma Lewis died 9-10; Dyal, Serentha Daisy grad JrHi 4-30;


East Spring, school picnic there 4-23; East Spring. Scouts hike there 12-10; Edenfield, Cora teacher 9-10; Editorial, need more rental units 4-30; Editorial, Use CCC left standing 1-8; Electricity comes to Folkston 1-15; Electricity for Uptonville, Sardis, T Hill 11-26; Ellis, Mrs. A.J. 8-27; Ellison, Oscar 1-22; Ellison, Sarah Lee married 1-22; Entertainment candy pulling party 12-3; Entertainment, peanut popping 3-12; Entertainment, Peanut popping 3-5; Entertainment, box supper at Uptonville 11-19, 11-26; Entertainment, box supper, T Hill 6-11; Entertainment, ice cream party 5-28; Entertainment, New Year Eve Frolic 1-8; Entertainment, peanut popping 4-9; Entertainment, wood-sawing 4-23; Entertainment, Yearís End Party 1-8; Evans, H., grist mill 1-8;


Farmers, truck crops sold to CCC 7-9; Farming, Herd of cows sold 4-23; Farming, shipping tomato plants 6-4; Federal Emergency Admr. St George School 8-20; Fire Edgar Mills house 11-26; Fire at Theater 7-23; Fire Dept., fire at theater 7-23; Fire tower, iron near James Robinson 1-8; Fleming, Dr. A. contest 4-2; Fleming, Dr. A. juror 10-1; Fleming, Dr. A. urges memorial day observance 4-23; Fleming, Dr. A., rat killing campaign 1-29; Fleming, Dr. A., rat poisoning night 8-6; Fleming, Dr. Albert, on nursing council 5-21; Fleming, Dr. treated Clyde OíQuinn 9-10; Fleming, Mrs. Albert garden club 10-1; Fleming, Mrs. Albert, on nursing council 5-21; Folkston connected with Ga. Power Co. 1-15; Folkston Furn. & Hardware moved 10-29; Folkston Garden Club community Christmas tree 12-17; Folkston Garden Club elects officers 3-5; Folkston Garden Club, sowing phlox 1-1; Folkston Grain & Gro J.V Gowen Jr. 10-15; Folkston Grain & Grocery remodeled 4-23; Folkston stores. Five groceries had ad in paper 3-5; Folkston Telephone Co. 3-26; Folkston Telephone System new owner 11-5; Folkston, city of new council members 12-10; Folkston, city of rat killing campaign 12-24; Folkston, city of, Police Chief Barnes died 12-3; Folkston, city of, rat killing campaign 1-29; Folkston, city of, Troy Jones new police chief 12-3; Folkston, stores off on Thurs afternoons 5-5; Formsby Pottery, ornamental pottery 1-8; Formby Pottery Plant Formbys move to Waycross 10-29; Formby, George M. move to Waycross 10-29; Fuqua Drug Store 9-17;


Gainey, Thelma Thompson 2-12; Game Warden, Edgar G. Mills 5-28 ; Garden Club elects officers 3-5; Garden Club helps with improvement contest 10-1; Garden Club planted phlox 2-5; Garden Club, planting phlox 1-1; George, Julia Louis grad JrHi 4-30; Gibson, Charles H. REA committee 11-5; Gibson, Charles H. sold cows 4-23; Gibson, H.G. notice about strayed cattle 5-14; Gibson, Mrs. C.S. 10-22; Gibson, S.G. on nursing council 5-21; Gibson, Steve G., Co Commiss 1-8; Gibson, W.E. councilman 12-10; Gibson, W.E., has son Wallace 4-30; Gibson, W.E., to close on Thurs 5-5; Gibson, W.O. home burned 12-24; Gibson, Wallace in Navy 4-30; Gibson, Wanda grad JrHi 4-30; Gibson, William Guy grad 4-30; Gilbert, Eddie, injured J.B. Crews 5-21; Girl Scouts of Folkston hike 12-10; Gordon, R.S. shot W.E. Rogers 11-12; Gowen Oil Co., A.J. Hopkins buys int. 7-23; Gowen, A.G. juror 10-1; Gowen, Albert grad 4-30; Gowen, Annie Pearl grad JrHi 4-30; Gowen, Barney grad JrHi 4-30; Gowen, Clayton grad JrHi 4-30; Gowen, Donald Folk Grain and Gro 10-15; Gowen, Donald Grain & Gro 4-23; Gowen, E.C. councilman 12-10; Gowen, E.C. juror 10-1; Gowen, E.C., to close on Thurs 5-5; Gowen, J.V. gave land for fire tower 1-8; Gowen, J.V. moved to Folkston 9-24; Gowen, J.V. Sr. son J.V. Jr. married 10-15; Gowen, J.V., Jr. Grain & Gro 4-23; Gowen, J.V., Jr. married 10-15; Gowen, J.V., Jr., to close on Thurs 5-5; Gowen, J.V., sold int in Gowen Oil 7-23; Gowen, Louise at party 1-8; Gowen, Mrs. Addie 2-26; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. 8-6; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. peanut popping 3-12; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. teacher 9-10; Gowen, Sidney Harold grad Jr Hi 4-30; Gowen, T.C. councilman 12-10; Gowen, T.C. juror 10-1; Gowen, T.C. to close on Thurs. 5-5; Gray, Albert pled guilty to murder 10-8; Green, Alyce teacher 4-23; Green, Earle contest 4-2; Green, Mrs. George D. 10-22; Green, S.P. juror 10-1; Green, S.P. married 9-24; Green, Willie injured 4-16; Greene, Earl R., Okefenokee project 2-5; Griffin, Belle [Thomas] 7-2; Griffin, Mrs. Lorene 2-26; Griffin, Mrs. Perry died 11-5; Griffin, Perry improving 4-23; Griffin, Perry injured 4-16; Grist and Feed Mill, H. Evans 1-8; Grooms, E.N. juror 10-1; Guinn, G.H. has daughter Lena Mae 8-20; Guinn, G.H. juror 10-1; Guinn, Grover, has son Lonnie 7-23; Guinn, Lena Mae married 8-20; Guinn, Lonnie CCC 7-9; Guinn, Lonnie in CCC 7-23; Guy, F.J. 1-22; Guy, Manley T. improving 4-23; Guy, Manley T. injured 4-16;


Hall, P.C. contractor, Stokes apts. 3-26; Hambrick, Thera 8-6; Hambrick, Thera teacher 9-10; Hamler, E.C., colored adult ed teacher 5-21; Hamp Mizell, music for party 1-8; Hannaford, J.O. juror 10-1; Harden, Bert married 10-29; Harden, Clara Mae 2-26; Harden, Monnie Crews died 2-26; Harden, Mrs. Goldie 2-26; Harden, Pauline son Bert got married 10-29; Harden, W. Henry wife died 2-26; Harden, William Clarence 2-26; Harris, Bill, stabbed 1-8; Harris, Clifford, joins Marines 7-2; Harris, John contest 4-2; Harris, John on nursing council 5-21; Harris, John, has son Clifford 7-2; Harris, John, opens contracts for St. Geo school 12-3; Harris, John, outstand man of state 10-1; Harris, John, Supt. received word of St.Geo Schl to be blt. 8-20; Harrison, R. Ward contest 4-2; Harrison, R. Ward, editor 1-1; Harrison, R.W. dau Ruby married 10-15; Harrison, Robert to manage serv station 4-30; Harrison, Ruby married 10-15; Hathaway, Mary Elizabeth grad JrHi 4-30; Hawkins Funeral Home Robinson 8-27; Hawkins Funeral Home Bell funeral 2-19; Hawkins Funeral Home Griffin funeral 11-5; Hawkins Funeral Home Howard 4-16; Hawkins Funeral Home Petty, Johnson funerals 5-28; Hawkins Funeral Home Robinson 8-13; Hawkins Funeral Home, ambulance 9-10; Hawkins-Adkins Funeral Home 12-3; Hawkins-Adkins Funeral Home Smith 12-17; Health issue, rat killing campaign 1-29; Health, Ch Co Nursing Council org. 5-21; Health, rat poisoning night 8-6; Hebard, D.L. paid for Oke Swamp 8-6; Hebard, M/M D.L. on nursing council 5-21; Hebard, Mrs. Gave palm trees 2-5; Hebard, Mrs. D.L. Garden Club 3-5; Hebard, property. Bert Harden works there 10-29; Henderson, Sarah 8-6; Henderson, Sarah teacher 9-10; Hercules Co. Perry Griffin works for them 11-5; Hercules Powder Co. accident, Mr. Guy hurt 4-16; Hercules Powder Co. Justin W. Cockrell works there 12-3; Hercules Powder Co. builds employees dwellings 5-5; Hercules Powder Co. officials attend meeting 1-22; Hercules Powder Co. to be in Baker County 4-16; Hercules Powder Co., buys bus for employees 1-22; Hercules Powder Co., loading track being built RR 4-30; Hercules Powder Co., W.L. Crews employed there 6-4; Hercules, spur track in Homeland..1-8; Herrin, Pauline party 4-23; Hickox, Dorothy Jurilda grad Jr Hi 4-30; Hickox, Paul, baby died 5-21; Higginbotham, Burbridge 10-1; Higginbotham, Cordie married 10-1; Highway signs directing traffic over US One 3-5; Highway, Folk-Kingsland being paved 5-21; Highway, Folkston-Kingsland grading 2-5; Highway, Kingsland-Folkston road completed 6-4; Hinds, Frances teacher 9-10; Hines, Frances 8-6; Hobbs, C.F. graduating exercises 4-23; Hodges, Charlie juror 10-1; Hodges, Dorothy student 9-24; Hodges, E.V. juror 10-1; Hodges, Eula student 9-24; Hodges, Frona student 9-24; Hodges, H.S. was J.P. in St. George 11-12; Hodges, Huston, grad 7 grade 4-30; Hodges, J.V. student 9-24; Hodges, Patricia Fay new baby girl 8-27; Hodges, Sarah Thompson 2-12; Hodges, V.A. Mayor 12-10; Hodges, V.A. Safety meeting 12-3; Hodges, V.A., new loading track for Hercules 4-30; Hodges, Willie new baby girl 8-27; Homeland, city of, new officer 2-12; Homeland, Daniel Lloyd married 7-2; Homeland, has laundry plant 6-25; Homeland, Jewell Russell married 9-24; Hopkins W.C. r-o-w on road to CCC camp 4-9; Hopkins, A.J., Jr. buys int. in Gowen Oil Co. 7-23; Hopkins, Alva J., Jr. grad college 6-18; Hopkins, John contest 4-2; Hopkins, John M. 2-5; Hopkins, John, Supt. at Camp Cornelia 4-2; Hopkins, W.C. contest 4-2; Hopkins, W.C. on nursing council 5-21; Hopkins, W.C. leased land 3-26; Horse, threw Kemp Littlefield 9-17; Howard children, orphanage 4-16; Howard, Allen, orphans home 4-16; Howard, Bernie 4-16; Howard, Betty Jane grad 7 grade 4-30; Howard, Edwin Elwood is new son for Grover Howards 5-14; Howard, Grover has new son 5-14; Howard, Henry, orphans home 4-16; Howard, J.C. on nursing council 5-21; Howard, Jack dance at his home 2-5; Howard, Jack C. has new son 6-18; Howard, Jack, Co Comm Chairman 1-8; Howard, James Osworth grad JrHi 4-30; Howard, Lula died 4-16; Howard, S.M. juror 10-1; Howard, William, orphans home 4-16; Huggins, Alvin CCC 7-9; Huggins, Anita Louise new baby girl 11-26; Huggins, Lee new daughter 11-26; Huling, Cleo 8-6; Huling, Cleo teacher 9-10; Huling, Cornelia Merlyn grad JrHi 4-30; Huling, Jim moved 1-8; Hunt, Eunice 8-6; Huston, Jack student 9-24; Hutchinson, G.B. 8-6; Hutson, Anna Bell grad 7 grade 4-30; Hutson, Anna Bell student 9-24; Hutson, Jack student 9-24; Hutson, R.H. new baby son 10-29;


I.O.O.F. Wiley R. Wainwright was member 12-3; Infantile Paralysis Wayne Wildes, Jr. 10-15;


Jacobs, B.T. 10-29; Jacobs, C.W. 10-29; Jacobs, Charlie son Neal injured 11-26; Jacobs, Curtis 10-29; Jacobs, Fred 10-29; Jacobs, J.F. 10-29; Jacobs, Myra 8-6; Jacobs, Myra brother Neal injured 11-26; Jacobs, Myra teacher 9-10; Jacobs, N.C. 10-29; Jacobs, Neal injured 11-26; Jacobs, Neal recovering 12-3; Jacobs, Rev. General Harrison died 10-29; Johns, E.T. brother of Bertha Johns Bryant 12-24; Johns, Ernie 8-6; Johns, Ernie Lee teacher 9-10; Johns, Gordon, may have stolen RR rails 5-14; Johns, Harley new baby daughter 10-29; Johns, J.B. father of Bertha Johns Bryant 12-24; Johns, J.L. brother of Bertha Johns Bryant 12-24; Johns, Lula mother of Bertha Johns Bryant 12-24; Johns, O.K. 4-23; Johns, Oscar, may have stole RR rails 5-14; Johns, Royal escapes chain gang 4-23; Johns, Royal, captured, stole RR rails 5-14; Johnson Lumber Co. acquired timber interests 2-26; Johnson Lumber Co. installed in Racepond. 6-25; Johnson Sawmill, new sawmill nearby 9-17; Johnson Sawmill, Old 3-26; Johnson, E.H. juror 10-1; Johnson, Horace died 5-28; Johnson, Idell married 7-2; Johnson, J.H & Son fatal accident at mill 11-5; Johnson, J.H. juror 10-1; Johnson, Ralph juror 10-1; Johnson, Scott, working for ACLRR 1-22; Johnston, Susie 8-6; Johnston, Susie teacher 9-10; Jones, Carl pallbearer 12-24; Jones, County Agent, Camp Cornelia 4-2; Jones, Eugenia Jane grad 4-30; Jones, Fulton grad Jr Hi 4-30; Jones, J.B. juror 10-1; Jones, J.H. juror 10-1; Jones, Kirby at party 1-8; Jones, Ruth grad JrHi 4-30; Jones, Troy juror 10-1; Jones, Troy new baby daughter 12-3; Jones, Troy new police chief 12-3; Jones, Vernon 4-16; Jones, W.D. contest 4-2; Jones, W.D. on nursing council 5-21; Jones, W.D., county agent advice to farmers 7-9; Jones, W.J. to close on Thurs. 5-5; Jordan, Mrs. Noah brother died 10-29; Justice of Peace, St. George District 11-12;


Keene, W.R. pallbearer 12-24; Kendricks, Louise has new baby girl 11-26; Kennedy, Ivey, foreman at CCC camp 6-11; Kennison E.C. 10-1; Kennison, E.A. married 10-1; Kennison, E.C. juror 10-1; Kennison, Lewis, peanut popping 4-9; Kent, Mrs. E.A. father died 12-3; Kilpatrick, E.G. contest 4-2; Kilpatrick, Mrs. E.G. Garden Club 3-5; Kilpatrick, Rev. E.G. to move to Alma 8-6; Knabb, Ralph E. on welfare board 4-2; Knabb, Ralph E. on Welfare Board 6-18; Knowles, E. juror 10-1;


Lang, Martha Grace married 7-23; Lang, Martha Mizell, flowers in church 5-14; Lang, Matilda teacher 9-10; Lang, S.H., Supt of Roads 1-8; Larrimore, S.A. juror 10-1; Laundry plant installed in Homeland 6-25; Leckie, James student 9-24; Leckie, Oscar CCC camp 5-5; Leckie, T.E. juror 10-1; Lee, Dolphus, new son 2-5; Lee, Seward juror 10-1; Lee, Willard new baby 2-5; Leverett, Mary 8-6; Leverett, Mary teacher 9-10; Library, St. George now open 8-20; Library, WPA need magazines 12-10; Littlefield, J.C., Jr. new baby 8-27; Littlefield, John Morrison 8-27; Littlefield, Kemp thrown from horse 9-17; Lloyd, Bernie 10-15; Lloyd, Cecil 10-15; Lloyd, Chester 10-15; Lloyd, Clyde C. died 10-15; Lloyd, Dallas grad JrHi 4-30; Lloyd, Daniel married 7-2; Lloyd, Frank 10-15; Lloyd, Harold, to operate sawmill 3-26; Lloyd, Homer L. died 5-21; Lloyd, James Andrew grad JrHi 4-30; Lloyd, Jeff juror 10-1; Lloyd, Leonard 10-15; Lloyd, Lottie Jane visited here 12-3; Lloyd, Mildred, now Mrs. Crews, new baby 8-6; Lloyd, Ralph 10-15; Lloyd, Ruth 10-15; Lloyd, Vera Mae 12-3; Lloyd, Vera Mae student 9-24; Lodge, Folk F&AM James A. Wainwright was member 10-22; Loper, Wilma Ida grad JrHi 4-30; Lowrimore, Ruth Ada grad 4-30; Lowther, Annie Bell Meth SS 2-12; Lowther, Mrs. B.H. 10-22; Lyons, Wesley grad 7 grade 4-30; Lyons, Wesley student 9-24;


Mallard, L.E. on Welfare Board 6-18; Mallard, L.E., first chrm of Welfare Board 4-2; Mallard, L.E., Jackson Nettles body 10-29; Mallard, L.E., lots to sell to build homes 4-30; Malphus, Aneil party 4-23; Malphus, LeRoy party 4-23; Manley Construction Co. paving hwy 5-21; Manning, Magnolia married 10-1; Marr, Ike 10-1; Marr, Mrs. Alice died 10-1; Martin, Alma grad JrHi 4-30; Martin, Donnie party 4-23; Masonic Building, Folk Furn & Hardware 10-29; Matthews, W.L. married 11-26; Matthews, W.L., furn. Business 10-29; Matthews, W.L., to close on Thurs 5-5; Mattox, Eva REA committee 11-5; Mattox, J.D. Dowling raised near there 4-23; Mattox, Mrs. H.S. mother died 7-2; Mattox, Ruby [Roddenberry] married 11-26; Maund, Ella 8-6; Maund, Ella teacher 9-10; May Bluff tract, sold to Varns 6-25; May Bluff, lodge built 10-1; McCarthy, Dorthy 8-6; McClain, Fred, new home 4-30; McClain, Hugh place 3-26; McCormick, B.B. 2-5; McCormick, Geraldine Askew 2-5; McCormick, Julian M. killed 2-5; McDonald, Mrs. B.G. contest 4-2; McDuffie, H.P. REA committee 11-5; McDuffie, Thyra teacher 9-10; McLeod, Carrie, elected Tax Collector 2-12; McQueen, A.S. contest 4-2; McQueen, A.S. Jackson Nettles body 10-29; McQueen, A.S. married couple 2-19; McQueen, A.S., first marriage performed 1-8; McQueen, A.S., county atty 1-8; McQueen, William A. grad 4-30; Melton, Mrs. Beulah 2-26; Michaels, Mrs. J.A. daddy died 10-29; Millen, Edward has managed Oak Hill Ser Sta. 4-30; Millen, Edward installed laundry plant in Homeland 6-25; Mills, Betsy girl scout 12-10; Mills, Betty girl scout 12-10; Mills, Durwood B. in CCC 7-23; Mills, Edgar house fire 11-26; Mills, Edgar G. new game warden 5-28; Mills, F.D. juror 10-1; Mills, Marguerite 8-6; Mills, Marguerite teacher 9-10; Mills, Mrs. Rudolph, head of WPA project 6-25; Mills, Walter Morris grad Jr Hi 4-30; Mixson, Edith teacher 9-10; Mixson, Miss girl scout 12-10; Mizell & Mallard, lots to sell 4-30; Mizell Sawmill, stabbing 1-8; Mizell, Audrey Mae tel. Operator 9-24; Mizell, G.M. to close on Thurs. 5-5; Mizell, J.J. Lumber Co. 9-10; Mizell, Jesse P. on welfare board 4-2; Mizell, Jesse P. on Welfare Board 6-18; Mizell, Martha [Lang] flowers in church 5-14; Mizell, Mitch home place sold 8-13; Mizell, Mrs. Jesse 4-23; Mizell, Mrs. John died 7-2; Mizell, Mrs. William Garden Club 3-5; Mizell, Mrs. William, Jr. contest 4-2; Mizell, Mrs. William, on nursing council 5-21; Mizell, Pratt, clerk of co commissioners 1-8; Mizell, Sally Lou grad 4-30; Mizell, toll bridge keeper 2-12; Mizell, William, Jr. contest 4-2; Mizell, William, Jr. sold May Bluff 6-25; Moniac, Green wedding 9-24; Moniac, Raulerson-Starling wedding 3-26; Moniac, Wainwright-Ellison wedding 1-22; Moore, Mrs. J.D. 10-22; Morgan, Mrs. J.B. 10-22; Moss, Rev. Charles married couple 12-3; Motion picture on wheels 3-5; Moving picture show 2-5; Murray, Clarence 4-2; Murray, Clyde 4-2; Murray, Earl 4-2; Murray, Ed 10-1; Murray, Ed 4-2; Murray, F.L. 2-12; Murray, Fitzhugh aunt died 3-26; Murray, Frank 4-2; Murray, Fred 4-2; Murray, Ike 4-2; Murray, J.C. 2-12; Murray, J.C. aunt died 3-26; Murray, James 4-2; Murray, James E. died 4-2; Murray, Mrs. Mattie 4-2; Murray, Myrtle married 2-12; Murray, Ralph married 10-1; Murray, Virginia 4-2; Murray, W.N. 2-12; Murray, Walter, Jamesí brother 4-2; Murray, Walter, Jamesí son 4-2;


Nazworth, G.A. daughter died 7-23; Neal, Daisey teacher 9-10; Neal, Daisy 8-6; Nelson, Barney at party 1-8; Nelson, Louise teacher 9-10; Nettles, Jackson body found 10-29; Nettles, Jackson, disappeared 3-26; Nettles, William died 3-26; Newell, Hercules moving spur 1-8; Newell, new baby for Littlefields 8-27; Norman, L.J. is new JP 11-12; Norman, Mary Alice party 3-26; Norman, N.J. contest 4-2; Norman, Roger party 3-26; Norman, William student 9-24; Nutt, Mrs. L.W. 8-27;


O'Niel family moved from Homeland 1-8; O'Quinn, Arnold V. grad JrHi 4-30; O'Quinn, Clarence pallbearer 12-24; O'Quinn, Clyde injured 9-10; O'Quinn, George at party 1-8; O'Quinn, H.L. juror 10-1; O'Quinn, Myrtle at party 1-8; Oak Hill Service Station, to be run by Robert Harrison 4-30; Oil well, south of Folkston 1-1; Oil Well, test well in Nassau Co. 10-22; Okefenokee Swamp lands condemned 293,000 acres 8-6; Okefenokee Swamp Refuge plans 3-19; Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge closed to public 4-16; Orr, George L. 7-2; Orr, H.E. 7-2; Orr, Mrs. Georgia died 7-2; Osterman, Marguerite grad 7 grade 4-30; Osterman, Marguerite student 9-24; Overstreet, J.D. 8-27; Overstreet, Jessie 8-6; Overstreet, Jessie Mercer married 8-27;


Pafford, W.E., state school supervisor 10-1; Page, Agent H.C. reports 62 trains in one day 3-12; Page, H.C. juror 10-1; Page, H.C., daughter Jewell 1-22; Page, Jewell contest with Atlanta paper 4-2; Page, Jewell, apptd county nurse 1-22; Page, Jewell, county nurse 8-6; Page, Jewell, on nursing council 5-21; Page, Jewell, rat killing campaign 1-29; Palmer, James guilty of manslaughter 10-8; Parham, Domas 1-22; Parham, Laverne 1-22; Parham, Margaret grad 7 grade 4-30; Parham, Nollan grad 7 grade 4-30; Parham, Ollan grad 7 grade 4-30; Parker Tel Co. Audrey Mae is operator 9-24; Parker, B. bought telephone system 11-5; Parker, L. sold telephone system 11-5; Parker, L., manager, needs tools 3-26; Parker, Mrs. E.B. 1-1; Passieu Chev Co. next door to theater 2-19; Passieu Chev Co., to have motion picture on wheels show film 3-5; Passieu Chevrolet Co. 2-5; Passieu, C.J. juror 10-1; Passieu, C.J. Councilman 12-10; Passieu, C.J., remodeling theater 6-25; Passieu, Marie Elizabeth grad 4-30; Patterson, E.E. new sawmill at Folk 9-17; Paving mixing plant at Racepond burned 11-12; Peacock family, Mrs. Georgia Orr 7-2; Peacock, Odus 5-28; Pearce, Lucille, clerk at welfare dept. 8-13; Pearce, Marion 8-6; Pearce, Marion teacher 9-10; Pensioners not required to give mortgage 8-20; Petty, Clifton grad JrHi 4-30; Petty, Harry found Jackson Nettles 10-29; Petty, Old place 3-26; Petty, Simon died 5-28; Petty, T.T. Colonel 5-28; Phlox flowers, Folkston Garden Club 1-1; Phlox seed planted 2-5; Pickren, Marion girl scout 12-10; Pickren, Postmaster V.J. air mail 8-13; Pickren, V.J. contest 4-2; Pickren, V.J. juror 10-1; Pickren, W.W. juror 10-1; Pictures, contest with Atlanta Constitution 4-2; Pine tree seeds for Ga. Forestry Service 11-5; Poll taxes, must be paid if vote 5-5; Pool Room in Folkston 4-9; Popham, Audrey new baby son 7-2; Post Office, air mail established from Folk 8-13; Post office, Folk Ruby Gowen, asst post. 10-15; Prescott, B.S. juror 10-1; Prescott, Hazel 8-6; Prescott, Leila Mae grad JrHi 4-30; Prescott, Sally, teacher 4-23; Prescott, W.H. juror 10-1; Prevatt Grist Mill [Mr. Campbell] behind store 7-9; Prevatt, J.A. juror 10-1; Prevatt, O.K. juror 10-1; Prevatt, Vira Hulda grad JrHi 4-30; Privett, Gilbert party 3-26; Privett, Winona party 3-26; Proctor, Gertrude contest 4-2; Proctor, Gertrude Garden Club 3-5; Proctor, Gertrude on nursing council 5-21; Proctor, Gertrude Dem. Agent, community Christmas tree 12-17; Prospect Community, new family, Vernon Jones 4-16; Pryor, Minnie Belle teacher 9-10; Public Welfare Board members 4-2; Public Welfare board named 6-18; Public Welfare director, Edgar F. Allen 7-2; Purdom, Mrs. J.M. kin to WB Smith 12-17; Purvis, Joan girl scout 12-10; Purvis, Odetha girl scout 12-10; PWA, funds available for new St Geo Schl. 8-20;

Quarterman, Cleopatra grad JrHi 4-30; Quarterman, V.A. juror 10-1; Quick, C.H. 1-22;


Racepond, fire at paving mixing plant for repaving hwy 11-12; Racepond, J.J. Mizell Lumber Co nearby 9-10; Racepond, John Barryon Crews died 5-21; Racepond, Johnson Lumber Co. 2-26; Racepond, Roma Lewis Dyal died 9-10; Radcliff, James student 9-24; Railroad tracks, thieves stole in Brantley 5-5; Railroad, 62 trains in one day 3-12; Rat killing campaign 1-29; Rat Killing campaign in Folkston 12-24; Ratcliffe, Betty party 3-26; Ratcliffe, George party 3-26; Ratcliffe, William grad 7 grade 4-30; Raulerson, Cecil grad 7 grade 4-30; Raulerson, Cleo grad 4-30; Raulerson, Janette married 3-26; Raulerson, N.J. juror 10-1; Raulerson, Rubye 1-22; Raulerson, W.O. juror 10-1; Raynor, Mrs. O.E. contest 4-2; Raynor, Mrs. O.E. father died 2-19; Raynor, Mrs. O.E., on nursing council 5-21; REA lines, Uptonville 10-29; REA project, Uptonville 11-5; Reynolds, D.W. juror 10-1; Reynolds, Geneva student 9-24; Rhoden, Algie, CCC 4-2; Rhoden, Hazel Thompson 2-12; Rhoden, Lonnie student 9-24; Rhoden, Mathew 5-28; Rhoden, Rev. W.R. Thompson funeral 2-12; Rhoden, Sarah Thompson 2-12; Rhoden, Tommie 5-28; Ritz Theater opens 2-26; Ritz Theater to open 2-19; Ritz Theater to reopen 7-16; Ritz Theater being remodeled 6-25; Robert s White Motor Co. 25 M car shown 2-26; Roberts, Lonnie Emmet grad 4-30; Roberts, Mrs. Earl daddy died 10-29; Roberts, Mrs. George S. 10-22; Roberts, Orlando juror 10-1; Robinson, Alvin 8-13; Robinson, Alvin 8-27; Robinson, Bertha at party 1-8; Robinson, Cicie 8-13; Robinson, Eliza 10-29; Robinson, Hamp 8-13; Robinson, James E. 8-27; Robinson, James E. died 8-13; Robinson, James E. home place bought by Taylor 12-10; Robinson, James, iron fire tower 1-8; Robinson, Mrs. Vicie Altman died 8-27; Robinson, Noah 10-29; Robinson, Tobe 8-13; Robinson, Walter 8-13; Roddenberry Gad 2-12; Roddenberry, Franklin grad JrHi 4-30; Roddenberry, George W. 8-27; Roddenberry, Harry S. 8-27; Roddenberry, J.D. juror 10-1; Roddenberry, James married 12-10; Roddenberry, Mary Jane Allen 8-27; Roddenberry, Mrs. Gad son married 12-10; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D. 8-6; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D. teacher 9-10; Roddenberry, N.E. 8-27; Roddenberry, N.E. on Welfare Board 4-2; Roddenberry, N.E. on Welfare Board 6-18; Roddenberry, Ruby Mattox married 11-26; Roddenberry, Seaborn Allen died 8-27; Roddenberry, Seaborn B. 8-27; Roddenberry, Susan Colson 11-1; Roddenberry, Tommie married 2-12; Rodgers Building, sewing room project 5-21; Rogers, W.E. injured 11-12; Roosevelt, President F.D. , order making Ok. Wildlife Refuge 4-16; Ross, Zelle 8-6; Ross, Zelle teacher 9-10; Rossman, James spoke about REA project 10-22; Rountree, Theodore killed in accident 11-5; Rowland, Mrs. Martha 4-23; Roy, C.E. opened tea room 12-10; Roy, C.E. wife died 11-26; Roy, Mrs. C.E. died 11-26; Roy, Mrs. C.E. funeral in Iowa 12-3; Roy, Mrs. C.E. owner of tea room 12-10; Russell, Estelle grad 4-30; Russell, Jewell grad 4-30; Russell, Jewell married 9-24; Russell, John, daughter married 9024;


Sands, Holland grad 7 grade 4-30; Sapp, Mrs. R.H. daughter married 12-3; Sardis community WO Gibson home burned 12-24; Sardis community, Mrs. Vicie Altman Robinson 8-27; Sardis, Ga Power and Light interested in serving 11-26; Sasses, Mrs. Brother died 12-17; Sawyer, Dr. and Mrs. J.L. on nursing council 5-21; Sawyer, Dr., treated Clyde OíQuinn 9-10; Sawyer, J.L. juror 10-1; Schneider, Dr. W.J. to locate here 12-17; School bonds, all 93 votes for this 1-8; School, books are now free 5-38; School, State Brd of Ed to furnish free textbooks 6-18; School, adult ed class at Uptonville, Camp Pinckney 3-19; School, Adult Ed Class organized T Hill 2-26; School, Adult Education classes at Camp Pinckney 11-26; School, Adult Education classes at Traders Hill 11-26; School, Brd of Ed to cut term to 8 months 3-5; School, Ch Co Hi teachers 8-6; School, Ch Co Hi teachers 9-10; School, Ch Co Hi graduation 4-30; School, Ch Co Hi, Meta Tracy grad. 9-17; School, chicken supper by PTA 5-14; School, colored adult classes 5-21; School, contract for St. George construction 12-3; School, Folk colored 4-23; School, Folk Consol. Teachers 8-6; School, Folk Grammar teachers 9-10; School, Folk Grammar, new 2 rooms nearly finished 5-21; School, Folkston enrollment 9-10; School, Grammar, 2 new primary rooms 8-27; School, John Harris Jr Hi teachers 9-10; School, John Harris JrHi teachers 8-6; School, Jr High Bldg. Palm trees planted 2-5; School, Jr. High graduation 4-30; School, Kingsland High Ruby Gowen grad 10-15; School, Moniac enrollment 9-10; School, Moniac teachers 8-6; School, Moniac teachers 9-10; School, St. Geo teachers 8-6; School, St. George enrollment 9-10; School, St. George teachers 9-10; School, St. George class officers 9-24; School, St. George graduation 4-30; School, St. George, 7th grade party 4-30; School, St. George, 7th graders grad 4-30; School, St. George, approved for blding new school 8-20; School, state supervisor visits 10-1; School, Uptonville enrollment 9-10; School, Uptonville teachers 8-6; School, Uptonville teachers 9-10; School, Uptonville schoolhouse REA meeting 10-22; School, Uptonville, children had party 4-23; School, Winokur enrollment 9-10; School, Winokur teachers 9-10; Schools, teachers for new term 8-6; Schools, teachers for this term 9-10; Schools, total enrollment 9-10; Scott, B.F. moved to apartment 4-30; Scott, B.F. transcribing Ordinaryís records 4-30; Scott, Carl to move Wayx 5-5; Scott, Margie girl scout 12-10; Scott, Mrs. T.A., head of sewing room project 5-21; Scouts, Girl of Folkston hike 12-10; Shivar, A. Eugene married 8-27; Shivar, Bernard Lathan grad Jr Hi 4-30; Shivar, E.D. 8-27; Shivar, E.D. brother to Mrs. Mizell 7-2; Shivar, E.D., remodeling theater 6-25; Shivar, Sam brother to Mrs. Mizell 7-2; Sikes, Eustace pallbearer 12-24; Sikes, Hansel married 10-29; Sikes, Louis at party 1-8; Silco, Kennison-Manning wedding 10-1; Smart, Edwin, West Point grad 1-1; Smart, Roadmaster (Jesup) 1-1; Smith Herbert student 9-24; Smith, Australia, teacher 4-23; Smith, Billy Jake birthday party 3-26; Smith, C.O. and Co. contract for new school 12-3; Smith, Edwin apptd Clerk Court 12-24; Smith, Everett father died 12-17; Smith, Everett C. juror 10-1; Smith, Happy died 12-17; Smith, Kate brother died 12-17; Smith, Leila Bell married 10-29; Smith, LeRoy grad 4-30; Smith, Lonnie 10-29; Smith, Loyselle dau of WB Smith 12-17; Smith, Naomi Mays husband died 12-17; Smith, Nellie grad 7 grade 4-30; Smith, Nellie student 9-24; Smith, Ruth contest 4-2; Smith, Ruth on nursing council 5-21; Smith, W.B. son apptd Clerk Court 12-24; Smith, Warren Baird died 12-17; Smith, Willa Lee party 3-26; Smith, William S. Jakeís birthday party 3-26; Smith, William S., Prin 8-6; Smith, Wm S teacher 9-10; Social Security begins, 18 checks 8-6; Social Security funds to be received 6-4; Social Security to be admr by Welfare Brd 4-2; Southwell, J.B. councilman 12-10; Southwell, J.B. juror 10-1; Southwell, John sister married 3-5; Southwell, John B., in Gowen Oil Co. 7-23; Southwell, Laura married 3-5; Southwell, Rosalie girl scout 12-10; Spanish American War, J.C. Allen 10-29; Spence, Gordon CCC 7-9; St. George wedding of Bradshaw-Cockrell 12-3; St. George School bonds, all 93 votes for this 1-8; St. George, Algie Rhoden visits 4-2; St. George, Fred McClain built new home 4-30; St. George, Pete Bradley died 3-26; St. Marys, may get paper mill 1-22; Stapleton, E.B. contest 4-2; Stapleton, E.B. on nursing council 5-21; Stapleton, E.B., Jackson Nettles body 10-29; Stapleton, Martha 8-6; Stapleton, Martha teacher 9-10; Starling, R.C. married 3-26; State Highway Patrol 120 jobs open 6-25; Stewart, Eugene, CCC camp 4-9; Stokes Apartments completed 5-28; Stokes Apartments Hardens live there 10-29; Stokes, Carlie 8-6; Stokes, Carlie Mae teacher 9-10; Stokes, Council student 9-24; Stokes, Darthey Elizabeth grad 4-30; Stokes, Emily Mae grad 4-30; Stokes, Eula Mae grad JrHi 4-30; Stokes, Festus N. juror 10-1; Stokes, G. Herbert 6-18; Stokes, George Henry killed 6-18; Stokes, Geraldine grad 7 grade 4-30; Stokes, J.J. home remodeled to apts. 3-26; Stokes, L. Jasper contest 4-2; Stokes, L. Jasper married 6-18; Stokes, L. Jasper, bought Scott house 4-30; Stokes, L.E. contest 4-2; Stokes, Mildred Estell grad 4-30; Stokes, Noah on welfare board 4-2; Stokes, Noah on Welfare Board 6-18; Stokes, P.O., apartments completed 5-28; Stokes, Paxton juror 10-1; Stokes, Paxton remodeling home to apts. 3-26; Stokes, S.C. juror 10-1; Stover, J.T. foreman at CCC camp 6-11; Strickland, Mrs. L.M. 10-22; Strickland, Mrs. Myrtie 2-26; Suggs, Eugene Rohata new baby 1-22; Suggs, Juanell grad 7 grade 4-30; Suggs, Juanelle student 9-24; Suggs, Lawrence new son 1-22; Suggs, Marcetta grad 7 grade 4-30; Suggs, Martha student 9-24; Suggs, W.L. juror 10-1; Sunrise Beauty Parlor at Stokes Apartments 5-28; Suwannee Canal 2-5; Suwannee Store manager here 1-8\; Suwannee Store, Glenn Courson 2-19; Suwannee Store, to close on Thurs. 5-5;


Tatum, Margaret 6-4; Tatum, Walter 6-4; Taylor, Harry, stabber 1-8; Taylor, Mrs. J.S. daddy died 10-29; Taylor, R.C. buys Robinson place 12-10; Taylor, Teressa Carolyn grad JrHi 4-30; Telephone Co., Folkston 3-26; Telephone Co., new operator 9-24; Telephone system sold 11-5; Templeton, Mrs. H.D. teacher 9-10; Thacker, Golden Manley married 8-20; Theater, fire 7-23; Theater, for colored people 4-30; Theater, Ritz opens 2-26; Theater, Ritz to open 2-19; Theater, Ritz, air conditioning 4-30; Theater, Ritz, to re open 7-16; Theater, two in Folk 4-30; Thomas, Andrew J. died 7-2; Thomas, F.A. 7-2; Thomas, Freida grad JrHi 4-30; Thomas, Mrs. Sallie 9-24; Thomas, Pencey married J.C. Allen 10-29; Thompson, Fred 2-12; Thompson, Hamp 2-12; Thompson, Jeff 2-12; Thompson, Jules H. died 2-12; Thompson, Kathryn grad 4-30; Thompson, Mack 2-12; Thompson, Mazuria 2-12; Thompson, Nathaniel 2-12; Thompson, Neal 2-12; Thompson, Shad 2-12; Thompson, W.D. juror 10-1; Thrift, A.L. contest 4-2; Thrift, A.L. on nursing council 5-21; Thrift, Bill has new son 6-4; Thrift, Foreman (road crew) build cattle guard 2-12; Thrift, Harvey, Asst Supt Roads 1-8; Thrift, Henry married 3-5; Thrift, J.T. juror 10-1; Thrift, Laura Odell Nazworth died 7-23; Thrift, M.D. wife died 7-23; Thrift, Ruby Inez grad 4-30; Tison, Elizabeth girl scout 12-10; Tison, Harold in CCC 7-16; Tison, Leila Margaret grad JrHi 4-30; Tittle, E.E., forestry work at CCC camp 6-11; Tolbert, Charlton teacher 9-10; Toledo, Alva Hopkins grad college 6-18; Tomato plants shipped 6-4; Tracy Leila Meth SS 2-12; Tracy, Meta Beatrice married 8-27; Tracy, Meta Beatrice married 9-17; Tracy, P.C. 8-27; Tracy, P.C. daughter married 9-17; Traders Hill Mrs. Bertha Johns Bryant died 12-24; Traders Hill, Adult Ed Classes 2-26; Traders Hill, Ga. Power and Light interested in serving 11-26; Traders Hill, J.V. Gowen moved away to Folk 9-24; Tucker, Theo juror 10-1; Turner, Annette Augusta married 6-18; Turner, E.H. 6-18; Turner, Irene married 10-29; Tyson, John S., Jr. to close on Thurs 5-5; Tyson, John store, new dwellings nearby 5-5; Tyson, Mrs. J.S., on nursing council 5-21;


Uptonville Charlie A. Crews sick 10-8; Uptonville Camp 1-29, 2-5; Uptonville Singing Choir, box supper 11-26; Uptonville, Bill Thrifts have new baby 6-4; Uptonville, box supper 11-19, 11-26; Uptonville, Ga Power and Light interested in serving 11-26; Uptonville, P.G. Brooks new daughter 4-23; Uptonville, party for children 4-23; Uptonville, Paul Hickox baby died 5-21; Uptonville, peanut popping at Kennison home 4-9; Uptonville, REA lines 10-29; Uptonville, REA project 10-22;


Varn Motor Finance Co. 10-1; Varn Turp and Cattle Co, bought May Bluff 6-25; Varn, Lester, living at May Bluff 10-1; Varn, lodge being built at May Bluff 10-1; Vickery, J.W. bought Mitch Mizell place 8-13; Vieira, Nellie Thompson 2-12; Volunteer Fire Dept. fire at theater 7-23;


Wade Building, pool room 4-9; Wade Building, WL Matthews Furn Co. 10-29; Wainwright, Alton married 1-22; Wainwright, C.S. father died 12-3; Wainwright, D.R. father died 12-3; Wainwright, E.C. father died 12-3; Wainwright, G.B. 1-22; Wainwright, J.A. brother of Wiley R. Wainwright 12-3; Wainwright, J.A. has birthday 3-5; Wainwright, James A. died 10-22; Wainwright, Jerome Alva to marry 10-1; Wainwright, L.D. grad JrHi 4-30; Wainwright, Lamar party 4-23; Wainwright, Martha Lee grad JrHi 4-30; Wainwright, Mrs. Annie 10-22; Wainwright, Mrs. E.C., Year End Watch party 1-8; Wainwright, Mrs. Ida husband died 12-3; Wainwright, Mrs. W.R. on nursing council 5-21; Wainwright, O. June 1-22; Wainwright, R.J. father died 12-3; Wainwright, Rev. E.L. father died 12-3; Wainwright, T. juror 10-1; Wainwright, Uncle Rooks died 10-22; Wainwright, Uncle Rooks has birthday 3-5; Wainwright, W.R. 10-22; Wainwright, Wiley R. died 12-3; War, Spanish American , J.C. Allen 10-29; Ward, Estelle works for telephone system 11-5; Ward, Helen girl scout 12-10; Warren, J.H. juror 10-1; Waterman, Rev. R.W. new pastor Folk Bap Ch 9-10; Waterman, Rev. R.W., shower by members 10-1; Waughtel, Beulah grad 4-30; Waughtel, C.W. gave party 11-5; Waughtel, C.W. teaches Adult Ed classes 11-26; Waughtel, C.W., adult ed classes 2-26; Waughtel, C.W., elected Recorder 2-12; Waughtel, C.W., REA project 10-22; Waughtel, C.W., shipped tomato plants 6-4; Waughtel, Eli, hosted party 1-8; Waughtel, Eli, SS supt. 2-12; Waughtel, Geraldine grad 4-30; Waughtel, Geraldine in friends wedding 8-20; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W., adult ed classes 2-26; Waughtel, Prof. Teaches adult ed class at Uptonville 3-19; Welfare Dept., Lucille Pearce is clerk 8-13; Welfare recipients not required to give mtg. 8-20; West, Icie married 10-15; West, Walter 10-15; White, Dora 12-3; White, John C. grad 4-30; White, John, receives two yr scholarship 8-20; White, M.G. juror 10-1; White, M.G., has son John 8-20; White, Warden W.C. 4-23; Wildes, Carl McCall grad JrHi 4-30; Wildes, Harry Clayton grad Jr Hi 4-30; Wildes, J.M. grandson named Wayne Jr 10-15; Wildes, J.M. juror 10-1; Wildes, Melvin Mose grad Jr Hi 4-30; Wildes, Mildred Elizabeth grad 4-30; Wildes, R.H. Juror 10-1; Wildes, Wayne 10-15; Wildes, Wayne, Jr. polio 10-15; Wilkinson, Mrs. J.M. 1-1; Williams, Jim foreman at CCC camp 6-11; Willson, Charles P. teacher 9-10; Wilson, J.M., Sr. juror 10-1; Wilson, Martha Grace grad 4-30; Wilson, O.F., Clerk, issued order to move house 2-19; Wilson, O.F., former clerk of co comm 1-8; Wilson, O.F., re appointed Clerk 2-12; Winokur, Bell used to live there 2-19; Winokur, Laura Thrift died 7-23; Winokur, dance at Jack Howards 2-5; Winokur, Dolphus Lee family has new son 2-5; Winokur, Jack Howards have new son 6-18; Winokur, Lonnie Crews family has new son 6-25; Winokur, Mrs. Perry Griffin died 11-5; Winokur, Pat Drury baby died 6-25; Winokur, Reuben Crews visits 4-2; Winokur, Seaborn Allen Roddenberry died 8-27; WPA project indexing vital stat. Recds 12-3; WPA project, colored adult ed classes 5-21; WPA project, community center project closes 6-25; WPA project, Folk Grammar Schl..5-21; WPA project, ordinaryís records transcribed 4-30; WPA project, sewing room 5-21; WPA, library needs magazines 12-10; WPA, markers ordered for projects 5-14; Wrench, Billie Frances grad JrHi 4-30; Wrench, Howard 4-9; Wrench, Howard married 7-16; Wrench, James H. 1-1; Wrench, Mrs. James Garden Club 3-5; Wrench, T.W., elected mayor 1-8; Wrench, T.W., has son Howard 7-16; Wrench, T.W., shipped 100,000 tomato plants 6-4; Wrench, Tom contest 4-2; Wright, Eleanor Ruth girl scout 12-10; Wright, Grace girl scout 12-10; Wright, H.C. Peck, has Brills fever 8-6; Wright, Jesse pled guilty to murder 10-8; Wunderlitch, H.C. died 8-20; ; Yarber Place sold to Dinkins 4-9;


Yawn, Charlie has new daughter 4-16; Yawn, Christine is new baby 4-16; Youngblood, Ethel 8-6.

Charlton  County Archives