Index - Charlton County Herald - 1935

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

4-H Club, scholarship applications..2-22; 4-H Club, scholarship..2-8; 4-H club scholarship..3-1; 4-H Club camp held, names that attended, nt prntd..8-2; 4-H Club Camp..7-5; 4-H Club, box supper for scholarship fund..10-4; 4-H Club, fair..11-8; 4-H club Fair, 2-3 days, big deal, nt prntd..10-25; 4-H Club, fair winners..11-8.

Ackerman, Homeland Recorder..1-11; Ackerman, Sterling, building house..8-30; ACL RR, Mr. Page on vacation..4-12; ACL part, trees..4-12; ACL RR park, trees planted..6-28; ACL RR depot, wool sale there..6-21; ACL RR, the bogey, bringing ballast..6-14; ACL RR, ballasting its roadbed..6-14; ACL RR, Agent for Winokur..12-20; Adams, J.C...2-22; Adams baby boy..2-22; Adams, J.C...8-30; Adams, J.C..6-7; Aeroplanes over Folkston..1-18; Aikwa, Xwxil..10-11; Airplanes, locate stills..1-11; Airport, painters came to paint..3-1; Airport, hangar being dismantled..2-8; Airport, large airplane landed..2-15; Aldridge, Roy..2-15; Aldridge, Owen..9-20; Aldridge, Mrs. Gene..8-2; Aldridge, Gene..8-2; Allen, S.K...2-22; Allen, J.A...2-22; Allen, J.C...2-22; Allen, Charity..2-22; Allen, C.F..2-22; Allen, Dick..2-22; Allen, W.R...2-22; Allen, J.C...2-22; Allen, Mary Grace..2-22; Allen, V.H...2-22; Allen, E.F..3-1; Allen, Captain..2-22; Allen, Elliott..3-1; Allen, Dred B. died..2-22; Allen, Mamie..9-27; Allen, Edgar, hookworm eradication..6-7; Allen, Edgar, Folkston cannery..6-7; Altman, S.M...2-22; Altman, Eunice..4-26; Altman, Jeanette..4-26; Altman, M..3-1; Aluminum party..7-19; Amaryllis, sales are good..4-19; Amaryllis, Waughtel has sale..4-19; Amaryllis, George White, Dr. Fleming..4-12; Ammons, Miss [Prescott]..9-13; Ammons, Jim..9-13; Anderson, Mrs. J.L...6-28; Askew, Geraldine..1-25; Askew, Louie..3-1; Askew, Leon..3-1; Askew, Mabel..4-26; Askew, Leon, night school..1-18; Askew, Mabel..3-1; Askew, Inez..4-26; Askew, Inez..3-1; Askew, Fred, Suwannee Store..4-12; Askew, Newt..10-4; Askew, A.W...5-17; Askew, Mayme..10-4; Askew, Mayme..6-7; Askew, Leon..9-20; Askew, Leon, building house..8-30; Askew, Newt..5-17; Askew, Mrs. A.W...10-4; Askew, Roy..10-4; Askew, Louie..10-4; Askew, Willis..10-4; Askew, Fred..10-4; Askew, Hoke Wallace died..10-4 ; Askew, Fred, manager Suwannee Store..7-12; Askew, Leon..10-4; Askew, Mayme..8-30; Atkinson, Didus, CCC boy, injured..3-8; Auto mechanics, Folk has lots..3-1.

Bagley, Mrs. Agnes..6-14; Bailey, Mrs. Clifton..6-14; Baker, Mrs. J.B...4-12; Banks, Dr. W.E., birth registrar..1-11; Banks Restaurant..1-4; Barker, John A., Jr...3-1; Barker, Colon..6-28; Barker, Colon..5-31; Barker, John A., Jr..5-31; Barker, John A. died..5-31; Barker, Louise..5-31; Barker, C.O...5-31; Barnes, Marshal J.H...1-11; Barnes, Doris..3-1; Barnes, Doris..4-26; Barnes, Beryl..11-8; Barnhill, Joan..3-1; Barnhill, Rev. J.E., married Rogers-Griffin..3-1; Barnhill, Whitcomb..9-27; Barnhill, Ed...9-27; Barnhill, Joan..9-27; Barnhill, Rev. J.E...10-4; Basketball tourn leaders listed..4-5; Basketball team, Sinclair..2-8; Bass, Lucy Belle..1-25; Batten, Emery..10-18; Bedell, Marward, building dwelling..8-30; Beer license..6-7; Belche, Harvey..3-8; Bell, Earnie..3-1; Bell, Ernie..9-20; Bell, R.R..10-18; Bell, Junior..10-11; Bennett, J.C...6-7; Bennett, Jack..11-29; Bennett, Jackie Irene..11-29; Bennett, Estelle..11-1; Bentley, Guy..6-7; Bentley, Guy..8-30; Bentley, Guy..9-20; Billy Island?, Thrift and Lee children..8-16; Birth registration soon as baby born..1-11; Bocker, Mrs. F.E...10-25; Bogey, train, shipped moss..11-29; Boling, Rev...12-13; Boling, Rev. R.E., new pastor at Camp Pinckney..10-25; Bolling, Rev. R.E...4-5; Box, Mrs. Essie..4-5; Boyd, R.A...3-1; Boyd, R.A...9-20; Boyd, Marie..8-30; Boyd, R.A...9-27; Boyd, Marie..6-7; Braddock, Elizabeth O. died..2-1; Bradley, Lois..10-11; Bradley, Alta Mae..10-11; Brannon, Ethel..6-7; Brannon, Ethel..8-30; Brantley Co TPO..4-26; Brick yard, rumored to be next business Folk..5-31; Brock, Mrs. F.D...3-8; Brock, T.G...3-1; Brock, George..3-1; Brock, T.G..9-20; Brockman, Dr., planted tree..6-28; Brooker, Gilmer H...1-25; Brooker, Juanita..10-18; Brown, Jack..4-12; Brown, N.V., live in Gowen house..1-25; Brown, T.J...4-19; Brown, Jack, died..4-19; Brown, Phillips..3-8; Brown, Mrs. Sidney..10-4; Brown, M.V., ACL, building house..8-16; Brown, Mrs. J.H., Jr...10-4; Brown, Luther..5-24; Brown, N.V., home nearing completion..8-30; Brown, Mrs. N.V...9-20; Bruschke, Mary..9-20; Bryant, Mrs. R.T. died..3-29; Bryant, Alex..1-4; Bryant, Ben..1-4; Bryant, Dolph..3-29; Bryant, R.A..3-1; Bryant, Francine, Janet..8-2; Bryant, Roy..8-2; Burch, G.R..3-22; Burch, H.W...3-22; Burch, Oscar F. died..3-22; Burch, Mrs. O.F...10-4; Burke, Gerald F., Suwannee Store..7-12; Burnsed, A.D..3-1; Burnsed, Farley..9-20; Burnsed, Sol..9-20; Burnsed, Thelma..11-8; Burnt Fort, Mr. Mizell's retreat..7-26; Burnt Fort, Littlefield settled there..10-4; Burnt Fort, 4-H Club camp..7-5; Bussey, Mrs. C.W., reunion, nt prntd..2-15; Bussie, Mrs. Sallie..6-14; Bussy, Marie..10-11.

Calhoun, Jane Lou..5-3; Camp Pinckney, meetings against prohibition repeal..5-10; Canaday, Spence..1-11; Canaday, John, died..1-11; Canaday, Betty..1-11; Canaday, R.L...9-20; Candy-pulling..12-6; Canneries, Charlton's total cans used..8-23; Cannery, Folkston..6-21; Cannery, at Folkston, working full capacity...7-5; Cannery, Folkston..6-7; Cannery, Moniac..6-7; Canning, portable, demonstration.. 5-3; Car, runaway over RR tracks..4-12; Carpenter, G.B...3-1; Carter, H.A., writes on protecting Swamp..1-11; Carter, Hansel..4-5; Carter, Cindy..4-5; Carter, Jack..3-29; Carter, Bud..4-5; Carter, Allen..4-5; Carter, John..4-5; Carter, Radford..4-5; Carter ?, Allen..6-14; Carter ?, J.B...6-14; Carter ?, Hansel..6-14; Carter ?, Raeford..6-14; Carter, Tommie..6-14; Carter, Leon..6-14; Carter, I.V...8-16; Carter, Bryant..6-14; Carter, Mrs. John..6-14; Carter, Dempsey died..6-14; Carter ?, F.C..6-14; Carter, Raiford..9-20; Carter, J.B...9-20; Carter, J.B...12-27; Carter, Miss Mittie..12-27; Carter, Raeford..12-27; Carter, Allen..12-27; Carter, Miss Cyndia..12-27; Carter, Ancil..12-27; Carter, Matthew..12-27; Carter, Miss Siney..12-27; Carter, Elvin..12-27; Carter, Clyde..12-27; Carter, F.C. died..12-27; Carter, Allen..12-27; Cason, Ocie, teacher, food preser..5-31; Catoe, W.R..11-29; Catoe, Mildred..11-29; CCC camp, short items in connect with TPO towers..4-26; CCC, Francis Gowen..2-15; CCC, Douglas, John Roddenberry..2-8; CCC Homeland, Sanitation system complete..1-25; CCC camp, boys fought Newell forest fire..2-8; CCC, adult school, Mr. Waughtel..2-8; CCC Homeland, boys fought forest fire..1-18; CCC, Smith, Aldridge, Mills, Yarber..2-15; CCC Homeland, 43 new recruits..1-18; CCC camp, 25 percent resigned..3-1; CCC Homeland, Water not fit to drink..1-25; CCC camp, very long article on daily life..3-15; CCC camp, long column on daily activities, nt prntd..3-22; CCC camp, to use lots so fresh veg..4-12; CCC camp, Homeland, flu outbreak..1-11; CCC camp, another long article, daily act., ntprntd..3-29; CCC, Homeland, flu quarantine lifted..2-1; CCC camp, Douglas..3-15; CCC Camp, daily activities nt prntd..4-5; CCC camp, another long article on daily events..4-12; CCC camp, landscaping, deep well being used..3-8; CCC camp, classes in building, grafting..3-15; CCC camp, Elton Warren..1-4; CCC camp, boy injured, cut off thumb..3-8; CCC camp, boys claying Bowery Lane..7-5; CCC camp, John Birdsong cut toe off..5-3; CCC, Billy Cooper, Douglas..7-12; CCC camp, daily activities, nt prntd..5-3; CCC camp, road, bridges from Winokur to Racepond..6-28; CCC Camp, grounds improved, flowers..6-7; CCC Camp, Clarence Mizell..10-4; CCC camp, moved from St. George..10-25; Cemetery, Bethel, G.P. Wainwright..4-5; Cemetery, Sardis, Harper Prevatt..1-18; Cemetery, Corinth, James Nettles..4-5; Cemetery, Sandy Hill, Mrs. G.L. Harris..4-5; Cemetery, North Prong, John Canaday..1-11; Cemetery, North Prong..1-4; Cemetery, Folkston, Welker, Frances E...4-26; Cemetery, Folkston, Lang Martin..4-12; Cemetery, Sardis, Colson..4-26; Cemetery, Hepzibah..6-14; Cemetery, Folkston, Littlefield..10-4; Cemetery, Bethlehem, Dave Johns..6-7; Cemetery, Folkston, Catherine W. Mills..5-3; Cemetery, Sardis, John Walter Dinkins..6-28; Cemetery, Sardis..7-26; Cemetery, Corinth, Mrs. John A. Prescott..9-13; Cemetery, Oak Grove, John A. Barker, Sr...5-31; Cemetery, Sardis, Mrs. T.J. Colson..5-3; Cemetery, Racepond, Mrs. Everett Crews..6-14; Cemetery, Cornhouse Creek, James Snowden..6-14; Cemetery, Folkston, Hoke W. Askew..10-4; Cemetery, Folkston, Mrs. Neily Roddenberry..6-14; Cemetery, Mt. Zion, John H. Warrington (Harrington?)..10-25; Cemetery, Corinth, Strand funeral..12-20; Cemetery, Racepond, Carter..12-27; Cemetery, Oakland, Langford..11-15; Cemetery, Shilo, Howard..12-27; Cemetery, Oak Grove, Osterman..11-1; Chamber of Commerce, new officers..2-8; Chamber of Commerce, Folk, member list nt prntd..3-1; Chamber of Comm, St. George, highway to Valdosta..1-11; Chamber of Commerce, 5 cent lunch..10-4; Chancey, Mary Alvan..4-26; Chancey, W.L...9-20; Chancey, Mrs. M.A..5-3; Chandler, W.H...12-27; Charlton County Herald..1-4; Charlton Cafe..1-4; Charlton County, to buy road equip..1-11; Charlton County Herald, lost copy..3-22; Charlton County Herald, to print city news if paid..1-11; Charlton County Herald, sold to RWHarrison..6-28; Charlton County Herald, Harrison buys..7-5; Charlton County Comm. minutes get published..7-12 nt prntd; Chatman, Mrs. P.F...2-22; Chesser, Robert..3-1; Chesser, Mattie T...9-27; Chisholm, Mrs. Eugenia..1-11'; Christmas, skates, bikes..1-4; Church, Prospect, Mrs. T.J. Colson..4-26; Church, Philadelphia FW Bap, Newt Roddenberry..2-22; Church, Folk Meth, Welker funeral..4-26; Church, Folk Bap., Lang Martin funeral..4-12; Church, Uptonville S.S...1-18; Church, Homeland Methodist, night school..1-18; Church, Northern Meth, St. George..3-15; Church, Folk Meth, Surveyors put up tent city..3-1; Church, Folk Meth, Oscar Burch died..3-22; Church, Folk Meth., Hoke W. Askew, member..10-4; Church, Bethel, meetings against probibi repeal..5-10; Church, Mount Zion Baptist..5-3; Church, Mount Zion, organized in 1903..5-31; Church, Folk Bap., to baptise Racepond converts..6-21; Church, Mt. Zion Bap. revival..7-19, nt prntd.; Church, Folk Meth Parsonage, Wildes-Jones wedding..9-13; Church, Methodist Episcopal, Mrs. T.J. Colson..5-3; Church, Prim Bap, Mrs. John Prescott member..9-13; Church, Folk Meth, revival 19 join..5-3; Church, Presbyterian dedication service..5-10; Church, Folk Meth, Mrs. Neily Roddenberry funeral..6-14; Church, Mt. Zion Baptist..6-28, nt prntd; Church, Folk Bap parsonage..8-9; Church, Folk Bap, Mills funeral..5-3; Church, Bethel Methodist, John Walter Dinkins, mem..6-28; Church, Folk Meth, J.C. Littlefield member..10-4; Church, Bethel, cemetery working..8-16; Church, Mt. Zion, John Warrington died..10-25; Church, Camp Pinckney Baptist, pounding for pastor..12-13; Church, First Bap, St.Geo, King funeral..12-13; Church, St. George Meth, Osterman funeral..11-1; Church, Folk Meth, Social to get envelopes for tithe..12-6; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap., new pastor..10-25; Chute, Eunice..9-20; Chute, Eunice..6-7; Chute, Eunice..8-30; Citizens Bank, Lee birthday holiday..1-18; Citizens Bank..4-19; Citizens Bank, statement of condition..1-11; Citizens Bank, A.S. Mizell leaves with keys..7-26; Citizens Bank..7-12; Coca Cola, meeting attended by Mills, Altman, et al..2-22; Cockrell, Justin..3-1; Cockrell, Martha..4-5; Cockrell, Justin, reunion, nt prntd..2-15; Cockrell, S.T...3-1; Cockrell, S.T...9-20; Cockrell, Eleanor..6-7; Cockrell, Eleanor..8-30; Coffin, Maggie..3-8; Coleman, P.B., new home..10-11; Coleraine, 1000 acres sold by White..7-12; Colson, Joe..4-26; Colson, Hamp..4-26; Colson, Mrs. T.J. died..4-26; Colson, Thomas J...4-26; Colson, Jim..4-26; Colson, John..4-26; Colson, Jessie..4-5; Colson, Jessie..4-26; Colson, T.J...5-3; Colson, Mrs. T.J. died..5-3; Colson, J.W...5-3; Colson, T.H...5-3; Colson, J.D...5-3; Colson, J.J...5-3; Colson, Virgil..8-16; Colson, Virgil..9-6; Colson, Mrs. J.W..5-3; Conner, Troy..4-26; Conner Company to open..4-26; Conner, Eulevee..9-27; Conner, Carolyn Hill..5-24; Conner, Daisy..5-24; Conner, Troy..5-24; Conner, Pearl..11-8; Conner, Alfred..10-18; Conner, Clora Lee..11-8; Cooner, Mrs. P.A...1-4; Cooper, J.W...2-22; Cooper, Billy..7-12; Cooper, Florence [Strand] died..12-20; Corbet baby..1-11; Corbet, Jimmie..1-11; County Comm. wdnt print minutes..4-5; County Agent, see Ralph Mallard, Farm Supervisor..9-6; County Agent, 4-H Club..10-4; Court, jurors..3-1; Court, jurors for Oct term..9-20; Crawford, J.M...3-1; Crawford, J.M...9-20; Crews, Mrs. Everett..4-5; Crews, Fell..3-1; Crews, M.M., Jr..3-1; Crews, Julian..4-26; Crews, Laura Belle..3-8; Crews, Lydia Stone, warrant for arrest..4-26; Crews, Elmina..3-1; Crews, Ira..3-1; Crews, Elmina..4-26; Crews baby..2-1; Crews, Charles L...2-1; Crews, Leila..6-7; Crews, Leila..8-9; Crews, Mrs. Jack..6-21; Crews, Samuel C.?, died..8-9; Crews, Julian..9-20; Crews, Champ..8-16; Crews, A.D...8-16; Crews, A.C...9-20; Crews, Hugh..8-16; Crews, Samuel O.?, died..8-9; Crews, Jack..6-21; Crews, J.L...9-27; Crews, Mrs. Lydia..6-28, nt prntd; Crews, Lucille..6-14; Crews, Jewell..6-14; Crews, Lindy..6-14; Crews, Geneva..10-4; Crews, Leila..8-30; Crews, Jack W...9-20; Crews, J.M..9-20; Crews, Eddie..10-4; Crews, E.J..6-14; Crews, Mrs. Everett died..6-14; Crews, Ester..5-24; Crews, Everett..6-14; Crews, Ardell..11-8; Crews, Susie Mae..11-8; Crews, Zilphia..11-8; Crews, Willie..11-1; Crews, Donald..12-20; Crews baby..12-20; Crews, Willie..10-11; Crews, Irene..10-11; Crews, Eula Mae..10-11; Crews. Emely..10-18; Crossties, new tram being put in..4-12; Cushing, W.W. died..1-25; Cushing, W.W. died..1-18; Customs, hog-killings..12-6.

Dairy, Opinola, sold to Leckie..12-27 ; Davis, Lillie Pearl..1-25; Davis, Wash..3-1; Davis, H.J...3-1; Davis, G.H...9-20; Davis, Alonza, injured..7-19; Davis, H.J., remodeling home..11-29; Davis Tourist Home, remodeled..11-29; Day, Mrs. Fannie..4-5; Dean, E.F., Sr., resigns Fed Farm Loan Assn..3-22; Dean, E.F., Sr..3-1; Dean, Rev. E.F., Colson funeral..4-26; Dean, G.A..3-1; Dean, Guy A...3-22; Dean, E.F., Sr., wrote Roddenberry obit..2-22; Dean, Martha Sue..4-26; Dean, G.A..9-20; Dean, G.A., warden..8-23; Dell, C.E..6-7; Depression, 15 women take classes..3-22; Depression, revised wage scale..1-4; Depression, adult school..2-8; Depression, quilt making project..1-18; Depression, farmer rehabilitated, mizell..3-8; Depression, free farm land for farmers..2-22; Depression, gym floor..2-15; Depression, ad for stick on soles on worn out shoes..4-12; Depression, smart saying, nervous breakdown..2-1; Depression, 72 gardens planted...3-29; Depression, canneries to be blt..4-12; Depression, 45 families placed on farms..4-26; Depression, farmers rehabilitated..3-22; Depression, cannery at Folk..6-7; Depression, FERA, road to St. Geo..6-7; Depression, rat traps..11-1; Deputy Game Protector..12-20; Dinkins, W.R...3-1; Dinkins, Owen..3-1; Dinkins, baby boy..3-1; Dinkins, Theo..3-1; Dinkins, J.W..3-1; Dinkins, W.J...6-28; Dinkins, L.F..6-28; Dinkins, A.L...6-28; Dinkins, L.J..6-28; Dinkins, Bonnie..6-28; Dinkins, J.T...6-28; Dinkins, W.R..6-28; Dinkins, J.W..9-20; Dinkins, John Walter died..6-28; Dinkins, Theo..6-28; Dinkins, O.K..6-28; Dinkins, Jessie..6-28; Diphtheria in St. George..1-18; Dixie Restaurant, tourists..1-4; Dixon, Mrs. Alvin..9-13; Dixon, Lizzie..9-13; Dixon, Tassie..9-13; Dixon, Willie..9-20; Dutch Tavern, takes place of Charlton Cafe..7-5.

Eastern Star, Order of, installation..1-11; Eaton, K.A...11-15; Editorial, farmers loafing in another town..3-1; Editorial, melon rinds on sidewalk..6-28; Electricity, probably REA, going by Wrench house..8-2; Elliott, Mrs. A.V...3-22; Entertainment, aluminum party..7-19; Entertainment, box supper, pie eat contest, etc..10-4; Entertainment, bunco party..9-20; Entertainment, candy-pulling..12-6; Evans, Harry in CCC..10-25.

Farming, screw worm control..6-7; Federal Works Relief, 2 new projects..7-12; FERA, farm rehab, Ed Mizell..3-8; FERA, 39 farmers rehabed..3-22; FERA, 72 gardens planted by those on relief rolls..3-29; FERA, women take cooking classes..3-22; FERA, road to St. George..6-7; FERA, teaching food preservation..5-31; FERA, hookworm control, improved privies..6-7; FERA, dedication of gym which they financed..5-24; FERA, portable canning plant demonstration..5-3; FERA, quilt factory..5-31; Fire, Grover Guinn home..2-1; Fire, Dr. Wms old office..1-11; Fire, at Mills home..2-8; Fire, Mattox Apartments, again..5-24; Fire, Flansburg home..10-11; Fire Dept., saves J.V. Gowen home..11-22; Fire, J.W. Sineath home..10-18; Flanders, G.C..8-16; Flanders, G.C...8-9; Flanders, G.C...8-30; Flansburg, Mrs...10-11; Flansburg home, fire..10-11; Flelming, Dr., amaryllis bulbs..4-12; Flelming, Dr. A., fixing up hospital..10-4; Fleming, Dr...2-8; Fleming, Dr. A., innoculate dogs..1-11; Fleming, Dr., Dr. Sawyer associated..2-22; Fleming, Dr. A., examine relief rolls, mental, phy..2-22; Fleming, Dr., treating hookworms..1-25; Fleming, Dr., diphtheria serum..1-18; Fleming, Dr., treats Hercules worker..7-19; Fleming, Dr., treats injured woods worker..7-19; Fleming, Dr., ad in paper..9-27; Fleming, Dr. A., immunizations..8-30; Fleming, Dr., to fix hospital in home..8-2; Fleming, Dr., new hospital..11-8; Fleming, Dr. A., new hospital..12-20; Florida fruit, probably not inspected..1-18; Floyd's Island..5-3; Floyds Island, picture of Hebard Lodge..2-15; Floyds Island, journalist slept there, nt prntd..5-17; Folkston Pecan Co., Inc..1-4; Folkston, city of, water for CCC..1-25; Folkston Pecan Co. closes for season..3-1; Folkston, Cannery to be blt..4-12; Folkston Pecan Co., rearranging interior workspace..3-22; Folkston, city of, installed officials..1-11; Folkston Pecan Co., employed 85, now only 25..1-18; Folkston, merchants to close Thur afternoons..4-26; Folkston Stave factory, back at work..3-22; Folkston Pecan Co., new truck..3-8; Folkston Pecan Co., pecans too high..2-1; Folkston Power Co., incorporation..1-11; Folkston, city of, beer license..6-7; Folkston, city of, several new homes being built..8-30; Folkston Pecan Co., used shells for sidewalk..5-17; Folkston Vol Fire Dept, saves Gowen home..11-22; Fountain, B.J...3-1; Freeman, L.W...2-1; Freeman, L.W...3-1; Freeman, L.W...9-20; Funeral Home, Oxley, Welker funeral..4-26.

Ga-Fla Invest Co., injured worker..7-19; Game Protector..12-20; Gardner, John H..3-1; Gay, Juanita..3-8; Gay, Charley H...4-19; George, Senator Walter F., Ok Swmp..6-14; George, Julia..11-8; Gibson, Elder W.O...1-4; Gibson, W.O...3-1; Gibson, Judge G.H...4-19; Gibson, W.E...1-11; Gibson, Charles H...3-1; Gibson, baby girl..4-26; Gibson, W.E...4-26; Gibson, Ordinary..1-4; Gibson, Ordinary..3-8; Gibson, S.G..3-1; Gibson, C.S..1-4; Gibson, W.E., begins new house..8-9; Gibson, Mrs. C.H...5-31; Gibson, Guy..10-4; Gibson, S.G..9-20; Gibson, Charles H...9-20; Gibson, H.G., ad for helper for his wife..9-20; Gibson, W.E...9-20; Gibson, Ray..10-4; Gibson, Guy..8-16; Gibson, Lamar, joke telling at box supper..10-4; Gibson, Ben..9-6; Gibson, Charles H., sold dairy..12-27; Gibson, Irene..11-8; God, Spence deeded land..2-15; Goween, Mrs. B.B...6-7; Gowen, Mayor Clyde, innoculate dogs or lose them..1-11; Gowen, Francis in CCC..2-15; Gowen, Clyde..2-8; Gowen, Clyde home complete..1-25; Gowen, Tom..3-8; Gowen, G.R., Sr..3-1; Gowen, A.G..3-1; Gowen, attorney George..1-11; Gowen, George..3-8; Gowen, T.C..3-1; Gowen, J.V...9-20; Gowen, J.D...9-20; Gowen, George home..8-9; Gowen, Hazel..9-20; Gowen, Randall..9-20; Gowen, Clyde..6-28; Gowen, Mrs. B.B...8-30; Gowen, J.V..9-20; Gowen, E.C...9-20; Gowen, Tom, to build dwelling..8-30; Gowen, A.G..9-20; Gowen, E.C..9-20; Gowen, Kline E...10-18; Gowen, J.V., home on Main St...11-22; Gowen, India Pearl, poem "Santa Claus" ; Gowen Bros., lathe mill..12-20; Graham, Miss, joined Racepond Bap. Church..6-21; Green, Mrs. J.W...4-5; Green, Clyde L...10-11; Green, Simon P...10-11; Green, Festus..8-16; Griffin, Hoke Smith..3-1; Griffin, Rev. H.C..10-4; Guinn, Lena..4-19; Guinn, Grover, fire at home..2-1; Guinn, Lena..5-31.

Hall, P.C...2-15; Hall, Mrs. P.C..6-14; Hall, P.C...8-30; Hannaford, J.O..3-1; Hannaford, J.O..3-8; Hannaford, J.O...9-20; Harden, Ottelea..5-31; Harden, O.P...12-20; Harper, Dr. Francis on protecting Swamp..1-11; Harrin, J.D...4-19; Harrington, John H. died..10-25; Harris, CCC boy..1-11; Harris, Mrs. Lee died..3-29; Harris, Ulee..4-5; Harris, G.L...4-5; Harris, Mrs. G.L. died..4-5; Harris, John..3-1; Harris, R.C...3-22; Harris, Edward..4-5; Harris, R.R...3-22; Harris, T.R...3-22; Harris Shingle and Lath Co...3-22; Harris, John, teachers named..6-7; Harris, John, School Supt., 5 cent lunch..10-4; Harris, John, spoke on overcrowding..10-18; Harrison, Patricia Ann..3-29; Harrison, Ray..3-29; Harrison, R. Ward, new editor..6-28; Harrison, R. Ward, buys Herald..6-28; Harrison, Ruby..9-20; Harrison, R. Ward, buys Herald..7-5; Harrison, R. Ward, looking for house to live in..7-5; Hathaway, Mrs. J.A..4-12; Hathaway, J.A..5-31; Hayes, Myrtle..6-7; Hayes, Myrtle..8-30; Hayes, Myrtle..9-20; Health, flu epidemic..2-22; Health Dept of Ga., give dogs shots..1-11; Health, Nurses giving shots..6-14; Health, hookworm eradication..6-7; Health, Privies sanitation project gets funded..7-12; Health, sanitation project funded..7-5; Health, Dr. Fleming's record of innoculations..8-30; Health, typhoid fever shots..7-12; Hebard lodge on Floyds Island, picture..2-15; Hendricks, Florence..11-8; Hendrix, Mose..9-20; Hendrix, Marie..9-20; Hendrix, Marie..8-30; Henerson, Dock..10-4; Henerson, Johnnie..10-4; Henerson, Bart..10-4; Hennig, Folk Pecan Co..3-1; Hennig, Mrs. Annie Mary..1-4; Hennig, George..1-4; Hennig, George, runs Dutch Tavern..7-5; Hennings, own Pecan Co...2-1; Hercules, Gene Williams..3-22; Hercules Co., Mack Wildes, Roy Hodges..2-15; Hercules, setting up work..1-4; Hercules, painting houses..1-18; Hercules, dance for new families..1-18; Hercules Co., Alonza Davis injured..7-19; Hickox, Evans..4-5; Hickox, L.D...9-20; Hickox, Elvie Mae..5-31; Hightower, Mrs. J.W...3-22; Highway One, to move it..2-22; Highway relocation, no news yet..3-1; Highway, Kingsland, right of way deeds..7-12; Highway, FERA, road to St. Geo..6-7; Hilton, Mrs. Jessie died..1-18; Hinds homeplace, sold to Wrench..8-2; Hires, B.C...5-3; Hires, Mrs. B.C...5-3; Hodge, Alex, reunion, nt prntd..2-15; Hodges, V.A...3-1; Hodges, Mae..1-25; Hodges, Roy..2-15; Hodges, G.C..3-1; Hodges, Charlie..9-20; Hodges, H.S...9-20; Hodges, Mrs. V.A., party..7-19; Hodges, Frona..11-8; Hodges, Charlie..10-25; Hog-killings..12-6; Hogs, stolen, Tip Kennison's..9-6; Home Demonstration Agent, Miss Proctor..10-4; Home demonstration agent, 4-h club work..10-18; Homeland, council met, committee heads apptd nt prntd..4-5; Homeland, Arthur Roberts planted trees..2-1; Homeland, adult school..2-8; Homeland, town of..1-11; Hookworm, Dr. Fleming treating..1-18; Hookworms, how to get rid..1-25; Hopkins, Chairman Co Comm..1-4; Hopkins, Colquitt..3-1; Hopkins, Alva..9-20; Hopkins, Colquitt..9-27; Hopkins, W.C..9-20; Hopkins, John M...7-5; Hopkins, Ann..10-11; Horne, Cliff..5-24; Hospital, Dr. A. Fleming..10-4; Hospital, Dr. Fleming to fix one in home..8-2; Hospital, Dr. Fleming, Sawyer..12-20; Hospital, Dr. Fleming's, X-Ray..11-8; Houstin, Endoyle..5-24; Howard, Gordon, reunion, nt printed..2-15; Howard, G.C., reunion nt printed..2-15; Howard, Jack..1-4; Howard, Howell, reunion, nt prntd..2-15; Howard, Opal..4-26; Howard, S.M..3-1; Howard, G.C...7-26; Howard, Howell, CCC camp..7-26; Howard, Jack..12-27; Howard, Grover, candy pulling..12-6; Howard, A.C...12-27; Howard, Alton J. died..12-27; Howell, Mrs. M.A...4-5; Howell, Mrs. M.A. [Carter]..12-27; Huling, Cleo..4-19; Huling, Mildred..9-6; Huling, Cleo..5-31; Huling, Cleo..9-6; Huling, Mrs. Herbert, teacher food preserv..5-31; Huling, Howard..9-20; Huling, J.O..9-20; Huling, Mildred..11-8; Hull, Birdie Muriel..11-1; Hull, Noble A...11-8; Hursey, County Agent, 4-H scholarship..3-1; Hursey, county agent, rehired..1-4; Hursey, A.B...2-8; Hursey, A.B., rat traps for famers..11-1; Hutchinson, Mr., singing teacher..10-4; Hutchinson, G.C...8-30; Hutchinson, G.D....9-20; Hutson, Myrtice..10-11; Hutson, Earl..10-11.

Jackson property..3-8; Jacobs, Rev. Harrison..4-26; Jacobs, Elder, married Martin and Mashburn..1-25; Jacobs, Myra..9-20; Jacobs, Myra..6-7; Jacobs, Myra..8-30; Jacobs, G.H...9-20; Jehovah, land deeded to Him..2-1; Jehovah, another on Pulliam deed, nt prntd..2-15; Johns, Oliver..3-1; Johns, Mrs. Gracie..4-5; Johns, Dave, died..6-7; Johns, Fred..10-11; Johnson, Bernice..2-8; Johnson, T.W...2-8; Johnson, G.E..2-8; Johnson, Carlene..2-8; Johnson, J.C...2-8; Johnson, J.H..3-1; Johnson, Odis E...2-8; Johnson, James E. died..2-8; Johnson, Gazelle..3-29; Johnson, Aubrey..2-8; Johnson, Emery..2-8; Johnson, Arlie R...2-8; Johnson, James E., Jr...2-8; Johnson, Alma..2-8; Johnson, Marian..3-1; Johnson, Maudria..3-1; Johnson, A.R., to build tourist camp..3-22; Johnson, Marian..4-19; Johnson, Mary Ann Roddenberry..2-22; Johnson, J.H. mill site..4-12; Johnson, Scott..3-1; Johnson, Eric..2-22; Johnson baby..2-15; Johnson, W.F...2-15; Johnson, Maudria..5-31; Johnson, Scott..9-20; Johnson commissary..6-7; Johnson, E.H...9-20; Johnson, Marian..5-31; Johnson, Mandy Blanche..5-3; Johnson, Jewell Demaris..5-3; Johnson, Gene Norris..9-6; Johnson, Harry..9-6; Johnson, Marian..9-6; Johnson, Odis..9-20; Johnson & Son Tie Camp, skidder replaced..5-17; Johnson commissary..6-21; Johnson, J.H...11-22; Johnson, Ralph..12-13; Johnson, Scott..11-22; Joke, lady cleaning house, murdered Dr...6-14; Jones, Jane..4-26; Jones, Wilmar..3-8; Jones, W.J...3-1; Jones, Jane..3-1; Jones, Sam..3-1; Jones, Richard Bivins..3-29; Jones, Mrs. W.L...4-12; Jones, Mae..3-1; Jones, E.L...3-29; Jones, J.B...3-1; Jones, Mrs. G.E..4-5; Jones, Jewell..6-28, nt prent; Jones, Mae..5-31; Jones, Farm Supervisor, replaced..9-6; Jones, Rev. Lambert, Crews funeral..8-9; Jones, Everett..5-31; Jones, Wilburn D...9-13; Jones, Cora..9-13; Jones, Julia Ann, colored woman died..9-27; Jones, Rev. Omer, picture..7-5; Jordain, Leehart..3-8; Jordan, Eva Allen ..2-22; Joyner, baby girl..2-22; Joyner, John Robert..2-22.

Keene, Mrs. Bertha..2-22; Keene, Nettie..8-30; Kendrick, Grover..5-31; Kennison, Myra..4-19; Kennison, Tip..4-19; Kennison, Tip, recovered stolen hog..9-6; Kessler, Mrs. R.P...2-8; Kilpatrick, Rev. E.G...5-17; King, N.B...12-13; King, Donald C...12-13; King, Dorothy C...12-13; King, John Allen died..12-13; Kingsland highway, right of way deeds..7-12; Knabb, Mrs. Ralph, cooking classes..3-22; Knabb, L...3-1; Knight, Arabelle Georgia..4-26; Knight, Miss Arabelle..5-3; Kottman, Fred..9-20; Kozy Kabin Kamp, built..12-13.

Lane. D.W., Hercules..1-4; Lang, Martha Grace..9-20; Langford, Julian..11-15; Langford, Walter James, died..11-15; Langford, Eula Player..11-15; Langford, Harry..11-15; Langford, H.P...11-15; Langford, C.L...11-15; Langford, Thomas..11-15; Larrimore, S.A..3-1; Lathe mill, Gowen Bros..12-20; Lawrimore, Harley..4-19; Leckie, Oscar, in CCC..3-15; Leckie, T.E., cannery..4-12; Leckie neighborhood, cannery..6-21; Leckie, Dorothy..11-8; Leckie, T.E..12-27; Leckie, Wordie, bought dairy..12-27; Lee, Steward..3-1; Lee, Robert E. birthday, holiday..1-18; Lee children, Billys Island?, schooling..8-16; Leigh, O.R. died..1-4; Lepke, Louis..3-8; Lightsy, Jessie..10-18; Liles, Janie Margaret..10-4; Linder, Rev. F.E., Northern Meth Ch, St Geo..3-15; Littlefield, Leslie..3-29; Littlefield, McAdoo..3-1; Littlefield, J.C., Jr...10-4; Littlefield, Chandler..10-4; Littlefield, Margaret..6-7; Littlefield, J.C., Jr...9-20; Littlefield, Mary Jane..6-7; Littlefield, Janie Margaret Liles..10-4; Littlefield, J.C., Sr. died..10-4; Littlefield, Mary Jane..8-30; Littlefield, Candler..9-20; Littlefield, McAdoo..10-4; Littlefield, Margaret..10-4; Littlefield, Mary Jane..10-4; Littlefield, Mattie..10-4; Littlefield, D.W...10-4; Littlefield, Margaret..9-20; Littlefield, Mary Jane..9-20; Littlefield, Margaret..8-30; Littlefield, Gus..10-4; Littlefield, David..10-4; Littlefield, Kemp..10-4; Littles, Rev. Henry, funeral of Julia Ann Jones..9-27; Lloyd, Miss Belle, birthday party..1-18; Lloyd, Dola or Dora, birthday party..1-18; Lloyd, Mack, Sr...9-20; Lowrimore, Harley..5-31; Lowther, Martha..2-22; Lowther, K.S..2-22; Lowther, Mrs. B.H..1-4; Lowther, Annie Belle..10-4; Lowther, B.H...9-20; Lowther, Annie Belle..9-6; Lowther lot, new dwelling..8-30.

Mallard, L.E...3-1; Mallard, L.E., auditor..1-11; Mallard, L.E..3-8; Mallard, Ruth..8-30; Mallard, Ralph, new Farm Supervisor..9-6; Mallard, L.E., much rain..7-19; Mallard, L.E., planted tree..6-28; Mallard, Ruth..9-20; Mallard, Ralph..9-20; Mallard, L.E., new grndchild..11-15; Mallory, Elizabeth..5-17; Martin, Mrs. E.L...4-12; Martin, Lang died..4-12; Martin, E.L...4-12; Martin, Ernest..1-25; Martin, Ernest L...1-25; Martin, James, contractor..1-11; Martin, Otto..4-12; Martin, Otto..1-25; Martin, Lang, died ..4-19; Mashburn, M...1-25; Mashburn, Miss Lyndall..1-25; Mashburn, Lyndall..1-25; Masonic Hall, P.O. moved to end room..7-12; Matthews, J.E...4-12; Mattox Apartments..2-1; Mattox Apartments, caught fire again..5-24; Mattox, Stanley, birthday party, nt printed..7-26; Mattox, H.S., injured while fight fire..5-24; Mattox, Vina..10-4; Mattress factory..5-31; Mays, Mrs. Joseph died..2-1; Mays, Mrs. H.J...4-12; McCoy, Dr. W.R...3-8; McCoy, Dr., delivers baby..2-1; McCoy, W.R..3-1; McCoy, Dr. Walter R., visiting..3-29; McCoy, Dr...2-8; McCoy, Mrs. Dr. and family, move to Alma..6-14; McCullens, Mrs. C.Y...4-12; McDonald, Rev. Lester..4-5; McDonald, Mrs. B.G., building 2 rental houses..1-11; McDonald, B.G., planted tree..6-28; McDonald, Rev..6-7; McDonald, Elder L.M...9-13; McDonald, Mrs. B.G., building 2 dwellings..8-30; McDuffie, Monnie..8-9; McDuffie, Thyra..6-7; McDuffie, Thyra..9-20; McDuffie, Monnie..8-30; McDuffie, Thyra..8-30; McDuffie, H.E...9-27; McDuffie..3-1; McKinnon, Jane..11-29; McKinnon, M.L...11-29; McLain, Walter..9-20; McQuaig, Mrs. S.C. [Langford]..11-15; McQueen, W.A., died, kin to Folk McQueens ntprntd..3-1; McQueen, A.S...3-22; Mercer, Hugh J...1-11; Mills, Joseph..3-22; Mills, Frank D...4-12; Mills, Edgar..4-12; Mills, Woodrow..2-15; Mills, Fannie..3-8; Mills, Marguerite..4-19; Mills, F.D..3-1; Mills, S.M...2-22; Mills, S.F...4-12; Mills, Mrs. Rudolph, night school..1-18; Mills, S.M...3-1; Mills, Seaborn F., Sr...4-12; Mills, F.M., fire at home..2-8; Mills, Mrs. Catherine (Kathryn?) Wainwright died..5-3; Mills, Rev. Joseph..6-28, nt prntd; Mills, Marguerite..9-20; Mills, Marguerite..5-31; Mills, Seab, planted tree..6-28; Mills, Sister Kate died..6-28, nt prntd; Mills, Sam..5-3; Mills, Marjorie..5-31; Mills, S.P...5-31; Mills, Mrs. Joseph died..5-31; Mills, S.M...5-31; Mills, Joseph..5-31; Mills, E.G...7-12; Mills, Sol...5-3; Minter, Margene..9-6; Mitchell, Myrtle..12-13; Mizell, Ed..3-8; Mizell, P.G..3-1; Mizell, Wm., Jr..3-1; Mizell, Jesse P...3-1; Mizell, Audrey Mae, cheerleader..3-1; Mizell, Gilbert..3-8; Mizell, Ruth, cheerleader..3-1; Mizell, O.C..3-1; Mizell, Mrs. Ed..5-3; Mizell, A.S. leaves with bank keys..7-26; Mizell, Owen died..8-2; Mizell, William, Jr., camp at Burnt Fort..7-26; Mizell, J.P...10-4; Mizell, Ruth..5-31; Mizell, Clarence..10-4; Mizell, Misses, made pies for pie eat contest..10-4; Mizell, P.G..9-20; Mizell, Mrs. Hamp..5-3; Mizell, Jewell..10-4; Mizell, John D...9-20; Mizell, Mrs. G.M...6-28; Mizell, W.H...12-13; Moniac, Noel Raulerson died..1-4; Moniac, cannery near T.E. Leckie..4-12; Moniac, cooking classes..3-22; Moniac cannery..6-7; Moniac, cannery..6-21; Moniac, Home Dem. Agent..10-18; Monroe, H.T...9-13; Moonshine, officers make rich haul in Bend nt prntd..3-8; Moonshine stills..1-11; Moonshine, 2500 gal., 14 men, nt prntd..3-1; Moonshine, dealers make pleas in court..7-26 ; Moore, Dr. J.A., planted tree..6-28; Morgan, J.B...1-4; Moving Day in Folk..3-8; Murray, Frank..1-11; Murray, Frank..4-12; Murray, J.C...10-4; Murray, Mrs. J.N...6-28; Murray, Mrs. John, hookworm eradication Nurse..6-7; Murray, Miss, nurse..6-14; Murray, J.C..11-1.

National Relief Admin., teach. food preservation..5-31; Neal, Daisy..8-30; Neal, Daisy..6-7; Nettles, James, died..4-5; Nettles, Mrs. Martha..4-5; Newell, Mrs. Arlie..4-12; Newell, Henerson-Crews wedding..10-4; Newell, Samuel Crews died..8-9; Newton, Miss, giving typhoid fever shots..7-12; Newton, Miss, nurse..6-14; Nipper, Sidney, died..6-14; Nobles, Mrs. W.G., reunion, nt prntd..2-15; Norman, Marie..3-8; Norman, Mary Alice..10-11; Norwood, M..9-20; Nurse, county, diphtheria shots..1-18.

O'Quinn, Clarence..3-1; O'Quinn, Lottie..5-24; Okefenokee Swamp, whole front page, nt prntd..2-15; Okefenokee Swmp, article on protecting it..1-11; Okefenokee Swamp, proposed purchase..6-14; Okefenokee Swamp, government buys, President signs..7-12; Opinola Dairy, sold to Leckie..12-27; Order Eastern Star, big meeting nt prntd..4-5; Osterman, Fred..3-1; Osterman, Fred..9-20; Osterman, Marguerite..10-11; Osterman, Mary D...11-1; Osterman, Fred..11-8; Osterman, Frank J...11-8; Osterman, Mrs. P.J., died..11-1; Osterman, Birdie Muriel..11-1; Osterman, Fred..11-1; Osterman, Frank..11-1; Overstreet, Jessie..9-20; Oxley, Dean, live in Gowen house..1-25; Oxley, D.O...3-1; Oxley Funeral Home, Welker funeral..4-26; Oxley Funeral Home, Hoke W. Askew..10-4; Oxley, Dean..9-20; Oxley Funeral Home..10-4.

Page, H.C...9-20; Paper mills to come..1-18; Parham, H.C..9-20; Park, railroad, phlox and verbena in bloom..3-29; Parker, Nelson..5-31; Partridge, G.D. died..10-11; Passieu Motor Co., mechanics..3-1; Passieu, Elizabeth..4-5; Passieu, C.J. married..5-3; Passieu, Louie..9-27; Passieu, Elizabeth..4-26; Paxton Place, Solomon-Monroe wedding..9-13; Peagler, Milt..3-8; Pearce, Mrs. Lucille, FERA gardens..3-29; Pearce, Marion..6-7; Pearce, Marion..8-30; Pearce, Bernice, pianist at Presby dedication..5-10; Pearce, Bernice, gave globe to school..12-6; Pecans, Folk Pecan Co..2-1; Pernell, Nell..6-28; Petty house in Homeland..4-26; Petty, Jewell..4-26; Petty, Dexter..8-16; Pickren, Terrell C. died..2-8; Pickren, Mrs. C.C..2-8; Pickren, V.J., nephew died..2-8; Pickren, postmaster, moved P.O. to end room..7-12; Picture, Rev. Omer Jones..7-5; Player, R.E..3-1; Player, Mrs. R.E...10-11; Player, Eula..11-15; Post office, Folkston, Gerry Askew..1-25; Post Office, Folkston, moved to end store of bld..7-12; Post Office, St. George, Mrs. Roberts apptd..5-10; Powell, Frank, taking Page's place..4-12; Powell, E.J...5-31; Prescott, Mrs. Robert died..1-4; Prescott neighborhood, Mrs. Robert Prescott..1-4; Prescott, Mel..1-4; Prescott, O.M...3-1; Prescott, Mersal..3-8; Prescott, Ernestine..6-7; Prescott, Mrs. Mary..5-3; Prescott, Mildred..9-6; Prescott, B.S...9-20; Prescott, Claud..8-16; Prescott, Lee..9-20; Prescott, Mrs. John A. died..9-13; Prescott, Everett..9-20; Prescott settlem,ent, nurses give shots..6-14; Prescott, Robert..9-13; Prescott, Ben..9-20; Prescott, John died..9-13; Prescott, Ernestine..8-30; Prescott, Sally..8-30; Prescott, Ernestine..12-27; Prescott, Mildred..11-8; Prescott, William..11-29; Prescott, Home Dem Agent..10-18; Prescott, Lula Mae..11-8; Prescott, O.M...12-27; Prevatt, O.K., son died, nt prntd..2-8; Prevatt, Casper, died, [Harper] nt prntd..2-8; Prevatt, J.A..3-1; Prevatt, Harper died..1-18; Prevatt, O.K...1-18; Prevatt, Joe A...10-25; Prevatt, O.K...10-25; Privies, Sanitation project gets funded..7-12; Proctor, Gertrude..10-4; Proctor, Gertrude, 4-H club work..10-18; Prohibition, fighting repeal..4-12; Prohibition, S.F. Mills, Sr...4-12; Prohibition repeal..5-17; Prohibition repeal..5-10; Pulliam, Mr. another on God deed, nt prntd..2-15; Pulliam, Mr., deeded land to Jehovah..2-1; Purdom, Mrs., Dixie Rest. ..1-4.

Quarterman, V.A..3-1; Quarterman family, Littlefield..10-4; Quarterman, V.A...9-20; Quarterman, Cleo..11-8; Quilt making project..1-18; Quilt factory..5-31.

Rabies shots for dogs..1-11; Racepond, Mrs. G.L. Harris died..4-5; Racepond section, families move to Hercules village..1-18; Racepond, Miss Lydia, warrant for burn woods..4-26; Racepond, Harris Shingle and Lath Co..3-22; Racepond, meetings against prohibi repeal..5-10; Racepond, sawmill..10-11; Racepond, Dempsey Carter died..6-14; Racepond, Mrs. Everett Crews died..6-14; Racepond revival..6-21; Racepond, F.C. Carter died..12-27; Racepond, Langford died..11-15; Racepond, Home Dem Agent..10-18; Railroad park, phlox, verbena in bloom..3-29; Railroad, trestle on fire..2-8; Railroad, Bogey..11-29; Raney, Mrs...6-28; Rat traps, at county agent office..11-1; Ratcliff, William, new home..10-11; Ratcliffe, W.E..3-1; Raulerson, Jake..1-4; Raulerson, Eddie, in CCC..3-15; Raulerson, W.O...3-1; Raulerson, N.J...3-1; Raulerson, Noel died..1-4; Raulerson, Juanita..10-11; Raulerson, Edward..10-11; Relief project, road to St. Geo..6-7; Renfroe, Mrs. H.A...4-12; Renfroe, Riley..5-3; Renfroe, Rudolph..5-3; Rexal Drug Store, Stap, gave globe away..12-6; Rhoden, Martha Roddenberry..2-22; Roberts, Arthur, planted Homeland trees..2-1; Roberts, G.S...1-4; Roberts sawmill..6-14; Roberts, Mrs. L.E., apptd postmaster..5-10; Roberts-White Co., mechanics..3-1; Robinson, Cecil..1-25; Robinson, Mrs. W.H., good results of classes..4-12; Robinson, Mrs. W.H., cooking classes..3-22; Robinson, Mrs. W.H., night school teacher..2-8; Robinson, Mrs. W.H., to teach Opportunity School..3-8; Robinson, W.H., canning demo..5-3; Roddenberry, Mrs. Elizabeth..4-26; Roddenberry, Henry, Sr...2-22; Roddenberry, Tommy, mule..1-25; Roddenberry, Malcolm C...2-22; Roddenberry, Seaborn..2-22; Roddenberry, Henry Jr...2-22; Roddenberry, Frank..2-22; Roddenberry, Robert..2-22; Roddenberry, George..2-22; Roddenberry, John W...2-22; Roddenberry, Newton, died..2-22; Roddenberry, G.S...2-22; Roddenberry, Uncle Newt died..2-15; Roddenberry, G.S...2-22; Roddenberry, Mrs. Susan..4-26; Roddenberry, John, in CCC..2-8; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D...8-30; Roddenberry, James..6-14; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..6-7; Roddenberry, N.E..9-20; Roddenberry, Mrs. Neily died..6-14; Roddenberry, Mrs. G.S..5-3; Roddenberry, Delmus..5-31; Roddenberry, Delmos..9-6; Roddenberry, J.H. property..8-30; Roddenberry, Oree..10-4; Rodgers, Ben..9-20; Rodgers, Mary Edna..5-3; Rogers, Virginia..3-1; Rogers, Forester..6-28; Roney Building..4-26; Roosevelt, Pres., came thru on train..3-29; Ross, Zelle..8-30; Ross, Zell..9-20; Rowell, Mrs. Orley..6-14; Rozier, Molly..9-13; Rural Rehabilitation Farms, 45 families..4-26; Russell, J.P...9-20; Russell, Mrs. Elizabeth..5-3; Russell, Jewell..4-26; Russell, Mrs. Elizabeth..5-31.

Saloon, none in Charlton..4-12; Sardis 4-H Club, box supper..10-4; Saunders, Virgie..11-29; Sawyer, Dr., treated James Nettles..4-5; Sawyer, Dr. James..2-22; Sawyer, Dr., ad in paper..9-27; Sawyer, Mrs. Mary Frances..5-3; Sawyer, Dr., new hospital..12-20; Sawyer, Dr., new hospital..11-8; Schmidt, Mrs. Josie Mills died..3-29; Schmidt, Mrs. Josie Mills died..3-22; Schmidt, Josie..5-31; School, buses from North pass thru..2-1; School, Folkston high news column, nt prntd..3-1; School, Folkston High, Lucy Belle Bass..1-25; School, high school news column..4-19; School, Ch Co High News..1-25; School, 9th grade leaders..4-26; School, Ch Co High News nt prntd..3-15; School, Folkston news nt prntd..3-29; School, high school news nt prntd..2-1; School, High School news, nt prntd..2-8; School, Charlton Co High news..1-18; School, Folk High, long column of news nt prntd..3-8; School, Winokur, began new term..1-4; School, Folk, J.C. Adams Prin..2-22; School, Ch Co High, ceiling gym, brickwork,etc..3-29; School, High school notes nt prntd..2-22; School, seniors who will be grad. speakers..4-19; School, Alumna Assn bought 4 dozen chairs..2-15; School, basketball tourn. leaders listed..4-5; School, long article on schools closing nt prntd..4-5; School, Folk high, landscaping, outdoor stage, camphor trees 3-1; School, gym floor complete, first game..3-1; School, bus drivers, helping put down gym floor..2-15; School, gym floor being put down..2-15; School, school news, nt prntd..2-15; School, Ch Co High, graduation..5-31; School, Folk Consolidated, teachers named..6-7; School, lots of events in conn with grad nt prntd..5-31; School, solid col. on history, etc of hi schl nt prntd..9-27; School, Winokur, teacher..8-30; School, teachers named for 35-36..6-7; School, Folk High, Hoke Wallace Askew, pupil..10-4; School, Uptonville, teachers named..6-7; School, county high, teachers..8-30; School, Folk Consolidated, teachers..8-30; School, Moniac, teachers named..6-7; School, Uptonville, teachers..8-30; School, dedication of new gym..5-24; School, teachers named..8-30; School, Moniac Consolidated, teachers..8-30; School, Moniac, teachers..8-9; School, County High, teachers named..6-7; School, Ch Co High, Senior officers..9-27; School, plans for Folk Jr. High..9-6; School, Ch Co School news, High schl nt prntd..10-4; School, High, Glee Club..10-4; School, commencement week, event each nite nt prntd..5-3; School, Charlton Co High, finishing up remodel..5-10; School, St. George, teachers named..6-7; School, St. George, began new year..9-6; School, St. George Consolidated, teachers..8-30; School, Ch Co School news nt prntd..10-11; School, artist draw. Jr. High Bldg, King Drive..11-15; School, proposed Jr High building..10-18; School, Ch Co School news nt prntd..10-25; School, bond election for Jr. Hi Bld..11-15; School, St. Geo Honor Roll..10-11; School, Winokur, honor students..11-1; School, Ch Co School news..11-1; School, ChCoHigh, Home Ec class, party..11-1; School, Jr. Hi Bld, contract bids opened..11-29; School, St. George school news..11-29; School, St. George school news nt prntd..10-11; School, New Jr. High Bld..12-6; School, bond election for Jr. Hi Bld..11-22; School, new desks for Folk grammar school..10-18; School, St. George schl news nt prntd..10-25; School, 5th grade, Folkston, won globe from Rexall..12-6; School, ChCo School news..11-8; Schools, Atlanta supervisor reports, nt prntd..3-22; Schools, long history, when bld were bld,etcNtPrntd..9-6; Schools, bus drivers named..8-16; Schools, Folkston, beginning new year..9-6; Schools, long col. on commencement plans nt prntd..5-24; Schools, Folk overcrowding, need JrHi..10-18; Scott, Mrs. B.F...2-22; Scott, Mrs. T.E...9-6; Scott, C.M...9-20; Screw worm control..6-7; Screw Worm, killed 75% of sheep..6-21; Screw worm contol discontinued..12-27; Security Club, beginning of Social Security..12-13; Sharecroppers, desperate plight of, long article nt prnt..5-17; Shingles, L.T. Wasdin, ad..2-1; Shivar, E.W..3-1; Shivar, Mrs. E.A..3-22; Shivar, contractor..8-16; Shivar, Ed, building Brown home..8-30; Shivar, Eugene..9-20; Shivar & White, to bld Jr High School..11-29; Sikes, Tom died..7-26; Sikes, Jacquelyn..5-3; Sikes, Sheriff, recovered stolen hog for Tip Kennison..9-6; Sikes, Vernie..10-18; Simpson, Georgia, teacher food preserv..5-31; Sims, Emanuel, injured..7-19; Sinclair Basketball team..2-8; Sineath, J.W. home destroyed by fire..10-18; Smart, Sarah..5-3; Smart, Ruth..5-3; Smart, Mrs. W.E..5-3; Smart, Edward..5-3; Smart, W.E..5-3; Smith, Ruth, canneries..4-12; Smith, Ruth, Relief Admr..1-18; Smith, Nellie..1-11; Smith, Ruth, cooking classes..3-22; Smith, Mrs. Joseph..4-5; Smith, Mrs. Eva..4-5; Smith, Mrs. J.A..2-22; Smith, Bennie..2-15; Smith, Mabel..6-7; Smith, B.E...6-28; Smith, Mary..5-24; Smith, Mabel..8-9; Smith, Mabel..8-30; Smith, J.R..5-3; Smith, William S...8-30; Smith, W.S..6-7; Smith, Ann..6-28; Smith, Annette..10-11; Smith, Wilbur..11-1; Smith, Hazel..11-8; Smith, Hazel..11-1; Snowden, James, died..6-14; Solomon, Mrs. Geneva..9-13; Southern Railroad System, cross ties..4-12; Southwell, J.B...3-8; Southwell, John..2-8; Spanish Moss, shipped to college..11-29; Spaulding, Uncle Billy..5-3; Spence, deeded land to God nt prntd..2-15; St. George Ch of Commerce, highway to Valdosta..1-11; St. George, John Canaday died..1-11; St. George, diphtheria case..1-18; St. George, cannery to be blt..4-12; St. George Road project gets funded..7-12; St. George, meetings against prohibi repeal..5-10; St. George road, project funded..7-5; St. George, Home Dem. Agent..10-18; Stanley Branch, bridge broke, Fla. orange truck..1-18; Stapleton rental..3-8; Stapleton, E.B...3-1; Stapleton, Kathleen..5-3; Stapleton, Martha..9-20; Stapleton, Martha..9-20; Stapleton, Pearce..9-20; Stapleton Pharm, gave globe away..12-6; Stave factory closed down for month..1-18; Stave factory, resumes work..3-22; Stewart, Tracy..3-1; Stewart, Charlotte..1-4; Stewart, Mrs. G.J..1-4; Stokes, Carlie Mae..3-1; Stokes, S.G...3-1; Stokes, L.J...3-1; Stokes, Mrs. L.E., mother died..2-1; Stokes, Festus N...3-1; Stokes, L. Jasper..3-1; Stokes home..3-8; Stokes, Jasper..9-20; Stokes, Council..8-16; Stokes, Lewis E...9-20; Stokes, S.C...9-20; Stokes, Noah..9-20; Stokes, Carlie Mae..9-27; Stokes, Juanita..9-20; Stokes, Maggie..9-20; Stokes, L.E., Chm Brd Ed..5-31; Stokes, Carlie Mae..5-31; Stokes, L.J...9-20; Stokes, Edward M...9-20; Stokes, Carlie Mae..9-6; Stokes, W.S...10-11; Stokes, Richard W...11-29; Stokesville, TPO tower finished..4-26; Stowers, Ethel, Howard reunion nt prntd..2-15; Strain, Jessie..4-19; Strand, Florence Cooper died..12-20; Strickland, Lula M...1-4; Stroup, Pete..4-12; Stroup Barber Shop..4-12; Stroup, C.E...9-20; Stroup, Dick..9-20; Suggs, Aethada..8-30; Suggs, Aethada..6-7; Suggs, Marcetta..11-8; Sunrise Dairy..12-27; Surveyors, U.S. Geo. Survey of area..3-1; Surveyors, U.S. Coast & Geo., to move to Wayx..3-22; Suwannee Store, soles for shoes..4-12; Suwannee Store, Burke new manager..7-12.

Taylor, Mrs. J.S...7-12; Telephone office, now at Winokur..12-20; Tetwiler, Mr., taking Wrench place..1-18; Thomas, Herman, divorce legal ad..1-11; Thomas, W.L...2-22; Thomas, Annie Kennison..1-11; Thomas, Harold..9-20; Thomas, W.L...9-20; Thomas, H.D...6-21; Thompson, Dr. drug store..4-12; Thompson, Kathryn..4-26; Thompson, Evelyn Willette..5-3; Thompson, W.D...9-20; Thompson, Willie..11-8; Thompson, John..10-18; Thompson, W.D., Chrm Security Club..12-13; Thompson, Mrs. David [Langford]..11-15; Thompson's Drug Store..4-26; Thornton, Mrs. Macy..4-5; Thornton, W.D...9-20; Thrift, J.T...3-1; Thrift, M.D..3-1; Thrift, A.L...3-1; Thrift, R.H...3-1; Thrift, Mrs. Trudy..4-5; Thrift neighborhood, Roberts sawmill..6-14 ; Thrift, Grady R...9-20; Thrift children, Billys Island?, schooling..8-16; Thrift, T.H., sold wool..6-21; Thrift, Catherine..11-1; Thrift, Ruby..11-8; Thrift, Kathryn..11-8; Thrift, Inez..11-1; Tillman, Mary..9-20; Timber Protective Org., objectives, etc nt prntd..3-15; Tison, Carolyn..5-3; Touchton, Mrs. W.E..3-22; Tourist camp, Kozy Kabin Kamp blt..12-13; Tourists, took brex..1-4; Tourists, served brex..1-4; TPO, towers, Winokur, Stokesville..4-26; TPO Brantley Co...4-26; Tracy, Meta..4-5; Tracy, Meta..5-31; Traders Hill, Mrs. T.J. Colson died..4-26; Traders Hill, Mrs. R.T. Bryant died..3-29; Traders Hill, Henry Roddenberry..2-22; Traders Hill, meetings against prohibi repeal..5-10; Traders Hill, Georgia Simpson to teach food preserv..5-31; Traders Hill, Horne-O'Quinn wedding..5-24; Traders Hill, Chesser-McDuffie wedding..9-27; Trees, planted in ACL park..6-28; Tucker, Mrs. Jim..6-21; Turkey, for sale..2-1; Turner, Annette..8-30; Turner, Annette..9-20; Turner, Annette..6-7; Tyson, J.S., Jr...9-20.

Uptonville, Crews baby born..2-1; Uptonville, Chesser-McDuffie wedding..9-27; Uptonville, Ocie Cason to teach food preserv..5-31; Uptonville, Home Dem Agent..10-18.

Varn, K.S. Cattle Co...4-26; Vickery, Annie Jane..3-1; Vickery, Annie Jane..5-31; Vickery, J.W...8-23; Vickery, J.W...9-20; Vickery, Annie Jane..9-20; Vickery, J.W., Jr., letter from London, nt prntd..5-3; Vickery, J.W...12-20; Vining, Fred..4-12; Volunteer Fire Dept, Mills home..2-8.

Wade, N.G., Wade canal..2-22; Wade Canal, up around Winokur..2-22; Wainwright, Clyde..1-11; Wainwright, R.F...4-5; Wainwright, Roscoe..4-5; Wainwright, G.P. died..4-5; Wainwright, W.R...1-11; Wainwright, C.W...4-5; Wainwright, E.D...4-5; Wainwright, Jerome..4-5; Wainwright, Roscoe..4-5; Wainwright, Hamp..4-5; Wainwright, Dewitt..4-5; Wainwright, Nancy Roddenberry..2-22; Wainwright, William..4-5; Wainwright, A.J...2-22; Wainwright baby..1-11; Wainwright, J.A...1-4; Wainwright, Mildred..10-4; Wainwright, W.R...6-21; Wainwright, Lamar..10-4; Wainwright, W.R..5-3; Wainwright, W.R...5-31; Wainwright, Mrs. Zennia..6-28, nt prntd; Wainwright, J.A...5-31; Wainwright, Rooks..5-3; Wainwright, Uncle Roox..5-31; Wainwright, Mildred..9-27; Wainwright, D.R..9-20; Walker, Casper..9-20; Wardens meet..8-23; Warren, Josh died..1-18; Warren, Elton..1-4; Warren, Elton, CCC, Douglas has flu..1-18; Warren, Mrs. J.L...4-19; Warren, J.H...8-16; Warren, J.H...9-20; Warrington, Mrs. John J...10-25; Warrington, John H. died..10-25; Wasdin, L.T., Ad for shingles..2-1; Wasdin, L.T..3-1; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W., selling dressed hens..4-12; Waughtel, C.W., teaching boys at CCC camp..3-15; Waughtel, C.W., night school..1-18; Waughtel, C.W., sells amaryllis..4-19; Waughtel, Geraldine..4-26; Weeks, mrs. J.L...11-8; Weeks, Dr. J.L...11-8; Weeks, Mary D...11-1; Welker, Dr. A.D...4-26; Welker, Frances E. died..4-26; Western Union, now at Winokur..12-20; White, George, amaryllis bulbs..4-12; White, M.G..2-8; White, M.G...7-12; White, M.G..6-21; White, Paul..6-28; White & Shivar, o bld Jr High School..11-29; White, George..12-6; Wildes, Mildred..4-26; Wildes, Mack..2-15; Wildes, Floyd..3-1; Wildes, J.M. ..9-13; Wildes, Aderine..10-4; Wildes, Kathleen..9-13; Wildes, Gertrude..9-20; Wildes, Florney..6-28; Wildes, Aderine..9-20; Wildes, Infant [Wayne]..12-13; Wildes, Wayne..12-13; Wildes, J.M...11-22; Wildes, Mrs. Wayne died..12-13; Wildes, Gertrude..11-22; Wildes, Wayne, Jr...12-13; Wilkinson, Mrs. J.M...4-26; Wilkinson, Mrs. J.M...5-3; Williams, Lewis..4-19; Williams, Dr. office burned..1-11; Williams, Pauline..4-19; Williams, Gene, begins work with Hercules..3-22; Williams, Maggie..2-8; Williams, Rev. L.E., Osterman funeral..11-1; Wilson, Owen, Clerk..1-11; Wilson, Martha Grace..3-1; Wilson, J.M., turkey for sale..2-1; Wilson, Essie..3-1; Wilson, Alva..9-20; Wilson, J.M., Sr...9-20; Wilson, Eula..5-31; Wilson, Sylvester..5-24; Winokur, Prescott neighborhood..1-4; Winokur, L.W. Freeman..2-1; Winokur, Lewis Williams..4-19; Winokur, cannery to be blt..4-12; Winokur, TPO tower finished..4-26; Winokur district, Jack Howard..1-4; Winokur, Crews-Henerson wedding..10-4; Winokur, nurses give shots..6-14; Winokur, Roddenberry-Minter wedding..9-6; Winokur, Dave Johns died..6-7; Winokur, CCC boys working on road..6-28; Winokur district, Samuel Crews was Commiss..8-9; Winokur, meetings against prohibi repeal..5-10; Winokur, getting Western Union, telephone office..12-20; Winokur, Home Dem. Agent..10-18; Winokur, hog killings..12-6; Woodmen of the World. to reorganize..10-25; Wool sale..6-21; Wrench, James..3-8; Wrench, James..2-8; Wrench, Mayor T.W...1-11; Wrench, T.W..2-8; Wrench, Rep. T.W...1-11; Wrench, T.W. going to Atlanta..1-18; Wrench, T.W., editor paper..1-4; Wrench, T.W., sells Herald..6-28; Wrench, J.H., works for Citizens Bank..7-26; Wrench, T.W., bought Hinds place..8-2; Wrench, Editor, planted trees..6-28; Wrench, Editor, used pecan shells for sidewalk..5-17; Wrench, James H...9-20; Wrench, J.W., building home..8-30; Wrench, T.W., sells Herald..7-5; Wrench, Editor, min. of C C Commission..7-12 nt prntd; Wrench, James, Treas. for Folk Meth..12-6; Wright, E.H...3-1; Wright, baby girl..4-5; Wright, Wilbur..4-5; Wright, Wilbur..3-8; Wright, Bertie Lorane..5-3; Wright, Eleanor..5-3; Wright, Grace Leslie..5-3; Wright, Mrs. Charles M...5-3; Wright, Mrs. E.H...5-31; Wright, Maxie, Jr., sent to pen. nt printed..7-26; Wright, Mrs. E.H...5-3; Wright, Mrs. E.H...5-31.

Yarber, Lewis..2-15; Young, George died..2-22; Young, Mrs. George..2-22.

Charlton  County Archives