Index - Charlton County Herald - 1934

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

4-H Club, 4-day camp at Homeland Park..7-6; 4-H club, Satilla Club news, not prntd..12-7.

Ackerman, Recorder..1-12; Ackerman, Joan..5-18; Ackerman, S., recorder..2-9; Ackerman, Verle..5-18; Ackerman, Mrs. S.E...12-14; ACL RR, W.R. Wilson of Thomasville, sick, was agent here..7-13; ACLRR park, buzzard's roost, phlox..5-11; ACLRR park..7-13; Adams, J.C...9-7; Adams, J.C...7-27; Air conditioning, meat market..8-3; Airport..2-9; Alabaha River Primitive Bap. Assn..3-2; Aldridge, Eugenia..7-13; Aldridge, Rita..7-13; Aldridge, Roy, CCC..7-20; Alexander, Mrs. Mary..4-6; Allen, Edgar, lost coat..3-23; Allen, G.W. homeplace sold..2-9; Allen, Edgar, rat killer..1-19; Allen, Mr. and Mrs., Holiness Church..8-17; Allen, Bernice, former Welfare worker..6-15; Allen, Edgar, cross ties at Uptonville..6-22; Allen, W.R...12-7; Allen, Homer, in CCC..9-14; Altman, Mrs. Etta..5-11; Altman, Mrs. Elbert..5-11; Altman, M., birthday party..5-4; Altman, Maurice..9-7; Altman, S.M...11-2; Altman, Morrice, bus driver..8-17; Amarillo gardens..4-27; Amaryllis, gardens in Folkston..4-13; Amaryllis bulbs for sale..3-2; American Legion delegates, Chev. cars..10-19; Anderson, Mrs. Warren..2-9; Anderson, Mrs. I.L...2-2; Anderson, Farley..7-27; Askew, Mayme..6-15; Askew, Leon..7-6; Askew, A.W., watermelons..7-13; Askew, twin baby boy died..8-17; Askew, Mayme..9-7; Askew, Fred..5-25, 8-17; Askew, Tom..5-25; Askew, Geraldine, won beauty contest..7-6; Askew, Louis..12-14; Athlete steamboat..5-11; Aviation field..2-9; Aviation field, Air circus..4-20.

Bachlott, Capt. R.H...5-11; Baker, J.B., mason builder..4-13; Baker, Walter B., railroad..4-13; Baker, J.B., rebuilt still..5-4; Bank Liquidation Committee, closed banks..1-5; Banks, closed, ruling..1-5; Banks Cafe, Jessie Gowen..5-4; Banks Restaurant..4-13; Banks Restaurant, Vickery hurt in front of..11-9; Banks Restaurant..10-5; Banks, Crawford, CCC..7-20; Baptist Orphan Home, carload of gifts..11-23; Barber, Bailey..8-17; Barber, Ollie..8-17; Barber, Herman..8-24; Barfield, Sampson..5-11; Barker, Arthur..1-5; Barker, baby girl..8-10; Barker, J.A., Jr...8-10; Barnes, Betty Jean..7-13; Barnhill, Rev. J.E., funeral of Barrett/Garrett..12-7; Barrett, Julia died..12-7; Bass cottage, Hale and Petty..4-6; Battle, Joe..7-6; Batton, Alvin..12-14; Beauty Shop, Stokes..10-5; Beef cattle from west..6-22; Bell, E..1-5; Bell, Ernie..3-2; Bell, Willie..12-14; Belle, Irma Lee..5-25; Benton, Mary..7-6; Bliss, Dr. A.C..12-14; Bliss, Mrs. A.C. died..12-14; Bloody Branch at Burnt Fort, history, not printed..4-20; Bolling, Rev. R.E. moved to Homeland..11-16; Boyce Co., Folk waterworks..4-6; Boyce, contractor..5-4; Boyd, R.A..3-2; Boyd, R.A., bookkeeper for Relief Committee..6-29; Boyd, Marie..9-7; Boyd, Marie..6-15; Boyd, Marie..12-7; Bradley, Lewis, died, St. Geo..11-23; Branch, Pearl..7-6; Brannon, Ethel..9-7; Brannon, Ethel..6-15; Brannon, Ethel..12-7; Broach, Homer H...12-14; Brock, Ben..7-13; Brock, Mrs. Mary..8-10; Brockman, Dr., trees in park..7-13; Brooks, P.G..3-2; Brooks, W.M...6-8; Brooks, P.G...6-8; Brooks, Mrs. Gladys..7-27; Brooks, Woodrow..12-14; Brooks, P.C...12-14; Brooks, P.G..12-14; Brooks, P.G., census enumerator for Uptonville..12-14; Brown, Aggie..5-25; Broxton, J.P...11-9; Bruschke, baby boy..3-2; Bruschke, R., work for city/Homeland..2-9; Bruschke, Bill..3-2; Bruschke, R., ad for household goods..8-24; Bruschke, Helen..7-6; Bryant, Elbert home place..7-20; Bryant, Alex..7-20; Bryant, Henry P. died..7-20; Buchanan, Clarence..11-2; Buchanan, Dr. J.W. died..11-9; Buchanan, Clarence, daddy died..11-9; Buchanan, Daisey..11-9; Buchanan, Edward F...11-9; Burns, S.L. & Co...5-11; Burnsed, F.L...9-7; Burnt Fort, history of Bloody Branch, not printed..4-20; Burnt Fort range, western cattle, Mizell..8-10; Burnt Fort pasture, cattle from west..8-17; Bussey, C.W., CCC..11-16; Buzzard's roost in ACL park..5-11.

Camp Pinckney, Buck turpentine..5-11; Campbell, Miss [beautition]..10-5; Canaday, Canada, school trustee..2-16; Canaday, J.H...3-2; Canaday, J.M...10-12; Canaday, baby girl..10-12; Canaday, John..10-5; Canaday, Spence..10-5; Canaday, J.M...12-14; Carpenter, G.B...3-2; Carter, Hansel..2-16; Carter, Effie, married..2-16; Carter, Hansel, sick family..3-2; Carter, Mrs. Oscar..9-21; Carter, Ivey//9-7; Carter, Ivey, bus driver..8-17; Carter, Inez..7-6; Carter, Riley..12-14; Carter, Joe..12-14; Carter, Will..12-14; Carter, Hansel..12-14; Carter, John..12-14; Casey, Mrs. W.N...8-10; Cason, Lorrie..5-25; Cason, Mrs. Berry [Snowden]..12-7; Cason, Mrs. Ocie..9-21; Cason, Harvey..12-14; Cassell, O.A...3-2; Catoe, W.R..3-2; Catoe, Robert..7-13; Cattle from west..10-19; Cattle, from west being slaughtered in Wayx..11-9; Cattle, western, broke from range..7-20; Cattle from west..7-13; Cattle, from west..8-31; Cattle, from West..8-10; Cattle, western, most shipped out and slaughtered..11-16; Cattle, western, jumping in wells..9--7; Cattle from West, 2500..6-29; Cattle from west..8-17; Cattle, cowboys get $50. per mo..7-13; Cattle raisers, screw worm threat..8-10; Cattle, western, last sent to abattoir..12-7; Cattle, screw worm damage..12-14; Caudle, J.W., baby girl..6-22; Caudle, baby girl..6-22; CCC Camp, auto mechanics, music taught each night, etc..5-25; CCC camp, improving firebreaks, etc..4-27; CCC camp, 300 at dance..6-8; CCC firebreaks..3-23; CCC Camp, 50 went home..4-13; CCC camp, anniversary dance..6-1; CCC camp, TPO uses their help..1-5; CCC boys, made fire tower..3-9; CCC camp, Elton Warren, cook..4-13; CCC camp, 25 taking life saving course..6-15; CCC camp, one yr old, celebration, dance, etc..5-25; CCC camp, Ray Harrison there..4-13; CCC boys in hospital..2-16; CCC, 39 Charlton boys join..1-12; CCC camp, educating boys..4-13; CCC Camp, lists projects completed..2-16; CCC closing up St. Geo. camp..3-16; CCC boys visit..2-9; CCC camp, Homeland, quarters almost complete..11-16; CCC camp, Douglas..11-16; CCC camp, Homeland, Charlie Hodges..11-16; CCC camp, Homeland, Eddie Raulerson..11-16; CCC camp, Homeland, great description of camp..11-23; CCC camp, to come to Homeland Park..8-3; CCC camp, in Homeland Park..9-28; CCC camp, loss of camp will hurt food suppliers..6-29; CCC camp, fire tower on Powell-Ray land..6-15; CCC camp, men moved to Douglas..7-20; CCC boys, expl. of select. of boys, not printed..11-23; CCC camp, to move to Douglas, new camp in Folk..8-29; CCC Camp, 4 from Charlton released..7-13; CCC camp, may move to Homeland Park..6-22; CCC Camp, 16 men added to Homeland camp..11-9; CCC camp, new Charlton recruits..7-20; CCC camp, Douglas..11-2; CCC camp, setting it up, Homeland Park..10-5; CCC camp, Homeland, boys there, in tents..11-2; CCC camp, work on well..10-26; CCC camp, many discharged, 90 new ones, Homeland Park..7-13; CCC camp, Homer Allen in Nahunta..9-14; CCC camp, fire tower, Winokur..9-14; CCC camp, Crawford Banks in Camden CCC..7-20; CCC camp, Homeland, list of staff, et al, nt prntd..12-7; CCC camp, Homeland, Waughtel teaching..12-7; CCC boys, Murray, Mattox..12-28; CCC camp, lst yr anniv., many activities..5-25; Cemetery, Sardis, Leonard Spence..5-25; Cemetery, Sardis, Mrs. Robert OQuinn..5-11; Cemetery, Allen, Mrs. Sara Howard O'Berry..3-23; Cemetery, Corinth cleaning..3-16; Cemetery, Sardis, J.M. Prevatt funeral..4-20; Cemetery, St. George, Gabor Enyedy..1-19; Cemetery, Oak Hill, St. Geo., Enyedy..2-2; Cemetery, Folkston, Vickery baby..1-5; Cemetery, Thompson, West Rhoden..5-11; Cemetery, Folkston, Thomas W. Vickery..11-9; Cemetery, Folkston, James H. Roddenberry..7-13; Cemetery, Traders Hill, Henry P. Bryant..7-20; Cemetery, Emmeaus, Mrs. Rosa Johns..11-16; Cemetery, Bethel, Mary Taylor..7-27; Cemetery, Sardis..11-9; Cemetery, Traders Hill, Mrs. Laura P. Gowen..8-10; Cemetery, Homeland, Mrs. Jessie Nancy Kinder..8-31; Cemetery, Johns, Lillie Johns Snowden..12-7; Cemetery, Bethel, Mrs. Julia Barrett/Garrett..12-7; Cemetery, Corinth, Mrs. Lizzie Lowther..6-15; Cemetery, St. George, Parham..12-14; Centrevillage District JP, WO Gibson..3-2; Centrevillage, mail conditions, WO Gibson recalls..4-13; Chamber of Commerce, changing crossing at Mattox..6-15; Chancey, W.L...3-2; Chapman, Rev. J.H...6-1; Charlton Cafe..4-13; Charlton Cafe..3-9; Charlton County Herald, Tetwiler moves..1-5; Charlton County TPO, meets..1-5; Charlton Cafe..2-23; Charlton Cafe, new managers..6-8; Charlton County Herald..1-5; Charlton Cafe, Louise Kendrick part owner..7-6; Charlton County Herald, received big award for best editor. 7-6; Charlton Cafe, repairs, new window..7-27; Charlton County Relief office personell..6-29; Chesser, Guy, bus driver..8-17; Chevrolet Mtr. Co., cars for American Legion..10-19; Chisholm, Mrs., new member Bap Ch..9-28; Chism, W.W...3-2; Church, Presbyterian, ladies meeting..4-6; Church, Corinth, James W. Smith-Fechy Henderson wedding..4-20; Church, Homeland Meth, children had MotherDay program..5-18; Church, Folk Bap parsonage, remodeling..3-16; Church, Winokur Baptist, cake walk..2-23; Church, Pigeon Creek Miss Bap, Mrs. Martha Lloyd..5-25; Church, Presbyterian, church on Thurs. evenings..4-6; Church, Baptist, St. George, Norman wedding..3-9; Church, Folkston Bap., Andrew A. Pritchard member..4-6; Church, Folkston Bap., new members baptized..1-19; Church, Folk Bap., proceeds of OK Lunchroom..1-5; Church, Folk Meth, fire at parsonage..3-30; Church, Presbyterian, new pastor..6-1; Church, Folk Meth, re-roof parsonage..8-17; Church, Folk Meth, James H. Roddenberry funeral..7-13; Church, Traders Hill Meth, Henry P. Bryant funeral..7-20; Church, Holiness at Satilla Riverside, pryr meeting..8-17; Church, Presbyterian, Women's Aux. met..7-13; Church, Presbyterian, Dr. Buchanan..11-9; Church, Folk Bap, lst VBS w/ Meth..6-15, 6-22, 6-29; Church, Folk Bap, comm. on Relief Admr..7-13; Church, Folk Meth, comm. on Relief Admr..7-13; Church, Folk Meth, lst VBS w/Bap..6-15, 6-22, 6-29; Church, Folkston Methodist, T.W. Vickery..11--9; Church, Folk Bap, new members from revival..9-28; Church, Jerusalem Holiness, outing at beach..8-17; Church, Folk Bap., Laura P. Gowen..8-10; Church, St. George Bap, Parham funeral..12-14; Chute, Eunice..6-15; Chute, Miss, on relief comm..7-13; Chute, Eunice..9-7; Citizens Bank, state of cond...1-12; Citizens Bank..4-13; Citizens Bank..7-13; Citizens Bank, statement..10-12; Clay, Mrs., Presby. Church..7-13; Clinic, in new school building..9-28; Cockrell, Justin..3-2; Cockrell, Mary Georgia..9-7; Cockrell, Eleanor..6-15; Cockrell, Eleanor..9-7; Cockrell, Miss, teacher..12-7; Cockrell, Mary Georgia..12-7; Cold storage business..11-2; Coleraine, sawmill..4-13; Coleraine farm, Geo White..5-25; Coleraine, sawmill, WO Gibson..5-11; Colson, J.D..3-2; Colson, J.C...6-8; Colson, T.H...3-2; Colson, Wilton..11-16; Combs, M...3-2; Comfort making, FERA..12-21; Condon home, on highway..8-17; Cone, Ola..9-7; Conner, J.P...12-14; Convict camp, warden died..2-23; Cooner, Jessie, CCC..7-20; Cooper, Robert..7-13; Copeland, Mrs. W.D...8-10; Corbitt, James..3-2; County nurse..10-5; County Agent Hursey, discontinued..12-7; County Commissioner, new for Uptonville..12-14; Courson, P.M., Tax Collector..3-2; Court, jurors names..3-2; Crawford, G.C..3-2; Crawford, Irene..12-28; Crews, Mose, amaryllis garden..4-13; Crews twins..3-16; Crews, Julian, Homeland council..2-9; Crews, Julian, alderman, Homeland..1-12; Crews, Julian..3-16; Crews, J. Marshall..3-2; Crews, J. Alfred..3-2; Crews, H.H..3-2; Crews, Alfred..3-23; Crews, Lonnie died..3-23; Crews, J.M...3-2; Crews, Charles, lost coat..3-23; Crews, John..11-9; Crews, Maude M...8-31; Crews, H.H...8-31; Crews, Velma..9-21; Crews, Champ, bus driver..8-17; Crews, Mrs. Eva..9-28; Crews, H.M...9-21; Crews, Lela..9-7; Crews, Oscar..9-7; Crews, A.D...9-7; Crews, Champ..9-7; Crews, Oscar, bus driver..8-17; Crews, Macy [Hayes] died..9-21; Crews, A.H., bus driver..8-17; Crews, Fell..9-7; Crews, Freeman..11-16; Crews, Mrs. Wm...6-15; Crews, Ira..12-14; Crews, William, new county commissioner..12-14; Crews, Lewis,,12-14; Crews, H.M...12-14; Crews, C.C...12-14; Crews, Elton..12-14; Crews, Leila..12-7; Crews, Will..12-14; Crews-Koelsch wedding..10-5; Custom, cake walk..2-23; Customs, checker playing at courthouse..2-9; Customs, all day visits on birthdays..7-27; Cypress, community, new mill there..1-12; Cypress mill, new, shingle, near Racepond..1-12.

Dalton, Imogene..3-23; Dasher, Ernest..11-30; Dasher, Louise..11-16; Davis, Mary Jane, new baby..3-30; Davis, Frank..6-8; Davis, Henry W...4-13; Davis, Mrs. Will died..3-30; Davis, Ed., rat killer..2-16; Davis, Gaston, new baby..3-23; Davis, Baby girl..3-23; Davis, Jessie Mae, manager of lunchroom..1-5; Davis, Jessie May, helps with cafe..3-9; Davis, Ed..9-14; Davis, Oliver..11-16; Davis, E.W...7-6; Davis, Mrs. Ed...7-13; Davis, Elder Elonza..8-17; Davis, John Junior..9-14; Davis, Jessie..9-14; Davis, Mrs. H.J., on Relief Admr. comm..7-13; Davis, Jessie M...6-29; Davis, Frank..6-29; Dead Mans Curve, Mattox..4-13; Deal, Brunnelle..7-6; Dean, E.F., Jr. home place..5-11; Dean, E.F., Jr...3-2; Dean, G.A...3-2; Dean, G.A., Game Warden..3-30; Dean, Emory..3-9; Dean, E.F., place..4-20; Dean, Roscoe..3-9; Dean, E.F., Jr., cattle from west..7-13; Dean, G.A..7-13; Dean, Rev. E.F., Snowden funeral..12-7; Denmark, Mrs. Mattie..8-10; Denmark, Kate..8-10; Depression, rat catchers to be hired..1-12; Depression, county agent let go for lack/funds..12-7; Depression, experiment with western cattle..10-19; Depression, cattle from west..11-9; Depression, western cattle..11-16; Depression, Re-Employment Service registrars..12-7; Depression, farmers given new start..11-9; Depression, 124 families on Relief rolls..11-9; Depression, organization of Unemployment Council..11-2; Depression, women hired to make quilts, etc..11-9; Depression, chicken thieves..12-7; Depression, FERA nurse..12-14; Dillinger, John..7-27; Dinkins, Owen, bap at church..1-19; Dinkins, Theodore..2-23; Dinkins, Archie..3-2; Dinkins, Theo..3-2; Dinkins, Owen K...6-8; Dinkins, J.W...6-8; Dinkins, J.W...3-2; Dinkins, J.W. mule died..11-23; Dinkins, A.R..12-14; Dinkins, J.W...12-14; Dionne Quintuplutes..6-1; Dixie Restaurant, cattle eat violet bed..12-7; Dixon, Roland..3-2; Dixon, Curtis..3-2; Dixon, Willie..12-28; Douglas, S.A..11-2; Dowling, Mrs. Sallie..5-11; Dowling, Mary Ann..4-20; Drury, Mrs. Sindy..8-17; Durdin, H.W...5-25.

Edge, T.W., new family..6-1; Editorial, cast away watermelon rinds..7-13; Editorial, Excessive salaries for Relief Admr..7-20; Editorial, FERA takes up 5 rooms in courthouse..11-23; Editorial, rooms to rent..11-23; Editorial, Vol Fire Dept needs plans, practice..12-14; Edwards, Sam, killed Rosa Sims; not printed..4-6; Edwards, Mrs. Mamie..9-28; Elections, Register to vote, poll tax..4-27; Elections, governor, et al..9-14; Emanuel, Mrs. Sue..8-10; Entertainment, cake walk..2-23; Entertainment, tent show for a week..2-16; Entertainment, beauty show..7-6; Enyedy, Elizabeth..2-2; Enyedy, Gabriel..2-2; Enyedy, Gabor memorium..2-2; Enyedy, Susan..2-2; Enyedy, Nick..2-2; Enyedy, Mrs. Gabor..2-2; Enyedy, Mary Gabor..1-19; Enyedy, Gabor, died..1-19; Enyedy home, Lewis Bradley died..11-23; Estern Star, district meet; not printed..4-6.

Farmers, get hogs inoculated..1-19; Farmers, screw worm threat..5-25, 8-10; Farming, Gibson tobacco barn burned..7-6; Farming, tobacco barn burned..7-13; Farming, eight farmers relocated..11-9; Farming, watermelons..7-13; Farming, screw worms..7-20; Federal Air Circus..4-20; FERA, eight farmers relocated..11-9; FERA, hiring women to make quilts, spreads, etc..11-9; FERA, takes up 5 rooms in courthouse..11-23; FERA, 124 families on Relief..11-9; FERA nurse, Leila Murray..12-14; FERA changes, force, salary cut..12-21; Fire, Methodist Parsonage..3-30; Fire, forest, Gowen home burned..4-20; Fire tower, made by CCC..3-9; Fire, Miller home..2-2; Fire, Matthew Rhoden home..7-27; Fire, Hance Harris sugar shelter..11-16; Fire towers, men to finish..6-29; Fire Dept of Folk, 2 firehouses in city..6-15. fire, Mattx Apt.6-15; Fire, Wm. Mizell house at Burnt Fort..11-16; Fire Dept. of Folkston, hose reels in red firehouses..7-6; Fire Dept, Volunteers, Mizell fire..12-14; Fire, J.O. Hannaford home..12-14; Firestone, John..11-2; Fitzgibbons, J.G., at new cypress mill..1-12; Fleming, Dr., amarillo garden..4-27; Fleming, Dr. A., Amaryllis garden..4-13; Fleming, Dr., child with beans in nose..5-11; Fleming, Dr., treated Wunderlisch g.son injury..1-19; Fleming, Dr. A., ad for amaryllis bulbs..3-2; Fleming, Dr., clean up week..4-6; Fleming, Dr. A...12-7; Fleming, Dr., Methodist parsonage roof..8-17; Fleming, Dr. A., Stokes baby..6-15; Flora Temple steamboat..5-11; Florida fruit inspection..3-16; Florida fruit inspected..3-9; Folkston, firehouse, water plugs, etc..5-18; Folkston, city of, claying of streets..1-19; Folkston, history of 1882-1934, long, not printed..4-27; Folkston, city of, waterworks bonds..1-5; Folkston, water main extension..5-4; Folkston, Water entension contract..4-6; Folkston, water system exten. began..4-27; Folkston, water extension..5-18; Folkston Grocery Co..7-6; Folkston, city of, election..12-7; Folkston Pecan Co., first placed on market..11-23; Folkston Grain & Grocery, repairs..7-27; Folkston Pecan Co., began operations..11-9; Folkston Fire Dept., 2 firehouses in city..6-15, fire/Mattox Apt; Folkston Volunteer Fire Dept., Mizell fire..12-14; Folkston, city of, cattle eating flowers of residents 12-7; Football in Waycross at nighttime..10-5; Ford, Raymond E..3-9; Foundling baby, given to R.E. Players..11-16; Franklin, Hazel M...1-19.

Ga. Emergency Relief Admr...10-5; Game Warden, G.A. Dean..3-30; Gardner, Eustis..7-20; Garrett, Julia died..12-7; Garrison, J.H., alderman, Homeland..1-12; Garrison, J.P., Homeland council..2-9; Garrison, Mr. (Homeland councilman)..7-6; Gaston Davis, new baby..3-30; Georgia Cypress Co., near Racepond..1-12; Georgia Fla Inv Co, moves office to Folk..3-23; Georgia- Fla Inv Co., firebreaks..3-23; Gibbs, W.B., elected..9-14; Gibson, Marjorie..3-2; Gibson, W.O., Colerain sawmill, steamboats..5-11; Gibson, W.O., Leigh Hill, Sawpit Landing..4-27; Gibson, Judge H.G...3-2; Gibson, Mattie..3-2; Gibson, Rev., 60 wedd anniv..1-19; Gibson, Charles H...3-2; Gibson, W.O..3-2; Gibson, W.E..3-2; Gibson, Mrs. P.M...2-23; Gibson, Rev W.O., brother died..3-2; Gibson, Charles Ellis died..3-2; Gibson, Rev. W.O., wedding, Smith-Henderson..4-20; Gibson, S.G..3-2; Gibson, Judge, married Murrays..1-19; Gibson, Julia Ann Vickery, review of life..3-2; Gibson, W.O., mail; Coleraine; SM&W RR,etc..4-13; Gibson, W.O., review of life..3-2; Gibson, S.M. died..3-9; Gibson, Judge H.G., brother died..3-2; Gibson, Judge, hearing on baby found in Uptonville..11-16; Gibson, Guy, bus driver..8-17; Gibson Pasture, cattle from west..8-31; Gibson, Steve, building Clyde Gowen's house..11-9; Gibson, Steve, barn burned..7-13; Gibson, Steve, tobacco barn burned..7-6; Gibson, Guy...9-7; Gibson's corner, Gib. store, water extension..5-4; Gladiator steamboat..5-11; Goodman, Mrs. Eliza..2-23; Goodyear blimp, over Folk..5-4; Googe, Emily..3-23; Gordson, Fred..4-20; Gowen, Mrs. B.B. home burned..4-20; Gowen, T.C..3-2; Gowen, Tom, new son..5-25; Gowen, Andy, bought Rowe farm..4-6; Gowen, Tom, Jr...5-25; Gowen, Jessie..5-4; Gowen, J.V..3-2; Gowen, George, fruit inspector..3-9; Gowen, George, fruit inspector..3-16; Gowen, J.V...1-5; Gowen, J.V. checking firebreaks..3-23; Gowen Oil Co., Jasper Stokes working there..3-30; Gowen, Andy..3-9; Gowen, E.C., boils on arm...4-6; Gowen, C.E., building home on West Main..11-9; Gowen, J.V...8-10; Gowen, Andrew Green..8-10; Gowen, Mrs. B.B., teacher..8-10; Gowen, Mrs. B.B...8-10; Gowen, G.W...8-10; Gowen, George, Sr...7-13; Gowen, Andy..8-10; Gowen, J.V., western cattle..6-29; Gowen, J.V., western cattle..8-31; Gowen, Mrs. B.B...6-15; Gowen, J.V., may move CCC camp to Homeland Park..6-22; Gowen, J.V., cattle from west..6-22; Gowen, E. Clyde, elected mayor..12-7; Gowen, Tom, councilman..12-7; Gowen, Tom..7-13; Gowen, Dean, cross ties..6-15; Gowen, Mrs. B.B...9-7; Gowen, J. Dean, contract for flooring for gym..11-30; Gowen, Laura P. died..8-10; Gowen Bros store ad..12-14; Gowen, J.V..12-14; Gowen Brothers ad..12-28; Gowen, George, Sr...12-14; Gowen-Upchurch Lumber Co., lumber from swamp..6-15; Grain & Grocery Co., next door to lunchroom..1-5; Greer, Robert..7-20; Gresham, Lige..7-6; Grey, Mrs. [Mills]..2-9; Griffin, Lewis..3-2; Griffin, Rev. H.C..5-25; Griffin, Rev. H.C. on relief comm..7-13; Grooms, Gene Opal..4-20; Grooms, M.D...4-20; Grooms, E.N...3-2; Guinn, Lena..5-18; Guinn, James..5-18; Guinn, G.H...3-2; Guinn, Harold..5-18.

Hale, A.F...4-6; Hale, A.F., shoe repair..3-9; Hale, Clifford G...7-27; Hale, Clifford G...8-31; Hall, P.C..3-2; Hall, Mrs. Mary Roddenberry..7-13; Hall, Contractor..8-17; Hammons, Thelma..5-11; Hannaford, H.O...3-2; Hannaford, J.O., fire destroyed home..12-14; Harden, Clarence..5-18; Harden, baby boy..8-17; Harden, Robert..8-17; Harden, Louis, new baby girl..7-27; Harden, Mary Francis..7-27; Hardinson, Mrs. Sarah Prevatt..4-20; Harper, Francis, Nat Geo article, not printed..5-18, 6-1; Harper, Dr. Francis, another install, nt printed, Nat Geo..6-29; Harris, Buddy..3-30; Harris, Buddy..7-27; Harris, Hance, fire, sugar shelter..11-16; Harris, Vinnie..7-27; Harrison, Ray..4-13; Harrison, Ward, visitor to Charlton..11-9; Harvey, J.E. father died W.M. Harvey, nt prntd..11-9; Hatcher, Robert, Ordinary..3-2; Hathaway, Elizabeth, bap. at church..1-19; Hayes, Macy Crews died..9-21; Hayes, Myrtle..6-15; Hayes, A.M...9-21; Hayes, Madison..9-21; Hayes, Myrtle..9-7; Hayes, Marvin..9-21; Health, sanitary toilets built..1-12; Health, clean up week in Folk..4-6; Hebard, Mr. winter home..4-13; Hebard, Mr., Newbold is friend..4-6; Hebard, Daniel..3-23; Hebard interests, sale of timber..12-21; Heggie, Mrs. Alexander..11-9; Henderson, Gladia..4-20; Henderson, Mrs. J.R..2-23; Henderson, Fechy..4-20; Hendrix, Mose..3-2; Hennig, Mr., Pecan Co...11-9; Hennig, George, built Uptonville Tourist Camp..8-24; Hennig, George, pecan crackery..10-26; Hercules Camp, well being drilled..11-23; Hercules Co., to come to Folkston, 45 new houses, etc..11-9; Hercules Co., Safety First Program/dynamite..12-14; Hewitt, Mrs. Nellie..7-13; Hickox, Annie Bell, bap. at church..1-19; Hickox, Claude, bap at church..1-19; Hickox, Dan, petition..3-9; Hickox, Rev. I.T..5-11; Hickox, Homer..3-9; Hickox, Mrs. Oliver..11-2; Hickox, L.D...12-14; Higginbotham, Mrs. Lizzie..8-17; Highsmith, Elsie..3-23; Highsmith, Rev. H.C...6-15; Hightower, Mrs. J.D..3-23; Highway, dead mans curve, Mattox..4-13; Highway thru Swamp being agitated..11-16; Hills, David, sawmill at Coleraine..4-13; Hinson Funeral Home..5-25; Hodges, H.S...4-6; Hodges, V.A...3-2; Hodges, V.A., cattle from west..7-13; Hodges, V.A., Roadmaster, helps with western cattle..6-29; Hodges, Gertrude..9-28; Hodges, Charlie, CCC..11-16; Hodges, V.A., planting trees in ACL park..9-7; Hodges, Ruby..7-6; Hodges' corner, Pa Hodges, water main extension..5-4; Holtzendorf, J.L.K...5-11; Homeland, election city officials..1-12; Homeland, city officials..2-9; Homeland Park, CCC camp..3-16; Homeland, city election..1-5; Homeland Park, CCC camp..3-23; Homeland, Mrs. Jessie Nancy Kinder died..8-31; Homeland Park, CCC camp..10-5; Homeland, Clarence Rogers is back..8-17; Homeland, city of, sold old bldg..8-17; Homeland, city of, r-o-way for road to Homeland Park..7-6; Homeland, Williams, Mann wedding..9-28; Homeland Park, may be next CCC camp..6-15; Homeland Park, CCC camp to come..8-3; Homeland Park, to have CCC camp..6-29; Homeland, former resident died, Mrs. Bliss..12-14; Homeland, city of, assessed taxes..12-14; Hopkins, W.C..3-2; Hopkins, W.C..1-5; Hopkins, Ann..7-13; Hopkins, W.C., cattle from west..6-22; Hopkins, W.C., western cattle..6-29; Hopkins, Mrs. W.C...7-13; Hopkins, W.C., western cattle..8-31; Howard, Henry..3-23; Howard, Sara..3-23; Howard, William..3-23; Howard, Allen..3-23; Howard, S.M...12-14; Huggins, Lehman..7-6; Huggins, Lee..7-13; Huling, Morris, CCC..7-20; Huling, Mr., carpenter..11-9; Huling, Doc..7-27; Hursey, county agent, hired for year..1-5; Hursey, county agent, hired again..1-19; Hursey, county agent, Co Comm discontin...12-7; Hursey, County Agent, 4-day camp at Park..7-6.

Ingram, Perlie May..2-9.

Jacobs, Rev. G.H., Martha Lloyd funeral..5-25; Jacobs, Myra..9-7; Jacobs, Myra..8-10; Jacobs, Fred..8-10; Jacobs, Fay..7-13; Jacobs, Robert..7-13; Jacobs, baby boy..8-10; Jacobs, Walter..7-13; James, Jules..11-23; Jenkins, E.H...4-6; Jenkins, Mrs. E.J...11-16; Joelsck, Harry J...8-31; Johns, Jake..4-13; Johns, Royal, motion postponed, not printed..5-25; Johns, Oliver..5-11; Johns, St Tom..5-11; Johns, Mrs. Miles..2-2; Johns, Ernie..4-13; Johns, Royal, motion for new trial, not printed..5-4; Johns, Royal, given life for murder, not printed..4-20; Johns, J. Lester..3-2; Johns, Royal, trial coming up; not printed..4-13; Johns, Ethel..4-6; Johns, Edna..11-16; Johns, Fred..11-16; Johns, Royal, motion for new trial, not printed..6-15; Johns, Fordy..7-6; Johns baby, mother Rosa died..11-16; Johns, Joseph..11-16; Johns, Oliver, bus driver..8-17; Johns, Mrs. Rosa died..11-16; Johns, Ruth..11-16; Johns, Riley..11-16; Johns, Mrs. Harmon..8-17; Johns, Mrs. Belle..8-17; Johns, Royal, complaint filed, not printed..8-3; Johns, Royal, Supreme Court Hearing set, nt printed..10-5; Johns, Oliver..9-7; Johns, Royal, new trial motion postponed, 3 pps..5-25; Johns, Royal, new trial refused..7-13; Johns, K...12-14; Johnson, Henry..4-13; Johnson, Gazelle..4-13; Johnson, Ralph..3-2; Johnson, J.H. and Son, cross ties..6-1; Johnson, Harry, new baby..1-19; Johnson, Mrs. Earl, bap at church..1-19; Johnson, Rev. G.C..5-25; Johnson, Earl, bap at church..1-19; Johnson, baby boy..1-19; Johnson, Mrs. Ellen..11-16; Johnson, Mrs. Ada..11-16; Johnson, West..12-14; Jones, John D...5-11; Jones, Arthur..5-11; Jones, Troy, fruit inspector..3-16; Jones, Jim, home burned..2-23; Jones, Troy, fruit inspector..3-9; Jones, Sam..3-2; Jones, Laura J...8-17; Jones, W.J. Market, meat cooler..8-3; Jones, Wilmer..9-14.

Keene, Charlie..6-8; Keene, Archie..11-16; Keene, Arlie..11-16; Keene, Dan..11-16; Keene, Nettie..6-15; Keene, Nettie..9-7; Keene, Rosa died..11-16; Keene, Mrs., Newt Roddenberry dau...12-21; Kendrick, Louise..6-8; Kendrick, Louise..7-6; Kendrick, L.W...12-14; Kennison, B.W., cem. deed..2-9; Kennison, E.C. "Tip"..7-27; Kennison, Miss Myra..7-27; Kennison, C.E. (Bob) died..12-28; Kilpatrick, Rev., bap. new members..1-19; Kilpatrick, Rev. E.G., on relief comm..7-13; Kilpatrick, Ebb..7-13; Kilpatrick, Rev...12-14; Kinder, Mrs. Jessie Nancy died..8-31; Kinder, J.W...8-31; Kirkpatrick, Mrs. H.B...8-10; Knabb, Ralph..3-2; Knabb, L...1-5; Knights of Pythia, Dr. Buchanan..11-9; Knowles, Willie..5-18; Knowles, Lillie..5-18; Knowles, Mrs. Turner..5-25; Koelsch-Crews wedding..10-5; Kottman, Mrs. Fred..7-13.

Lambert, Mary..11-30; Lane, Clyde M...9-7; Langford, Mrs. J.W..2-23; Layton, Jake..5-4; Leckie, Dorothy..5-25; Leckie, T.E., school trustee..2-16; Leckie, T.E..1-5; Leckie, T.E., cutting piling..3-2; Legg, Rowell..2-16; Leonard, Mrs. S.A...2-23; Leonard, D.L...12-14; Little Mothers Club, org. by nurse Emma Sparks..3-30; Littlefield, Margaret..6-15; Littlefield, J.C...12-7; Littlefield, Margaret..9-7; Littlefield, Mary Jane..6-15; Littlefield, Mary Jane..9-7; Lizzie Baker ocean steamer..5-11; Lloyd, Mrs. Martha died..5-25; Lloyd, Alfred..5-25; Lloyd, Mack, Sr...3-2; Lloyd, Jack..5-25; Lloyd, John..5-25; Lloyd, Miss Belle..5-25; Lloyd, Dee..5-25; Lloyd, Mildred..5-18; Lloyd home in Homeland on New Park Ave...11-16; Lloyd, Lee, made stove for Leonard O'Cain..12-7; Logan, Frank..9-7; Logan, Frank L...7-27; Lowrimore, S.A...12-14; Lowther, Rufus..6-15; Lowther, Mrs. Lizzie died..6-15; Lowther, Berry..6-15.

Mallard, L.E., turpentining..3-23; Mallard, L.E., gives up warden job..2-16; Mallard, L.E., resigned as Game Warden..3-30; Mallard, L.E., changing crossing at Mattox..6-15; Mallard, L.E., game warden..2-2; Mallard, L.E., Roddenberry funeral..7-13; Mallard, L.E., trees in park..7-13; Mann, Gladys..9-28; Martin, Mr., manager of shingle mill..1-12; Martin, Odell..5-18; Martin, Granny, her brother died, not printed..8-3; Martin, Freeman G., CCC camp..10-5; Masonic order, Bryant funeral..7-20; Mattox, dead mans curve..4-13; Mattox, Cason-Petty wedding..5-25; Mattox, plans to change crossing..6-15; Mattox, Eva, clerk for GaFlaInvCo..3-23; Mattox, Dead Mans Curve..4-13; Mattox, Mary..7-20; Mattox, H.S...7-20; Mattox Apartment House, fire..6-15; Mattox, Mrs. J.J., home of Julia Barrett who died..12-7; Mattox, Jesse..12-28; Mattresses made in Clinch Co..12-21; Maxwell, Tommy..11-16; Mays, H.J., Homeland house for sale, not prntd..11-30; McAdoo, Col. W.G., railroad..4-13; McClain, Walter, bap at church..1-19; McCoy, Dr., stork at birth of twins..1-5; McCoy, Mrs., helps with cafe..3-9; McCoy, Dr. W.R., runs Charlton Cafe..3-9; McCoy, Mrs. W.R., manager of lunchroom..1-5; McCoy, W.R..3-2; McCoy, Dr. W.R., new baby..11-9; McCoy, Betty Jo...10-26; McCoy, Dr. W.R., new baby girl..10-26; McCoy, Bettie Joe..11-9; McCraney, Mr., building toilets..1-12; McCranie, Supt., ACL RR..5-11; McDonald, B.G., trees in park..7-13; McDouglas, Willie..5-25; McDuffie, Thyra..9-7; McDuffie, Monie..9-7; McDuffie, Thyra..6-15; McDuffie, Ermon..11-9; McDuffie, Monnie..12-7; McGlen, Bernice..6-8; McLean, T.H...3-2; McLeod, R.C. Lumber Co., bought timber, Hebard..12-21; McQueen, M.A. died..4-27; McQueen, Col. A.S., hired for county..1-19; McQueen, Don, uncle died..4-27; McQueen, A.S., uncle died..4-27; McQueen, Col. A.S., Lynette born..5-4; McQueen, Kathleen Lynette..5-4; Meat curing, storage..11-2; Meehan, Mrs. Mattie F. Prevatt..4-20; Melton, John Fletcher died..2-23; Melton, J.F., road foreman..1-19; Mercer, Johnny, home in Savannah..12-14; Merrow, Tom..12-21; Midwives, training..3-30; Miller, Mrs. A.G., home fire..2-2; Miller, Al H., ten show..2-16; Miller, Roy..12-14; Mills, Joy..2-9; Mills, Sol, rat killer..1-19; Mills, BeFay died..2-9; Mills farm near Uptonville..2-9; Mills, Edgar, sells farm..3-23; Mills Service Station, Bolling to build..11-16; Mills, S.F., trees in park..7-13; Mills, Edgar, bldg brick ser sta near cthouse..11-16; Mills, Gilbert, CCC..7-20; Mills, Gilbert..10-12; Mills, Mrs. Rudolph..6-29; Mills, Woodrow, CCC..7-20; Mills, Mrs. Frank..12-21; Missouri Robinson died..11-9; Mitchum, H.W., former teacher..6-1; Mizell, D.M..3-2; Mizell, W.H..3-2; Mizell, J and Bro..5-11; Mizell, William, Jr., house burned at B. Fort..11-16; Mizell pasture lot, cattle from West..8-10; Mizell, O.C., cattle from west..8-17; Mizell, Hattie Inez..10-26; Mizell, Madria..7-13; Mizell, Ed..11-2; Mizell, Mrs. Wm., Jr., on Relief Admr. comm..7-13; Mizell, O.C., pasture for western cattle..6-29; Mizell, Mitch homeplace..7-27; Mizell, W.H...10-26; Mizell, O.C., cattle from west..6-22; Mizell, Mrs. W.H...7-13; Mizell, W.H., fire near house..12-14; Moncrief, George W...7-27; Moniac, rat killers..1-19; Moniac, Woodward, Rhoden wedding..3-16; Moniac, T.E. Leckie sawmill..3-2; Moody, Foncy, killed by Will Muldro..11-16; Moore, Dr. J.A., trees in park..7-13; Mosely, Mr., Forestry Service..8-3; Muldro, Will killed Moody..11-16; Murder, Muldro killed Moody..11-16; Murray, Fitzhugh, married..1-19; Murray, Frank, remodeling Sinclair Oil bldg..3-23; Murray, Mrs. Fitzhugh, manaager Charlton Cafe..6-8; Murray, Ed, carpenter..11-9; Murray, Walter..11-2; Murray, Leila, nurse..12-14; Murray, Walter..12-28; Muscogee Landing, sawmill..4-13.

Nagy, Elizabeth..2-2; Nazworth, Mrs. Nora Prevatt..4-20; Nazworth, Doris..7-27; Neal, Daisey..9-7; Nelson, Baby Face..7-27; Newbold, T.E..bought Vickery farm..4-6; Newell, Archi Williams died..2-9; Newell, Gardner-Phillips wedding..7-20; Newsome, Mavise..5-18; Newspaper editors meet in Folkston; not printed..4-6; Nichols, I.D...8-31; Nobles Amanda..12-14; Norman, Mr...2-2; Norman, Lillian..3-9; Norman, N.J..3-9; Norman, N.J., Brd of Ed..6-15; Noshbaum, Lyndoll..5-18; Nurse, county health..10-5.

O.K. Lunchroom..2-23; O.K. Lunchroom..3-9; O.K. Lunchroom, opens..1-5; O'Berry, Bob..3-23; O'Berry, Henry..3-23; O'Berry, John..3-23'; O'Berry, Sol..3-23; O'Berry, John..3-23; O'Berry, Joe..3-23; O'Berry, Sara Howard died..3-23; O'Cain, Leonard, street stove..12-7; O'Cain, Leonard, hot dog stand..10-5; O'Quinn, Mrs. Robert died..5-11; Okefenokee Wilderness by Francis Harper, not printed..6-1; Okefenokee Swmp history, Dr. Harper, not printed..6-29; Oliver, Marion..1-5; Osterman, Fred..1-5; Osterman, F.F..12-14; Overstreet, Jessie..6-15; Overstreet, Jessie..9-7.

Page, Mrs. H.C..4-6; Page, Mrs. H.C...7-13; Pappas, Mrs. William..2-2; Parham, F.D...11-16; Parham baby boy..11-16; Parham, F.D., son died..12-14; Parham, Franklin D., died..12-14; Parham, H.C...12-7; Parker, Col. W.W., sawmill at Coleraine..4-13; Parker, Mr., Tel office..12-21; Parker-Tyner & Co., sawmill at Coleraine..4-13; Passieu, C.J., new cars in..2-16; Passieu, C.J., councilman..12-7; Pauper Funds, to be admr. by Miss Smith..10-5; Paxton Place, Jones-Hammons wedding..5-11; Paxton Pasture, western cattle..8-31; Peagler's turp still, burned..5-4; Pearce, Marion..6-15; Pearce, Betty..7-13; Pearce, Marion..9-7; Pearson, Byrdie..6-15; Pearson, Byrdie..8-10; Pearson, Dist. Census Enumerator..12-14; Pecan factory, increase in orders..12-7; Pecans, peddler in Homeland sells $1.00 packs..4-6; Pecans, first toasted nuts on local market..11-23; Perkins, P.H., Jr., CCC camp.10-5; Peterson, Mrs. Hazel..7-27; Petty, Eula May..5-25; Petty, Lula..4-6; Petty, Dexter..9-7; Petty, Donald Edward..10-5; Petty, Jake..10-5; Petty, John..8-24; Petty, Mrs., working at Uptonville camp store..11-16; Petty, Talmadge..12-7; Petty, Orlie..12-14; Petty, Corbin..12-14; Petty, John..12-14; Phillips, Bessie Mae..7-20; Pickren, V.J. garage, highway change..6-15; Pickren Service Garage, ad for oil..4-6; Pickren, V.J., postmaster..3-16; Pickren, V.J...2-23; Pickren Motor Co. ad for new cars..7-27; Pickren, Woodrow, now with Pickren garage..11-16; Picture, Banks Cafe on Old Bank block..11-9; Picture, Standard Oil Station..11-9; Picture, Charlton County High..11-9; Piper, Mrs. Allie..11-9; Pittman, Missouri died..11-9; Pittman, W.A...11-9; Pitts, Mrs. A.L...8-17; Player, Thomas L. died..2-23; Player, Bobby Ruth, bap. at church..1-19; Player, Virginia..2-23; Player, Mariah..2-23; Player, R.E...2-23; Player, Eugene..2-23; Player, J.W...2-23; Player, Hazel..2-23; Player, R.E., baby given to them, foundling..11-16; Post office, Folkston, postmaster..2-23; Post Office, WO Gibson recalls..4-13; Postal Telegraph Co., opens..3-2; Postal Telegraph office closed at Cthse..12-21; Postma, T.J...3-2; Postma, T.J..12-14; Powell, Annie Faye Rodgers, reported fire..6-15; Powell-Ray land, fire tower..6-15; Powers, A.G..3-2; Prescott, W.H...3-2; Prescott, Everett..3-2; Prescott, Grandpa, Johns child..5-11; Prescott, M.J...4-13; Prescott, O.M...3-2; Prescott, Joe..4-13; Prescott, Jesse, child died..4-13; Prescott, Lee..5-25; Prescott, Mitchell, died..4-13; Prescott, Verdie..5-11; Prescott, Winnie..7-13; Prescott, Clyde..9-7; Prescott, Johnny, house burned..11-16; Prescott, Ernestine..9-7; Prescott, Mildred, reporter for 4-H club news, ntprntd..12-7; Prescott, Clinton..10-5; Prevatt, J.A...2-23; Prevatt, baby girl..2-23; Prevatt, O.K...3-2; Prevatt, O.K...4-20; Prevatt, J.M. died..4-20; Prevatt, J.A..4-20; Prevatt, J.S...4-20; Prevatt, O.K...7-6; Prevatt, J.A...7-6; Pritchard, Andrew A. died..4-6; Pulliam, Mrs. W.T...5-11; Purdom, Mrs. James..4-6; Purdom, Mrs., mad as cattle eat violets..12-7.

Quarterman, Cleo..9-28; Quilt making, women hired by FERA..11-9.

Racepond, Gordson, Henderson wedding..4-20; Racepond, Thomas L. Player died..2-23; Racepond, new cypress mill near..1-12; Racepond, Johns-Branch wedding..7-6; Racepond, Todd-Carter wedding..7-6; Racepond, Huggins-Kendrick wedding..7-6; Racepond, new sawmill..6-15; Racepond, G.R. Whittle, Registrar..12-7; Railroad ACL, A.M. Hayes..9-21; Rasmussen, Gene Scott..10-26; Rat killing..2-16; Rat killing..2-9; Rat catchers, to be hired..1-12; Raulerson, Eddie, CCC..11-16; Raynor, O.E., bought Uptonville Tourist Camp..8-24; Raynor, O.E...7-13; Re-employment Service, registrars..12-7; Readdick, H.B...12-14; Reed, Freeman..5-25; Reed, Mrs. Vera Prevatt..4-20; Reed, Beulah..5-25; Relief Administration, working on school bldg..7-27; Relief Administration, new aide at work..7-6; Relief Admr., Miss Smith, church committees..7-13; Renshaw, Walter, fire tower..3-9; Rhoden, West died..5-11; Rhoden, J.B., suicide note at river..6-8; Rhoden, Thelma..3-16; Rhoden, Mrs. Mat [Snowden]..12-7; Rhoden, Matthew, fire..7-27; Riggins, Goodrich..5-11; Roberts, Charles..5-18; Roberts, A., alderman, Homeland..1-12; Roberts, Louis..3-2; Roberts, Mrs. A...5-25; Roberts, A., Homeland council..2-9; Roberts, Lonnie..1-5; Roberts, A. home..3-9; Roberts, Ernest..1-5; Robinson, Mrs. W.H., business census taking..1-19; Robinson, J.S..3-2; Robinson, Mrs. W.H., business census..2-2; Robinson, Mrs. Minnie Prevatt..4-20; Robinson, Monroe..7-6; Robinson, J.E., 60th wedd anniv..7-13, 7-27; Robinson, J.E...11-9; Robinson, Miss, assigned to Moniac school..8-31; Robinson, Alyse..9-7; Robinson, N.E. (Tobe)..12-7; Robinson, Alyse..12-7; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D...6-15; Roddenberry, Riley..7-13; Roddenberry, George..7-13; Roddenberry, James H. died..7-13; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..9-7; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M...12-7; Roddenberry, Gad..12-21; Roddenberry, Uncle Newt, fell..12-21; Rogers, Ira, barn burned..2-23; Rogers, Jim, barn burned..2-23; Rogers, Clarence..8-17; Roosevelt, President, went thru on train..3-30; Rowe, I.G. farn, sold..4-6; Rowell, Hattie Belle Roddenberry..7-13; Royal, D.A..3-2; Royal, Mrs. D.A..7-6; RR park..7-13; Russell, Linzie..5-18; Russell, Jewell..5-18; Russell, J.P...3-2; Russell, Grace..7-13; Russell, contractor, well at CCC camp..10-26.

Sanford, D.B., builds sanitary toilets..1-12; Sardis, school consolidated with Folk..8-31; School, Charlton Co High graduation..5-25; School, school closing activities, not printed..5-18; School, teachers paid for Feb., Mar. from grant..4-6; School, Folk Consol., teachers..6-15; School, Ch Co High, plans for gym..1-5; School, teachers elected for new yr..6-15; School, Ch Co High, work going on..2-16; School, Moniac, trustee..2-16; School, county high, teachers..6-15; School, Ch Co High, adding new gym, etc..2-23; School, St. George, popularity contest..5-25; School, addition to HS bldg, bricklayers busy..6-1; School, Moniac, closes for term..2-23; School, Ch Co High, Mary Gabor Enyedy..1-19; School, Winokur, enrollment..9-14; School, Winokur, teachers..6-15; School, long list of grademothers, not printed..9-7; School, bus drivers listed..8-17; School, opening day exercises, teachers, bus drvrs..9-7; School, St Geo Consol., teachers..6-15; School, St. George, enrollment..9-14; School, St. George, going strong, 4pp, nt prntd..12-7; School, Folkston, teachers..9-7; School, Ch Co High, enrollment..9-14; School, Folk Consolidated, enrollment..9-14; School, Moniac, enrollment..9-14; School, Uptonville, teachers..6-15; School, Uptonville, enrollment..9-14; School, Folkston, teachers..8-10; School, working again on H.S. addition..7-27; School, High School teachers..7-27; School, Sardis, consolidated with Folk..8-31; School, Moniac, teachers..9-7; School, all schools to begin 8-31..8-31; School, long article, plans for new year, nt printed..8-10; School, Ch Co High, veneer of red brick..9-28; School, Charlton High, brick work..11-16; School, Winokur, teachers..9-7; School, High School addition at standstill..7-20; School, Folkston high, teacher Nichols..8-31; School, St. George, teachers..9-7; School, Uptonville, teachers..9-7; School, Folkston, Hercules dynamite safety prog..12-14; School, Moniac, Hercules dynamite safety prog..12-14; School, Moniac, Wrench went for day..12-7; School, St. George, Hercules dynamite safety prog..12-14; School, St. George teachers..12-7; School, Uptonville, town meet to choose new commiss..12-14; School, Moniac teachers..12-7; School, High school news column, nt prntd..12-14; Schools, closing of most schools, not printed..5-11; Schools, $8,000 grant for repairs, etc..1-5; Schools, inspected by State Schl Supervisor..3-16; Schools, bus drivers..9-7; Schools, minutes of BOE, 4 PP..7-13; Schools, enrollment of each..9-14; Schools, Brd of Ed. members..12-14; Schools, St. George, Wrench went for day..12-7; Schools, Brd of Ed, work. w/FERA nurse, hookworms..12-14; Scott, Mrs. T.A., uncle died..4-27; Scott, Mrs. Carl..4-6; Scott, Mrs. T.A..4-6; Scott, B.F., rat killer..1-19; Scott, Myrene..7-13; Scott, G.C..7-13; Scott, Ben F., qualified for city clerk..11-30; Scott, Mrs. C.M...7-13; Scott, Mrs. B.F...12-21; Screw worm threat..8-10; Screw worms in sheep..7-20; Screw worms, ruin experiment with western cattle..10-19; Screw worm damage..12-14; Sellers, Mrs. C.E...2-23; Sheffield, Henrietta..7-13; Shellman, J.W...4-20; Sheppard, C.T. steamboat..5-11; Shingle mill, manager..1-12; Shoe repair shop, Homeland..3-9; Sikes, J.O. new baby..5-4; Sikes, baby girl..5-4; Sikes, Sheriff, foundling at Uptonville camp store..11-16; Sikes, Sarah Belle..11-16; Simmons, Mrs. Scrap..5-25; Sims, Rosa, killed; not printed..4-6; Sinclair Oil Co..3-23; Smith, Nellie..3-2; Smith, W.B., operates Postal Tel. Co...3-2; Smith, James W...4-20; Smith, W.M..3-2; Smith, Ruth T..3-23; Smith, Loyselle, graduated Nursing School..6-1; Smith, Mrs. W.B...4-6; Smith, Ruth S., Relief Admr..6-15; Smith, Ann..9-7; Smith, Ruth S., new aide working with her..7-6; Smith, Mrs., Presby. Church..7-13; Smith, Ruth S...6-29; Smith, Ruth, organizing cattle from west..6-22; Smith, Ruth S., Relief Admr..6-15; Smith, Miss [Relief Admr.]..10-5; Smith, Ann..6-15; Smith, Benny, CCC..7-20; Smith, Ruth, FERA changes..12-21; Snowden, Harry, twins..1-5; Snowden, twin babies..1-5; Snowden, Janie..12-7; Snowden, Charlton..12-7; Snowden, Frank..12-7; Snowden, Dempster..12-7; Snowden, Harry..12-7; Snowden, Jim..12-7; Snowden, Lillie Johns died..12-7; Southwell, J.B...3-2; Southwell, Rosalie..7-13; Southwell, Betty..7-13; Southwell, John, renting Stokes cottage..8-17; Southwell, John, Jr...7-13; Sparks, Emma, nurse assigned to Charlton..3-30; Spatcher, Lottie..4-20; Spence, Leonard died..5-25; Spence, Charles..5-25; St. George, tel. lines by CCC..2-16; St. George, West Rhoden died..5-11; St. Marys & Western RR Co...4-13; St. George, rat killers..1-19; St. George, chicken thieves..12-7; Stafford, Clara..7-20; Stapleton, E.B...2-9; Stapleton, Pearce, attending college..2-16; Stapleton, E.B., cattle from west..6-22; Stapleton, E.B., may move CCC to Home. Prk..6-22; Stapleton, E.B., western cattle..8-31; Stewart, Mrs. Tracy, bap at church..1-19; Stewart, Mrs. George J...4-6; Stewart, G.J...6-8; Stewart, Tracy..6-8; Stewart, Charlotte..7-13; Stokes, W.C..3-2; Stokes, Noah..3-2; Stokes, Paxton..3-2; Stokes, Jasper, working for Gowen Oil Co..3-30; Stokes, W.S..3-2; Stokes, L.E., rounding up cattle..3-2; Stokes, Festus N...3-2; Stokes, L.E...6-8; Stokes, Mary Hazel..6-8; Stokes, L.J...2-23; Stokes, Dorothy..5-25; Stokes, L.E., building new house..7-20; Stokes, Noah..12-7; Stokes, Council, bus driver..8-17; Stokes, L.E..6-29; Stokes, Council..9-7; Stokes, Mary..6-29; Stokes, Mrs. Paxton, beauty shop..10-5; Stokes, Mrs. L.E., on relief comm..7-13; Stokes, Noah, new baby boy..6-15; Stokes, baby boy..6-15; Stokes, R.E. died..10-26; Stokes, Mrs. J.J...10-5; Stokes, L.E...12-14; Stokes. L.E. cottage to be rented to South...8-17; Stokesville, fire tower by CCC..6-15; Stroup, C.E..3-2; Stroup, Mrs. C.E., on relief comm..7-13; Suggs, Alsine..5-25; Suggs, W.L...1-5; Suggs, Aethada..6-15; Suggs, Aethada..9-7; Suggs, Althedea..12-7; Sullivan, Mrs. Thomas..4-6; Suwannee Store, Folkston..5-25; Swamp highway being agitated..11-16.

T.P.O., meets..1-5; T.P.O., fire tower, Winokur..9-14; Talmadge, Gov. elected..9-14; Tape recorder, prob. first..4-6; Taylor baby..5-4; Taylor, Richard C..3-2; Taylor, J.L., new baby..5-4; Taylor, Miss, bap at church..1-19; Taylor, Jack, bap at church..1-19; Taylor, Gladys M...6-8; Taylor, Nelson..8-17; Taylor, Troy..7-27; Taylor, Mary died..7-27; Taylor, A.L...7-27; Taylor, D.F., CCC..7-20; Taylor, Aaron..7-27; Taylor, Mrs., Holiness Church..8-17; Taylor, D.F...7-27; Telephone office, new operator..7-27; Telephone, connecting Folkston to Winokur tower..11-9; Telephone office, Postal Tel. Office there..12-21; Tetwiler, S.G., moves to Cal...1-5; Theamus, Aunt Liza died..4-27; Thomas, Wilbur, built cottages..3-9; Thomas, Dixon..1-5; Thomas Camp, Lula Petty..4-6; Thomas, Wilbur, building home south of town..7-6; Thomas, Thomas M., died. Granny's brother. not printed..8-3; Thompson, W.D..3-2; Thompson, Mayor, fire hose reels..7-6; Thompson, Jule H. died..6-15; Thompson, W.D..12-7; Thompson, Jule, much better..8-10; Thompsons, W.D., highway change..6-15; Thrift, Postmaster..2-16; Thrift, Grady R...3-2; Thrift, J.W. married..2-16; Thrift, J.T..f3-2; Thrift, Isaac's child killed..8-24; Thrift, Isaac..8-24; Thrift, Aaron..7-6; Thrift, A.L...9-7; Thrift, T.H...12-14; Thurston, John..3-23; Thurston, Josephine..3-23; Thurston, R.H...3-23; Thurston, W.C. died..3-23; Thurston, W.P...3=23; Timber Protective Org. meets..1-5; Timber sales, Hebard..12-21; Tittle, Mr., Forestry Service..8-3; Todd, Hilton..7-6; Toledo, tel. lines by CCC..2-16; Toledo, wedding, Crews-Cone..9-7; Toledo, new Stokes baby..6-15; Toledo, Mrs. Hopkins at party..7-13; Tooke, Nellie..7-13; Tourist..8-24; Tourists, at restaurants..4-13; Toy, M.M., alderman, Homeland..1-12; Toy, M., Homeland council..2-9; Toy, Rosa M. estate, legal ad, leave to sell land ntprntd..12-14; Toy, M.M., Admr. estate Rosa M. Toy..12-14; Traders Hill, Incidents in History, cthse; nt prntd..4-13; Traders Hill, GaFlaInvCo..3-23; Traders Hill, rat killers..1-19; Traders Hill, Reed-Reed wedding..5-25; Traders Hill, Shellman-Spatcher wedding..4-20; Traders Hill, McDouglas-Brown wedding..5-25; Traders Hill, Rosa Simms killed by Sam Edwards; not printed..4-6; Traders Hill, Mrs. Robert OQuinn died..5-11; Traders Hill, tel. lines by CCC..2-16; Traders Hill, Jim Jones home burned..2-23; Traders Hill, Maxwell-Dasher wedding..11-16; Traders Hill, Henry P. Bryant died..7-20; Traders Hill, Moncrief-Harris wedding..7-27; Traders Hill, Mrs. Laura P. Gowen died..8-10; Traders Hill, Dasher-Lambert wedding..11-30; Tram road, Johnson and Son..6-1; Tram, Dean Gowen..6-15; Tram, new sawmill near Racepond..6-15; Tram, Wrench and Allen for cross ties from Swmp..6-22; Trees in ACL park..7-13; Trulock, Mrs. Zoe..12-7; Tucker, baby girl..3-2; Tucker, Theodore..3-2; Turner, Annette..9-7; Turner, Annette..6-15; Tyner, Capt. J.S., sawmill at Coleraine..4-13; Tyner, Capt. J.S...5-11; Tyson, John S. Jr..3-2; Tyson, John III..7-13; Tyson, John S., Jr...12-7; Tyson, J.S., Jr., on relief comm..7-13; Tyson, Betty..7-13; Tyson's Store, a firehouse for hose reel..6-15.

Underwood, Gertrude..7-6; Unemployment Council (a Union organizer I think)..11-2; Union Council met at courthouse, want union wages..11-23; Uptonville, Brooks-Taylor wedding..6-8; Uptonville, Lonnie Crews died..3-23; Uptonville, Baker, Jones and Co..5-11; Uptonville, Hickox murder..3-9; Uptonville, Thrift-Carter wedding..2-16; Uptonville, GaFlaInvCo..3-23; Uptonville, Mills farm..2-9; Uptonville camp store..11-16; Uptonville, Mary Taylor died..7-27; Uptonville, H.M...9-21; Uptonville, Mrs. B.B. Gowen..8-10; Uptonville, Talmadge Petty, Registrar..12-7; Uptonville Tourist Camp..8-24; Uptonville, John Crews..11-9; Uptonville district, new commissioner..12-14.

Vallerchamp, Pearl..5-25; Vickery, Jesse W., Clerk of Court..3-2; Vickery, W.B...3-2; Vickery, J.W., sold farm..4-6; Vickery, infant died..1-5; Vickery, John farm, sold..4-6; Vickery, J.W..3-2; Vickery, Waudell, baby died..1-5; Vickery, J.W...11-9; Vickery, Mrs. A.B., wife of Thomas W..11-9; Vickery, Thomas W. died..11-9; Vickery, Mrs. J.W...8-10; Vickery, J.W., survey of screw worms..12-14; Voice, park your voice on steel ribbon..4-6; Volunteer Fire Dept., water extension..5-18; Volunteer Fire Dept..6-15, Fire, Mattox Apts..6-15; Voters, registered for '34 election, not printed..8-3.

Wade building, Winokur..9-28; Wade Building, corner Main and RR street..11-9; Wade Building, pecan crackery..10-26; Wainwright, George died..1-5; Wainwright, W.R...f3-2; Wainwright, R.F., alderman, Homeland..1-12; Wainwright, Frank, Homeland council..2-9; Wainwright, D.R..3-2; Wainwright, D.R..7-13; Wainwright, W.R...12-14; Warren, Elton..4-13; Warren, J.H...9-7; Warren, J.H., bus driver..8-17; Warren, Mrs. J.H...8-17; Wasdin, L.T., dont fish in his lakes..7-20; Wasdin, L.T...6-15; Watermelons, plentiful..7-13; Waughtel, Levi, died..1-19; Waughtel, Beulah Lee..5-18; Waughtel, Mayor..1-12; Waughtel, Geraldine..5-18; Waughtel, Eli..3-2; Waughtel, C.W., Business census..2-9; Waughtel, C.W., amaryllis garden..4-13; Waughtel, Eli, bro. died..1-19; Waughtel, C.W., business census..2-2; Waughtel, C.W., bro. died..1-19; Waughtel, Mayor..2-9; Waughtel, C.W...7-13; Waughtel, C.W., teaching CCC boys..12-7; Weather, snow falls on Folkston..2-16; Weaver, Ruth..5-18; Welfare worker, Ruth S. Smith, Relief Admr..6-15; Westberry, Mrs. E.A..3-23; Westberry, baby girl..10-5; Westberry, Eddie..10-5; White, Mrs. W.C..5-25; White, George, sold cabbages..5-25; White, Coy died..5-25; White, M.G..3-2; White, George, sold many turnips..3-9; White, George, amarillo garden..4-27; White, George, amaryllis garden..4-13; Whittle, G.R...12-7; Wickes, John G...5-11; Wildes, J.M..3-2; Wildes, Lawrence in Navy..12-14; Williams, Jane..4-27; Williams, Ernestine..2-9; Williams, Pearl..2-9; Williams, Archi died..2-9; Williams, Eugene..2-9; Williams, W.S...2-9; Williams, Bruce..2-9; Williams, C.H...2-9; Williams, Owen..2-9; Williams, William..2-9; Williams, George..2-9; Williams, Lacy..2-9; Williams, Dr. A.D., running for congress..8-31; Williams, Dr. Dallas, candidate for congress..7-13; Williams, C.J...9-28; Williams, Dr. A.D., lost election..9-14; Willliams, Effie..2-16; Wilson, O.F., county clerk..1-19; Wilson, J.M., Jr..3-2; Wilson, Rev. W.O..3-23; Wilson, O.F., city clerk, elected..12-7; Wilson, J.M...7-13; Wilson, J.M...7-13; Wilson, W. Lewis, Aunt Carries Son, father died nt prntd..8-3; Wilson, W.R., died, Aunt Carrie's husband, not printed..8-3; Wilson, Eula..9-28; Wilson, Mrs. Donald..9-28; Winokur, Thrift-Carter wedding..2-16; Winokur, Smith-Henderson wedding..4-20; Winokur, rat killers..1-19; Winokur, CCC boys..9-28; Winokur, Mrs. Lizzie Lowther..6-15; Winokur, fire tower..9-14; Winokur, fire tower timbers..6-15; Winokur, fire tower, CCC..11-2; Winokur, Davis-Hodges wedding..7-6; Woodward, J.R...3-2; Woodward, William M..3-16; Woolard, Dayton, CCC..7-20; Wrench, J.H...2-2; Wrench, Jeanette, bap. at church..1-19; Wrench, James Henry..2-2; Wrench, T.W., Mayor Homeland..1-12; Wrench, T.W., Homeland mayor..2-9; Wrench, T.W., editor..1-5; Wrench, T.W., boil on nose...4-6; Wrench, J.H., cross ties at Uptonville..6-22; Wrench, T.W., trees in park..7-13; Wrench, Howard..11-2; Wrench, Mayor, right of way for Homeland Park road..7-6; Wrench, T.W., advocates for Swamp Highway..11-16; Wrench, T.W., elected state rep...9-14; Wrench, Rep. T.W...12-14; Wright, Hawley, highway change..6-15; Wright, Vivian..7-13; Wright, Carroll, Jr...7-13; Wunderlisch, Oscar, wounded with gun..1-19; Wunderlisch, H.C., grandson wounded..1-19; Wunderlisch, Wm., went to World's Fair..11-2; Wunderlisch, H.C., Roddenberry funeral..7-13.

Yarber, Old place..5-25; Yarber, Louis, CCC..7-20; Yonteck, Mrs. Fred..2-2; Yonteck, Mary Enyedy..2-2; Yonteck, Barbara..2-2.

Zarfos, J.H., may move Homeland..1-5.

Charlton  County Archives