Index - Charlton County Herald - 1933

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

Ackerman, S.E..1-6; Ackerman, S.E...1-13; Ackerman, S...9-29; Ackerman, Sterling..12-22; ACL, local freight back in service..10-6; Aetkins, A.T...1-13; Airplanes over Folk..10-6; Airplanes..1-13; Aldridge, C.C...8-25; Aldridge, Juanita..8-4; Allen, Mrs. John..2-24; Allen, E.F..2-17; Allen, Homer..6-2; Allen, Pency..2-24; Allen, A.A...2-17; Allen, Mrs. Joe..2-10; Allen, D.B...7-28; Allen, J.C...7-28; Allen, Mrs. Edgar..10-13; Allen, C...7-28; Allen, E.F..8-25; Allen, Mrs. W.R..12-1; Allen, G.W..8-25; Allen, Johnny..9-22; Allen, Mrs. Edgar..9-1; Allen, Mrs. Edgar..7-6; Allen, Edgar..9-1; Allen, Mrs. Edgar..9-22; Allen, Edgar..9-22; Allen, Mrs. L.E..9-8; Allen, W.R..7-28; Allen, Bob, mattress repair..9-29; Allen, Homer..8-4; Allen, A.A...7-28; Allen, George W. died...7-28; Allen, George W. "Dick"..7-28; Allen, Bob..12-15; Alphard, Mrs. Charles T...2-24; Alredge, Mrs. Effie..12-29; Altman, M...1-27; Altman, Rev. Ernest..1-27; Altman, C.J...1-6; Altman, S.M..3-17; Altman, Osgood..7-28; Altman, Beulah..8-25; Altman, M...8-25; Altman, Ida Mae..9-22; Altman, Valentine..8-4; Altman, C.J...8-25; Altman, Mrs. Gertrude..7-28; Altman, Ben..10-13; Amaryllis, grown by Dr. Fleming, C.W. Waughtel..3-24; Amaryllis bulbs for sale..3-10; Ammons, Julia..7-28; Applas, Mrs. L.T...8-18; Armstrong, Irene..7-14; Askew, Mayme..6-9; Askew, Mabel..8-4; Askew, Louis..7-21; Askew, Bessie..8-4; Askew, Miss Mayme..7-21; Askew, Leon..9-29; Askew, Louis..7-21; Askew, Louis..7-14; Askew, Mayme..8-25; Attaway, Margaret..9-8; Austin, Mr. [Juanita Brown]..6-9.

Banks, government closed..3-10; Banks, W.E...2-17; Banks Restaurant..1-13; Banks Cafe..2-3; Banks Restaurant..11-3; Barber shop, Huron..1-6; Barber Shop ad..10-27; Barber, J.W...12-22; Barker, John A., Jr...8-25; Barnes, Marshal..1-6; Barnes, J.M...2-17; Barnes, Beryl..8-4; Barnes, Doris..8-4; Barnes, J.H...12-8; Barrot, Sue..1-6; Bates, Mrs. Victoria..3-10; Battle, Rabun..6-9; Battle, Miss [teacher]..3-17; Battle, Rabun..1-27; Battle, Hubert..9-8; Battle, Rabun..8-25; Batton, Mr. [hidden money dug up]..3-17; Beauty Shop, in Vickery Home..5-12; Beauty parlor, at Gibson home..11-24; Bell, Ernie..2-17; Bethel Place..7-21; Bird, Old Place..9-29; Blake, John..2-10; Blake, John..2-17; Blake, Leo..2-10; Blake, Leo..2-17; Blue Willow Eats Shop..6-2; Boogey, train to Winokur..7-21; Boogy, train..1-6; Boree & Giddens funeral directors..4-7; Boyd, R.A..2-17; Boyd, Marie..1-6; Boyd, Marie..6-9; Boyd, Marie..8-25; Boyd, Marie..7-14; Boyd, R.A..12-15; Braddock, W.J...2-17; Braddock, J.C. died..3-24; Bradley, Lillie..3-10; Bradley, Bell..3-10; Branch, Mary..8-25; Brannon, Ethel..6-9; Branson, Ethel..8-25; Brantley, Lillian..5-12; Braswell, attorney..1-6; Brinson Lumber Co..3-17; Brock, Benny..5-12; Brock, T.G..2-17; Brock, Benny..6-2; Brockman, Louise, Blue Willow Eats Shop..6-2; Brockman, Helen..5-5, 5-18; Brooks, Grooms..1-6; Brown, Juanita drowned..6-9; Brown, Mrs. A.A...2-24; Brown, Mrs. N.V...12-8; Brown, Thornton..9-8; Bruschke, Helen..8-11; Bruschki, Mr...10-6; Bryant, T.E..2-17; Bryant, Mrs. J.M...2-10; Bryant, Ben..2-10; Bryant, Mrs. Lizzie..2-3; Bryant, Ed..2-10; Bryant, R.A..2-17; Bryant, Frank..2-10; Bryant, Ben..8-25; Bryant baby girl..7-21; Bryant, J.E..9-8; Bryant, Oscar..9-8; Bryant, Robert S. died..9-8; Bryant, Ben..7-21; Bryant, J.E..9-8; Bryant, Alex..9-8; Bryant, Lonnie.9-8; Bryant, Bloomer..9-8; Bryant, Henry..9-8; Bryant, Dolph..9-8; Buchanan, C.S..8-25; Buchanan, C.S...9-15; Bugaboo Island..3-17; Buie, Archie..1-6; Buie, Archie..11-17; Buie, Cornelia Idyl..11-17; Bunch, Mrs. Joe..1-6; Burch, Oscar..4-7; Burch, Ralph..8-25; Burch, Ralph..7-28; Burgin, Annie L...9-8; Burgin, Lillie Mae..9-8; Burnsed, Mrs. S.J...3-10; Burnsed, Sol..8-25; Burnsed, Farley..8-25; Burnt Fort Road..2-24; Burnt Fort, J.C. Littlefield, Jr. born there..2-10; Burnt Fort, Wright-Shivar wedding..6-2; Burnt Fort, Davis-Buie wedding..1-6; Burnt Fort, toll bridge..8-4; Burnt Fort, O'Berry-Coppel wedding..8-11; Byrd, Mrs. W.A...2-24; Byrd, Nellie..1-20.

Calley, Elizabeth..12-22; Canady, R.L...1-13; Canady baby girl..1-13; Canady, S.F..8-25; Carter, Raiford..2-17; Carter, T.R. died..1-6; Carter, Allen..2-17; Carter, Mattie Martha..5-26; Carter, Clifford..4-7; Carter, Clifford..4-21; Carter, John..8-25; Carter, Bryant..11-17; Carter, Ivey..11-17; Carter, John..11-3; Carter, Allen..8-25; Carter, John, store..12-1; Cason, Mrs. Sarah..2-24; Cason, baby boy..6-16; Cason, Mrs. Hamilton..6-16; Cassell, O.A...2-17; Caudle, J.W...6-2; CCC Camp, eight selected..5-12; CCC, forestry camp..4-28; CCC camp, nine at camp..6-2; CCC camp, to be in Nahunta..6-9; CCC, St. George, measles in camp..7-6; CCC camp, St George, new recruits..11-17; CCC camp, Jesup, local carpenters..7-28; CCC camp, St. George, editor visits, describes..7-21; CCC camp at St George, editor visited..8-25; CCC camp at Coleburg, 95 boys food sickness..8-25; CCC camp, bldgs to be constructed..9-15; CCC, qualified list of men..7-14; CCC camp, St. George, local carpenters..9-15; CCC camp, St. George, quarantined..7-14; CCC Camp, St. George, payday..8-18; CCC camp, St. George, F. Ratcliff missing..8-4; CCC boys, party..10-13; CCC Camp, St. Geo, many did not reenlist..10-6; CCC Camp, contracts to Charlton merchants..7-6; CCC Camp, projects being completed near St.Geo..l7-21; CCC camp, near Toledo..6-23; CCC camp, St. George, carpenters..9-29; CCC Camp has 175 recruits..6-23; CCC recruits served 6 month..9-29; CCC Camp, St. George, local boys there..7-21; CCCcamp, St. George..7-6; Cemetery, Emmeaus, J.C. Braddock buried..3-24; Cemetery, Sardis, Harris child..6-9; Cemetery, St. George, Juanita Brown buried..6-9; Cemetery, Antioch, Mrs. L.M. Sanderson..1-6; Cemetery, Folkston, Lloyd..4-28; Cemetery, Oak Hill, St. George, Mrs. King..2-10; Cemetery, Sardis, Lou M. Roddenberry..4-7; Cemetery, Corinth, Norman H. Edwards funeral..2-24; Cemetery, Traders Hill, Mrs. Bryant..2-10; Cemetery, Sardis, Mrs. Lou Roddenberry..3-31; Cemetery, Emmeaus..3-10; Cemetery, Sardis, Chancey..2-3; Cemetery, Sardis, Heck Petty..2-17; Cemetery, Folkston, Willie Myonese McDuffie..3-3; Cemetery, Folkston, Mrs. Toy..8-18; Cemetery, Allen-O'Berry, cleaning..10-6; Cemetery, Mill Creek..7-28; Cemetery, Allen, Mr. George W. Allen..7-28; Cemetery, Kennison..d9-22; Cemetery, Mills..9-22; Cemetery, Traders Hill, Wainwright..10-20; Cemetery, near Bailey Branch..9-22; Cemetery, Traders Hill, Bryant..9-8; Cemetery, Folkston, Billy Mizell..9-22; Cemetery, Folkston, Warren..12-1; Cemetery, Homeland..7-6; Cemetery, Fokston, Passieu..12-1; Cemetery, Corinth, Wasdin..12-1; Cemetery, Corinth, cleaning..7-28; Cemetery, Sardis..9-22; Cemetery, Folkston, Lloyd..9-29; Cemetery, Homeland..9-29; Cemetery, Traders Hill, Chesser..8-25; Cemetery, Corinth, Wildes..12-22; Chain gang, warden murdered..3-17; Champe, Mrs. A.O...8-18; Champe, Eland..8-18; Chancey, C.T...2-3; Chancey, Warren..3-10; Chancey, Mrs. Leetie Hickox died..2-3; Chancey, Soley..2-3; Chancey Barber Shop..3-10; Chancey, Lee, fig trees..7-28; Chapman, Alonza died..2-10; Charcoal, Buchanan..9-15; Charlton County Herald..1-6; Charlton County, stats..1-6; Chesser, R.T..2-17; Chesser, Rose died..8-25; Chesser, R.L...8-25; Chesser, B.A..8-25; Chevrolet agency, Passieu..9-29; Church, Traders Hill Meth. volunteers working on it..4-7; Church, Homeland Bap., Rev. Hodges, pastor..1-6; Church, Bethel, Crews funeral..6-2; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap., Leonard Lloyd died..4-28; Church, Traders Hill Meth, work begun..3-31; Church, Traders Hill Meth, completed..4-14; Church, Traders Hill Meth Chapel dedicated.5-12; Church, Holy-Roller preaching in Homeland..3-17; Church, Folk Meth, near Drawdy Wainwright home..3-17; Church, Folk Bap., Warden White funeral..3-17; Church, Uptonville SS..1-27; Church, Folk Bap, pastor resigns to go to school..9-15; Church, Racepond Bap, asked for help for dist meet..9-15; Church, Uptonville Bap., asked for help for dist meet..9-15; Church, Folk Bap., many new members..8-4; Church, Winokur Bap., asked for help for dist meet..9-15; Church, Camp Pinck Bap., asked for help for dist meet..9-15; Church, Mt. Zion Bap., asked for help for dist meet..9-15; Church, Folk Bap., Association to meet here..9-15; Church, Folk Bap, Rev. E.G. Kilpatrick, new pastor..10-6; Church, Sardis, Ann meet of Association..10-6; Church, Folk Bap, Lloyd funeral..9-29; Church, Mt. Zion Baptist, revising church roll..7-21; Church, Traders Hill Meth, Robert S. Bryant died..9-8; Church, Sardis, Association met..10-13; Church, Folk Meth, Passieu funeral..12-1; Church, St Geo Bap., asked for help for dist meet..9-15; Church, Toledo Bap, asked for help for dist meet..9-15; Chute, Eunice..6-9; Chute, Eunice..8-25; Citizens Bank..3-17; Citizens Bank..3-24; Citizens Bank, closed on Jeff Davis B.Day..6-2; Citizens Bank..1-20; Citizens Bank, to resume business 3-14..3-17; Citizens Bank..10-20; Citizens Bank..7-21; Citizens Bank..7-14; Citizens Bank..9-22; Citizens Bank, burglar alarm..7-14; Citizens Bank..6-16; City of Folkston, Court, Juveniles, melons..7-6; City Barber Shop ad..10-27; Civil War, last Charlton vet died..3-10; Civil War, John Vickery, last vet died..3-17; Civilian Conservation Corps..4-21; Coca Cola plant..2-10; Cockrell, Eleanor..6-9; Cockrell, Eleanor..8-25; Coleman, Alice O...7-21; Coleraine, Fred Gay..8-25; Coleraine..12-15; Collins, Gussie..7-28; Colson, John..4-7; Compton, Mrs. Myrtle..12-1; Confederate veteran, John Vickery died..3-10; Confederate soldier, last one, John Vickery..3-17; Conner, Ellen..3-10; Conner, Susie Juanell..5-26; Conner, Fred..8-11; Convict work crew..2-24; Cooper, Robert..5-12; Cooper, Robert..6-2; Cootey..9-22; Coppel, Polly..8-11; Coulson, Jim..7-21; Coulson baby girl..7-21; County Court, election..4-7; County Court, to be eliminated..5-12; County Agent Hursey..12-8; Court, Spring term..2-17; Courthouse yard, cleaning up..7-28; Crane, Mrs. Alma..12-29; Crawford, Farley..2-24; Crawford, baby girl..2-24; Crawford, J.M...2-17; Crawford, Tom..3-17; Crews, Moses..1-6; Crews, Lydia Stone, crossties..1-13; Crews, Julian..2-17; Crews, Caroline died..6-2; Crews, Charles..6-2; Crews, Georgia Ann..4-21; Crews, Georgiann..4-7; Crews, Gertrude..5-26; Crews, O.C..2-17; Crews, Rufus Carrol..1-6; Crews, Freeman..5-26; Crews, Rufus..1-6; Crews, Talmadge..5-26; Crews, Mose, Jr...8-25; Crews, S.A...8-25; Crews, Andrew, stroke..7-6; Crews, Fell..7-21; Crews, Fell..7-21; Crews, Mrs. Lydia..11-3; Crews, J. Melton pardoned..11-3; Crews, Cecila..9-22; Crews, Mabel..6-16; Crews, J. Elbert..8-25; Crews, Hardy..9-22; Crews, ....., on CCC list..7-14; Crews, S.A...12-22; Crews, Julian..12-22; Customs, Memorial Day, children to cemetery, flowers..4-28; Customs, sharecropping families moving..1-13; Customs, halloween pranks..11-3; Customs, stores close for funerals..12-1.

Dalton, Mrs. Mattie..7-6; Davis, Jeff's birthday..6-2; Davis, Rev. M.G..1-6; Davis, H.J...2-17; Davis, Rev. M.G. moved to Folkston..2-10; Davis, Rev. M.G..6-16; Davis, Gaston..6-16; Davis, Sara Cornelia..1-6; Davis, W.W..8-25; Davis, Mrs..9-22; Davis, Carvy..7-28; Davis, Rev. M.G...9-29; Davis, Lilly Pearl..11-17; Davis, Mrs. Gaston..7-14; Davis, Harvey..12-15; Davis, baby boy..12-15; Davis Jessie Mae..12-22; Dean, G.A..3-17; Dean, G.A..2-17; Dean, E.F., Sr...8-25; Dean, G.A..8-18; Deen, Congressman..9-29; Depression, Red Cross flour..2-17; Depression, Business men luncheon..2-3; Depression, Red Cross flour..2-3; Depression, Red Cross flour..2-3; Depression, Red Cross clothes, flour..4-7; Depression, fund for needy families..6-2; Depression, smoke houses robbed..2-10; Depression, Welfare committee gives out pork..10-13; Depression, work for unemployed..9-1; Depression, stealing gasoline, chickens..8-18; Depression, cigar workers find work..8-18; Depression, Fund employing clean up crews..7-6; Depression, Fed Relief Fund of $1900.00..8-18; Depression, Our Schools Must Not Close..10-27; Depression, county terminated county agent, etc..12-8; Depression, robbed potato patch..8-25; Depression, National reemployment service..12-15; DeYoung, Peter..9-22; Dickson, Earnie..8-25; Dinkins, Dan..5-5; Dinkins baby boy..5-5; Dinkins, J.W..8-25; Dinkins, Ruth..11-17; Dinkins, Theodore..12-8; Dinkins, W.R..8-25; Dinkins, Betty Ruth..11-17; Dinkins, Theodore..12-15; Dixie Restaurant..7-21; Dixon, Curtis..2-17; Douglas, Bill..6-9; Douglas, Lemon..9-29; Douglas, Mrs. Irma..8-4; Drury, Charley..4-28; Dudley, Waymon..3-17; Dudley, Charlie..3-17; Dudley, T.H...3-17; Dudley, Paul..3-17; Dukes, Walter..12-15; Durden, A.N...2-17; Dyal Upchurch Co...2-24; Dyal, R.L. killed..11-17; Dyal, R.L., Sr...11-17.

Editor Wrench, trip to New York report..11-3; Edwards, Demont..2-24; Edwards, Norman H. died..2-24; Edwards, Batt..2-24; Edwards, H.H...2-24; Edwards, Wallace..2-24; Edwards, R.H...2-24; Edwards, George..8-25; Election, concerning county court..4-7; Entertainment, piano recital..8-25; Entertainment, peanut boiling..9-22; Entertainment, expression recital..12-8; Entertainment, party for CCC boys..10-13; Eschman, Helen killed at Mattox Crossing..2-10.

Farming, cholera in pigs..1-6; Farming, sharecroppers..1-13; Farming, tobacco..8-18; Federal Relief Committee, to help unemployed..9-22; Federal Relief Fund, $1900.00..8-18; Feede, Rev. James..9-29; Fire protection, new water works..7-21; Fire, Cannon property..12-22; Firemen, Folk Vol..6-9; Fleming, Dr. A., Amaryllis bulbs..3-10; Fleming, Dr. A...2-17; Fleming, Dr. A...2-3; Fleming, Dr. A...9-22; Fleming, Dr. A...8-25; Fleming, Dr...12-15; Flowers, phlox near RR..3-31; Folkston Pharmacy..3-24; Folkston, city of, elected marshal, etc..1-6; Folkston Grain & Grocery, new manager..2-10; Folkston Vol. Firemen, probably first fire..6-9; Folkston Grain & Grocery, painted inside..3-3; Folkston Grain & Grocery Co., remodeling..2-24; Folkston, City of, council members..1-13; Folkston, business licenses protested..2-3; Folkston, fenced in..8-25; Folkston Masonic Lodge, convention..9-15; Folkston, fencing in town..7-28; Folkston, city of, election..12-1; Folkston, fencing in..8-4; Folkston, city of, election..12-8; Folkston Grain & Grocery..7-14; Folkston, City of, Water works project..7-21; Folkston Pharmacy..7-21; Fountain, B.J...8-25; Frazier, Ralph..2-17; Funeral parlor..4-7.

Gadsens, Sylvia..9-29; Gaffney, Mrs. G.W...4-28; Garad, Leroy..4-21; Garland, Mrs. K.R...10-13; Garrison, Earl..7-28; Garrison, J.P...12-22; Gasoline thefts..8-18; Gay, Baily..3-31; Gay, Fred..8-25; Geiger, Frank..10-27; Georgia Bicentennial..2-17; Georgia Day, February 12..2-10; Georgia Bicentennial..2-10; Gibson, Mr. [H.G.]..5-12; Gibson, Henry Richard..5-26; Gibson, Bernice Lorene..5-26; Gibson, Judge..4-28; Gibson, Judge, called election..4-7; Gibson, Ena..6-9; Gibson, Judge H.G., birthday same as Georgia's..2-17; Gibson, Judge H.G., vital stat..1-6; Gibson, W.O...2-17; Gibson, Rev. W.O...11-24; Gibson, Charles H...8-25; Gibson, Lamar, printing press..11-24; Gibson, C.H...11-24; Gibson, Rev. W.O., Allen funeral..7-28; Gibson, Irene..8-4; Gibson, S.G...8-25; Gibson, Wallace..8-4; Gibson, Ena..9-8; Gibson, Ena..8-4; Gibson, Ordinary, married while in bed sick..10-27; Gibson, Rev. W.O...10-13; Gibson, Mrs. H.G...11-3; Gibson, Henry..7-6; Gibson, Owen M., letter abt Cit Bnk, old school, etc..9-22; Gibson, Rev. W.O., Clerk of church..10-6; Gibson, Lorene..11-3; Gibson, C.H., delivering milk to CCC..8-4; Gibson, H.G..8-4; Gillespie Normal Industrial College..9-8d; Godley, W.B...2-17; Godley, Myrtle Ann..2-17; Godley, Joe..2-17; Godley, Miss [teacher]..1-27; Goethe Lumber Co. camp..5-12; Gooden, William D...1-6; Gowen, George..1-6; Gowen baby boy..5-5; Gowen, George R...1-13; Gowen, George, Jr...5-5; Gowen, J.V., getting material for T.Hill Meth. Church..3-31; Gowen, J.V., tells of woman preacher at Traders Hill..2-3; Gowen, Clyde...2-24; Gowen, A.G..2-17; Gowen, J. Dean..2-17; Gowen, George R., Sr...2-10; Gowen, J.V., home leased..5-18; Gowen, Mrs. B.B..6-9; Gowen, Clyde..2-10; Gowen, G.R., Sr...12-8; Gowen, Francis..11-17; Gowen, J.V...11-3; Gowen, Tom..11-3; Gowen, Mrs. B.B...8-25; Gowen, J.V., move to Folk..9-1; Gowen, Clyde..8-4; Gowen, George R., Sr...12-1; Gowen, Clyde..7-14; Gowen, Dean..7-14; Grain & Grocery store, lunch counter..12-22; Green, county commissioner..2-17; Green, F.L...12-1; Green, E.L...12-1; Green, M.J...12-1; Griffin, Rev..5-12; Griffin, Ralph Brooks..5-26; Griffin, Gene died..5-12; Griffin, Rev. H.C...4-7; Griffin, Rev. H.C...3-31; Griffin, H.C...2-17; Griffin, Rev. H.C..6-2; Griffin, Rev. H.C..7-21; Griffin, Rev. H.C., Chesser funeral..8-25; Griffis, Lacy..5-18; Grooms, Mrs. E.M...3-10; Guinn, Grover..1-13; Guinn, G.H...1-6; Guinn, G.H...8-25; Guinn, Grover..12-22.

Haddock, Mrs. Foema..10-13; Hagin, Jimmy..9-22; Haley, John..9-22; Hall, P.A...4-7; Hall, P.C...9-15; Hammon, Laura..8-25; Hannaford, Mrs. J.O...12-15; Hardin, Joe..11-17; Harrell, Mrs. W.L...2-24; Harris, John..4-28; Harris, Quincey died..6-9; Harris, John..5-12; Harris, Myrtle Lee..5-26; Harris, John..2-17; Harris, Clifford..3-17; Harris, Nola O'Virdie..5-26; Harris, Otis..6-9; Harris, Supt. John..3-17; Harris, Supt., list of teachers..6-9; Harris, John, son is ill..11-10; Harris, John, School Supt., no man teacher..8-18; Harris, Mrs. Billie..9-29; Harris, John, Supt..9-15; Harris, Clifton..11-10; Harvey, Grace..6-16; Hathaway, Proctor..6-2; Hathaway, John..2-3; Hathaway, Ethel Proctor..5-26; Hathaway, baby girl..2-3; Haywood, John A...1-6; Health, flu epidemic in Moniac..1-6; Health, midwives take course..9-1; Hebard, D.L...7-14; Hebard winter home..12-15; Henderson, Lewis died..9-29; Hendrix, Mose..8-25; Hickox, L.D..2-17; Hickox, Rance..2-3; Hickox, Daniel..2-3; Hickox, Arch..2-3; Hickox, Riley..2-3; Hickox, Elva Mae..8-4; Hickox, I.T...10-13; Hickox, Lannie..8-4; Higginbotham, Mrs. Ola..4-28; Highway signs..12-8; Hill, Frank. L...6-16; Hodges, H.S., Justice of Peace..2-10; Hodges, Justice of Peace H.S..3-24; Hodges, G.C..2-17; Hodges, Gertrude..5-18; Hodges, H.S..2-17; Hodges, V.A...1-13; Hodges, Charlie..8-25; Hodges, V.A...12-8; Hodges, Marie..8-11; Hodges, Willis O...6-16; Hodges, Odie..10-27; Hodges, P.H...9-8; Hodges, Mrs. V.A...8-25; Hodges, G.C..8-25; Hodges, Charley..8-25; Holley, Robert Edward..5-26; Holley, Robert..8-4; Holley, Mrs. R.E...12-8; Holt, Joe..4-7; Homeland, city of, election..1-13; Homeland Park, many trees cut..6-9; Homeland, city of, citizens enraged over Park..6-9; Homeland, city of, discussion of Homeland Park..6-2; Homeland city election..1-6; Homeland, Wm. Schneider died..12-8; Homeland, one of founders died, Mrs. Toy..8-18; Homeland, WW Yarber died..7-6; Homeland, city election..12-22; Hopkins, Alva Joseph, Jr...5-26; Howard, S.M...2-17; Howard, Mrs. Joseph M...7-28; Howard, S.M...8-25; Howard, J.C...12-22; Huggins, Leeman..6-2; Huling, J.L...2-17; Huron, new barber..1-6; Hursey, County Agent..1-6; Hursey, A.B., county agent..6-9; Hursey Park, many trees cut..6-9; Hursey, A.B...12-8.

Indian Massacre, Wildes..2-10; Inglehart, W.W...2-24.

Jacobs, Rev. G.H., Chancey funeral..2-3; Jacobs, Fred..8-18; Jacobs, Leon..12-29; Jacobs, Virginia..12-29; Jacobs, V.C. died..12-29; Jacobs, Jim..12-29; Jacobs, Edward..12-29; Jacobs, Fred..12-29; Jacobs, Rev. G.H...12-29; Jacobs, Curt..12-29; Jacobs, Alberta..12-29; Jacobs, Mrs. F.E..12-29; Johns, Royal, arrested for murder..3-17; Johns, Caroline..5-26; Johns, Royal..3-24; Johns, Mrs. Everett..2-10; Johns, Royal..3-31; Johns, Oscar..3-24; Johns, Caroline..4-21; Johns, Earnie Lee..5-26; Johns, R.B...8-25; Johns, Annie Mae..8-25; Johns, J.J...8-25; Johns, Harmon..8-25; Johnson, H.R..3-17; Johnson, Harry..1-27; Johnson, baby boy..4-7; Johnson, Odis..2-17; Johnson, Beatrice..6-2; Johnson, Wilbur..4-7; Johnson, Mrs. Henry..7-21; Johnson, J.H...11-3; Johnson, Scott..7-21; Johnson, Henry..7-21; Johnson, J.H. & Son..7-28; Johnson, J.H. and Son Sawmill..7-21; Johnson, Russelld..7-21; Johnson, J.H..8-25; Johnson, J.W...12-22; Johnson, Rev. G.C..12-22; Johnson, Myrtle..12-15; Jones, J.B...2-17; Jones, Rev. Lambert..4-21; Jones, Martha..4-21; Jones, Dudley..2-24; Jones, Troy..2-17; Jones, Rev. Lambert..7-21; Jones, Clarence..8-25; Jones, Rev. Omer..7-21; Jones, Rev. Omer..8-4; Jones, Mrs. E.F...7-6; Jones, Rev. Omer, resigns to attend school..9-15; Jones, W.J. store..11-3; Jones, Lorena..7-6; Jordan, Mrs. Eva..7-28; Joyner, J.S...10-20; Juvenile delinquents..7-6.

K3S Cypress Co...12-1; K3S cross tie and lumber..12-1; Keene, Willie..4-28; Keene, Nettie..8-25; Kelly, Mrs. Oscar..3-31; Kemp, Velma..6-9; Kemp, Velma..8-25; Kennison, B.W...1-6; Kennison, John..9-22; Kennison, Tom..9-22; Kerti, William, drowned..5-18; Kerti, Louis..5-18; Kerti, William..6-9; Kilpatrick, Rev. E.G...12-1; King, Donald..2-17; King, Beatrice B. estate..2-17; King, Mrs. B.B...2-17; King, Napoleon B...2-17; King, Beatrice Blake died..2-10; King, John Allen..2-17, 2-24; King, N.B...2-10; King, Mrs. Dorothy..2-10; King, John Allen..4-21; King, Dora..4-28; King, Mrs. [St. George postmaster]..4-21; King, N.B...2-10; King, Dorothy..2-17; King, Donald..2-10; King, John A...2-10; King, Oleo..3-24; King, J.A..6-2; King, J.A...5-12; King, John..8-25; Kite, Mrs. Mary..2-3; Knabb, Gertie..5-12; Knabb, L...5-12; Knabb, Ralph..2-17; Knabb, Mrs. Ralph..1-6; Knabb, L...2-17; Knabb, Ralph..11-3; Knowles, Mrs. Jeffery..10-13; Knox, Alva..8-25; Kottman, Fred..1-6; Kottman, Fred..2-17; Kottman, Fred..12-22.

Lambert, Eugenia..12-22; Land, Prof., Business School..2-3; Lang, Mrs. Lucy..9-22; Lang, Mrs. Martha..9-22; Leckie, T.E..8-25; Leckie, School trustee..8-4; Leckie, W.C..8-25; Lee, Seward..2-17; Lee, Osborn..8-25; Lee, Beck..11-3; Lee, George died..11-3; Leonard, D.L...2-17; Levercing, Mrs. Lizzie..7-6; Littlefield, Mary Jane..6-9; Littlefield, Margaret..6-9; Littlefield, J.C..4-28; Littlefield, J.C., Sr...6-9; Littlefield, Warren Chandler..5-26; Littlefield, J.C., mule died..4-21; Littlefield, J.C...5-12; Littlefield, J.C., Sr...2-10; Littlefield, J.C., Jr..2-17; Littlefield, J.C., Jr...2-10; Littlefield, Mrs. J.C...3-17; Littlefield, J.C...9-22; Littlefield, Jake..11-3; Littlefield, Mary Jane..8-25; Littlefield, J.C., Jr...8-25; Littlefield, Margaret..8-25; Littlefield baby boy..12-8; Littlefield, J.C..12-15; Littlefield, J.C., Jr...12-8; lLittlefield, J.C., Jr..12-22; Lloyd, Cecil..4-28; Lloyd, Mack, Sr...2-17; Lloyd, Leonard "Son" died..4-28; Lloyd, Chester..4-28; Lloyd, Frank..4-28; Lloyd, Bernie..4-28; Lloyd, Ralph..4-28; Lloyd, Clyde..4-28; Lloyd, Ike..10-13; Lloyd, H.S..9-29; Lloyd, May..10-13; Lloyd, Mertie..10-13; Lloyd, Mack..9-29; Lloyd, C.W. died..9-29; Lloyd, Bruzzer..9-29; Lloyd, Lester..9-29; Lloyd, Brantley..9-29; Lloyd, Harvey..10-13; Lloyd, Brantley..8-25; Lloyd, Drew..10-13; Lloyd, John B...9-29; Lloyd, Ada Raulerson died..9-29; Lloyd, Mrs. John B. died..9-29; Lloyd, C.W...9-29; Lloyd, Jeff..9-29; Lloyd, T.L. "Bunk" died..10-13; Lloyd, Eustis..10-13; Londeree, W.T..2-17; Londeree, Joseph..7-21; Londeree, Joe..7-14; Londeree, Joe..7-21; Lowther, old place, fire..6-9; Lowther, T.H...2-17; Lowther, B.H...8-25; Lunch room..5-5.

Mallard, Ruth..7-14; Mallard, L.E...8-25; Mallard, Ruth..8-25; Mallard, L.E..9-22; Martin, Lang..5-12; Martin, Lang..6-2; Martin, Violet..2-3; Martin, E.L., building Mrs. John Petty a home..4-21; Martin, Naomi..7-21; Masonic funeral, Norman Edwards..2-24; Masonic Lodge, convention..9-15; Mattox, H.S...2-24; Mattox, Captain [who lived in Washington DC]..2-24; Mattox, J.M...2-17; Mattox, Petty family to live there..3-17; Mattox, Sallie E...9-8; Mattox, Wiley P...9-8; Mattox, Jesse..11-17; Mattox Apartment House..8-25; Mattox, many wrecks..7-28; Mays, Jack, to build in Homeland..7-21; McCoy, Dr. W.R..2-17; McCoy, Dr., snake bite..6-9; McCoy, Dr. W.R. home from hospital..6-2; McCoy, Dr. W.R., home from VA hospital..5-5; McCoy, Dr...9-29; McCoy, Dr., to CCC camp..7-21; McCoy, Ann..8-4; McCoy, Dr. W.R., CCC camp dr...6-23; McCoy, Dr. W.R., CCC camp surgeon..7-6; McCoy, Dr...7-21; McDonald House, new paint..2-3; McDonald, Roland G...7-21; McDuffie, H.P...3-3; McDuffie, K.E...3-3; McDuffie, Thyra..3-3; McDuffie, Verona..3-3; McDuffie, H.E...3-3; McDuffie, Monnie..3-3; McDuffie, W.L...2-17; McDuffie, Willie Myonese died..3-3; McDuffie, Thyra..6-9; McDuffie, Miss [teacher]..3-17; McDuffie, W.L...3-3; McDuffie, Thyra..8-25; McDuffie, H.P...8-25; McDuffie, Monie..8-25; McKinnon, Lacy..5-18; McKinnon, Catherine..9-8; McMillan, Mrs. [daughter of Mrs. Lou Roddenberry]..3-31; McMitchell, Mrs. Joe..7-6; McQueen, A.S..1-6; McQueen, Attorney A.S., purchased Poplin house..4-7; McQueen, Judge, county court..5-12; Melon patch, young juveniles..7-6; Melton, J.F...3-24; Melton, J.F...12-8; Memorial Day..4-28; Mills, Fanny Joyner..3-24; Mills, Frank D...1-13; Mills, F.D..2-17; Mills, Mayme Wright..1-13; Mills, Sol..3-17; Mills, B.F...3-24; Mills, B.Fay..2-17; Mills, Sol, new home..4-21; Mills, Sam..2-10; Mills, George..6-2; Mills, George..5-12; Mills, Mrs. B. Fay..11-10; Mills, Mrs. Lizzie..7-28; Mills, S.M...8-25; Mills, F.D..8-25; Mills, Arleen..8-25; Mills, Morris..8-4; Mills, Jim..8-25; Mills, Lizzy..9-22; Mills, Seaborn..9-22; Mills, postmaster.7-21; Mills, Fanny..9-29; Mills, Sol P...8-25; Mills, S.F..7-14; Mills, E.G...7-14; Mills, Edgar..12-29; Mizell, Mrs. Jack..1-6; Mizell, W.H...1-13; Mizell, baby boy..3-3; Mizell, William, comments on bank closing..3-10; Mizell, Jesse P...2-17; Mizell, Ed..3-3; Mizell, W.H..2-24; Mizell, Ed..2-17; Mizell, Jack..2-17; Mizell, O.C...1-13; Mizell, D.M...2-17; Mizell, Albert, comments on bank closing..3-10; Mizell, O.C..12-1; Mizell, Worth..10-13; Mizell, Billy..9-22; Mizell, O.C...12-8; Mizell, Lucy..9-22; Mizell, Martha..9-22; Mizell, Everett..9-22; Mizell, Jesse P...11-3; Mizell, P.G..8-25; Mizell, William, Jr...8-25; Mizell, Cliff..7-28; Mizell, O.C..8-25; Mizell, John D...8-25; Mizell, Mrs. N.R...12-22; Moniac, failed to bring in returns in election..5-12; Moniac, John Roddenberry..3-31; Moniac, Mrs. Dan Raulerson died..2-24; Moniac, Dyal Upchurch Co...2-24; Moniac, midwives..9-1; Monroe, M.M. wool prices..6-23; Murhee, Mrs. Lyn..3-31; Murray, Fitzhugh, barber..10-27; Murray, Mrs. Newt..7-21; Murray, J.C...7-21; Murray, Walter..11-17; Murray, Frank..12-22.

Nahunta, how named..4-7; National Re-employment Service..12-15; Nazworth, Arthur..11-17; Nelson, Stafford..8-4; Nelson, Stafford..9-8; Nettles, Mrs. Jackson..5-26; Nettles, Elbert..6-2; Nettles, Ada..5-26; Nettles, James..8-25; Newell baby boy..2-3; Newell, Mrs. Preston Wildes..1-6; Newell, Ollie..2-3; Nipper, L.N...5-12; Nipper, I.N...6-2; Nobles, Amanda, temp postmaster, StGeo..2-24; Nobles, Ottis..2-24; Nobles, Amanda, new postmaster..4-21; Norman, Lillian..6-9; Norman, N.J...8-25; Norman Grocery Co..7-6; Norman, N.J...11-3; Norman, N.J...7-21; Norman, Lillian..8-25; Norman, N.J...8-4.

O'Berry, Fred..8-11; O'Quinn, Lottie..8-4; O'Quinn, S.A..8-4; Okefenokee Canal, sawmill..3-17; Opinolia Farms..7-6; Osterman, Fred F...11-3; Osterman, Fred J...8-25; Osterman, F.F..12-22; Overstreet, Miss [teacher]..3-17; Overstreet, Jesse..8-25; Overstreet, Miss Jessie..7-14; Owens, Mrs. R.B...2-24; Owens, Elmo..12-15. 
Page, D.L...2-17; Page, H.C..8-25; Page, Jewell, to study nursing..9-29; Parham, F.D...6-9; Parham, Franklin Dumas..6-9; Parham, H.C..8-25; Parham, Z.K...10-13; Parham, baby girl..10-13; Parker, Manager, telephone..2-3; Parrish, D.G..3-24; Passieu Bldg..4-7; Passieu, C.J...1-13; Passieu Motor Co...9-29; Passieu, C.J...8-25; Passieu, Jo Ann..12-1; Passieu, Mrs. Cecil W. died..12-1; Passieu, Elizabeth..12-1; Passieu, C.J..12-8; Passieu, Mrs. C.J. died..12-1; Passieu, Louis..12-1; Passieu, C.J...12-1; Patton, Capt. M.S...9-15; Paxton Place, Jones-Hammon wedding..8-25; Peacock, Mabel..7-6; Peagler, George..2-3; Peagler Naval Stores..3-17; Peagler, Mary Lou..2-3; Pearce, Marion..6-9; Pearce, Bernice to Pharmacy school..10-6; Pearce, Marion..8-25; Pearson, Byrdie..6-9; Pearson, Byrdie..8-25; Pearson, Jacob..7-28; Peeples, Mrs. Ed...2-10; Pegg, Mrs. Julia..7-6; Peterson, Mrs. D.C...8-18; Petty, Delma..5-26; Petty, Royal..5-26; Petty, Mrs. John..4-21; Petty, Harry..5-26; Petty, Talmadge..3-24; Petty, John Heck..3-17; Petty, Oscar..1-20; Petty, baby boy..1-20; Petty, Heck died..2-17; Petty, Nellie..8-4; Petty, J.W..8-4; Petty, Ruby..8-4; Petty, Oscar..8-4; Petty, John, new home..10-6; Petty, Jewell..8-4; Phillips, manager [sawmill at swamp]..3-17; Phlox flowers near RR..3-31; Piano recital, Julian E. Peagler..8-25; Pickett, Mrs. Alice..12-1; Pickett. Mrs. Ruby..12-1; Pickren, V.J...2-24; Pickren Garage, lunch room being built..5-5, 5-18; Pickren, V.J...9-29; Pickren, Laverne J., new acting postmaster..11-10; Pickren, Verne, new motor boat..7-6; Pickren, T.L...8-25; Pickren, V.J...12-15; Pigs, lost, ad..7-21; Pine tree, cross tie long life..1-27; Pinland, Mrs. C.H...12-1; Player, R.E..8-25; Player, T.L...11-17; Poplin residence, McQueen bought..4-7; Post Office, St. George, new postmaster..4-21; Post Office, Homeland, robbed..5-18; Post Office, St. George postmaster is Ms. King..2-10; Post Office, St. George, vacancy in postmaster..2-17, 2-24; Post office, Folkston, bids to carrying mail from depot..7-21; Post office, Folkston, Lilly Pearl, clerk..9-29; Post Office, Folkston, Laverne Pickren, P.M..11-17; Post Office, Folkston postmasters..9-29; Post Office, Folkston , examinations for P.M...11-10; Post Office, postmaster test..12-15; Powell, Mrs. Z.M...3-3; Powell, M.E...7-21; Powell, Morris E..8-25; Prescott, Winnie..6-2; Prescott, Winnie Holland..5-26; Prescott, Hazel Mae..6-26; Prescott, O.M...22-17; Prescott, Winnie..5-12; Prescott, O.M...1-6; Prescott settlement..2-24; Prescott, Jesse..10-13; Prescott, Willie..8-25; Prescott, B.S..8-25; Prescott, Mrs. T.D...12-1; Prescott community, teacher marries..12-15; Prevatt, baby boy..1-20; Prevatt, O.K...1-20; Prevatt, John..7-28; Privett, Fred..3-31; Pullman, Mrs. Fannie..7-6; Purdom, Lee..11-3.

Quarterman, V.A., moves..3-3; Quarterman, V.A..2-10.

Racepond, Heck Petty died..2-17; Racepond, murder, Underwood killed Wasdin..5-12; Racepond, Carter-Crews wedding..4-7; Racepond, Todd-Thrift wedding..5-12; Racepond, K3S Cypress Co..12-1; Racepond, Dyal child killed..11-17; Racepond, Douglas-Gadsens wedding..9-29; Racepond, new sawmill, 3KS..8-25; Radio WTOC, invited citizens from Charl. to speak..10-13; Railroad, trains to and from Fla..11-3; Ratcliff, W.E..8-4; Ratcliff, Frank..8-4; Raulerson, James..2-17; Raulerson, Nancy..3-31; Raulerson, Mrs. Dan died..2-24; Raulerson, Mr. [for Red Cross flour]..2-17; Raulerson, Odum died..4-21; Raulerson, Joe..9-29; Raulerson, N.J..8-25; Raulerson, W.O...8-25; Raynor, O.E...1-13; Raynor, O.E..8-25; Raynor, O.E...12-8; Raynor, O.E...12-1; Reconstruction Finance Corp...7-21; Red Cross flour..2-3; Red Cross flour..2-3; Red Cross clothes, flour..4-7; Red Cross flour..2-17; Red Cross, flour, cloth..6-2; Reddick, Luther Wesley..2-17; Reforestation Camp, Nahunta..6-9; Reforestation camp, nine at camp..6-2; Reforestation Camp, eight selected..5-12; Restaurant, work begun on new rest...5-12; Restaurant, Blue Willow..6-2; Reynolds, Dan..11-3; Rhoden, Stella..3-10; Riley, Ottis Mae..9-8; Robbins, Mr., leases Gowen home..5-18; Roberts, L.E..2-17; Roberts, Louis..2-17; Roberts, Arthur..1-6; Roberts, Orlando..2-17; Roberts, John..6-9; Roberts store, Homeland..2-17; Roberts, Louis..12-1; Roberts, Mrs. Orlando..8-4; Roberts, Arthur..7-6; Roberts, Arthur..12-22; Robinson, M.F...3-31; Robinson, Joseph A...3-31; Robinson, Jim..3-31; Robinson, Jesse M...3-31; Robinson, A.J...3-31; Robinson, Owen..3-31; Robinson, Alyse..8-25; Robinson, Sallie..8-11; roddenberry, G.S..8-25; Roddenberry, D.F..3-31; Roddenberry, N.E..2-17; Roddenberry, George..3-31; Roddenberry, John..3-31; Roddenberry, Jim..6-9; Roddenberry, N.E...1-6; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..6-9; Roddenberry, Mrs. Lou M. died..3-31; Roddenberry, Audrey Oree..5-26; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M...4-28; Roddenberry, Mrs. Gad..3-31; Roddenberry, Newt..1-6; Roddenberry, Mildred..3-24; Roddenberry, D.F...4-7; Roddenberry, Lou M. died..4-7; Roddenberry, Oree..8-11; Roddenberry, Mrs. Lizzie..8-18; Roddenberry, Cecil..7-21; Roddenberry, Eugene..7-21; Roddenberry, Eugene..11-3; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..8-25; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M...9-22; Roddenberry, N.E..9-22; Roddenberry, Cecil M..9-22; Rogers, Alma..2-24; Rogers, Ned..2-24; Rogers, Mrs. I.L...9-29; Roosevelt, Franklin D., passed thru on train..2-3; Roosevelt, F.D. inauguration..2-24; Rose, Dr., at CCC camp..7-28; Rose, Lt., camp dr...8-4; Rowe, Uncle Garnee died..3-10; Rowe, Mrs. Mary..3-10; Rowe, A.P...3-10; Rowe, John..3-10; Rowe, I.G. died..3-10; Rowe, W.M...7-28; Rowe, Hattie Beatrice died..7-28; Roy, C.E...2-17; Roy, Mrs. C.E...5-5; Roy, C.E..8-18; Royal, A.D...4-7; Royal, D.A..3-17.

Sanders, A. Leslie..12-1; Sanderson, Mrs. L.M. died..1-6; Sanderson, Arthur..1-6; Sanderson, Ernest..1-6; Sanderson, Grant..1-6; Sardis neighborhood, Mrs. Lou Roddenberry..3-31; Sardis section, Otis Harris..6-9; Sawmill, largest ever in Charlton, Dyal Upchurch..2-24; Schneider, William..1-13; Schneider, Wm...1-6; Schneider, William died..12-8; Schneider, Mrs. William..12-8; Schneider, Dr. Wiliam..12-8; Schneider, Eugenia..12-8; School, Uptonville..6-9; School, Charlton Co High, new teacher..1-27; School, Moniac Consolidated..6-9; School, Folkston Business, closed up..2-3; School, Folkston Consolidated, students have flu..2-3; School, Charlton High, Alma Rogers attended..2-24; School, Folk Consol, J.C. Littlefield, Jr. is trustee..2-10; School, Folkston Consolidated, flu closes school..2-10; School, Folkston High, Myrtle Ann Godley, teacher..2-17; School, Moniac, flu epidemic..1-6; School, County High, teachers..6-9; School, Charlton High, Willie Myonese McDuffie died..3-3; School, St. George, William Kerti was student..5-18; School, Folkston High graduates..5-26; School, teachers for next term..6-9; School, Folkston Consolidated, teachers..6-9; School, Folkston Elementary, May Day program..5-12; School, St. George Consolidated, teachers..6-9; School, Folkston, discharge 3 teachers, no funds..3-17; School, Folkston dist., help w/financial crisis..11-3; School, Moniac dist., help w/financial crisis..11-3; School, St Geo Dist., help w/financial crisis..11-3; School, mass meeting about financial crisis..11-3; School, PTA members helping with Tax Collections..11-3; School, Winokur district, help w/financial crisis..11-3; School, Uptonville district, help w/financial crisis..11-3; School, Traders Hill dist., help w/financial crisis..11-3; School, Folkston, clean up crew..7-6; School, Folk High, roof..9-22; School, Folk High, sidewalk..9-1; School, Uptonville, enrollment..9-15; School, Census of total amt. students..7-14; School, Moniac, teachers..7-14; School, Winokur, enrollment..9-15; School, Folk Consolidated, teachers..8-25; School, war on illiteracy, adult classes..11-24; School, Moniac, enrollment..9-15; School, Folk Consol, enrollment..9-15; School, five colored children leave for college..9-8; School, Charlton receives praise for Harris' program..9-8; School, enrollment figures..9-15; School, Folk High, roof to be repaired..9-15; School, County High, enrollment..9-15; School, Folkston High, meeting in Home Ec room..10-27; School, Folkston Consolidated, teachers..7-14; School, Sardis, teachers..8-25; School, Moniac Consolidated, teachers..8-25; School, No man teacher employed this term..8-18; School, St. George Consolidated, teachers..8-25; School, Moniac, begins next week..8-4; School, Charlton County High, teachers..8-25; School, Winokur, teachers..8-25; School, Uptonville, teachers..8-25; School, financial crisis..10-27; School, Moniac Consolidated trustees..12-22; School, St Geo Consolidated trustees..12-22; School, trustees election..12-22; School, Prescott, Elmo Owens, teacher..12-15; School, Folkston consolidated dist., trustees..12-22; School, Sardis district trustees..12-22; School, Winokur district trustees..12-22; Schools, Governor borrowed 2 million for schools..3-17; Schools, Brd of Ed reduces expenses, salaries..3-17; Schools, to open 9-4..8-25; Schools, to continue for November..11-10; Schooo, Sardis, enrollment..9-15; Scott Building..2-3; Scott, Malcolm..8-4; Scott, C.M...8-25; Sessoms, Alex..8-25; Shell Station..1-6; Shellman, Charles..12-22; Shivar, Mary..1-6; Shivar, Eugene..6-9; Shivar, Mary..6-2; Shivar, Mary..5-26; Shivar, Eugene..8-25; Shivar, Eugene..7-14; Shivar, E.W...8-25; Shivar, J.S..8-4; Shrive, H.A...8-25; Sikes, Nettie died..6-2; Sikes, Sheriff..1-27; Sikes, Sheriff Jim, to live in jail..1-13; Sikes, Sheriff..4-28; Sikes, Sheriff..5-12; Sikes, T.E...2-17; Sikes, T.E..8-25; Sikes, Mrs. Nannie..7-28; Sikes, Mrs. Kate..7-28; Sikes, Sheriff and Mrs..10-27; Sikes daughter, sick with diphtheria..10-27; Sikes, ....., on CCC list..7-14; Sikes, Dan..7-21; Sikes, Sheriff..8-4; Sikes...., CCC camp..7-21; Simmons baby died..9-29; Simmons, Cleve..9-29; Sims, Ludie..1-6; Sinclair Refining Co..7-14; Smith, Randal..6-2; Smith, Randal..5-12; Smith, Clerk..4-28; Smith, Mabel..6-9; Smith, W.B...5-12; Smith, Ann..8-25; Smith, Mabel..7-14; Smith, Inman..7-6; Smith, Mable..8-25; Snowden neighborhood..4-7; Snowden, Harry..12-29; Snowden, twins..12-29; Sowell, Capt., CCC camp..8-25; Sowell, Henry E..7-6; Spatcher, Earnest..12-22; St. George, Mrs. Beatrice B. King died..2-10; St. George post office, vacancy in postmaster..2-17, 2-24; Standard Station, Homeland, remodeled..2-17; Standard Station, Homeland..9-22; Stapleton, Martha..5-26; Stapleton, Chloris..6-9; Stapleton, Chloris..6-16; Stapleton, Mrs. E.B...3-17; Stapleton Pharmacy..3-10; Stapleton, E.B...9-22; Stapleton, E.B...8-25; Stapleton Pharmacy..9-22; Stapleton, E.B...11-3; Stapleton, E.B...6-16; Stapleton, E.B...12-22; Stave mills, George R. Gowen, Sr...2-10; Stephens, Mrs. John..12-22; Stewart, D.L...8-4; Stokes, Mrs. L.E..3-17; Stokes, Mrs. J.J...1-6; Stokes, Euly..1-6; Stokes, L.J...3-17; Stokes, L.J...2-17; Stokes, Jeff buried..1-6; Stokes, Mary..6-9; Stokes, L. Jasper..2-17; Stokes, Mary..5-12; Stokes, Ed..2-3; Stokes, Festus N...2-17; Stokes, Mary..8-25; Stokes, Noah..9-22; Stokes, Edwin..8-25; Stokes, Lewis E...8-25; Stokes store, new floor..10-27; Stokes, L.J...12-15; Stokes, Noah..12-15; Stokes, L.J...12-15; Stone, Mrs. Lydia..11-3; Stroup, Mrs. Cecelia Coffrey..7-28; Stroup, C.E...7-28; Stroup, Richard..8-25; Stroupe, C.E...2--17; Suggs Turpentine Co..3-24; Surrency, Mrs. Osie died..3-31.

Taylor, Mrs. J.S..8-4; Taylor, richard C..8-25; Taylor, R.C...12-22; Telephone exchange, building onto it..2-3; Thomas, Harold..2-17; Thomas, Mrs. Dora..7-28; Thomas, Howard..9-22; Thompson, Jack..2-17; Thompson Drug Store..1-6; Thompson, W.D..5-12; Thompson, W.D., Mayor..12-8; Thompson Mineral Oil..7-21; Thompson, W.D...9-22; Thompson, Mayor..7-21; Thompson, W.D..8-25; Thompson, Mayor..7-6; Thompson, W.D..11-3; Thompson, W.D..12-15; Thompson, Mayor W.D..12-15; Thonmpson, Mayor W.D..4-28; Three K S sawmill..8-25; Thrift, Pearl..5-12; Thrift, Josie..2-17; Thrift, J.T...2-17; Thrift, M.D..8-25; Thrift, A.L...8-25; Thrift, N.A..8-25; Thrift, Aaron..12-22; Tillman, Mrs. T.F...2-24; Todd, Jim..5-12; Toledo, Privett-Raulerson wedding..3-31; Toledo, Haywood-Sims wedding..1-6; Toledo, CCC camp nearby..6-23; Toll bridge, Burnt Fort..8-4; Tom Mix..12-15; Tomlin, Old place, CCC camp..6-23; Tourists, Banks Rest...1-13; Toy, M.M...1-6; Toy, M.M...1-13; Toy, Mrs. R.M., sick..5-18; Toy, M.M...2-17; Toy, Mrs. Rosa M., died..8-18; Toy, M.M..8-18; Toy, N.O..8-18; Toy, W.R..8-18; Toy, M.M...12-22; Traders Hill, hauling piling..4-21; Traders Hill, Meth Church being worked on..4-7; Traders Hill, Keene-King wedding..4-28; Traders Hill, King-Roddenberry wedding..3-24; Traders Hill, Mrs. J.M. Bryant died..2-10; Traders Hill, Haywood-Sims wedding..1-6; Traders Hill, Woman preacher..2-3; Traders Hill, Inman-Peacock wedding..7-6; Traders Hill, Little Clyde Wainwright died..10-20; Traders Hill, Robert S. Bryant died..9-8; Traders Hill, Rose Chesser died..8-25; Traders Hill, two weddings, Spatcher-Lambert; etc..12-22; Trogden, Mrs. F.K...3-3; Turner, Annette..6-9; Turner, Mrs. J.M...11-24; Turner, Annette..8-25; Tyson, John S., Jr...8-25; Tyson's Store..2-3.

Underwood, Carry..5-12; Upchurch, John James died..2-24; Uptonville, Gaddy Wainwright land..4-21; Uptonville, Willie Myonese McDuffie died..3-3.

Vickery, John died..3-10; Vickery, Jesse W...3-10; Vickery, Thomas W...3-10; Vickery, Mrs. J.W..5-12; Vickery, John died, last Confederate vet..3-17; Vickery, Sol..9-22; Vickery, Kate..9-22; Vickery, J.W...11-3; Vickery, Dora Leigh..6-16; Vickery, Mrs. A.B...6-16; Volunteer Firemen..6-9.

Wade Block, mattress shop..9-29; Wainwright, Mrs. Rooks..6-9; Wainwright, Jewel..6-9; Wainwright, Gaddy..4-21; Wainwright, Coroner J.A..3-17; Wainwright, D.R..2-17; Wainwright, Drawdy buys home..3-17; Wainwright, Mrs. T.E...3-10; Wainwright, Clyde died..10-20; Wainwright, E.A...12-1; Wainwright place..10-6; Wainwright, J.A...12-1; Wainwright, Cury [Wasdin] died..12-1; Wainwright, W.R..8-25; Wainwright, R.J...12-1; Wainwright, E.C..10-20; Wainwright, M.J...12-1; Wainwright, R.F...12-22; Walker, Maxie..6-2; Walker, Mrs. Henrietta.12-8; Warden Melton..12-8; Ware Co. Medical Society..2-3; Warren, B.D...8-25; Warren, Hazel died..12-1; Warren, Earl..12-1; Warren, J.R..12-1; Warren, Ruth..12-1; Warren, Elton..12-1; Warren, Ellis..12-1; Warren, Louise..12-1; Warren, Harold..12-1; Wasdin, Dave killed..5-12; Wasdin, L.T..2-17; Wasdin, Mrs. Cury Wainwright died..12-1; Washington, J.D...9-8; Waughte, Mayor..6-9; Waughtel, Eli..5-18; Waughtel, Eli..1-27; Waughtel, C.W., Mayor..1-13; Waughtel, C.W...1-6; Waughtel, C.W...11-24; Waughtel, C.W..12-22; Welfare work for unemployed..9-1; Welfare Committee, gives out pork..10-13; Welfare work, Mrs. Edgar Allen..7-6; White, Hollis..3-17; White, Coy..3-17; White, Warden W.C. murdered..3-17; White, W.C..3-24; White, Mablene..3-17; White, W.C...1-6; White, W.C...1-13; White, Garrison..3-17; White, M.G...2-17; White, Garrison..8-4; White, George..10-6; Wildes, A.F..2-10; Wildes, M.Z...1-6; Wildes, Mrs. Preston..1-6; Wildes, W.Z...1-13; Wildes, Nancy Aderine..5-26; Wildes, Mack, making syrup..9-1; Wildes, Mrs. John died..12-22; Wildes, Mason..12-22; Wildes, J.P...12-22; Wildes, John..12-22; Wildflowers near railroad..3-31; Williams, Dr. A.D..2-3; Williams, Mrs. Archie..1-6; Williams, Eugene..5-26; Williams, Mrs. J.L...9-8; Wilson, O.F., Clerk..6-2; Wilson, O.F..1-6; Wilson, J.M., Sr..2-17; Wilson, O.F...12-8; Wilson, Mary Lee..9-8; Wilson, Clerk..7-21; Wilson, J.M., Sr...8-25; Wilson, Alva..7-21; Wingate, Mrs. Mayme..3-17; Wingate, Margery..3-24; Winokur, Garad-Jones wedding..4-21; Winokur, Winnie Prescott in CCC camp..5-12; Winokur, Lee-Johns wedding..8-25; Winokur, Lewis Henderson died..9-29; Wool prices..6-16; Wool prices..6-23; Woolard, Miss Ola..4-28; Wrench, Thomas..2-17; Wrench, T.W., editor..1-6; Wrench, James..2-17; Wrench, J.H...3-17; Wrench, Mrs. J.H..6-9; Wrench, Mrs. J.H...3-17; Wrench, Mrs. J.H...5-12; Wrench, Mrs. J.H...7-14; Wrench, T.W...8-25; Wrench, Thomas..7-14; Wrench, Ralph..8-25; Wrench, Editor to fly to NY..10-6; Wrench, Editor..8-25; Wrench, Ralph..8-4; Wrench, T.W...12-22; Wright, W.W...6-2; Wright, E.H...2-17; Wunderlisch, H.C...2-17.

Yarber, Mrs. W.W..8-4; Yarber, Louis..7-6; Yarber, Marvin..7-6; Yarber, W.W..7-6; Yarber, John..7-6; Yarber, William..7-6; Yarber, John..7-6; Yarber, Mrs. WW..7-6.

Charlton  County Archives