Index - Charlton County Herald - 1930

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

Ackerman, Johanne Meirlyn..2-7; Ackerman, Mrs. Sterling..2-7; ACL RR, E.T. Mizell died..4-25; ACL RR, water tanks..3-14; ACL RR visitor here..2-21; ACL RR, Alonza Jefferson Cason..6-20; ACL RR, tracks submerged in flood..9-12; ACL RR, Operator Johns..11-21; ACL RR, John R. Guinn..7-18; ACL accident..9-26; ACLRR, Hoover came thru..2-14; Airport Cafe..6-13; Aldridge baby..2-7; Aldridge, Vesta..2-7; Alexander, Margaret..11-21; Allen, Mary..5-16; Allen, E.F..2-14; Allen, Lawrence..11-21; Allen, J.C...7-11; Allen, E.F..9-26; Alltman, Mrs. Sam..2-21; Altman baby..2-14; Altman, E.C..3-7; Altman, Mrs. Ben A...2-14; Altman, Vicey..3-28; Altman, Elbert..2-21; Altman, M...3-28; Altman, S.M..2-14; Altman, Mrs. Ben A...2-21; Altman, Mrs. Charles..2-21; Altman, B.A..12-12; Altman, Sammy..10-17; Altman, E.C..12-5; Altman, Evelyn died..12-5; Altman, Valentine..8-8; Amarillo bulbs..7-4; Ambruster, Fred died..2-14; Anderson, W.C...3-28; Anderson, Edgar..5-23; Armstrong, Irene..8-29; Ashley, Jesse C...7-25; Askew, Leon..2-14; Askew, Leon..1-10; Askew, A.W., chicken theft..4-25; Askew, A.W..2-14; Askew, Louis..12-12; Askew, Mayme..8-29; Askew, Fred..8-29; Austin, Augusta..5-16; Aviation field, airport cafe..6-13; Aviation Field, snake..9-12; Aviation Field, "Miss Folkston" ready to fly..7-25; Aviation field, mail plane..7-18.

Baker, J.B..9-19; Baker, J.B...12-12; Banks Restaurant..6-6; Banks, W.E..2-14; Banks Restaurant..2-27; Banks, Mrs. W.E..10-3; Banks Restaurant..8-1; Banks Restaurant..8-1; Banks, Judge W.E..10-31; Banks Restaurant..12-12; Banks' Cafe..3-21; Barber shop, Layton..9-5; Barbour home ..1-10; Barker, John A...3-21; Barker, John A...5-23; Barker, Louise..5-23; Barker, John..4-18; Barker, John A...8-29; Barnes, J.H..2-14; Barnes, J.M., Jr..8-8; Barnes, J.H...9-26; Barnes, J.H..8-8; Bass, K.G...2-14; Bass, Mayor of Homeland..1-31; Bass, Lucy Belle..10-31; Bates, Carry..1-24; Batten, Lewis died..10-24; Battle, Helen..5-23; Bell Tel Co..5-23; Bell, Ernie..9-26; Bell, Robert..10-17; Bennett, Mrs. VanDell..4-18; Bennett, VanDell..4-18; Bethel, C.S...2-14; Bethel, C.S..12-12; Bethel, C.S..8-1; Birch, Lee Roy..11-21; Board of Education, funds on hand..7-4; Board of Education, W.R. Keene..6-20; Board of Education, being sued..2-21; Borck, Ernest..9-5; Bowers, Willie..3-7; Boyd, Marie..8-29; Boyd, J.H...8-15; Boyd, R.A...12-19; Braddock, Warren..8-8; Braddock, Woodrow..8-8; Braddock, Woodrow..10-31; Braddock, J.W..8-8; Braddock, Hazel..8-8; Braswell, Bessie..11-21; Brewster, Margaret..10-31; Bridge, Sparkman's Creek..4-18; Bridge, St. Mary River near St Geo..6-20; Bridge over Mims Creek..3-7; Bridge, over Cason Branch..9-19; Brightwell, Ruby..10-24; Brightwell, Ruby..8-29; Brock, T.G...2-7; Brock, Thomas..1-31; Brock, Milton..3-28; Brock, Thomas..10-31; Brock, Vernon..10-31; Brock, Milton died..10-31; Brock, Bennie..10-31 ; Brock, Milton..9-26; Brock, Nellie..10-31; Brock, George..10-31; Brock, F.E..10-31; Brockman, Helen..9-12; Brooks, P.G..2-14; Broom and mop factory..7-4; Broom factory..1-17; Brown, Robert..2-7; Brown, Sidney, injured..4-18; Brown, Willie..5-16; Brown, Solomon..7-11; Brown, William M...10-3; Brown, Mrs. Sidney..12-12; Brown, Mary Lee..12-19; Bruschke, Mr..12-12; Bryant child died..1-31; Bryant, Henry died..1-31; Bryant, Alex..2-14; Bryant, Ben..9-26; Bryant, H.P..9-26; Bryant, R.A..9-26; Buchanan, C.S..3-7; Buchanan, Dr. J.W..2-27; Buchanan house..3-7; Buchanan, Clarence..12-5; Buchanan Lake..8-1; Burgin, Dick..10-3; Burnsed, Sol..2-14; Burnsed, J.D...2-14; Burnsed, F.L...2-14; Burnt Fort, 4-H club camp..6-6; Burnt Fort landing..2-27; Burnt Fort Invest Co..2-27; Burnt Fort, William Mizell home place..2-14; Burnt Fort, A.J. Howard died..11-21; Byrd, Freeda..4-11.

Cain, Rev. W.P..2-14; Canaday, R.L..2-21; Canaday, S.F..2-14; Canaday, R.L..3-7; Canaday, Spencer..9-26; Canaday, J.M..9-26; Canaday, boys, found skeleton..12-5; Canaday, Knuten died..9-26; Canady, W.M...6-6; Canady, Margie Deloris..6-6; Canady, Mrs. J.P...6-6; Canady, Willie Mae died..6-6; Canady, Willie May..7-18; Canady, W.M...7-18; Carpenter, G.B...9-26; Carter, Riley..3-14; Carter, Frank..3-14; Carter, Mrs. Frank..3-14; Carter, Bill, very sick..2-27; Carter, Raiford..9-26; Carter, Gussie..8-29; Carter, Hansel..8-1; Carver, R.A..8-22; Casey, Mrs. W.N...12-19; Cason, A.J..6-20; Cason, Ernest..6-20; Cason, Alonza Jefferson died..6-20; Cason, Laurie..6-20; Cason, John..6-20; Cason, Freddie..6-20; Cason, Lod..6-20; Cason, Jim..1-3; Cason, Rosie..6-20; Cason, Louise Marion..6-20; Cason Branch, new bridge..9-19; Cason, A.J...8-1; Cason, Mrs. J.A..8-1; Cason, Mrs. A.J..11-14; Cassel, Russell..1-17; Cassell, Russell..2-14; Cassell, Virginia..9-5; Cemetery, Traders Hill..4-25; Cemetery, Sardis..6-20; Cemetery, Bethel..5-16; Cemetery, Emmeaus..5-9; Cemetery, Sardis..1-24; Cemetery, Traders Hill..6-20; Cemetery, Vickery..1-24; Cemetery, Sardis..2-21; Cemetery, Mills marker..3-7; Cemetery, Mt. Zion..6-6; Cemetery, Corinth..5-16; Cemetery, Folkston..3-28; Cemetery, Bethel, box supper to fence..3-14; Cemetery, Sardis..4-25; Cemetery, Thompson..2-14; Cemetery, North Prong..9-26; Cemetery, Traders Hill..10-31; Cemetery, Sardis..8-1; Cemetery, Emmeaus..10-24; Cemetery, Sardis..10-24; Cemetery, Sardis..11-14; Cemetery, Sardis, Jacobs..12-12; Cemetery, St. George, cleaning..8-29; Cemetery, Prospect, Dean..10-24; Cemetery, Homeland..7-18; Cemetery, Corinth, Howard..11-21; Cemetery, Traders Hill, Gay..11-21; Cemetery, Sardis, Shivar..11-28; Cemetery, Traders Hill..12-19; Census, 1930 enumerators..3-14; Census, 1930, business census..3-21; Census, 1930 enumerators..3-28; Census, U.S. takers..1-31; Census stats..7-11; Chamber of Commerce, amarilla bulbs..7-4; Chamber of Commerce..10-3; Chamber of Commerce..8-1; Chancey, Floyd..2-14; Chancey, W.H..2-14; Chancey, M.J..8-29; Chaney, Rev. S.A..4-11; Chapman, Eulabelle..12-19; Charlton County, road equipment..5-23; Charlton County Power Co..1-24; Charlton County Herald..3-14; Charlton, Rev. L.C..5-16; Charlton County Herald..1-3; Charlton County Power Co..4-25; Charlton, census stats..5-9; Charlton Co Herald..8-29; Charlton County Herald old bldg..11-7; Charlton County, stats..10-24; Cherry Point..3-14; Chesser, R.T..2-14; Chesser, Richard E...2-14; Chesser, J. Thomas..2-14; Chesser, W.C..3-7; Chesser, Clyde died..3-7; Chesser, Ben T...9-26; Chicken thief..7-4; Chicken thefts..5-23; Chicken thief..8-22; Chicken theif reward..8-15; Chicken thief reward..8-8; Chicken thief..8-8; Chisholm, Geo. W...2-14; Church, Presbyterian, to continue here..2-14; Church, Traders Hill Methodist..6-20; Church, Presbyterian, party to pay for piano..6-6; Church, M.E...1-24; Church, Corinth, torn down..2-14; Church Folk Bap, box supper..2-27; Church, Homeland Meth, Trachy memorial..6-20; Church, Corinth, completed..3-7; Church, Presbyterian, to disband..1-31; Church, Presbyterian, new members..5-9; Church, Folk Meth., Dr. Bob Jones to speak..2-14; Church, Prospect, Dean funeral..10-24; Church, Camp Pinckney Bap., Harrison B. Higginbotham, Jr...7-25; Church, Folk Bap., Spelling Bee..9-19; Church, Folk Meth..8-8; Church, Folk Bap, christmas bazaar..11-28; Church, Folk Bap, Spelling Bee..10-3; Church, Folk Meth, new heater..12-12; Church, Folk Meth, White SS class..10-17; Church, Sardis annual meeting..10-3; Church, Philadelphia, Shivar funeral..11-28; Church, Folk Bap..8-8; Chute, Eunice..8-29; Cigar business, Eli Waughtel..11-21; Citizens Bank..1-17; Citizens Bank..2-14; Citizens Bank..4-11; Citizens Bank..12-12; Citizens Bank..11-21; Citizens Bank..7-11; Citizens Bank..10-3; Citizens Bank..7-18; Citizens Bank..7-11; Citizens Bank..10-10; City Service Station..9-19; City Service Station..10-3; Civil War, John Vickery..1-24; Civil War, Jesse Grooms..1-24; Clark, Mrs., Homeland, chicken theft..5-23; Clayton, Martha..4-11; Cockrell, Gladys..5-9; Cockrell, S.T...2-14; Cockrell, Justin..9-26; Cockrell, S.T...12-12; Cockrell, Eleanor..8-29; Coleraine, sold to Hebard..4-18; Coleraine..10-17; Coleraine..8-22; Colson, J.D..2-14; Confederate veterans, only two..1-24; Confederate veterans, last two..1-10; Conley, Odessa..7-11; Conner, Ellen..1-24; Conner, L.S..2-14; Conner, Mr...9-26; Cooper, Mary..1-24; Cotton, from St. Geo..11-21; Cotton..7-25; Council, Rev Sam..12-19; County Agent Hursey..6-6; Court, jurors for spring term..2-14; Court, Jurors, fall term..9-26; Courthouse, cuspidors, heaters..3-7; Crawford, J.M..2-124; Crawford, Tom..8-8; Crawford, G.C..9-26; Crawford, Tom baby died..8-8; Crews, Mose..2-14; Crews, M.M..7-4; Crews, Eddie..6-6; Crews, Leila..5-23; Crews, Osie..6-20; Crews, Pratt..2-14; Crews, C.L...2-14; Crews, Elbert J...2-14; Crews, L.L..4-11; Crews, Nora A...5-16; Crews, Sam..5-23; Crews, Maude..5-23; Crews, Winnie..6-6; Crews, Lloyd..2-14; Crews, Wheeler..2-14; Crews, Mrs. Banner died..4-18; Crews, Eaton..12-12; Crews, Jack W..9-26; Crews, Elvin..11-14; Crews, Fulton..11-14; Crews, B.C..12-12; Crews, Kizzie..11-21; Crews, William..8-29; Crews, Ward..11-14; Crews, Mrs. Hamp died..11-14; Crews, Birdie May..11-14; Crews, Mary Elizabeth Thomas died..11-14; Crews, Bernice..11-14; Crews, Walter..11-14; Crews, Velma..11-14; Crews, Talmadge S...7-18; Crews, D.E..11-14; Crews, B.A..12-12; Crews, H.H..12-12; Crews, Eddie..12-12; Crews, Julian..8-8; Crews, Eddie..12-19; Cross ties, shipped..9-19; Cross ties, Buchanan..12-5; Crystal Ice Plant..10-3.

Daniel, J.W...2-21; Daniels, Irene..12-19; Darling, Mrs. Edward..1-24; Dasher, Minnie..1-3; Davidson, Prentice..8-8; Davis, M.G..5-9; Davis, Rev. M.G., theft of chickens..5-23; Davis, Jack..3-28; Davis, Mrs. E.P..2-14; Davis, L.M..2-21; Davis, Willie..3-28; Davis, Mrs. T...5-16; Davis, M.G...7-11; Davis, Bessie Lee..7-11; Davis, Mrs. H.J..8-1; Davis, W.W...8-22; Davis, S.J...8-22; Dean, E.F., Jr...2-14; Dean, Rev. E.F., census enumerator..3-14, 3-28; Dean, Emory farm..5-16; Dean & Gowen..6-6; Dean, Rev. E.F...2-7; Dean & Gowen..1-31; Dean, E.F., Jr...9-26; Dean, E.F..10-3; Dean & Gowen store.10-3; Dean, Mrs. E.F..10-17; Dean, Rev. E.F., Gay funeral..11-21; Dean, G.A..10-24; Dean, G.A..10-3; Dean, Rev. E.F., Jacobs funeral..12-12; Dean, T.L..10-24; Dean, G.A..10-3; Dean, Mrs. E.F., Sr...10-24; Dean, Guy..8-1; Dean Hardware Co..10-3; Dean, Rev. E.F..10-24; Dean, Rev. E.F...9-19; Dean, G.A..9-26; Dean, Rev. E.F...12-19; Dedan, E.F., Jr..10-24; Dellinger, E.B...8-1; Denmark, Mattie..12-19; Denmark, Kate..12-19; Depression, bank closings..6-13; Depression, Ads with CASH only in them..7-11; DeWay, Mr. M...6-13; Dickson, Curtis..2-14; Dickson, Sara Willey..10-24; Dinkins, Theo..2-14; Dinkins, J.W..9-26; Divan, Charles..8-29; Dixon, Arthur..6-6; Dixon, Nora Lee..6-6; Dixon, William..8-29; Dixon, Lee..8-29; Dougal, Juanita died..8-15; Dunbar, Miss , teacher..11-21; Dunston, Rev. C...8-15.

Editorial, new doctor and undertaker..1-24; Editorial, new kind of Psalm..10-3; Editorial, fruit from Fla..12-12; Editorial, Folkston best town..9-12; Editorial, fruit from Fla..12-19; Edwards, Nep..8-1; Edwards, Nep..8-15; Elections..10-17; Electric cooking, demonstration..10-10; Entertainment, Drum & Cornet band..1-24; Entertainment, Bowling alley..1-17; Entertainment, bowling alley..1-24; Entertainment, movies at school..2-27; Entertainment, Spelling Bee..9-19; Entertainment, Victrola concert..11-21.

Farming, tobacco..8-1; Farming, making syrup..11-28; Fire, Huling house..3-7; Fleming, Dr...3-7; Fleming, Dr. A..4-18; Fleming, James..4-18; Fleming, Dr. A..4-18; Fleming, Mrs. A..2-14; Fleming, Dr..10-31; Fleming, Dr...10-3; Fleming, Dr. A...9-26; Fleming, Dr., whooping cough..12-12; Fly quarantine..11-14; Folkston, city of, electricity..1-31; Folkston, city of, financial state..1-10; Folkston, city of, electric power..1-24; Folkston, new industry, broom factory..1-17; Folkston, issue of chain stores..3-14; Folkston Blacksmith Shop..2-14; Folkston, city of, parking spaces..3-7; Folkston, city of, bowling alley license..1-31; Folkston, population..5-9; Folkston, lower power rate..4-25; Folkston, city of, chain store issue..3-21; Folkston, census count..7-11; Folkston, to buy adjacent park land..10-3; Folkston, stores closing on Thurs..9-5; Folkston, bond elect. for water system..9-19; Folkston, city election..12-5; Folkston, city election..11-28; Folkston, Bond issue for water..9-26; Folkston Progress, discontinued..8-15; Foster, Harry..6-20; Fulford, Martha..11-21.

Ga. Power & Light Co..4-25; Ga. Industrial Home Drum & Cornet Corps..1-24; Ga. Power & Light, free ice..10-3; Ga.-Fla. Invest. Co..6-20; Ga.-Fla. Invest Co., cattle sold..12-12; Ga-Fla Invest Co..5-16; Games Wardens..11-21; Ganey, Lewis..11-21; Gary, Emily..8-29; Gay, Brantley..3-28; Gay, Josephine..6-20; Gay, Della..1-24; Gay, Tom..11-21; Gay, Dan..11-21; Gay, Jane..11-21; Gay, John..11-21; Gay, Warren..11-21; Gay, John..11-21; Geiger, Mrs. Henry..2-14; Geiger, Mrs. Harris..2-14; Geiger, Mrs. Frank..2-14; Geiger, Mrs. Henry..2-14; Gibson, Rev. W.O..2-21; Gibson, W.O...4-11; Gibson, Ana..5-23; Gibson, Rev. W.O..3-7; Gibson, Rev. W.O..6-6; Gibson, Steve, brown sugar..4-25; Gibson, Steve..4-11; Gibson, Charles H..2-14; Gibson, Rev. W.O..5-16; Gibson, H.G..4-11; Gibson, W.E..2-14; Gibson, Rev. W.O..5-16; Gibson, Mrs. M.N..10-24; Gibson farm, making syrup..11-28; Gibson, Ena..8-29; Gibson, Charles H..9-26; Gibson, W.O., Howard funeral..11-21; Gibson, W.E..12-5; Gibson, W.O..11-14; Ginliat, Mr..1-24; Godley, Thomas..10-24; Godley, Myrtle..11-21; Gowen, Althea..6-20; Gowen, A.G...6-20; Gowen, Hazel..5-23; Gowen, Clyde, to work for Ga-Fla..6-6; Gowen, J.W...2-14; Gowen, A.G..3-28; Gowen, Jessie..5-23; Gowen, Althea..5-23; Gowen, Dean..5-9; Gowen, Mrs. Andrew..1-24; Gowen, Annie..8-29; Gowen, G.R., alderman..12-5; Gowen, Mrs. J.V..10-24; Gowen, J.V., school trustee..8-22; Gowen, J. Dean..9-19; Gowen, Shep..10-31; Gowen, J.V...7-11; Gowen, Mrs. B.B..8-29; Gowen, J. Dean..9-26; Gowen, G.R..11-28; Gowen, Mrs. L.P...12-19; Green, Levie..10-10; Green, Altie..7-25; Greer, Mrs. J.R..6-20; Grier, Cora..4-25; Griffin, Rev. H.C...12-19; Grooms, Ora..1-24; Grooms, L.E..1-24; Grooms, Uncle Jesse..1-10; Grooms, Ralph..1-24; Grooms, Erny..1-24; Grooms, Jesse..1-24; Grooms, Earny..1-24; Grooms, Ernest..1-10; Grooms, Jesse..10-17; Grooms, E.N..9-26; Groover, D.D...8-15; Groover baby died..8-15; Gross, Ollie..12-12; Gross, Edward..12-12; Guinn, John R. died..7-18.

Hamilton, L.T..12-19; Hannon, Wilhemina..5-16; Hanon, Bertha..8-15; Harbaugh, Sara Virginia..5-23; Harden, Bert..8-29; Hardin, Joe..8-29; Harris, Jim..5-16; Harris, George..5-16; Harris, John..2-14; Harris, John, arranged Dr. Bob Jones visit..2-14; Harris, Erdly..5-16; Harris, Supt..1-31; Harris, Frank..5-16; Harris, Jim..5-16; Harris, Joseph died..5-16; Harris, Mrs. Joe..7-4; Harris, John..10-31; Harris, John..8-8; Harris, John..8-1; Hathaway home, escapes fire..4-18; Hathaway, J.A..8-8; Hayes, Mrs. A.M...11-14; Hayes, Sara Frances..7-11; Health, get rid of flies, mosquitos..3-21; Health, typhoid fever, Harris..5-16; Health, Whooping cough..3-28; Health, sleep medicine..7-11; Health, free ice to sick..10-3; Health, whooping cough..12-12; Hebard, Dan, bought Coleraine..4-18; Hebard, Mr., wild duck fed..11-28; Herty, Charles, paper from pines..11-14; Hickox, Mrs. James A..1-10; Hickox, A.E..3-28; Hickox, May..12-5; Higginbotham, Mrs. James..5-16; Higginbotham, Mrs. E.P...3-28; Higginbotham, Harrison B., Jr...7-25; Higginbotham, Clementine..7-25; Higginbotham, Helen..7-25; Highway, Folkston-Kingsland..4-18; Hodges, Herbert..5-9; Hodges, Rosebud died..5-9; Hodges, Myrtle..5-9; Hodges, G.C..5-2; Hodges, H.S..4-11; Hodges, Alex..5-9; Hodges, Fronie..5-9; Hodges, G.C..5-9; Hodges, Rosebud died..5-2; Hodges, Willmerine..5-9; Hodges, John E...5-16; Hodges, H.S..2-14; Hodges, V.A..2-14; Hodges, H.S...11-21; Hodges, V.A..11-28; Hodges, Gertrude..8-8; Hodges, Rev. O.H...8-15; Hodges, V.A..9-26; Hodges, V.A., tracks submerged..9-12; Hodges, Parson..8-1; Hodges, V.A..12-5; Hodges, Grover..11-21; Holt, Joe place..8-22; Homeland, population..5-9; Homeland, town council..1-31; Homeland, pioneer citizen Fred Ambruster..2-14; Homeland, voted to deed park to 4-H club..9-12; Homeland Park, to build lodge..12-12; Homeland Park..9-12; Hoover, President, thru Folkston..2-14; Hopkins Camp..3-7; Hopkins, W.C..2-14; Hopkins Camp..8-22; Hopkins, car..9-12; Hopkins, J.K..9-26; Horn, Dissie..8-15; Houston, Sam..4-11; Howard, Mrs. H.A..6-6; Howard, Christopher..11-21; Howard, May..11-21; Howard, Moses..11-21; Howard, Lucille..11-21; Howard, Corbett..11-21; Howard, Benjamin..11-21; Howard, Jewell..8-8; Howard, W.H..8-8; Howard, S.M...9-26; Howard, Joyce..8-8; Howard, Allen J. died..11-21; Howard, Earl..11-21; Howard, Charles..11-21; Howard, Lawrence..11-21; Huffman child, injured..4-25; Huling, Walter..3-7; Huling, Howard..5-23; Huling, W.L..12-12; Hunt, Alice Wainwright died..5-16; Huntley, Howard..6-6; Hursey 4-H Club Camp..6-6; Hursey, A.B., county agent, 4-H club camp..6-6; Hursey, County Agent..12-12; Hurst, Mrs. Allie..7-18.

Independent Merchants Assn..3-21; Ivey, Walter..10-17; Ivey, Elizabeth..10-17; Ivey, Owen..10-17; Ivey, Lola..10-17; Ivey, J.B. died..10-17; Ivey, Henry..10-17.

Jackson, W.M..5-16; Jackson, John L...10-17; Jacobs, Rev. G.H..5-16; Jacobs, G.H...2-14; Jacobs, Rev. G.H...3-7; Jacobs, Rev. G.H...7-18; Jacobs, Mrs. G.H. died..12-12; Jacobs, V.T..12-12; Jacobs, Mrs. C.W..10-24; Jacobs, G.H..8-8; Jacobs, Mrs. G.H. died..12-5; Jacobs, Rev. G.H...12-19; Jenkins, Luke..1-3; Johns, Ben..3-28; Johns, Franklyn..3-28; Johns, Art..3-28; Johns, Alfred..2-27; Johns, C.H...4-18; Johns, Jess..3-28; Johns, Ward..3-28; Johns, S.J...6-6; Johns, Lang died..1-3; Johns, Riley..2-14; Johns, Mr...1-3; Johns, Walter..3-28; Johns, A.D..11-21; Johns farm, making syrup..11-28; Johns, Lessie Mae..11-21; Johns, Lessie..11-21; Johns, Thomas..9-26; Johnson, J.H. sawmill commissary..5-2; Johnson, West..7-4; Johnson, Ottie..2-14; Johnson baby died..5-16; Johnson, Nora..6-6; Johnson, Charlotte..2-7; Johnson, W.F...5-16; Johnson, Eunice..5-23; Johnson, J.W..9-26; Johnson, Wesley..10-24; Johnson, Guy..10-24; Johnson, Mrs. W.J..7-25; Johnson, Russell..10-31; Johnson, Wilbur..11-21; Johnson, E.H..9-26; Johnson, J.E..11-21; Johnson, Joseph C..11-21; Johnson, Mrs. J.H..11-21; Johnson, J. Henry..12-12; Johnson, Wilbur..11-21; Jones, Thelma..2-7; Jones, Dr. Bob..2-14; Jones, Thelma..1-31; Jones, J.C...1-3; Jones, Jim..1-31; Jones, W.J...2-7; Jones, Jim..1-3; Jones, Agnes..1-3; Jones, Willis Baker..7-4; Jones, Ethel..6-13; Jones, Mrs. M.D..5-16; Jones, Ethel S...6-6; Jones, J.H..2-14; Jones, W.J..9-26; Jones, Dudley..10-17; Jordan, Mrs. M.J..7-4; Jordan, M.H...1-17; Jordan, M.J..7-4; Joyner, J.S..2-14.

Keen, Mrs. W.R. died..4-25; Keen, Nettie..4-25; Keen, Willie..4-25; Keen, Annie..4-25; Keen, Charlie..4-25; Keen, W.R..4-25; Keene, Nettie..6-20; Keene, William..6-20; Keene, Charles..6-20; Keene, Annie..6-20; Keene, William R. died..6-20; Keene, Nettie..8-29; Kelley, Lenard S...6-6; Kelley, Lynn..6-13; Kemp, Albert..2-14; Kemp, Velma..8-29; Kennison, B.W., tax collector..2-14; Kennison, Tip..8-1; Kight, M.L..10-31; Kight, Mrs. R.L...8-29; King, Mrs. W.C...2-14; King, Carolyn..3-7; King, John Allyn..8-29; King, Francis Martha..7-18; Kings Ferry, Mizells lived..2-14; Kingsland, electricity..12-12; Kirkpatrick, Mrs. H.B...12-19; Knabb, L...9-19; Knabb, L...8-1; Knabb, L...9-26; Knabb, L., turp. plant burned..9-5; Knabb, Gertye..8-29; Knox, Mrs. W.D..2-21; Kottman, Fred..9-26.

Lambert, Corbet..9-19; Lane, D.W..2-14; Lang, Mrs. Felder..2-14; Lang, Mrs. Gary..2-14; Langford, Congressman..9-12; Larkin, Floyd..1-17; Larkins, Floyd..3-21; Larkins, J. Floyd..9-26; Laster, Daisy..2-7; Layton's Barber Shop..9-5; Leckie, T.E..8-29; Lee, Noah..3-28; Lee, E.H...2-14; Liles, J.H..2-14; Liles, J.M..2-14; Lindsey, Ed..3-28; Littlefield, J.C..4-18; Littlefield, J.C., Sr..2-14; Littlefield, J.C., raft of piling..7-11; Littlefield, Mary Jane..8-29; Littlefield, J.C..12-12; Littlefield, J.C..8-1; Littlefield, J.C. III..12-12; Littlefield, J.C..12-12; Littlefield, J.C. home..8-22; Littles, Rev. L.H...5-16; Lloyd, Jeff..2-14; Lloyd, Lee..9-19; Lloyd, Herbert..8-22; Lloyd, Lee..11-21; Lloyd, R.M...8-1; lMizell, William, Jr..9-26; Lovell, John..3-28; Lowther, D.H...2-14; Lucious, Fulton..2-7; Lumpkins, Rosa Lee..4-11; Lyons, Pearl died..7-18; Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. [Pearl]..7-18.

Mallard, L.E..1-31; Mallard, Mrs. L.E..4-25; Mallard, L.E. house to be moved..6-20; Mallard, L.E..3-14; Mallard, L.E. injured..3-21; Mallard, L.E..2-14; Mallard, L.E., Dr. Wms campaign manager..6-6; Mallard, L.E. house moved..11-21; Mallard, L.E. house to be moved..10-31; Mallard, L.E..8-1; Maner, Pearl..5-16; Martin, E.L., Uptonville school..9-26; Martin, Otto..10-31; Martin, E.L., moving Uptonville schools..8-22; Martins, The, moved Mallard house..11-21; Masonic Hall, Spelling Bee..9-19; Masonic Temple..10-3; Masonic Temple..10-10; Mattox, Allie..1-24; Mattox, Vina..5-23; Mattox apartment house..10-17; McClain, Mrs. Hugh..10-31; McClain place..10-31; McCoy, Dr., moved into new place..1-31; McCoy, Dr. W.R., moves to Boston..3-28; McCoy, Dr. W.R., returns to Folk..4-25; McCoy, Dr. W.R., arm in splint..11-7; McCoy, Dr., treated Wilbur Thomas..8-15; McCoy, Billy..10-10; McCoy, Dr. W.R..10-10; McCoy, Dr. W.R., buys Strickler home..9-12; McDonald, L.M...11-21; McDonald, B.G., City Treasurer..12-5; McDonald, Helen..8-22; McDuffie, W.L..2-14; McDuffie, Monnie..5-23; McDuffie, Thyra..8-29; McLean, Vanice..3-7; McLean, T.H..3-7; McNair, Rev. J.A..6-6; McQueen, Col...1-31; McQueen home..1-31; McQueen, A.S., Editor Folk Progress..8-15; McQueen, Bill..10-17; Miller, Lilla Kirkland died..2-7; Miller, Lemuel E...2-7; Mills, S.F..3-7; Mills, Rudolph..3-7; Mills, Edgar..2-14; Mills, E.G..2-14; Mills baby..3-7; Mills, Kenneth..8-8; Mills, Walter..8-8; Mills, Mrs. F.D., Jr...8-29; Mills, Kenneth..10-17; Mills, Sam..11-28; Mills, James..8-29; Minchew, Mrs. B.W...3-28; Mingledorf, Rev...7-18; Mitchell, Cris..4-11; Mitchell, Cris..3-7; Mitchell, Arthur..12-19; Mizell, Jackson..2-14; Mizell, Gilbert M...2-14; Mizell, Joshua E...2-14; Mizell, William, Sr. died..2-14; Mizell, Jos. P...2-14; Mizell, Albert S...2-14; Mizell, Howard W..2-14; Mizell, Mrs. William, Sr..2-14; Mizell, William, Jr...2-21; Mizell, Mrs. Mattie died..2-21; Mizell, William..3-21; Mizell, E.T. died..4-25; Mizell, Gilbert..5-2; Mizell, William, Sr., A.C.L. respects..2-21; Mizell, Pratt..3-7; Mizell, Jos. P., chicken theft..4-25; Mizell, John D...2-14; Mizell, William, Jr..2-14; Mizell, William, Sr. died..2-21; Mizell, Jack..2-14; Mizell, Cliff..2-21; Mizell, Jim..5-9; Mizell, A.T..2-21; Mizell, T...2-14; Mizell, Mrs. A.T. died..2-14; Mizell, Mrs. Pratt..2-21; Mizell, T...2-21; Mizell, Helen..2-14; Mizell, Mrs. Jesse P...2-21; Mizell, Clifford..2-14; Mizell farm, making syrup..11-28; Mizell, Joanna..10-31; Mizell, Wm. Jr..8-1; Mizell, Mrs. N.R...12-12; Mizell, Mrs. Eustace..10-31; Mizell, Helen..12-12; Mizell, Mrs. J.D..11-28; Mizell, O.C., alderman..12-5; Mizell, Sheriff..12-5; Mizell, J.S..10-31; Mizell, J.F..9-26; Mizell, Jesse P...9-26; Mizell, J.P..12-12; Mizell, John D...9-26; Mizell, O.C...12-19; Mizell Finance & Mtg. Co..12-19; Moniac, Canady baby died..6-6; Moniac, population..5-9; Moniac, Canaday-Stokes wedding..3-7; Moniac, R.L. Canaday..2-21; Moniac, Altie Green..7-25; Moniac, L. Knabb turp. plant burned..9-5; Moniac, May Belle Thrift..7-18; Moniac, L. Knabb rebuilding turp still..9-19; Moniac, L.M. Reynolds..7-25; Moniac, census count..7-11; Monroe, Verena..9-19; Moody, Lillie May..7-18; Moody, Otis..7-18; Murray, Frank..5-2; Murray, Fell L..2-14; Murray, Bessie..5-23; Murray, Fell..3-28; Murray, Frank..3-7; Murray farm, making syrup..11-28; Murray, dog stand..10-3; Murson Hotel..3-14.

Nazworth baby..5-9; Nazworth, Jesse..5-9; Nazworth, Helen Irine..7-18; Nazworth, J.S...7-18; Nazworth, Doris..8-8; Nease, Rev. C.L..5-16; Nease, Rev. C.L..8-8; Neese, Rev. C.L...6-20; Neese, Rev. C.L..7-18; Nelson, Clyde..8-15; Newell, Brown-Maner wedding..5-16; Newell, road worked with new equip..5-23; Newspaper, Folk Progress discontinued..8-15; Newspaper, ChCoHerald new press..8-29; Nobles Garage..1-17; Nobles, Otis..8-29; Norman, Dillian..8-29; Norman, Mrs. Leslie..8-29;

O'Quinn, Etta..3-7; O'Quinn, Etta..2-21; O'Quinn, Bob..2-21; Osterman, Fred S...2-14; Osterman, Fred..8-29.

Pacetty, William..3-14; Page, H.C..9-26; Parham, H.C...8-29; Parham, Pauline..10-17; Parker, Mary Jane..8-1; Parker, Mary Jane..8-15; Passieu, C.J..3-14; Passieu Motor Co..2-21; Passieu, C.J..11-28; Passieu, Louie..10-17; Passieu, C.J., alderman..12-5; Passieu Motor Co...12-5; Passieu, Louie..8-8; Passieu, C.J..d9-26; Passieu, Mrs. C.J...10-3; Paxton Place, Reed-Laster wedding..2-7; Paxton Place, Spurlock Retort..2-21; Paxton, Parita..2-14; Paxton Place, Jackson-Allen wedding..5-16; Paxton Place..1-24; Paxton Place..9-19; Pearce, Marion..8-29; Pecan trees..2-21; Pecan grove, Brockman..9-12; Peeples, George..8-1; Peeples, Emily..8-1; Petty, Mrs. T.T..1-3; Petty, Jewell..2-21; Petty, Elijah..2-21; Petty, T.T..1-3; Petty, Tom..8-22; Pickren, T.L..2-14; Pickren, V.J...2-14; Pickren, Woodrow..2-14; Pickren Service Station..11-21; Pickren, Kathleen..10-17; Piling, Littlefield..12-12; Pittman, E.J. died..2-21; Pittman, Lloyd..6-20; Player, E. Eugene..7-4; Player, T.L..7-4; Player, T.E..2-14; Player, Hazel..8-8; Player, R.E..8-8; Player, Hazel..8-29; Poindexter, Rev. J.D..8-8; Poindexter, Rev. J.D..7-18; Poor Mans Club..3-14; Post office, St. George, rural route..1-24; Post office, St Geo, rural route..4-11; Post office, St. George, rural route..3-21; Post Office, St. Geo route, fell thru bridge..4-18; Post 0ffice, Folk..10-10; Post Office, Folk, close for Thanksgiving..11-21; Powell, Morris..1-31; Powell, Windell..8-8; Prescott, Cora..5-16; Prescott settlement, Corinth Church..3-7; Prescott, Claude..8-29; Prescott, John A...11-21; Prescott, Dr. Echols Wesley died..10-10; Prescott, Mollie..11-21; Prescott, O.M...9-26; Prescott, Ben..9-26; Prescott, Mrs. Robert..10-17; Prescott, Owen..9-26; Prevatt, O.K., chicken theft..5-23; Prevatt baby..10-3; Prevatt, J.A..12-12; Prevatt, O.K..9-26; Prevatt, O.K...10-3; Privett, Polly died, last confederate widow..2-14; Privett, Irwin..2-14; Privett, W.H..2-14; Prohibition Law..3-7; Purdom, James..2-14; Purdom, James..11-28.

Quarterman, J.H...6-20; Quarterman, Lester..5-23; Quarterman, W.H...6-20; Quarterman, Mrs. V.A..8-8; Quarterman, V.A..8-8; Quarterman, Cleo..8-8.

Racepond, Carters died..3-14; Racepond, Bill Carter..2-27; Racepond section, Jesse Grooms..1-24; Racepond, sawmill..4-25; Racepond Turpentine Co., E.E. Player..7-4; Racepond, John M. King..7-18; Ragin, R.W..7-4; Railroad agent Carver, St. Geo..8-22; Raulerson, J.D..2-14; Raulerson, James..2-14; Raulerson, W.O..9-26; Raylor, Oscar..9-12; Raynor, O.E...1-31; Raynor, Kathryn..8-8; Raynor, Lena Mae..12-5; Raynor, O.E..9-26; Raynor, O.E..12-5; Raynor, O.E., alderman..12-5; Raynor, O.E..11-28; Reddick, Rose..11-21; Reed, Lucious..2-7; Reid, Susie..2-14; Remling, Elizabeth died..1-31; Remling child died..1-31; Renshaw, W.E..9-26; Reynolds, D.W..2-14; Reynolds, L.M..9-26; Reynolds, L.M., cotton..7-25; Rhoden, Mrs. J.L...3-7; Richards, Mrs. Clayton..10-17; Rider, J.B..3-28; Rider, Reese, syrup..12-12; Rider, Reese..8-22; Riggs, Vinie..1-24; Rivers, Senator Ed..3-14, 3-21; Rivers, Senator Ed..8-22; Road, new county road Winokur-Conners Mill..10-17; Road taxes, delinquent..12-19; Robert, Verie..6-6; Roberts, L.E..6-20; Roberts, Arthur, census enumerator..3-28; Robinson, J.F..8-8; Robinson, A.E..8-8; Robinson, W.H..11-28; Robinson, Eula..8-8; Robinson, Ruby..8-8; Robinson, Julie..12-19; Roddenberry, Eloise..5-23; Roddenberry, Jim..1-3; Roddenberry, Ora..3-14; Roddenberry, Cecil..5-23; Roddenberry place..1-31; Roddenberry, G.S..2-14; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..8-29; Roddenberry, J.D..8-8; Roddenberry, Lizzie..12-12; Roddenberry, Marvin..10-17; Rodgers, Virginia..5-23; Rodgers, Ben H...2-14; Rogers, J.H..2-14; Rogers, Ira..9-26; Rowe, Henritta..11-21; Rowe, I.G...11-21; Rowell, Ollie..5-9; Rowell, Basha..5-9; Rowell, Spencer..11-21; Roy, C.E..2-14; Royal, D.A..2-14; Russell, J.P..2-14; Russell, Mrs. J.P..8-8; Russell, J.P..8-8; Russell, Jewell..8-8; Russell, Estelle..8-8; Russell, Sam..12-12; Russell, Rufus..12-12; Russell, Rufus..8-8; Russell, J.S..12-12.

School, Folkston grad. class..5-23; School, Prescott, to consolidate with Folk..6-6; School, all, all bills paid..6-6; School, Board of Ed..7-4; School, Charlton Co High, Althea Gowen..6-20; School, Uptonville, box supper..3-14; School, Folkston, movie machine installed..2-27; School, Moniac, fire..1-31; School, Moniac, bond issue fails..3-14; School, Canaday..1-31; School, Moniac, new desks not arrived..2-7; School, adults being taught to read, write..3-7; School, basketball games..3-7; School, school truck in danger on bridge..3-7; School, whooping cough..3-28; School, Folk Consol, trustees..12-12; School, election of trustees..12-12; School, Sardis teachers..8-29; School, Racepond teachers..8-29; School, St Geo, Glee Club picnic..10-10; School, Winokur, Evangelistic club from Wayx..10-17; School, Winokur, trustees..12-12; School, Charlton Co High, new teachers..11-21; School, Uptonville, remodeled..9-26; School, Uptonville, Union SS..8-8; School, sidewalk completed..8-22; School, Folkston teacher, Sara Frances Hayes..7-11; School, Racepond, trustees..12-12; School, Uptonville, trustees..12-12; School, Winokur teachers..8-29; School, Sardis trustees..12-12; School, St. Geo Consol, trustees..12-12; School, Moniac, new plans..8-8; School, teachers and bus drivers..8-29; School, high school teacher..8-29; School, Folk Consolidated teachers..8-29; School, Uptonville Consolidated teachers..8-29; School, St. George Consolidated, teachers..8-29; School, high school, teachers tests..8-1; School, Folkston, new teacher..10-24; School, Home Ec Teacher to be employed..8-22; School, Folk Colored, Industrial Work..12-5; School, Uptonville..8-22; School, Moniac, voted for bond issue..8-1; School, Moniac Consolidated teachers..8-29; School, Folkston, class officers..10-31; School, Screven Ridge, school bus..8-22; School, Folkston High, typewriter class..11-7; School, all of them, decline in attendance..12-5; Schoolhouse, Racepond, child hurt..4-25; Schools, closings..4-11; Schools, closings..4-18; Schools, State owes Charlton funds..8-1; Schools, total enrollment..9-12; Schools, Ga, school financial crisis..12-12; Scott, B.F...2-14; Scott, Carl..2-14; Scott Building..1-17; Scott Building..10-10; Sham, Rudolph C...7-18; Shivar, Ed., injured..3-28; Shivar, Eugene..5-23; Shivar, Ed., contractor on Corinth Church..2-14; Shivar, Ed, worked on Corinth..3-7; Shivar, Agnes..11-21; Shivar, E.W..11-21; Shivar, Contractor..8-22; Shivar, Edward W...11-28; Shivar, E.W..11-28; Shivar, James Samuel..11-28; Shivar, Ursulia, died..11-28; Shoemaker, Hilton..8-8; Sikes, Jim..7-4; Sikes, Mr., telephone exchange..7-4; Sikes, T.E..9-26; Sikes, J.O..9-26; Sikes baby..7-4; Silver Hill, cattle..12-12; Sinclair Station..5-9; Skipper, John..12-5; Smathers, Mrs. Frank..10-3; Smathers, Virginia..10-3; Smathers, Lura..10-3; Smathers, Frank..10-3; Smith, Agnes..5-16; Smith, Rev. J.B..5-9; Smith, Cassie..2-7; Smith, Everett..5-23; Smith, Mabel..8-29; Smith, Mrs. Mabel..10-17; Snowden, Demp..1-3; Snowden, Mary Elizabeth..7-4; Snowden, C.E..7-4; Snowden, Demp..8-22; Southwell, John..6-20; Southwell, J.B...5-9; Southwell baby..5-9; Spell, Catherine..8-8; Spurlock Retort Camp..2-21; St. George, Crews-Byrd wedding..4-11; St. George, population..5-9; St. George, census count..7-11; St. George, Dr. Prescott died..10-10; Stafford, Washington..12-19; Standard Service Station..11-21; Standard Oil, to build..10-31; Standard Oil Co...12-19; Stapleton, E.B...2-27; Stapleton, E.B., planted pecan trees..2-21; Stapleton, E.B...2-14; Stapleton, E.B...2-21; Stapleton, Chloris..8-29; Stapleton Pharmacy, wedding performed..10-31; Stapleton, E.B...12-12; Stapleton, Junior..10-17; Stephenson, Alma Loraine..4-18; Sterchi Brothers Furniture Co..10-10; Sterwart, George J..10-17; Stewart, Tracy..5-23; Stewart, Geo J...2-14; Stewart, George..5-9; Stewart, G.J...8-29; Stewart, Jean..10-17; Stokes, E.P..2-14; Stokes, Ida..2-21; Stokes, Ida..3-7; Stokes, R.E..3-7; Stokes, Mrs. J.J..6-13; Stokes, Noah..9-26; Stokes, Lewis E..d9-26; Stokes, Carlie Mae..8-8; Stokes, Mrs. Hazel..10-3; Stokes, S.C..9-26; Stokes, Fred..10-3; Stokes, Jasper L...9-26; Stokes, Festus N...9-26; Stokes, Mary..8-29; Stokes, Edwin..8-8; Strain, J.A..1-3; Strain, J.J..1-3; Strain, Mary..1-3; Stratton, Mrs. Grethel..11-21; Strickland, Mr. [bowling alley]..1-17; Strickler home, [M.G. White homeplace]..9-12; Suggs, W.L..8-1; Suggs baby..8-1; Sullivan, Shirley..5-9; Sullivan, Mrs. Thomas..5-9; Sullivan, Burley..5-9; Swilly, T.B., Med fly quarantine..9-26.

Tanner, T.N...12-19; Taylor, John, baby died..4-25; Taylor farm, making syrup..11-28; Taylor, Richard C..9-26; Telephone exchange..5-23; Telephone exchange..7-4; Telephone exchange..3-21; Telephone office..7-11; Thomas, W.L..4-18; Thomas, Allen, 2-14; Thomas, H.D..9-26; Thomas, W.L..8-15; Thomas, Ban..11-14; Thomas, Wilbur, Jr..8-15; Thompson, Henry..4-11; Thompson, Mayor..3-14; Thompson, Mayor..3-7; Thompson, W.D...9-26; Thompson, W.D., Mayor..12-5; Thompson, Mayor..11-28; Thompson, R.B..8-1; Thompson, Mayor..8-1; Thornton, Mrs. Thomas..11-14; Thrift, Josie baby died..6-6; Thrift, A.L..9-26; Thrift, May Belle..7-18; Thrift, A.L...9-26; Thrift, Jos..7-18; Thrift, Aaron..8-29; Tick quaranteen..8-1; Todd, Dexter..8-15; Toledo, Mrs. Polly Privett..2-14; Toledo, Brown-Johnson wedding..2-7; Toledo, Med. Fruit fly quarantine..9-26; Toledo, Ware-Daniels wedding..12-19; Tourists, reduced number..5-2; Toy, Mrs. R.M., recovered from illness..3-21; Toy, Rosa M...12-12; Trachy, Ann Elizabeth died..6-20; Trachy, Philip..6-20; Traders Hill, Lucious-Smith wedding..2-7; Traders Hill, Arthur and Nora Dixon wedding..6-6; Traders Hill, Mrs. Keene died..4-25; Traders Hill, population..5-9; Traders Hill, Keene-Gay marriage..6-20; Traders Hill, Bob O'Quinn..2-21; Traders Hill, Brock-Jones wedding..2-7; Traders Hill, Quarterman-Gowen wedding..6-20; Traders Hill, Joseph Harris died..5-16; Traders Hill, Jenkins-Dasher wedding..1-3; Traders Hill, Jim Jones..1-3; Traders Hill, census count..7-11; Traders Hill, Vick-Williams wedding..9-19; Traders Hill, Brown-Conley wedding..7-11; Traders Hill, Birch-Alexander wedding..11-21; Traders Hill, Davis-McDonald..8-22; Traders Hill, Kate Denmark died..12-19; Tucker, Theodore..10-24; Tucker, Stella..10-24; Turner, Annette..8-29; Typhoid fever, Mrs. Joe Harris..7-4; Tyson, J.S., Jr., city assessor..12-5; Tyson, Stella..10-17; Tyson, Caroline..10-17; Tyson, Eloise..10-17; Tyson, Harold..10-17; Tyson, J.S., Sr...8-15; Tyson, Marguerite..10-17; Tyson, Elizabeth..10-17; Tyson, H.H. died..10-17.

Uptonville, Myrtle Wainwright..2-27; Uptonville, Crews-Byrd wedding..4-11; Uptonville, Cason working for ACL..6-20; Uptonville, 1930 census..3-28; Uptonville, Lawson Sham..7-18; Uptonville, census count..7-11; Uptonville, Union S.S...8-8; Uptonville, Mrs. Hamp Crews died..11-14; Uptonville, Todd-Walker wedding..8-15; Uptonville, Mitchell-Robinson wedding..12-19.

Vallerchamp, Pearl..5-2; Vick, Powell..9-19; Vickery, J.W., Jr...5-23; Vickery, Thomas W...1-24; Vickery, Mary..1-24; Vickery, Thomas..1-24; Vickery, John..1-24; Vickery, J.W..2-14; Vickery, Jesse W...1-24; Vickery, J.W..3-14; Vickery, John..1-10; Vickery, John, 91 birthday..10-17; Vickery, Fermon..8-8; Vickery, Fermon..10-17; Victor caravan, victrola..11-21.

Wainwright, James..1-3; Wainwright, Coroner..1-3; Wainwright, Mrs. J.C. died..1-3; Wainwright, Jimmie..1-24; Wainwright home on Main St..1-31; Wainwright, W.H...5-16; Wainwright, Connie..6-6; Wainwright, R.D..5-16; Wainwright, Irwin..3-7; Wainwright, Hamp..3-7; Wainwright, Sam..3-7; Wainwright, Mrs. W.R., chicken theft..4-25; Wainwright, Myrtle..2-27; Wainwright, G.B..2-27; Wainwright, W.R..5-16; Wainwright, E.D..5-16; Wainwright, J.P..5-16; Wainwright, C.O..5-16; Wainwright, Mrs. W.R..10-3; Wainwright, E.D...12-5; Wainwright, R.F..7-18; Walker, Johnie..6-6; Walker, Winnie..3-7; Walker, James D..3-7; Walker cottage..4-25; Walker, Lula..8-15; Wall, Van C., new atty...1-31; War, Spanish veterans..5-9; War, Spanish American, vets..7-11; War, Civil, veteran John Vickery..10-17; Ward, Alma..3-28; Ward, H.B..3-28; Ward, Floyd died..3-28; Ward, Mrs. W.W..3-28; Ware, Arthur..12-19; Warren, Jack..8-29; Wasdin, Errol..5-23; Wasdin, Erroll..2-21; Wasdin, L.T..9-26; Wasdin, Cecil M...11-21; Waters, Allie R...1-17; Waughtel, Eli..2-14; Waughtel, Mayor..1-31; Waughtel, C.W..3-14, 3-21, 3-28; Waughtel, Mayor C.W...2-14; Waughtel, Eli..11-21; Waughtel, C.W., printed ads for pecans..11-21; Waughtel, Eli..12-12; Weather, snow fell in Folk Thursday..1-31; Weather, flood in N. Fla..9-12; Welch, W.E..6-20; Welker, Mrs. A.D...12-12; White, M.G., sold Coleraine..4-18; White, George William..1-24; White, M.G...1-24; White, Mrs. George..6-20; White, M.G..7-4; White, Supt...10-17; White, Harold..10-17; White, George..10-17; White, John..10-17; White, M.G..8-22; Wildes, Mrs. Mark..3-28; Wildes, John homeplace burned..8-1; Williams, Dr. A.D., to run for congress..4-11; Williams, Dr., chicken theft..5-23; Williams, Dr...4-18; Williams, Lois..4-11; Williams, Dr..5-9; Williams, Dr. A.D., running for congress..6-6; Williams, Lois..3-7; Williams, Dr. A.D., Congress race..5-23; Williams, Mary..3-7; Williams, Dr., planted pecan trees..2-21; Williams, Dr. A.D., new bldg..11-7; Williams, Dr. A.D..8-1; Williams, Dr..8-22; Williams, Eugene..8-8; Williams, Dr...8-1; Williams, Dr. A.D.,,lost congress race..9-12; Williams, Dr. A.D..7-11; Williams, Dr...10-3; Williams, Dr..9-26; Williams, Dr., congress campaign..8-8; Williams, Oscar..8-15; Williams, Ethel Mae..9-19; Williams, Susie Lee..9-19; Wilson, O.F..2-14; Wilson, Rev. G.R..3-28; Wilson, Owen..1-31; Wilson, Donald..8-1; Wilson baby..8-1; Wilson, O.F., city clerk..12-5; Wilson, Owen..11-28; Wilson, Johnny..8-1; Wilson, Johnny..8-1; Winokur, L.M. Davis..2-21; Winokur, Crews-Crews wedding..6-6; Winokur, Johns-Wainwright wedding..6-6; Winokur school truck.2-21; Winokur, J.J. Strain..1-3; Winokur, new RR siding..1-31; Winokur, 1930 census..3-28; Winokur, Wasdin-Crews wedding..11-21; Winokur, census count..7-11; Winokur, Talmadge S. Crews..7-18; Winokur, Johnson-Johns wedding..11-21; Winokur, road to Conners Mill..10-17; Winokur, Hamilton-Brown wedding..12-19; Woltz, John D...10-31; Woodard, Jack..9-26; Woodmen of the World..6-20; Woodmen of the World, election of officers..12-12; Woodmen of the World..8-1; Wrench, T.W..1-24; Wrench, T.W..1-3; Wrench, T.W...5-9; Wrench, Thomas..5-23; Wrench, Ralph..8-29; Wrench, Thomas, Jr..8-29; Wrench, T.W...7-11; Wrench, T.W..9-26; Wrench, Editor..8-29; Wrench, Board of Ed Chm..8-22; Wrench, Mrs. J.H..8-29; Wrench, James H...7-11; Wrench, James..12-12; Wright, Vivian..6-13; Wright, Annie..12-12; Wright baby..6-6; Wright twins..3-7; Wright, C.M...3-7; Wright, Carroll..6-6; Wright, Carroll..6-13; Wright, Annie..12-19; Wright, Vivian..7-18; Wright, C.J..7-18; Wright, Mr. [Hawley]..12-19; Wright Motor Co. sold..12-19; Wunderlich, Mr...12-12.

Zipper, clothes fastener..11-28.

Charlton  County Archives