Index - Charlton County Herald - 1929

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

ACL RR, Morris Powell..3-15; Airplane lit here..6-28; Airplanes over Folkston..1-11; Airplanes, beacons to keep them on course..10-11; Airplanes, can see painted FOLKSTON on bldg..8-30; Airplanes, fleet flew over Folkston..10-18; Airplanes, Mingo Stewart..5-3; Airplanes, seen at night..6-14; Airplants..2-2; Alexander, E. died..6-14; Alexander, E..3-29; Alexander, Mrs. E..6-14; Allen Furniture Co..2-15; Allen, A.A..9-27; Allen, A.A..9-6; Allen, Bob..4-12; Allen, Edgar..4-12; Allen, Eula [Catoe] died..9-6; Allen, G.W..3-22; Allen, G.W..9-6; Allen, Joe..1-4; Allen, Margie died..4-12; Altman, B.A..9-27; Altman, Ben A..4-26; Altman, C.J..3-22; Altman, C.J..4-26; Altman, Elbert..4-26; Altman, M..4-26; Altman, Rev. E.M..4-26; Altman, S.M..4-26; Anderson, H.M..3-22; Armstrong, Irene..7-5; Askew grocery business, Main St..2-2; Askew Grocery, closes..4-26; Askew's Grocery..3-15; Askew, A.W...10-4; Askew, A.W..3-22; Askew, Fred..1-4; Askew, J.W..3-22; Askew, James..9-20; Askew, Mayme..7-5; Askew, Newton..9-27; Austin, J.F..10-25; Automobile stats in county..4-12; Automobile wreck..7-5; Automobile, wreck..7-5; Automobiles, unsafe drivers..6-14; Aviation Blvd..2-2; Aviation Field activity..2-2; Aviation field, about ready to open..4-12; Aviation field, beacon light, fence..2-22; Aviation Field, cottage ready..5-10; Aviation field, cutting high trees..6-14; Aviation field, hangars being built..9-6; Aviation field, inn, hangar being built..9-13; Aviation field, inspected..6-28; Aviation Field, lights turned on..8-16; Aviation Field, Mingo Stewart..7-19; Aviation field, more work..5-24; Aviation Field, nearly ready..4-26; Aviation field, pilot moves here..10-18; Aviation field, planes in storm..10-4;

Baker, Mrs. J.B...2-8, 2-15; Banks, Dr. W.E., statistician..5-17; Banks, W.E..3-22; Banner, Porter..5-17; Barker, john A..3-22; Barnes, Chief..6-7; Barnes, Chief..8-23; Barnes, Mrs...4-26; Barnwell, Lindy died..7-5; Beaty, B...5-10; Beaty, Donnie Hugh..5-10; Bethel, C.S. store..2-8; Bethel, C.S., WOW counsul..4-26; Black, A.O...8-2; Blackbottom, new subdivision..2-22; Blackman, W.H..6-28; Blackshear Road, experimental crops..2-22; Bliss, A.C..9-27; Bliss, Dr. A.C., Chiropractor, Homeland..3-22; Bottling Works, Sam Mills home..5-10; Boughner, J.C..1-4; Bowling alley..7-19; Box, Mrs. died..4-19; Boxing match at air port..10-4; Boxing match..10-11; Boyd, Marie..7-5; Boyd, R.A..9-27; Braddock, J., works for Coast Line..10-25; Bradley, Belle..1-18; Bradley, Lois Elizabeth..9-27; Bradley, Pete..9-27; Brantley Co Comm. visit here..4-12; Bridge, Burnt Fort now open..5-3; Bridge, Burnt Fort toll, storm water over..10-4; Bridge, Burnt Fort tolls..5-24; Bridge, Burnt Fort, claims against..7-5; Bridge, Burnt Fort, ready..4-19; Bridge, Burnt Fort, water covers..10-11; Bridge, St. Marys, Tick and fly inspectors..7-19; Bridge, Stanley Branch..8-23; Brightwell, Ruby..7-5; Brooks County school children hurt..10-18; Brooks, Cecil..7-12; Brooks, Claude..7-12; Brooks, Faye..7-12; Brooks, Groom..6-21; Brooks, Horace..7-12; Brooks, Jesse died..7-12; Brooks, John..7-12; Brooks, P.C..7-12; Brooks, P.G..7-12; Brooks, Vine..7-12; Brooks, W.C...2-2; Brown, Claude D..10-25; Brown, Doris died..10-25; Brown, J.B..5-3; Brown, Mrs. J.M..8-16; Brown, Mrs. [Mattox]..1-11; Brown, S.H..3-22; Brown, S.H..9-27; Bryant, H.P..9-27; Bryant, H.S..9-27; Buchanan dam, being repaired..2-15; Buchanan Dam, heavy rains wash away..2-2; Buchanan, Dr. J.W., raising rabbits..5-10; Buckhalter, J.A..9-27; Burch, Ralph..3-22; Burgin, Annie Lois..9-27; Burnsed, Harley..7-5; Burnt Fort Bridge completed..4-19; Burnt Fort Bridge, claims against..7-5; Burnt Fort Bridge, now open..5-3; Burnt Fort Bridge, tolls..5-24; Burnt Fort bridge, water covers..10-11; Burnt Fort, fishing..5-3; Burnt Fort, flooded..10-4; Burnt Fort, Johnny Wells..9-20; Burnt Fort, Johns, Howard..6-21; Burnt Fort, Mizell Brothers..8-9; Bussey, Mrs. Charles..5-24;

Canaday, S.F..3-22; Canady, Aaron..7-5; Cannon Place..7-19; Carpenter, B.G..3-22; Carpenter, Mrs. G.B...1-11; Carter, Allen..3-22; Carter, Emma C...8-16; Carter, Gussie..5-17; Carter, Gussie..8-9; Cartoon, concerning air mail plane..9-13; Carver, R.C., former depot agent..4-26; Casket, seven feet long for John Register..5-17; Cason, F.B. died..7-26; Cason, Frances..7-26; Cason, W.H..7-26; Cason, W.W..7-26; Cassell, O.A..10-4; Catoe, Mrs. Eula A. died..9-6; Catoe, Mrs. W.R. died..9-6; Catoe, Pauline..5-17; Catoe, W.R..9-6; Cattle dip day..2-2; cattle dipping..7-19; Cemetery, Allen..9-6; Cemetery, Bethel..5-10; Cemetery, Bethel..7-12; Cemetery, Bethel..7-12; Cemetery, Boone Creek..3-8; Cemetery, Corinth, Box..4-19; Cemetery, Folkston, Franks..1-18; Cemetery, Folkston..4-12; Cemetery, Folkston..6-14; Cemetery, Folkston..7-26; Cemetery, Lowther, Wrench visits..5-3; Cemetery, Mills Chapel..2-15; Cemetery, Mt. Zion is probably in Fla...1-11; Cemetery, Mt. Zion near Moniac, double funeral..1-11; Cemetery, Mt. Zion..9-6; Cemetery, Oak Grove, re-fenching..3-8; Cemetery, possibly St Geo Black, Freeman..6-28; Cemetery, Sardis, Chesser..3-1; Cemetery, Sardis, Rider..4-19; Cemetery, Sardis..4-26; Cemetery, Sardis..6-21; Cemetery, Saucer Branch..8-23; Cemetery, St Geo Black, Tucker..1-11; Cemetery, St. Geo refence project..3-8; Cemetery, St. George, new fence..4-5; Cemetery, St. George, Welch..1-11; Cemetery, St. George..1-4; Cemetery, St. George..10-25; Cemetery, Vickery..1-18; Cemetry, St. George fence completed..4-26; Chamber of Commerce..10-4; Chancey, Glen..9-20; Chancey, Glynn..10-4; Chancey, W.L..9-27; Charlton County census stats..4-12; Charlton County Court, petition opposing..2-2; Charlton County Herald, sub. campaign..10-4; Charlton County Herald, to move..3-22; Charlton County Herald..1-4; Charlton County Jail, nearing completion..6-28; Charlton County Jail, new steel cells, brickwork..3-8; Charlton County Jail..nearly completed..3-29; Charlton statistics..2-2; Chasteen, Judge T.V., Jr...3-8; Chesser, Allen died..3-1; Chesser, Ben T..3-22; Chesser, Ben..3-1; Chesser, Harry..3-1; Chesser, J. Thomas..3-22; Chesser, Mattie..3-1; Chesser, Mrs. Zeke..3-1; Chesser, Robert..3-1; Chesser, Vannie..3-1; Chisholm baby..9-20; Chisholm, Joe..9-20; Chisholm, Leon..7-5; Chism, R.L...9-27; Chismn, Willie W..3-22; Church, Folk Bap Parsonage, Dr. McCoy living there..3-22; Church, Folk Bap, Odd Fellows sermon..3-29; Church, Folk Bap, sunrise service, beginning new bldg..8-16; Church, Folk Bap., mortgage, to complete church..10-18; Church, Folk Meth, adjourn, storm..10-4; Church, Meth. S.F. Mills funeral..2-15; Church, Methodist, Octagon wrappers buy fridg..1-11; Church, Mills Chapel..2-15; Church, Mt. Zion, revival..7-26; Church, Philadelphia FW Bap., Rev. Coursey..4-26; Church, Presbyterian lot..9-13; Church, Presbyterian, Alexander funeral..6-14; Church, St Geo Bap..8-16; Church, St. Geo Bap., Gooden died..1-4; Chute, Eunice..8-9; Citizens Bank, directors meeting..9-20; Citizens Bank, to call loans in when timber sold..3-29; Citizens Bank..10-4; Citizens Bank..5-30; Citizens Bank..7-12; Clements, Ivan C...9-6; Cobb, Georgia..6-7; Cockrell, Eleanor..7-5; Cockrell, Gladys..7-5; Colony Co., 1904..1-11; Colson, Joel E. died..3-1; Colson, Mrs. John W..4-26; Colson, T.J...3-22; Colson, Tom..3-1; Colson, William..3-1; Condon, R.E..3-22; Confederate veteran Mills died..2-8; Conner, Mrs. L.S..2-8; Connors, Upchurch..5-17; Cook, Mary..8-30; Cook, Miss L...9-27; Cooper, Rev. W.C...10-25; Corneal, Norma..4-5; Cotton crop..10-4; Cotton, ready to pick..7-19; Council..5-17; County Agent Hursey, experimental crops..2-22; County Agent Hursey, experimental figs..3-22; County Comm., metting in Masonic Lodge bld..4-5; County Court, petition opposing..2-2; Coursen, Mrs. E.F..7-12; Coursey, Rev. C.C...4-26; Court, case nol prossed..10-18; Court, cases disposed of..10-11; Court, hangman's noose, 1903..1-4; Court, jurors..9-27; Courthouse clock..1-18; Courthouse clock..5-17; Courthouse, 114 new chairs..3-8; Courthouse, clock..3-1; Courthouse, Jail, nearly completed..3-29; Courthouse, moving in..5-17; Courthouse, nearly finished..3-22; Courthouse, next meet of Co Comm to meet there..4-5; Courthouse, ordered opera chairs for courtroom..2-8; Courthouse, plastering..2-22; Courthouse, ready for roof..1-18; Cowhouse Island, Mrs. Bryant Crews died..4-5; Crawford baby died..1-18; Crawford, Chauncey..5-30; Crawford, Dep Sheriff..8-30; Crawford, Farley baby injured..10-25; Crawford, J.M..3-22; Crawford, Joe's daughter died..1-11; Crawford, Joe..1-11; Crawford, John..1-18; Crawford, Julius..1-4; Crawford, Kate..3-8; Crawford, Mrs. Kate..8-2; Crawford, Silas's son died..1-11; Crawford, Silas..1-11; Crews baby..1-25; Crews, A.C..9-27; Crews, Bryant..4-5; Crews, Buddy..8-9; Crews, Eddie..3-22; Crews, H.H., Tax Receiver..5-17; Crews, H.H...9-27 ; Crews, Hamm..2-8; Crews, Hamp..2-8; Crews, Hamp..4-5; Crews, Hardy..2-8; Crews, J.M..3-22; Crews, J.W..9-27; Crews, Julian, new baby..1-25; Crews, Julian..3-22; Crews, Lydia, donated lot for beacon light..4-12; Crews, Macie..2-8; Crews, Mose..3-22; Crews, Mrs. Bryant died..4-5; Crews, Mrs. Charley..7-12; Crews, Robert B. died..2-8; Crews, S.A..9-27; Crews, Thomas..8-9; Crews, Will M..9-27;

Davis, Bessie Lee..5-17; Davis, H.J., sells store to Stokes..8-2; Davis, H.J..1-4; Davis, H.J..3-22; Davis, H.J..7-19; Davis, Howard..6-28; Davis, Rev. M.G..4-5; Davis, Ruby..7-19; Davis, S. Jack..3-22; Davis, W.W., Jr...3-22; Davis, Wash..4-5; Davis, Will died..8-23; Davis, Wm...3-22; Daytonia steamer..6-28; Dean & Gowen, radio boxing match..3-1; Dean, E.F. [sr. probably] car wreck..3-15; Dean, E.F., Jr..9-27; Dean, Emory, injured in wreck..3-15; Dean, G.A..9-27; Dean, Rev. E.F., Sr. letter about schl expenses..7-12; Dean, Rev. E.F..1-11; Dean, Rev. E.F..1-4; Dell, J.P...8-23; Dell, Mrs., telephone Co..8-23; Dempsey, Jack, passes thru on train..1-11; Depression, 32 tax sales..6-7; Depression, economic..3-29; Depression, Sheriff sales..6-14; DeWay, Chairman, aviation field..7-19; DeWay, Mr., aviation field..9-6; DeWitt, Mrs. May..6-21; Divan, C.W...9-27; Dixie Lake, rains broke dam..2-2;

Editorial, bowling alley left, etc..9-13; Editorial, bowling and horseshoe pitching pasttimes..6-21; Editorial, children learning patriotism..9-13; Editorial, friendly mule and calves..10-4; Editorial, telephone at depot..5-17; Editorial, who has flu..1-18; Edwards, Laura..2-22; Ellis, E.W., Foreman GS&F..2-8; Ellis, John..6-28; Enedy, Susie..2-2; Entertainment, bowling alley..7-19; Entertainment, box match, radio, up town, girls..3-1; Entertainment, boxing match..10-11; Entertainment, boxing match..10-4; Entertainment, boxing match..9-20; Entertainment, boys learning to box..3-15; Entertainment, football games..10-4; Entertainment, Paxton Theater..4-26; Entertainment, vaudeville..4-26; Enyedy, Susan..5-17; Experimental plot, fig trees..3-22;

Farmers, high taxes, etc., in Dean letter..7-12; Farmers, poultry train..5-3; Farming, cotton..7-19; Farming, melons..7-12; Farming, poultry train..5-10; Farming, raising rabbits..5-10; Farming, sweet pot. plants..3-22; Filling station, Norwood..1-25; Fire, George Stewart home..1-11; Fire, Mingo Stewart..6-7; Fire, Stokes home..5-10; Fleming, Dr. A..3-22; Fleming, Dr., Col McQueen's leg..7-12; Fleming, Dr., palm trees planted..1-25; Fleming, Dr., treating Mr. Dean..3-15; Fleming, Dr., typhoid threat..10-4; Fleming, Dr...6-21; Fleming, Dr...7-5; Fleming, Dr..10-4; Folkston cotton gin..10-4; Folkston Progress, Editor McQueen..7-12; Folkston Telephone Co...8-23; Folkston Womans Club, new officers..5-17; Folkston Womens Club, gives books to school..10-25; Folkston womens club, landscaping schl..3-1; Folkston, painted on top Masonic bldg..8-30; Franks, J.P. died..1-18; Frazier, Ella..7-5; Freeman, Lizzie died..6-28; Friday, Sam, died..7-5; Furniture Co., Allen..2-15;

Game Warden, Albert Phillips..1-11; Game Warden, Albert Phillips..8-30; Garrison, J.P..5-30; Gay, Mr...7-5; George, Senator..2-15; Georgia Hospital Day..4-26; Gibson home..4-12; Gibson, C.E..7-5; Gibson, Charles H., dairy..3-29; Gibson, Charles H..9-27; Gibson, Emma Irene Altman died..4-26; Gibson, Ena..8-9; Gibson, Grady H...3-22; Gibson, Grady, to move..10-11; Gibson, Grady..3-22; Gibson, Irene..4-26; Gibson, Lorene..4-26; Gibson, Marcelle..4-26; Gibson, Mrs. Grady..3-1; Gibson, Mrs. W.E..4-26; Gibson, Ordinary H.G..2-8; Gibson, Ordinary H.G..9-6; Gibson, Ordinary, moving in new courthouse..5-17; Gibson, Ordinary..1-4; Gibson, Ordinary..6-28; Gibson, Ordinary..6-7; Gibson, Ordinary..8-16; Gibson, Ordinary..9-27; Gibson, Rev. W.O...4-12; Gibson, Rev. W.O...4-5; Gibson, Rev. W.O..3-1; Gibson, Rev. W.O..4-19; Gibson, Rev. W.O..6-21; Gibson, S.G..9-27; Gibson, W.O..9-27; Gibson, Wallace..4-26; Gooden Henry Moody died..1-4; Gooden, Dorothy H...3-8; Gooden, Dorothy Helen died..8-16; Gooden, E...1-4; Gooden, E.D...8-16; Gooden, Jane..8-16; Gooden, Vera..8-16; Gooden, W.D..8-16; Gowen, A.G..3-22; Gowen, Annie..7-5; Gowen, Annie..8-9; Gowen, B.B...3-22; Gowen, B.B..6-7; Gowen, Cecil..6-28; Gowen, Cecil..8-9; Gowen, Dean alerted citizens of fire..2-8; Gowen, G.R..3-22; Gowen, Helon M. (Doll)..6-7; Gowen, J.V. flu..2-8; Gowen, J.V., fishing..5-10; Gowen, J.V...6-7; Gowen, Kline Eugene..5-17; Gowen, Kline..7-5; Gowen, Mrs. B.B..7-5; Green, Evelyn..4-19; Green, R.W...4-19; Grooms, E.N..9-27; Grooms, J.S..9-27; GS&F Railroad, Sam Friday..7-5; GS&F RR at St. George..5-30;

Hall, contractor, remodeling old P.O. on Main St..2-2; Hanging knot, when Sheriff was Mattox..1-4; Harris, John, St Geo new home heating system..10-25; Harris, John, to give tests..5-17; Harris, John, to teach in college..2-22; Harris, Senator..2-15; Harris, Supt., moving in new courthouse..5-17; Harrison, R.W..6-14; Hatcher, Roosevelt, murder..10-11; Hathaway, Mrs. Elizabeth..7-26; Hayes, Sara Frances..7-5; Health, flu epidemic..1-11; Health, flu epidemic..1-4; Health, Pellagra, Mrs. Rider..4-19; Health, typhoid fever..4-12; Health, typhoid..10-4; Hen in tree, setting eggs..4-5; Henderson, Lizzie died..7-19; Hercules Camp, murder..10-11; Hercules Camp..6-28; Hercules Camp..7-26; Hercules Co. to move..2-2; Herrin, Marie..9-6; Hickox, D.W..4-5; Hickox, Homer..4-5; Hickox, Homer..5-3; Hickox, I.T., funeral of Mrs. Bryant Crews..4-5; Hickox, I.T...5-10; Hickox, I.T..9-27; Hickox, Manning..4-5; Hickox, Manning..5-3; Hickox, Mrs. Lucy died..5-10; Highsmith, Beaureguard..6-21; Highsmith, Charlie..6-21; Highsmith, Eunice..6-21; Highsmith, Grover..6-21; Highsmith, Sol died..2-15; Hightower, E.W., airplane pilot..10-18; Hilton baby..1-25; Hilton, Jesse..1-25; Hines, Louise died..6-28; Hodge, Rev. Alex died..5-10; Hodges, H.S..9-27; Hodges, Rev. P.H...2-22; Holzendorf, G.W...3-22; Homeland Garage..5-30; Homeland, Chiropractor..3-22; Homeland, new garage, Garrison..5-30; Hopkins Camp, turp workers..7-5; Hopkins, J.K..3-22; Hopkins, J.K..5-10; Hopkins, Lilly..7-5; Hopkins, W.C..3-22; Hopkins, Walter, to plant carpet grass seed..4-26; Houston, Annie B., murder..10-11; Houston, Annie..6-28; Howard, A...6-21; Howard, A.J., chickens still in house, flood..10-11; Howard, A.J., toll keeper..5-3; Howard, A.J...5-30; Howard, Fred died..5-30; Howard, Lucille..6-21; Howard, Mr. at B. Fort..10-4; Howard, Mrs. Jack..9-6; Howard, S.M..3-22; Huling, W.L., receives pension..4-26; Huling, Walter, pension check..5-10; Hursey, A.B., county agent, poultry train..5-3; Hursey, County Agent, experimental crops..2-22; Hursey, county agent, experimental figs..3-22; Hursey, County Agent, moving in new courthouse..5-17; Hursey, County Agent, tung oil nuts..3-1;

Jackson, I.L..9-27; Jacobs, G.H..6-14; Jacobs, Rev. G.H., planting palms..1-25; Jacobs, Rev. G.H...4-12; Jacobs, Winnie..7-5; Jail, nearing completion..6-28; Jail, nearly completed..3-29; Jail, renovating..3-8; Johns, Ira..6-21; Johns, J. Lester..3-22; Johns, J.J..9-27; Johns, Kate..6-21; Johns, O.K. killed..8-30; Johns, Royal..8-30; Johns, Thomas..9-27; Johnson & Son Lumber Co..1-4; Johnson, Beatrice Annette..5-17; Johnson, E.H..3-22; Johnson, Earl..3-22; Johnson, H. Russell..1-4; Johnson, H.J..1-4; Johnson, Harley, storm..10-4; Johnson, J.H..9-27; Johnson, J.W..3-22; Johnson, James..10-25; Johnson, Mrs. Harley, storm..10-4; Johnson, Mrs. West..6-7; Johnson, Ralph..3-22; Johnson, Rev. Linton..6-14; Jones, C.I...8-9; Jones, Everett..9-27; Jones, J. Ardell..3-22; Jones, Jane, wins octagon soap contest..2-2; Jones, Mrs. Martha..2-15; Jones, Mrs. Martha..2-8, 2-15; Jones, Thomas..2-22; Joyner, J.S..6-7;

Keen, Nettie..8-9; Keen, W.R., Jr...3-22; Keen, W.R..3-22; Kemp, Velma..8-9; Kennard, Contractor..3-8; Kennison, Ada Mitchell died..1-18; Kennison, E.C..1-18; Kennison, E.C..9-27; Kennison, Mrs. Scott died..1-18; Kennison, Scott..1-18; Kennison, Tip..3-22; Ketchum, Mrs. Emma..1-11; King, Mack died..8-9; King, Viola..8-2; Kitchen, Mrs. (telephone Co.)..8-23; Knabb, Commissioner..10-4; Knabb, L...1-11; Knabb, L..9-27; Knabb, Mrs. Paul..7-5; Knabb, Mrs. Ralph..7-5; Knabb, Ralph..3-22; Knight, Mrs. R.L..7-5; Knights of Pythias, to reorganize..1-4; Knox, Perry died..6-7; Knox, Wiley..6-7; Kottman, Fred..3-22; Kottman, Fred..9-27;

Lane, D.W...2-2; Lang, Robert, Judge died..2-2; Lang, Rufus..3-1; Lastinger, Mrs. Seaborn..3-1; Leckie, W.C..9-27; Lee, Everett..5-30; Lee, Maudie..5-30; Lee, Mrs. John..3-1; Leonard, D.L..9-27; Library, gives books to school..10-25; Library, Mrs. H.C. Page librarian..5-17; Lindburgh flew over coming from S. Amer. tour..10-18; Little Mothers League, for young girls..2-2; Littlefield house at B. Ft..10-4; Littlefield, J.C., Jr...7-5; Littlefield, J.C., Jr..6-7; Littlefield, J.C..9-27; Littlefield, Jake..8-23; Lloyd, Dora..4-5; Lloyd, Duce..6-21; Lloyd, Lizzie property..7-5; Lloyd, Mack, Sr...3-22; Lloyd, Mack..4-5; Lloyd, Mack..9-27; Lloyd, Son..6-21; Londeree, Lewis..10-25; Londeree, Lewis..2-2; Londeree, Mrs. W.T., new kittens..2-2; Londeree, W.T..3-22; Londeree, William Lewis..5-17; Lowther graves..5-3; Lowther, O.H. died..3-1; Lowther, T.H...9-27;

Mains, Frank..9-20; Mallard, Mrs. L.E..7-12; Manley Jail Works..6-28; Martin cottage..8-23; Martin family..8-23; Martin House, store taken down..8-23; Martin tract, Stap rental house started..9-6; Martin, Contractor E.L. building in Blackbottom..2-22; Martin, Contractor Emory, completed work on B.Ft. Bridge..4-19; Martin, E.L..3-1; Martin, N.W. died..3-1; Martin, Otto..3-1; Masonic Building, new post office..1-4; Masonic Hall, Co. Comm. to meet last time..4-5; Masonic Lodge, Mills funeral..2-15; Masonic, Folkston Lodge, S.F. Mills..2-8; Mattox, H.S., Sheriff..1-4; Mattox, H.S..9-27; Mattox, J.M..9-27; Mattox, Stanley..1-11; McCoy, Dr. to move to Jesup..1-25; McCoy, Dr. W.R. office in Rodgers Bldg..3-22; McCoy, Dr. W.R. to return to Folk..3-8; McCoy, Dr. W.R., now retired army doctor..4-26; McCoy, Dr. W.R., visits..2-8; McCoy, Dr..5-10; McDuffie, Herbert..9-27; McDuffie, Thyra Topist..5-17; McDuffie, Thyra..8-9; McKay, H.M..2-22; McLain, H.T..3-22; McMullin, Mrs. [Mills]..2-15; McMullins, Mrs. C.Y...2-8; McQueen, A.S., to get artificial leg..10-25; McQueen, Archie..6-14; McQueen, Col, leg amputated..7-12; McQueen, Col. A.S..8-23; McQueen, Col. home from hospital..7-26; McQueen, Col., improving..7-19; McQueen, Col., leg blood clot..7-5; McQueen, Col..3-29; McQueen, Solicitor, moving in new courthouse..5-17; Mediterranean Fly inspectors..7-19; Midwife, Belle Bradley..1-18; Midwife, Yarber..5-24; Mikell, Mike barber shop..3-22; Milk bottle caps, new law..10-11; Mill, Prescott..9-13; Mills Place, Everett Prescott..1-25; Mills, Edgar, watermelon sales..7-12; Mills, Edgar..2-8, 2-15; Mills, F.D., Sr..6-7; Mills, F.D..2-8, 2-15; Mills, Frank D., Jr..6-7; Mills, Julia Catherine..5-17; Mills, Mrs. Fannie L...9-20; Mills, Mrs. Jim..9-6; Mills, Polly..7-5; Mills, Postmaster..8-30; Mills, S.F. died..2-15; Mills, Sam, new home..5-10; Mills, Seab F...2-8, 2-15; Mills, Seaborn F. died..2-8; Mills, Sol P..9-27; Mills, Sol, storm loss..10-4; Mitchell, Ada..1-18; Mitchell, W.T..1-18; Mizell baby..9-20; Mizell Brothers..8-9; Mizell, Albert..1-18; Mizell, Algerine..7-12; Mizell, C.K..7-12; Mizell, D.M..9-27; Mizell, E.T..7-12; Mizell, Ed..9-20; Mizell, F.T..7-12; Mizell, Glenn..7-12; Mizell, Hamp..3-22; Mizell, J.S..7-12; Mizell, Jesse P...3-22; Mizell, Jesse P..9-27; Mizell, Joe P., palm trees planted..1-25; Mizell, John..3-22; Mizell, Mrs. William, Jr..5-17; Mizell, P.C..9-27; Mizell, Sheriff, moving in new courthouse..5-17; Mizell, Sheriff..3-29; Mizell, Sheriff..5-24; Mizell, Sheriff..8-16; Mizell, Walker..7-12; Mizell, William F. died..7-12; Mizell, William, Jr...7-12; Mizell, William, Jr..3-22; Mizell, William, Jr..7-26; Mizell, William, Jr..9-20; Mizell, William, Jr..9-27; Mizell, William, Sr...8-9; Mizell, William, Sr...9-20; Mizell, Wm., Sr...7-5; Mizell. Jr...10-4; Moniac, Ab Stokes died..3-1; Moniac, county tractor..2-8; Moniac, John Crawford baby died..1-18; Moniac, much storm water..10-4; Moniac, murder..10-11; Moniac, murder..8-30; Moore, Lillie..9-27; Moore, Mrs. Jane died..5-17; Moore, Robert..9-27; Moseley, Dorothy Gooden died..8-16; Moseley, W.C...8-16; Mosely, William C...3-8; Murray, Fitzhugh..7-5; Murray, Fitzhugh..9-20; Murray, Rhoney..7-5;

National Bank of Commerce, New York, officer..3-22; Nease, Rev. C.L., new car..1-4; Nease, Rev. C.L...2-15; Nease, Rev...3-29; Newell, Sunday School..3-15; Newspaper, Herald to move..3-22; Nobles, Amanda..5-24; Nobles, Eva Catherine..5-24; Nobles, L.Q..3-22; Nobles, L.S..5-24; Nobles, Leroy Quincy died..5-24; Nobles, Margaret E...5-24; Nobles, Otis filling station..6-28; Norman, Lillian Maye..5-17; Norman, Lillian..2-2; Norwood, M., builds station..1-25;

O'Quinn, Ethel..1-4; O'Quinn, George, injured..2-22; O'Quinn, Lester..2-22; O'Quinn, W.E..6-7; Odd Fellows..3-29; Okefenokee Air Port, pilot moves here..10-18; Okefenokee, may be U.S. Forest Reserve..2-15; Orphans Home, soap coupons..2-2; Osterman, Fred, re-fencing cem...3-8; Osterman, Fred, refencing cemetery..3-22; Osterman, Fred..4-26; Owens, Mr., Moniac Schl Trustee..7-5;

Pace, building in Blackbottom..2-22; Page, H.C..3-22; Page, H.C..9-27; Page, Jewell..6-7; Page, Mrs. H.C..5-17; Palm trees, Rev. Jacobs planting..1-25; Parham, H.C...3-22; Passieu Building, barber shop..3-22; Passieu Motor Co. remodeling..3-22; Passieu Motor Co., new equipment..2-2; Passieu, C.J..3-22; Paxton Place, Jesse Brooks..7-12; Paxton property, moving picture show..7-5; Paxton Theater..4-26; Paxton's Theater..8-9; Paxton, Mrs. letter from Jones..8-9; Paxton, Mrs. M.J..7-19; Pearce, Bernice, contest winner..10-11; Pearce, D.O...9-27; Pearce, D.O..3-22; Pearce, Marion..7-5; Pearson, Byrdie..7-5; Petty, John..4-12; Petty, Lige..4-12; Petty, William died..4-12; Phillips, A.F..9-27; Phillips, Albert, game warden..1-11; Phillips, Albert, game warden..8-30; Phillips, Mrs. Otto..8-16; Pickren store bldg, dismantled..7-5; Pickren, V.J..9-27; Pickren, Woodrow Wilson..5-17; Pittman, Miss Bennie..10-18; Player, Hazel..5-17; Player, R.E..9-27; Poindexter, J.D..3-15; Poindexter, J.D..3-22; Poindexter, Rev. J.D...8-16; Poindexter, Rev. J.D..5-10; Post Office, Folk, fixtures installed..1-18; Post Office, Folkston in new location..2-2; Post office, Folkston postmaster..9-20; Post Office, Folkston to move..1-4; Post Office, Folkston, outside mail box..6-14; Post Office, Folkston, to move soon as safe comes..1-18; Postma, farmer..6-14; Postma, Raleigh..8-9; Postma, T.L..9-27; Poultry train..5-10; Poultry train..5-3; Powell baby..9-27; Powell, Morris..3-15; Powell, Morris..9-27; Prescott baby..6-14; Prescott drug store, St Geo..3-22; Prescott mill..9-13, 9-20; Prescott, Birdie..4-5; Prescott, C.W., told of Prescott mill..9-13; Prescott, C.W...9-20; Prescott, C.W..9-27; Prescott, Dr. E.W...3-22; Prescott, Everett..1-25; Prescott, J. Ellis..9-6; Prescott, Mrs. C.W...6-14; Prescott, O.M..6-14; Prescott, Ollie..4-5; Prescott, Virginia died..1-25; Prescott, Willie..9-27; Prevatt, Joe A...3-22; Prevatt, Mrs. J.A..4-26; Prevatt, Mrs. John..3-1; Prevatt, O.K..3-22; Pruden, Frank..5-30; Pullian, W.F...1-4; Purdom, James..3-29;

Quarterman home..4-12; Quarterman, V.A..3-22;

R.C. Roy..9-27; Racepond beacon light..8-16; Racepond, Aviation beacon lights..4-12; Racepond, beacon light on..6-14; Racepond, Johnson-Riley wedding..10-25; Racepond, rucus..5-17; Racepond, Strickland child injured..3-22; Racepond, Tucker, Crews wedding..2-8; Radio beacons for planes..10-11; Radio, boxing match..3-1; Radio, J.K. Hopkins..5-10; Railroad, GS&F..7-5; Railroad, St.George depot agent..4-26; Rang, Ethel Irene..5-17; Rang, Ethel..2-2; Rang, Joe..6-28; Raulerson, Bertha Juanita..3-8; Raulerson, Charles..3-8; Raulerson, James L..7-5; Raulerson, N.J..9-27; Raulerson, W.O..9-27; Raynor, Mrs. O.E..4-26; Raynor, O.E., young folks counselor, church..2-2; Raynor, O.E..9-27; Rebekahs..3-29; Reddick Turpentine Camp..4-12; Reed, Frank..3-22; Reed, Harry A...3-22; Reed, John..3-22; Register, Long John..5-17; Renfroe, Mrs. H.A..2-8, 2-15; Renshaw, Mrs. Walter..3-1; Reynolds, D.W..7-5; Reynolds, D.W..9-27; Rhoden baby..8-30; Rhoden, I.V...8-30; Rhoden, Thomas..3-22; Rider, John..6-7; Rider, Mrs. Dock..3-1; Riley, Curtie..10-25; Robinson, Billy..2-8; Robinson, Clementine Ellen died..1-11; Robinson, Marshall Tom..1-4; Robinson, W.H..3-22; Roddenberry, J.H..9-27; Roddenberry, Lizzie, Tx Coll..5-17; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..7-5; Roddenberry, N..8-23; Roddenberry, N..9-27; Roden, Charlie..10-18; Rodgers, Annie Faye..3-15; Rodgers, J.W. Bldg..8-23; Rodgers, J.W...3-15; Rodgers, Mattie..2-22; Rogers, Allie..6-21; Rogers, Bertha..1-4; Rogers, Carl..6-21; Rogers, Genie..9-6; Rogers, Ira..9-27; Rogers, J.R..1-4; Rogers, Jim..6-21; Rogers, Jim..9-6; Rogers, Leo..6-21; Rogers, Ned..6-21; Rogers, Vannie Highsmith died..6-21; Rogers, Vannie..6-21; Roney Building, S. Ga. Gro. Co..9-13; Ross, Eleanor..7-5; Rowell baby..1-18; Rowell, Arlie..1 -18; Russel, J.P..9-27; Rutcliff, Jessie..5-17; Ryder, Mrs. Reese died..4-19;

Sandwich shop, near school..9-13; Sapp, J.J..9-27; Sardis district..6-7; School, annual report by Harris..2-2; School, Charlton County High, graduation..5-17; School, County High School, teachers..8-9; School, County High, teachers..7-5; School, Folk Consol., teachers..7-5; School, Folk teacher Eleanor Ross..7-5; School, Folk, landscaping..3-1; School, Folk, to close soon..4-5; School, Folkston, closed because of flu..1-11; School, Folkston, consolidate with Prescott Schl..10-4; School, Folkston, to close..5-3; School, Moniac, 10 A. for school site, etc..7-5; School, Moniac, teachers..7-5; School, Moniac, teachers..8-9; School, Prescott, consolidate with Folk..10-4; School, Prescott, teachers..7-5; School, Prescott, visit from editor..9-13; School, Racepond teachers..8-9; School, Racepond, closed because of flu..1-11; School, Sardis, closed because of flu..1-11; School, Sardis, mentioned in Dean letter..7-12; School, Sardis, teachers..7-5; School, Screven, Mrs. Reese Rider..4-19; School, St Geo fire..5-17; School, St Geo High, closed suddenly..5-17; School, St Geo teacher, Loy S. Vinson..5-17; School, St Geo to close soon..4-5; School, St Geo, closed because of flu..1-11; School, St Geo, students enrolled in Folk..2-2; School, St. Geo teachers..8-9; School, St. George Consol, teachers..7-5; School, St. George, teachers..8-9; School, St. George, to close..5-3; School, student teachers..10-18; School, Uptonville Consol., teachers..7-5; School, Uptonville, closed because of flu..1-11; School, Uptonville, teachers..8-9; School, vacation again because of flu..1-18; School, Winokur teachers..8-9; Schools, extra homework weekends to catch up..2-2; Schools, flu epidemic..1-4; Schools, Folk, detour because of rain washouts..2-2; Schools, high school pupils urged to catch up..2-2; Schools, many are closing..4-5; Schools, vacations because of flu..1-4; Scofield, Bernice..7-12; Scott Bldg, Herald to move there..3-22; Scott Building, WOW noon meal..4-26; Scott, B.F., fire on roof..2-8; Scott, baby Benjamin Franklin..3-15; Scott, Benjamin..3-15; Scott, T.A..3-15; Scott, Thomas Arnold..3-15; Shackelford, R.A..9-27; Sheriff, moving in new courthouse..5-17; Shivar, Contractor, built Stap rental hse..9-6; Shoemaker, W.L...9-20; Sikes, J.M..6-28; Sikes, Lettie..6-28; Sikes, Mrs. J.H...9-6; Sikes, Mrs. J.O., contest winner..10-11; Sikes, Mrs. John..9-6; Simowitz, I...2-2; Simpson, Mrs. L.S...4-26; Singer Sewing Machines, at Allen Furn Co..2-15; Smart Home..8-23; Smith Hotel, sold ..6-28; Smith, Happy, Clerk..5-17; Smith, Henry..3-22; Smith, Joe, murder..10-11; Smith, Joe..8-30; Smith, Loyselle..5-17; Smith, Mable Elizabeth..5-17; Smith, Mable..8-9; Smith, Matthew..3-22; Smith, Matthew..9-27; Smith, Mrs. W.B...5-17; Smith, W.B. Happy..10-4; Snowden, Edith Maxine..5-17; South Ga. Grocery Co..9-13; Southern RR., whistle stuck..1-25; Southwell, J.B..3-22; St George, GS&F foreman Ellis..2-8; St, George depot, repairs..5-30; St. George black cemetery, probably Freeman..6-28; St. George Cem., new fence..4-5; St. George cemetery fence..4-26; St. George Cemetery, fence work day..3-22; St. George, former depot agent Carver..4-26; St. George, has certified midwife, Bradley..1-18; St. George, killing..7-5; St. George, Nobles family..5-24; St. George, refencing cemetery..3-8; Stack..1-4; Stapleton Pharmacy..10-4; Stapleton, Chloris..7-5; Stapleton, E.B. home, fire..2-8; Stapleton, E.B., building rental house..9-6-29; Stapleton, E.B., rented rental house..10-25; Stapleton, E.B...7-26; Stapleton, E.B..9-27; Stapleton, Mayor, building in Blackbottom..2-22; Stapleton, Mayor, Martin house..8-23; Stapleton, Mrs. E.B..5-17; State Fire Marshal..6-7; Stewart, Edgar..1-18; Stewart, George, home destroyed by fire..1-11; Stewart, Joe, joins army..6-28; Stewart, Joe..8-9; Stewart, Mingo, fire..6-7; Stewart, Mingo, flying alone..5-3; Stewart, Mingo, flying lessons..2-2; Stewart, Mingo, flying..7-19; Stewart, Mingo, more flying lessons..2-15; Stewart, Mrs. George..9-13; Stewart, Mrs. Mingo..6-7; Stokes, Ab died..3-1; Stokes, David died..1-11; Stokes, E.P..3-22; Stokes, Ed..8-2; Stokes, Feston N..3-22; Stokes, Festus..5-10; Stokes, H.O..3-22; Stokes, L.E., buys Davis store..8-2; Stokes, L.E., home burned..5-10; Stokes, Lettie..5-17; Stokes, Lewis E..3-22; Stokes, Maggie Mason..5-17; Stokes, Mary..8-9; Stokes, Mrs. J.J...4-5; Stokes, Mrs. L.E..5-10; Stokes, Noah..3-22; Stokes, Noah..9-27; Stokes, Paxton..9-27; Stokes, S.C..3-22; Stokes, S.C..3-22; Stokes, Wilton Curtis..5-17; Strickland R.L.'s child injured..3-22; Strickland, H.D..9-27; Strickland, R.L..3-22; Stroup, C.E., palm trees planted..1-25; Stroup, C.E..6-7; Stroup, C.E..9-27; Suggs Mills..8-16; Suggs, Mr., planted tung nut trees..3-1; Suggs, W.L...9-27; Suggsville, Will Davis died..8-23; Sweet potato plants..3-22;

Taylor, Mertis..6-7; Taylor, Mr. [Uptonville]..2-8; Taylor, Richard C..3-22; Telephone Co..8-23; Thomas, Allen..7-19; Thomas, Bessie..7-5; Thomas, H.D...3-22; Thompson baby..8-30; Thompson, Dr. W.D..8-23; Thompson, Fred..8-30; Thompson, Mr., tick inspector..7-19; Thompson, W.D..9-27; Thornton, William..7-19; Thrift, A.L..9-27; Thrift, Fannie Inez..7-26; Thrift, G.R..9-27; Thrift, J.T..3-22; Thrift, M.D...7-26; Thurston, W.C..9-27; Tick and fly inspectors..7-19; Tilton, Jane..1-4; Todd, George died..2-8; Toledo Manufacturing Co., theft of rosen..5-24; Toledo, Crawford-Stokes wedding..8-2; Toledo, J.K. Hopkins..5-10; Toledo, Sikes, Youmans wedding..6-28; Toledo, theft of rosen..5-24; Toledo, W.C. Hopkins..4-26; Tourist, counting vehicles..2-8; Tourists, traffic increasing..9-27; Toy, Mrs. R.M, looking for flag..9-13; Toy, Mrs. Rosa M..5-17; Toy, Mrs. Rosa, birthday..5-10; Toy, Rosa M., gives up keeping birth, death records..5-17; Tractor, county, ..2-8; Traders Hill, Black-King wedding..8-2; Traders Hill, Daytonia steam boat to Brunswick..6-28; Traders Hill, Hopkins Camp workers..7-5; Traders Hill, Mack King..8-9; Traders Hill, O'Quinn..1-4; Tucker, Robert died..1-11; Tucker, Theodore..2-8; Tyler, Eunice..2-15; Tyler, former editor..2-15; Typhoid fever, Mr. Petty died..4-12; Tyson, John S., Jr..3-22; Tyson, John..5-10; Tyson, Mr., Mt. Zion Church..7-26;

Uptonville, George Todd..2-8; Uptonville, Hamp Crews..4-5; Uptonville, J. Hilton..1-25; Uptonville, J.P. Franks..1-18; Uptonville, Raleigh Postma..8-9; Uptonville, Robert Crews..2-8; Uptonville, W.T. Mitchell..1-18;

Vickery, John..2-15; Vinson, Loy S...5-17; Vinson, Mr..5-17;

Wainwright, Contractor Hamp, building hangar..9-6; Wainwright, D.R..9-27; Wainwright, Ed..4-26; Wainwright, Martha Aleene..5-17; Walker, Mrs. E.K..7-26; Walzer, George..5-30; War, Civil, S.F. Mills, vet, died..2-8; War, WWI, bridge guard..2-2; Warren twins..1-11; Warren, Josh..1-11; Wasdin, L.T..3-22; Waughtel, C.W., poultry business..7-19; Waughtel, C.W..3-22; Waughtel, C.W..9-27; Weather, great storm..10-4; Weather, lightning kills..5-17; Welch, Clementine Robinson died..1-11; Welch, D.C..1-11; Welch, Mrs. C.E. died..1-11; Wells, Johnny..9-20; Westberry, Fannie E. died..6-7; Westberry, Fannie Joyner died..6-7; Wilds, R.C..8-16; Wilkerson, Mrs. E.H..1-11; Williams, Dr...10-4; Williams, Dr...5-17; Williams, Dr..2-22; Williams, Dr..7-19; Williams, George died..3-8; Williams, J.E...7-5; Williams, Mrs. A.D..5-17; Williams, Rev. L.E..6-7; Williams, Slow John, murder..10-11; Wilson, Doris Pearle..5-17; Wilson, J.M..3-22; Wilson, O.F., palm trees planted..1-25; Wilson, Owen, Clerk moving in new courthouse..5-17; Winokur, another murder..1-4; Winokur, attended SS at Newell..3-15; Winokur, B.Beaty..5-10; Winokur, Buddy Crews..8-9; Winokur, Everett Lee..5-30; Winokur, many went to Mt. Zion..7-26; Winokur, murder..1-4; Winokur, O'Quinn, Cobb..6-7; Winokur, Prescott-Herrin wedding..9-6; Winokur, Wilds-Carter wedding..8-16; Womans Civic Club, gives books to school..10-25; Womens Civic Club, landscaping school..3-1; Woodard baby..2-22; Woodard, Jack..2-22; Woodmen of the World..4-26; Woods, J.B. died..8-16; Woods, Mr., murder..10-11; Wool, low prices..7-12; Woolard, Steve..3-22; Wrench, T.W., gasoline theft..5-30; Wrench, T.W..1-4; Wrench, Thomas..3-22; Wright Motor Co., radio boxing match..3-1; Wright, Arline..1-18; Wright, C.M..1-18; Wright, E.H. residence..7-5; Wright, E.H..3-22; Wunderlich, building in Blackbottom..2-22;

Yarber, Mrs. W.W...5-24; Youmans, J.V..6-28;

Charlton  County Archives