Index of Charlton County Herald - 1928

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

ACL RR..washout..7-6; ACL RR, Pres. Coolidge rides thru..1-20; ACL RR, A.C. Franks..4-13; ACL RR, mail train ran over sack..1-13; ACL RR..Hilton Wainwright..6-15; Air Port, looking for site..6-22; Air port site, cleaning..7-27; Air Mail pilot, crashed..12-21; Airport site, improved..8-3; Aldrich, Jesse..10-26; Aldrich, Berry..10-26; Allen, Edgar..3-2; Allen, J.C..3-16; Allen, J.C..3-2; Allen & Vickery Furniture..7-6; Allen, Lawrence..5-25; Allen & Vickery..8-10; Altman, M..6-1; Altman, Ida Mae..6-15; Altman, Myrene..6-15; Altman, B.A..6-1; Altman, Ben..12-14; Altman, Elbert..11-30; Altman, M. injured..11-16; Anderson, H.M..5-11; Armstrong, Irene..8-31; Arnold Hotel, cleanup continues..3-2; Arnold Hotel Burned..2-10; Arnold Hotel, sweater lost..3-2; Arnold Hotel, rebuilding..3-16; Arnold Hotel..2-10; Arnold Cafe opened..8-10; Askew, Mayme, Order Eastern Star..5-11; Askew, A.W...3-16; Askew, Christine..6-15; Askew, Leon..6-1; Askew, Inez..6-15; Askew, Geraldine..6-15; Askew, Mayme..7-6; Askew, Fred, new car..11-30; Askew, Leon, new car..11-30; Askew, Mayme..8-31; Athletic Assn., StGeo..4-6; Automobiles..11-30; Aviation Field..6-22, 6-29; Aviation field..7-20; Aviation Field nearly ready..8-31.

Babb, Mrs. C.L..10-26; Bailey, Mary died..12-28; Bailey, Isiah..12-28; Bankruptcies, none in Charlton..1-13; Banks' Restaurant..1-27; Barber Shop, StGeo..2-17; Barbour, A.L. sold Oak Hill..3-2; Barker, John A., Jr...1-27; Barker, J.A., postmaster..4-6; Barker, Arthur, peanut butter..3-28; Barnes, J.H..1-13; Barrel factory..12-7; Bass, K.G...1-6; Bass, K.G...12-28; Bass, K.G..12-14; Batten Andrew..7-6; Batten baby..7-6; Batten, Isam died..6-22; Batten child died..8-17; Batten, J.A..8-17; Bauman and White, contract bridge..4-6; Bell, Earney..6-1; Bell & Oliver, purchase tract..3-9; Bell & Oliver, fruit trees..3-2; Bell baby..12-28; Bell, E..12-28; Benjamin, R.A..4-6; Bennet, Celester..6-15; Bennet, Celest..12-14; Bennet, Jack..12-14; Bennett, Vandell..6-22; Bethel, C.S..12-14; Biddy, Etta died..8-3; Blacksmith..9-14; Bleesing, Kate..6-15; Bliss, Dr. A.C..12-28; Block, Milton..6-1; Boyd, Marie..8-31; Brick Home, first in Folkston, Jones..8-3; Bridge, Burnt Fort contract..4-6; Bridge, Burnt Fort to be constructed..3-9; Bridge, Boone Creek..1-20; Bridge, StMarys, cows coming across..1-13; Bridge, toll, StMarys..2-17; Bridge, St.Marys free..2-17; Bridge, Burnt Fort..8-3; Bridge, Spanish Creek out..9-21; Bridge, St.Marys, Dixie Hwy, UDC monument..10-12; Brightwell, Rubye..7-6; Brightwell, Ruby..8-31; Brock, J. Milton..12-14; Brooker, Hack..4-13; Brooks, J.M...11-23; Brooks grandson, Charles died..11-23; Brooks Fay..9-21; Brown, James Holland..5-25; Brown, J.B...11-23; Brown, Hattie died..11-23; Brown, Rev. W.E..9-28; Bryant, Alex..1-13; Bryant, Ben..6-1; Bryant, T.E..6-1; Bryant, R.S..11-30; Bryant, Eugene died..11-30; Buchanan, Dr..4-27; Buchanan, Dr. J.W..5-11; Buchanan Pond..4-27; Buchanan cup factory..9-21; Buchanan, Dr. J.W..9-21; Burnsed, R.B...4-6; Burnsed, Sol place..11-9; Burnsed, Mrs. B..8-31; Burnsed, B.R..8-31; Burnt Fort bridge, piling driven..8-3; Burnt Fort, John Grooms..10-12; Burnt Fort Bridge, Allen Howard, toll keeper..12-28; Bussey, Charley..4-27; Bussey baby..4-27; Byrd, Dean..5-25; Byrd, Eunice..12-28.

Canaday, Aaron..1-13; Canaday, J.M..6-1; Canaday, Sippie..8-31; Canady, Josie..3-16; Canady, J.M..4-27; Canady baby..1-27; Canady, Willie..1-27; Canady, Marvin..4-27; Carter, Hansel..12-28; Carter, Mrs. Hansel died..9-21; Carter, Ollie died..9-21; Cason, Sarah..3-28; Cason, A.J...6-1; Cassell, O.A..6-1; Caudle, M.L..6-29; Cemetery, Emmeaus..7-6; Cemetery, Folkston..1-6; Cemetery, Sardis..1-27; Cemetery, Emmeaus..6-22; Cemetery, Folkston..3-16; Cemetery, Sardis..6-15; Cemetery, Johnson..3-9; Cemetery, Sardis..3-28; Cemetery, Folkston..1-27; Cemetery, Corinth..4=13; Cemetery, Homeland..4-13; Cemetery, Folkston..5-11; Cemetery, Antioch, Purvis..5-25; Cemetery, Folkston..4-13; Cemetery, Boone Creek..4-13; Cemetery, Traders Hill..4-6; Cemetery, Sardis..11-30; Cemetery, Boone Creek..10-26; Cemetery, Emmeaus..10-26; Cemetery, Sardis..11-30; Cemetery, Stokes..11-9; Cemetery, Bethel..12-14; Cemetery, Sardis..9-21; Cemetery, Traders Hill..7-20; Cemetery, Corinth..12-28; Cemetery, Emmeaus..8-17; Cemetery, Boone Creek..8-24; Cemetery, Sardis..7-27; Cemetery, Folkston..10-26; Cemetery, Folkston..8-3; Centerville, Mary Petty died..3-16; Chamber of Commerce, StGeo..1-27; Chamber of Commerce meet., about new courthouse..3-28; Chamber of Commerce, Kingsland Highway..8-3; Chamber of Commerce..7-13; Charlton Locating Co..3-2; Charlton County Courthouse burned..2-20, 3-2; Charlton County Locating Co..6-29; Charlton County Herald..7-6; Charlton County Power Co..6-29; Charlton County Herald, watermelons..7-6; Charlton County Herald..1-6; Charlton County Police, moonshine..8-3; Charlton County Herald..7-13; Charlton County 4-H Club..7-13; Chastain, Rev..4-6; Chastain, Edna died..7-6; Chastain, Rev. B.A..7-6; Chastain, Rev. B.A..10-26; Chedsser, Lizzie..3-28; Chesser, Mrs. Charles..10-26; Chicken thieves..5-11; Chicken sale..6-15; Children's Tubercular Home..5-11; Chisholm, Joe..12-28; Church, Folk Meth parsonage [fire]..4-27; Church, Mills Missionary Baptist, Crews..4-13; Church, Folk Bap plans for new church..2-10; Church, Folk Bap new members..6-15; Church, Prescott [Corinth?]..5-11; Church, Homeland Meth, funeral, Waughtel..3-23; Church, Homeland Meth, Waughtel funeral..3-28; Church, Folk Bap, more brick arriving..3-28, 4-6; Church, Corinth, member..4-13; Church, Folk Bap. revival, new building..6-15; Church, Folk Bap, brick arrived..3-23; Church, Folk Bap., 5th Sun. serv..12-28; Church, Folk Bap and all others together..11-23; Church, Folk Meth, 5th Sunday serv..12-28; Church, Folk Bap., full time pastor..11-30; Church, Presbyterian and all others togethr..11-23; Church, Presbyterian, movie play..9-14; Church, Folk Meth and all others together..11-23; Church, St Geo Bap, new pastor..9-28; Church, Prospect tent meeting..7-20; Church, Folk Bap, BYPU party..8-3; Church, Folk Bap. barrel for orphans..12-14; Church. Folkston A.M.E. to rebuild..12-14; Citizens Bank..1-13; Citizens Bank, burglar alarm..6-29; Citizens Bank..7-13; Citizens Bank, new alarm..8-3; Citizens Bank..8-10; Citizens Bank, alarm..8-17; City Cafe, burned..2-10; Claridy, Mrs. J.E..4-13; Cockrell, Justian..6-1; Cockrell, Eleanor..7-6; Cockrell, Gladis..7-6; Cockrell, S.T..1-27; Cockrell, Eleanor..8-31; Cockrell, Gladis..8-31; Coco Cola Bottling Co..7-6; Collins, Foreman..10-5; Colson place, Taylor..9-28; Condon, R.E..6-1; Condon, R.E..1-6; Condon, Harry J...6-15; Condon, Mrs. Harry..10-5; Condon, H.J..12-14; Condon, R.H..12-14; Condon, H.J. construction Co., Jones home..8-3; Confederate veterans..1-20; Confederate veterans..4-27; Confederate veteran checks..12-21; Coolidge, President..1-20; County Agent Hursey..3-16; County Agent, A.B. Hursey moves to town..1-20; County Agent Hursey..7-13; County Agent Hursey..8-3; Court, Superior postponed..3-2; Court house burned..2-20-28, 3-2; Court, adjourned till October..9-28; Courthouse, new plans..4-6; Courthouse, new plans..3-28; Courthouse, rebuilding..3-23; Courthouse, agreed to build..5-11; Courthouse, bond election..6-22; Courthouse, plans for new one..3-2; Courthouse, new construction..4-6; Courthouse, no court till new one..9-28; Courthouse, cleaning debris..10-5; Courthouse, bonds..9-14; Courthouse, beginning to be busy..9-21; Courthouse, granite work, windows..11-16; Courthouse, steel windows, etc..12-21; Courthouse, clock..12-14; Craig, Paul died..3-9; Crawford, Farley..6-29; Crawford, Farley building..2-17; Crawford, Kate..1-20; Crawford, twin babies..1-20; Crawford, Kate..4-6; Crawford baby died..3-16; Crawford, J...3-16; Crawford baby..6-29; Crawford, George died..3-23; Crawford, George..1-20; Crawford, Tom..6-22; Crawford, Kate home..8-24; Crawford, Lee died..11-9; Crawford, Katie..8-31; Creech, Mrs. S.E..4-13; Crews, Mary Ann died..4-13; Crews, Dan..4-13; Crews, Sam C..4-13; Crews, Champ..4-13; Crews, German..4-13; Crews, Lawt..4-13; Crews, Julian..1-6; Crews, Hamp, Sr..6-1; Crews, Mrs. Pomp..3-9; Crews, Henry..3-16; Crews, Ethel..3-16; Crews, Henry G..4-13; Crews, Villa..3-23; Crews, Emily died..4-13; Crews, Cabe..4-13; Crews, Villa..11-9; Crews baby..8-31; Crews, Estelle..11-9; Crews, E.J..11-9; Crews, Cuba..11-9; Crews, Champ..11-9; Crews, Dan..11-9; Crews, German..11-9; Crews, Dave..8-31; Crews, Ellis..11-9; Crews, Bill died..8-10; Crews, Sampson..11-9; Crews, Mose..8-10; Crews, Ira..8-10; Crews, Mrs. Dorsey Corneal..11-9; Crews, William died..8-10; Crews, Richard..8-10; Crews, J. Melton..10-12; Crews, Bryant..10-12; Crews, Lawt died..11-9; Crews, Julian..12-28.

Darling, T.J...3-23; Darling, contractor courthouse..3-28; Davis, H.J. store robbed..3-16; Davis, Bill..3-16; Davis, Mrs. Wash died..1-13; Davis, W.W..2-10; Davis, Jessie Mae..10-5; Davis, Rev. M.G..10-26; Davis, Mrs. Ed..12-14; Davis, Rev. M.G..8-3; Davis, Bessie..8-10; Dean, Mrs. Emory..1-6; Dean baby..1-6; Dean, E.F., Sr..6-1; Dean & Gowen Store, man shot himself..3-2; Dean & Gowen, radios..12-14; Dean, Rev. E.F..10-26; Dean & Gowen..8-10; Dean & Gowen..9-21; Dean & Gowen, radios..12-7; Delco lighting..5-25; Denmark, Mrs..4-13; deWay, Mr...6-29; deWay, Mr..8-31; deWay, M..9-21; DeWay, M...3-2; Dewberries for sale..5-11; Dinkins, J.W..6-1; Dinkins, Arch..6-1; Dinkins, Ruth..1-13; Dixie Lake..5-11; Dixie Highway, no toll bridges now..2-17; Dixie Highway, airport..6-29; Dormitory, the..5-25; Dormitory, rented by Stokes family..8-24; Dyal, Upton..12-7; Dykes, Mrs. L.V..10-26.

Eastern Star..5-11; Editorial, squirrels in Swamp..6-22; Editorial/skinnydipping..4-27; Editorial/cows from Fla, ticks..1-13; Editorial, making peanut butter..3-28; Editorial/ white lights on cor at CitBank..3-2; Editorial/Grand Jury recommends quaranteen..6-22; Editorial, springtime..4-6; Editorial/Okefenokee Swamp..4-6; Editorial, new homes..6-1; Editorial/ Waycross paper on courthouse..4-6; Editorial, old veterans dying..4-6; Editorial/rose bush..4-6; Editorial, don't spit on audit walls, floors..6-1; Editorial, cheerful farmer..12-21; Editorial, listen to radio..10-5; Editorial, Homeland had wise leaders last yr..12-28 ; Editorial, Mr. Frost Overall..12-7; Editorial, car and plane accidents..12-14; Editorial, mail plane..12-14; Edwards, Charles, new truck..11-30; Ellicott's Mound..4-13; Entertainment, peanut popping..3-28; Entertainment, radio party..1-20; Entertainment, football game, radio..12-28; Exum, Gertrude..8-31.

Fargarson, L.H..7-6; Fargarson, Mrs. L.H..7-6; Fargarson, Mrs. L.H..8-31; Fargarson, L.H..8-31; Farmers, growing cucumbers..3-9; Farmers, planting cucumbers..3-9; Farmers, frost on cucumbers..3-23; Farmers, replanting cucumbers..3-28; Farmers, planting cucumbers..3-16; Farmers, dairy..9-14; Farmers, dairy route..8-3; Farming, cucumber harvesting..6-15; Farming, chicken train, etc..6-22; Farming, cucumbers shipped..6-1; Farming, cucumbers ready to pick..5-25; Farming, J.V. Gowen, Master Farmer..11-9; Ferry, Burnt Fort to be removed..3-9; Fire, Jones home..4-27; Fire, Ch Co Cthse..2-20, 3-2; Fire, H.M. Gooden StGeo..5-11; Fire, Homeland..3-9; Fire, Miller home..7-13; Fishing laws..3-2; Fleming, Dr..1-13; Fleming, Dr..5-11; Fleming, A..1-13; Fleming, Dr., Mossie Thomas..6-15; Fleming, Dr..1-20; Fleming, Dr. A., health officer..7-27; Fleming, Dr., tuberculosis..7-6; Fleming, Dr..11-23; Fleming, Dr. Albert..7-13; Fleming, Dr. A., how to prevent flu..12-21; Fleming, Dr. A., Alderman..12-7; Folkston Grain & Grocery, Geo Gowen..3-9; Folkston Lunch Room..2-10; Folkston Bottling Co. NuGrape.7-6; Folkston Department Store..1-6; Folkston, city officers..1-13; Folkston churches all together..11-23; Folkston election..12-7; Folkston city officials..12-7; Folkston Progress..8-10; Folkston aviation field..7-20; Folkston, new business, barrel factory..12-7; Football game, radio, Waycross WMCA..12-28; Ford cars, ad..3-28; Fountain, B.J..1-27; Fountain, Katy Mae..9-14; Four H Club Camp..7-13; Frank, Eyrie..4-6; Franks, Martha Jane died..4-13; Franks, Mrs. Erye died..4-13; Franks, A.C...4-13; Furniture, Bill Futrelle makes such..1-13; Futrelle, Uncle Bill, makes furniture, etc..1-13.

Ga-FlaInvCo, Ruth Dinkins..1-13; Ga-FlaInvCo., Newt Mizell..6-22; GaFlaInvCo, sold cattle..4-27; Garrison, J.P...1-6; Garrison, J.P..12-28; Gaskin, Maggie died..7-6; Geiger, J.W., new truck..11-30; Gibson, Rev. W.O., Wainwright..6-15; Gibson, H.G., Ordinary..3-16; Gibson, Ordinary..7-6; Gibson, Ordinary H.G..1-6; Gibson, W.O., Mizell funeral..3-28; Gibson, H.G., new kind of chicken..4-27; Gibson, Steve..4-27; Gibson, Ordinary H.G..1-13; Gibson, Rev. W.O...9-21; Gibson, C.H...8-24; Gibson, H.G..10-12; Gibson baby..8-24; Gibson, Rev. Owen..11-30; Gibson, J.W.L...11-30; Gibson, W.E., merchant's prize..8-24; Gibson, H.G..12-14; Gibson, W.E. merchant prize, victrola..8-31; Gibson, Ordinary..12-28; Gibson, Ordinary H.G., confederate vet checks..12-21; Gibson, Julia Pearl died..11-30; Gibson, Charles..7-6; Gibson, Ena..8-31; Gibson, H.G..8-31; Gillican-Chipley Turpentine still..12-21; Gooden, H.M. fire..5-11; Gowen, Thomas..5-25; Gowen, J.V..6-1; Gowen, George, buying int in Grain&Gro..3-9; Gowen, Lacy died..4-6; Gowen, Annie..5-25; Gowen, George home being worked on..4-6; Gowen, J.V..4-6; Gowen, Mrs. B.B..4-6; Gowen, Helon..5-25; Gowen, Williard..4-6; Gowen, J.V., new courthouse..3-28; Gowen, Cline..1-6; Gowen, George residence begun..3-16; Gowen, Barney..5-11; Gowen, Mr. office..2-10; Gowen, J.V., new car..11-30; Gowen Place..10-26; Gowen, Dean..9-21; Gowen, J.V., Master Farmer..11-9; Gowen, Dean, sold radio..11-30; Gowen, George..10-5; Gowen, Clyde..10-5; Gowen, Andy..10-26; Gowen, Annie..8-31; Gowen, Mrs. B.B..8-31; Goza, Robt. H..1-6; Griffin, Lewis..6-1; Grooms, Jesse..4-27; Grooms, Uncle Jesse..1-20; Grooms, Jessie..4-6, 4-13; Grooms, John died..10-12; Grooms, Mrs. Jesse F...12-21; Guinn, Bud..3-9; Guinn, Alton died..4-13; Guinn, Grover..4-13.

Hall, P.C., contractor..3-16; Hall, P.C..6-1; Hall, Gladys..8-31; Harbough, Allen..12-21; Harden, O.F..7-6; Harris, John, spoke on new courthse..3-28; Harris, John..4-27; Harris, John, new radio..11-30; Harris, Sarah Charlotte Wharton died..10-26; Harris, Jacob S..10-26; Harris, John..10-26; Harvey, Mr. watch..3-16; Hathaway, Proctor..6-15; Hayes, Frances..7-6; Hayes, Sara F...8-31; Health, Board of, establishing..1-20; Health officer, clean up lots..7-27; Hickox, Daniel..4-27; Hickox, Manning died..7-27; Hickox, Elder I.T..11-30; Hickox, Mrs. R...10-26; Hickox, David..7-27; Hickox, Dan..7-27; Hickox, Homer..7-27; Hickox, Oliver..8-31; Hickox, Manning..8-17; Hickox, Dan..8-17; Hickox, D.W..12-21; Hickox, Homer..8-17; Hickox, H.E. died..12-21; Higginbotham, P.B..6-15; Higginbotham, P.B...4-6; Higginbotham, Clyde..4-6; Higginbotham, Dorsey..4-13; Higginbotham, Roy..4-13; Higginbotham, Cordia..4-13; Higginbotham, P.Burbage died..4-13; Higginbotham, Hamp..4-13; Higginbotham, P.B..4-6; Higginbotham, Clyde died..4-13; Highway to Camden, surveyed..2-10; Highway, Kingsland..8-3; Hill, E.J...1-6; Hodge, Delmer..3-23; Hodge, Staten..3-16; Hodges, Roadmaster, flower garden..3-28; Hodges, V.A..1-13; Hodges, Charlie lost car, got it back..6-22; Hodges, V.A., Roadmaster..1-20; Hodges, Mrs. Joel..10-26; Hodges, Joel..10-26; Hodges, V.A., Alderman..12-7; Holzendorf, G.W..6-1; Holzendorf, G.W..1-27; Home Demonstration Agent, Proctor..6-29; Homeland, John Waughtel died, councilman..3-23; Homeland, city officers..1-6; Homeland, city officers..12-28; Homeland, town council, editorial comment..12-28; Hopkins, J.K..6-1; Hopkins, Walter C..2-10; Hopkins, Kenneth..4-27; Hopkins, Lily..7-6; Hopkins, W.C..9-14; Hopkins, J.K..12-14; Hopkins, Lily..8-31; Hotel Arnold, cleanup continues..3-2; Hotel, Arnold, sweater lost..3-2; Hotel, Arnold burned..2-10; Howard, Joyce..5-25; Howard, A.J..6-1; Howard, S.M..6-1; Howard, Grover..4-27; Howard, S.E..4-27; Howard, Allen..12-28; Howard, Joyce..8-31; Howard, Mrs. A.J...12-14; Huling, Walter..3-16; Huling, Jim..3-16; Hursey, county agent, boosting good cattle..3-28; Hursey, County Agent. organized poultry assn...3-16; Hursey, A.B. County Agent..1-20; Hursey, A.B., 4-H club camp..7-13; Hursey, county agent..8-3.

I.O.O.F. lodge..10-5; Ivy, Lola..3-28; Ivy, Mrs...3-28.

Jacobs, Rev. G.H..7-6; Jacobs, Winnie..8-31; Jacobs, Rev. G.H., Christmas letter..12-28; Jacobs, Jim..12-28; Jacobs, Ollie..12-28; James Co. storeroom..2-10; James Gro. Co..2-10; Johns, J.L..6-1; Johns, James L...3-28; Johnson, Judge..5-11; Johnson, West..5-11; Johnson, Carrie..6-15; Johnson, Clyde, in Navy..4-6; Johnson, Judge Henry, new courthouse..3-28; Johnson, Guy L..6-1; Johnson, Judge..8-17; Johnson, Lutie Mae died..11-30; Johnson, Lige..11-30; Jones, Sam..6-1; Jones, Bob..1-13; Jones, Lucy..1-13; Jones, W.J. new home..6-15; Jones, Rev. Tom died..1-20; Jones, W.J., home burned..4-27; Jones, Ruby..6-15; Jones baby..12-28; Jones, C.B..12-28; Jones, Troy..7-13; Jones, Bill, Christmas fruit..12-21; Joyner, J.S..6-1; Joyner, J.S..8-17.

Kane, D.W..6-1; Keene, Nettie..4-6; Keene, Charlie..12-28; Keene, Stella died..7-20; Keene, W.R..7-20; Kendricks Sawmill running full time..2-17; Kennard, Contractor..9-21; Kennard, B.P..9-14; Ketchum, Merrium in Wash DC..8-3; Kight, Mrs. R.L...8-31; Kingsland-Folkston highway..8-3; Kitchen, G.A..6-15; Kitchens, Gaston A. died..11-30; Knabb, L..6-1; Knight, Mrs. [teacher]..7-6; Kottman, Fred..12-28.

Lane, Margaret..5-11; Lang, Martha Grace..2-10; Lang, Mrs. [Grooms]..10-12; Laragione, J.J., barber, StGeo..2-17; Leckie, W.G..5-11; Leckie, T.E..6-15; Lee, Noah..1-27; Lee, Katherine died..2-10; Lee, Noah..2-10; Lee baby died..1-27; Lee, Rev. E.W..12-14; Leighton Barber Shop moved..2-10; Leighton, O.W., new car..6-29; Leonard, D.L..6-1; Libby, Bert..6-1; Library, Mrs. Robinson..7-27; Lillies, P.H..6-1; Littlefield, J.C., buying mules..2-17; Littlefield, Georgia Mallette..5-25; Littlefield, J.C...5-25; Littlefield, J.C. spoke on new cthse..3-28; Littlefield, J.C...6-15; Littlefield, Mary Jane..5-25; Littlefield, J.C., piling lost..9-21; Littlefield, J.C., costly storm..9-28; Lloyd, R.M...3-16; Lloyd, Mack..5-11; Lloyd, Mack..6-1; Lloyd, Mrs. Britt died..11-23; Londeree, Mrs. W.T..1-27; Londeree, Mr., spoke on new courthse..3-28; Londeree, Joe..7-20; Lund, A.N..7-20.

Malaria..7-27; Mallard, L.E., new courthouse..3-28; Mallard, L.E., buying mules..2-17; Mallard, L.E., Assessor..1-13; Mallard, L.E. merchant's prize..8-24; Mallard, L.E..9-28; Mallard, L.E., Tax Assessor..12-7; Mallard, Mrs. D.M..10-26; Mansell, William..9-21; Martin, E.L., Scott Block..7-6; Martin, E.L., working on Scott Bld..7-13; Masonic Temple, space used for courthouse stuff..3-2; Masonic Lodge, new temple..4-6; Masonic Lodge, contributed to School at Alto..12-7; Masonic Temple..9-28; Masonic Temple, midwives..9-28; Masonic Block, P.O...12-7; Masonic Hall..10-12; Mattox, Mrs. Jim..1-27; Mattox, Jesse..1-27; Mattox [Roddenberry], Miss..1-27; Mattox, Wm. Crews..8-10; Mattox-Prospect, dairy route..8-3; McClain, T.H..6-1; McClain, Mrs. Georgia..10-26; McConnell, Carl A..1-6; McCoy, Dr...3-2; McCoy, Dr...11-16; McCoy, Dr., Jr., new baby..12-7; McCoy, Dr..12-7; McDonald, B.G..12-7; McDonald, B.G..12-7; McDuffie, Mrs. R.A.J..6-15; McDuffie, Mrs. W.L..4-13; McGregor, J.A...3-9; McQueen, Col. A.S..4-13; McQueen, Col. spoke on new cthse..3-28; McQueen, A.S...1-13; Midwives to report..9-28; Mikell, Mike.. 4-13; Mikell baby..4-13; Miller, W.H. died..7-13; Miller, Rev. P.D..11-23; Mills farm..1-27; Mills, Sam, bottling NuGrape..7-6; Mills, Seab..4-6, 4-13; Mills, F.D...7-6; Mills, Edgar place..1-13; Mills, Edgar..3-16; Mills, Harry Lee..5-25; Mills, Sol..4-27; Mills, Seaborn..1-20; Mills, Frank..3-16; Mills, Seab..4-27; Mills, Rudolph..5-25; Mills, S.M..6-1; Mills, George..9-14; Mills, Mrs. Seab. F...12-21; Mills, Sol..7-13; Mills, BeFay..12-21; Mills, George..10-5; Mills, Mr., post office..12-21; Mizell, Edward..3-28; Mizell, Eustice M..6-1; Mizell, William, Sr..courthse..3-28; Mizell, Mitchell..3-28; Mizell, D.M., lost bank of potatoes..3-16; Mizell, Jackson..3-28; Mizell, Sheriff W.H..3-28; Mizell, Mattie..6-22; Mizell, Joe P..6-1; Mizell, J.F..6-1; Mizell, Jesse..7-6; Mizell, Newt..6-22; Mizell, William, Jr...1-13; Mizell, Wm., Sr..2-10; Mizell, David M. died..3-28; Mizell, Mrs. A.T...4-13; Mizell, Sheriff..5-11; Mizell, Wm Sr...1-27; Mizell, W.G...10-26; Mizell, B.G..10-26; Mizell, Owen K..10-26; Mizell, Albert..10-26; Mizell, Wm. Jr., Alderman..12-7; Mizell, Pratt, new truck..11-30; Mizell, Wm., Sr., courthouse bonds..9-14; Mizell, Sheriff..11-23; Mizell, W.H. home..8-3; Mizell, Mrs. W.H..12-14; Mizell, Wm., Jr..9-28; Mizell, J.C..10-26; Mizell, Gilbert..10-12; Mizell, Jesse..7-13; Mizell, William, Jr..7-13; Mizell baby..10-12; Moniac, James L. Johns..3-28; Moniac, George Crawford..3-23; Moniac, Aaron Canaday..1-13; Moniac, Willie Canady..1-27; Moniac school district..6-15; Moniac, Frank Raulerson..10-5; Moniac, Frank Raulerson..9-28; Moon, Kathleen..7-6; Moon, Kathleen..8-31; Moonshine stills destroyed..8-3; Morgan, Gerona..7-6; Morgan, Jim..7-13; Murray, F.L. Market..2-10; Murray, Fitz..6-15.

Nazworth, J.S..4-13; Nease, Rev..4-6; Nease, Rev. C.L...3-28; Nease, Rev. C.L., injured by car again..12-21; Nease, Rev. C.L., car injured him..12-14; Nease, Rev. C.L., 5th Sun. serv..12-28; Neely, Mrs. Bill died..7-6; Neely, Bill..7-6; Neese, Rev. C.A..10-26; Neese, Rev..12-14; Newell, J.C. Littlefield..6-15; Newell, Crews family..4-13; Newell, ACL washout..9-21; Nobles, Artis..10-5; Norman, Leslie..1-20; Norman, N.J., thief in store..3-16.

O'Berry, Mrs. Henry B. died..10-26; O'Berry, Agnes..10-26; O'Quinn, S.A..6-1; O'Quinn, Robert T. died..7-27; Oak Hill Station sold..3-2; Odd Fellows..9-28; Oddfellows lodge..10-5; Oliver & Bell, purchase tract..3-9; Oliver & Bell, fruit trees..3-2; Oliver baby..8-24; Oliver, Frazier..8-24; Osterman, Fred F..6-1; Osterman, Fred..1-27.

Page, Diamond, Merchant Marines..1-20; Page, Diamond..3-9; Parham, H.C..3-28; Parham, Domas..3-28; Parham, Zuedie..3-28; Passieu, Charlie..4-27; Passieu, Charlie, to remodel store..3-2; Passieu, C.J..6-1; Passieu, C.J..1-13; Passieu, C.J., Alderman..12-7; Passieu Motor Co...11-30; Passieu Motor Co..8-10; Paxton Place..1-13; Paxton Place, Brooks child died..11-23; Paxton Theater..7-6; Peagler & Newborn..6-22; Peanut butter, Arthur Barker..3-28; Pearce, Bernice..3-2; Pearce, Marion..7-6; Pearce, D.O..12-14; Pearce, Marion..8-31; Pearson, Byrdie..7-6; Pearson, Byrdie..8-31; Perry, Robert R..7-20; Petty, Jewell..1-20; Petty, Tom..3-16; Petty, Sam..3-16; Petty, William..3-16; Petty, Earnest..1-6; Petty, John..3-16; Petty, Lige..3-16; Petty, Mary..4-6; Petty, Mary died..3-16; Petty, Ed..3-16; Petty, Harry..8-17; Petty, Harry..11-9; Petty, Mary..11-9; Phillips, Mr..1-13; Phillips, Mrs. J..10-26; Phillips, Albert..8-3; Phillips baby..8-3; Pickren, T.L..3-16; Pine trees, paper..7-20; Player, Virginia..5-25; Poindexter, Rev. J.D..11-23; Poindexter, Rev. J.D...11-30; Poindexter, Rev. J.D., 5th Sunday serv..12-28; Pollock, Sephie..12-28; Pollock, Rev. Ed died..12-28; Pollock, John..12-28; Pollock, Rev. Ed. see Mary Bailey..12-28; Poplin, J.L..6-1; Post Office, Folk, mail train ran over sack..1-13; Post Office, St.Geo, old records for sale..4-6; Post Office, Folk, petition for removal..3-9; Post Office, Homeland, fire..3-9; Post Office, St. George, former PM died..7-20; Post Office, Folkston, Joe Stewart assisting..12-21; Post Office, Folkston, to be moved..12-7; Post Office, Folkston, cancellation machine..12-7; Potatoes plants..5-11; Poultry Assn. organized..3-16; Powell, Mrs. Z.M..4-13; Powell, O.C..4-13; Powell, J.R..4-13; Powell, H.S..4-13; Powers, Martha Annette..3-2; Powers, A.G..3-2; Prescott, Mel..4-6; Prescott, John..4-13; Prescott settlement, Higginbotham..4-13; Prescott, Dr. and Son Drug Store..1-13; Prescott, C.W..7-6; Prescott, Winnie..7-6; Prescott, Robert..12-14; Prescott, Mrs. John..12-14; Prescott, Dr. E.W...7-27; Prevatt, O.K..6-1; Prevatt, J.P..9-28; Prevatt baby..9-28; Price, Robert..3-2; Privett, Polly..4-6; Privett, Mrs. Polly..12-21; Prospect-Mattox, dairy route..8-3; Purvis, Mary died..5-25.

Quarterman, V.A..7-6 ; Quarterman, Edrie..6-15; Quarterman, Malvina..6-15; Quarterman, V.A..6-1; Quarterman, W.H..6-1; Quarterman, Jane..7-6; Quarterman, Jane..8-31.

Racepond, Sawmill, Kendricks..2-17; Racepond, airport range light..6-29; Racepond, Lydia Stone..3-28; Racepond, Gaskin..7-6; Racepond, Lydia Crews..10-12; Racepond Turpentine Co., new truck..11-30; Radio, more sold..12-14; Radio, many sold..12-7; Radio, world series games..10-12; Radio, ad..10-5; Radio..9-28; Ratcliff, Jesse..11-23; Raulerson, Jas..6-1; Raulerson, Laura..3-28; Raulerson, J.R..10-26; Raulerson, J.R..10-26; Raulerson, Mose..10-26; Raulerson, Dan..10-26; Raulerson, W.O..10-26; Raulerson, N.J..10-26; Raulerson, John..10-5; Raulerson, Lacy, new car..11-30; Raulerson, John..9-28; Raulerson, Frank died..9-28; Raulerson, Frank died..10-5; Raulerson, Martha Ann died..10-26; Raynor, O.E..6-1; Readdick, Carolyn..5-25; Rebecca Lodge..9-28; Rebekah Lodge..10-5; Republican party, Rev. Jones died..1-20; Restaurant, new, still building..3-28; Retort in Homeland..1-6; Rhoden, Lizzie..4-13; Rhoden, Nat died..3-9; Rhoden, Matthew..3-9; Rhoden, Tom..4-13; Rhoden, Laura..3-9; Rider, Reese..11-9; Rider, W.R...8-17; Rider, B.R..11-9; Roberts, L..1-6; Roberts Brothers..1-13; Roberts baby..9-14; Roberts, M..9-14; Robertson, Christian..1-6; Robinson, Sidney..6-15; Robinson, Irene..6-29; Robinson, W.H., cucumbers..6-1; Robinson, W.H..6-29; Robinson, W.H..6-1; Robinson baby..6-15; Robinson, Elizabeth..4-6; Robinson, Mrs. W.H..7-27; Roche, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth..12-21; Rockefeller Foundation, Brd of Health..1-20; Roddenberry, Sue..1-27; Roddenberry, Frank M...1-27; Roddenberry, John..1-27; Roddenberry, George..1-27; Roddenberry, Eugene..4-6; Roddenberry, Newt..7-6; Roddenberry, Jim..6-1; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..7-6; Roddenberry, Mrs. Mary died..12-14; Roddenberry, J.D..air port..7-27; Roddenberry, Gad..9-21; Roddenberry, Mrs. Riley..12-14; Roddenberry, Jim..12-14; Roddenberry, G.W..12-14; Roddenberry, J.D., stumping airport grounds..8-3; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..8-31; Rodgers, Geanie..5-25; Rodgers, Annie Faye..10-5; Rogers, Hoke, Antwerp, France..3-9; Rogers, Hoke, Merchant Marines..1-20; Roney, R.M...8-10; Rowe, Leuears..1-6; Rowe, Rachel..3-23; Royal, B.S..6-1; Royal, Dalace..1-6; Royal, B.S..12-14; Rushin, Murdack..1-13; Rushin, Antilly..1-13; Russell, John..3-2.

Sardis community, Gibson..8-24; Sardis community, dairy farmers..9-14; Saunders, Mrs., Harry's mother died..12-21; Saunders, Harry..12-21; Savage, L.A..7-6; Sawmill, Kendricks..2-17; Scher, Harry..1-6; Schneider, William..4-27; School, Sardis school census..4-6; School, Folkston school census..4-6; School, holiday, cold weather..1-6; School, Folk Con., teachers..7-6; School, week off, cold weather..1-6; School, St. George school census..4-6; School, Winokur, bus driver..4-13; School, Uptonville school census..4-6; School, census, Wrench..4-6; School, St Geo teachers at party..1-20; School, Charlton school census..3-9; School, Prescott, census..4-6; School, Winokur, census..4-6; School, Moniac school census..4-6; School, St. George, graduation, new lights..5-25; School, Racepond school census..4-6; School, Riverview school census..4-6; School, St. George, new shades..4-6; School, census completed..4-27; School, Racepond, near Kendrick Saw Mill..2-17; School, Ch Co High, teachers..7-6; School, Uptonville, teacher Ivella..., 5-25; School, Folkston, close..5-25; School, St. George, teachers..7-6; School, court to be held in audit...6-1; School, teacher..8-31; School, St Geo Jr Hi, teachers..8-31; School, Charlton County High, teachers..8-31; School, vacation because of storm..9-21; School, Folk Consol., teachers..8-31; School, Winokur, teachers..8-31; School, old Rider deeded back to Rider..8-17; School, Moniac, teachers..8-31; School, St Geo Con., teachers..8-31; School, Riverview, teacher..8-31; School, Uptonville Con., teachers..8-31; School, Prescott, teacher..8-31; School, Sardis, meeting of farmers..8-3; School, St. Geo opened..9-14; School, Sardis, teachers..8-31; Schools, Board of Ed., Higginbotham..4-6; Schools, colored to open in Nov..10-5; Schools, teachers for new year..8-31; Scott, B.F..2-10; Scott, B.F. naval stores..6-22; Scott, C.A..6-22; Scott, B.F..6-1; Scott Block..7-6; Scott Residence..2-10; Scott, Ben, Jr...1-27; Scott Building..2-10; Scott baby..6-22; Scott baby girl died..1-27; Scott, Mrs. T.A..8-10; Scott Turpentine Co..7-13; Scott Building..7-13; Sellars, West..10-26; Sellars, Burto..10-26; Sellars, Jack died..10-26; Shackleford, R.A..6-1; Shedd, Charles C...5-25; Sheffield, Henrietta..12-14; Sheffield, Mrs. H...12-14; Shivar, Ed, bought Whippet..1-13; Shivar, Contractor..1-27; Shotgun, lost by Mr. Crawford..1-20; Shreaves, Mr..1-13; Shreve, H.A..1-27; Sikes, J.O..6-1; Smith baby..4-13; Smith, Henry..4-13; Smith, Cleo..7-6; Smith, Amanda..4-13; Smith, Amanda..11-9; Smith, Rev. J.A...11-23; Snowden, Demp..7-6; Snowden, Mary..5-25; Snowden, Demp, lost meat..3-16; Southwell, J.B..6-1; Spence, Wilbur Greene died..1-27; Spence, Mr..1-27; Spencer, J.W..6-1; St George, barber shop..2-17; St. George, Ch of Commerce..1-27; St. George, thief in Norman's Store..3-16; St. party..1-20; St. George Athletic Assn..4-6; St. George, Oliver & Bell planted fruit trees..3-2; St. George, drug store..1-13; St. George, lath mill..7-20; Standard Oil Co..5-25; Stapleton, Cloris..7-6; Stapleton Pharmacy in new bldg..3-2; Stapleton, E.B..5-11; Stapleton Drug Store bld..3-2; Stapleton, Mayor, new courthouse..3-28; Stapleton Pharmacy, candy ad..3-28; Stapleton, E.B., Mayor..1-13; Stapleton Pharmacy old bld..3-2; Stapleton Phar..8-10; Stapleton, Chloris..8-31; Stapleton, E.B., Mayor..12-7; State Tubercular Hospital, Alto..12-7; Staton, U.G. Co..1-6; Stephens, Rosa..8-31; Stewart, Joe..9-14; Stewart, Joe, working at P.O..12-21; Stewart, Joe..10-5; Stokes, Mrs. Herman..4-13; Stokes, L.E..6-1; Stokes, F.N..6-1; Stokes, Lewis..4-27; Stokes, L.J..6-1; Stokes, Wilbur..8-24; Stokes, L.E., move to Folkston..8-24; Stokes, Oliver..8-24; Stokes, Edna..8-24; Stokes, Burrel..8-24; Stokes, Walter..8-24; Stokes, Mrs. Laura..8-24; Stokes, Noah..12-14; Stokes, Mrs. Parshall..11-9; Stokes, Ed..8-24; Stokes, Roland..8-24; Stokes, Mrs. Ed died..8-24; Stokesville..8-24; Stone, Lydia, county agent Hursey..3-28; Stone, Lydia..10-12; Stone, F.A..12-21; Stroup, C.E..6-1.

Taylor, Mrs. Jack died..9-28; Thelkeld, Mrs. Beatrice died..12-28; Thomas, Emily died..3-2; Thomas, Riley..3-2; Thomas, H.D..6-1; Thomas, Emily..4-6; Thomas, Mossie..6-15; Thomas, Dixon..3-28; Thomas, Mabel..12-7; Thomas, H.D..10-26; Thomas, H.D..12-7; Thomas, Frances..10-26; Thomas, Bessie..8-31; Thrift, N.A..6-1; Thrift, M.D..6-1; Thrift, J.T..6-1; Thrift, Mrs. [Raulerson]..10-26; tick, cattle..7-13; Ticks on cattle..7-6; Toledo, Nat Rhoden..3-9; Toledo, Stokes family..12-14; Toledo, Walter Stokes..8-24; Toledo Man. Co., new truck..11-30; Toy, Marshal..1-6; Toy, Marshall..12-28; Toy, Mrs. Rosa M., member of Rebekah Lodge..10-5; Traders Hill, Bob Jones..1-13; Traders Hill, Alex Bryant..1-13; Traders Hill, Newt Mizell..6-22; Traders Hill, J.V. Gowen..4-6; Traders Hill, Rev. Chastain..7-6; Traders Hill, Gowen place..10-26; Traders Hill, R.S. Bryant..11-30; Traders Hill, Keene family..7-20; Traders Hill..9-21; Traders Hill, Allen Howard..12-28; Traders Hill, Rider, Petty..11-9; Traders Hill, Brock..12-14; Tuberculosis, Racepond..7-6; Typhoid fever..7-27; Typhoid fever, Carter..9-21; Tyson, John S., Jr., new car..6-29.

U.S. President, rides thru..1-20; Union soldier..4-6; United Daughters of Confederacy, monument..10-12; Uptonville, Mrs. Franks died..4-13; Uptonville, Mrs. Hansel Carter..9-21; Uptonville, Neely..7-6; Uptonville, Hickox..7-27; Uptonville, Biddy..8-3.

Varn, Lorena..8-24; Vickery, Mary Dell died..5-11; Vickery, Mr. John..1-20; Vickery, John..4-6, 4-13; Vickery, W.B..1-13; Vickery, John..4-27; Vickery, Jesse..4-27; Vickery, J.W..5-11; Vickery, J.W..4-13; Vickery, Waudel..5-11; Vickery, W.B..6-1; Vickery & Allen Furn...8-10; Vickery, Mrs. John..12-21; Vickery, W.B..12-7; Vinson, L.S..7-6; Vinson, Prof..4-6; Vinson, L.S..8-31.

Wainwright, Hamp..3-2; Wainwright, carpenter..7-6; Wainwright, Otis..4-13; Wainwright, Dawson..5-11; Wainwright, Rachel..6-15; Wainwright, Kate..6-15; Wainwright, G.B..6-15; Wainwright, I. Oliver..6-15; Wainwright, T...6-15; Wainwright, J.D..6-15; Wainwright, K.S..6-15; Wainwright, Hilton died..6-15; Wainwright, W.R..6-1; Wainwright, Mrs. Phillip..6-15; Wainwright, W.R..7-13; Wainwright, E.L..7-13; Walker, Sadie..3-16; Wasdin, Lewis..4-13; Wasdin, L.T..6-1; Wasdin, Erroll..1-20; Waughtel, John died..3-28; Waughtel, John..4-6; Waughtel, Prof., pot. plants..5-11; Waughtel, John died..3-23; Waughtel, Eli..3-23; Waughtel, C.W..3-23; Waughtel, Eli..6-1; Waughtel, Prof., lost chickens..5-11; Weather, very cold..1-6; Weather, terrible storm, probably hurricane..9-21; Whippet car..1-13; White, M.C..6-1; Wildes, J.D. ad for blacksmith..3--28; Wildes, Mack..5-11; Wildes, J.M...12-28; Wildes, Mack..9-14; Wilkerson, R.A..7-20; Wilkinson Estate..1-27; Wilkinson Estate sold again..2-10; Willey, T.H..1-6; Williams, Dr., cucumbers..6-1; Williams, Dr..1-13; Williams, Ranse died..1-20; Williams, Dr..1-6; Williams, Dr. residence..3-28; Williams, Dr. A.D..12-14; Williams, Dr..7-20; Willie, T.H., clerk..12-28; Willie, T.H., editorial comment..12-28; Wilson, O.F...3-2; Wilson, A.F..6-15; Wilson, O.F., clerk..1-13; Wilson, Johnny..3-16; Wilson, D.G., new car..11-30; Wilson, O.F..9-14; Wilson, O.F., clerk.12-7; Winokur, Higginbothams..4-6; Winokur, ACL washout..9-21; Wood, Mrs. W.A..7-6; Wood, Mrs. W.A..8-31; Woodmen of the World..12-14; Woolard, Geneva died..3-16; Woolard, Steve..3-16; Woolard, Katie..10-26; Wrench, T.W..1-6; Wrench, James H., new car..6-29; Wrench, T.W..4-27; Wrench, T.W...5-11; Wrench, J.H..6-1; Wrench, Agnes..6-15; Wrench, T.W., charge of school census..3-9; Wrench, Howard..6-29; Wrench, T.W., spoke on new courthse..3-28; Wrench, T.W., rose bush..4-6; Wrench, T.W, school census..4-6; Wright Motor Co..2-10; Wright, Bertie Loraine..1-27; Wright baby..3-2; Wright, Mrs. Carroll..3-2; Wright, C.M..1-27; Wright Motor Co..9-28; Wright Motor Co..12-7; Wright Motor Co..11-30.

Yarbough, Viru..10-26; Yarbough, Martha Ann Raulerson died..10-26; Yarbough, Ben..10-26; Yarbough, Wirth..10-26; Yarbough, Frank..10-26; Yarbough, Clara..10-26; Yarbough, Paul..10-26; Young, G.A...12-7.

Charlton  County Archives