Index - Charlton County Herald - 1927

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

ACL RR, automatic train signals..2-10; ACL RR, Jesse Hilton..4-7; ACL RR wreck, see Askew Restaurant..10-7; ACL RR, wreck..1-20; ACL RR operator, J.E. Harvey moves here..5-5; ACL RR, train struck water spout..12-23; ACL RR, Mattox station store going up..12-2; Airplane flies over Folk..10-28; Alexander home..1-6; Allen, J.C..4-14; Allen, W.R..4-7; Allen, Mollie died..4-21; Allen, A.A..2-10; Allen, W.R..4-21; Allen, G.W..4-21; Allen, George..4-21; Allen, Pat..4-21; Allen, Myrtle..11-25; Allen, J.C..11-25; Allen, Edgar, furniture store..12-2; Allen-Powell, Emily..4-14; Altman, B.A..2-10; Altman, M..11-18; Altman, B.A..11-18; American Legion Post..4-7; Armstrong, Irene..8-25; Arnold Hotel, being rebuilt..9-16; Arnold Hotel, to rebuild..7-21; Arnold Hotel..5-26; Arnold Hotel, comfortable..12-23; Askew, Louis Elwyn..5-5; Askew, Fred..4-21; Askew Restaurant..10-7; Askew, Mayme..8-25; Askew, A.N..2-10; Askew, Fred..1-20; Askew, Mayme..11-18; Askew, Mrs. Fred..12-23; Askew, Fred, Jr...12-23; Askew's pea patch..10-28; Ayers, Mrs..5-19.

Bachlott..1-20; Band, Folkston..2-25; Band, Folkston..3-31; Band, Folkston..2-24; Bank of Folkston bldg sold..11-18; Banks, Crawford..6-9; Banks, Dr. W.E., restaurant..12-16; Banks, W.E. restaurant..12-23; Barber Shop..5-19; Barbour, A.L..3-31; Barbour, A.L., building filling sta., [OakHill?]..10-7; Barbour, Contractor, building new Folk Schl..2-10; Barbour Brothers station, Oak Hill..11-25; Barbour Bros..12-2; Barbour, Mr., working on Mattox store, highway..12-2; Barker, Postmaster..9-23; Barker, Jewell..3-3; Barker, J.A..3-3; Barker, John A..10-7; Barker, J.A..10-7; Barker, Louise..11-18; Barnes baby..2-25; Barnes, J.H..2-25; Bass, Mayor K.C...Homeland..12-23; Batten, Silas..5-19; Batten baby..5-19; Batten baby..5-5; Batten, Silas..5-5; Batten, G.W..11-11; Batten, N.L..11-11; Batten, George..11-11; Batten, James..11-11; Batten, James..11-11; Batten, L.F..11-11; Batten, Rena..11-18; Batten, Eula..11-18; Batten, Lewis..11-11; Batten, Lewis..11-4; Bauman, Beryl..1-6; Bedell, Mallie..8-25; Bedell, Susan Helen..7-28; Bedell, Mallie..11-18; Bedell, Lucius, wife died..11-18; Bedell, Mrs. Lucius died..11-18; Bedell, Janie May Virginia Lang died..11-18; Bell, E..2-10; Bennett, Harry..9-16; Bethel, Mrs. C.D...12-2; Bethel, Mrs. C.M..11-11; Blackshear Road..9-23; Boughner, J.C..2-10; Bowling, Sam..6-9; Box, W.A.J..2-10; Boxing contest..4-14; Bradley, Belle..12-16; Branson, Edward..6-9; Bridge, concrete at StMarys R..10-28; Bridge, concrete. St Marys River..12-30; Bridge, opens for traffic, St Marys..12-30; Brock, Lena Rivers..12-30; Brock, F.E...12-30; Brockman pecan grove..2-3; Brooks, P.G..2-10; Bryant, Edd..2-10; Bryant, R.S...2-10; Bryant, Alex..2-10; Buchanan, Dr. home burned..2-24; Buchanan, C.S., fire burned home..2-24; Buchanan, Dr. J.W., owns Old Bank Bldg..3-17; Buchanan, Dr. J.W. sold old bank bld..11-18; Burch, Ralph, steam laundry..12-30; Burgin, Dick murder suspect Pearson..10-7; Burnsed, Mrs. B.R..8-25; Burnsed, B.R..8-25; Burnsed, J.D..2-10; Burnsed, Zach died..10-28; Burnt Fort, Littlefield..1-20; Burnt Fort, Littlefield..9-9; Burnt Fort, bridge..2-25.

Canady, S.F..2-10; Canady, Mrs. Jule..5-5; Canady, Main..7-21; Canady baby..7-21; Canady, J.H..10-7; Canady, R.L..10-7; Canady, J.M...10-7; Canady, S.F..11-25; Canady, Joseph died..12-30; Canady, baby..11-25; Cane grindings..11-11; Cane grinding..11-18; Cason, Louise..1-20; Cason, A.J..1-20; Cassell, Virginia..5-5; Catoe, W.R...2-10; Cemetery, Corinth..4-14; Cemetery, Prescott..2-25; Cemetery, St. George..8-25; Cemetery, Folkston..1-27; Cemetery, Allen..4-21; Cemetery, Sardis, Crews..1-27; Cemetery, St. Geo, body of Willey removed..7-7; Cemetery, Oak Grove, Thrift funeral..5-5; Cemetery, Folkston..5-19; Cemetery, Folkston..5-5; Cemetery, Folkston..4-21; Cemetery, Big Prong, Canady..12-30; Cemetery, Lloyd family, Scrubb..12-23; Cemetery, Emmeaus..11-11; Chancey, Mattie..9-23; Chancey, Clyde T...1-6; Chancey, W.L...11-11; Charlton Co Herald, busy with work..10-7; Charlton County Power Co..6-2; Charlton County Herald, had electricity..10-7; Charlton County Power Co. ad for cold storage..10-7; Charlton County Power Co, operating..8-11; Charlton County Power Co..4-7; Charlton County Power Co..7-21; Charlton County Herald, new owner, Wrench..9-9; Charlton County American Leg. Post..4-7; Charlton County Herald..1-6; Charlton County Power Co..11-4; Chastain, Kenneth..12-23; Chautauqua in Paxton Theater..3-17; Chautauqua, coming..3-3; Chisholm, G.W..2-10; Church, Folk Meth..6-16; Church, Folk Meth, Joyner wedding..5-26; Church, Mt. Zion Bap., Jones wedding..1-20; Church, Folk Bap, Rev Poindexter to come..10-14; Church, Folk Meth, funeral of Rev. EL Wainwright,,4-21; Church, Folk Bap. Davis funeral..5-5; Church, Folk Meth Parsonage..4-7; Church, Mt. Zion Bap..2-3; Church, Folk Bap, Sunbeam Band, R.A.s..1-13; Church, Presby., ladies meet, pastor..3-17; Church, St. Geo Meth..4-7; Church, Presby., sandwich sale at cthouse..3-10; Church, Folk Bap, new members..12-2; Church, Folk Bap, new preacher Poindexter..11-4; Church, StGeo ME, Scoville wedding..12-30; Citizens Military Training Camp..6-9; Citizens Bank..7-14; Citizens Bank..6-2; Citizens Bank..6-16; Citizens Bank, new bank bldg..1-13; Citizens Bank..1-6; Citizens Bank..4-21; Citizens Bank, Ardell Jones..1-20; Citizens Bank, opened new bldg..1-20; City Telephone Exchange, new operators..6-16; City Restaurant, new manager..4-21; Clark, Mrs. Linnie..12-2; Clements, C.J..2-10; Cockrell, S.T..2-10; Cockrell, Gladys..8-25; Cockrell, Eleanor..8-25; Coffin, Rev. F.O..8-25; Coleman and Norman, StGeo, syrup..12-16; Combs, Dennis..9-16; Condon, R.E..2-10; Condon, R.E., Alderman, Homeland..12-23; Conners Mill.1-27; Corbitt, Myrtice Ruth..1-6; Corbitt, E.M..1-6; Cornhouse Creek, eagle killed..11-4; Cotton ginned..12-2; Council, Lige died..6-9; County Agent to be hired..12-30; Court, jurors for spring term..2-10; Crawford, Kate..8-25; Crawford, Marie..9-16; Crawford, J.M..9-16; Crawford, Mrs. Riley died..12-16; Crawford, Riley..12-16; Crawford, Violet..12-16; Crews, R.L..2-10; Crews, S.A..2-10; Crews, Eaton..2-10; Crews, Noah died..1-6; Crews, Noah died..3-17; Crews, Mrs. Luther..1-6; Crews, Foster died..1-27; Crews, Noah, Justice of Peace..3-17; Crews, Eddy, Justice of Peace..3-17; Crews, H.H..2-24; Crews, A.B..8-4; Crews, M.M..1-20; Crews, Elbert..2-10; Crews, H.M..1-27; Crews, Mose..2-10; Crews, A.C..2-10; Custom, Mrs. Rodden takes in friends Mizell..11-25; Customs, Womans Club named streets..5-26; Customs, cane grindings..11-11; Customs, syrup making, rice thrashing, hog killing..11-25.

Daniels, Mr. died..1-27; Davis, H.J. sick..10-7; Davis, Bill..6-16; Davis, H.J..2-10; Davis, H.J...8-25; Davis, Mrs. M.G. died..5-5; Davis Drug Store..1-13; Davis & Barbour..3-31; Davis, H.J...3-31; Davis, Jessie Mae..5-5; Davis, Latisha..11-4; Davis, Mrs. A.N..11-25; Davis, Latisha died..11-11; Davis, S.J..11-11; Davis, S.L..11-4; Dean & Gowen Feed Store..6-2; Dean baby died..1-6; Dean & Gowen..6-2; Dean, E.F., Sr...2-10; Dean, G.A..1-6; Dean & Gowen, new brick bldg adj Grain&Gro..2-3; Dean, G.A., Jr..4-7; Dean's rice mill..11-25; Dell, Mrs., tel operator..9-9; Dinkins, Owen..10-7; Dinkins, Ruth, manager GaFlaInvCo..11-4; Diphtheria..11-18; Dixie Highway concrete bridge over StMarys..10-28; Dixie Restaurant..6-2; Dixie Restaurant..8-25; Dixie Highway, thru Homeland..11-4; Dixie Cafe..12-2; Dixon, Curtis..2-10; Drew, Mae..8-25; Ducks, wild duck food..3-17; DuPont Powder Co..2-3; DuPont Powder Co., Ardell Jones..1-20.

Eagle..11-4; Editorial/how things change in 30 years..1-20; Editorial, quit burning woods..2-3; Editorial/better lighting, water systems..6-2; Editorial/Chautauqua..3-3; Editorial/Chamber of commerce..11-11; Edwards, Finley..5-26; Electric light and ice plant..4-7; Electric lights..6-2; Electricity at Herald..10-7; Entertainment/Boxing contest..4-14; Entertainment/Chautauqua..3-3; Entertainment/boxing match..1-27; Entertainment, syrup making..11-25; Entertainment, Halloween party..11-4; Enyedy, Susan..11-18; Enyedy, Mary..11-4; Enyedy, Gabor..11-4; Exum, Gertrude..8-25.

Faulk, Miss, teacher..1-6; Fire, John Mizell home..10-28; Fire, Buchanan home..2-24; Fire, Parham home in St Geo..10-28; Fire, Roney's Cafe..3-31; Fire, Passieu home..1-6; Fleming, Dr. ad..10-7; Fleming, Lottie..8-25; Floyd's Island..11-11; Floyds Island..12-23; Foley, Phillip..4-7; Folkston, light and ice plant..4-7; Folkston Pharmacy, electrical products..10-21; Folkston Womans Civic Club..2-10; Folkston, power and light, ice, artesian well..7-21; Folkston, 8 new stores, 20 homes, bank, theatre in 1926..1-20; Folkston Band..2-24; Folkston Womans Club, Confederate vets in Bk Memory..4-7, 4-14; Folkston, Main St. asphalted..1-20; Folkston Band..3-31; Folkston Masonic Lodge, new bldg..2-3; Folkston, streets named..5-26; Folkston, 24 hour electricity..8-11; Folkston Department Store..6-2; Folkston, telephone system..1-27; Folkston Band organized..2-25; Folkston Womans Club, named streets..5-26; Folkston, many improvements..6-2; Folkston Womans Club, picture show, piano in Lodge bld..2-25; Folkston, Railroad Street..5-19; Folkston, lighting system..1-27; Folkston Pharmacy..8-25; Folkston Pharmacy, opened..1-27; Folkston Womans Club, Halloween entertain..11-4; Fountain, Janie..11-18; French, H.D..7-7; Futrelle, Uncle Billy..11-11.

Ga. Fla Invest Co., Ruth Dinkins, manager..11-4; Ga.-Fla. Invest. Co..6-2; Ga.-Fla. Invest Co. built commiss Paxton Pl..9-23; Ga-FlaInvCo..12-30; Gamble, Carrie..8-25; Ganey, Arch [Sapp?]..8-25; Ganey, Charles [Sapp?]..8-25; Ganey, Willie..8-25; Garrison, Paul E..1-20; Garrison, J.P., Alderman, Homeland..12-23; Gay baby died..8-4; Gay, Brantley..8-4; Gay, Brantley..2-10; Gibson, Judge H.G..3-17; Gibson, W.E..1-6; Gibson, Charles H..2-10; Gibson, Rev. W.O..4-21; Gibson, H.G..7-28; Gibson, S.G..2-10; Gibson, H.G..8-4; Gibson, Judge H.G..4-14; Gibson, Chas. H..2-10; Gibson, H.G. ordinary..9-16; Gibson, Ena Elizabeth..5-5; Gibson, N.M..2-10; Gibson, Henry..3-3; Gibson, Ena, teaching..11-18; Gibson, Steve, meat producer..12-16; Giles, Willie Mae..8-25; Gooden, Vera..11-18; Goss, F.W..1-6; Gowen, Elizabeth Jane..3-3; Gowen, B.B..3-3; Gowen, Clyde..5-5; Gowen, J.V..2-10; Gowen, Vera..2-24; Gowen, Albert, injured..3-17; Gowen, J.V..2-3; Gowen, J.V., moved back to Traders Hill..7-14; Gowen, Thelma..4-7; Gowen, Mrs. B.B..8-25; Grant, Lige died..6-9; Greer, Lillie..7-7; Gresham, Emily JOsephine..5-5; Griffin, W.H..2-10; Grooms, Jesse, Conf vet..4-7; Guinn, Katie..8-4.

Haddock, Ruth..3-31; Haddock, J.S. moved in new home..3-3; Haddock, J.W..7-14; Haddock, J.S..7-14; Haddock, Charles..3-31; Hannaford, Thelma..4-7; Hardee, R.A..5-19; Hardee, Frances [Mattox]..5-19; Harris, John, Brd of Ed..6-23; Harris, Mrs. Stanley..5-5; Harris, Mrs. John..12-2; Harvey, J.E...5-5; Hayes, Mrs. A.N..1-27; Hayes, Sara F..8-25; Hayes, Sarah Frances..1-6; Hebard, Daniel to visit..12-23; Hendrix, Moses..2-10; Higginbotham, F.B..2-10; Highway, Nahunta-Folkston..10-28; Hilton, Jesse..4-7; Hog ranch, Littlefield, O'Berry..9-9; Holzendorf, G.W..2-10; Homeland, description..11-4; Homeland, out of debt, brick town hall..1-6; Homeland Colony Co..10-28; Homeland, caucus for election..12-16; Homeland Park..11-25; Homeland, describes town..11-25; Homeland, city officials..12-23; Homeland. city officials..11-4; Hopkins, W.C., barbed wire stored [tick quaranteen?]..8-11; Hopkins, J.K..2-10; Hopkins, W.C...1-20; Hopkins & Vickery Furn. Co..6-9; Hopkins & Vickery furniture store fire..5-26; Hopkins, J.K. home fire..5-5; Hopkins & Vickery, furn store..12-2; Hopkins, W.C., furniture store..12-2; Hotel, Arnold, being rebuilt..9-16; Hotel, Arnold, to rebuild..7-21; Hotel, Arnold..5-26; Hotel, Arnold, comfortable..12-23; Howard, A.J..2-10; Howard, Mack..2-25; Howard, Mrs. A.J., a working..2-24; Howard, Gordon C..11-18; Howard, Gordon L...11-18; Huckabee, Weyman C...7-28; Huling, Jim..1-13; Huling, Ellen..3-17.

Independent Order Odd Fellows, St Geo..10-7.

Jackson, James..9-23; Jacobs, Winnie..8-25; Jacobs, G.H..2-10; Jacobs, Mr..9-23; Jacobs, Rev. G.H..12-30; James, Mrs., telephone operator..6-16; John Harris..12-2; Johns, Mr...9-23; Johns, Johnny..2-10; Johns, Roxie..9-16; Johns, Everett..2-10; Johns, Mrs. Frances..11-11; Johnson Road..9-23; Johnson, C. died..1-20; Johnson, J.H..2-10; Johnson, Wilbur..9-23; Johnson, Mrs. Ralph..7-14; Johnson, Mrs. Harry..7-14; Johnson planning mill..10-7; Johnson, Harry, to build..10-7; Jones, Ardell..1-20; Jones, Rev. B.F..3-3; Jones, Mrs. W.J. [Hilda Mattox]..5-19; Jones, E.J..4-7; Jones Market, meat..12-16; Jones, W.J., lease in old bank bld..11-18; Jones Market, next to restaurant..12-16; Jones, Mrs. W.J..11-18; Jordon, Mrs. Noah..4-21; Joyner, J.S..5-26; Joyner, J.S..2-10; Joyner, Neal..5-26.

Keene, Nettie J..8-25; Keene, W.R., 20 years on Board Ed..12-16; Kemp, Albert, StGeo, lost African garnet ring..12-16; Kent, Mrs. E.A..4-21; Knabb, O.L..2-10; Knowles, Jimmy died..1-13; Knowles, J.H..1-13; Kottman, Fred, Alderman, Homeland..12-23.

Lane, Mrs. Davis..11-4; Lane, Mrs. D.W..11-18; Lang, Janie May Virginia..11-18; Larkin, Mr. working on Mattox store, highway..12-2; Larkin, J.K., bought old bank bld..11-18; Larson, J.K...3-17; Larson, J.K...1-27; Leckie, J.B..10-7; Leighton, Mr..2-24; Leighton, Mr. Barber Shop..5-19; Lewis, J.B. died..1-6; Libby, Bert..6-9; Light system, Delco..9-23; Lindbergh, Charles, flew over Folkston..10-14; Littlefield, Georgia..8-25; Littlefield, J.C..1-20; Littlefield, Mrs. J.C., flies over Folk..10-28; Littlefield, Alexander..6-9; Littlefield, Margaret Morrison..5-5; Littlefield, T.J..6-9; Littlefield, J.C..9-9; Littlefield, J.C. turp still burned up..6-9; Littlefield, J.C..2-10; Littlefield, J.D., co. comm..12-30; Littlefield, Mrs. J.C..11-18; Littlefield, J.C., et al, building rest..12-16; Littlefield, Georgia..11-18; Lloyd, Mrs. C.H. died..9-16; Lloyd, J.B..2-3; Lloyd, Lee..9-9; Lloyd, Minnie..11-18; Lloyd, Zedia May died..12-23; Lloyd, John, building home..12-16; Lloyd, Lee..12-23; Lollis baby..2-24; Lollis, R.L..2-10; Lollis, R.L..2-24; Londeree, Lewis..11-18; Lyons, Mrs. John..5-5.

Mallard, L.E..2-10; Mallard, L.E., owned Herald..9-9; Mallard, L.E., et al, building rest..12-16; Mallard, Mrs. L.E..11-18; Masonic Temple, see Dr. Fleming ad..10-7; Masonic Lodge new bldg..2-10; Masonic Lodge..6-2; Masonic Lodge hall, piano..2-25; Masonic Lodge, new temple..2-3; Masonic Lodge, formal opening of bldg..2-24; Masonic Lodge, Order East Star..11-18; Masonic Hall, Halloween party..11-4; Mattox, H.S..2-10; Mattox, H.S..5-19; Mattox, C.C..3-31; Mattox, Mrs. Frances Hardee..5-19; Mattox, A.B..5-19; Mattox, Dorothy..5-19; Mattox, Mrs. H.S. died..5-12; Mattox, Jesse..3-31; Mattox, Dorothy..5-12; Mattox, R.H..5-19; Mattox, Charlie..2-24; Mattox, Abe..2-24; Mattox baby..2-24; Mattox, Charley..11-18; Mattox Store, Vickery retains..11-18; Mattox, highway store..12-2; Maxfield, Frank..6-23; Maxfield, Libby J..6-23; Mayo, Dorothy Whitney..1-20; McClain, Sara..8-4; McClain, Walter..3-17; McClane, E.L..9-16; McCord, A.D..2-10; McCoy, Dr., prepares office..9-16; McCoy, Dr., patient Mattie Chancey..9-23; McCoy, Dr., Smith child, bead in ear..11-4; McCoy, Dr. W.R..12-2; McDonald House..6-2; McDonald, N.H..2-10; McLeod, Mrs. Carrie..12-23; McQueen, Col. A.S..2-3; McQueen, Mack, very sick..2-3; McQueen, A.S..4-7; McQueen, Col. A.S...11-11; Mikell, Joe..4-14; Miller, Mrs. Oscar..5-19; Mills, Jim..3-3; Mills, Seaborn, Conf vet..4-7; Mills, Mrs. Sol..1-13; Mills, Morris..11-4; Mills, Edgar, meat producer..12-16; Mizell, Wm., Sr..7-7; Mizell, J.P., lightning damage..7-21; Mizell, Hattie Inez..5-5; Mizell, John D..2-10; Mizell, John home burned..10-28; Mizell, Wm., Sr..2-10; Mizell, Wm. Jr..2-10; Mizell, Mrs. Wm., Jr..4-7; Mizell, J.P..2-10; Mizell, Wm., Jr...2-3; Mizell, Pratt, meat producer..12-16; Mizell, Pratt..12-30; Mizell, Mrs. Amanda..12-2; Mizell, Mrs. Susie J..12-2; Mizell, E.M..12-30; Mizell, Wm., et al, building rest..12-16; Mizell, John D...11-25; Mizell, Jesse syrup making..11-25; Moniac, Rhoden funeral..10-7; Moniac, Roxie Johns..9-16; Moniac, S.F. Canady..11-25; Moniac district, Joseph Canady died..12-30; Moon, Kathleen..8-25; Moon, Kathleen..1-6; Morris, Mr...1-6; Murray, Julian..9-23.

Nahunta-Folkston highway..10-28; Neese, C.L., new Meth pastor..11-25; Newell, Mollie Allen..4-21; Newell, highway..12-30; Newell..2-3; Nobles, L.Q..2-10; Nobles, Otis, home nearing completion..2-24; Norman, Mrs. N.J..7-28; Norman, Leslie..6-16; Norman, N.J..2-10; Norman, Lillian..11-18; Norman, N.J..11-18; Norman and Coleman, StGeo, syrup..12-16.

O'Berry, Joe..9-9; O'Quinn, Vandella..1-20; Oak Hill Fill Station? Barbour..10-7; Oak Hill Station, Homeland..12-2; Oak Hill station..11-25; Odd Fellows Lodge, met in StGeo..10-7; Old Bank Building, long distance tel..6-30; Old Bank Bldg, telephone office..3-17; Old Bank Bldg, apt. for telephone operator..6-16; Old Bank Bldg sold..11-18; Oliver, J.M. burned hand..11-25; Oliver & Bell, syrup..11-18; Olliff, Col. Wm, owned Herald..9-9; Order of the Eastern Star organized..11-18; Osterman, Frank J..4-21; Osterman, Fred T..2-10; Osterman, Rose Marguerita..4-21.

Page, Jewell Gladys..5-5; Pan Am Ser Station..10-28; Pan-Am Gas station..9-23; Parham, Z.K..10-7; Parham, H.C..10-7; Parham, P.D. St Geo, home burned..10-28; Passieu, C.J..3-31; Passieu, C.J., home burned..1-6; Passieu Motor Co., Jesse Mattox worker..3-31; Paxton Theater..4-14; Paxton Theater..3-17; Paxton Theater..1-27; Paxton Theater ad..1-6; Paxton, Mrs...4-14; Paxton Theater..9-23; Paxton Place, telephone connections..9-9; Paxton, M.J..7-7; Paxton Place, commiss. manager Dinkins..11-4; Pearce, Oscar..3-17; Pearce, Marion..8-25; Pearce, Bernice..4-7; Pearce baby..3-17; Pearce, Marion..11-4; Pearce, Marion..11-18; Pearce, Mrs. Martha..12-2; Pearson, Doc..2-24; Pearson, Dock..10-7; Pearson, Doc..3-10; Pearson, Byrdie..8-25; Pecans, order for 300 pounds..11-18; Peterman, Lester C...12-16; Petty, C.C..5-5; Petty baby died..5-5; Phillips, Albert..11-4; Pickren, T.L., Sr. sold lot on Main St..8-25; Pickren, Verne J., bought lot on Main St..8-25; Pickren, T.L..2-10; Pickren, T.L., long dist telephone moved..6-30; Pickren, Verne, Garage..11-4; Pickren, Mrs. Verne J..11-18; Pickren, Mrs. Dora..12-2; Pickren Ser Station, opened..12-2; Pickren's Garage, party..11-4; Pierson, Doc..2-25; Player, R.E...11-18; Poindexter, Rev. J.D., new preacher..10-14; Poindexter, Edward..12-2; Poindexter, Rev. J.D...12-2; Post Office, St. Geo., postmaster resigns..9-23; Postma, Ralph..10-7; Poultry Assn organized..2-24; Powers Filling Station..6-2; Prescott, Marcell..2-25; Prescott, Proctor..2-24; Prescott, Lester..2-24; Prescott, Homer..2-25; Prescott, O.M..2-24; Prescott, Oliver..2-24; Prescott, Mrs. T.D..2-24; Prescott, Oliver died..2-25; Prescott, H.O..2-25; Prescott, Owen..2-25; Prescott, Everett..2-25; Prescott, Bertie..2-25; Prescott, Mary Jane..2-25; Prescott, Claud..2-25; Prescott, Oliver..3-10; Prescott, Maud..2-25; Prevatt, Owen, new home..2-24; Prevatt, J.A..2-10; Prevatt, J.S..2-10; Purdom, James..8-25.

Quarterman, Jane..8-25.

Racepond, SS..11-11; Racepond, R.E. Player..11-18; Racepond Turp Co., from Vickery..11-18; Rang, Ida..11-18; Rang, Ethel..11-18; Raulerson, J.D..4-7; Raulerson, Lacy..9-16; Raulerson, Charley..10-7; Raulerson, N.J..2-10; Raynor, O.E., new ser station..9-23; Raynor, Reuben..5-5; Raynor-Smith Ser Station opens..10-14; Restaurant, R.M. Roney rebuilding..5-12; Restaurant, Askew..10-7; Rhoden baby..10-7; Rhoden, Charles died..10-7; Rhoden, G.C...10-7; Rhoden, Ivey..10-7; Rhoden, Ivy..5-19; Rhoden, Allen..10-7; Roberts, Lewis..2-10; Roberts, Louis, Alderman..12-23; Robinson, Irene..8-25; Robinson, W.H..1-6; Robinson, Mrs. W.H..1-6; Robinson, Mrs. W.H editor of Herald..9-9; Roddenberry, J.D..2-10; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M..5-12; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..8-25; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M..11-25; Rodgers, J.W..6-16; Rodgers Bldg, Gibson bought stock..1-6; Rodgers, Ben..2-10; Rodgers, Fannye..6-16; Rodgers, Fannye..1-6; Rodgers Block, Taylors live in apt..11-25; Rogers, J.H..2-10; Rogers, Bernice, head nurse..12-23; Roney, R.M. rebuilding restaurant..5-12; Roney's Cafe..3-31; Roney's Cafe burned..3-31; Roney's Cafe..1-20; Roney's..6-2; Rowe, I.G., syrup..11-18.

Sands, Mrs. George..5-5; Sapp, Emily died..8-25; Sapp, [Ganey?] Arch..8-25; Sapp, [Ganey?] Charles..8-25; Sapp, Jesse..8-25; Scher, H.W., Sr..4-7; School, Folk. schl auditorium..2-3; School, Riverview, teachers..8-25; School, Prescott, teachers..8-25; School, Folk, grad class..5-5; School, Old Traders Hill site for sale..6-23; School, St Geo Con., teachers..8-25; School, Folk teachers..1-6; School, Moniac, teachers..8-25; School, Folk Consolidated to use new bldg..6-2; School, Winokur, teachers..8-25; School, Folkston, nearly completed..2-10; School, New bldg cost $50,000.00..1-20; School, Sardis, teachers..8-25; School, Racepond, teachers..8-25; School, Sardis, teacher..1-6; School, St Geo, teacher..1-6; School, Uptonville Con., teachers..8-25; School, Screven Ridge, consolidate..7-7; School, Folk H.S., to be remodeled..7-7; School, teachers for new year..8-25; School, colored, being built..8-25; School, Sardis teacher..3-3; School, Uptonville, young folks club..10-7; School, Moniac, Lottie Bell Thrift..5-5; School, Ch Co HS, teachers..8-25; School, Ch Co High, school remodeled, begins..9-9; School, St Geo, consolidate..7-7; School, Folk Consolidated, teachers..8-25; School, Folk Consolidated, consolidate..7-7; School, Riverview, consolidate..7-7; School, Folkston, many Folk. improvements..6-2; School, Rosenthal Fund, colored school..12-2; School, St Geo honor students..11-18; School, colored in Saulville..12-2; School, Folkston H.S., Bernice Rogers..12-23; School, Moniac teacher..11-18; School, Folk Consol., Homeland..11-4; School, Homeland brick 2-story now town hall..11-25; Schools, Charlton, close..2-24; Scott, Benjamin..2-24; Scott, C.M..2-25; Scott Building..5-19; Scott, B.F..2-24; Scott baby..2-25; Scott, Carl..11-4; Scoville, Mrs., StGeo, lost brooch..12-16; Scoville, Susan..12-30; Seaboard RR..1-6; Service Station, Pickren..12-2; Shivar, Ed, building colored school..8-25; Shivar, Ed., restaurant..12-16; Shrider, Lulu..4-7; Sikes, Jim..5-12; Sikes, Jim, killed whiskey runners..10-28; Smith, Elsie, typhoid fever..7-21; Smith, Albert, 7-28; Smith, Albert, typhoid fever..7-21; Smith, Mrs. Albert..8-11; Smith, Elsie..7-28; Smith, Ella..8-4; Smith, Albert died..8-4; Smith, Mrs. Albert..7-28; Smith, Arch..8-4; Smith, W.B..8-25; Smith, Julia..8-4; Smith, Matthew..2-10; Smith, Anna..4-7; Smith baby..6-16; Smith, Arch..6-16; Smith baby died..1-27; Smith, Mr. and Mrs [barber]..1-27; Smith, Curtis, ser sta..10-28; Smith, Matt..11-4; Smith child with bead in ear..11-4; Smith-Raynor Service Station opens..10-14; Snowden's Camp, worker died..12-30; Spaulding, Uncle Billy..11-11; Spencer, W.A..4-7; Spencer, J.W..2-10; Spencer, Mrs. J.W. died..4-7; Spencer, Nurdie May..4-7; Spencer, J.W..12-30; St. George, increases population by 80..2-3; St. George, new drug store..4-14; Standary Gas and Oil..12-2; Stapleton, E.B..2-3; Stapleton, Mrs. E.B..11-18; Stapleton, E.B., et al, building rest..12-16; Staton, U.G. Co..11-4; Stephens, Rosa..8-25; Stephens, W.G..2-10; Stewart, O.E..2-10; Stewart, George J..2-10; Stewart, Domingo..5-12; Stokes, Mary..5-5; Stokes, Mrs. J.J...9-23; Stokes, L.E...5-12; Stokes, Lewis Jasper..5-5; Stokes, Herman..6-16; Stokes baby..6-16; Stokes, Jeff died..9-23; Stokes, Jasper..6-16; Stokes, Festus N..2-10; Stokes, Noah..2-10; Stokes, the., syrup..11-18; Stokes, Maggie..11-18; Stokes, Wilton..11-18; Suggs Brothers, syrup..11-18; Syrup making, Oliver burned..11-25.

Taylor, Miss..9-23; Taylor, R.H..10-7; Taylor, J.S..11-25; Telephone system..1-27; Telephone system..9-9; Telephone Co. installing system..3-17; Telephone, long distance..6-30; Texaco Oil Co. lease in old bank bld..11-18; Theater, Paxton..1-6; Theater, warmed by heater..12-23; Thomas, Bessie..8-25; Thomas, Lethia..8-25; Thomas, H.Dixon..11-25; Thomas, Dixon, syrup..11-18; Thomason baby..5-5; Thomason, Victor..5-5; Thompson, Dr. W.D. buys drug store..8-25; Thompson, V.D..10-7; Thompson, W.D..4-7; Thompson, Mr., pharmacist..1-13; Thompson, Jack..8-25; Threlkeld, Miss [Burnsed]..10-28; Thrift, Lonnie..5-5; Thrift, Paul..5-5; Thrift, Charlie..5-5; Thrift, Nathan..5-5; Thrift, Josie..5-5; Thrift, Aaron..5-5; Thrift, Lottie Bell died..5-5; Thrift, Earl..5-5; Toledo, Combs..9-16; Tourists, amt of cars checked..12-2; Tourists coming thru..11-11; Toy, Mrs. Rosa first to fly over Folk..10-28; Toy, Rosa, poems..2-10; Toy, M.M..2-10; Toy, Mrs. Rosa M., honored at party..7-7; Toy, Mrs. Rosa M. entertains..12-2; Toy, Mrs., nephew here..12-16; Traders Hill, telephone connections..9-9; Traders Hill, Brock family..12-30; Typhoid fever..7-28; Typhoid fever..8-11; Typhoid fever..8-4; Typhoid fever..7-21; Typhoid fever..10-7; Tyson, John S., Jr..2-10; Tyson, John S., Jr. store ad..1-20; Tyson, John S. new store building..6-2.

Union Telephone Co..3-17; Union Telephone Co..9-9; Union Telephone Co. in old bank bld..11-18; Uptonville, Herald is off. organ..1-6; Uptonville, young folks club..10-7; Uptonville, Foster Crews..1-27; Uptonville, Wainwright wedd..4-7.

Vickery, Jesse..4-14; Vickery, J.W..10-21; Vickery, John, Conf vet..4-7; Vickery, J.W..12-2; Vickery, J.W. sells turp interest..11-18; Vickery, Mrs. W.B..11-18; Vinson, Dr. J.R., new store..4-14; Vinson, L.S..8-25; Vinson, Dr. J.R..7-28.

Wainwright, W.R..4-21; Wainwright, Mrs. Lizzie..4-21; Wainwright, Lizzie, Dr. McCoy office..9-16; Wainwright, Mittie..4-7; Wainwright, Rev. E.L..4-21; Wainwright, Grady B..4-7; Wainwright, C.S..4-21; Wainwright, Rev. E.L., owned Herald..9-9; Wainwright, D.R..4-21; Wainwright, Escher..4-21; Wainwright, Roscoe..4-21; Walker, Julia..2-25; Walker, Susie..9-23; Wasdin, L.H., grist mill, blacksmith shop..10-21; Wasdin, L.T..2-10; Wasdin, L.H..2-10; Watermelon theif..6-16; Watson & James..6-2; Waughtel, C.W..2-10; Welfare work, Mrs. Toy..7-7; West, Bandmaster..2-24; White, M.G..2-10; Wild duck food..3-17; Wildes, A.C..4-14; Wildes, James Donald died..4-14; Willey, F.C...7-7; Willey, T.H..12-23; Williams, Eva..8-25; Williams, Dr. A.D..2-24; Williams, Rev. L.E..6-16; Williams, Rev. L.E..4-7; Williams, Mrs. L.E..4-7; Williams, Rev. L.E..7-14; Williams, Rev.L.E..3-31; Williams, Rev. L.E..4-7; Williams, Rev. L.E..11-11; Williams, Mrs. Dona..12-2; Williams, Rev. L.E..12-2; Williams, Rev. L.E., given new car..11-25; Williams, Mrs. L.E..11-18; Williams, L.E..11-4; Williams., Rev. L.E..5-26; Wilson, J.M., ad for dasheens..2-24; Wilson, O.P..8-25; Wilson, J.M..2-10; Wilson, Mrs. O.F..11-18; Winokur, grist mill, blacksmith shop..10-21; Winokur, new JP..3-17; Winokur, Mat Smith..11-4; Winokur, Diphtheria..11-18; Witcher, Sara..8-25; Wood, Mrs. W.A..8-25; Wood, Mrs. W.A..11-18; Woodson, Roslyn..1-6; Wrench, Thomas..6-9; Wrench, T.W., buys Herald..9-9; Wrench, T.W..1-20; Wright, Mrs. E.H..1-13; Wright, Mrs. E.H..3-3; Wright Garage..6-2; Wright, Charlie..1-13; Wright, Mrs. E.H..4-14; Wright Motor Co..2-10; Wright, E.H..2-10; Wright, Mrs. Anna..12-2; Wright's Garage..2-3; Wunderlich, H.C. farmer..10-21.

Yontick, Frederick J...11-4.

Charlton  County Archives