Index of Charlton County Herald - 1925

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

ACL RR, Gen. Supt visits..4-10; ACL RR, mail pouch injures Willy..12-4; ACL RR, wreck..11-6; ACL RR, Hodges has best section in system..12-18; ACLRR, wreck..10-2; Alexander, E..9-11; Allen, Emily..8-21; Altman, Roy..11-13; Altman, Pearl died..11-13; Altman, Beryl..11-13; Altman, Mrs. Elbert C. died..11-13; Anderson, Aunt Mary died..10-23; Anderson, Lennie..8-21; Anderson, Mrs. Avie..8-21; Askew, Mayme..8-21; Askew, A.W..8-28; Askew, Mayme..8-21; Askew, Inez..4-24; Askew, Thomas..4-10.

Bachlott, Leoville..12-18; Baker, Robert..12-18; Baker, J.B..12-18; Baker, P.H. died..12-18; Baker, Henry..12-18; Banks, W.E..2-20; Banks, W.G..2-20; Banks, A.P. died..2-20; Banks, B.L..2-20; Banks, J.R..2-20; Battle, Helen..4-10; Bedell, Mallie..8-21; Bedell, L.M..9-11; Bedell, Mallie..8-21; Belflower, Mrs. [Rogers]..6-26; Bell, Lucy..4-10; Bell, Inez Annie..10-2; Bell, J.T..10-2; Bell, Kathleen..4-10; Bernice, Miss [Rogers]..6-26; Billys Island, county officials visit..11-13; Blank, Christine..8-7; Boughner, J.C..9-11; Boyd, R.A..9-11; Brandau, Christine..8-7; Brandau, Wilhelm died..8-7; Brandau, Frank..8-7; Braswell, Mrs. W.E..10-30; Bridge, St Geo-St Marys..6-26; Bridge, toll across St.Marys..2-13; Brockman, Dr. died..8-28; Brooks, P.G..9-11; Brooks, P.C., working, to move house, big dinner..11-20; Brooks Mrs. Fred..9-4; Brooks, Fred H...9-4; Burgen, Dick, died..7-17; Burgen, Dick murder..7-24; Burnsed, J.D..9-11; Burnsed, Sol..9-11; Burnt Fort, Littlefield..4-10.

Canady, John W. died..12-18; Canady, Spencer..12-18; Cannady, Spencer..8-7; Cannady, Fletcher..8-7; Carter, Hansel..9-11; Carter, Verdie..8-21; Cattle sold..4-24; Cemetery, Folkston..8-14; Cemetery, Sardis..6-26; Cemetery, St. George, Spencer..8-14; Cemetery, Folkston..12-18; Cemetery, Moniac, Canady..12-18; Cemetery, Folkston, Summerall..12-25; Cemetery, Folkston..4-24; Cemetery, Sardis..4-3; Cemetery, St. George..2-6; Cemetery, Folkston..4-10; Cemetery, Bethel..11-13; Cemetery, Sardis..12-18; Charlton County Herald..1-9; Charlton Co Brd Education, Prescott resolution..8-7; Charlton Co Educational Assn..12-4; Charlton Co Brd Ed, Tyson..10-9; Chesser, Mrs. W.J..12-18; Church, Presby. to begin construction..10-30; Church, Homeland Peoples..8-7; Church, Folk Bap, ACL employees..12-18; Church, Folk Bap, Stokes funeral..4-24; Church, Folk Meth, special Odd Fellows service..11-20; Church, Camp Pinckney..1-30; Church, Mills..10-30; Citizens Bank..7-24; Citizens Bank..4-17; Citizens Bank..1-9; Citizens Bank..10-16; Citizens Bank, Gertrude Wildes begins work there..11-13; City Restaurant, ACL employees..12-18; City Market, Haddock sells to Prevatt..10-2; Clark, Miss, teacher..2-20; Clements, J.C..9-11; Clements, Julian..4-10; Cockrell, S.T..9-11; Cockrell, Eleanor..8-21; Colony Co., 1904..10-9; Condon, Dick, fire..4-17; Conner, L.S..9-11; Cottle, Susan..11-13; Cotton gin..10-9; Cotton gin..8-28; Cotton..10-9; Court, Jurors for Fall Term..9-11; Crawford, Mrs. Kate..8-21; Crawford, G.C..9-11; Crews, M.M..9-11; Crews, S.A..9-11; Crews, Macy..8-21; Crews, Andrew..2-20; Crews, Cora Belle..8-21; Crews, James..2-20; Crews, Dan..8-14; Crews, George..8-14; Crews, Mack died..2-20; Crews, Mack..8-14; Crews, Mack died..8-14; Crews, Lonnie..8-14; Customs, Brooks gave a working, to move house..11-20.

Davis, R.C..4-24; Dean, G.A..9-11; Dean, G.A..7-17; Dean, E.F., Sr..4-3; Dean, E.F., Sr..9-11; Dean, E.F...10-2; Dean, Emory bought 330 acres..10-9; Dean, E.F., sold cattle..4-24; Dean, Emory, SE Fair results..10-23; Dean, G.A..12-4; DeGraffenreid, Morrie died..12-11; Dinkins, A..2-20; Dinkins, Theodore..12-11; Dinkins, Vera..2-20; Dixie Highway..10-16; Dormitory, classrooms..9-4; Dormitory, to be used for primary grades..8-7; Doster, Faye..8-21; Dyal Station..12-4.

Editorial/Folkston has dog fennels everywhere..9-4; Editorial/loose mules eating flowers..9-18; Editorial/ pave all of Main Street..8-7; Editorial/put dividing line down highway..8-14; Editorial/Charlton is blessed, rest of Ga. flooded..1-30; Entertainment/free motion picture..4-10; Enyedy, Mary..8-21.

Fair, Southeastern..10-2; Fewhawk, Cay..12-4; Fire, Dick Condon home..4-17; Fleming, Mrs. Albert, librarian..9-25; Fleming, Dr..12-11; Fleming, A..12-4; Fleming, Dr., speaks at Med Meet..7-17; Fleming, Dr. malaria epidem.4-17; Fleming, Dr..4-10; Fleming, Dr. A..9-11; Folkston, officials elected..12-4; Folkston, loose mules eating flowers..9-18; Folkston, teachers..8-21; Folkston Womans Club, library..9-25; Folkston/too many dog fennels..9-4.

Gay, Brantley..9-11; Gibson, Ordinary H.G..8-7; Gibson, Ordinary..8-21; Gibson, Judge..12-11; Gibson, Grady H..9-11; Gibson, Lorene..4-10; Gibson, Henry..4-10; Gibson, Rev. W.O..6-26; Gifford, Martin..8-7; Gin, Folkston..8-28; Gowen, J.V., moves to Folk..2-20; Gowen, Thelma..8-21; Gowen, Mrs. B.B., Sec Board of Schl Trustees..6-26; Gowen, Mrs. B.B..8-21; Griffin, W.H..9-11; Gupton, G.E..7-17.

Haag, August Estate..10-9; Haag, Grace..10-9; Haddock, J.S. sells city market..10-2; Haddock, J.S., bought gen mdse store..11-13; Hardee, Noble A..10-9; Harris, John, Royal Arch Masons..7-17; Harris, John, visit Billys Island school..11-13; Harris, John, StGeo school..4-17; Harris, John..12-11; Hathaway, Proctor..4-10; Hayes, Otto..8-21; Health, malaria epidem..4-17; Hendrix, Moses..9-11; Higginbotham, P.B..9-11; Highsmith, C.F..4-3; Highsmith, S.J..4-3; Highsmith, A.C..4-3; Highsmith, G.C..4-3; Highway repair..10-9; Hodges, V.A..9-11; Hodges, V.A..12-4; Hodges, Roadmaster V.A., best section in ACL system..12-18; Hodges, Roy..4-10; Hodges, V.A. in wreck..10-2; Holzendorf, G.W..9-11; Hopkins, J.K..9-11; Howard, A.A..9-11; Howard, Mrs. A.J..4-10; Howard, S.M..9-11; Howard, A.J..9-11; Huling, H.E..9-11; Huling, Wilson..4-10.

Jackson, Julia..4-10; Johns, Harmon..9-11; Johns, A.D..9-11; Johns, Harmon road..10-23; Johns, Alex, died..12-4; Johnson, Otis E..2-10; Johnson, Ailene..8-21; Johnson, James..2-20; Johnson, Mrs. [Highsmith]..4-3; Jones, Mrs. W.J..8-21; Jones, Linder..4-10; Jones, Ruby..4-10; Jones, Mrs. P.S..4-24; Jones, Lois..12-11; Jones, Mrs. E.F..4-24; Jones, Mrs. W.J..8-21; Joyner, J.S..9-11.

Keene, Nettie..8-21; Keene, Stella..8-21; Kemp, Albert..9-11; Kendall, Gertrude..8-14; Kennison, J.B..10-30; Kennison, W.E..10-30; Kennison, Louis..8-21; Kennison, Sarah Jane died..10-30; Kennison, L.H..9-11; Kennison, Annie..1-9; King, Noah B. died..2-6; Kirkland, Bub..7-24; Knabb, L..9-11; Knox, Miss, teacher..2-20; Kohn, James Floyd..10-2; Kottman, Mrs. Fred..8-7; Kuck, Katherline..8-7.

Library..9-25; Littlefield, John died..4-24; Littlefield, Sue Jack died..4-10; Littlefield, T.J..9-11; Littlefield, Sue Jack..4-10; Littlefield, J.C...4-10; Littlefield, J.C..4-24; Littlefield, J.C..7-17; Lloyd, Mrs. West..1-30; Lollis, R.L..9-11; Londeree, W.T...10-9; Londeree, W.T..6-26; Lowther, B.H...9-11.

Mack, Mrs. J.S..1-9; Mallard, L.E..12-4; Mallard, L.E., new porch for home..4-10; Mallard, L.E...1-30; Mallard's Garage, accident..4-17; Martin, G.O...1-9; Masonic Lodge service, Baker funeral..12-18; Masons, Royal Arch..7-17; Mattox, Jesse..7-24; Mattox, RR accident..8-14; Mattox, H.S..7-17; McCool, Rev. A.M..4-24; McCool, Rev..1-9; McDonald, N.H..9-11; McDonald, B.G., school trustee..12-4; McDonald, B.G..12-11; McDuffie, W.L..9-11; McQueen, A.S..7-17; McQueen, A.S..12-11; Mills baby..7-17; Mills, Jim..7-17; Mills, S.F., Sr..2-6; Mills, Kate..8-14; Mills, F.D..9-11; Mizell, Wm., Sr..9-11; Mizell, J.P..9-11; Mizell, Hamp..9-11; Mizell, Jesse P..9-11; Mizell, Wm., Jr..9-11; Mizell, W.H..12-18; Mizell, Ed..12-18; Mizell, Wm. Jr..12-4; Mizell, Mitchell..12-18; Mizell, D.M., Jr..12-18; Mizell, Jackson..12-18; Mizell, Wm., Jr..12-11; Mizell, Sarah..12-18; Mizell, Mrs. David M. died..12-18; Mizell, D.M., Sr..12-18; Mizell, Hamp sold 300 acres..10-9; Moniac, John W. Canady..12-18; Murray, G.B..9-11.

Nobles, L.Q..9-11.

O'Quinn, Robert..4-10; O'Quinn, R.T..9-11; Oak Hall, classrooms..9-4; Odd Fellows Lodge, special church service..11-20; Odd Fellows Lodge, Roddenberry..1-30; Olliff, Col., Dixie Highway..10-16; Olsen, Arlene..1-9; Olsen, Gene..4-10.

Parham, Z.K..9-11; Passieu, C.J..9-11; Passieu, C.J..12-4; Pearce, Marion..8-21; Pearce, Mrs. D.F..12-11; Pearce, Marion..8-21; Pecan groves, Brockman..8-28; Petty, Mrs. L..2-20; Phillips, Rubie..8-7; Pickren, Taylor L..7-17; Poplin, Mrs. J.L..8-21; Post office, Folk new P.M...2-6; Prescott, John A. died.8-7; Prescott, John died, member Brd Ed..10-9; Prevatt, J.A..9-11; Prevatt, Joe..10-2; Pritchard, Mrs. A.A..10-30.

Racepond, highway..10-16; Rahn, Rev. J.A..4-10; Raulerson, Mrs. Daniel..12-18; Raulerson, N.J...9-11; Reed, Jay..4-10; Renfroe, Henry A. died..2-6; Road, new, Homeland to Folkston..7-17; Roberts, Arthur..9-11; Robinson, Mrs. W.H..1-9; Robinson, W.H..1-9; Roddenberry, Newton Thomas..4-3; Roddenberry, John M..1-30; Roddenberry, Lizzie, visit Billys Island..11-13; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M..12-4; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..8-21; Roddenberry, Gad..4-3; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..8-21; Roddenberry, N..9-11; Rodgers, J.W., sold store to J.S. Haddock..11-13; Rodgers, Fannye..8-21; Rogers, W.R..6-26; Rogers, Bernice..4-3; Rogers, Hoke..4-3; Rogers, Mrs. J.H. died..4-3; Rogers, J.H..6-26; Rogers, Bertha..4-3; Rogers, Ned died..6-19; Rogers, E.D. died..6-26; Rogers, Alma..6-26; Rogers, Lanie..6-26; Rogers, Carl..6-26; Rogers, Leo..6-26; Rogers, Mrs. E.D..4-3; Rogers, Dorsey..4-3; Rogers, H.V..6-26; Roney, Mr...4-17; Roney, B.M..12-4.

Saunders, Rev..1-30; School, Folk Bond Election..12-11; School, Folk colored, Oak Grove description..11-13; School, Winokur, get stumps from road to schl..10-23; School, Folk, town meeting to discuss new school..12-4; School, Billys Island, John Harris visits..11-13; School, Prescott to open..8-21; School, Folkston, opened..8-21; School, Prescott, opened..8-21; School, St Geo opened..8-21; School, Traders Hill, consolidated..8-7; School, Screven Hill opened..8-21; School, Moniac opened..8-21; School, Riverview opened..8-21; School, Folkston, consolidated..8-7; School, Uptonville, transportation bid..6-26; School, Petty, transportation bid..6-26; School, Winokur opened..8-21; School, Winokur, 2 teacher schl..8-7; School, Moniac opened..8-21; School, Uponville opened..8-21; School, St Geo new addition to school..6-26; School, Johnson, transportation bid..6-26; School, St Geo lumber truck broke thru bridge..6-26; School, Kennison, consolidated..8-7; School, Winokur, opened..8-21; School, Racepond, 2 teacher schl..8-7; School, Sardis, 2 teacher schl..8-7; School, Moniac, 2 teacher schl..8-7; School, Riverview, 1 teacher schl..8-7; School, Screven Hill, l teacher schl..8-7; School, Billys Island, 2 teacher schl..8-7; School, Prescott, l teacher schl..8-7; School, Racepond, Crews accident..8-14; School, Uptonville Consolidated..8-7; School, Sandusky, consolidated..8-7; School, St. George, annex ready to use..8-7; School, Uptonville, opened..8-21; School, Moniac-Canady, consolidated..8-7; School, Folkston consolidated..8-7; School, Folk, Mrs. Spencer, teacher..8-14; School, St. George Consolidated..8-7; School, Riverview opened..8-21; School, Sardis opened..8-21; School, Folk opens..9-4; School, Traders Hill, trucks bring students..9-4; School, Prescott teachers..8-21; School, Riverview teachers..8-21; School, Moniac teachers..8-21; School, Kennison, trucks bring students..9-4; School, Newell, truck brings students..9-4; School, Billys Island, teachers..2-20; School, Folk, honor students..4-10; School, Folk 2 new teachers Brooks and Brooks..9-4; School, Homeland, truck brings students..9-4; School, Sardis teachers..8-21; School, Screven Hill teachers..8-21; School, St. Geo Bond election..4-17; School, Folk teachers..8-21; School, St Geo to open..8-21; School, Folk to open..8-21; School, Uptonville teachers..8-21; School, St Geo teachers..8-21; School, Screven Hill opened..8-21; Scott baby..4-17; Scott, C.M..4-17; Shackelford, R.A..7-17; Shivar, E.W..9-11; Shuman, Mary..4-10; Sikes, Nell..8-21; Simmons, Viola..4-10; Simmons, Lizzie..4-10; Sloan, Mrs. died..8-14; Smith, W.B..9-11; Smith, Mrs. [Highsmith]..4-3; Spencer, Mrs. died..8-14; St. George, description 20 years ago..7-17; Stapleton Pharmacy, hear Edison records there..4-10; Stapleton, E.B..12-11; Stapleton, E.B..7-17; Stapleton, Martha..4-10; Stapleton, E.B., Mayor..12-4; Stapleton, Pearce..4-10; Stephens, Garland..12-25; Stephens baby..12-25; Stewart, George..2-20; Stewart, Albert Sidney..2-20; Stewart, Geo. J..9-11; Stewart, O.E..9-11; Stokes, Paxton..4-24; Stokes, A.O..4-24; Stokes, I.O..4-24; Stokes, Clennie..4-24; Stokes, U.O..10-23; Stokes, Jane, died..10-23; Stokes, J.O..4-24; Stokes, U.O..4-24; Stokes, Lizzie..8-7; Stokes, Judge J.J..2-20; Stokes, Lewis E..9-11; Stokes, Fred..7-24; Stokes, Judge J.J. died..4-24; Strickland, Mrs. Tom..12-11; Summerall, J.E. died..12-25.

Tanner, Mrs. J.L..10-30; Tanner, Mrs. T.L..10-30; Taylor, Richard..8-21; Taylor, Mrs. [Baker].12-18; Teacherage, classrooms..9-4; Telephone workers..10-9; Thomas, Herman..1-9; Thomas, Mrs. Jim..6-26; Thomas, Eliza..8-21; Threlkeld, Blanch..4-10; Tourists, number of cars..8-7; Traders Hill, JV Gowen..2-20; Turner, Annette..8-21; Tye, Mrs. Mira W..8-21; Tye, Mrs. Mira W...8-21; Tyson, John S., Jr., store progressing rapidly..11-20; Tyson, Mrs. A..4-3; Tyson, A..10-9; Tyson, John S., Jr. lot cleared so he can bld store..9-25.

Uptonville, Hayes-Crews wedding..8-21; Uptonville..10-16.

Vickery, Jesse W..7-17; Vickery, John..9-11; Vickery, Bernice..8-21; Vickery, Bernice..8-21.

Wainwright, Andrew Jackson died..8-14; Wainwright, J.A..8-14; Wainwright, W.R..8-14; Walker, Percy..10-23; Wasdin, J.G..9-11; Wasdin, L.H..9-11; Waughtel, C.W..9-11; Wildes, Aderine..4-10; Wildes, Gertrude, works for Cit Bnk..11-13; Wilkinson, J.B..9-11; Williams, Dr..12-4; Williams, Dr..12-11; Williams, Rev. L.E..12-11; Williams, Rev. L.E..11-20; Williams, Rev. L.E..10-30; Williams, A.D..7-17; Williams, Rev. L.E..10-23; Williams, Rev. L.E..11-13; Williams, Eugene..4-10; Williams, L.E..7-17; Williamson, Mrs. J.O..2-20; Willy, T.H. injured..12-4; Wilson, O.F., clerk..2-13; Wilson, O.F..9-11; Winokur, Mack Crews..8-14; Wool sale..8-7; Woolard, Mr...12-4; Wrench, T.W., remembering 10 yrs ago..10-16; Wrench, T.W., describes old St Geo..7-17; Wright, Lola..10-23; Wright, C.M..10-23.

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