Index - Charlton County Herald - 1924

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


ACL RR, Hodges, Bergen wrecked..7-25; ACL RR, tourist trains discontin..5-2; ACL RR, H.J. Mays employee..10-31; ACL RR..6-27; Adams, R.H..8-1; Aldridge, B.H..2-15; Alexander, E..9-12; Allen, Mrs. J.C..3-14; Allen, John A..9-12; Allen, Pearl..5-16; Allen, Mamie..9-26; Allen, Pearl..6-6; Allen, Pearl..4-4; Allen, Pearl..6-20; Altman, C.J..2-15; Altman, Ernest M,..6-13; Anderson, Mrs. Ira..9-18; Armstrong, A.J of Hebard Co..8-1; Askew, Mayme..3-28; Askew, Fred..5-9; Askew baby..5-9; Askew, Willia..9-5; Askew, Lucia Merle died..9-5; Askew, A.W..6-6; Askew, Mayme..8-1.

Banks, Dr..3-28; Banks, Mary..3-28; Banks, Mrs. W.E..3-28; Banks, Mary..12-5; Banks, Mrs. W.E..12-12; Barber, J.C..9-12; Barber shop, Braddock..5-23; Barker, J.A..2-15; Barnes, J.H..9-12; Barnes, J.H..1-18; Batten, Lewis..12-12; Bedell, L.M..12-26; Bell, R.R..2-15; Bell, J.T..6-13; Bergen, Dick..7-25; Bethel, C.S..9-12; Billys Island, description..8-1; Billys Island, Ga Press Assn visit..8-1; Board of Trade..4-11; Board of Trade..12-19; Boughner, J.C..1-18; Box, W.A.J..9-12; Boyd, R.A..9-12; Braddock, Roy..5-23; Bricks for sale, chimneys of burned home..6-20; Brock, Mary..3-7; Brock, Lucille..1-18; Brock, Rivers..9-12; Brockman, Dr..9-12; Brooks, P.C..2-15; Brooks, P.G..1-18; Bryant, Mr. [George W.?] died..4-25; Buchanan, Dr. J.W..12-12; Buie & Littlefield..1-11; Buie, J.C...1-11; Burnsed, Sol..2-15; Burnsed, R.B..10-3; Burnsed, B.R..9-12; Burnt Fort, Littlefield..1-18; Burnt Fort, Littlefield..1-25; Bus Line, Folkston..10-3; Bussey, Mary Catherine..1-25; Bussey, Charles..1-25; Byrd, Mamie..2-8.

Canady, R.L..2-15; Canady, C.C..2-15; Canady, J.W..2-15; Canady, Aaron..9-12; Canady, J.P...1-18; Carter, Hansel..9-12; Carter, Frank..2-15; Carter, Raiford..2-15; Casey, Katie..3-7; Cemetery, Folkston..5-9; Cemetery, St. George..5-16; Cemetery, St. George..5-16; Cemetery, Folkston..9-5; Cemetery, Folkston..5-16; Cemetery, Sardis..9-12; Cemetery, Sardis..3-14; Cemetery, Sardis..11-14; Cemetery, Sardis..3-21; Cemetery, Sardis..9-18; Cemetery, Folkston..4-25; Cemetery, Folkston..1-25; Cemetery, Traders Hill..4-25; Cemetery, Sardis, double funeral, Floyd..7-25; Cemetery, Folkston..1-11; Cemetery, Corinth..12-26; Cemetery, Sardis..12-12; Chancey, Mary Ann..2-22; Chancey, Isabel..2-22; Chancey Soler farm and home..11-14; Chancey, W.L..2-15; Chancey, W.L..8-1; Charlton Co., list elected officials..1-18; Charlton County Herald..1-11; Charlton Co Education Assn..11-28; Charlton County Herald, barter for subscript..12-19; Chesser, Thomas..2-15; Chisholm, Charlie..9-12; Chisholm, Leon..2-15; Church, Folk Meth, nearly completed..6-13; Church, Folk Methodist Building Fund..4-4; Church, Folk Meth remodeling..4-4; Church, Bethel Meth S.S. report..1-11; Church, Folk Meth Thanksgiving Day Observ..11-14; Church, Folk Meth finishing touches..7-25; Church, Folk Meth, first service in new ch..7-18; Church Presbyterians to build..7-25; Church, Homeland Bap..6-27; Church, Folk Bap, Meth holding serv. there..4-4; Church, Folk Bap, revival, Ernest Altman..6-13; Church, Folk Meth, Mizell-King wedd..6-6; Church, Sardis, Johnson funeral..6-6; Church, Presby chicken supper..8-1; Church, Presby new minister..9-5; Church, Presby, deciding materials..9-5; Citizens Bank..1-18; Citizens Bank, branch bank, Nahunta..11-14; Citizens Bank..4-18; Citizens Bank..7-25; Citizens Bank..10-24; Citizens Bank..1-11; Citizens Bank..12-26; Citizens Bank..12-12; City Barber Shop..5-23; City Restaurant..12-12; Civil War, Thomas..3-14; Clark, Mrs. J.A..12-26; Cliett, Etha..9-26; Cockrell, Eleanor..6-6; Cockrell, Eleanor..8-22; Combs, M..9-12; Condon, R.E..9-12; Condon baby..7-18; Condon, Dick..7-18; Condon, R.E..2-15; Confederate veteran, Thomas..3-14; Conner, L.S..2-15; Copeland, Flora..3-7; Cotton, Askew..6-6; Cotton crop..5-30; Cotton, first bloom..6-13; Court, Fall term jurors..9-12; Court, jurors for March term..2-15; Courtney, Nellie..6-20; Courtney, Nellie..5-23; Courtney, Mrs. W.R..8-1; Courtney, Nellie..12-26; Crawford, Ora..2-15; Crawford, E.C. died..5-2; Crews, Andrew..2-15; Crews, S.A..2-15; Crews, Eddie..9-12; Crews, Lawt..9-12; Crews, H.H..1-18; Crews, J.M..2-15; Crews, Hamp, Sr..2-15; Cullison, Conelius V. died..12-12; Cullison, O.J..12-12; Cullison, M.C..12-12; Custom, Lee's Birthday..1-18.

Davis, Joseph William..5-23; Davis, Nelson..5-23; Davis, Will died..9-18; Davis, Ed..5-30; Davis, Beulah Mizell..6-6; Davis, H.J...12-5; Davis, H.J..1-18; Davis, H.J..2-15; Dawson, Rev..9-5; Dean, E.F., Sr..5-2; Dean, G.A..1-18; Dean, Mrs..1-25; Dean, G.A..4-11; Dean, G.A..2-15; Dean, Mrs..4-4; Dean, G.A., assessor..12-5; Dip inspectors..2-8; Dipping vats..2-8; Dixie Highway..12-19; Dixon, Eli died..11-14; Dixon, Curtis..11-14; Dixon, Mary..11-14; Dixon, Niram..9-12; Dixon, Curtis..9-12; Donahoo, J.D..12-26; Dowling, Frank..9-12; Dowling, Ivey..12-26; Dozier, Hudson..12-12; Drew, J.B..8-22; Dumas, Ruth..8-22; Dyal, Pearl..12-12.

Editorial, needy children..5-16; Editorial, bury rusting cans under fruit trees..6-13; Edwards, James H...2-8; Edwards, Sam..9-12; Entertainment, play by adults..4-4; Enyedy, Gabor..5-30; Enyedy, Mary..8-22.

Farmers, free tobacco seed..12-12; Farming..5-30; Fire, Courtney home..5-23; Fire, Crews home..2-15; Fire, Lizzie Wainwright home..3-28; Fleming, Mayor..6-13; Fleming, Dr. A., Mayor..12-5; Fleming, Dr. A., Mayor..6-20; Fleming, Dr. Albert..5-2; Fleming, Dr., malaria mosquito..6-27; Fleming, Dr. A., Mayor..1-18; Floyd, Lewis..7-25; Floyd, Mrs. Lewis died..7-25; Floyd, Mary died..7-25; Folkston Womans Club, library..9-12; Folkston Meat Marker..7-18; Folkston Bud Line..10-3; Folkston, ordinance against mad dogs..3-28; Folkston, getting rid of cans..6-13; Folkston Womans Civic Club..5-9; Folkston, reward for finding ones scattering tacks highway.6-20; Folkston, list of officers..1-18; Folkston Board of Trade..4-11; Folkston Womans Civic Club, library..1-25; Folkston Womans Club, encyclopedia..9-5; Folkston Womans Civic Club, library..2-22; Folkston, city officials elected..12-5; Folkston Cafe..12-12; Frasier, Layton..9-5.

Game Warden McQueen..9-5; Garrison, Margaret..8-22; Garrison, Margaret..5-16; Garrison, Margaret..6-6; Gay, B.F...1-11; Gibson, Mattie..2-8; Gibson, Henry, improving..9-12; Gibson, S.G..1-18; Gibson, W.E..2-15; Gibson, Rev. W.O., Johnson funeral..6-6; Gibson, W.O..2-15; Gibson, H.G..2-15; Gibson, W.O..2-22; Gibson, Chas. H..9-12; Gibson, H.G, accident...8-22; Gill, Jeanette..2-22; Gowen, Thelma..9-5; Gowen, Thelma..6-6; Gowen, Mrs. Barney..9-5; Gowen, Geo R..2-15; Gowen, Thelma..5-16; Gowen, Estelle..6-13; Gowen, B.B..9-12; Gowen, Judge A.G..1-18; Gowen, Thelma..11-28; Gowen, J.V..3-7; Gowen, Judge A.G. died..3-7; Gowen, A.G., Jr..3-7; Gowen, B.B..3-7; Gowen, Dean..2-29; Gowen, B.B..2-15; Gowen, G.W..3-7; Grant, Leola..8-1; Grant, Agnes..8-1; Grooms, J.S..2-15; Grooms, Mrs., teacher at Traders Hill Schl..9-26; Grooms, Beulah..11-28; Grooms, Gladys Mae..6-6; Grooms, Beulah..9-18; Grooms, Beulah..6-6; Grooms, E.N..2-15; Grooms, E.N..6-6; Grooms, Netta..6-6.

Haddock, J.S..4-11; Haddock, J.S..7-18; Haddock, Julia..4-11; Haddock, J.C..7-11; Haddock, Agnes Walker died..7-18; Haddock, H.L..7-18; Haddock, Dean..7-11; Haddock, J.W..7-18; Harden, Henry..9-12; Harden, Lewis..9-12; Harden, Joe..9-12; Harden, Robert..9-12; Harden, Bertie..9-12; Harden, Otella..9-12; Harden, Jeremiah died..9-12; Harden, Owen..9-12; Hardy, John..9-12; Harris, Leonard died..3-21; Harris, John..8-1; Harris, John, Prin. at St Geo..8-22; Harris, John, school book order to be sent..8-22; Harvey, J.Q..9-12; Health, healthmobile..3-7; Hebard Lumber Co..8-1; Hebard Cypress Co..8-1; Hendrix, Moses..2-15; Hendrix, Mabel..5-2; Hendrix, T.M..5-2; Hewitt home..1-25; Higginbotham, J.P.B..2-15; Hodges, H.S..2-15; Hodges, V.A., alderman..12-5; Hodges, Roadmaster V.A..7-25; Holzendorf, G.W..2-15; Homeland Garage ad for Doors for Fords..9-12; Homeland library..10-10; Homeland sawmil..12-12; Hopkins, J.K..2-15; Hopkins, Mrs. Hamp Mizell died..10-3; Hopkins, W.C..9-12; Hopkins, description..8-1; Hopkins, W.C..12-26; Hotel, Smith, St. Geo..5-16; Howard, Vera..9-18; Howard, C.A. died..3-21; Howard, A.H. "Bud" died..9-18; Howard, Geo C..2-15; Howard, Clarabell..3-14; Huling, Jim..1-18.

Incubator for eggs, Wrench..10-24.

Johns, Thomas..2-15; Johnson, Ralph..4-11; Johnson, A.R..7-11; Johnson, Jas. E..2-15; Johnson, Mae..6-6; Johnson, Lutie..6-6; Johnson, E.J..6-6; Johnson, Henry..4-11; Johnson, W.J..1-11; Johnson baby..1-11; Johnson, Mrs. E.H..7-11; Johnson, F.J., Jr..6-6; Johnson, Lula..6-6; Johnson, J.H..12-26; Jones, Robt..2-15; Jones, J.C..9-18; Jones, W.J..8-1; Joyner, J.S..2-15; Joyner, Neal..4-4; Joyner, J.S..4-25.

Keene, W.R..1-18; Keene, Stella..11-28; Keene, W.R..9-12; Kelsey, Ella..12-12; Kemp, Rev. T.B..1-25; Kennison, W.B..2-15; Kennison, L.H..2-15; Kent, Crystal..9-12; Kent..5-16; King, Warren Chester..6-6; Kirkpatrick, Laura..3-7; Knabb, L..9-12; Knabb, L..12-26; Knight, Luvennia..1-18; Knox, Miss..11-28; Knox, Kate..9-5; Ku Klux Klan, parade..10-31; Ku Klux Klan, Knights of, membership information..11-7.

Lamb, Clar Verna..1-18; Lang, Lillie..3-21; Lassiter, Mr..3-28; Leckie, W.C..9-12; Lee, Harrison..8-1; Library, new building..1-25; Library, Folkston, received Homeland lib. books..10-10; Library..2-22; Library..9-12; Littlefield, J.C..1-25; Littlefield, Nell died..1-18; Littlefield, Georgia..9-26; Littlefield, Mildred..6-6; Littlefield, J.C., Jr..9-26; Littlefield, J.C..1-18; Littlefield, J.C..1-11; Littlefield, Mildred..5-16; Littlefield, Eleanor Woodrow died..1-25; Littlefield, Sue Jack..3-28; Lloyd, Lester..2-15; Londeree, Mrs. W.T..5-16; Lovett, C.W..7-25; Lovett baby..7-25; Lowther, T.H..2-15; Lowther, B.H..2-15.

Malaria, mosquito found..6-27; Mallard, L.E., councilman..1-18; Mallard, L.E., school supt..1-18; Mallard, L.E., Board of Trader...12-19; Mallard, L.E..12-26; Mallard, L.E., schl supt..12-12; Maree, Nola..12-12; Martin, E.L., sold lot to library..1-25; Martin, Violet..6-6; Martin, Nomie..10-31; Martin, Lang delivers Times Union..9-5; Martin, E.L..10-31; Martin, Otto, pet deer..5-9; Martin, Violet graduated H.S...5-16; Martin, Mrs. E.L., Dr. McLaughlin had an office..5-23; Masonic funeral, Gowen..3-7; Matthews, Mrs. T.H..6-6; Mattox, Mrs. J.J..10-3; Mattox, Grooms..6-6; Mattox, Myrtle..10-3; Mattox, Jimmie..11-28; Mattox, H.S..12-26; Mays, Howard J..10-31; McClain, Hugh..1-18; McCool, Rev. A.M..10-31; McCoy, Dr. W.R. to move here..11-7; McCoy, Dr. W.R., opened office..12-5; McDonald, Mrs. B.G..3-21; McDonald, B.G..1-18; McDonald, B.G..12-26; McDuffie, W.L..9-12; McLaughlin, Dr. A.T..5-23; McQueen, A.S...1-18; McQueen, Col. chrm of Brd of Trade..4-11; McQueen, Col..4-25; McQueen, Mrs. A.S...9-5; McQueen, Imogene McCloud died..4-25; McQueen, A.S., game warden..9-5; McVickers, Mrs. W.B..9-18; Meldon, S.C..6-6; Mills, F.D..9-12; Mills, Frank..6-27; Mills, Sol P..9-12; Mills, F.D..2-15; Mills, Sol P...8-22; Mills, Morris Whitaker..8-22; Mills, S.F., Jr..1-18; Mills, S.M..9-12; Mills, S.F., Jr...1-18; Mills, B. Fay..1-18; Mills, Marion..2-8; Mills, S.F., Jr..12-26; Mitchell, W.T..9-12; Mizell, Ed..2-15; Mizell, William, Jr...11-14; Mizell, Hamp..8-1; Mizell, Sam..8-1; Mizell, Susie, librarian..1-25; Mizell, Mrs. W.H..1-11; Mizell, J.P...7-18; Mizell, P.G..9-12; Mizell, E.D..5-2; Mizell, A.S..9-12; Mizell, J.P..2-15; Mizell, Wm., Jr..1-18; Mizell, Susie..5-2; Mizell, Mrs. William..1-18; Mizell, W.H..1-18; Mizell, Mrs. Hamp died..10-3; Mizell, Mattie..12-26; Mizell, William, Jr..12-26; Mizell, A.S..12-26; Mizell, William, Sr..12-26; Mizell, Wm., Jr., alderman..12-5; Murray, F.L..9-12; Musgrove, M.D..1-18.

Nazworth, Laura..11-28; Nazworth, Allen..10-31; Nazworth, Doris..10-31; Nettles, Mrs. Jack..11-14; Norman, N.J..2-15; Norman, N.J..1-18.

O'Berry, Leila..12-26; O'Berry, J.F..12-26; O'Quinn, R.T...9-12; O'Quinn, S.A..9-12; O'Quinn, W.S..9-12; O'Quinn, T.J..9-12; Odd Fellows Lodge, Cullison funeral..12-12; Osterman, Fred..9-12; Osterman, Fred..9-5.

Page, Mrs..1-25; Palmer, Mrs. S..6-6; Paper-making in South..5-30; Parham, H.C..9-12; Passieu, Louie..9-26; Paxton, M.J...2-15; Paxton, M.J., alderman..12-5; Pearce, D.F..3-28; Pearce baby..3-28; Pearce baby..3-21; Pearce, J.M..3-21; Petty, T.T..9-12; Petty, Edward..2-15; Petty, Ed died..3-14; Phillips, Albert..2-15; Phillips, A.F..9-12; Pickren baby died..5-9; Pickren, Helen..4-4; Pickren, Junior died..5-16; Pickren, T.L..4-4; Pickren child burned..2-29; Pickren, Helen..9-26; Pickren, Taylor L..2-29; Pickren, Taylor L..5-9; Pickren, Taylor L., Jr..9-12; Pickren, Marion Laverne..2-8; Pickren, Taylor L. 5-16; Pickren, Verne J..2-8; Poplin, J.L..11-28; Poplin, Mrs...11-28; Powell baby..4-25; Powell, Frank..4-25; Powers, Harold Colvin..2-8; Powers, A.G..2-8; Prescott, John A..1-18; Prescott, J.A..2-22; Prescott, J.A..2-15; Prescott, J.L..2-22; Prescott, Thomas D. died..2-22; Prescott, Lula..2-22; Prescott, B.S..2-22; Prescott, H.O..2-22; Prescott, C.W..2-22; Prescott, C.W..2-15; Prescott, R.L..2-15; Prescott, Benj. M...2-15; Prescott, O.M..2-22; Prescott, O.M..1-18; Prevatt, Joe..9-12; Prevatte, J..6-6; Prevatte, Owen..6-6; Purdom, James..9-12; Purdy, Mrs. C.W..12-12.

Racepond, healthmobile..3-7; Racepond Turpentine Co..8-1; Racepond, Lamb..1-18; Range riders, dip vats..2-8; Ransom, Lewis Thomas..2-15; Ransom, T.K...2-15; Raulerson, J.D...1-18; Raulerson, B.B..2-15; Raulerson, Jas. C..2-15; Raulerson, Daniel A..2-15; Raulerson, N.J..2-15; Ray, Lilia..9-12; Raynor, O.E...10-3; Republican Party..5-2; Reynolds, D.W..2-15; Reynolds, L.M..9-12; Roach, Mr..7-25; Roberts, Earl..6-20; Roberts, Mr., sawmill..12-12; Robinson, Sidney..6-27; Robinson, W.H..1-11; Robinson, Mrs. W.H..1-11; Robinson, Billy..6-27; Robinson, Eva..12-12; Roddenberry, Brantley..4-4; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M..1-18; Roddenberry, Seaborn..1-11; Roddenberry, Newt..1-11; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M..1-25; Roddenberry, G.S..8-1; Roddenberry, N..2-15; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..8-1; Roddenberry, J.M..1-18; Roddenberry, Eugene in California..7-11; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..4-4; Roddenberry, Leon..7-11; Roddenberry, N..12-26; Roddenberry, Mrs. Lou..12-12; Roddenberry, G.W...12-12; Roddenberry, J.P..12-12; Roddenberry, J.M..12-12; Roddenberry, R.H. "Bob" died..12-12; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M., treasurer..12-5; Rodgers, J.W..1-18; Rodgers, Ben..9-12; Rodgers, J.W..4-4; Rodgers Building, Dr. McCoy..11-7; Rodgers, J.W..2-15; Rodgers, Mildred..4-4; Rodgers, Fannye..8-22; Roney, Mrs., Folk Cafe..12-12; Rosenwald Fund..3-21; Rosenwald Fund, Camden schools..3-14; Ross, Eleanor..8-1; Rowe, I.G..2-15; Rowell, Spencer..2-15; Ryles, Ollie..5-9; Ryles baby..5-9.

School, Moniac Ridgewood, school closing party..3-28; School, St Geo, to close early..3-7; School, truant officer Wrench..1-11; School, Kingsland..3-14; School, St Geo, day extended by 30 min..1-11; School, St. Marys..3-14; School, Folk trustees..1-18; School, White Oak..3-14; School, St Geo, printing press..2-15; School, Sardis, teachers join org..11-28; School, teachers organize..11-28; School, Folk, desks put on strips..9-18; School, Sardis, building addition to schl..8-1; School, Sardis considering new bldg..7-25; School, Moniac, only iron flag pole in county..10-31; School, Prescott, new windows, roof..10-24; School, Winokur, dismissed for a week, farm work..10-24; School, Kinwood..3-14; School, Folkston, Box supper..10-24; School, Traders Hill opened..9-12; School, Folkston graduation..6-6; School, Traders Hill colored..3-21; School, Folkston, joins Ga. HS Athletic Assn, etc..10-31; School, Woodbine..3-14; School, High School graduates..5-16; School, Folkston H.S., Albert Stewart..7-18; School, St Geo, providing lunches..1-25; School, Riverview, vandalism..10-31; School, Waverly..3-14; School, Traders Hill, Nazworth children..10-31; School, Johnson, teachers join org..11-28; School, Folk, Thanksgiving Day Observ..11-14; School, Sardis, to be 2-teacher school..9-18; School, Toledo, new truck..2-15; School, Riverview, patrons readied school for kids..9-18; School, Prospect, new roof..9-18; School, Prescott, teachers join org..11-28; School, Winokur, box supper, sports equip..9-26; School, Racepond, floors oiled, treats for kids, etc..9-26; School, St. Geo opened..9-5; School, Folk, class officers..9-26; School, Folk opened..9-5; School, Uptonville, opened..9-5; School, Traders Hill, teachers..9-26; School, pupils need to buy books early..8-22; School, St Geo teachers..8-22; School, Uptonville, teachers join org..11-28; School, Uptonville, partition dividing rooms..9-18; School, Winokur, teachers..9-18; School, Winokur, teachers join org..11-28; School, Screven Ridge, teachers join org..11-28; School, Mills bldg for sale..12-12; School, Bailey Branch bldg for sale..12-12; School, Lyons bldg for sale..12-12; School, Burnsed bldg for sale..12-12; School, Canady bldg for sale..12-12; School, Newell bldg for sale..12-12; School, Toledo bldg for sale..12-12; School, Petty bldg for sale..12-12; School, buildings for sale..12-12; Schools, Charlton, describes, statistics..3-21; Schools, teachers, Mallard and Harris placing teachers..6-20; Schools, teachers..8-1; Schools, Brd of Ed..1-11; Schools, Camden, consolidate..3-14; Scott Drug Store, opened..2-8; Scott, Arnold..10-17; Scott baby..10-17; Scott, A.T..2-8; Scott, T.A..9-12; Scott, B.F..12-26; Sears, Pete died..12-12; Shingler, Joe M...8-1; Shuman, O.J..9-12; Sikes, Jim..6-13; Sikes, M..2-15; Sikes, Rev. Daniel, monument at Live Oak Cemetery..11-14; Sikes, J.M..9-12; Sineath, John W...2-15; Smith, Sarah Tousley..5-16; Smith, A.L. died..5-16; Smith, Mrs. W.B..9-5; Smith, Matthew..2-15; Smith, W.B..2-15; Smith, Daddy..5-16; Smith, W.B..1-18; Smith Hotel, St Geo..5-16; Smith, W.B., alderman..12-5; Snowden, John..9-12; Spaulding, Rhoda Mizell..8-1; Spencer, W.L. died..5-16; Spencer, J.W..9-12; Stapleton, E.B..9-12; Stephens, Garland..8-29; Stephens, Minnie..6-13; Stephens, W. Garland..6-13; Stephens, Ruby Irene died..6-13; Stephens baby..8-29; Stephens, Garland..6-27; Stewart, George J..7-18; Stewart, Geo J...2-15; Stewart, Albert S. sawmill..7-18; Stewart, Walter..7-18; Stewart, Domingo..7-18; Stewart, Edgar..7-18; Stewart, Oscar..7-18; Stewart, Albert S. died..7-18; Stewart, Mrs. George..9-5; Stewart, Domingo..3-28; Stewart baby..3-28; Stokes, Noah..2-15; Stokes, Judge J.J..2-8; Stokes, F.N..2-15; Stokes, H.O..9-12; Stokes, Lewis E..9-12; Stokes, J.J..1-18; Stokes, H..2-15; Stokes, Judge J.J..1-18; Stokes, Judge J.J..1-18; Stokes, W.A..2-15; Stokes, Judge J.J..12-12; Strathdee, Mrs...9-5; Strickler, F.J..9-12; Stroup, Mrs. C.E..5-16; Stroup, C.E..9-12.

Taylor, Joe..9-12; Taylor, J.S..9-12; Taylor, Richard C..9-12; Taylor, Joe died..12-12; Thaxton, Mrs. C.D..8-1; Thomas, R.T..3-14; Thomas, H.D..2-15; Thompson, Joseph Earl..1-18; Thompson, Fred..9-12; Thrift, Robt..2-15; Thrift, Joseph..2-15; Tick quaranteen..12-12; Tobacco, tomatoes..5-30; Tobacco marker..8-8; Tobacco warehouse, Wayx..5-9; Tobacco seed free..12-12; Toledo, E.C. Crawford..5-2; Tomatoes in tobacco patch..5-30; Tomicello, Mr., Earl Roberts worked for him..6-20; Tourists, trains..5-2; Tousley, Sarah..5-16; Toy, Mrs...9-5; Toy, Mr..8-22; Toy, Rosa, church bld comm..9-5; Tracey, Mrs. P.C..7-11; Traders Hill district, dipp vats..2-8; Traders Hill, Gowen..3-7; Traders Hill, Leonard Harris..3-21; Traders Hill, Nazworth children..10-31; Traders Hill, Petty..3-14; Traders Hill, Gowen..2-29; Traders Hill, Mr. Bryant..4-25; Triggs, Polly I..12-26; Tyson, John S., Jr..9-12; Tyson, John S., Jr. building home..9-18; Tyson, J.S., Jr., move into new home..12-19.

Uptonville, Mrs. Lewis Floyd..7-25; Uptonville, C.A. Howard..3-21.

Vickery, J.W..2-15; Vickery, Mrs. J.W..3-7; Vickery, J.W..9-12; Vickery, Waudell..12-5; Vickery, Jesse W..12-26.

Wainwright, Clyde..9-12; Wainwright, Rev. E.L..9-12; Wainwright, W.R..9-12; Wainwright, Dolph..9-12; Wainwright, Drawdy..9-12; Wainwright, Esther..9-12; Wainwright, Lizzie..3-28; Wainwright, Roscoe..9-12; Wainwright, Charlie T. died..9-12; Wainwright, Drawdy..12-12; Wainwright, Sue D..12-12; Walker, John C...7-18; Wasdin, L.H..9-12; Wasdin, F.W..12-26; Wasdin, W.C..12-26; Wasdin, Grover..12-26; Wasdin, McDonald died..12-26; Waughtel, C.W..5-2; Waughtel, C.W..1-18; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W..12-12; Wesley, John..12-12; Whatley, Miss..1-18; White, Will..11-7; White, J.L. died..11-7; White, George injured..3-14; White, George..5-16; Wildes, Mrs. J.D..2-22; Wildes, James T..3-14; Wildes, J.M..2-15; Wildes, W.O..2-15; Wildes, Gertrude..9-26; Wildes, Gertrude..6-6; Wilkins, Mrs. P.L..12-12; Williams, J.H..2-15; Williams, Rev. L.E..10-3; Williams, Dr., father of Dr. A.D. died..2-22; Williams, Dr. A.D...2-22; Williams, Rev. L.E..9-5; Williams, Rev..1-11; Williams, Dr...7-25; Williams, Rev. L.E..9-12; Williams, Rev. L.E..7-18; Williams, Rev. L.E..4-25; Williams, Rev. L.E..6-6; Williams, Lacy..12-26; Williams, Rev. L.E..12-5; Wilson, J.M..9-12; Wilson, Donald..3-28; Wilson, J.M..2-15; Wilson, President Woodrow..2-8; Wilson baby died..3-28; Wilson, O.F..1-18; Wilson, O.F..1-18; Wilson, O.F., city clerk..12-5; Winn, Mrs. J.T..12-26; Winokur district, dipping vats..2-8; Winokur, Wasdin..12-26; Wolf, Virginia..9-12; Wrench, T.W..1-18; Wrench, T.W., installs incubator..10-24; Wrench, Howard..8-22; Wrench, T.W., truant officer..1-11; Wrench, T.W..8-22; Wrench, Ralph..8-22; Wright, E.H..9-5; Wright, Carroll..8-22; Wright, Frances Louise..8-8; Wright, Charlie..8-8; Wright, E.H..12-5; Wright's Garage..8-22; Wright's Garage, explosion..11-21.

Charlton  County Archives