Index - Charlton County Herald - 1923

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

ACL RR, former depot agent..4-20; ACL RR, Davis..8-3; ACL RR., Mingo Stewart..6-1; ACL RR..9-14; Adams, Tom, died..4-6; Alexander, Mrs. E..3-9; Alexander, E..2-2; Allen, J.C..8-3; Allen, Mattie Lue, died..2-23; Allen, J.B..9-7; Allen, Walter..2-23; Allen, Pearl..1-26; Allen, J.A..9-7; Allen, A.A..2-16; Allen, G.W..9-7; Allen, Eva Mae..8-3; Allen, Myrtle..12-7; Allen, Lawrence..12-7; Allen, Mamie..12-7; Altman, Mary..2-9; Altman, Mrs. S.M..6-29; Altman, Mrs. C.J..6-29; Altman, Eunice..2-9; Altman, Mrs. B.A..6-29; Altman, S.M..9-7; Anderson, W.T..2-2; Anderson, Frances..8-31; Anderson, Ira..12-28; Anderson, Mrs. J.L..11-23; Anderson, Mrs..11-23; Arnold Hotel..4-20; Askew, Fred, the ice man..5-4; Askew, A.W..2-16; Askew, Lewis..1-26; Askew, Mayme, teaching St Geo..2-2; Askew, Mamie..8-17; Askew, Willis..12-7; Askew, Thomas..12-7; Askew, A.W..10-19; Automobile ad..11-16.

Bailey, Mrs. W.F..1-12; Bakery, Folk..2-2; Banks, Mary..8-17; Banks, J.J..2-16; Banks, Raymond..12-7; Banks, Crawford..12-7; Barber..9-14; Barnes, John..12-7; Barnett, Lucile..3-16; Battle, Helen..12-7; Bauman, W.W..2-16; Bell, J.T..6-1; Bell, R.P..9-7; Bell, J.T..9-7; Benjamin, M.A..2-16; Bennett, Louise..12-7; Benton, Mrs. W.L..11-23; Billys Island, school..6-15; Billys Island, train wreck..6-22; Billys Island, Spaulding..6-15; Billys Island, Huckleberry plants..6-29; Billys Island Militia District..3-16; Billys Island, ball game..7-13; Billys Island, short desc..6-1; Billys Island, Mizell..7-20; Billys Island, train wreck..7-20; Billys Island, Hagan murder..9-28; Billys Island, Chancey..9-7; Boughner, J.C..2-16; Boyd, R.A..2-16; Boyd, R.A..12-7; Boyd, Marie..12-7; Brantley County, new county seat..8-17; Bread, whole wheat..2-2; Bridge, St. Marys..11-16; Bridges, weak, warning..3-16; Brock, Lena Rivers..2-9; Brockman, Dr..11-23; Brooks, Mrs. J.M..5-4; Brooks, Cecil..12-7; Brown, St. Geo. Marshal..1-19; Brown, M.A..6-15; Bryant, Doris..2-9; Bryant, Hattie Pearl..2-9; Bryant, Edd..9-7; Buchanan, Dr., home made tobacco..11-16; Burch, A.K..2-16; Burgess, Mrs..11-2; Burnsed, J.H..2-16; Burnsed, J.D..9-7; Burnsed, B.R..9-7; Burnt Fort, clubhouse..4-6; Bussy, B.F..2-16; Byrd baby..7-20; Byrd, Dean..7-20.

Camden County, new county seat..8-17; Canaday, Fletcher..9-7; Canady, J.P..2-16; Canady, Aaron..2-16; Canady, J.W..9--7; Canady, G.M..2-16; Canady, S.F..2-16; Carter, Hansel..2-16; Carter, Allen..9-7; Cemetery, Homeland, Moran..1-5; Cemetery, Sardis..6-29; Cemetery, Sardis, Chancey..1-12; Cemetery, Folk..3-9; Cemetery, Bethel, Murray..1-19; Cemetery, Corinth..5-25; Cemetery, Folkston..5-25; Cemetery, Bethel, Roddenberry..5-4; Cemetery, Folkston, Courtney..8-24; Cemetery, Basque Bello..2-16; Cemetery, Mills..4-20; Cemetery, Antioch..1-26; Cemetery, Folkston, Lloyd..1-12; Cemetery, Homeland, Peck..3-30; Cemetery, Sardis, Johnson..3-2; Cemetery, Homeland..8-3; Cemetery, Folk, Clark..6-8; Cemetery, Bethel, Paxton..1-19; Cemetery, Folkston, Donahoo..9-14; Cemetery, Sardis, Dinkins..11-23; Cemetry, Sardis, Chancey..1-19; Chancey, F.F..1-12; Chancey, Janie..1-12; Chancey, S.C..1-12; Chancey, J.B...1-12; Chancey, S.C...1-19; Chancey, Mrs. Sam, died..1-12; Chancey, Janie..1-19; Chancey, J.B..1-19; Chancey, W.L..6-1; Chancey, F.F..1-19; Chancey, Sam, died, buried w/wife..1-19; Chancey, Lee..1-12; Chancey, Lee..1-19; Chancy baby..9-7; Chancy, W.L..9-7; Charcoal shipped..6-15; Charlton County, finances..2-23; Charlton County Herald, new press..8-17; Charlton Co., Old Stockade lot..5-11, 5-18; Charlton Co Board of Ed., bought stockade lot..5-18; Charlton County Herald..1-5; Charlton County Herald..4-20; Charlton Co Herald, new press..9-14; Charlton Co. Herald, job print..10-19; Chesser, Ivy..1-26; Chesser, Benjamin..9-7; Chesser baby died..11-16; Chesser, Richard..11-16; Chesser, Richard..9-7; Chestnut, J.H..6-15; Chevrolet Motor Co. ad..11-16; Chism, Mrs. George, died..5-18; Chism, Leon..2-16; Church, Adams Bap., Dasher..8-31; Church, Temple..8-24; Church, Folk Bap parsonage..8-3; Church, Folk Meth, Courtney..8-24; Church, St Geo Bap..8-17; Church, Folk M.E..6-8; Church, Bethel Meth., Paxton..1-12; Church, Bethel Meth, Paxton deeded land..1-19; Church, Folk Bap, Presby Ch organ..2-2; Church, Presbyterian, ladies group met..3-9; Church, Homeland M.E. mem ser for Pres Harding..8-17; Church, Sardis, wedding..8-31; Church, Meth Epis., land donated..7-13; Church, First Presbyterian, organization..1-26; Church, Folk Bap., Presby Ch organized there..1-26; Church, Folk Bap, Williams..3-9; Church, Presbyterian, organized..2-2; Church, Folk Meth, new church plans..10-12; Church, Baptist..11-2; Church, Folk Meth, Homecoming..10-5; Church, Folk Meth, new finance system..12-21; Church, Folk Bap, new pastor..11-9; Church, St Geo Bap, Thanksgiving Ser..12-7; Church, Folk Bap..9-14; Church, Folk Meth, new pastor..12-7; Cigar factory..10-19; Citizens Bank..3-30; Citizens Bank..1-19; Citizens Bank..2-23; Citizens Bank..7-20; Citizens Bank..4-20; Citizens Bank, bought Gin..3-2; Citizens Bank..9-21; City Restaurant, East Main St..10-5; Civil War, Mem Day Observ..5-4; Clark, Rev. W.T..6-8; Clark, Mrs. Dora died..6-8; Convict cages, sold..3-16; Cooper, Billy..12-7; Cotton, first bloom..6-15; Cotton ginning..10-19; Court, March term jurors..2-16; Court, Superior, Fall term..9-7; Courthouse, lights in comm off..1-5; Courthouse, furniture called in..4-13; Courtney, W.R. died..8-17; Courtney, W.R. died..8-24; Courtney, L.M..8-24; Courtney, J.L..8-24; Courtney, Herman..8-24; Courtney, J.H..8-24; Courtney, Winelle..12-7; Courtney, Mrs..11-2; Cowhouse Island, murder..9-28; Crawford, John..2-16; Crawford, Alex..2-16; Crawford, Geo..9d-7; Crawford, J.M..9-7; Crews, Robert L..9-7; Crews, Mac..8-17; Crews, N.H..2-16; Crews, S.C..2-16; Crews, L.H..2-16; Crews, Edward..2-16; Crews, Hamp..1-19; Crews, Bert..2-16; Crews, child, died..1-19; Crews, Mrs. J.M..4-6; Crews, John..9-28; Crews, Mose, Sr..9-7; Crews, Mack..9-7; Crews, W.M..9-7; Crucher, H.V..6-15; Custom, President Harding Memorial Services 2..8-17; Customs, July 4..7-13; Customs, Memorial Day..5-4.

Dalton, Mattie..8-3; Dasher, Ben..8-31; Dasher, John..8-31; Dasher, Major..8-31; Dasher, Cora..8-31; Davis, H.J..4-20; Davis, Nelson..8-3; Davis, M.G..2-16; Davis, Mrs. Ed..5-4; Davis, Gaston..6-15; Davis, Oscar..12-7; Davis, H.J..12-7; Davis, Howard..12-7; Davis, Lilia P...12-7; Davis, Mrs. Howard..10-5; Davis, Bessie Lee..12-7; Davis, H.J..10-5; Dean & Gowen, warehouse..4-6; Dean, Rev. E.F..7-13; Dean, Rev..8-17; Dean & Gowen..4-20; Dean, E.F., Jr..9-7; Dean, G.A..12-7; Dinkins, Vera..2-9; Dinkins, W.J..11-23; Dinkins, L.J..11-23; Dinkins, Daniel R. died..11-23; Dinkins, G.F..11-23; Dinkins, A.L..11-23; Dinkins, J.W..11-23; Dixie Highway, speeding..5-11; Dixie Highway..3-30; Dixie Highway travelers..11-16; Dixon, Curtis..2-16; Donahoo, William H. died..9-14; Donahoo & Sons..9-14; Dustin, Mary Jane died..7-13; Dustin, Charles W..7-13; Dustin, Rev. M..7-13; Dustin, Mrs. M.J. died..6-29; Dyal, Jas. L..9-7; Dykes, L.W..9-7; Dykes, Laura..12-7.

Editorial/expand school..6-29; Edwards, Mrs. L.W..1-26; Edwards, Samuel..2-16; Electric light plant..4-6; Enedy, Mary..2-9; Enedy, Mary..3-16; Entertainment, baseball game w/Billys Island..7-13; Entertainment, peanut boiling, Grooms..8-17; Entertainment/drug store opening..3-2; Entertainment, movie..2-16.

Farming, sweet pot plants; tobacco..5-11; Farming, Huckleberry farm..6-29; Farming, tobacco..7-27; Farr, Pierce..6-15; Fire, Londeree Garage..6-29; Fire, Wainwright barn..5-4; Fleming, Dr. A., MC at Mem Day observ..5-4; Fleming, Dr., buys restaurant..3-2; Fleming, Dr. Albert, Mayor..1-5; Fleming, Dr..2-2; Fleming, Dr. A., Mayor..11-9; Fleming, Dr. A..12-7; Folkston, officials sworn in..1-5; Folkston, merchants to close at 7:00..4-27; Folkston Gin & Seed Co., sold.3-2; Folkston, new jail..6-1; Folkston, Old Stockade..5-11; Folkston, convict cages bought..3-16; Folkston, Main St. hard surf..4-20; Folkston Womans Club, Mem. Day., 5-4; Folkston, light plant..4-6; Folkston Marker, J.S. Haddock bought..1-5; Folkston, election, city officials..12-7; Folkston, water meters..11-9; Folkston Barber Shop..9-14; Folkston Gin Co..10-19; Folkston Womans Club, library..11-23; Ford display bldg, begin..1-19.

Ga. Industrial Home drum corp..1-19; Ganey, L.R..2-16; Gardner, T.J..2-16; Garrison, Margaret..1-26; Gay, M.A..2-16; Gay, Brantley..11-9; Gerrald, Col. Walter N..3-30; Gibbs, Mrs. W.B..11-2; Gibson, Owen M..2-16; Gibson, Rev. W.O..8-31; Gibson, Fannie Manor, died..2-16; Gibson, John..2-23; Gibson, Rev. W.O...6-29; Gibson, Henry..2-16; Gibson, Mrs. Henry, died..2-16; Gibson, Ena..1-26; Gibson, Owen..2-23; Gibson, Chas..2-16; Gibson, Henry..12-7; Gibson, Mrs..11-2; Gibson, Grady H...11-23; Gibson, H.G..9-7; Gibson, Ena..12-7; Gin & Seed Co., sold..3-2; Gowen, A.G., Jr..9-7; Gowen, Thelma..1-26; Gowen, George..1-26; Gowen, Dean..1-26; Gowen, Donald..4-6; Gowen, A.G..2-16; Gowen, J.V..2-16; Gowen, Vera..6-15; Gowen, Shepherd..2-9; Gowen, Estelle..1-26; Gowen, Donald..2-9; Gowen, Altha..2-9; Gowen, A.G, Sr..11-9; Grim, Mary Eve died..6-29; Grim, Mrs. J.M. died..6-29; Grooms, E.N..8-17; Grooms, Mattie..6-29; Grooms, Beulah..9-14; Grooms, Mrs. E.N..9-14; Guinn, Nathan, died..5-25; Guynn, Lillie..12-7.

Haddock, J.S. Market..5-4; Haddock, J.S. Market..4-20; Haddock, Emily..4-13; Haddock, J.S., bought store..1-5; Hagan, Jack..9-28; Hardin, J..2-16; Harding, Warren Mem Ser..8-17; Harding, President Memorial Service..8-17; Harris, Joe M..2-16; Harris, John..2-16; Harris, John..9-7; Harrison, Ella..7-13; Hathaway, Proctor..12-7; Health, Malaria..6-8; Hick0ox, Elva Mae..2-9; Hickox, O.C..10-5; Hickox, Sarah Anniebelle..10-5; Hickox, Oliver..12-7; Hickox, Evie..12-7; Higginbotham, P.B..2-16; Higginbotham baby died..8-24; Higginbotham, Mrs. P.B..5-25; Higginbotham, Harry..8-24; Hinds, Lester..2-16; Hodges, V.A..6-1; Hodges, V.A..2-16; Hodges, Goldie..6-1; Hodges, Roy..12-7; Hodges, H.S..9-7; Hodges, H.J..9-7; Hodges, V.A..12-7; Holiday, July 4..7-13; Holt, Mrs. J.W..8-24; Holzendorf, Mayor George W...8-17; Holzendorf, G.W..2-2; Homeland, streets improved..8-17; Hopkins, W.C..9-7; Hopkins, W.C..2-16; Hopkins settlement..6-22; Hopkins, W.C..6-15; Hopkins settlement..7-20; Howard, S.M..2-16; Howard, Zoie..5-25; Howard, Mrs. Simon, died..1-26; Howard, A.H..9-7; Howard, Jewell,,12-7; Howard, A.H..12-28; Howard, Joyce..12-7; Howard, Bertie..12-28; Huling, Walter..2-16; Huling, A.H..10-5; Huling, M.H..10-5; Huling, S.R..10-5; Huling, B.M..10-5; Huling, R.E..10-5; Huling, Sidney Romal died..10-5; Huling, J.O..10-5; Huling, Morris..12-7; Huling, W.L..10-5; Huling, Ellen..10-5; Hurst, Alma..12-7.

Industrial Home drum corp..1-19; Industrial School..5-11, 5-25.

Jacobs baby died..11-16; Jacobs, C.W..11-16; Johns, Lester J..2-16; Johns child..2-23; Johns, Mr..2-23; Johns, Georgia Ann..11-2; Johnson baby..3-9; Johnson, Harley..3-9; Johnson, Harley,..3-9; Johnson, J.W..9-7; Johnson, Mary Ann, died..3-2; Johnson, Tracy..6-15; Johnson, J.H..4-13; Johnson, Mrs. Erick, died..3-2; Johnson, E.H..4-13; Johnson, Henry..3-2; Johnson, E.H..2-16; Johnson, Harley..9-7; Johnson, J.B. Estate..12-28; Jones Island..7-20; Jones, Ardell..1-26; Jones, Thelma..2-9; Jones, Emory..6-15; Jones, Rev. C.G..1-12; Jones, Ada..11-9; Jones, Ardell..12-7; Joyner, J.S..8-10; Joyner, Fannie..8-10; Joyner, Neal..6-15.

Keene, Charlie..2-9; Keene, Willie..2-9; Keene, Nettie..12-7; Kennison, E.C..2-16; Kennison, Beaner..8-17; King, N.B..2-16; King, Mrs. John..8-24; Kings Ferry..4-13; Knabb, L..2-16; Knabb, L..9-7; Knabb, L., turp still burned..2-23; Knox, Mrs. B.W..6-29; Kottman, Fred..2-16.

Lambert, Pierce died..9-14; Lang, Martha Grace..12-7; Lankford, Congressman..5-4; Lawton, Beverly..9-14; Lawton, Mary Catheaine..9-14; Lee, Mrs. Everett..5-25; Lewis, Carl Hamilton, died..2-9; Lewis, H.L..2-9; Library, nearing completion..11-23; Library..12-14; Littlefield, Thos..9-7; Littlefield, J.C..9-7; Littlefield, Mildred..1-26; Littlefield, Georgia..1-26; Littlefield, Margaret..12-7; Littlefield, Georgia..12-7; Littlefield, Mildred..12-7; Littlefield, Candler..12-7; Littlefield, Nell..12-7; Littlefield, Mary J..12-7; Littles, Rev. R.H..8-31; Lloyd, Mrs. Allen N., died..1-12; Lloyd, Carlie..12-7; Lloyd, Mrs. M..10-5; Londeree Garage burned..6-29; Londeree, W.L..9-7; Loyd, J.B..9-7.

Mack, Varena May, died..2-16; Mack, J.S..2-16; Mack, J.S., ad for watch repair..3-2; Malaria prevention..6-8; Mallard Garage..4-6; Mallard, L.E., garage..4-20; Mallard, L.E., schl supt..6-15; Mallard, L.E., Sch Supt..1-19; Mallard, L.E., schl supt..7-13; Mallard, L.E., schl supt..8-17; Mallard, L.E., Ford dealer..1-19; Mallard, L.E., sells garage..6-8; Mallard, L.E., schl supt..3-16; Mallard, L.E., School Supt..1-5; Mallard, L.E., schl supt..2-9; Mallard, L.E., Alderman..12-7; Mallard, L.E...10-5; Mallard's Garage..4-20; Mallard's Garage..10-5; Manor, A.F..2-16; Manor, M.L..2-16; Manor, Fannie, died..2-16; Manor, Mollie..2-16; Manor, Vernon..2-16; Manor, Henry..2-16; Manor, J.B..2-16; Martin, Violet..1-26; Martin, Mrs..11-2; Martin, Lang..12-7; Martin, Dan H. Estate..12-28; Masonic Lodge, upstairs in Old Bank Bld..4-20; Masonic Lodge service, Dinkins..11-23; Mattox, Nellie..8-24; Mattox, Winelle..8-24; McCarron, Bessie..12-7; McCool, Rev. A.M..11-9; McDonald, B.G..Chm Brd Ed..8-17; McDonald, B.G..4-20; McMahol, Mrs. Delia..8-3; McQueen, A.S., Elder, Presby Ch..2-2; McQueen, Mary..1-5; McQueen, A.S...1-5; McQueen, A.S., visited Billys I..6-1; McQueen, Mrs. A.S..6-15; McVickery, Walter B..5-25; Memorial Day customs..5-4; Mikell, Prof..9-14; Miller, L.E..8-10; Miller, L.E..2-16; Miller, L.E. died..11-2; Miller, O.R..11-2; Miller, C.L..11-2; Miller, L.F..11-2; Mills, S.F., Jr., councilman..1-5; Mills, B.Fay, postmaster..3-2; Mills, B.Fay..8-10; Mills, Marion..4-13; Mills, Sol P..9-7; Mills, E.G..9-7; Mills, Ansell..4-13; Mills, S.F., Sr..4-20; Mills, S.F., Sr..4-20; Mills, F.D..6-8; Mills, Helen..12-7; Mills, Mamie..12-7; Mills, S.F., Jr..9-7; Mills, Mrs..11-2; Mills, Harry Lee..12-7; Mills, Margaret..12-7; Mills, S.M...11-16; Mills, Woodrow..12-7; Mills, Polly..12-7; Mills, Gilbert..12-7; Mills, Ora Lee..12-7; Mitchell, Jas. P..9-7; Mizell, D.M., Jr..9-7; Mizell, Sheriff..7-20; Mizell, E.T..6-29; Mizell, Mrs. W.H..5-4; Mizell, J.P..6-29; Mizell, Mitchell..2-23; Mizell, Mrs. Mitchell..2-23; Mizell, Ary Lee..1-26; Mizell, Mary..1-26; Mizell, J.P..2-16; Mizell, Hamp, farm..7-20; Mizell, Hamp..9-7; Mizell, P.G..2-16; Mizell, Ed..2-23; Mizell, P.G..6-29; Mizell, Rhoda..6-1; Mizell, Mrs. Mary..2-23; Mizell, James Thomas died..6-29; Mizell, Geneva..6-15; Mizell, J.P..9-7; Mizell, Geneva..10-19; Mizell, Geneva, married..10-19; Mizell, Wm...12-7; Mizell, J.T. Estate..12-28; Mizell, Wm., Jr..10-5; Mizell, John..10-19; Mizell, D.M., Sr., ad for tobacco..11-16; Mock, Mr. died..8-10; Moniac, Knabb turp still..2-23; Moniac, Mrs. Geo Chism..5-18; Moniac, teachers..8-17; Moore, Elma..6-15; Moore, Elma..7-27; Moore, Mrs. J.A..7-27; Moran, Peter, died..1-5; Morgan, Annie Fae,,12-7; Murray, W.N..2-16; Murray, Newt, died..1-19; Murray, Mrs. W.N..11-23; Murreah, Julia..6-15; Musgrove, D.J..2-16.

Nazworth, Doris..2-9; Nazworth, Mamie..2-9; Negro Industrial School..5-11; Norman, N,J,,2-16; Norman, Jake..1-19; Norman, Mr..12-7.

O'Quinn, W.S..2-16; O'Quinn, S.A..3-9; O'Quinn, R.T..1-26; O'Quinn baby..3-9; O'Quinn, W.S..9-7; O'Quinn, S.A..9-7; Oak Hill, Allen..2-23; Okefenokee Smoke House of Homeland..10-19; Old Stockade..5-11; Old Bank Bldg..4-20; Olsen, Captain..2-16; Olsen, Varena May Mack, died..2-16; Olsen, Gus..12-7; Olsen, Gene..12-7; Orphans Home drum corp..1-19.

Page, H.C..2-2; Pantall, Mae..12-7; Partin, Eulabel..3-16; Passieu, Charlie, buys garage..6-8; Pate baby..8-10; Pate, Rev. J.E..4-13; Pate, Rev. J.E..8-3; Pate, Rev. J.E..8-10; Pate, Rev. J.E..4-13; Pate, Rev..8-24; Pate, Rev. J.E..4-13; Paxton, Marshall..4-27; Paxton, Mrs. Evelyn S., died..1-12; Paxton, Jehu..1-12; Paxton, Mrs. Jehu, died..1-12; Paxton, Judge M.J..1-26; Paxton, D.B..1-26; Paxton, M.J..2-16; Paxton, Judge, M.J..1-12; Paxton, J.M..1-26; Paxton, Jehu, died..1-19; Pearce, Marion..8-17; Pearce, Oscar..7-27; Pearce, Marion..6-8; Pearce, Marion..1-26; Pearce Drug Store..7-27; Pearce, D.F..2-16; Pearce, Marion..6-15; Pearce, Mrs. Jim..6-15; Pearce Drug Store..3-16; Pearce, James B..3-16; Pearce Drug Store..4-20; Pearce, Oscar..6-15; Pearce Drug Store, selling school books..9-21; Pearce, D.F..9-7; Peck, Selah..3-30; Pegg, Lula..8-3; Pegg, Mrs. P.P...8-3; Petty, Delma..1-26; Petty, Dick..1-26; Petty, Ruby..12-7; Pickren, T.L., Jr..2-16; Pickren, T.L., Fancy Grocer..4-20; Pickren baby..6-22; Pickren, T.L., Sr..2-16; Pickren, Closs..8-17; Pickren, Verne J..4-13; Pickren, T.L..4-20; Pickren, Helen..1-26; Pickren, T.L..6-22; Pickren, Woodrow..12-7; Player, Mrs. Paul..6-15; Player, Mrs. P..10-19; Poplin, Marian..8-17; Poplin, J.L..9-14; Post Office, Folk, Mills..8-10; Post Office, Folk, exam for PM..3-16; Post Office, Folk, new P.M..3-2; Post Office, Folk, near Rodgers Bldg..9-14; Post Office, Homeland, new industries..10-19; Postma, T.J..9-7; Prescott, W.H..9-7; Prescott, Mrs. R.M..6-29; Prescott, O.M..2-16; Prescott, H.O..2-16; Prescott, J.L..2-16; Prescott, Maude..12-7; Prevatt, J.S..2-16; Prevatt, Jas..2-16; Privett, I.R..2-16; Purdom, James..1-5.

Racepond, Mock..8-10; Radio (wireless), St Geo..1-19; Rames boys..3-9; Raulerson, Jas. C..2-16; Raulerson, W.O..9-7; Raulerson, N.J..2-16; Raulerson, Daniel..2-16; Raulerson, Mrs. W.O..12-7; Reavis, Dr..6-15; Reed, Jessie..12-7; Reid, George H..4-20; Renfroe, Mrs. R.R..4-20; Reville, Dr. T.P..11-2; Reville, Dr. Porter died..11-2; Reynolds, D.W..9-7; Reynolds, Joe..2-16; Reynolds, L.M..2-16; Rhoden, Thomas..9-7; Rhoden, W.P..2-16; Rhoden, W.P..5-25; Rhoden, W.J..5-25; Rhoden, T.V..5-25; Rhoden, Thomas..5-25; Rhoden, Mariah Brown, died..5-25; Rice, Arthur J..12-14; Ricketson, Agnes..2-9; Rider, Johnny..1-26; Rider, Etlis..1-26; Rider, Ralph..2-16; Roberts, Arthur..1-5; Robinson, Bertha..1-26; Robinson, Irene..8-17; Robinson, Mrs. W.H..1-5; Robinson, Jas. E..9-7; Robinson, W.H..1-5; Robinson, Sidney..6-15; Robinson, Irene..6-1; Robinson, Irene..6-15; Robinson, Hamp..6-15; Robinson, T.C..10-5; Robinson, Theodore Clifton, Jr..10-5; Roddenberry, Brantley..1-26; Roddenberry, Riley..5-4; Roddenberry, Brantley..6-15; Roddenberry, J.M..5-4; Roddenberry, G.S..2-16; Roddenberry, Newt..3-2; Roddenberry, S.B..3-2; Roddenberry, G.S...2-16; Roddenberry, J.H..2-16; Roddenberry, J.D..2-16; Roddenberry, Dena, died..5-4; Roddenberry, Brantley..6-8; Roddenberry, J.M..2-16; Roddenberry, J.D., grocer..4-20; Roddenberry, N..9-7; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M..12-7; Rodgers, J.W..6-15; Rodgers, Fannie..8-17; Rodgers, Mary Edna..6-15; Rodgers, J.W., blt store..4-20; Rodgers, Tillman, died..6-15; Rodgers Dry Goods and Shoe Store..4-20; Rodgers, Ben..6-15; Rodgers, Virginia..6-15; Rodgers, Anna Fay..6-15; Rodgers, Fannie..6-15; Rodgers, Mildred..6-15; Rodgers Building..9-14; Rodgers, W.T. Estate..12-28; Rodgers, Mildred..12-7; Rodgers, J.W..12-7; Rogers, J.H..2-16; Rogers, Ira..12-7; Rogers, E.D..9-7; Rozier, Willie..8-31; Rudolph, Mary Elizabeth, died..4-20.

Salter, Rev. F.M..4-13; Salter, Rev. F.M..1-12; Salter, Rev. F.M..4-20; Salter, Maurine..12-7; Salter, Rev..10-5; Salter, Myrtis..12-7; Sands, Jas..2-16; Sapp, J.J...1-19; School, Winokur, consol..2-9; School, Folk Consolid, Joyner..8-10; School, Traders Hill, honor students..2-9; School, teachers moving..8-17; School, Conner's Mill..1-5; School, teacher, Fannie Manor Gibson died..2-16; School, Folk, graduates..6-8; School, Roddenberry, consol vote..1-19; School, Folkston, honor students..1-26; School, Winokur..1-5; School, Roddenberry, consol..2-9; School, colored, Industrial School..5-25; School, Newell..8-17; School, Roddenberry, burned..3-16; School, Rider, honor students..1-26; School, Burnt Fort..8-17; School, Bailey Branch..8-17; School, Winokur, consolidation vote..1-19; School, Winokur, consol..3-16; School, Roddenberry, consol..3-16; School, Roddenberry..1-5; School, Uptonville..1-5; School, Folk, Radiophone, basketball..2-2; School, St Geo, Miss Mayme, teacher..2-2; School, Traders Hill, closes..3-16; School, Homeland..8-17; School, Billys Island closes..6-15; School, St Geo, consolid..7-13; School, Stokesville, consolid..7-13; School, Toledo, consolid..6-15; School, Folk, consolidation brings expansion..6-29; School, St. Geo, consolid..6-15; School, Traders Hill, opened..9-14; School, Winokur Consolidated, opened..9-14; School, St. George, first day..9-7; School, Folkston, flowers for teachers..11-2; School, Folkston, honor students..12-7; School, Billys Island, teachers, box supper..10-19; School, Folkston, vote/National Tree..12-7; School, St Geo, Thanksgiving Service..12-7; School, St Geo, glee club, whistling chorus..9-28; School, St Geo, descrip., statistics..12-21; School, Toledo colored..9-21; School, St Geo, opened..9-28; School, Racepond closed..12-7; School, Gibson-Johnson, opened..9-14; School, Johnson-Gibson, opened..9-14; School, St Geo, vote/National Tree..12-7; Scott, Mrs. B.F...1-5; Scott, B.F..2-16; Scott, B.F..8-31; Scott, Arnold..1-5; Scott, B.F..4-20; Scott, Mr...6-29; Scott, Carl..3-2; Scott, Benjamin..6-15; Scott, Mrs. Arnold..3-9; Scott Drug Store, opened..3-2; Scott, Louise..8-31; Scott, C.M..2-23; Scott, Mrs. C.M..9-14; Scott Building..9-14; Scott, Audrey..9-14; Scott's Drug Store..4-20; Scott's Drug Store ad..2-23; Seiffert, Rev..8-17; Sessoms, Dora James, died..6-8; Shackleford, Mrs...12-14; Sheep sold..7-27; Sheffield, Mrs..5-4; Shivar, Eugene..12-7; Shuman, P.A..2-16; Sikes, L.W..2-16; Sikes, Daisy..1-26; Sikes, A.J..2-16; Sikes, T.E..2-16; Sikes, Daisy..12-7; Smart, Edward..1-26; Smart, George..12-7; Smart, Edward..12-7; Smith, Frances..2-16; Smith, Frank..2-16; Smith, W.B..2-2; Smith, Ruby..6-15; Smith, W.B..12-7; Smith, Everett..12-7; Smith, Martha died..11-2; Snowden, Charlton..1-26; Solomon, Henry..10-19; Sparks Institute..6-8; Spaulding, Rhoda..6-1; Spaulding, P.A..6-15; St. George Marshal..1-19; Stapleton, E.B..9-7; Stapleton, E.B., councilman..1-5; Stapleton, E.B., bought Gin..3-2; Stapleton, Martha..12-7; Stapleton, Pearce..12-7; Stephens, Garland..8-10; Stephens baby..8-10; Stephens, Garland..4-6; Stewart, Domingo..2-16; Stewart, Geo..2-2; Stewart, George J..9-7; Stewart, Domingo..6-1; Stewart, Mrs. George..3-9; Stewart, Charlott..12-7; Stewart's Garage..4-20; Stokes, Judge J.J..7-27; Stokes, Judge..8-10; Stokes, Judge J.J..4-6; Stokes, L.E..2-16; Stokes, Lewis E..9-07; Stokes, L.E...7-13; Stokes, O.H..9-7; Stokes, W.A..9-7; Stokes, Judge J.J..12-7; Stone, Lydia..11-2; Stone, Lydia..9-28; Strathdee, William..1-5; Strathdee, Mrs. William..1-5; Strathdee, Wm...9-7; Strickland, Mrs. J.J..5-25; Strickland, Contractor..1-19; Stroup, Richard..6-15; Stroup, Richard..6-8; Stroup, C.E..4-20; Stroup, C.E., councilman..1-5; Stroup, Richard..1-26; Stroup, C.E..2-16; Stroup, C.E..9-14; Strrain, J.A..9-7; Summerall, J.E..9-7; Suwannee Canal..4-20; Swint, Sarah E..10-5.

Taylor, Joe..9-7; Taylor, H.C..9-7; Taylor, J.S..6-15; Taylor, H..8-17; Taylor, Mildred..12-7; Taylor, Clyde..12-7; Thaxton, Mrs..11-2; Thaxton, Noble..12-7; Thomas, Uncle T. died..6-29; Thomas, Minnie..4-6; Thomas, H.D..2-16; Thompson, Rev. J.A..6-1; Thonpson, Eli..2-16; Thornton, J.S..9-7; Thrift, Robt..f2-16; Thrift, J.T..2-16; Thrift, A.L..2-16; Thrift, J.T..9-7; Tobacco shipped..8-3; Tobacco sold..7-27; Tourists..11-16; Townsend, R.E..2-2; Toy, Mrs. Rosa M..3-9; Traders Hill, Dasher..8-31; Traders Hill, picnic..4-6; Trammell, Stella F...12-14; Tyson, J.S., councilman..1-5; Tyson, A..2-16; Tyson, J.S., Jr..4-20.

Uptonville, Murray..1-19.

Vickery, John..9-7; Vickery, Mrs., died..2-23; Vickery, T.W., resigned..3-2; Vickery, Bernice..8-17; Vickery, Nancy..1-26; Vinson, Ben..6-15.

Wainwright, W.W..7-27; Wainwright, E.D..2-16; Wainwright, W.J..9-7; Wainwright, W.R., blt store..4-20; Wainwright, Wiley..5-4; Wainwright, Hazel..4-13; Wainwright, G.B..9-7; Wainwright, Mrs. Wiley..5-4; Wainwright, W.J...12-28; Wainwright, Mrs. D.R..11-2; Wainwright, W.J..9-7; Wainwright, Edna Dalena..12-28; Walker, Rev. L.W..4-20; Wallace, John..7-20; Warren, Mary Jane died..7-13; Warren, Capt. B..7-13; Warren, Benjamin..6-29; Warren, E.G..2-16; Warren, Elton..12-7; Wasdin, L.H..9-7; Watkins, S.F. died..11-2; Waughtel, Mrs. C.W..8-17; Weiste, Vista..6-15; Whatley, Mrs..11-2; Wildes, Gertrude..1-26; Wildes, A.C..9-7; Wildes, A.C..1-26; Wildes, Gertrude..12-7; Wildes, Catherine..12-7; Wildes, Lawrence..12-7; Wildes, Aderine..12-7; Wildes, Wayne..12-7; Williams, Johnny..3-9; Williams, Dr. A.D..4-20; Williams, S.C..9-7; Williams, Cheveley..3-9; Williams, Stephen, died..3-9; Williams, Frank..3-9; Williams, Mrs. A.D..10-5; Williams, Eugene..12-7; Williams, Carriebelle..12-7; Williams, Rev. L.E..12-7; Wilson, O.F..3-16; Wilson, O.F., Clerk..1-5; Wilson, J.M..4-13; Wilson, Ina Mae..4-13; Wilson, O.F...4-13; Wilson, Donald..4-13; Wilson, O.F..12-7; Winokur, Byrd..7-20; Winokur, Rhoden..5-25; Womans Club, Library..12-14; Wood, Mr..8-17; Wrench, T.W., Board of Ed. pres...5-25; Wrench, Mr..2-16; Wrench, Ralph..12-7; Wright, Jim..5-25; Wright, Mrs. Annie..3-30; Wright Restaurant..3-2; Wright baby..5-25; Wright, E.H..2-16; Wright, Doris..6-15; Wright, E.H..12-7; Wright, Doris..12-7; Wright, E.H., new garage..11-23.

Yarber, Lucretia died..8-3; Yarber, W.A..8-3; Yarber, S.M..8-3; Yarber, P.J..8-3; Yarber, John..8-3; Yarber, W.W..8-3; Yarber, Annie..12-7.

Zarfos, Norman..6-8; Zarfos baby..6-8; .

Charlton  County Archives