Index of Charlton County Herald - 1922

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

ACL RR, warning gate..10-13; ACL RR..4-21; ACL RR..12-15; Adams, Jane..5-26; Allen, W.R..2-17; Allen, Bob..1-13; Allen, Mamie..10-13; Allen, J.B..9-15; Allen, J.B..1-13; Allen, J.A..2-17; Allen, Eva Mae..6-16; Allen, A.A..9-15; Altman, M. store..4-21; Altman, C.J..9-15; Altman, M..9-15; Anderson, C.F., died..2-10; Anderson, Mrs. K.M...4-14; Anderson, Florence..2-10; Anderson, Arthur..2-10; Anderson, Frances..2-10; Askew, Newton,,10-13; Askew, Newton..12-15; Askew, Thomas..10-13; Askew, A.W...2-10; Askew, Mamie..3-24; Askew, A.W...8-18; Askew, Fred..2-17; Askew, Mamie..9-15; Automobile, Dodge, McDonald..6-23

Banks, Mrs. W.E..5-5; Banks, John..9-29; Banks, Mary..3-24; Banks, Crawford..6-2; Banks, W.E..9-29; Banks, Mrs. W.E. restaurant..2-24; Banks, Raymond..10-13; Banks, W.E..9-15; Banks, W.W., died..9-29; Banks, Mary..10-6; Banks, W.W., died..9-15; Barnes, Powell..11-24; Barnes baby..10-27; Barnes, J.H,,10-27; Barnes baby..11-24; Barnes, Powell..2-10; Barnes baby, died..2-10; Bauman's Store..1-6; Bedbug remedy..10-13; Bell, R.P..1-6; Bell, Annie..3-24; Bell, J.T..2-17; Bell, J.T..3-30; Bell, Albert Fleming..1-6; Bell, R.P. store..4-21; Bell, J.T..1-13; Bell, Mr., bus route..4-21; Bell, R.P..12-15; Bender, Anna..5-5; Benjamin, M.A...9-15; Bennett, Madge Lavada..4-14; Bennett, H.D..2-17; Bennett, Rubye..4-14; Bennett, Vandell..1-13; Blacksmith, Hase..5-26; Bolser baby..4-14; Bolser, Bill..4-14; Boughner, J.C., Co Comm..1-6; Boughner, J.C., Co Comm..1-13; Boughner, J.C., new car..2-17; Boulogne..10-13; Boyd, Marie..10-13; Brandau, Wm...4-21; Brandeau, Wm., home for sale..2-24; Brock, Verne, accident..1-13; Brooks, P.G..9-15; Burnsed, B.R..2-17; Burnsed, Sol..9-15; Burnsed, E.B..2-17; Burnsed, F.L..9-15; Burnt Fort Ferry..3-17; Burnt Fort ferry..9-15; Burnt Fort..6-16; Burnt Fort ferry..8-18; Bus route, Folk to Wayx..4-21; Bus..3-17; Bussey, Charles..7-7; Bussey, W.F..2-17

Cabbage..4-7; Cameron children..2-24; Cameron, Blanche..6-2; Campbell, Mr..4-21; Canady, J.B., Co Comm..1-6; Canady, Aaron..2-17; Carpenter, G.B..9-15; Cason, W.W..1-13; Cason, W.H..1-13; Cason, Warren Lee, died..1-13; Cason, H.H..1-13; Cason, F.D..1-13; Cason, Myrtie Johnson..1-13; Cason, Warren Lee, Masonic service..1-20; Catoe, Pauline..10-13; Cemetery, Sardis, Chancey..1-20; Cemetery, Oak View..4-14; Cemetery, Folkston..2-10; Cemetery, Folkston..5-12; Cemetery, Homeland, Getchel..1-13; Cemetery, Folkston..1-13; Cemetery, Sardis..4-21; Cemetery, Folkston..6-2; Cemetery, St. George..4-14; Cemetery, Folkston..5-26; Cemetery, Folkston..5-26; Cemetery, Bachlott..4-14; Cemetery, Sardis..7-7; Cemetery, Folkston..6-23; Cemetery, Corinth..2-10; Cemetery, Homeland..12-15; Chancey, Hattie..4-21; Chancey, W.L..4-21; Chancey, J.B..1-20; Chancey, S.C..1-20; Chancey, Lee..1-20; Chancey, Janie..1-20; Chancey, O.S., died..1-20; Chancey, O.S., Masonic service..1-20; Chancey, F.F...1-20; Chapman, Bell..3-30; Charlton County, iron safe..3-30; Charlton County Herald..1-6; Charlton County, financial state..3-17; Chesser, Richard..2-17; Chisholm baby..2-3; Chisholm, Stanley..2-3; Chisholm, Inez..1-6; Chism, Geo. W..9-15; Chism, George W..2-17; Church, Folk Bap..6-2; Church Folk Meth, Strawberry Fest..4-7; Church, Winokur Bap..6-16; Church, Folk Bap, varnish chairs..7-28; Church, Presbyterian..9-15; Church, Folk Bap, new pastor..1-27; Church, StGeo Meth..5-5; Church, Folk Bap..5-5; Church, Folk Bap, paint, varnish..8-11; Church, Folk Bap, new pastor..11-3; Church, Mills Chapel..9-15; Church, Homeland Congregational, for sale..4-21; Church, Folk Meth..10-13; Church, of God, Moniac..4-14; Citizens Bank..7-14; Citizens Bank..10-6; Citizens Bank..1-6; Citizens Bank..3-30; City Pressing Club..8-25; Civil War, vets honored..4-28; Clements, Teddie..10-13; Clements, Louise..10-13; Condon, J.W..2-17; Condon, Dick..12-8; Condon, R.E..9-15; Condon, R.E..4-21; Condon, H.J..12-15; Condon, J.W..12-15; Condon, Mrs. James..12-15; Condon, R.E..12-15; Condon, Mrs. Blanche..12-15; Confederate veterans..4-28; Conner, L.S..2-17; Conners Mill crossing..10-20; Cooper, B..2-3; Cottle, S.E. family..1-13; Cotton gin, working..8-18; Council, S.M..5-12; Courson, Rev. C.C..4-21; Courthouse, cleaned..3-30; Courtney, Mrs. W.R..6-16; Crawford, Alex..1-27; Crawford, Alex..2-17; Crawford, J.M..9-15; Crews, N.H...2-17; Crews, Lucious..4-28; Crews, Hamp, Sr...9-15; Crews, Lilly..4-14; Crews, Moses S..9-15; Crews, Ira..9-15; Crews, Pearl..4-28; Crews, Miss, Hardin..6-23; Crews, Mose..4-7; Crews, Lilly..4-7; Crews, Robert L..2-17; Crews, Noah..4-7; Crews, L.H..4-14; Crews, Dewey, died..8-11; Crews, Mrs. N.L..8-11; Crews, Ella..3-24; Crews, P.E..2-17; Crews, J.R..2-17; Crews, Edwin..2-17; Cullins, Mrs. E.T..12-15; Customs, Memorial Day..4-7

Davis, Oscar..10-13; Davis, H.J store..4-21; Davis, Sarah..10-13; Davis, Howard..10-13; Dean & Gowen store..4-21; Dean, G.A..2-17; Dean & Gowen..6-2; Dean, E.F., Jr., turpentine business..3-30; Dean, Rev. E.F..5-5; Dixie Highway Crossing..10-13; Dixie Highway, wreck..10-20; Dixie Highway Assn..9-15; Dixon, Curtis..2-17; Dixon, Mr..4-28; Dowling, Mrs. T.J., died..4-21; Dykes, Mrs. L.W..4-14

Editorial/electric lights..2-24; Editorial/ladies to pay poll tax..6-23; Edwards, Samuel..9-15; Enedy, Mary..6-16

Farmers, prices for produce..1-20; Farmers, cotton seed..2-10; Farmers, free seed..1-6; Farming, cabbages..3-24; Farming, tobacco..12-22; Ferry, Burnt Fort..3-17; Ferry, Burnt Fort..8-18; Ferry, Burnt Fort..9-15; Fire, mills..2-3; Fleming, Dr. A..4-21; Fleming, Dr..12-8; Fleming, James..4-21; Folkston Bakery..4-21; Folkston, hog ordinance working..8-18; Folkston Womens Club, honored Civil War vets..4-28; Folkston Marker..4-21; Folkston, Treasurer, Roddenberry..2-10; Folkston, goat and hog ordinance..7-14; Folkston, store closings..4-21; Folkston electric plant..2-24; Ford touring car ad..4-21

Ga Fla Inv Co..6-2; Garrison, Mr..4-7; Gay, Brantley..9-15; Gay, B.F..9-15; Getchel, James R, died..1-13; Gibson, Stephen, Co Comm..1-6; Gibson, Henry..10-13; Gibson, W.E..3-30; Gibson, G.H..9-15; Gibson, Charles H..2-10; Gibson, Elder Owen..7-28; Gibson, W.E..9-15; Gibson, John S., passes bar..7-28; Gibson, W.O..2-10; Gibson, Mattie..6-9; Gindt, Mrs. Maude..12-15; Gooden, H.M..2-17; Goolsby, Mr..10-20; Gowen, B.B..6-2; Gowen & Vickery turpentine still..10-20; Gowen, J.V., moved to new home..6-9; Gowen, J.V..9-15; Gowen, J.V., building home..2-17; Gowen, A.G., Sr..4-28; Gowen, J.V..6-9; Gowen, Dean..6-2; Gowen, B.B..5-12; Gowen baby, died..5-12; Gowen, J.V..6-2; Green, Rev. A.L..5-5; Grim, John M..5-5; Grooms, E.N..3-30; Grooms, J.S..2-17; Grooms, E.N..9-15; Grooms, Mr., ferry..8-18; Grooms, Fleta..3-30; Grooms, Beulah..3-24; Guinn, Elizabeth..5-26; Guinn, Winnie..6-2

Hamm, Mrs. Nettie..12-15; Hardee, Florence V., died..5-26; Hardee, Mrs. R.A.. died..5-26; Hardin, Henry..6-23; Hardin, J...6-23; Harris, John, Prin..6-16; Harris, W.J., Senator..1-6; Harris, Mrs. John..6-16; Harris, John..2-17; Hase, Charles, died..5-26; Hatcher, J.E..12-22; Hathaway baby, died..6-23; Hathaway baby..6-9; Hathaway, John..6-9; Hathaway, Mrs. M.E..1-13; Hathaway, John..6-23; Hathaway, Mrs. W.H..1-13; Hathaway, Ethel..10-13; Hercules Powder Co..8-11; Herrin, Everett..4-7; Herrin, Bank..4-7; Heuling, Wilson..10-13; Hickox, Mollie..3-24; Hickox children..2-24; Higginbotham, B.P..2-17; Hodges, V.A..2-10; Hodges, G.C..9-15; Hodges, Roy..10-13; Hodges, H.S..4-14; Hodges, V.A..12-15; Holzendorf, G.W..9-15; Hotel, of Homeland..4-7; Howard, James..9-15; Howard, A.J..9-15; Howard, A.H..2-17; Howard, G.C..9-15; Howell, C.C.9-15; Huling, Dora..1-27; Huling, Herbert..10-13; Huling, Morris..10-13; Huling, S.R..9-15

Johns, Bert, died..4-7; Johns, Georgiana..4-14; Johns, Florrie..3-24; Johns, I.C..4-14; Johns, William, died..4-14; Johnson, Mr..1-13; Johnson, J.E..2-17; Johnson, J.I. place..8-4; Johnson, W.J..1-20; Johnson, James I..1-27; Jones, Tom..2-17; Jones, Mrs., Mills..9-15; Jones, Elder B.F..2-10; Jones, W.J..9-15; Jones, J. Lester..2-17; Joyner, J.S..9-15; Joyner, Cornelia..6-16

Keene, Nettie..3-24; Keene, W.R..9-15; Keene, D.L., died..4-21; Keene, Stella..3-24; Kelly, Mrs. J.O..4-21; Kemp, Rev. T.B..5-26; Kemp, Rev. T.B..5-26; Kemp, Rev. T.B..4-21; Kemp, Rev. T.B..2-10; King, N.B., shot..3-24; King, N.B..5-12; King, N.B..2-17; Knabb, Gertie..1-6; Knabb, L..2-17; Kolar, A.R..4-7; Kolar, Mrs. A.R..5-26; Kolar's Ferry..4-7

Lambert, Pierce..5-12; Lang, Mrs. William..9-15; Lang, Mrs. William..8-18; Langley, Roland..12-15; Lawton, Beverly..12-8; Library..1-20; Library..1-6; Littlefield, Georgia..10-13; Littlefield, Mildred..10-13; Littlefield, Warren..10-13; Lloyd, Chesterfield..10-13; Lloyd, Mack..1-27; Lloyd, Ralph..10-13; Lloyd, Mary, died..5-26; Lloyd, James..10-13; Lowther, B.H..2-17; Lowther, T.H..2-17; Loyd, Mack..9-15; Lutzi children..2-24; Lyons, Sylvester..9-15; Lyons, S.M..2-17; Lyons, Eva May..3-24

Mack, Loyd..9-15; Mallard, L.E., Ford agent..2-17; Mallard, L.E..9-15; Mallard, L.E., School Supt..2-10; Mallard, L.E., Ford dealer..4-21; Manor, F.A..2-10; Manor, Fannie..2-10; Martin, Mrs. E.L. store..4-21; Masonic Lodge, new officers..12-15; Mattox, Myrtle..3-24; Mattox, Mrs. S.H..5-26; Mattox, Jesse M..2-17; Mattox, Eva..3-24; May, Joseph..2-17; McCamron, Bessie..10-13; McDonald, B.G..4-21; McDonald, B.G., new car..6-23; McDonald, B.G..9-15; McDuffie, W.L..9-15; McMullen, Mrs. C.Y..9-15; McQueen, Alex..1-13; McQueen, A.S..12-15; McQueen, Mary..6-16; McQueen, A.S...1-27; McQueen baby..1-27; Meham, Chris S..9-15; Memorial Day observ..4-28; Memorial Day..4-7; Miller, L.E..4-21; Miller, L.E..2-17; Mills, S.M..9-15; Mills, Alex, died..11-17; Mills, Marion..5-26; Mills twins, died..10-6; Mills, Sam..8-25; Mills, Seaborn..6-16; Mills, J.W..9-15; Mills, Rudolph..9-15; Mills, Mrs. S.F., Sr., died..9-15; Mills, S.F., Jr., Co Comm..1-6; Mills, S.M..10-6; Mills baby..5-5; Mills, Jim..2-3; Mills, Edgar..5-5; Mills, S.F..10-13; Mills, Gilbert..10-13; Mills, Sol..11-17; Mills, S.F., Sr..4-28; Mills, Sam..11-17; Mincher, Doris..3-24; Mizell, Wm., Sr..2-17; Mizell, William, Jr..9-15; Mizell, Hamp..2-17; Mizell, Edd..9-15; Mizell, Wm., Jr..6-16; Mizell, D.M., Sr..2-17; Mizell, Susie, librarian..1-6; Mizell, Albert..9-15; Mizell, W.H., Sheriff..4-14; Mizell, John D..9-15; Mizell, D.M., Jr..2-17; Mizell, William, Jr..12-15; Mizell baby ..12-15; Mobley, Lacy..3-30; Moniac, Chisholm..2-3; Moniac, new church..4-14; Moniac, Reynolds..2-3; Moniac..1-6; Monument, Dixie Highway..9-15; Moody, Mary..3-30; Moving pictures..1-27; Moving pictures..2-3; Moving picture show..4-14; Murrah, Nola..4-21; Murray, F.L..9-15

Nasworth, J.S..7-7; Nazworth, Arthur..9-15; Nazworth, Leroy, died..7-7; Newell, Sykes..6-16; Newell, Anderson..2-10; Newspaper..1-6; Nobles, Addie Mae..7-7; Norman, N.J..1-13

O'Berry, Beula..2-10; O'Berry, J.E...2-17; O'Quinn, Mrs. R.T..4-28; O'Quinn, Lottie..10-13; O'Quinn, Silas..6-23; Odd Fellows, St Geo..5-5; Osterman, Fred..9-15

Page, Jewell..6-2; Parent-Teacher Assn..2-10; Partin, Eula Belle..6-9; Pate, Rev. M..11-3; Pate, Rev..11-17; Paxton, M.J..9-15; Paxton, Mr..4-28; Paxton baby..9-15; Pearce, Bernice, movies..4-14; Pearce, D.F., cabbages..4-7; Pearce, Mrs. D.F..5-5; Pearce, Bernice, plays at movies..4-7; Pearce, Oscar..8-25; Pearce, D.F..2-24; Pearce, D.F., cabbages shipped..3-24; Pearce, Mrs. D.F..6-16; Peck, S.N. died..12-8; Peeples, E.W..2-17; Pegg, P.P..2-17; Pegg, Violet..2-17; Petty, Lige..10-20; Petty, Mr..4-28; Petty, H.W, school site..2-24; Petty daughter..10-20; Phillips, Albert..2-17; Phillips, Albert..9-15; Pickren, T.L..4-7; Pickren, T.L., Sr..4-7; Pickren, Taylor L..4-14; Pickren, Verne..9-8; Pickren, V.J..8-25; Pickren, T.L. store..4-21; Pickren, Nellie..9-8; Pickren, T.L..6-2; Pickren's Store..1-20; Post Office, Folk. Gibson..2-10; Post Office, Homeland, moved..4-7; Powers, A.G..6-9; Prescott, B.S..9-15; Prescott, J.L..2-17; Prescott, C.W..9-15; Prescott, J.E..9-15; Prescott, A.M., Co Comm..1-6; Prescott, J.E..2-17; Prescott, Mersal..10-13; Prescott, B.S..2-17; Prescott, R.L..9-15; Pressing Club..8-25; Prevatt, J.W..2-17; Price, Russell..10-13; Price, Lawrence..10-13; Pritchard, A.A..9-15; Privett, I.R..9-15

Quinn, Lillie Mae..10-13

Racepond, sawmill..1-13; Racepond, Hardin..6-23; Racepond, Gibsons..3-30; Raulerson, J.H..2-17; Raulerson, James C..2-17; Raulerson, John M, died..4-14; Raulerson, J.L..9-15; Raulerson, N.J..9-15; Readdick, R.R..5-5; Reddick, Reid & Bros..5-5; Renfroe, Mrs..9-15; Restaurant, Banks..2-24; Reynolds, M.B..2-3; Reynolds, M.D..9-15; Reynolds, Mrs. Asia, died..1-6; Reynolds, D.W..2-17; Reynolds baby..2-3; Rider, W.R, School site..2-24; Rider, W.R..9-15; Road tax..4-14; Robinson, W.H..1-6; Robinson, Eva..4-21; Robinson, Mrs. W.H..1-6; Robinson, W.H., cabbages shipped..3-24; Robinson, W.H., cabbages..4-7; Roddenberry, John M..12-15; Roddenberry, R.H..4-21; Roddenberry, G.W..4-21; Roddenberry, F.M..4-21; Roddenberry, Mrs. John M., treasurer..2-10; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..6-16; Roddenberry, J.M., horse for sale..2-24; Roddenberry, J.M..2-17; Roddenberry, J.P..4-21; Roddenberry, R.H..2-17; Roddenberry, Mrs. Lou..4-21; Rodgers Bldg, dentist..2-24; Rodgers Bldg, Dr. Taylor..9-29; Rodgers, Fannie..3-24; Rodgers, Fannie..9-15; Rodgers. J.W. store..4-21; Rogers, J.H..12-15; Rowe, I.G..2-17; Rowe, Mrs. Harley, died..1-13

Sapp, J.J...9-15; School, funds for colored..5-12; School, Newell, closed..5-5; School, Cornhouse Creek Dist..5-12; School, Folkston..6-2; School, Newell, consol..6-23; School, Folk..6-23; School, StGeo, Bender..5-5; School, teachers training course..3-24; School, Privett..10-6; School, Folkston..9-8; School, Folkston, honor roll..10-13; School, ChCoHigh, trustees..6-16; School, Folkston, attendance..9-15; School, Folk, graduation..6-16; School, Corn House Creek..2-24; School, Folkston, consolidate..8-4; School, Newell, consolidate..8-25; School, Newell, consolidate..8-4; School, Privett, to build..8-4; School, Bailey Branch, consol..6-23; School, Littlefield, consolidate..8-25; School, Moniac-Canaday, box supper..1-6; School, Moniac, begins..9-15; School, Kennison, began..9-8; School, Mills dist..8-25; School, Homeland dist...8-25; School, St Geo Colored..1-13; School, St. George..1-13; School, Racepond trustees..2-10; School, Folk, PTA..2-10; School, Privett Dist..5-12; School, Folk essay..2-24; School, Folkston, new pupils..2-24; School, Folk, movies..1-27; School, Bailey Branch, consolidated..7-14; School, Ridgewood..2-3; School, Folk, movies..2-3; School, Folkston, consolidated..7-14; School, Canaday-Moniac, name changed..2-3; Scott, B.F..12-8; Scott, Audrey..12-8; Scott, C.M..4-21; Scott, Carl McDonald, Jr..4-21; Scott, B.F. & Sons..4-21; Scott, Carl..9-15; Sheep..6-30; Shirleys Bluff..4-21; Shivar, Eugene..10-13; Shivar, Ed, new home..6-9; Short, Dr. O. S., dentist..2-24; Shuman, P.A..9-15; Shuman, Mabel..3-24; Sikes, J.H...9-15; Sikes, T.E..2-17; Simmons, Viola..10-13; Sineath, John W..5-5; Smart, Mrs..10-13; Smart, Mr..10-13; Smart, Edward..10-13; Smith baby..1-6; Smith, Henry..9-15; Smith, W.M..5-26; Smith, Henry..1-6; Smith, W.B..2-17; Smith, Nellie..6-2; Smith, Loyselle..6-2; Smith, Layselle..10-13; Smith, Nellie..10-13; Snowden, Harry..9-15; Sockrell, S.T..5-5; St. George Womens Club..10-20; Stapleton, Martha..6-2; Stapleton, Martha, injured..2-24; Stapleton, Martha..10-13; Stapleton, Pearce, 2nd grade essay..2-24; Stewart, Geo. J..4-21; Stewart, George J..12-15; Stewart's Garage..1-6; Stokes, S.C..9-15; Stokes, Judge J.J..1-27; Stokes, Paxton..8-25; Stokes, Loniel J...9-15; Strathdee, Wm..2-17; Strickler, F.J..9-15; Strickler, F.J..6-9; Stroup, C.E..2-17; Suggs, W.L..9-15; Suggs, Coachman..9-15; Sweat, Janie Lou..6-23; Sykes, J.H..6-16; Sykes, Willie..6-16

Tailor, A.R. Kolar..4-7; Tax sale..4-14; Taylor, R.C..9-15; Taylor, J.S..12-15; Taylor, Mildred..10-13; Taylor, Dr. J.S..9-29; Thaxton, Noble..10-13; Thompson, Rev. J.M..6-16; Thompson, Rev..10-20; Thompson, J.A..9-15; Thompson, J.J..9-15; Thornton, R.N..9-15; Thornton, R.M..2-17; Thrift, Robert..2-17; Tippins, Mrs. W.J..1-13; Tobacco farmers..12-22; Toledo, Privett school..10-6; Toll bridge..10-13; Toy, Mrs. Rosa..5-5; Trachy, Philip..5-5; Traders Hill District..1-6; Traders Hill, Nazworth..7-7; Turpentine operations..3-10; Typhoid fever, Nazworth..7-7; Tyson, John S., Jr., store ad..4-21; Tyson, John S., Jr. store..4-21; Tyson, John S., Jr. Store ad..2-10; Tyson, John S., Jr..11-3; Tyson, J.S., Jr..9-15

Union suit ad..11-3

Vann, E.L..6-2; Vann, Mr..5-12; Vickery, Dora Leigh..10-13; Vickery, Mr..4-28; Vickery, Bernice..6-16; Vickery & Gowen turpentine still..10-20; Vinson, Dr. J.R., new car..2-17; Vinson, Ben..9-15; Vulcanizing tires..1-20

Wainwright, L.W..9-15; Wainwright, J.A..12-15; Wainwright, T.W..2-17; Wainwright, Mrs. J.E..5-26; Wainwright, G.B..2-17; Wainwright, Lou..6-16; Wainwright, Ed..6-16; Waldrop, Rev. T.E...1-27; Waldrop, Rev..1-13; Walker, Leila..3-24; Walker, Wilmer..3-24; Wasdin, L.T..9-15; Waughtel, C.W..9-15; Waughtel, Eli..4-7; Way, Aunt Rose, died..7-28; Way, Rosa Morgan, died..7-28; Way, George..7-28; Welch, Ann..5-5; Welfare work..5-5; White, Mrs. J.L..12-8; White, M.G. homeplace..6-9; White, M.C..5-5; White Bus Line..3-17; Wildes, Kathleen..6-2; Wildes, Catherine..10-13; Wildes, A.F..9-15; Wildes Landing..5-5; Wildes, Aderine..6-2; Wildes, J.D..2-17; Wildes, Geminia..2-10; Wildes, Aderine..10-13; Wildes, Gertrude..10-13; Wilkinson, J.W..9-15; Williams, Mrs. A.D..4-28; Williams, Eugene..10-13; Williams, A.D..12-15; Williams, Carrie Bell..10-13; Wilson, O.F..12-15; Wilson, O.F..1-13; Wilson, O.F..2-17; Wilson, Cline..10-13; Winokur, Sykes..6-16; Winokur, Crews..8-11; Winokur, Everett Herrins..4-7; Winokur..1-6; Woman's Club Library..1-6; Womens Civic Club, book shower..1-20; Womens Civic Club, Memorial Day..4-7; Womens Club, RR warning gate..10-13; Wool..6-30; Wrench, T.W..9-15; Wrench, Howard..10-13; Wrench, T.W..4-21; Wright, Mrs. E.H..11-17; Wright Restaurant and Park..4-7; Wright, E.H..9-15; Wright, Mrs. & Son, restaurant..2-24

Yancey children..2-24; Yancy, J.F..10-13;

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