Index of Charlton County Herald - 1915

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

A.N.&W. RR..3-19-15; ACL RR, depot..6-18-15; ACL RR, boogey..12-3-15; ACL RR calendar..12--10-15; ACLRR operator..9-24-15; ACLRR..1-8, 1-15, 4-30, 6-11, 8-13, 8-27; Alabaha River Prom Bap Asso..10-15-15; Alexander, Mrs..5-7-15; Alexander, Mrs. B.F..1-1; Alexander, Mrs. B.F..3-19-15; Alexander, Annie..1-22; Allen, Vannie..3-26-15; Allen, Vannie..4-9-15; Allen, J.C..7-16-15; Allen, Edgar..1-22; Allen, Mrs. A.A..6-25-15; Allen Burial Grounds..1-8; Allen, Joe..5-7-15; Allen, JC..1-1; Allen baby..5-14-15; Allen, Leon..5-14-15; Allen, W.B..9-24-15; Allen, J.C..12-10-15; Allen, Mrs. Dick..11-5-15; Allen, Eva..11-5-15; Allen, Mrs. Jessie..12-10-15; Allen, Joe..8-27-15; Allen, John A..9-24-15; Allen, J.C..12-10-15; Allen, Clerk Joe..8-27-15; Altman, Ernest..6-25-15; Altman, E.C..12-3-15; Altman, Elbert..12-3-15; Altman, S.M..8-20-15; Altman baby..8-20-15; Altman baby..12-3-15; AN&W RR..3-26-15; Anderson, Mrs. Annie Belle..1-1; Anderson, Geneva..3-19-15; Arnold Hotel..4-30-15; Arnold Hotel..12-24-15; Arnold Hotel..8-20-15; Arnold Hotel.11-26-15; Ashton, J.T..12-17-15; Askew, A.W..9-24-15; Atlanta Fair..11-26-15; Atlantic, Wayx and Northern RR..3-5-15; Attorney..8-20-15; Auto truck..8-20-15; Automobile..12-10-15; Automobile..4-16-15; Automobile..5-14-15; Automobile..7-9-15; Automobile..8-27-15; Automobile..8-6-15; Automobile..9-24-15; Automobiles..12-24-15; Automobiles..8-20-15; Automobiles..9-17-15; Averill, Bruce..11-12-15; AW&N RR..2-5, 2-12;

Bachlott..1-15; Bachlott..1-22; Bachlott..3-19-15; Bachlott..7-9-15; Bailey, W.F..3-12-15; Baker, J.B..9-24-15; Baker, W.B..10-15-15; Bank of St. George..8-6-15; Bank, Old, building..6-4-15; Bank Bldg, Old..8-27-15; Bank of St. Geo..10-22-15; Bank of St. George..11-5-15; Bank of St. George..10-15-15; Bank of St. George..11-12-15; Banks, Witham..9-3-15; Barber..11-19-15; Baugh, Ida..3-19-15; Baugh, Ida..9-3-15; Bauman, W.W..2-12; Bauman, W.W..7-16-15; Bauman, Pat..11-19-15; Bauman, W.W..8-13-15; Bauman's Mill..1-8; Baumen, W.W..8-20-15; Bedell, Lizzie..7-16-15; Bend, the..6-18-15; Bend, the..8-20-15; Bennet, Eulie..11-12-15; Blake, J.F., Jr..8-6-15; Blake, Col. J.F..8-6-15; Blake, Melvin..8-6-15; Blake, Leo..8-6-15; Blake, J.F..10-22-15; Blake, Mr..11-5-15; Boat, snag..1-1; Boka, Joseph..11-12-15; Boka, Matilda..11-12-15; Bottling Works..10-1-15; Boughner, J.C..10-15-15; Boughner, Mr..9-17-15; Bourne, Rev..5-7-15; Boys' wash hole..6-25-15; Brantley County, beginnings..3-12-15; Brantley County, beginnings..1-22; Brantley County/trying to organize..2-12; Brantley County beginnings..4 -2-15; Brantley County beginnings..4-9-15; Brantley County, beginnings..3-19-15; Brick mason..9-24-15; Bridge, Kolar's Ferry..1-29; Bridge, St. George..3-19-15; Bridge, St. George..2-26, 3-5, 3-12, 3-19, 4-2, 5-7, 5-21, 6-18, 8-20 ; Bridge/St. Marys..1-8; Brock, F.E..3-19-15; Brock, F.E..9-24-15; Brockman, E.D..5-14-15; Brooks baby..3-5-15; Brooks, Jesse..6-11-15; Brooks, P.G..3-5-15; Brooks, P.G..3-12-15; Broward, Mr..9-3-15; Brown, Joel..6-18-15; Bryant, J.W., Jr..3-26-15; Bryant, J.W..3-26-15; Bryant, R.S..12-24-15; Bryant, H.P..12-24-15; Buie, C.E..1-22; Buie, J.C..9-17-15; Burkhalter baby..3-19-15; Burkhalter, Dr..3-19-15; Burnsed, D.R..11-26-15; Burnt Fort..12-17-15; Burnt Fort..9-17-15; Bussey, B.F..12-17-15; Butcher shop..8-27-15; Butler, Ben..8-27-15;

Camp, Woodmen of World..7-9-15; Camp Pinckney community (Scrubb)..5-21-15; Camp Pinckney Ferry..11-12-15; Canady, Aaron..3-5-15; Canady, John..3-26-15; Canady, Lancie..3-26-15; Cannady, J.P..3-12-15; Cannady, Jno. W..3-12-15; Carpenter, G.B..3-12-15; Carpenter, G.B..2-26; Carter, Thomas P..3-19-15; Carter, Hansell..10-8-15; Carter, Raiford..9-24-15; Cason, Warren..12-24-15; Cattle drive..8-20-15; Cemetery, Folkston..6-4-15; Cemetery, Homeland..5-28-15; Cemetery, Allen..4-2-15; Cemetery, Allen..3-19-15; Cemetery, Oak Grove, St. George..1-22; Cemetery, Homeland..1-8; Cemetery, Folkston..6-18-15; Cemetery, Folkston..7-9-15; Cemetery, Allen Burial Grounds..1-8; Cemetery, Oak Grove..8-6-15; Cemetery, Sardis..6-11-15; Cemetery, Mills..12-17-15; Cemetery, Bethel..10-15-15; Cemetery, Sardis..10-29-15; Cemetery, Bachlott, Ga..8-13-15; Cemetery, Shiloh..12-10-15; Centerfit, Rev..7-9-15; Centerville..10-15-15; Central Hotel..7-9-15; Central Hotel..7-23-15; Chalk Bluff..3-26-15; Chamber of Commercer..2-12; Chamber of Commerce..2-5; Chamber of Commerce..3-26-15; Chamber of Commerce..1-29; Chamber of Commerce, St Geo..12-17-15; Charlton Co Herald..7-9-15; Charlton Co Herald..5-21-15; Charlton Co Brd Ed..7-9-15; Charlton Co Commissioners..3-19-15; Charlton Co Herald..9-24-15; Chauncey child..10-29-15; Chauncey, Lee..10-29-15; Cheerful Workers..5-7-15; Chesser, R.A..3-12-15; Chisholm, Mrs. C..3-5-15; Chisholm, W.W..2-5; Chisholm, R.N..4-2-15; Chisholm, G.W..2-5; Chisholm, Nola..10-1-15; Chisholm, R.N..10-1-15; Christmas tree..1-1; Christmas tree..12-17-15, 12-24-15; Church, St. Geo. Meth..5-7-15; Church, St Geo Bap..7-23-15; Church, Folk Meth..6-25-15; Church Miss Bap, Scrubb..8-6-15; Church, Folk Bap..7-9-15; Church, Folk Meth..5-7-15; Church, Prospect Meth..7-9-15; Church, Folk Meth..3-5-15; Church, Mt. Zion Bap..3-19-15; Church, Folk Meth..5-7-15, 5-14-15; Church, St. George M.E..3-5-15; Church, Mt. Zion Bap..6-25-15; Church, Folkston Meth?Bap?..5--7-15; Church, St. Geo Meth E..7-30-15; Church, Meth E., St.Geo..7-9-15; Church, Folk Meth..1-1; Church, St Geo Bap..8-6-15; Church, Moniac..3-5-15; Church, Folk Meth..4-16-15; Church, St. Geo Meth..12-24-15; Church, Homeland Meth..11-5-15; Church, Folk Meth..9-24-15; Church, Folk Bap..10-1-15; Church, Homeland Bap..11-5-145; Church, Folk Bap..10-29-15; Church, Emmeaus..8-20-15; Church, St. George..11-5-15; Church, St. Geo Bap..10-22-15; Church, Winokur Bap..11-19-15; Church, Sardis Prim Bap..10-15-15; Cigar stand..6-4-15; Citizens Bank..3-12, 7-9, 10-1, 12-24; Civil War/Confed. reunion..4-30-15; Clark, E.J..12-17-15; Clay, W.H..5-28-15; Cockrell, S.T..3-12-15; Cockrell, Justin..11-12-15; Coffins..7-16-15; Colony Co., 1906..11-19-15; Confederate pensions..4-2-15; Connor, Emma..3-5-15; Convict physician..7-16-15; Convicts..1-29; Convicts..1-8; Cotton gin..9-24-15; Cotton..8-13-15; Cottonseed..10-29-15; Courthouse Avenue..1-29; Courthouse..4-2-15; Courtney, W.R..11-26-15; Cowart, C.L..2-5; Cowart, Fannie..2-5; Cowart, C.L..3-12-15; Cowart, Lennie..2-5; Crawford, John..10-1-15; Cremo, Aristide..7-16-15; Crews, A.A..3-12-15; Crews, Hamp..7-23-15; Crews, Hamp..3-5-15; Crews, Myrtle..3-5-15; Crews, Luke..2-26; Crews, Walter..8-13-15; Crews children..2-26; Crews, Mrs. Eddie..7-30-15; Crews, Mary..6-25-15; Crews, Ben..1-1; Crews, Emmie..1-1; Crews, H.N..1-15; Crews, Cage..1-1; Crews, L.T..6-25-15; Crews, N.H..6-4-15; Crews, Mrs. Andrew..1-8; Crews, Jack..6-25-15; Crews, C.C..9-24-15; Crews, Hamp, Sr..9-24-15; Crews, Richard..9-24-15; Crews, Sam C..9-24-15; Crews baby..10-15-15; Crews baby..10-22-15; Crews, Mrs. S.S..10-29-15; Crews, N.C..12-17-15; Crews Kizzie..10-8-15; Crews, Ben..10-22-15; Crews, N.C..10-15-15; Crews, Kizzie..11-12-15; Crews, Arch..8-13-15; Crews. Mrs. S.C..11-5-15; Cushing, Charlotte..7-16-15; Cushing, Charlotte..7-23-15; Cushing, Charlotte..3-19-15; Cushing, Charlotte..7-16-15;

Daniels, George..1-15; Daniels, Robert..1-15; Daniels, Mrs..8-13-15; Davis, Herman..6-4-15; Davis, Mrs. H.J..5-7-15; Davis Store..3-5-15; Davis, H.J..1-1; Davis, H.J..1-29; Davis block..3-5-15; Davis, Herman..12-24-15; Dean, E.F., Jr..3-19-15; Dean, E.F..1-8; Dean, E.F..7-23-15; Deer-tongue leaves..8-6-15; Degolyer, A.M..12-10-15; Degolyer, Blanche..12-10-15; deGraffenreid, Julia B..3-19-15; deGraffenreid, Kathleen..6-18-15; deGraffenreid, F.M..6-18-15; Denmark, Mattie..6-25-15; Depression, forced sales..1-8; Depression sales..6-4-15; Derago, Eula..7-23-15; Deveneau, Mrs. J.M..10-29-15; Deveneau, Rev. J.M..10-1-15; Dickson, E..7-23-15; Dinkins, J.W..3-12-15; Divan, William..8-13-15; Dixie Highway..6-11-15; Dixie Highway..11-19-15; Dixie Short Route..12-10-15; Donahoo, Mr..7-30-15; Donahoo, Alderman..7-16-15; Donahoo, J.D..8-13-15; Donahue, J.D..1-1; Dorsey, Rev. W.E..3-5-15; Dowling, Alta..5-28-15; Downing Co. Still..10-22-15; Drug store..3-5-15; Dukes, Rev..10-1-15; Dull, Malcolm..11-12-15; Dyal, Mrs. Jim..1-1;

Editorial/Compulsary education..1-15; Editorial/people who steal trees..3-5-15; Editorial/good streets, sidewalks, lights..2-5; Editorial/new printing press ordered..1-29; Editorial/name streets..1-29; Editorial/new machinery at Herald off..5-21-15; Editorial/holes in streets..1-15; Editorial/not giving Brantley part of Charlton..1-22; Editorial/Good roads in Bend..6-18-15; Editorial/Winokur school..5-28-15; Editorial, St. Geo. charter..7-9-15; Editorial, Wasdin school burning..7-16-15; Editorial/register land titles..2-12; Editorial, St. Geo Bank..10-22-15; Editorial/washerwomen..9-3-15; Editorial, wire across sidewalk..9-24-15; Eland, Mr..7-16-15; Eland, Lucile..1-22; Eland, Lucile..1-1; Eland, Lucille..7-23-15; Entertainment/singing school..2-26; Entertainment, shadow party..7-16-15; Entertainment/Debate..3-19-15; Entertainment, July 4 picnic..7-9-15; Entertainment/Literary society..4-30-15; Entertainment, Ice cream..7-23-15; Entertainment/Sing. School..3-5-15; Entertainment/singing school..5-7-15, 5-14-15; Entertainment, moonlight picnic..7-23-15; Entertainment, ice cream festival..6-25-15; Entertainment, apron sale, ice cream..7-30-15; Entertainment/Halloween social..11-5-15; Entertainment/taffy pull..11-5-15; Entertainment/cane grinding..12-3-15; Entertainment, chick supper..9-24-15; Entertainment, ice cream social..8-20-15;

Fair..11-26-15; Farming..12-24-15; Farming..5-14-15; Farming..6-4-15; Farming..7-16-15; Ferry, Kolar..4-2-15; Ferry, Camp Pinckney..11-12-15; Fire/John Harris..3-5-15; Fire, Robinson..9-24-15; Fire, Downing Still..10-22-15; Fire, Robinson, (in church article)..9-24-15; Fire, Strickland..12-10-15; Fish, Lee..3-26-15; Fleming, Dr. A..6-11-15; Folkston Bank bldg..3-19-15; Folkston Bank..2-5; Folkston Sing. School..3-5-15; Folkston, park..6-18-15; Folkston, water tank, sidewalks..1-8; Folkston, Marshal..6-11-15; Folkston Gro Co..7-9-15; Folkston, charter amendment..7-9-15; Folkston, election..2-5; Folkston Bottling Works..10-1-15; Folkston, election..12-10-15; Ford Agency..8-27-15; Francis, Dr..5-21-15; Franks, J.P..9-24-15; Frazier, Jack..8-13-15;

G.A.R...5-7-15; Gander, Sarah..3-19-15; Ganey, Emily..8-20-15; Ganey, Amanda..8-20-15; Ganey, Alice..8-20-15; Ganey, Joe..8-20-15; Ganey, Jim..8-20-15; Garage, new..7-23-15; Gasoline tank, automatic..9-17-15; Gay, L.T..2-12; Georgia Products Day..2-5; Georgia-Fla. Invest. Co..11-12-15; Gibson, G.H..3-12-15; Gibson, John S..3-19-15; Gibson, Owen..12-17-15; Gibson, Owen..10-22-15; Gibson, John..10-22-15; Gibson, Rev. Owen..11-5-15; Gibson, S.G..9-24-15; Gibson, W.O..9-24-15; Gibson, John..12-17-15; Gibson, John S..9-24-15; Gifford, Alfred..7-16-15; Good Road Meet..7-30-15; Good Roads Boosters..12-10-15; Gooden, Elsie..11-12-15; Gooden, Dorothy..11-12-15; Gooden, Donald..11-12-15; Gooden, H. M..12-17-15; Gooden, Mr..9-17-15; Googe, W.H..1-8; Gordon, Section Boss..8-13-15; Gordon, Foreman..1-8; Gordon, K.R..9-24-15; Gowen, Laura..4-30-15; Gowen, Andrew, Jr..7-23-15; Gowen, Andy..7-23-15; Gowen, Laura..3-19-15; Gowen, Mrs. A.J..6-25-15; Gowen, J.V..12-10-15; Gowen's Launch..3-26-15; Grant, James..1-8; Griffin, Alfred..11-5-15; Grist mill..8-13-15; Grist mill..9-24-15; Grooms, J.S..9-24-15; GS&F RR..6-18-15; GS&F RR..4-30-15;

Haddock, H.L..11-12-15; Haddock, Minnie..9-24-15; Haddock, J.W..9-24-15; Harris, John..3-5-15; Harris, Lelia..6-4-15; Harris, Buddy..11-12-15; Harris, Hansel..9-24-15; Harris, Buddy..12-3-15; Harris, Buddy..11-19-15; Hathaway, Mrs. Will..12-24-15; Hathaway, Houston..10-15-15; Hathaway, Clifton Houston..10-15-15; Hathaway, Troy..12-3-15; Health, smallpox..4-16-15; Hickey, Augustine J..5-7-15; Hickey cottage..9-24-15; Hickox, O.J..1-22; Hickox child..1-22; Higginbotham, Mrs. James..3-26-15; Higginbotham, P.B..9-24-15; Highsmith, J.C...3-12-15; Hinds, John..1-15; Hinds, Velma 1-1; Hinds, Thelma..1-22; Hinds, Win..12-17-15; Hinds, Alfred..9-24-15; Hodges, H.S..3-12-15; Hodges, J.L..3-19-15; Hodges, Rev. Alex..3-26-15; Hodges, H.S..10-1-15; Hodges, Staten..9-24-15; Hodges, Freeman..10-1-15; Holsendorf, G.W..12-17-15; Holtzendorf, A.M..7-16-15; Holzendorf, baby..7-16-15; Holzendorf, Mayor..7-23-15; Homeland, election..1-15; Homeland Park..7-9-15; Homeland Public Library..7-16-15; Hopkins, W.C..1-15; Horse runaway..7-16-15; Horse runaway..4-9-15; Horse..11-19-15; Horse..5-14-15; Horse..7-16-15; Horseless carriage..2-5; Horses..5-28-15; Howard, Allen J..1-15; Howard, Simon..7-30-15; Howard, Simon..6-4-15; Howard, G.C..12-17-15; Howard, A.J..10-22-15; Howard, Gladys..11-12-15; Howard, Gordon L..11-12-15; Howard, Ethel..11-12-15; Howard, Gordie C..11-12-15; Howard, A.H..9-24-15; Howard, S.M..9-24-15; Howard, A.J..12-10-15; Howard, Allen J..9-24-15; Howard, Mrs. Lucy..12-10-15; Huddleson, G.A..7-9-15; Hueling, S.R..7-16-15; Huling, S.R..4-9-15; Huling, J.O..9-24-15; Huling, S.R..9-24-15;

Jacobs, Rev..9-17-15; Jacobs, Rev. G.H..11-12-15; Jacobs, Ollie M..11-12-15; Jennings, R.S..7-16-15; Johns, J.E..7-30-15; Johns, Franklin..4-2-15; Johns, Bennie..5--28-15; Johns, J.E..7-23-15; Johns, Catherine..4-2-15; Johns, Kyler..8-13-15; Johns, Sammy..1-15; Johns, Addie..12-24-15; Johns, Kyler..8-27-15; Johns, J.E..8-13-15; Johns, Martin M..9-24-15; Johns, Jas. L..9-24-15; Johns, F..9-24-15; Johnson, Mrs. W.S..5-7-15; Johnson, Rev. W.S..7-9-15; Johnson, Henry..1-22; Johnson, Russell..1-22; Johnson, J.I..3-12-15; Johnson, Rev..4-16-15; Johnson, Rev..1-1; Johnson, Rev. W.S..9-24-15; Johnson, Clinton..11-12-15; Johnson, Clinton..11-19-15; Johnson, Rev. W.S..11-26-15; Johnson, Myrtle L..12-24-15; Johnson, J. Walter..9-24-15; Johnson, J.H..9-24-15; Johnston, Ester..3-26-15; Jones, Mrs. W.J..3-19-15; Jones, Hilda..1-15; Jones, Rev. G.E..2-12; Jones, J.B..7-23-15; Jones, E.F..8-27-15; Joyner, J.S..7-16-15;

Kennison, Frank..6-11-15; Kennison settlement..12-17-15; Kennison, J.B..12-17-15; Kessler, Katie..3--19-15; Kessler, Katie..10-22-15; Ketchum, Mrs. E.W..3-19-15; Ketchum, Mrs. E.W..11-12-15; Ketchum, Mrs. Emma..9-3-15; Kilbury, A.L..11-19-15; King, Mrs. N.B..8-6-15; King, N.B..1-8; King, Poley..11-12-15; Knabb, L..3-12-15; Knabb, L..9-17-15; Knights of Pythias..1-1; Knights of Pythias..7-9-15; Knox, F.F..3-12-15; Kolar, ferry keeper..2-26; Kolar Ferry..12-10-15; Kolar's Ferry Road..1-8; Kolar's Ferry..4-2-15; Koonz, Mrs. Lydia A..11-19-15; Kottman, Fred..1-15;

Ladies Aid, St. George..3-5-15; Ladies Aid, St. Geo Bap..7-23-15; Land prices..7-30-15; Land Sale..8-27-15; Lanier, Janie..4-16-15; Layton, D.C..6-18-15; Leach, A.J..2-5; Lee, Cora..8-13-15; Legal sales..6-4-15; Lehman, Carlton..1-22; Lehman, Carlton..1-1; Levie, Prof..7-16-15; Levie, Prof..7-9-15; Liberty Banking Co..2-5; Library, Homeland..7-16-15; Literary Society..4-30-15; Lodge, Knights of Pythias..7-9-15; Lodge, Folk Masonic..7-9-15; Lodge, listing of all lodges..7-9-15; Lost watch..10-22-15; Lovett, Prof..5-7-15; Lowther, B.H..2-26; Lowther, Jas. A..9-24-15; Loyd, Britt..5-14-15; Loyd, baby..5-14-15; Lund home..11-5-15; Lyons, G.W..2-5; Lyons, Sippie..2-5;

Mallard, L.E..2-12; Mallard, Mrs. L.E..5-7-15; Mallard, L.E..3-12-15; Mallard, L.E..1-1; Mallard, L.E..4-2-15; Mallard, L.E..6-18-15; Mallard, L.E..3-19-15; Mallard, L.E..3-26-15; Mallard, L.E..6-25-15; Mallard, L.E..10-22-15; Mallard, L.E..10-29-15; Mallard, L.E..12-10-15; Mallard, L.E..11-26-15; Mallard, L.E..10-22-15; Mallard, L.E..9-3-15; Mallard, Lollie Belle..9-3-15; Malone Messenger..3-5-15; Martin, E.L..3-19-15; Martin, Fannie..4-16-15; Martin baby..3-12-15; Martin, E.L..4-30-15; Martin, Mrs. G.E.B..3-12-15; Martin, Will..12-3-15; Martin, Justice E.L..11-12-15; Martin, E.L..9-24-15; Martin, Justice E.L..12-3-15; Martin, Will..12-10-15; Mason, brick,,9-24-15; Masons..7-9-15; Mattox, H.S..3-12-15; Mattox, H.S..1-1; Mattox, Dorothy..4-16-15; Mattox, Jim..9-24-15; Mattox's Mill..9-24-15; Maxwell, Rainey..11-12-15; Mays, Joe..10-22-15; McClain, Georgia..9-17-15; McDonald, Mrs. B.G..5-7-15; McDonald, B.G. store..6-25-15; McDonald, B.G..1-1; McDonald, B.G..12-10-15; McKinnon, L.T..2-12; Medlin place..1-15; Mills, Sol..7-9-15; Mills, J.A..7-9-15; Mills, Alex..6-4-15; Mills, Mrs. Alex..6-4-15; Mills, Rev. Jos..6-25-15; Mills, J.W..7-9-15; Mills, Rev. Joseph, died..7-9-15; Mills, Alex..7-9-15; Mills, Seab..7-9-15; Mills, Alex..6-25-15; Mills, Edna..6-25-15; Mills, F.M..3-5-15; Mills, Leila Mae Robinson..6-25-15; Mills, S.M..7-9-15; Mills, Sol..4-16-15; Mills, Sam..4-16-15; Mills, Alex..11-5-15; Mills, Sam..12-10-15; Mills, Mrs. Sam..12-10-15; Mills, S.M..9-24-15; Mills, C.N..9-24-15; Minchew, W.I..3-12-15; Miner, Rev. G.B..7-9-15; Minor, Rev..5-7-15; Minor, Rev. G.B..11-12-15; Mizell, W.H..2-5; Mizell, Sheriff..1-8; Mizell, Joseph..6-11-15; Mizell, Sheriff..4-2-15; Mizell, Everett..1-22; Mizell, J.T..7-23-15; Mizell, Roy..1-1; Mizell, Tora..6-25-15; Mizell, J.P..7-23-15; Mizell, J.S..2-12; Mizell, J.S..7-16-15; Mizell, W.H..1-1-; Mizell, Roy..4-30-15; Mizell, Herbert..7-9-15; Mizell, J.P..4-16-15; Mizell, Herbert..6-11-15; Mizell, Joseph P..11-26-15; Mizell, J.P..9-24-15; Mizell, J.S..8-27-15; Mizell, Sheriff..11-12-15; Mizell, D.M., Sr..9-24-15; Mizell, P.G..9-24-15; Mizell, Jesse P..9-24-15; Mizell, Carl..8-20-15; Mizell, Uncle T..10-29-15; Mizell, D.M., Jr..9-24-15; Moniac..1-1; Moniac..12-17-15; Moniac..12-17-15; Moniac..2-5; Moniac..3-5-15; Moody, Dave..10-22-15; Moore, Dr. J.A..4-30-15; Moore, Dr...7-23-15; Moore, Dr. J.A..5-21-15; Moore, Dr..8-6-15; Moore, Dr..2-26; Moore, Dr..11-5-15; Moore, Dr..12-3-15; Morgan child..3-5-15; Morgan, J.B..3-5-15; Mosely..5-21-15; Mule, runaway..4-30-15; Murphy, G.W..10-8-15;

Newell..1-1; Newell..10-15-15; Newell..11-5-15; Newell..2-26; Newell..3-19-15; Newell..3-26-15; Newell..5-21-15; Newell..7-30-15; Newell..7-9-15; Newspaper, CCHerald/history..6-18-15; Newspaper, St. Geo..6-18-15; Norman, W.A..6-18-15; Norman baby..8-6-15; Norman, N.J..8-6-15; Norman, N.J..7-23-15; Norman, Leslie..11-12-15; Norman, N.J..12-17-15; Norman, N.J..10-15-15; Norman, N.J..9-24-15;

O'Berry, Sol..1-8; O'Neal, Mr..5-21-15; Odd Fellows Lodge..5-28-15; Odds & Ends/Horse named Pat..11-19-15; Old Bank Bldg..6-4-15; Old Bank Bldg..8-27-15; Olliff, Col..3-26-15; Olliff, W.M..6-18-15; Olliff, Col..5-14-15; Olliff, Col..10-29-15; Olliff, Col..11-19-15; Olliff, W.M..12-10-15; Olliff, Col..9-24-15; Osterman, P.J..10-22-15; Osterman, P.J..9-24-15;

Page, Agent..8-27-15; Parker, Capt. J.M..1-22; Parker, Elizabeth Felshaw..1-22; Parmenter, Hattie..10-1-15; Parmenter, L..10-1-15; Paxton Cotton Gin..8-13-15; Pearce, D.F..2-12; Pearce, D.F., mayor..2-5; Pearce, Donald..8-13-15; Pearsall, W.B..8-13-15; Pecan farm..5-14-15; Perry, Prof..5-7-15; Phillips, G.W..6-25-15; Phillips, G.W..1-1; Phillips, John..1-8; Phillips, Bob..9-17-15; Phillips, Mose..9-17-15; Phillips, G.W..12-10-15; Phillips, J.P..12-24-15; Phillips neighborhood..12-24-15; Pickren, T.L..1-1; Pickren, Vernie..1-22; Pickren, T.L..1-1; Pickren, Representative..7-9-15; Pickren, T.L..1-22; Pickren, T.T..1-1; Pickren, T.L..4-30-15; Pickren, T.L..3-5-15; Pickren, Mrs. T.L..5-7-15; Pickren, T.L..10-15-15; Pickren, T.L..10-1-15; Pleasant, Louie W..11-26-15; Politice, Candidate for Gov..11-19-15; Post Office, Folk..1-15; Post Office, Folkston..2-12; Post Office, Folk..3-5-15; Post Office, St Geo..12-10-15; Post Office..11-5-15; Prescott, Mrs. Simon..5-21-15; Prescott, H.O..9-24-15; Prescott, John A..9-24-15; Prescott, Claude W..9-24-15; Pritchard, Mrs. Andrew..12-17-15; Puckett, Foreman..8-27-15;

Racepond/land sale..1-15; Racepond..11-19-15; Racepond..8-13-15; Racepond..8-27-15; Ratcliffe, Lois..11-12-15; Raulerson, Walter..3-5-15; Raulerson, Mrs..12-17-15; Raulerson, Ada..11-12-15; Raulerson, Ida..11-12-15; Raulerson, Conda..11-12-15; Rauloson, Jas. C..9-24-15; Ray, Mr..1-15; Reville, Dr. T.P..7-16-15; Reville, Porter..7-9-15; Reville, Dr..4-30-15; Reville, Dr..3-12-15; Reville, Dr..3-5-15; Reville, Dr. T.P..7-9-15; Reville, Porter..1-22; Reville, Dr..10-29-15; Reville, Dr..12-3-15; Reville, Dr..9-17-15; Rhoden, Inez..3-5-15; Ricketson, L.B..11-12-15; Ridley, Rev. G.B..7-9-15; Roads, the Bend..6-18-15; Roads..7-30-15; Roberts, Louis..7-23-15; Roberts, John..5-14-15; Roberts, Arthur..5-7-15; Robinson, J.P..6-4-15; Robinson, J.E...7-30-15; Robinson, J.P..6-25-15; Robinson, postmaster..2-12; Robinson, G.H..12-10-15; Robinson, Essie Vivian..11-26-15; Robinson, J. Price..10-1-15; Robinson, J. Price..9-24-15; Robinson, G.H..11-26-15; Roddenberry, Warden John..1-8; Roddenberry, John..3-5-15; Roddenberry, Mrs. John M..5-7-15; Roddenberry, Eric..4-2-15; Roddenberry, J.M..1-1; Roddenberry, S.B..4-2-15; Roddenberry, Mrs. J.D..7-16-15; Roddenberry, N..7-23-15; Roddenberry, J.D..9-24-15; Roddenberry, Dock..9-3-15; Roddenberry, Jas. H..9-24-15; Roddenberry, N..9-24-15; Roddenberry, R.H..9-17-15; Roddenberry, Riley..12-3-15; Rodgers, W.E..7-16-15; Rodgers, Bessie..4-16-15; Rodgers, W.E..11-5-15; Rodgers, J.W..9-24-15; Rodgers, John E..9-24-15; Rogers, E.D..3-12-15; Rogers, J.H..3-12-15; Rogers, J.W..9-24-15; Rogers, J.W. building..10-15-15; Rogers, J.W..8-27-15; Rowe, I.G..3-12-15; Rowe, John C..9-24-15; Rowe, Mrs. John..8-20-15; Rowe, Harold..11-12-15; Royyer, T.C..11-26-15; Russell, Mrs. E.H..7-9-15; Russell, Mrs. J.H..6-25-15;

Sams, Benjamin..6-18-15; Sawmill, Gowen..12-10-15; Schimdt, Mrs. Walter G..7-9-15; School, Bachlott..1-15; School, Bachlott..3-19-15; School, Folkston/teachers..7-16-15; School, Folk..1-22; School, Wasdin, burned..7-9-15; School, Homeland..7-23-15; School, Chisholm..4-2-15; School, Folkston, new prin..7-9-15; School, Prospect..7-23-15; School, teachers' Institute..7-23-15; School, Winokur..5-28-15; School, Uptonville..8-6-15; School, Folk..1-1; School, Folkston/end of term..5-7-15; School, Wasdin..7-16-15; School, Johnson..2-26; School, Uptonville..3-5-15; School, Folkston..7-16-15; School, Homeland/end of term..5-7-15; School, Prospect..3-5-15; School, Winokur/blown off foundation..5-21-15; School, Newell..4-9-15; School, Folkston..3-19-15; School, Roddenberry..1=29; School, Folkston..4-30-15; School, Sardis..1-22; School, Medlin..1-29; School, Davis..1-29; School, Mills..4-30-15; School, Folk..1-15; School, Newell..12-10-15; School, Sandusky..12-17-15; School, Moniac..10-22-15; School, Racepond..9-24-15; School, Cannady..12-17-15; School, Sardis..11-26-15; School, Folkston..10-29-15; School, Folkston..8-20-15; School, Winokur..10-29-15; School, Folkston, fence..9-17-15; School, Roddenberry..12-17-15; School, Mills..9-24-15; School, Racepond..11-12-15; School, Racepond..10-8-15; School, St. Geo..10-22-15; School, Winokur..9-3-15; School, St. George..11-5-15; School, St. Geo..9-3-15; School, Mills..10-15-15; School, St. George..11-12-15; School, Chisholm..9-24-15; School Roddenberry..10-22-15; School, Winokur..10-8-15; School, St. George..12-17-15; School, St Geo..9-24-15; School, Bend..10-22-15; School, Homeland..9-3-15; School, Scrubb..9-3-15; Schools, report..3-12-15; Schools, trustees..12-10-15; Scott, Carl..8-6-15; Scott, Ben..6-18-15; Scott, Arnold..3-5-15; Scott, Ben..3-5-15; Scott, Ben..8-6-15; Scott, Audrey..10-29-15; Scott, B.F..10-29-15; Scott, Carl..9-3-15; Scott's store..9-17-15; Scovill, J.C..12-17-15; Scrogin, Luther..1-8; Scrogin, Mrs. Minnie..1-8; Scrubb..5-21-15; Seaboard RR..3-5-15; Service station, Wright..8-13-15; Sheep, stolen..7-9-15; Sheep..6-11-15; Sheep..7-23-15; Sherman, Edgar..11-12-15; Shivar, E.W..3-5-15; Shivar, baby..3-5-15; Sikes, Mrs. J.H..6-25-15; Sikes, Mrs. J.P..7-23-15; Sikes, Mrs. J.L..6-25-15; Sikes, J.H..3-26-15; Sikes, Mrs. J.H..3-19-15; Sikes, Mollie..3-19-15; Sikes, A.J..1-15; Sikes, Mrs. J.P..7-9-15; Sikes, Rev. Dan..12-17-15; Silo..7-16-15; Silo..7-30-15; Silo..8-13-15; Silo..8-20-15; Simpson, Mrs. George..3-26-15; Smallpox..4-16-15; Smith, Mrs. A.C..7-23-15; Smith, W.B..9-24-15; Snag boat..1-1; St George Treasurer..9-24-15; St. George, charter..6-18-15; St. George Outlook/closes..6-18-15; St. Geo Treasurer..8-6-15; St. George, first bride..1-22; St. George, charter..7-9-15; St. George, charter kept..7-23-15; St. George pageant..1-29; St. George traffic..5-7-15; St. George streets..3-5-15; St. George, bank..9-3-15; St. George Tel. Co..12-17-15; St. George Chamber of Comm..12-17-15; St. George Tel Co..10-8-15; Stewart, Amanda..4-16-15; Stewart, Mrs. A.C..11-26-15; Stokes, Ordinary..4-2-15; Stokes, Ordinary..1-1; Stokes, Clinnie..3-19-15; Stokes, J.J..8-13-15; Stokes, Clinnie..4-9-15; Stokes, Uley..8-13-15; Stokes, J.J..5-14-15; Stokes, T.J..4-2-15; Stokes, Ordinary..3-26-15; Stokes, I.O..4-2-15; Stokes, Ordinary..12-24-15; Stokes, J.J..11-5-15; Stokes, L.E..9-24-15; Stokes, Mrs. Newt..12-17-15; Stokes, Sherod C...9-24-15; Stokesville..3-26-15; Stokesville..5-21-15; Stokesville..6-18-15; Stone, Lydia A...8-27-15; Store, furniture..6-25-15; Strickland, Carl..8-6-15; Strickland, Cora..1-15; Strickland, E.S..3-12-15; Strickland, E.S..2-12; Strickland, E.S..7-16-15; Strickland, E.N..3-12-15; Strickland, E.S..11-5-15; Strickland, Alderman..12-3-15; Strickland, E.S..10-1-15; Strickland, H.D..12-10-15; Suggs, Lawrence..3-26-15; Suggs, Mrs. W.E..3-26-15; Sweat, Archie..1-8; Sweat, Ran G..1-8; Sweet Pot. plants..5-14-15; Sweet pot plants..5-21-15; Sykes, T.E..9-24-15;

Tanner, Mrs..12-17-15; Taylor, Harry..1-15; Taylor, O.S..1-1; Taylor child..1-1; Taylor, Harry..5-14-15; Taylor baby..3-5-15; Taylor, Henry..1-15; Taylor, W.H..11-5-15; Taylor, Agnes..11-5-15; Taylor, Daniel..10-15-15; Taylor, Mrs. Tobe..11-5-15; Teachers Institute..3-19-15; Telephone exchange, fire..3-19-15; Telephone Co., St. George..12-17-15; Telephone..10-8-15; Thanksgiving..11-26-15.; Thomas, J.A..3-12-15; Thomas, Vella..3-26-15; Thomas, W.H..2-5; Thomas baby..2-5; Thomas, Allen..3-26-15; Thomas, Mrs. Dixon..4-30-15; Thomas, W.H..9-24-15; Thomas, H.D..9-24-15; Thompson, J.A..1-15; Thompson, Rev. J.A..7-9-15; Thompson, Vinton..11-12-15; Thompson, Bruce..11-12-15; Thompson, J.A..9-2-4-15; Thompson, Thelma..11-12-15; Thompson, Roy..11-12-15; Thorne, Mrs. C...4-30-15; Threlkeld, Ona..1-15; Threlkeld, Mrs. W.O..1-8; Thrift brothers..7-23-15; Thrift, Jas. T...9-24-15; Todd, Jim..8-13-15; Todd, Jim..8--27-15; Toledo Man. Co..1-15; Toledo..1-15; Toledo..2-12; Toledo..3-5-15; Toledo..5-21-15; Toole, Dr..1-29; Tourists..12-10-15; Tourists..9-17-15; Toy, Mrs. R.M..7-16-15; Tracy, Porter C..9-24-15; Traders Hill..3-5-15; Traders Hill..1-1; Traders Hill..3-26-15; Traders Hill..5-7-15; Traders Hill..5-14-15; Traders Hill..12-10-15; Traders Hill..11-12-15; Traders Hill..9-24-15; Turner, Dayton..11-12-15; Turpentine still..10-22-15; Two Horse Farm..10-22-15; Tyler, W.W...6-18-15; Typesetter..9-24-15; Tyson, A..3-19-15; Tyson, John S..8-6-15; Tyson, A..10-8-15; Tyson, Prof..10-29-15; Tyson, Proff..9-3-15;

Union soldier..5-28-15; Uptonville, election..1-15; Uptonville..11-19-15; Uptonville..12-17-15; Uptonville..4-16-15; Uptonville..8-13-15; Uptonville..8-27-15;

Vedder, Rev..5-7-15; Vickery, Nina..1-22; Vickery, John..5-28-15; Vickery, J.W..3-12-15; Vickery, T.W..2-12; Vickery, postmaster..3-5-15; Vickery, J.W..12-10-15; Vinson, Dr. J.R..9-24-15; Vinson, Dr. J.R..10-8-15; Vinson Drug Store..10-15-15; Vinson, Dr. J.R..10-15-15;

Wade Store..4-2-15; Wade, N.G..4-2-15; Wade, N.G..1-22; Wade, N.G..7-16-15; Wainwright, W.R..7-23-15; Wainwright, E.L..6-18-15; Wainwright baby..4-16-15; Wainwright, C.B..1-15; Wainwright, Katie..7-9-15; Wainwright, Tim..4-16-15; Wainwright, Ed..9-17-15; Waldrub, Rev. T.E..8-6-15; War, Civil pensions..4-2-15; Warren, E.W..1-15; Warren, E.G..3-19-15; Wasdin, Lonnie..9-24-15; Wasdin, D.R..9-24-15; Wasdin, L.H..9-24-15; Wasdin, Iona..10-22-15; Wasdin, Iona..12-17-15; Water tank, in street..1-8; Waughtel, L.S..4-16-15; Waughtel baby..4-16-15; Waughtel, John..1-15; Waughtel, C.W..1-15; Waughtel, L.S..1-15; Waughtel, C.W..5-14-15; Waughtel, John..8-20-15; Waughtel, Levi..12-17-15; Welch, Miss..2-26; Welch Bldg..7-30-15; Westberry, Prof..2-26; White, George..7-16-15; White, George..7-23-15; White, George M..3-19-15; White, George..7-23-15; White, George..5-7-15; White, Prof..9-3-15; White, J.L..9-24-15; White, Lee J..9-24-15; Wildes baby..4-9-15; Wildes, Coroner..1-8; Wilds, J.M..4-9-15; Wilds, J.M..4-16-15; Wilds, A.C..9-24-15; Wilkinson, Conductor..9-24-15; Williams, Ethel..3-19-15; Williams, Dr..3-19-15; Williams, Gus..6-11-15; Williams, Nord..6-11-15; Williams, Ben..6-11-15; Williams, Dr. A.D..2-12; Williams, Archie D..1-1; Williams, Mrs. Kate..6-25-15; Williams, Davis..5-14-15; Williams, Dr. A.D..1-29; Williams, Dr. A.D..10-29-15; Williams, Dr. A.D..8-27-15; Williams, Col..8-20-15; Williams, Dr. A.D., Sr..8-27-15; Williams, Dr..11-26-15; Williams, Dr..9-24-15; Williams, Dr..11-5-15; Williams, Col. Pratt A..11-19-15; Williams, Ethel..9-3-15; Wilson, W.M..3-19-15; Wilson, Prof. W.M..8-6-15; Wilson, W.M..2-26; Wilson, O.F..9-24-15; Wilson, Prof..10-8-15; Wilson, Mrs. Woodrow..8-13-15; Wilson, W.M..9-24-15; Winokur..1-22; Winokur..10-29-15; Winokur..10-8-15; Winokur..11-19-15; Winokur..11-5-15; Winokur..12-10-15; Winokur..12-17-15; Winokur..2-26; Winokur..4-2-15; Winokur..5-21-15; Winokur..5-28-15; Winokur..7-16-15; Winokur..7-23-15; Winokur..7-30-15; Winokur..7-9-15; Winokur..8-13-15; Witham Banks..9-3-15; Woman's Suffrage..10-22-15; Womans Club of St. Geo..10-22-15; Woodmen of the World..7-9-15; Wool sale..7-23-15; Wrench, T.W..1-29; Wrench, T.W...1-1; Wrench, T.W..7-9-15; Wrench, T.W..6-18-15; Wrench, T.W..2-12; Wrench, T.W..2-5; Wright, C.M..5-14-15; Wright, Mrs. E.H..6-25-15; Wright, Mrs. E.H..7-9-15; Wright, James..7-23-15; Wright, Mrs. Charles..5-7-15; Wright, E.H..1-8; Wright, E.H..4-16-15; Wright, Jim..8-13-15; Wright Building..4-30-15; Wright, Charley..3-19-15; Wright Sawmill..4-16-15; Wright, Charley..12-3-15;

Yams..10-29-15; Yarber, W.A..3-19-15; Yarber, W.A..1-22;

Zarfos, J.H..1-15. .

Charlton  County Archives