"Memories of Charlton"

By Madison Gibson and Lois Barefoot Mays

Recollections of Madison Gibson create a portrait of Charlton County in the early days of the 20th Century. He shared his memories in conversations with Lois Barefoot Mays.


My Family

Our Log Home

Memories of a Small Boy

The Danger of Fire

Calamities and Commotions

Happy Times

Wooden Sidewalks and the First Telephone

Good Neighbors

The First Car John Gibson Ever Saw

Some of My First Jobs

Making Syrup

A Hustling Little Fellow

Papa and the Farm

The Buggy Wheel Joke

The Chessers of Chesser Island

When Papa Cried

Milk, Eggs and Brown Sugar

Sunday School Picnic and Train Wreck

Old Church Customs

Rev. General Harrison Jacobs

Working With Dynamite

When the Car Got Stuck in Cooner Branch

The Water Tank In Main Street

Porte Tracy's Ferry

Rafting Crossties and Turpentine Down the River

When John Jumped Off the Train

Hugh McLean and Light Bulb

Dipping Cows in the Summertime

Fifty Wheelbarrows, Fifty Shovels

Working At Hopkins, Georgia

The Protection of Papa's Blessing

The First Armistice Day

Molly and Bull and Other Animals

Square Dancing With Ethel

Marrying My Sweetheart

When Babies Were Born

The Pig That Ate Chickens

Uncle Owen Gibson

Wedding Didn't Take Place

The Town Doctor

Tragedy in Ponsell Family

When Henry Ran Away

Tom Chesser's Wagon

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