Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1945

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 7, 1945

DRAFT BOARD DESIGNATED AS OFFICIAL VETERANS CENTER. Designation of Selective Service local board of Charlton County as an official veterans information center was announced this week by W.L. Thomas, chairman of the board. He pointed out that persons who left positions to enter the armed forces are entitled to reinstatement in their old jobs when they return. He explained it is part of the local board’s function to assist the veteran in asserting his re-employment rights.

MRS. JOHNSON RESIGNS AS COUNTY CLERK. Mrs. Gertrude W. Johnson, who has served as Clerk of the County Commissioners since the death of former clerk O.F. Wilson, tendered her resignation at the monthly meeting Tuesday, to be effective as soon as possible. She resigned so she can give more of her time to the family business at the Johnson Brothers store.

CENTRAL DIXIE HIGHWAY PIONEERS. As one by one the pioneer highway builders pass on, the paved highways in Georgia are a monument to their vision and enterprise. In passing we should doff our hats to the memory of great Georgians. One incident that made the headlines while the grading of the highway was in progress was a trip over the route from Douglas to Jacksonville made by J.C. Brewer of Douglas who made a non-stop trip in his Ford in the record time of a fraction of over thirty miles per hour. He was considered a very reckless driver and it was feared his daring would prove to be his end. I shall ever remember the encouragement and aid given this highway movement [Central Dixie Highway] by our departed friends and their loyalty to a cause they thought would make Georgia a better state.

FOLKSTON CITY ELECTION. In Folkston’s annual city election this week the city officials were chosen for next year: Mayor C.J. Passieu, councilmen E.B. Stapleton, Russell Johnson and three re-elected members, William Mizell, Theo Dinkins and J.B. Southwell. These three were elected without opposition. The election was conducted by Judge W.E. Banks as manager with G.R. Gowen, Sr. and Mrs. W.H. Robinson as clerks. Due to lack of opposition, very few votes were cast.

LIONS CLUB FAVOR TEACHERS’ RAISE. The Lions Clubs of Georgia are sponsoring a movement to increase the pay of Georgia teachers, the proposal having been launched at the recent state meeting of the organization. The Folkston Lions Club, at its last meeting, went on record as favoring the proposed salary increase for teachers.

MORE SERVICE MEN HOME FROM WAR. Another group of Folkston boys have returned from the War to their homes during the past week. These include Everett Jones, Jimmie Conner and John A. Mills.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR LIPETZSKY FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. V.A. Lipetzsky announce the birth of a baby girl born last Friday at McCoy Hospital. She weighed 7 pounds and 14 ounces and has been named Rosanne. Mrs. Lipetzsky is the former Miss Jackie Sikes.

MORGAN - STEPHEN WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Morgan announce the marriage of their daughter, Mary, to Claude Stephen, which was an event of November 22. Mr. Stephen is the son of Mrs. W.L. Stephen of Trenton, Ga. The young couple is making their home in Folkston.

December 14, 1945

COURTHOUSE TO GET GAS HEATERS. The Charlton County Commissioners this week authorized the purchase and installation of butane heating equipment for the county court house. Contract for the purchase and installation of the equipment was awarded to Southern Gas Co. of Blackshear. It will consist of two tanks and fifteen heaters and will cost $865.00

SERVICEMEN HOME FROM THE WAR. Among the veterans who have returned during the past week after being discharged from service are the following: Robert W. Harrison, Jr., Douglas Mills, Harold White, Alton Mizell, Fred Robinson, Ray Gibson, Hugh D. Higginbotham, James L. Askew, Malcolm A. Grooms, Abram H. Stewart of Savannah, Harry Harvey and Billy Cooper.

J.M. VICKERS BACK AT HERCULES STORE. Mr. J.M. Vickers has resumed his duties as manager of the Hercules Store here after being released from the armed services.

December 21, 1945

MORE SERVICEMEN HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. Army and Navy officials announced this week that special efforts are being made at separation centers to get as many of the war veterans as possible to their homes in time to spend the holidays with their families. Many veterans who have recently returned from overseas will fail to get home until early in the new year due to overtaxed railroad facilities and lack of clerical help at separation centers. Among those who are expected to return this week from the service are the following: Kirby R. Jones, Bill Bruschke, George W. Nipper and Edward Burnsed of Moniac, Thornton Brown, J.W. Buchanan, E.B. Stapleton, Jr. and William A. McQueen.

MASONS ELECT OFFICERS. At their regular meeting this week Folkston Lodge No. 193 F.&A.M. named a complete staff of new officers to serve during the coming year. Among those selected are E.B. Stapleton, C.J. Passieu, L.D. Majors, C.H. Lewis, J.P. Conner, J. Troy Conner, Zelton Conner, L.E. Mallard, W.L. Thomas, William Mizell and C.P. Stapleton.JAMES NAZWORTH TO RESUME BOXING CAREER. James Edgar Nazworth, ships cook 3rd class of Winokur, who was active in southern Georgia boxing circles prior to his induction in the Navy, was discharged last week. He plans to resume his boxing ambition and his first attempt will be the Golden Gloves Tournament to be held in Jacksonville late this month. He is the son of Mrs. J.A. Nazworth.

DR. WILLIAMS OPENS NEW CLINIC. The completion of a modern new clinic and office building by Dr. A.D. Williams adjacent to his home adds greatly to the medical facilities available to the people of Folkston. His new office opened this week. Dr. Williams is Folkston’s oldest physician in length of service, having located here in 1908, shortly after completing his medical education. He practiced medicine in Evansville, Indiana about a year and a half prior to locating here. He was a medical officer in World War One in which he attained the rank of Lt. Colonel. He also served in the Spanish-American War and the Boxer Uprising in China in his young manhood.

L.A. DAVIS, FORMER RESIDENT, INJURED. L.A. Davis, owner of a public accounting business on the fifth floor of the Bunn Building in Waycross, who is a former resident of Moniac, was painfully injured when he accidentally stepped into the elevator shaft of the building. He fell from the first floor to the basement and was taken to a Waycross hospital for treatment.

JACK MAYS HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. Radioman 3rd class Jack Mays arrived this week to spend the Christmas holidays with his mother, Mrs. Naomi Mays. The ship on which he has been serving has been decommissioned at Philadelphia. He will report to Macon, Ga. for reassignment.

QUICK - JONES WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Charlene Quick of Waycross, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Quick, to Johnny W. Jones of Waycross, which took place December 10th will be of much interest to their friends here.

CHRISTMAS ADS IN COUNTY PAPER. The following individuals and businesses had Christmas ads in this issue of the Herald: E.H. Wright Service Station, William S. Smith, School Supt., Haddock’s Dry Cleaners, Gay’s Grocery, B.W. Kennison, McNess Dealer, A.S. McQueen, Ordinary; Dr. and Mrs. W.R. McCoy; W.R. Allen and Son Meats and Groceries; Stroup’s Sinclair Station; Carl E. Lane Seafood and Poultry; B.A. Altman and Son, Folkston Shoe Shop; City Service Station; Okefenokee Station, Pack Stokes, Manager; The Citizens Bank; J.A. Prevatt Grocery; Suwannee Store, C.H. Lewis Manager; Folkston Grain and Grocery; John S. Tyson, Jr.; Johnson Brothers, E.H. and B.S. Johnson; Southwell Hopkins Oil Co.; Pickren Service Station; Folkston CafÈ; Folkston Motor Co.; J.C. Nicks, Plumbing and Electrical Work; Folkston Pharmacy; Kozy Kabin Kafe; Stapleton Pharmacy, Passieu Chevrolet Co.; Folkston Ice and Cold Storage Co.; J.O. Sikes, Sheriff; L.E. Mallard; Bud Cantrell; Layton’s Barber Shop and Gowen Brothers.

December 28, 1945

TIRE RATIONING TO END JANUARY 1st. ONLY SUGAR REMAINS. Tire rationing will end at 12:01 A.M. on January l, Price Administrator Chester Bowles has announced. He said tire rationing can be terminated then because production of tires, particularly passenger tires, the shortage of which has been most acute, has increased steadily the past two months. Tire rationing began in January 1942. Inventories have been frozen since the day after Pearl Harbor. Only sugar is now on the list of rationed commodities.

LEWIS - WILDES WEDDING. An event of the holidays was the marriage of Miss Doris Lewis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Lewis, and Julian Wildes, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Wildes. The marriage ceremony took place Tuesday in the home of Judge A.S. McQueen with Judge McQueen officiating.

McKENDREE - SHIVAR WEDDING. An interesting event of the holidays was the marriage of Miss Leah McKendree of Camden County and Bernard Shivar, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Shivar which took place last Friday at the home of Judge A.S. McQueen who performed the ceremony.

TWO WOUNDED SOLDIERS HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. Two of Charlton County’s seriously wounded war veterans who are still under treatment in Army hospitals are home on thirty days leave. They are Pfc Donald Roddenberry and Pfc Devoy Brooks, both having suffered serious wounds on the European battlefields. Young Roddenberry is visiting at the home of his grandmother, Mrs. Bob Jones and was wounded in the Normandy Invasion. Pfc Brooks was severely wounded in the foot in Germany when he drove a jeep over a land mine. He is spending the holidays with his grandfather, P.C. Brooks.

RUDOLPH NORWOOD HOME FROM WAR. Rudolph Norwood has returned after serving overseas in France and Germany. He is being cordially welcomed home.

MISS TYSON FLEW HOME FOR HOLIDAYS. Miss Betty Tyson, student nurse at the Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, spent the weekend with her parents. Due to the brief time she had for a holiday visit, Miss Tyson made the trip by plane.

TWO NAVY SERVICEMEN ARE HOME FROM THE WAR. Harry Chesser Jr. has reached his home here after being discharged from the Navy. He served in the Pacific. Another Navy man is expected home soon, Newton W. Roddenberry, son of Mrs. Gad Roddenberry of the Traders Hill District.



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