Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1942

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 4, 1942

LOUIE PASSIEU IS NOW AN AIRPLANE MECHANIC. Pvt. Charles L. Passieu, who has spent the last 16 weeks learning what it takes to keep the war planes in combat condition, was graduated as a qualified airplane mechanic this week at Kessler Field, Miss. He was selected for this training because of the high scores he made in Army Mechanical Aptitude tests.

TWENTY-FOUR DRAFTEES LEFT TODAY. A group of 24 white registrants were called up by the local draft board and left this morning for Ft. McPherson. The group included Raymond Highsmith, James Guy Chesser, Owen W. Crews, Clyde Brooks, Levy Crews, Cecil Glenn Robinson, Freddie O'Quinn, Leon Crews, George Nazworth, Kermit Crews, Fred Matthew Robinson, Kirby Jones, Owen Carter, Alton J. Carter, Homer Prescott, Hoyt Padgett, Emory Westberry, Claude Dubberly, James Bryant, Wilmer Petty, George Brock, John Virgil Colson and Lonnie Guinn.

ZELTON CONNER RESIGNS FROM RATIONING BOARD. Zelton W. Conner, who has served as chairman of the local War Price and Rationing Board since its inception, tendered his resignation this week to Chairman William Mizell of the County Defense Committee. He is expected to be called into the military service soon.

FOLKSTON’S CITY ELECTION. In Folkston's annual election Tuesday, Mayor pro tem William Mizell was named without opposition to serve as Mayor for the next two years, continuing the duties he was called upon to take over when Dr. Sawyer, newly elected mayor, was ordered into military service. Other officials named in the election included E.B. Stapleton, councilman, Z.W. Conner, re-elected councilman and Mrs. Gertrude W. Johnson, re-elected for a two year term as city clerk. There was no opposition to any of the candidates.

PRIVATE JESSE CREWS IS IN MEDICAL CORPS. Pvt. Jesse Crews, who left recently for the Army, has been assigned to Camp Barkley, Texas for basic training. He is attached to a Medical Training Battalion and will serve in the Army Medical Corps.

RUDOLPH NORWOOD IS IN MEDICAL CORPS. Rudolph Norwood has been sent to Camp Rucker, Ala. for basic training. He will receive training with an ambulance battalion with the Army Medical Corps.

EVERETT-STAPLETON WEDDING. A marriage of interest to their friends is that of Miss Catherine Everett of Waycross and Sgt. Emmet B. Stapleton, Jr. which was solemnized Saturday at the home of the groom's parents, with Rev. George Erwin officiating. She is the daughter of Mrs. C.A. Cumbee of Waycross and has been employed by Hart Jewelry Co. there. The groom is stationed at Duncan Field, Texas in the Army Air Corps. The bride will be at her home in Waycross for the present.

NEW BABY BOY FOR JEFF LLOYD FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lloyd, Camp Pinckney, announce the arrival of a new son. The newcomer arrived Tuesday night.

ON THE HOME FRONT. Most of the new clothing has been simplified to save cloth. Three inches will be snipped from shirt tails made after December 15. Wool is to be sharply restricted. The WPB has served notice on the kids to take better care of their toys. Replacement parts as well as new toys made of certain metals have been banned for the duration.

December 11, 1942

NEW BABY BOY FOR GOWEN FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. J. Dean Gowen announce the birth of a fine baby boy born Monday morning at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. Weight, 8 pounds and 14 ounces. Mother and baby are reported to be getting along fine.

BAPTISM AT FOLKSTON BAPTIST CHURCH. A special baptismal service was conducted at the evening service of the local Baptist Church last Sunday. The new members include Oleta Meryl and Lanier Gibson, Thomas Thrift, Thomas Player, Robert Wilson and Louis Davis.

LOUIE PASSIEU TO STUDY FLYING FORTRESS ENGINES. Pvt. Charles L. Passieu, who recently completed a training course as airplane mechanic, has been assigned to the Boeing Aircraft Factory at Seattle, Washington where he will take a six week course in the repair and upkeep of the famous Flying Fortress bomber.

SPECIAL FLAG DEDICATED TO MEN IN SERVICE. A special flag was dedicated at Folkston Methodist Church last Sunday, in honor of all of the members of the church in the armed services, which included Dr. J.L. Sawyer, Dudley Jones, Lambert Erwin, Baynard Gowen, J.E. Harvey, Robert Harrison, Harry Harvey, Alva Hopkins, David Littlefield, Candler Littlefield, Franklin Roddenberry, Emmet Stapleton, Jr., John White, Harold White, Louie Passieu, William A. McQueen, Kenneth Mills, J.W. Vickery, Jr. and Charles P. Willson.

FRANKLIN LLOYD DIED. Franklin Lloyd, eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lloyd, died in a Jacksonville hospital last Thursday from an abscess of the brain which resulted from an injury sustained several days previously by playing a boyish hitting game with a playmate at school. About a week after the injury the boy became very ill. X-rays revealed the cause of his illness. He was a very bright boy and well liked by everyone, young and old. He was known as “Little Dutch” by his family and friends. Funeral services were conducted in Camp Pinckney Church and interment followed in the Folkston Cemetery. The body was borne from the hearse to the graveside by his boy friends.

WPA IS PHASED OUT. The Works Project Administration, which provided depression relief for millions, was ordered out of existence last Friday by President Roosevelt. During its career, WPA provided relief for some 38,000,000 people. The WPA began seven years ago as the Works Progress Administration. It was successor to the old Federal Relief Administration. It program was rooted in the theory that it was better to make work for the jobless than to provide them with an outright dole.

WILLLIE DAVIS HONORABLY DISCHARGED FROM ARMY. Mr. Willie W. Davis, who has been serving the past several months in the U.S. Army, stationed at an air base in Texas, returned to his home a few days ago, having been given an honorable discharge because of disability. He underwent an operation while in the service from which he has not yet recovered.

NOBLES-RODGERS WEDDING. A marriage that will be of much interest is that of Miss Hazel Irene Nobles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis L. Nobles, to Seaman First Class Clifford Rodgers of Lumber City, the ceremony being performed by Judge A.S. McQueen Sunday. Mr. Rodgers is serving in the U.S. Navy, his ship beng docked at Boston. He has just returned from duty in the North African Invasion. Mrs. Rodgers will remain here with her parents.

ALDRIDGE-HUGGINS WEDDING. A marriage that will be of much interest and surprise to their friends is that of Miss Juanita Aldridge to Mr. Alvin Huggins, which took place at Macclenny Monday. She is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Aldridge and for the past few months has been working in Jacksonville. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Huggins and is employed as an electric welder at the Navy Yard in Jacksonville, where they will make their home.

December 18, 1942

PLANE CRASHES NEAR PORTE TRACY HOME. A two-motor bombing plane of the training type from the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, crashed in the woods near the home of Mr. Porte Tracy just across the St. Marys River from Traders Hill, shortly after noon Thursday, after it had been abandoned by its two pilots who bailed out when the radio went wrong. The pilots were on routine training and the bomber was navigated solely by radio. The sky was overcast with a zero ceiling. When radio connections with the home field were lost the pilots bailed out, landing safely on the old Mallette place on the Folkston-Kingsland highway. The plane finally crashed about fifteen miles west of the point where it was abandoned. It was completely wrecked in the crash but failed to catch fire. Some of the parts were salvaged and the remainder of the wreckage went to the scrap pile.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR GROOVER FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Boaz Groover announce the birth of a baby girl at McCoy Sawyer Hospital born Tuesday, weight 5 pounds 6 ounces. Both are getting along fine.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR JOHNS FAMILY. Staff Sgt. and Mrs. W.O. Johns announce the birth of a 7 pound, 14 ounce baby girl, born last Friday at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. She has been named Myrtle Deloris. Both are getting along fine.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR ALTMAN FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Altman, Jr. of Waycross announce the birth of a 6 pound, 14 ounce baby girl, born Monday. The baby has been named Sandra Gail.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR TURNER FAMILY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Turner of Traders Hill, a 6 pound, 8 ounce baby girl born Monday at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. Both are doing fine and returned home Wednesday.

CHARLTON'S ROAD MACHINE BACK IN COUNTY. Charlton County's road patrol, has been returned here to resume work on the county roads after being under lease the past several months to a government war project. It has been under the supervision of R.H. Thrift.

ROBERT ALLEN, JR. STATIONED IN ILLINOIS. Robert Allen, Jr., is stationed at Fort Sheridan, Ill. and has just completed basic training in the Coast Artillery Corps of the U.S. Army.

LITTLE JOHN ELLIS GIBSON DIED. John Ellis Gibson, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Gibson of Vidalia, died at the home of his parents Monday after an illness of three months. The funeral was held at the graveside with Rev. Ewell Nelson, Presbyterian minister, officiating. The child was born August 29, 1941 and is survived by his parents, G.H. Gibson, cashier of the bank at Vidalia and Mrs. Sarah Ellis Gibson. Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Gibson of Folkston are grandparents and congressman John Gibson is a great uncle of the baby.

ANSWEL AND HARRY WILDES VISIT PARENTS. Answel Wildes, who is serving in the Navy at Mayport, Fla. arrived last week to spend a short time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mack Wildes. Sgt. Harry Wildes of the U.S. Army Air Force also spent a few days with his brother and parents.

ARTHUR BENNETT IS STATIONED IN CHICAGO. Arthur Bennett, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Bennett, of this city, who is serving in the Navy, recently received a promotion as flying mechanic. He is stationed in Chicago.

ON THE HOME FRONT. Chewing gum and candy bars are getting mighty scarce. Both gum and chocolate come from overseas and sugar is rationed to candy makers. The Army says lots of soldiers forget to fill out “safe arrival” cards in the rush of being sent overseas. When this happens the folks back home may not hear from them for several months.

MORRIS HULING VISITING HOME FOLKS. Morris Huling who is serving in the U.S. Army stationed in South Carolina arrived this week for a visit with his folks.

December 25, 1942

ASKEW-JOHNSON WEDDING. A marriage that will be of much interest is that of Miss Mable Askew, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Askew, to James Henry Johnson of Sylacauga, Ala. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. J.B. Haralson in Sylacauga on December 3rd, 1942. The bride has been employed in the DuPont ammunition plant in Alabama. The groom is employed at the same plant.

BAN ON GASOLINE SALES LIFTED. The lid on gasoline sales was off Monday after the most motorless weekend the eastern seaboard has known since the horse and buggy days. The ban against non-commercial sales in seventeen eastern states, which went into effect last Friday noon, because of an acute shortage due to military needs, was lifted at midnight Sunday. Price Administrator Leon Henderson estimated this would result in a net saving of about 25,000 barrels a day.

MRS. PEARCE RESIGNS FROM RATIONING BOARD. Mrs. Lucille B. Pearce, who has served as clerk of Charlton County's War Price and Rationing Board for the past several months has tendered her resignation. Miss Marward Bedell has been named to succeed Mrs. Pearce. Miss Bedell will take over her duties by January lst.

DR. McCOY RESIGNS FROM DRAFT BOARD. Dr. W,R, McCoy has tendered his resignation as a member of the Charlton County Selective Service Board and J.E. Harvey, Sr., local A.C.L. train dispatcher, has been named to succeed him.

CPL. SMITH HOME FOR VISIT. Cpl. Virgil Smith of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, arrived this week to spend a short time with the home folks.

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