Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1940

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 6, 1940

BILL McQUEEN'S HORSE WINS RACE. The annual fall horse-racing meet at Camden Park Track near Kingsland last Friday was attended by a number of Folkston people. The Charlton County entry, Bill McQueen's speedy five year old "Sonny", won the quarter-mile event in which he was entered, over stiff competition. He led the field by about seven lengths at the finish line.

BURRO-BASKETBALL GAME. The burro-basketball at the high school gym last week was an outstanding success from all standpoints, especially as a means of providing an evening of the most hilarious fun for Folkston. The unpredictable little donkeys, lived up to their advanced billing as temperamental stars of the stage. Clyde Gowen won top honors as champion cowboy rider. He managed to stay mounted at least part of the time. Those who volunteered to perform as basketball players on mule backs spent about as much time picking themselves up as they did in shooting goals. The donkeys were clearly the winners of the contest.

RED CROSS MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. Directors of the annual Red Cross roll call membership drive announce the total of 135 members, with the Moniac and Uptonville communities yet to report. Mrs. Jack Thompson, chairman of the Folkston committee extends thanks to the following for their aid in making the campaign a success: Mrs. John Southwell, Miss Marward Bedell, Mrs. Oscar Raynor, Mrs. O.C. Mizell, Mrs. W.D. Thompson, Mrs. Zelton Conner, Mrs. Scott Johnson, Miss Sue Lewis, Mrs. Slayton Daughtry, Tom Wrench and Arthur Barker.

FINE ART EXHIBIT. There is to be held in the community room all day December 6th an exhibit of fine art prints, composed of 150 reproductions of famous masterpieces from all the famous schools of art. Everyone in the county should see these. School children will be admitted for ten cents and the general public's cost is twenty-five cents. Proceeds are to go toward procuring pictures for our school buildings.

MR. PETER A. COONER DIED. Peter A. Cooner, age 61, who has served for many years as section foreman for the ACL railroad and who had been stationed at Brookfield, Ga. in recent years, died Sunday in the ACL hospital in Waycross. He was formerly a resident of Folkston having served here as section foreman. Besides his wife, survivors include four sons, J.H., George, Lawrence and James; a brother, Jim Cooner; two sisters, Mrs. Tabitha Kennison and Mrs. Betty Roberts. Funeral services were held at the graveside by Folkston Masonic Lodge in the Folkston cemetery. Burial arrangements were in charge of Adkins Funeral Home.

JOE CARTER IS FIRST SELECTIVE SERVICE DRAFTEE. Charlton County's first Selective Service registrant to be inducted into the Army for a year's military training left Thursday for Fort Screven where he will report for assignment to a training center. It is Joe Carter, whose order of service number is 670. He volunteered for service at this time in order to get his year of training completed as soon as possible. He left by bus for Savannah and quite a number of Charlton County citizens gathered at the bus station to see him off. Cecil Glenn Robinson, order number 424, another volunteer, was selected as alternate. Charlton was called upon to send only two men in the first draft quota. The colored draftee, Willie Thomas, also a volunteer will report at Fort Screven on December 12th.

DRAFT BOARD SENDS OUT FORMS. Questionnaires were mailed out this week by the local draft board to the second five percent quota for selective military service, acting on instructions received from State Headquarters. These forms went to registrants whose order of service numbers were from No. 42 to No. 82, and they must be returned within five days. A Board of Advisors to assist registrants in filling out their form has been named: O.C. Mizell, A.E. Wilson, W.E. Gibson and W.R. Allen in Folkston; S.M. Howard in Racepond; W.C. Hopkins, Toledo and S.T. Cockrell, St. George.

FOLKSTON'S CITY ELECTION. Folkston's annual election was held December 3rd. Folkston's new mayor is Dr. James L. Sawyer. The new members of the city council are William Mizell and Zelton Conner. O.F. Wilson was re-elected City Clerk. The hold-over members of the council are John B. Southwell, Theo Dinkins and E.C. Gowen.

CONVICT CAMP MOVING HERE. The work of moving the big convict camp from Hortense to Folkston is going forward at a rapid rate. The operations are being directed by Warden Persons who also has a large force of the convicts busy on the job of getting the ten acre site ready. The Board of Commissioners completed arrangements with the Okefenokee REA to furnish electric lights for the camp and provided for the boring of a well for the water supply.

MAYS FAMILY MOVES TO FOLKSTON. Mrs. H.J. Mays and two sons moved into the G.A. Dean residence Tuesday, from their home in Homeland.

ARMED FORCES CONVOYS ON THE ROAD. Many motorists in recent weeks have had to detour or stand by the roadside while units of U.S. armed forces pass by. Long columns of motorized equipment roar down the highways limbering up, getting accustomed to long trips and testing machines and no one has seriously complained. The consensus seems to lie in the remark of an Albany man who said "I'd much rather stand by in perfect security and watch Žour boys' roll by than I would to see the mechanized hordes of an invading power tear along our roads."

PTA TO PRESENT FINE ARTS PROGRAM. About twenty children will take part in the presentation of the play "Magic of Color" and impersonations of famous paintings on the program for the regular PTA meeting tonight at the gym.

NEW CHURCH BUILDING IS COMPLETED. The church officials at Grace Chapel report that they have finished the building of the church and contemplate painting the house right away. Rev. Hughie Dixon announced an ordination service Sunday afternoon for the ordination of Deacon.

December 13, 1940

JUDGE BANKS RE-ELECTED. The last of 1940's many elections was held last Saturday when Judge W.E. Banks was elected without opposition for his fourth four-year term as Justice of the Peace for the 32nd Militia District, including the towns of Homeland and Folkston.

MILK FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN. President R.E. Tittle, of the local Chamber of Commerce, reports that his organization has just paid for a month's milk supply for the PTA lunch project for underprivileged school children.

MORE TOURIST TRAINS. A big fleet of winter tourist trains are scheduled to go into service over the ACL Railroad today. These new trains will supplement the trains already in service. Roadmaster V.A. Hodges states that the ACL will operate 34 regular scheduled passenger trains through Folkston this season. These, together with the regular freight trains, gives Folkston its heaviest train traffic in its history, well above fifty each day.

SERVICEMEN PAY REDUCED TRAIN FARE. Uncle Sam's boys in the various military branches will get a break Christmas if they want to come home for the holidays. The American railroads will establish special reduced round trip fares for their holiday travel. The fare will be one cent per mile in coaches between all points in the U.S. and will be available to any member of the nation's military forces traveling in uniform on furlough and at their own expense.

MR. HARLEY D. TEMPLETON DIED. Harley Dye Templeton of St. George, died Wednesday at his home there. His funeral is to be held Friday afternoon at the St. George Methodist Church with interment in the St. Marys, Camden County, cemetery. He complained slightly on retiring but nothing serious was thought by either him or his wife. His health had been bad for the past several years, making him practically an invalid. He had not been able to work regularly for a long time. The immediate cause of his death was a heart attack. He was 55 years old and had lived in St. George for a number of years, where Mrs. Templeton has been a teacher in the public school. Recently he wired a number of houses at St. George, when the REA took electric service to that town. His last job was the St. George Methodist Church, which he finished the day before his death. Surviving him besides his wife were two children, Mary Sue Templeton and Jim Templeton; his mother, Mrs. A.M. Templeton; three sisters, Mrs. P.P. Pine, Mrs. W.A. Erwin and Mrs. Eakins. Adkins Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

CHRISTMAS CLUB ORGANIZED. Contributions have been generous since the Christmas Club has been organized for Charlton County on December 2nd. Pictures, attractive boxes, toy animals, dolls, toy rifles, wagons, small pails and books have been donated. The club evolved from a discussion of giving in a second grade classroom. Toys were brought and mended and the project grew until Mr. Bentley with his manual arts class was invited to be promoters of the organization. Any toy will be appreciated. The place for deposit will be in room 2-B of the Folkston Grammar School and the Manual Arts Room of the Charlton County High School. Miss Ella Belle Hughes and Guy Bentley are the general directors of the organization.

OUTSTANDING HONOR FOR CHAIRMAN RAYNOR. Chairman O.E. Raynor of the Board of County Commissioners, who was named as a Georgia Presidential Elector, representing the Eighth Congressional District in the general election of November 5th, will leave Sunday for Atlanta, where he goes to attend the meeting of the Georgia electors to be held at the state capitol. He will serve as a member of the twelve-man Board of Electors, which will certify to congress the results of the presidential election in this state, giving to President Roosevelt the twelve electoral votes of Georgia. This is a service of outstanding honor and will bring distinction to Mr. Raynor and this county. Mrs. Raynor will accompany him.

CHARLTON VISITORS. A large flock of Canadian wild geese landed in the field of Mr. Silas O'Quinn one day this week. It was headed by a gander, which stood on guard, towering above all the rest.

THREE DEACONS ORDAINED AT GRACE CHAPEL. An ordination service was held Sunday afternoon at Grace Chapel. Those ordained were P. G. Brooks, Ed Stokes and O.K. Dinkins.

ATTENTION: All parties who want Christmas turkeys, please book your order at once. An east coast poultry man has agreed to take all I have unsold. Price, 25 cents per pound. Mrs. C.W. Waughtel, Homeland.

December 20, 1940

TOM GOWEN TAKEN FOR A RIDE. On a recent trip to Atlanta, Tom Gowen was "taken for a ride" that gave him all the thrills and excitement he was looking for. The "ride" was a 15 minute airplane flight as a passenger in the cub trainer-plane, piloted by Candler Littlefield, Folkston boy who is an advanced student-pilot at Candler Airport, Hapeville, where an aviation school is in operation. Members of Tom Gowen's party, which included Rep. John B. Southwell, Earnie Dixon and Editor Harrison of the Herald, did not want to take the ride. Mr. Littlefield now has more than 200 hours of solo flying to his credit. He will soon be qualified for service with the regular airlines.

COMMITTEE FORMED FOR CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND. A group of citizens who have the welfare of the children at heart have formed a committee to raise funds so that a swimming pool and playground can be obtained. On New Year's Eve they will sponsor an entertainment at the high school which will be a square and round dance. Members of this committee are Shelton Monroe, Tom Gowen, Miss Helen Mizell, Miss Margaret Littlefield, Mrs. N.V. Brown, Mrs. E.C. Gowen. Miss Helen Mizell is treasurer.

PTA ORDERS STAGE EQUIPMENT. The finance committee of the local PTA made arrangements for the purchase of modern new stage equipment to be installed in the Grammar School building. It is heavy velour curtains, that cover the front of the stage, also an encore curtain, two interior scenes, with wings and one exterior scene.
NEW LODGE OFFICERS. Folkston Lodge No. 196 F&AM elected new officers to serve during 1941: C.P. Stapleton, Tom C. Gowen, C.J. Wright, William Mizell, Zelton Conner, L.E. Mallard, Wilbur Wright, R.C. Tillman, C.L. Tolbert, Dr. Sawyer and Troy Conner.

T.W. WRENCH IS VETERANS' COMMANDER. T.W. Wrench was elected Camp Commander of the Spanish War veterans of Southeast Georgia when they met in Waycross last Sunday. He served as First Sgt. of a Brunswick company during the Spanish-American War.

NEW BUILDING ERECTED FOR BEAUTY SHOP. An attractive new building of frame construction 16 by 24 feet is being erected on Kingsland Street just below the school campus by L.E. Stokes for occupancy by the Folkston Beauty Shop. The beauty parlor is now located in the Masonic building next door to the post office in quarters much larger than is required.

FOLKSTON'S CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. Folkston's annual community Christmas tree was installed directly in front of the county courthouse Monday and its multi-colored lights officially began the festivities of the holiday season Tuesday evening. The tree was sponsored again by the Garden Club and extensive street decorations were added. As is appropriate for this territory of the pine tree, the decorations consists largely of small pine saplings placed on all street intersections.

HERCULES EMPLOYEES GET BONUS. When employees of the local Hercules Company camp get their paychecks for the regular payday this Friday, all of them will be paid a liberal bonus as a year-end gift. This bonus reflects the increased activity in all lines of industry and the bonus payment will run from $25.00 to $72.00, according to length of service of the employee. All employees will, as is customary, be presented a Swift premium ham as a Christmas gift from the company.

TEACHERS' CHRISTMAS PARTY. The teachers of Folkston spent a most enjoyable evening Monday at the community room, the occasion being the annual Christmas party. This meeting following an annual Christmas call at the home of Supt. and Mrs. Harris by the teachers who announced their presence by the singing of Christmas carols and leaving a reminder of love in a gift that will last Ů this year, a set of silver candlesticks.

ARTIST TO PAINT SCHOOL STAGE SCENERY. An artist is to arrive within ten days, from the American Scenic Co. of Eastman, Ga. to hand paint the stage scenery at the school.

CREWS-O'QUINN WEDDING. Mr. Bennie O'Quinn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Silas O'Quinn, and Miss Susie Crews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Crews, were married last week in Jacksonville where they will make their future home.


Dear Santa Claus,
Will you please bring something for a little boy eight years old. I don't know what I want. Bring just any old thing. Your friend, S.L. Pickren

Dear Santa Claus,
I want a doctor and nurse set for Christmas and I also want a doll that is about 25 inches tall, of any kind that you can find that you think I would like or anything else you think I would like. Santa Claus's friend, Rubye Gibson

Dear Santa Claus,
I am a little girl 2 years old and I live at Newell on left hand side of railroad tracks going south. I want you to bring me a doll baby with crib, a little teeny red wagon, some blow-up balloons and a little tea set. Be sure to bring some Santa berries and chocolate candy. I think brother and sister will write you. I love you. Juliette Louise Brown

CLASSIFIED AD: For rent: A four room house cheap. Electric lights. See C.W. Waughtel.

December 27, 1940

MRS. MATTIE McDONALD PEARCE DIED. The funeral of Mrs. Mattie McDonald Pearce, widow of the late D.O. Pearce, was held at her home in Folkston Christmas Day and interment was in the local cemetery. She had been an invalid for many months. She was 77 years old and had lived a beautiful life. She was born in Ware County and lived there until she was 12 years old. She moved with her family to Grady County where she lived until 1917 when she and her own family moved to Folkston. Her husband D.O. Pearce died New Years Day, 1919. She and her family had been members of the Methodist Church for many years. She is survived by three daughters and three sons, Mrs. E.B. Stapleton, Sr., Miss Bernice Pearce and Miss Marion Pearce, D.F. Pearce, J.B. Pearce and D.O. Pearce, Jr. Mrs. J.A. Tomberlin is a niece and L.C. Swicord is a nephew. Eleven grandchildren survive. Adkins Funeral Home was in charge of burial arrangements.

AUTOMOBILE SHOWROOM FOR OKEFENOKEE STATION. An attractive showroom is being constructed at Okefenokee Station and P.O. Stokes, owner, announces the new showroom will be ready for the display of Chrysler and Plymouth automobiles early in the new year. It is being built by contractor Leon Askew, and W.B. Vickery.

THRIFT-WESTBERRY WEDDING. A Christmas Day marriage that will be of much interest is that of Miss Elma Thrift and Mr. Emory Westberry which took place Christmas morning in Jesup. Miss Thrift is a native of Charlton County and a graduate of the Dade City, Fla. high school. Mr. Westberry, who came here from Jesup, is a graduate of the Jesup High School. Both have been employed for the past several months at the Folkston Grain and Grocery Co., Miss Thrift as bookkeeper and Mr. Westberry in the market department. They will continue to make their home here, at the residence of Mrs. James Purdom.

NEW MANAGER FOR THE BLUE WILLOW. The Blue Willow Caf» has again changed hands, Mrs. Charles Quick having announced its sale to Mrs. Kline Gowen, who has taken charge of its management.

STOVER BUYS N.V. BROWN RESIDENCE. A real estate transaction was announced this week, the sale by N.V. Brown of his attractive home near the Baptist Church to J.T. Stover. Mr. Brown, who has served as second trick operator for the ACL Railroad here, has been given a promotion to first trick operator at Callahan. Mrs. Brown is a teacher in the local school and their daughter is a member of the graduating class of Charlton County High School.

"YE OLD ENGLISH CHRISTMAS" PRESENTED HERE. The glee club of the high school presented the operetta "Ye Old English Christmas" Thursday night in the school auditorium. This was the first public appearance of this group and it was highly pleasing to the audience. Miss Mallory and Miss Chute were directors of the musical. The cast was as follows: Maurice Mills, Harry Quick, Jimi Allen, Fred Crews, Albert Mills, Jack Robert Mays, Rosalie Southwell, Jacquelyn Sikes, Ann Hopkins, Idell Russell, Velma Prevatt, Alice Waterman, Frances Mizell, Vira Prevatt, Bennie Altman, Albert Mills, Harold Gowen, Ben Huling, Charles Quick, DeVant Guy, D.S. Quarterman, Annie Pearl Gowen, Cleo Quarterman, Ethel Harrison, Janet Thomas and Margie Scott. Those who missed "Ye Old English Christmas" missed a rare treat.

THOMAS KNOWLES ENLISTS IN ARMY. Mr. Thomas Knowles, son of Jeffery Knowles, is spending the Christmas holidays with his parents. He is a member of the CCC but has enlisted in the U.S. Army and expects to leave for Texas in January.

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