Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1939

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 1, 1939

MRS. J.S. JOYNER DIED. She was 82. She died Tuesday.

LOCAL RED CROSS CHAPTER ORGANIZED. Monday night in the community room of the high school a meeting of people interested in the Red Cross roll call was held. Reports showed over 80 members enrolled, some communities yet to be heard from.

THE CHAMPION TO COME THROUGH FOLKSTON SATURDAY. The new Atlantic Coast Line streamlined train will pass through Folkston for the first time early Saturday morning at 5:54 going south. It will return going north on Sunday afternoon at 3:44. This train will consist of an engine and seven coaches and is said to be the fastest schedule ever attempted by any railroad operating between the north and south in the tourist traffic. It is scheduled to make 70 miles per hour in actual running time. To do this it will often have to run much faster. Of special interest to Folkston is the fact that Emerson Payne, a son of Mrs. O.W. Layton of Folkston will be a part of the crew operating the motor. The train is operated by electricity generated by a diesel engine. Mr. Payne will have part in operating this diesel engine. The train was recently named The Champion.

NEW BABY FOR THE PETTY FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Petty, Homeland, are the proud parents of a 7-pound boy. The mother and baby are reported to be doing nicely.

CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON CURB AND GUTTER PROJECT. Construction began Monday morning on Folkston’s sidewalk, curb and gutter project extending west on Main Street from the intersection of U.S. Highway One. The work is being done by the WPA crew under direction of E.F. Allen, project supervisor. Two blocks of the sidewalk paving has already been poured.

THANKSGIVING SERVICES. The Union Thanksgiving services were held here Thursday morning at 8:30 at the Folkston Baptist Church. Rev. E.F. Dean, pastor of Prospect Methodist Church delivered the morning sermon.

TOM ASKEW WORKING FOR GOWEN BROTHERS. Tom Askew, who has been connected with the Folkston Pharmacy for the past several years has joined the sales force of Gowen Bros.

CANE GRINDING AT MRS. CONNERS. Cane grinding and candy-pulling at Mrs. L.S. Conners in Uptonville was enjoyed by quite a crowd Saturday night.December 8, 1939

THE CHAMPION. The Atlantic Coast Line’s sleek and shining new streamliner, The Champion, continues to attract crowds at the various stations along the line as it flashes past on its non-stop run between Jacksonville and Richmond.

TIME CHANGE FOR CORN HOUSE SUNDAY SCHOOL. The time of meeting at Corn House for Sunday School has been changed to 2:30 P.M. This change was made to accommodate those who have several miles to walk to their homes.

RED CROSS. The Red Cross roll call in Charlton County resulted in securing 107 members and $171.65 in money for the Ware County Chapter under whose charter the Charlton County members are listed.

LEONARD O’CAIN HAS NEW BUILDING. The prosperous fish and oyster market operated by Leonard O’Cain is now occupying new quarters, a new building located adjacent to his old stand having been completed this week. Contractor P.C. Hall was the builder. The new building is of corrugated iron construction and contains an apartment in the rear which Mr. O’Cain will occupy as living quarters.

MALLARD TO LIST ALL CHURCH PROPERTY. L.E. Mallard has been appointed to list all church and cemetery property belonging to the Methodist church in this county. He reports Mill Chapel as being over 100 years old, owning land on which is a cemetery and an old church building, this being the third building erected on this site.

FOLKSTON CITY ELECTION. Three members of the Folkston city council, all unopposed, were named in the annual city election held Tuesday. The members named in Tuesday’s election are John B. Southwell and E.C. Gowen who succeed themselves and Theo Dinkins, succeeding W.E. Gibson, who declined to be a candidate. Mayor V.A. Hodges and Councilman C.J. Passieu and E.H. Wright, whose terms will not expire until January 1, 1941, complete the city’s official family for the coming year, with Clerk O.F. Wilson continuing to serve.

NEW BABY BOY FOR DUGGAN FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Duggan of Homeland are the proud parents of a 12 pound boy, born to them November 30th. Mother and baby are reported to be doing nicely.

BURNSED FAMILY HAS NEW BABY BOY. The stork had a rather busy time at the Sawyer Hospital Tuesday night when two new arrivals were reported. A fine baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Allen of Camden County and a bouncing baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. B.R. Burnsed of Macclenny.

December 15, 1939

L.E. MALLARD RECEIVES GIFTS FROM FRIENDS. Several days ago our good friend was seen up town on several occasions dressed in the unusual, a pair of overalls. Immediately we concluded that some of his friends should loosen up their purse-strings so Brother Mallard could have a nice new suit, at least by Christmas. So decided we, that now is our chance to return one of the many favors we have received at his hands and made him a proposition. That if he would behave himself for this and the remainder of next year; get up early and build the fires for his wife; and not do anything that would be displeasing to her through 1940, we would see to it that he had a new suit, all to his liking. After a few minutes meditation he promised to give us an answer the next day. The next day he called up and said "I have been offered a better proposition than yours. Therefore I am declining and Zelton Conner will measure me up for a suit today!" Sure enough, he got measured, and the new suit is here. It fits him to a T. It is reported that he made Conner some very fine promises, and so far is living up to them. When his other friends and neighbors learned of his turning over a new leaf it gave them such joy that they reaffirmed their faith by giving him a "pounding" last Friday, his 66th birthday with the following: Three nice hams, A sack of sweet potatoes, Several pounds of smoked sausage, One gallon of syrup, Various other eatables, As well as a box of cigars which he smoked without offering his friends a one. Although it’s been only a few days, Brother Mallard is showing signs of not being undernourished. It has been hinted that a number of our merchants are expressing gratification over the pounding incident, especially the cigars. According to one of his good friends, he has promised Mrs. Mallard that beginning January lst, he expects to go to work and stay at it for the remainder of the year.

MRS. LYDIA V. CREWS HAS BEEN HERALD READER FOR 30 YEARS. Mrs. Lydia V. Crews paid her annual visit to the office of the Herald and paid her subscription for the 30th consecutive year. As a young girl 41 years ago when the paper was established, she began reading the Charlton County Herald aloud to her father. That was the first year Charlton County had a newspaper. Her father, Paul Johns died in 1908 but his daughter had become so interested in her county paper that she has kept up the subscription through the 30 years since. She is the wife of Mose M. Crews and the niece of the late Mrs. Lydia Stone Crews. She has lived in Charlton County all her life and most of the time near Folkston.

MR. JIM TAYLOR DIED. Jim Taylor, age about 62, dropped dead as a result of a heart attack at his home in Winokur Thursday morning. He had been a lifelong citizen of Charlton County. Funeral services will be conducted this Friday morning at 10:00 o’clock at Corinth Cemetery with Rev. Williams of Waycross and J.F. Allen of Winokur officiating. Deceased was a member of the Church of God. Survivors include his widow; one son, Nelson Taylor as well as three daughters, two sisters and one brother.

MR. J.C. COOPER DIED. The funeral of J.C. Cooper, 22 year old son of Mrs. John Mizell, was held Wednesday at Sardis cemetery, Rev. I.T. Hickox was in charge of the service. Adkins Funeral Home had charge of the arrangements. Young Cooper enlisted in the CCC organization last April and was serving at Fort Pulaski. He was stricken with appendicitis in July at which time he had an operation from which he never completely recovered. His condition grew worse. A few weeks ago his mother went to Savannah and was with him Monday night when he died in the U.S. Marine Hospital where he had been a patient. He was a native of Charlton County, having lived here all his life until he enlisted in the CCC. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. John Mizell; a brother, Billy; two half-brothers, Joseph and Robert Cooper and one half-sister, Mrs. Charlie L. Caffee.

MILLS FAMILY MOVES TO FERNANDINA. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mills and family left Tuesday for their new home in Fernandina where Mr. Mills has purchased a 14-room residence.

RITZ THEATER TO HAVE TWO FEATURE FILMS. A change in the Ritz Theater will be made next Friday when a double feature show will be billed for Friday and Saturday. This will be given each Friday and Saturday thereafter. It will include a western picture and another feature picture. This means that with the closing show this Saturday, the serial picture that has been shown each weekend for some time will be discontinued. The present serial, the Lone Ranger included 15 installments and has been running about four months. The Folkston Ritz is under the management of Louie Passieu and his sister, Miss Elizabeth Passieu.

FOLKSTON’S NEWEST MUSIC GROUP. Folkston’s new home-talent orchestra will make its first public appearance Friday evening at the high school gym when it will furnish music for a dance. It was organized several weeks ago and its members are Edward Millen, John Joyner, Clifton Gowen, and Elliott "Buck" Nazworth.

MRS. MARY ELIZABETH DOBBS DIED. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Dobbs, age 78, died last Sunday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. B.B. Gowen. Her funeral was held in the Bethel Methodist Church and was conducted by Rev. Swoll Sawyer and Rev. E.F. Dean. Interment was in the Bethel Cemetery. Mrs. Dobbs had been a bed-ridden invalid for several years and confined to her home. She was affectionately called Grandmother Dobbs. She and her family were from Newton County. Ga., moving here in 1912. She has made her home with her daughter, Mrs. B.B. Gowen. Miss Maggie Dobbs, popular nurse of the Sawyer Clinic, with her sister Mrs. B.B. Gowen; two brothers, Ira Dobbs and Herman Dobbs survive their mother. Other surviving relatives are one sister, Miss Fannie Gregory; three brothers, Charles Gregory, Stark and J.B. Gregory. Adkins Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.

LITTLE ANNIE DELORES POPHAM DIED. The funeral of little Delores Popham was held last Saturday from Adkins Funeral Home. Interment was in the local cemetery. Rev. Lee Sweat, pastor of the Congregational Methodist Church, Waycross, conducted the service. Annie Delores was the nine months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Popham who lives on the Coleraine Plantation. The little girl had been sick for several weeks and was rushed to St. Lukes Hospital where she died from influenza meningitis. GAINEY - HOWARD WEDDING. A wedding of interest to many in the St. George community was that of Miss Thelma Gainey and Mr. Gordy C. Howard which occurred in Macclenny on Saturday night.

GARRISON NAMED TO HOMELAND COUNCIL. At the town council meeting of Homeland last week the appointment of Earl Garrison as councilman in lieu of H.J. Mays was announced by Mayor Wrench and approval was made by councilmen Norwood, Toy and Garrison, the latter from a sickbed. Mayor Wrench announced the resurveying and establishment of the town limits by surveyor Dean Gowen.

December 22, 1939

NEW MASONIC OFFICERS. At the regular meeting of the Folkston Masonic Lodge the members elected new officers to serve during the ensuing year. Those elected were: Troy Conner, C.P. Stapleton, Tom Gowen, Zelton Conner, William Mizell, C.J. Wright, Wilbur Wright, Raymond Banks, R.C. Tillman, R.W. Waterman, V.A. Quarterman.

MR. ELIJAH J. JOHNSON DIED. Mr. Elijah J. Johnson, age 84, who passed away at his home in Waycross last Friday was quickly followed in death by his aged widow, Mrs. E.J. Johnson, 85, who died at her Waycross home Monday just one day after the funeral of her husband. Mr. Johnson’s death came after only a brief illness, but Mrs. Johnson died after an extended illness. Both were pioneer residents of Charlton County and made their home here until they moved to Waycross several years ago. He was an uncle of Judge J.H. Johnson and J.W. Johnson of this county. He operated a hotel here in the early days of Folkston. Funeral services for Mr. Johnson were held Sunday noon at Sardis Church. Final rites for Mrs. Johnson were held at Sardis on Tuesday morning. Immediate survivors include one son, Edgar Johnson; three daughters, Mrs. C.S. Milton, Mrs. Samuel Palmer and Mrs. T.H. Matthews.

HOMELAND POST OFFICE DESTROYED BY FIRE. The post office building at Homeland was completely destroyed by fire early yesterday morning. The upstairs was occupied by the Buchanan family who narrowly escaped with their lives. Mrs. Buchanan gave the alarm but when neighbors arrived it was impossible to save the building. The Buchanans saved very little of their belongings. The mail and most of the post office equipment was saved. Eli Waughtel was postmaster and owner of the building. There was no insurance. This is the second post office building to be destroyed by fire in Homeland. Homeland wishes to thank the Folkston fire fighters who helped to save the home of C.W. Waughtel.

WIENER ROAST FOR CORN HOUSE CREEK COMMUNITY. A wiener roast was held at the Cornhouse community house Monday evening. A large crowd soon disposed of the wieners and bread. This is an annual occasion now and the folks look forward to the event with much anticipation. Next Sunday Christmas services will be conducted at Cornhouse and a tree will be in evidence. This will be the first community tree that the children there have ever enjoyed. The good people of Folkston are invited to help make this Christmas tree a success.

HOMELAND CITY ELECTION MANAGERS NAMED. Mayor T.W. Wrench announced the appointment of managers for the election of town officials of Homeland in the town election to be held the first Thursday in January. They are Carrie McLeod, C.W. Waughtel and Orlando Roberts.

December 29, 1939

TAYLOR’S GROCERY DESTROYED BY FIRE. Fire completely destroyed Taylor’s Grocery and Market on the south side of Folkston Tuesday morning. D.C. Taylor and his family were away at Nicholls, Ga. The loss was estimated at about $1200.00 and the building was not insured.

LOWTHER - GIBSON WEDDING. Of interest to a wide group of friends was the wedding of Miss Annie Belle Lowther and Mr. William Guy Gibson, both of Folkston last Sunday in the parsonage of the Methodist Church. Rev. Swoll Sawyer performed the ceremony. They have an apartment in the home of Mrs. James Purdom. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Berry Lowther and was employed by the Folkston Grain and Grocery Co. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Gibson and has been employed by Roberts Brothers Motor Co. since his graduation from high school.

MR. JAMES ALFRED CREWS KILLED IN WRECK. James Alfred Crews, 58 years old, of the Uptonville community, died Wednesday night in Adkins ambulance on the way to the Waycross hospital. He and his brother, Charlie Lee Crews, better known as Charlie Arch were run down in the wagon on Federal Highway No. One just north of Mattox. Vincent Paul, of New York, driving a Plymouth was blinded by the lights of a passing car and did not see their wagon until too late to avoid hitting it. News late Thursday night from Waycross reported that Charlie Lee Crews was still alive but that he was in a very serious condition, probably a fractured neck and serious cuts about the head. The funeral for Alfred Crews was held Friday morning from his home. Interment was in High Bluff Cemetery. Mr. Crews leaves a widow, eleven children and several grandchildren, also one sister and three brothers. The following are his children: Mrs. Ira Mixon, Lewis Crews, Mrs. Macie Tucker, Mose Crews, Otise Crews and Romney Crews, Mrs. Gladys George, Mrs. Minnie Cooper, Jesse Crews, Wylie Crews and Ray Crews. The youngest, Ray, is nine years old. Mrs. Janie Martin is his sister and Everett, Charlie and Darling are his brothers. The evidence shows that there was no light on the wagon and that the men were probably asleep as they had passed the side road they usually took on their way home.*

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