Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1936

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 4, 1936

EMPLOYEES URGED TO RETURN SOCIAL SECURITY FORMS. Postmaster V.J. Pickren states that the employees in Charlton County eligible to participate in the Social Security Act are rather slow in returning the forms provided to make application for an account number. It is important that employees comply with this request as it will enable them, after the age of 65 years, to be entitled to a pension ranging from $10.00 to $85.00 per month for the rest of their life. Turpentine laborers are entitled to participate in the act.

MRS. LUCRETIA JOHNS THRIFT DIED. News has been received in Charlton County of the death at her home near Blackshear of Mrs. J.L. Thrift who passed away November 22 following an attack of paralysis. Before her marriage she was Mrs. Lucretia Johns, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Johns, both deceased of this county. Mrs. Thrift is survived by her husband and eight children, four sons and four daughters: Mrs. E.O. Parker of Blackshear, Mrs. Jimmie Todd and Mrs. Eustis Chancey of Charlton County, Mrs. Clyde Carter of Racepond; Jesse, Leslie, Gordon and Fleming Thrift, all of Blackshear; two sisters, Mrs. B.C. Crews and Mrs. Mose Crews and one aunt Mrs. Lydia Crews of Racepond. Funeral service and interment were held Monday at the Dave Hickox Cemetery near Hoboken. She was 55 years old and had many friends and relatives in Charlton County.

NEW CITY OFFICIALS ELECTED. In the city election held Tuesday V.A. Hodges was named to serve as the Mayor of Folkston for the ensuing term beginning January 1, 1937 when he will succeed Mayor E.C. Gowen. Three members of the city council were also named in the election, two of them being new members. H.J. Davis was named to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Hodges who resigned to run for mayor and Scott Johnson was elected to succeed councilman Tom Gowen whose term expires. C.J. Passieu was elected to succeed himself. O.F. Wilson was elected city clerk. The personnel of the new city government is V.A. Hodges, Mayor; C.J. Passieu, John Southwell, James H. Wrench, H.J. Davis and Scott Johnson, City Councilmen and O.F. Wilson, Clerk.

HEBARD SELLS OKEFENOKEE SWAMP TO U.S. GOVERNMENT. The announcement this week that the sale of 300,000 acres of the Okefenokee Swamp to the United States government to be used in the development of a game refuge, bird sanctuary and recreational center has been completed, was received with much interest throughout this section where a movement has been underway for some time to induce the government to take over the Swamp. Federal Judge William H. Barrett last Friday signed an order authorizing the purchase at $400,000.00, 300,000 acres of land of the Okefenokee Swamp, comprising a large part of that wonderland. The sale was made by the Hebard Land Company and was one of the largest real estate transactions ever recorded in Georgia. The deed from D.L. Hebard to the government was recorded this week by Clerk W.B. Smith in the deed records of this county. The government, under its recovery program, has already purchased 30,000 acres of land adjacent to the western edge of the Swamp which is now being developed into a game and recreational center and re-settlement project.

ST. GEORGIA SCHOOL BOND ELECTION. Official notice of an election to be held in the St. George Consolidated School District on January 4th to authorize the issuance of $15,000.00 in bonds appears in the Herald this week. This is to be used for rebuilding the St. George school which was recently destroyed by fire. Supt. John Harris has completed arrangements for aid from the WPA in the building of the new school. It will be located on the town square, a much more convenient and centrally located site than was the old school site.

December 11, 1936

WEDDING. Announcement of the marriage last Sunday afternoon of Mr. Hamp Crews, Jr., well known citizen of the Uptonville district and Mrs. Riggins of Pierce County, will be of much interest to many friends. The ceremony was performed by Judge H.G. Gibson. Mrs. Riggins is understood to have been a former resident of Charlton County.

MRS. MARTHA JONES ROBINSON DIED. Mrs. Martha Robinson, wife of the late Mr. Henry Union Robinson of the Traders Hill community, was stricken with an attack of apoplexy on November 20th and after remaining in a coma for several days some slight improvement was noticed. However, another stroke came which resulted in her death on November 31st. She had been a well loved resident of Charlton County all of her life. She lacked only four days of being 68 years old. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Dean and Barnhill at the Philadelphia church house, it being cold and rainy. She was buried in Sardis Cemetery beside her husband. She is survived by five daughters, Mrs. C.A. Bryant, Mrs. W.A. Chandler, Mrs. T.B. Bryant, Mrs. Avie Anderson and Miss Bertha Robinson; three brothers, Jim Jones, Reed Jones and Bob Jones; three sisters, Mrs. T.H. Thrift, Mrs. B.A. Chesser and Mrs. N.L. Crews. Mrs. Robinson’s children, brothers and sisters were all present at the funeral.

December 18, 1936

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Hannaford are receiving congratulations on the birth to them Saturday morning of a fine nine-pound baby daughter. The arrival of the little lady comes just in time to make the proud parents a happy Christmas Gift. Both Mrs. Hannaford and the baby daughter are reported to be doing nicely.

WEDDING. A marriage announcement that will be of much interest was that of Miss Bessie Lee Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Davis to Mr. W.B. Cobb of Jacksonville, which occurred Saturday, the ceremony being performed by Judge H.G. Gibson. Miss Davis has long been the popular and efficient operator for the Parker Telephone Co. following her graduation from Charlton County High School. She is a native of Folkston, being one of the city’s most attractive and highly esteemed young ladies. Mr. Cobb was formerly stationed at the CCC camp here and now has a good position in Jacksonville where they will reside.

NEW CAR FOR SCHOOL SUPT. SMITH. Supt. William Smith of the St. George School, went to Jacksonville last Saturday and invested in a handsome new car. About the middle of next week he and his family will drive to West Virginia to spend Christmas with their parents.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Jones, St. George, announce the birth of a daughter on December 12th. Mrs. Jones will be remembered as Miss Marie Norman. Mother and daughter are doing fine.

December 25, 1936

DOUBLE WEDDING HERE SUNDAY MORNING. Of interest to their many friends is the wedding of Miss Aderine Wildes to Mr. Wade L. Reynolds and Miss Opal Howard to Mr. James A. Stanfield at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson on Sunday morning, December 20th in the presence of only a few friends and relatives. The ceremony was solemnized by Rev. T.G. Kilpatrick. Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Stanfield are employees of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Immediately following the ceremony the two couples left for Charleston, S.C. Upon their return Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds will be at home with Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Stanfield will be at home with Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Howard of Racepond.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harrison announce the birth Saturday night of a fine baby daughter who has been given the name of Shirley Yvonne. They are receiving the congratulations of their many friends upon the arrival of this precious Christmas Present. Both mother and baby are reported to be doing nicely.

COUNTY OFFICERS SWORN IN. New officers of the county and city governments will be sworn in and begin their duties on January lst. The three new members of the County Commissioners are Jack Howard from the Winokur district who succeeds N.E. Roddenberry; S.G. Gibson from the Traders Hill district succeeding Charles Altman and A.L. Thrift from the Moniac district succeeding S.P. Green. The hold-over members of the board are the present chairman, W.C. Hopkins and E.B. Stapleton, vice chairman. The only other change in the county’s official family will be in the office of Ordinary, A.S. McQueen succeeding Judge H.G. Gibson. Mr. Gibson retired from office because of infirmities of age, not being a candidate for re-election.

LITTLE FRANCES MILLS DIED. Announcement of the death of little Frances Mills, about nine years old, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar G. Mills, which occurred Wednesday afternoon in the Ware County Hospital was received with profound sorrow by many friends of this bright and attractive little girl. She was stricken with an attack of appendicitis and an operation was performed Monday. Her condition gradually grew worse and the end came to relieve her suffering late Wednesday. The funeral will probably be held Thursday afternoon.

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