Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1935

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 6, 1935

HOG-KILLINGS. There are lots of hog-killing and sausage-making going on at Winokur.

GLOBE GIVEN TO SCHOOL. Do you remember the globe in the window of the Rexall Drug Store, Stapleton's Pharmacy? It is now in the Folkston school's fifth grade room--they saved the Rexall tablet covers and paper binders to win this. They collected 232 of these. The globe was presented by Miss Bernice Pearce to the winners in the fifth grade this week.

PLEDGE ENVELOPES FOR CHURCH MEMBERS. Quite a crowd of the members of the Methodist Church met Wednesday night at the church to get their envelopes for the year. Each package contains a card to be given to the church treasurer, James Wrench, stating how much the person will contribute each week during the year. Refreshments were served by the ladies of the Women's Missionary Society.

CANDY-PULLING. The candy-pulling given by Mr. and Mrs. Grover Howard of St. George last Saturday was enjoyed by all. The young people played games.

NEW SCHOOL BUILDING. George White, Ford dealer and local contractor, was in Atlanta Wednesday in the interest of the new Junior High School building.

December 13, 1935

SECURITY CLUB ORGANIZES IN CHARLTON. Pursuant to the call of Dr. W.D. Thompson, chairman of the movement to organize a Security Club and to cooperate with the federal plan, the law that grants a pension to every citizen sixty-five years and older, some thirty™two attended and joined the movement at a meeting Thursday, making Dr. Thompson permanent chairman and W.H. Mizell, secretary.

KOZY KABIN KAMP. A tourist camp that is modern and up to date is one just completed by Ralph Johnson just south of Folkston in the city limits on the Dixie Highway. This camp has four cottages 12 feet wide and 18 feet long that carry with them hot and cold water and private baths. It also has two cabins, 14 by 28. The Kozy Kabin Kamp is owned and operated by Ralph Johnson.

MRS. WAYNE WILDES DIED. News was just received that Mrs. Wayne Wildes of Jacksonville died Thursday morning. She was formerly Miss Myrtle Mitchell of Savannah. She is survived by her husband, Wayne Wildes; two sons, Wayne, Jr. and an infant ten days old; also her mother and father and several brothers and sisters. The funeral will be today at the residence, corner of Third and Iona Streets, Jacksonville.

SANTA VISITS CAMP PINCKNEY PASTOR. Last Sunday night while Brother Boling was gracing the pulpit in the regular appointment at Camp Pinckney, the good people of that church and community had some workers on the outside filling his car with all kinds of good things to eat. After services the parson returned to his car and found the back of it filled with packages of which he was unaware and further investigation found the same in the front seat. Not liking the idea of someone filling his car with rubbish he started an investigation to ascertain as to who had been so smart as to pile anything in his car. By this time the good wife had determined what had happened and upon informing the pastor he was very grateful for the visit from Santa Claus.

MR. JOHN ALLEN KING DIED. Mr. John Allen King, former resident of St. George, but for the past few years had lived in Jacksonville, died in an Ocala hospital Sunday of pneumonia. Mr. King had been for some time with the Benjamin Foster Co. which has a contract with the construction of the Florida Ship Canal. He is survived by two brothers, N.B. King and Donald C. King; a sister, Miss Dorothy C. King. The funeral was at the First Baptist Church in St. George.

December 20, 1935

NEW HOSPITAL OPEN. Drs. Fleming and Sawyer are not to be found any more in the office they have occupied so long, the new hospital having been completed last week and the offices moved Friday to the hospital. The hospital has been built under the direction of Dr. Fleming and is modern in every respect. In the building is the doctors' offices, a reception room for both white and colored, a consultation room, D-Ray room equipment, modern operating room, also a room for developing pictures, private room for patients as well as a ward that will take care of ten or twelve.

NEW DEPUTY GAME PROTECTOR. J.W. Vickery has resigned and O.P. Harden of Traders Hill has been given the appointment of Deputy Game Protector covering Charlton and this district. He took up the work Monday, Mr. Vickery having resigned because of being in the race for Ordinary. Mr. Harden is a young man having just completed a four year service with Uncle Sam in the Marines.

WINOKUR TO GET WESTERN UNION. The Winokur folks are very much pleased to know they are getting a Western Union and telephone office back on the 3rd of January.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Crews are the proud father and mother of an eight pound baby girl born December 4th.

MRS. FLORENCE COOPER STRAND DIED. Mrs. Florence Cooper Strand, formerly of Winokur, died last Monday in Henderson, N.C. and was brought here for burial. Interment was at Corinth Cemetery.

GOWEN BROTHERS LATHE MILL. A lathe mill, recently purchased by Gowen Brothers, is being erected in the northwest section of Folkston. The daily capacity of the mill is around 20,000 and will give regular employment to approximately twelve men.

WINOKUR TO GET A.C.L. AGENT. The Coast Line announces that beginning the first of the new year Winokur is to have an agent. This was made necessary by the placing of so many trains on the winter schedule.

December 27, 1935

WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Ernestine Prescott to Mr. W.H. Chandler of Perry took place Sunday at the bride's home. Rev. L.M. McDonald performed the ceremony in the presence of a few friends and relatives. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.M. Prescott. Mr. Chandler is a mechanic at the cement plant at Clinchfield.

OPINOLA DAIRY SOLD. The sale of the Opinola Dairy farm that has been so successfully run for the past several years by Charles H. Gibson in the Sardis section has been sold to Wordie Leckie who is now making preparations to run a model dairy farm on the property owned by his father T.E. Leckie south of Folkston. The name has been changed to Sunrise Dairy.

SCREW WORM CONTROL PROGRAM ENDS. Due to the fact that cold weather has set in and the screw worm menace is no longer great in this county the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine is bringing to a close its screw worm control program. The supervisor assigned to this county will terminate his services on December 21.

MR. F.C. CARTER DIED. F.C. Carter, a life long citizen of this county, died at his home in Racepond of pneumonia Saturday. Final rites were held at the residence by Rev. Lester McDonald with burial at Racepond cemetery. Mr. Carter is survived by his wife; four sons, Matthew, Elvin, Clyde and Allen Carter; two daughters, Miss Siney Carter and Miss Mittie Carter; four brothers, J.B., Raeford, Allen and Ancil Carter; two sisters, Mrs. M.A. Howell and Miss Cyndia Carter.

MR. ALTON J. HOWARD DIED. Alton J. Howard, brother of Jack Howard of Winokur, died in Tampa Friday and was carried to the residence of his father, A.C. Howard who lives near Blackshear. He was buried in Shilo cemetery

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