Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1929

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 6, 1929

NEW DIRECTOR AT AVIATION FIELD. Folkston was thrilled Sunday by the presence of aerial visitors from Brooklyn, N.Y. and Americus, who flew up from Jacksonville for a visit to Mr. deway. They viewed the town from the air Sunday and circling high and low entertained the populace with some fancy stunts. Lt. Ed Newkirk of Greenville, S.C. arrived Sunday and has taken over the duties of Director for the Okefenokee Flying Service. He is an Army flyer with 25,000 hours to his credit.

MR. WILLIAM MIZELL. The news from the bedside of our honored citizen, Mr. William Mizell, Sr. is that he is resting comfortably.

OLDEST PECAN TREE. The first pecan tree planted in the United States, at St. Marys, still stands. It had a record crop of papershells in 1928.

OLD GOWEN HOME DESTROYED BY FIRE. The old A.G. Gowen homeplace in the Traders Hill district was totally destroyed by fire Saturday forenoon. The property was occupied by the family of Mr. A.G. Gowen who, with Mrs. Gowen, was in Folkston at the time shopping, and only the four children were at home when the fire started. Miss Althea, 16, and three small children were the only help at hand. The morning being chilly, the fires had been kept going and sparks had ignited the roof. The children managed to save only some kitchen ware and some household goods. As there was no insurance, the loss is particularly hard on Mr. Gowen at this time. Mr. J.V. Gowen had only recently acquired the property and had failed to take out insurance so he suffered an estimated loss of $1,000.00 by the fire.

MR. BRUSCHKE MOVES BACK. Mr. Richard Bruschke, an early citizen of Homeland, but lately conducting a dairy near Dinsmore, has purchased the farm of Eli Waughtel near the Homeland Park and will move his family and some of his fine cows to it. Welcome back, Mr. Richard.

LUCILE MURRAY BURNED. Miss Lucile Murray, 18-year-old daughter of Ed Murray, was badly burned about the shoulders on Tuesday while cooking dinner. She had a lively fire going and when she lifted a pot from the stove, a blaze flashed up and her dress caught fire about her shoulders. Before the fire was extinguished Miss Lucile was painfully burned. Ed was in the yard grinding cane and responded to her call, tearing off her dress, and he suffered some bad burns on his hands.

SCHOOL FUNDS. Supt. Harris received last week a check from State School Supt. Duggan for a little over $850.00, Charlton County's portion of the half million dollar loan. This, with what we have, will enable us to meet the December payroll.

COLSON GROWS BIG CROP VELVET BEANS. Mr. John Colson was down from Blackshear Saturday howdying with many old friends. John says he is busy picking velvet beans and as he has seventeen acres to pick he has some job on his hands. He has sold several tons at $18.00 a ton.

WHITE STARTS POULTRY FARM. Mr. George White received his second thousand lot of baby chicks last week. He has fixed up his place near Coleraine and has started up a poultry farm.

SCHOOL TRUSTEE ELECTION. The annual election of School Trustees for the local districts in the county will be held at the school buildings December 18th. The terms of the following members expire this year: Folkston: B.G. McDonald and C.W. Waughtel; Uptonville: Mrs. B.B. Gowen and W.L. McDuffie; Racepond: J.B. Carter; Winokur: B.C. Crews; Prescott: C.W. Prescott and R.L. Prescott; St. George: L.E. Stokes and J.M. Crawford; Sardis: J.P. Mizell; Moniac: D.W. Reynolds and Leon Chism. AD: We are glad to announce that we have recently made arrangements with one of the foremost undertaking establishments in Florida, to furnish us with embalming service and hearse service when needed, at Jacksonville prices. We carry in stock a complete line of caskets. DEAN & GOWEN.

December 13, 1929

BAPTIST CHURCH. The Folkston Baptist Church has completed their Sunday School annex and the remodeling of their church.

THE ZEP FLIES OVER. Last Friday morning the zep (a balloon shaped machine) flew over Folkston, Miami-bound. Some colored people in town saw it pass with some dozen lights and they felt queer over the passing of this strange craft. It passed here about 2:30, so it was reported.

MR. BAILEY GAY DIED. Mr. Bailey Gay, a former citizen of Charlton, who moved to Kingsland something over a year ago, died Tuesday morning at 11:00 A.M. at Kingsland after a short illness. His body was brought to Folkston and was laid to rest in Bethel cemetery Wednesday. He is survived by his wife, who was Miss Della Grooms, daughter of Mr. Jesse Grooms, and four children; one brother, W.F. Gay and a sister, Mrs. Henry Johnson.

GEORGE WILLIAM WHITE BORN. Waycross, Ga. -- Mr. and Mrs. M.G. White announce the birth of a son, George William, at King's Daughters' Hospital on December 3rd.

MRS. MAGGIE GODLEY DIED. Mrs. Maggie Elmira Godley, 49, formerly of Camden County, wife of Frank Godley, died in Brunswick Tuesday after a long illness. Beside her husband she is survived by one child, about eight years of age. The body was interred at Burnt Fort in Camden County.

December 20, 1929

CHRISTMAS MAIL. Postmaster Mills announces that the post office will be open Sunday to relieve congested arriving and dispatch of mail. Packages will be accepted for mailing and forwarding on the first train out. There will be no delay in delivering or forwarding Christmas mail from the Folkston post office.

MRS. REBEKAH LILES DIED. Mrs. Rebekah Liles, widow of the late Mose Liles, departed this life last Thursday evening at the residence of J.H. Liles, her nephew, in Folkston. Mrs. Liles was 80 years of age and was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church. She was a long time resident of Charlton County. She was buried at Corinth Friday evening, Rev. Poindexter officiating at the last sad rites.

WEDDING. Ordinary Gibson has married the following since November 25th: Among out of town couples, he married Andrew B. Crews of Ware County and Miss Katie Simmons of Homeland.

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