Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1928

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 7, 1928

NEW FOLKSTON OFFICIALS. The annual city election for Folkston was a quiet affair. No one seemed to want to run. However, as no candidates appeared, the old ticket was scheduled to be put up Monday night with B.G. McDonald to take the place of W.B. Vickery who had removed from the city. Tuesday morning another ticket appeared but those names declined to be considered so the result was a foregone conclusion. There were 67 votes polled, 4 cast against the favorites. Those elected were Mayor, E.B. Stapleton; Aldermen, Wm. Mizell, Jr., Dr. A. Fleming, C.J. Passieu, V.A. Hodges, B.G. McDonald; City Clerk, O.F. Wilson; Tax Assessor, L.E. Mallard.

POST OFFICE GETS CANCELLATION MACHINE. Just to show the trend in business is on the increase in Folkston, the proof is by the announcement that a cancellation machine is to be placed in the Folkston post office, part of the machine having been already received. This is quite an advance from the old hand-stamping cancellation now used and the postmaster is to be congratulated on the improvement in handling the mail.

BARREL FACTORY IN FOLKSTON. Mr. G.A. Young of our city is making arrangements to start the first of the year a rosin barrel factory at the old sawmill near the bottling works. Mr. Young tells us he can deliver the barrels and figures that with a hauler and a couple of hands, can operate at an expense of $20.00 per day with a good profit. This is an industry that should be patronized as the material is plentiful to make the barrels out of and the users are right here doing business.

POST OFFICE TO BE MOVED SOON. While official notification of removal of the post office to the Masonic Block has not been received, it is looked for daily. The new room is amply spacious with a glass front and sufficiently roomy for a large lobby of working space for the rural carriers and various departments of the post office. The lease calls for new steel fixtures and lock boxes appropriate to a growing city. The open space at the rear is to be fixed for easy receiving and disbursing of all mails for trains as well as rural routes. Parking space makes this convenient and the front will never be blocked by these vehicles. A wire received Thursday from Congressman Lankford confirmed the report that the contract has been accepted by the government authorizing the lease of this property.

SCHOOL HOUSE TO BE BUILT AT STATE HOSPITAL. The schools of Georgia are making a contribution next week for the building of a school house at the State Tubercular Hospital at Alto for the children soon to be gathered there for treatment. The Masons of Georgia have contributed $100,000.00 for a dormitory for the children who are afflicted with tuberculosis and who probably can be cured.

WEDDING. A quiet home wedding took place at Macclenny last Wednesday which united in marriage Miss Mabel Thomas, charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Thomas, and Mr. Upton Dyal of Jacksonville. The bride as well as the groom has been reared in Charlton County and both have many friends here.

LOTS OF RADIOS BEING SOLD. The Radio fans in Folkston are on the increase. Dean & Gowen have placed eight in the past few weeks and Wright Motor Co., six. It took the excitement of the election to start them going.

SMART EDITORIAL COMMENT. Mr. Frost Overall, a shoe drummer was here Tuesday. It seems that no one was surprised as they were looking for Frost.

NEW BABY. It is now Dr. McCoy, Jr. The young man who will practice without a license arrived last Friday at the hospital in Waycross. The mother is getting along nicely and is now at home.

December 14, 1928

WOODMEN OF THE WORLD ELECT OFFICERS. The W.O.W. Lodge elected officers for the new year which included C.S. Bethel, H.J. Condon, B.S. Royal, D.O. Pearce, K.G. Bass, R.H. Condon, Dr. A.D. Williams and Ben Altman. They have a membership of 32 and are considering organizing a ladies' circle.

MORE RADIOS INSTALLED. Radiolas have been installed in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Hopkins and Mr. and Mrs. Noah Stokes of Toledo, having been installed by Dean & Gowen of Folkston.

WEDDING. The marriage of J. Milton Brock and Miss Celeste Bennet was solemnized Wednesday at the home of H.G. Gibson, Ordinary, by Mr. Gibson. Mr. Brock is one of our hard working boys of the Traders Hill district and Miss Bennet is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bennet of Sardis.

EDITORIAL COMMENT. If the present pace of automobile and airplane killings keep up we shall soon have an undertaking parlor by every gasoline station.

MRS. MARY RODDENBERRY DIED. Mrs. Mary Roddenberry, age 81, widow of the late G.W. Roddenberry, passed away Thursday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henrietta Sheffield in Camden County and was buried at Bethel cemetery. She is survived by five children, Jim Roddenberry, Mrs. W.H. Mizell, Mrs. Ed Davis, Mrs. Riley Roddenberry, Mrs. H. Sheffield. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. C.A. Morrison of the Methodist Church of which she was a member. Rev. Neese assisted.

EDITORIAL COMMENT. A daily mail plane is a thing we are getting used to now.

A.M.E. CHURCH TO REBUILD. Rev. E.W. Lee, pastor of the A.M.E. Church of Folkston, is trying to raise funds to rebuild their church. The old one was blown down some 18 years ago. We hope the best of luck to them.

BAPTISTS ARE HELPING ORPHANAGE. The Baptist Sunday School of Folkston will hold the barrel being filled for the orphanage at Hapeville until next Sunday, so if any have donations, please bring them Sunday. The barrel must leave Monday to get to the little ones for Christmas.

COURTHOUSE CLOCK. The contract for a beautiful clock for the courthouse was let by the commissioners at a price of $1,000.00.

MRS. JOHN PRESCOTT IMPROVING. Mrs. John Prescott was in Folkston Saturday all wrapped up in a blanket on the way to her son Robert's home after a recuperating visit to her daughter, Mrs. A.J. Howard, who had been nursing her following an attack in which she had almost lost the use of her legs.

FORD HURTS NEASE. Rev. C.L. Nease suffered a fracture of his wrist on his right arm Monday from the kick of his Ford. It was a painful hurt but not a break.

December 21, 1928

PILOT DIES FROM INJURIES OF PLANE WRECK. The air mail pilot, F.A. Stone, that crashed to earth early Sunday morning three miles south of Waycross, stuck to his post to the end and when farmer Eunice, who rushed to his rescue, asked if he should go after a doctor, replied "No. See about my mail. Don't let anyone touch it." In a daze he gave instructions to have the sheriff deliver the mail to the postmaster, giving little thought to his injuries. In the crash Stone received injuries that later proved fatal. The impact was so terrific that the motor was thrown clean out, coming to rest more than 50 feet from the plane. Both wings were torn away by the trees and it looked to us, when it passed through Folkston on a truck, as if it had been in a sure-enough wreck, smashed into bits.

H.E. HICKOX DIED. H.E. Hickox, 36 year old son of D.W. Hickox of Mattox, committed suicide Tuesday near Brunswick at his place of business, a filling station, by drinking a bottle of Lysol. A note he left indicated that trouble with his wife was the cause of it, hoping she would be satisfied when "she sees my body, cold in death." He died almost instantly, his face was badly burned.

HARRY SAUNDERS' MOTHER DIED. Harry Saunders, a colored citizen, formerly of St. George, was here Tuesday with several members of his family. He came for the purpose of burying his mother who died recently in Jacksonville.

HOW TO PREVENT FLU. Dr. A. Fleming requests us to state that while we have not had an epidemic of flu, it is prevailing to some extent. A wise precaution is worth a dozen cures. Common table salt or any good disinfectant used three or four times a day as a mouth wash will keep the trouble off. A wise man takes precautions, others are just careless and suffer the consequences.

WEDDING. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Roche and Mr. Allen Harbough, St. George, surprised their friends Wednesday by being quietly married in Jacksonville. Mr. and Mrs. Harbough are absent on a honeymoon, the destination of which they have kept a secret.

CONFEDERATE PENSION CHECKS. The pension checks for old vets were received Saturday by Ordinary H.G. Gibson and were mailed out to four survivors for a little Christmas change. The surviving four are Mrs. Pollie Privett, Mrs. John Vickery, Mrs. Seab F. Mills and Mrs. Jesse F. Grooms.

EDITORIAL COMMENT. The farmer that has potatoes in the bank, corn in the crib, hay in the loft, meat in the smokehouse, enjoys a cackle in the barnyard, a Radio in the house, and greets folks with a cheery word and a smile is built that way, and every man on the farm can have all these if he plans and works as he should.

NEW COURTHOUSE. This new courthouse of ours is an impressive building - fireproof throughout. The cement part of the second floor was completed the past week. We might say it is as solid as a rock quarry. Steel window frames, tile flooring in the hallway and a floor of wood nailed on imbedded cement joists. It is an imposing structure and will be a joy to public officials who will occupy it.

JOE STEWART WORKING AT POST OFFICE. Joe Stewart is now assisting at the Post Office. Joe has been helping off and on for some time but now has a regular job since Mr. Mills has gone to turpentining.

MILLS IS OPERATING TURPENTINE STILL. BeFay Mills has leased the Gillican-Chipley Turpentine still which he is now operating. He is working his own timber and adding a little by lease.

FORD KICKS NEASE AGAIN. Rev. C.L. Nease has had another painful experience with his Ford. Tuesday it kicked him again, or else he slipped as he was cranking it with his foot, and fell against the radiator, cutting his hip so badly that it required a stitch or so to get it together again. What he needs is one with a "self- starter."

GOOD FOOD FOR CHRISTMAS. Bill Jones says he has so much fine fruit in cans for Christmas that shelves he has won't hold them.

December 28, 1928

REV. JACOBS ENJOYS CHRISTMAS. Mamma said a few days before Christmas that Santa Claus will not come this year. Sunday the 23rd, about 5:00 o'clock, Charlie Keene knocked at the door and said "Brother Jacobs, I want you to marry me." He came in with a fine looking girl from Woodbine. They were joined together and Charlie put a $5.00 William in my hand. Mr. and Mrs. Keene left smiling and left old man Jacobs smiling. My daughter, Ollie, was with us, she gave us $11.50 and worked all day helping Mamma the day before Christmas. Christmas day, Jim and his wife was with us from Waycross. They brought many presents and gave us $10.00 also. Mr. Hansel Carter invited me to take dinner with him Christmas. He said he wanted me to know how poor folks lived. I enjoyed my dinner very much. I would be glad that we could live like that all the time. So you see I sing with angels, Glory to God in the highest; on earth peace, good will toward men. Praise God for the gift of His Son to redeeming every man. Yours in Faith, G.H. JACOBS

FIFTH SUNDAY UNION SERVICES. On December 30th the first of a series of fifth Sunday Union Meetings will begin in Folkston. The first service will be held at the evening hour at the Methodist Church. In these services, when held at the Methodist Church, Rev. J.D. Poindexter, pastor of the Baptist Church, will preach. In the following service, to be held on the fifth Sunday in March, Rev. C.L. Nease will preach.

HOMELAND OFFICERS NOMINATED. The Homeland Council held its last meeting this week. After the meeting the voters came and a caucus was held and the following ticket was nominated for the coming year, the election to take place next week: Mayor, K.G. Bass; Councilmen, Marshall Toy, Fred Kottman, J.P. Garrison, Julian Crews and Dr. A.C. Bliss; Clerk, T.H. Willie.

EDITORIAL COMMENT. The last meeting of the old council at Homeland showed that the town is one of a few that has a beautiful town hall in it, a cemetery of several acres, a 50-acre public park and money in the bank. There's $500 in the treasury and the town is out of debt. That's a feather in the cap of the old council. In renominating T.H. Willie, they did more than a wise thing.

REV. ED POLLOCK DIED. Rev. Ed Pollock was brought here and buried week before last, he having died in Douglas. Rev. Pollock was the son of John and Sephie Pollock and was well thought of by many of the citizens here, where he was reared.

MRS. MARY BAILEY DIED. While attending the funeral of Rev. Pollock, Mary Bailey, widow of Isiah Bailey, fell in a faint. She was carried home where she lingered until Friday when she died. She was buried Saturday. She was some 60 years of age and one of Folkston's best- known colored citizens.

GA. TECH FOOTBALL GAME TO BE HEARD IN WAYCROSS. Waycross--Football fans of Folkston and other southeast Georgia towns will be the guests of the Waycross Journal-Herald and the A.C.L. Y.M.C.A. on New Year's Day at a Georgia Tech-California football game. A leased wire has been secured for the occasion and a play-by-play detail of the contest is in the offing. The contest will begin at 4:30 Waycross time and will be called in the spacious YMCA auditorium.

MRS. BEATRICE THELKELD. Mrs. Beatrice Thelkeld, widowed daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Wildes, died at their home east of Folkston Wednesday morning at 9:00 after an illness of several months with kidney trouble. She was the eldest daughter and has been making her home with her parents since the death of her husband. She leaves three small children. The funeral was held Thursday evening at the Corinth cemetery.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. E. Bell, St. George, are the happy parents of a baby daughter, born Saturday morning. Mother and baby are doing well.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Jones announce the birth of a fine baby boy on December 25th.

WEDDING. Ordinary Gibson was made happy by a wedding on Christmas Eve. Joe Chisholm and Miss Eunice Byrd of St. George were married.

ALLEN HOWARD TO BE BRIDGE TOLL KEEPER. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Howard, formerly of Traders Hill, are now making their home at Burnt Fort. He is to be the toll keeper of the new bridge.

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