Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1925

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 4, 1925

NEW OFFICIALS FOR FOLKSTON. The following were elected as new officials of Folkston: Mayor, E.B. Stapleton; Aldermen, C.J. Passieu, B.M. Roney, V.A. Hodges, Wm. Mizell, Jr., A. Fleming; City Clerk: G.A. Dean; Treasurer, Mrs. J.M. Roddenberry; Tax Assessor, L.E. Mallard.

NOTICE TO PEOPLE OF FOLKSTON CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT: A mass meeting is hereby called to meet at the courthouse on December 4th to discuss the erection of a new school building in Folkston.
--B.G. McDonald, Chrm. Board Trustees.

ALEX JOHNS KILLED. The stabbing to death of Alex Johns near St. George Wednesday night by Cay Fewhawk of Dyal Station was an awful affair according to reports. The crime occurred at a dance at a Mr. Woolard's residence and was caused by jealousy over a woman. Johns' heart was split open and death was instant.

HOME GROWN FOOD FOR MEETING. The menu for the dinner of the County Educational Assn. at St. George will consist exclusively of home grown products. This is being done to prove the truth of the slogan used by the people of the community--"We live at home in the Big Bend Country". All the courses of the dinner will be from things grown in the community.

MR. T.H. WILLY INJURED. T.H. Willy, Homeland, was painfully injured recently in being knocked from the station platform by a mail pouch as it was thrown from the passing train. At last reports he was somewhat improved and under the care of Dr. Williams.

December 11, 1925

SCHOOL BOND ELECTION. The mass meeting called by B.G. McDonald resulted in unanimously endorsing the calling of a bond election to build and equip a building for pupils of this school. Talks were made by Wm. Mizell, Jr., Dr. Fleming, A.S. McQueen, E.B. Stapleton, Dr. Williams, Mr. Harris and Rev. Williams. A petition is being circulated and 125 people have signed it.

WEDDING. Mr. Theodore Dinkins and Miss Lois Jones were happily married by Judge Gibson November 27th. Both are popular and well known and are receiving hearty congratulations and best wishes from their many friends.

MR. MORRIE DeGRAFFENREID DIED. The announcement of the death of Morrie DeGraffenreid in Waycross Wednesday was the cause of sorrow to everyone here. He was a brother of Mrs. D.F. Pearce and Mrs. Tom Strickland and a son of a former editor of the Herald.

December 18, 1925

MRS. DAVID M. MIZELL DIED. Mrs. David M. Mizell, age 72, died at the home of her son Mitchell Tuesday after an illness extending over a long period. She was buried at Sardis Wednesday. She is survived by her husband, D.M. Mizell, Sr., four sons, W.H. Mizell, Ed Mizell, D.M. Mizell, Jr. and Jackson Mizell; three daughters, Mrs. W.J. Chesser, Sarah Mizell and Mrs. Daniel Raulerson. Mrs. Mizell was a consistent member of the Primitive Baptist Church for a number of years.

MR. P.H. BAKER DIED. Mr. P.H. Baker died suddenly at his home in Gainesville, Fla. last Friday. He was buried in the Folkston cemetery Monday with Folkston's Masonic Lodge conducting the burial services. He was born in North Carolina in November 1863. When he was quite young his parents moved to Charlton County and he lived here until his early married life. He moved to Campville, Fla. where he was engaged in business. He sold out for quite a fortune and moved to Gainesville, Fla. He is survived by his widow who was Miss Leoville Bachlott, two sons, Henry and Robert; one daughter, Mrs. Taylor and one brother, J.B. Baker.

MR. JOHN W. CANADY DIED. John W. Canady, one of the most prominent farmers and stock raisers in Charlton County died suddenly in his car near St. George Wednesday. He had been in ill health for some time, coming here for treatment often. Last Wednesday he was in Folkston, accompanied by his son, Spencer. Upon their return to their home in Moniac, within one half hour of St. George, he passed away. He was buried in the Moniac cemetery Thursday. He is survived by his widow, four sons and one daughter.

ROADMASTER HODGES HAS BEST SECTION IN ACL SYSTEM. Mr. V.A. Hodges gave a banquet Sunday for the section foremen of his division whose work helped him to win the $75.00 gold piece for the best section in the Atlantic Coast Line system. Mr. Hodges and his guests attended services at the Baptist Church, where seats had been reserved for them. After the service they went to the City Restaurant where a most delicious meal was served. December 25, 1925
NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Garland Stephens announce the birth of a fine baby girl,

December 20

MR. J.E. SUMMERALL DIED. Mr. J.E. Summerall, 78 years of age, passed away Monday and was buried in the Folkston cemetery Tuesday morning. He is survived by his widow and several nieces and nephews.


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