Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1924

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 5, 1924

CITY OFFICIALS. The following were elected as Folkston city officers for the coming year: Dr. A. Fleming, mayor; V.A. Hodges, H.J. Davis, William Mizell, Jr., M.J. Paxton, W.B. Smith, aldermen; G.A. Dean, assessor, Mrs. J.M. Roddenberry, treasurer and O.F. Wilson, clerk.

WEDDING. A very quiet wedding was solemnized November 30th when Miss Mary Banks and Mr. Waudell Vickery were united in marriage by Rev. L.E. Williams.

DR. W.R. McCOY IS PRACTICING HERE. Dr. McCoy arrived last week and opened his office in the Rodgers Building. He has a room in Mr. E.H. Wright's residence and will answer calls day or night.

December 12, 1924

MR. C.V. CULLISON DIED. Cornelius V. Cullison, 66 years of age, died suddenly Wednesday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C.W. Waughtel, at Homeland. He was working with some cultured blackberry vines when apparently he sat down to rest, falling peacefully asleep from which there was no awakening. He is survived by two sons, O.J. Cullison and M.C. Cullison; three daughters, Mrs. C.W. Waughtel, Mrs. P.L. Wilkins and Mrs. C.W. Purdy. The body accompanied by Mrs. Waughtel left Thursday for Mt. Vernon, Ohio, where the burial will take place. The local lodge of Odd Fellows were in charge of the arrangements here.

TICK QUARANTINE LIFTED. For the first time since 1906 Georgia is entirely free from the cattle tick quarantine. In 1906 when the government first declared war against the cattle tick the whole state was put under quarantine.

BOB RODDENBERRY DIED. R.H. (Bob) Roddenberry, age about 30 years, died at his home in Ocala December 3rd from a stroke and paralysis which struck him only two hours before his death. His remains were brought to Folkston and buried at Sardis Friday. He is survived by his widow and one child; three children by his first wife; his mother, Mrs. Lou Roddenberry and three brothers, G.W. Roddenberry; J.P. Roddenberry and J.M. Roddenberry; three sisters, Mrs. Ella Kelsey, Mrs. Nola Maree and Mrs. Eva Robinson. At the time of his death he was superintendent of road construction of Marion County, Fla.

TWO KILLED WHEN BOILER BLEW UP. Monday morning about 8:00 o'clock the boiler at the sawmill at Homeland blew up killing two negro men and injuring others. Those killed were Joe Taylor and Pete Sears. Hudson Dozier and John Wesley were injured. Others were stunned and shocked by the explosion. The sawmill is owned by Dr. J.W. Buchanan, Mr. Roberts having recently taken over the operation. The boiler was blown about 300 feet from the mill.

NOTICE TO FARMERS. For the convenience of our customers wishing to plant tobacco this season, we have bought a supply of seed. These will be given to you free of charge if you will call for them.

THE CITIZENS BANKOLD SCHOOL BUILDINGS FOR SALE. For sale, school buildings and lots not in use for school purposes: Petty school; Newell school; old Canady school; old Toledo school; old Lyons school; old Burnsed school and Mills or Bailey Branch school. L.E. Mallard

LITTLE SUE D. WAINWRIGHT IS BORN. Mr. and Mrs. Drawdy Wainwright are the proud parents of a fine baby girl born December 8th in Waycross. She is named Sue D.

BANKS SELL CAFE. Last week the Folkston Cafe was sold by Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Banks to Mr. Roney who took immediate possession. He is also the proprietor of the City Restaurant, placing both restaurants under the same management.

WEDDING. The marriage of Mr. Lewis Batten and Miss Pearl Dyal was quietly solemnized at the residence of Judge J.J. Stokes Sunday afternoon. This young couple is from St. George and has a host of friends there.

December 19, 1924

FARMERS ON HIGHWAY URGED TO PLANT. At the Board of Trade meeting this week Mr. L.E. Mallard proposed that all property owners on the Dixie Highway be encouraged to plant their fields in some crop to show that Charlton County can produce both a summer and winter crop.

TYSONS MOVE INTO NEW HOME. This week the Tysons moved to the handsome bungalow just completed by J.S. Tyson, Jr.

BARTER FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS. The editor of the Herald is very grateful to those who brought in produce from their farms to be credited on their subscriptions. Next week we could use very nicely some sausage, pork, beef, pecans, potatoes or home ground meal or grits. Thank you,

December 26, 1924

LITTLE McDONALD WASDIN DIED. On December 16th the Death Angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Wasdin at Winokur and took away their son, McDonald. He had been sick only a short time. He always had a sweet smile and though but a small child, a cheerful word for each one that passed his way. He is survived by his parents and two brothers, W.C. Wasdin and F.W. Wasdin. McDonald was tenderly laid to rest in the family lot of Corinth cemetery Wednesday.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Legal ad amending the charter of the Citizens Bank, reducing the capital stock from $25,000.00 to $15,000.00. Stockholders are listed as follows: William Mizell, Sr., William Mizell, Jr., A.S. Mizell, N. Roddenberry, L.E. Mallard, J.H. Johnson, H.S. Mattox, B.G. McDonald, Mrs. J.A. Clark, Ivey Dowling, Polly I. Triggs, Jesse W. Vickery, L. Knabb, B.F. Scott, S.F. Mills, Jr., L.M. Bedell, J.D. Donahoo, Mrs. Mattie Mizell, Mrs. J.T. Winn, Mrs. Nellie Courtney and W.C. Hopkins.

WEDDING. Miss Leila O'Berry and Mr. Lacy Williams were married last Saturday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. O'Berry. Never was there a more handsome couple joined in wedlock than this one. Many friends are extending congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life.

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