Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1923

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 7, 1923

MRS. W.O. RAULERSON PAINFULLY BURNED. On Monday the entire community was shocked and saddened by the dreadful accident which happened to Mrs. W.O. Raulerson. While standing before the fire it was supposed she was attacked with a convulsion and her husband, hearing her fall, rushed into the room to find her face in the fire. Within an incredibly short time, he had her in another room and went for aid. Monday night she was carried to a hospital in Jacksonville and reports are that she is resting better.

WEDDING. Miss Carlie Loyd and Mr. Ira Rogers were married November 25th, Judge J.J. Stokes officiating. The happy couple left immediately for their home in Jacksonville, where Mr. Rogers holds a responsible position with the railroad.

WEDDING. Miss Doris Wright and Mr. Willis Askew were married by Judge J.J. Stokes Saturday evening. Members of the immediate family witnessed the ceremony. This happy young couple are at the home of Mr. E.H. Wright.

CITY OFFICIALS. The city election held Tuesday resulted in the selection of Dr. A. Fleming as Mayor for the ensuing year. The voting was spirited with 80 votes being cast. The only opposition was V.A. Hodges who received 30 votes and Dr. Fleming 50 votes. The other city officials are: Aldermen, L.E. Mallard, H.J. Davis, Wm. Mizell, J.W. Rodgers, W.B.Smith; Assessor, G.A. Dean; Treasurer, Mrs. J.M. Roddenberry and Clerk, O.F. Wilson.

HONOR ROLL STUDENTS. The following Folkston School students made grades of 90% and above for the third school month. Primary: John Barnes, R.A. Boyd, Woodrow Mills, Margaret Mills, Mildred Rodgers, Lawrence Wildes, Annie Yarber. First grade: Mamie Allen, Cecil Brooks, Oscar Davis, Howard Davis, Martha Grace Lang, Bessie McCarron, Jessie Reed, Charlott Stewart, Noble Thaxton, Morris Huling, Elton Warren. Second grade: Thomas Askew, Raymond Banks, Roy Hodges, Candler Littlefield, Myrtis Salter, Martha Stapleton, Proctor Hathaway, Eugene Williams, Aderine Wildes, Jewell Howard, Gene Olsen, Lillie Guynn. Third grade: Billy Cooper, Annie Fae Morgan, Henry Gibson, Gilbert Mills, Mildred Taylor, Ruby Petty, Catherine Wildes, Carriebelle Williams, Ralph Wrench. Fourth grade: Helen Battle, Evie Hickox, Nell Littlefield, Helen Mills, Mamie Mills, Maude Prescott, Ora Lee Mills, Maurine Salter, Oliver Hickox, Lang Martin, George Smart, Pearce Stapleton, Wayne Wildes. Fifth: Eugene Shivar, Everett Smith, Gus Olsen, Clyde Taylor, Alma Hurst. Sixth: Woodrow Pickren, Bessie Lee Davis, Lilia P. Davis, Polly Mills, Winelle Courtney. Seventh: Marie Boyd, Mary J. Littlefield, Louise Bennett, Joyce Howard, Myrtle Allen, Harry Lee Mills, Crawford Banks, Lawrence Allen. Eighth: Margaret Littlefield, Daisy Sikes, Mae Pantall. Ninth: Edward Smart, Ardell Jones, Ena Gibson. Tenth: Georgia Littlefield, Gertrude Wildes, Laura Dykes. Eleventh: Mildred Littlefield.

PINE TREE IS MOST POPULAR. The voting for the National Tree was confined to the schools of Folkston, which cast 200 votes, and St. George, with 174 votes. Results were: Pine, 203; Oak, 45; Magnolia, 26; Pecan, 21. Several other trees received a small amount of votes.

THANKSGIVING SERVICE. In St. George Mr. Norman made the address at the community Thanksgiving service sponsored by the school Thursday morning. The school marched in a body to the Baptist Church, where a few others assembled for the service. The school session was resumed immediately after the pupils returned to the building.

RACEPOND SCHOOL. Miss Nettie Keene closed a successful term of school at Racepond last week. She left for Nassau County to begin another school Monday. Miss Keene is one of the best teachers of rural schools in the county.

NEW PASTOR FOR METHODIST CHURCH. Rev. L.E. Williams is the new pastor appointed to serve the Folkston Methodist Church.

December 14, 1923

SPECIAL DONATION FOR LIBRARY. Woman's Club members report that Mrs. Shackleford has generously donated a library table for the new library building, which will open to the public soon.

WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Stella F. Trammell to Mr. Arthur J. Rice December 4th in St. George was the culmination of a romance which friends of the couple have been watching with keen interest. The ceremony was a very quiet one, taking place in the home of the bride and witnessed by a few friends. The couple went immediately to Statenville where the groom has a home already prepared for his bride.

December 21, 1923

METHODIST CHURCH ON NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM. The Board of Stewards of the Folkston Methodist Church met this week and plans were discussed for coming year. The budget system for the year was accepted and contains all the claims upon the church for the year except the special claim for the Worn Out Preachers. Every member is urged to bring their offering monthly to the church.

ST. GEORGE SCHOOL. At the St. George School two trucks are run for the transportation of the pupils. The school has five full-time teachers, has a neat, red brick building but only half of it has been erected. They have but nine grades and hope to have a regular three-year high school soon.

December 28, 1923

WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Bertie Howard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Howard, of Naranja, Fla., to Ira Anderson was an event of last Saturday. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Cornelison, traveling evangelist who has been stopping at the Benson residence in Princeton. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are now making their home in Homestead, Fla.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Wainwright on the 19th instant, a baby girl who has been given the poetic name of Edna Dalena. We wish for her the energy of her father and the loveliness of her mother.

LEGAL ADS. Notice of proceedings on the estates of J.T. Mizell, J.B. Johnson, Dan H. Martin and W.T. Rodgers were published during the month of December.

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