Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1922

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 1, 1922
(Nothing special to report from this issue)

December 8, 1922

WEDDING. Last Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Scott, Miss Audrey Scott became the wife of Mr. Beverly Lawton of Madison, Fla. After January Mr. and Mrs. Lawton will be at work in Madison. 

MR. SELAH N. PECK KILLED. Mr. S.N. Peck, an estimable citizen, 78 years old, living on the Dixie Highway at Homeland, was knocked down and drug over a hundred feet Wednesday by a wildly-driven, dimly-lighted Ford by parties unknown, who in their ruthless desire to escape speeded up their car in an attempt to shake the broken and bruised man from the car, mangling him so that he departed this life 26 hours later. Mr. Peck and wife were on their way to a neighbor, walking on the edge of the road and the car zig-zagged from side to side and was not observed until right on its victim. Mr. Dick Condon, on his way home, detected the prostrate form lying in the road with Mrs. Peck frantically searching for him. As he had just passed the reckless running car without lights he speeded to Folkston to give alarm. Dr. Fleming gave medical aid but it availed only to relieve suffering. Mr. Peck has been here about three years and proved himself a splendid Christian who has many friends who are shocked by his untimely end. He is survived by his wife, and daughter, Mrs. J.L. White. The funeral will occur Saturday at Homeland.

December 15, 1922

NEW LODGE OFFICERS. The Masonic Lodge members elected the following as officers for 1923: O.F. Wilson, W.M.; A.D. Williams, A.S. McQueen, J.H. Rogers, J.S. Taylor, Newton Askew, Roland Langley, J.A. Wainwright, George J. Stewart and John M. Roddenberry.

MRS. JAMES CONDON DIED. Died at her home in Homeland on December 3, Mrs. James Condon, age 71 years. She was born at Charles City, Iowa and came to Homeland ten years ago. She was ill for a few days only. She leaves four daughters and three sons: Mrs. Nettie Ham, Mrs. E.T. Cullens, Mrs. Maude Gindt, Miss Blanche Condon, R.E. Condon, J.W. Condon and H.J. Condon. Funeral from the home and interment by the side of her late husband in the Homeland Cemetery.

FOR SALE. My home and one acre, also furniture of every description and one Ford truck. One very fine milk cow, now fresh, also my stock of groceries. In fact everything I own except my wife and babies. See me at once.

R.P. BELL.NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Mizell, Jr. on December 9th, a fine baby girl.

ROADMASTER HODGES HOME FROM R.R. TOUR. Mr. V.A. Hodges returned Wed. from the annual inspection tour of the Atlantic Coast Line.

December 22, 1922

FARMERS TO PLANT TOBACCO. Mr. J.E. Hatcher and family arrived this week from Florence, S.C. to make their home here. He is signing up contracts with the farmers to plant tobacco and has over 100 acres already signed up. Tobacco will, to a certain extent, exceed cotton as the cash crop in this section as it has grown in area for the past three seasons, to the extent where it is no longer an experiment. He has the plans to combine a tobacco barn with a potato curing house with practically no added cost.

(No issue printed on December 29)

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