Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1921

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 2, 1921

JAMES M. STOKES DIED. Mr. James M. Stokes, who was born March 6, 1848, died on the 24th day of November and had lived all his life in this county. He united with the Primitive Baptist Church in early life. He is survived by two brothers, E.J. Stokes of Chipley and Judge J.J. Stokes of Folkston; five sons, H.F., R.J. and N.H. Stokes of Toledo, A.L. Stokes of Jacksonville and E.M. Stokes in the U.S. Army; four daughters, Mrs. S.H. Thompson, Lawty, Fla., Mrs. Louis Hodges, Glen St. Marys, Mrs. W.H. Privett, Toledo and Miss Lillie Stokes of Jacksonville.

VULCANIZING AND RETREADING PLANT. Mr. Will Johnson and Verne Pickren are building a place to install their vulcanizing and retreading plant. This will no doubt be a good proposition as there is no plant of this kind in this section. The building is located on the Pickren lot on Main Street.

BOYD HOME BEING REMODELED. R.A. Boyd is having rooms added and changes made in his pretty home which will make that an attractive residence.

(No issue for December 9th on microfilm)

December 16

JACKSON MIZELL DIED. Jackson Mizell, of Fernandina, simply ceased to breathe about 11:00 Saturday night December 3rd. He was born May 13, 1863 and had passed his 85th year about seven months. His parents were Jashua Mizell and Latitia Paxton Mizell. He was born in and spent his early youth and manhood in Camden County. At the opening of the Civil War he volunteered for Company D, 26th Georgia Volunteers. On May 15, 1875 he married Miss Elizabeth A. McCall of Gainesville who survives him. Of this union were three sons. The surviving sons are Everett Mizell of Fernandina and Frank Mizell of North Carolina; brothers and sisters, William Mizell and Joseph Mizell, Folkston, Mrs. Felder Lang, Miami, Mrs. Garie Lang, Waycross. Funeral services were held at the residence Sunday afternoon.

JOHN E. ROGERS DIED. John E. Rogers, after living the life of a useful and prominent citizen, died November 24th at the age of 64 years and one month. He lived his entire life in Charlton County. He was one of the most prosperous farmers of this section. He accumulated a considerable acreage of farm land near Folkston. He was a consistent member of the Primitive Baptist Church and at the time of his death was a Deacon. He was married three times, first to Miss Vinnie Johnson. To them was born one daughter, Mrs. J.B. Johnson (Thomas?), who died June 2, 1921. His second marriage was to Miss Roxie Highsmith, then he was married to Mrs. Mattie Johnson who survives him. Surviving him are four grandchildren, the Thomas children of Waycross; three brothers, H.V. Rogers of Waycross, W.L. Rogers of Claxton and J.H. Rogers of Folkston; one sister, Mrs. Martha Thomas of Reidsville.

FIRES. About one o'clock Tuesday afternoon the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Jones was discovered to be on fire, catching between the ceiling and rafters, from the kitchen flue. Prompt assistance removed all the furniture but the pretty home was a total loss. Mrs. S.H. Mattox owned the home. We understand there was a little insurance but not enough to cover the loss. Wednesday morning early, the recently remodeled home of R.P. Bell was found to be on fire around the chimney. It was promptly extinguished with very little damage.

LITTLEFIELD FAMILY MOVES HERE. Mr. Littlefield and family of Waverly are now located at "The Hill". He is bookkeeper for the Ga.-Fla. Invest. Co.

December 23

CARTER CHILD DIED. Card of Thanks from Mr. and Mrs. Raiford Carter concerning their daughter who died on December 17th. She was a student, but it did not mention her name.

December 30th

MR. S.E. LEE DIED. November 30 the Angel of Death entered our home and took away our dear old father, Mr. S.E. Lee. His was a useful life of 79 years, nine months and seven days. He was a faithful member of his church. He is survived by six children: Mrs. M.B. Bornard of Atkinson, B.G. and F.A. Lee of Atkinson, Mrs. Julia Bornard of Waycross and J.M. Lee of Winokur. (Herald did not list but five children surviving Mr. Lee.)

WEDDING. The marriage of Mrs. Ida E. Johnson, daughter of W.W. Cushing of Callahan, and Wiley R. Wainwright of Folkston by solemnized Christmas morning at the residence of Judge A.M. Wolfe, Jacksonville.

DAN MIDDLETON MURDERED. Tommy Edwards shot and instantly killed Dan Middleton at the Christmas tree entertainment in the negro church Saturday night. Middleton leaves a wife and seven small children.

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