Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1913

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

December 4

OYSTERS AT COLERAINE. An oyster boat will be at Coleraine all day on the tenth. If you want nice fresh oysters, hook up and go down.

CAFETERIA SUPPER. The Women's Civic League of Homeland will serve a cafeteria supper at the schoolhouse on Dec. 12th.

NEW AUTO FOR ROGERS. J. W. Rogers and C. E. Love went to Jacksonville Saturday where the former gentleman purchased a fine five‑passenger Warren‑Detroit machine.

NEW FENCE. B. F. Scott is having built from his handsQme brick hotel building a pretty fence on up to his residence and on to the Herald office. It will consist of several large steel gray brick posts and in between the post will be latticed white brick.

AD. Get your syrup corks and Dottles at The Drug Store.

CITY ELECTION RESULTS. The city election Tuesday resulted as follows: Mayor, t4. C. Page; Councilman at large, W. B. Smith; Councilman First Ward, J. W. Rodgerss Councilman Second Ward, E. L. Martin; Councilman Third Ward, Dallas Williams; Councilman Fourth Ward, H. J Davis; Treasurer, T. L. Rickren; Assessor, J. C.

Allen; Recorder, J. M. Roddenberry.

December 11

PRESSING CLUB MOVED. Broadus Jones has moved his Pressing Club into the H. J. Davis building.

NEW BABY. Alva Pickren arrived in the city Tuesday night and we learned that he was on the same night presented with a fine boy.

WEDDING. Samuel Bailey was married in Albany last week to Miss Eula Ramsey and he and his bride came by here on their tour and spent the weekend with the groom's parents, Mr. nd Mrs. W. F. Bailey. Sam has many friends here.

NEW BABY. Johnnie Robinson has a Drinter now to his own notion. It is of his own imprint and came last Thurs. night.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of The Citizens Bank at close of business Dec. 3, 1913: Resources: $68,<97. 02.

JIM HAS ACCIDENT. Jim Thomas, in cranking up a machine, slightly bruised his head and completely knocked out the auto.

NEW AUTO FDR PAGE. Our agreeable Coast Line Agent, H. C. Page, has purchased a five passenger Warren Detroit automobile and our garage man C. E. Love is instructing him how to manipulate the levers

smile that wouldn't rub out and everybody had begun to surmise that he anticipated another fishing trip, but Boyd informed them that he had already caught ‑‑ it's a fine girl and arrived Monday night.

DENNIS SIRMANS DIED. Uncle Dennis Sirmans, a respectable old colored citizen, died at his home here last Friday. He was a darkey of the old school and held the respect of all of our citizens.

TRADERS HILL SCHOOL. The Traders Hill School, under the tutorship of Miss Maggie Minchew, closed last Friday.

NEW METHODIST PREACHER. Rev. M. M. Marshall, the new Methodist pastor and his wife, arrived in the city Monday night and is being welcomed Dy our citizens

NEW FAMILY. We failed to mention last week that M. ~. Davis of Harris County had rented J. Vickery's farm and moved on it. Mr. avis is a son of G. G. Davis and a brother‑in‑law of Farmer Askew.

(No issue on microfilm for December 25th)

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