Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1912

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


December 5, 1912

L.W. WOOLARD’S FUNERAL. Rev. D. Sikes will preach L.W. Woolard’s funeral on the third Sunday in December at the Camp Pinckney Church one mile east of the city.

MISTAKE CORRECTED. We got back 75 of those land deeds this week. The gentleman we sold to has to be one of God’s noblest handiworks – an honest man. We would call his name but he might not want his arithmetic exposed.

JOSIAH MIZELL DIED. Mr. Josiah Mizell passed away at his home near Folkston Sunday evening. At his death Charlton loses one of her most honorable and highly respected citizens. He was 75 years old and besides his wife he leaves three sons, John, Sam and Hamp, and three daughters, Miss Rhoda Mizell and Mrs. Dixon of this county and Mrs. Stewart of Ware County.

NEW BABY. Rev. and Mrs. D.B. Merritt now have at their home a favorite pet – a sweet little girl who put in her appearance Friday night to brighten the present and make a new life for them with the dawning of each day.

December 12, 1912

WEDDING. License was issued last Saturday for the marriage of Mr. Marion McLain to Miss Sarah Smith.

HOMELAND. Eight fine horses and four large mules were shipped to Folkston from Atlanta last Friday for Homeland parties.

LEAP YEAR PARTY. The leap-year party given at the residence of J.B. Baker Saturday night was well attended and from reports was enjoyed by all present. One of the special features was a mock wedding which occurred at 11 o’clock. Mr. Edgar Mills was the groom and Miss Cushing was the bride, Mr. J.L. White being the officiating person. Miss Mattie Gibson and Miss Viola Ford were the flower girls. The bride and groom entered to a wedding march rendered by Miss Eddie Baker. Immediately after the wedding a bell was rung by Madison Gibson and the guests were taken to the dining room where a spread of bananas, oranges, grapefruit (all from here in Charlton County), cake, strawberry cider, lemonade, etc. were set before them. Among the guests were Miss Viola Ford and Edgar Mills; F.M. Mills and son Befay and daughter Pearlie May from Uptonville; Mrs. Shurtz and sons, Justice and Paul; J.L. White and his daughter Fannie; Miss Cushing and her brother Edwin. Some of those present from Spanish Creek were Miss Mattie Gibson, Madison Gibson, son and daughter of H.G. Gibson; John, son of Elder Owen Gibson; Riley Roddenberry and others. At 12 o’clock the guests departed with praise for a happy time.

BANK OF FOLKSTON. Statement of Condition of the Bank of Folkston at the close of business November 26, 1912; Resources: $40,786.00.

CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of The Citizens Bank of Folkston at the close of business November 26, 1912: Resources: $46,583.02.

December 19, 1912

MILLS FAMILY SICK. A trained nurse arrived here Tuesday evening to be in attendance at the home of Mr. F.D. Mills whose family is suffering from the effects of measles. Measles have about taken possession of the family. Several of the children are suffering and Mrs. Mills is very low.

NEW BABY. Dr. Williams informs us that he carried a fine boy to the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Thomas, out at Silver Hill last Thursday.

AD. Wanted: 200 wood choppers. Money every Saturday night. Also want contractors. Apply to Mizell Tie Co.

HOTEL TO CLOSE. The misses Denmark have decided to break up hotel keeping on January 1, 1913 and offer all their household and kitchen furniture for sale including bedding, etc. Parties desiring anything in this line will do well to call on these ladies at the Central Hotel.

NEW BABY. A welcome visitor came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Courtney on the morning of the 11th instant – a pretty little girl to gladden the hearts and start real life for the happy young couple.

CHRISTMAS AD. Fireworks, cap pistols and caps. Boys’ headquarters. Thomas and Allen Store.

THE WORK OF AN EDITOR. Almost anyone can be an editor. All an editor has to do is sit at his desk six days in the week, four weeks in the month, twelve months in the year and “edit” such stuff as this:

“Mrs. Jones of Lost Creek let a can opener slip last week and cut herself in the pantry.”

“A mischievous lad of Metherton threw a stone and struck a companion in the alley last Tuesday.”

“John Doe climbed on the roof of his house last week looking for a leak and fell, striking himself on the back porch.”

“While Harold Green was escorting Miss Violet Wise home from a church social last Saturday night a savage dog attacked them and bit Mr. Green on the public square.”


There were no further issues of the Herald for December on microfilm.

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