Digest of Charlton County Herald - December 1909

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


December 2, 1909

EDITORIAL. If there is anything that harrows up the soul, it is to look into the face and behold the form of some farmer’s wife who has had to keep a house, raise a half dozen children, feed numerous farm hands and then run the dairy. Those hard lines about the mouth and eyes tell the tale that every honest man should be ashamed of.

LETTERS IN A HURRY. If you wish to send a letter in a hurry be sure to write “In Haste” on the envelope. The postmaster and clerk will then fall over each other in their haste to get it in the first mail, then the postal clerk will yell to the engineer “Pull her wide open! Here is a letter in a rush!” and the train will just fly. It is expensive for the railroad, as accidents are liable to happen and the officials will not thank us for giving the snap away, but this is the way to get letters through real quick.

LOST. Six head of oxen left at Council, Ga. Monday night, November 22. Have not been seen or heard of since. Their old range is at Yulee, Fla. They are branded in two brands. Three of them are branded J.W. and three are branded 22. The finder will take them up and care for them till owner arrives and pays charges. Address A.M. White, Jacksonville, Fla. and Council, Ga.

SCHOOL NOTICE. An election will be held Saturday December 18th in each school district in the county for the purpose of electing one trustee for each school. L.E. MALLARD, County School Commissioner.

CHRISTMAS TREE. There is some talk of a Christmas tree. Why not come together and have one?

SPANISH CREEK NEWS. The box supper at the Johnson School House given for the benefit of Bethel Church last Friday night was quite a success. First prize was won by Miss Anna Dean for being the prettiest girl. Second prize was won by Mr. Charlie Altman for being the ugliest boy. Third prize won by little Miss Fannie White of Homeland for being the prettiest little girl. Quite a sum of money was raised for the church. Guess who the young man was who paid $3.00 for a box and then didn’t get his box?

FRUIT CAKE OFFER. The City Bakery Contest stands as follows: Mrs. J.R. Parker, 1117 votes; Miss Essie Robinson, 1112 votes; Mrs. J.W. Vickery, 275 votes; Miss Jessie Johnson, 75 votes; Mrs. Annie Kelley, 230 votes; Mrs. Pearl Davis, 120 votes; and Mrs. J.D. Moore, 100 votes.

METHODIST CHURCH. It has been said by most of our people that we would build a new Methodist Church here in a short time. We agree to this and think it should be done. Some want to build a brick church.

Listen, since this talk began some of our silent members of the church have awakened and said “Let’s move and build anew.” This year we have had the best luck in raising all our church dues and came out ahead. We believe the new church proposition did this. Our church near the center of town would mean much and everybody would be pleased. As it stands they are not, because it is on the back side of town. Some says we are not able to do anything. That is a mistake. We can do it if our Methodists will support their church, and do their duty as Methodists, before helping other churches.

Our people should remember that it is our duty to meet our own obligations, pay our vows, before spending our money and time on others so let us come together and we will have our church in better condition soon.

LIBERTY BANKING CO. M.J. Paxton, H.N. Mizell and Everett Mizell attended the stockholder’s meeting of the Liberty Banking Company in Ludowici today.


….SYRUP COMPANY. The Cane Syrup factory of Zarfos and Fieber had its first tryout on Wednesday of this week. They have quite a bit of work to do before they get it in good running order.

….LADIES’ AID. Don’t forget the supper Friday evening at Homeland given by the Ladies’ Aid Society at the Methodist Church. Supper served from 5:30 till 7:30. Price: ten cents. Bring plenty of money.

CHRISTMAS TREE. Folkston will have a Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve night. The program is being prepared by the people here. The Tree will be had at the school house and everybody has the privilege to put on presents. No committee will be out to solicit funds to buy presents. Everybody will look out for their own presents. The tree will be up by 2:00 p.m. and in charge of a committee who will assist anyone who wants to put their articles on the tree. Let nobody stand back. The Tree is for everybody and we want everybody to have a nice time.

COMMENT. If the county editor were to snap at all the inducements held out he would become a millionaire. If he ran a paper according to popular notions he would be in the poorhouse. If he published all the items sent to him he would be in jail half the time and in the hospital the other half.

RACEPOND SCHOOL. The Racepond School closed Wednesday after a successful term. It was taught by Miss Nellie Mattox.

AD. Buy your coffees and teas in sealed cans. Insist on getting FRENCH OPERA brand. No chance for dust or dirt to get in. It is clean, full weight and wholesome. Packed by AMERICAN COFFEE CO. of New Orleans.

No issue on microfilm for December 9, 1909.

December 16, 1909

HOMELAND ROAD. County Commissioners meeting: The Homeland proposition offered by C.W. Waughtel was accepted and the convicts were directed to build a new road through the streets of Homeland. The town will pay the county for the work.

HOMELAND IS BUSY. Another shipment of cans was received for the Zarfos and Fieber Syrup factory and another shipment of cigar boxes was received for the Homeland Cigar Co. They are shipping out quite a good many cigars.

LODGE. Folkston Lodge No. 148 K. of P. elected new officers. Those elected were B.G. McDonald, J.H. Johnson, E.L. Wainwright, D.F. Roddenberry, L.E. Mallard, B.F. Scott, J.D. Donahoo, H.H. Hathaway and W.W. Davis.


No issue of the Herald on microfilm for December 23, 1909.

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