Digest of Charlton County Herald - November, 1944

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

November 3, 1944

SENATOR PREDICTS VICTORY SOON. The U.S. Navy’s smashing victory in Philippine waters probably has shortened the war by six months, Senator Tydings, Democrat of Maryland declared this week. He figured the savings at “thousands of lives and billions in national treasure.”

HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL SELECTS PRINCE, PRINCESS. Each group of the grammar school chose a prince and princess to represent each room at the recent Halloween carnival. The boys and girls worked for their classmates, getting votes for them at one cent a vote. Lynette McQueen, grade 4-B was crowned grammar school princess and Bobby Harper, grade 2-C was crowned as prince. The amount received in the contest was $187.00. The prince and princess for each room were: 2-A, Eddie Nixon and Yvonne Harrison. 2-B, J.H. Kight and Carolyn Lewis. 2-C, Bobby Harper and Marguerite Player. 3-A, Carl Harris and Faye Herrin. 3-B, Clifford Chesser and Ruby Johns. 3-C, Freddie McLean and LaVerne Lewis. 4-A, Morris McHan and Lillian Aldridge. 4-B, Curtis Harris and Lynette McQueen. 4-C, Norris Johnson and Ophelia Mizell. 5-A, Tommy Gowen and Mary Connie Sikes. 5-B, Gene Paul Askew and Annette Brock. 6-A, George Rhoan Gowen and Juanita Hodges. 6-B, Jake Smith and Mallette Brown. 7-A, J.M. Brock and Oleta Merle Gibson. 7-B, S.L. Pickren and Lanier Gibson.

BILL McQUEEN SERVING IN HAWAIIAN ISLANDS. S.Sgt. William A. McQueen has arrived at a post in the Hawaiian Islands near Honolulu where he has been assigned to serve in an Army Air Transport Command. He writes that he was surprised to find S.Sgt. Homer Allen serving at the same air base. The two Folkston boys naturally had a joyous reunion. Sgt. Allen has been station in this area for more than two years.

MISS STAPLETON AT CAMP STEWART. Miss Kathleen Stapleton of Camp Stewart spent the weekend here with her parents.

November 10, 1944

FARLEY CRAWFORD DIED OF GUNSHOT WOUNDS. Farley Crawford, age about 55, was instantly killed and Bruce Thompson, about 40, was critically wounded in a blazing gun battle between the two men at St. George late Sunday afternoon. Both are well known residents of the St. George community. The two men had been at outs for a long time according to reports and an encounter between the two was narrowly averted Friday night and Crawford is reported to have made threats against the life of Thompson. The fatal encounter took place on the Moniac Road in the edge of St. George where Crawford is said to have been sitting along side the road. As Thompson drove by in a truck Crawford opened fire with a pistol. Thompson jumped from the truck armed with a shotgun. Crawford fired his gun four times, three of the bullets taking effect. Badly wounded Thompson fired his gun twice at Crawford. He then drew a pistol and fired three times. Crawford died immediately. The fatal encounter was witnessed by three children of Mr. Thompson, who were in the truck with their father. The deceased, a veteran of World War One is survived by several children as well as three brothers, Tom Crawford, Jim and George Crawford.

CONGRESSMAN GIBSON TO SPEAK OVER RADIO. Congressman John S. Gibson will deliver an address at an American Legion celebration to be held in Valdosta on Armistice Day, November 11. He will speak twenty minutes and explain the privileges and benefits under the G.I. Bill of Rights. The program will begin at 11:30 and will continue until 12 noon and will be broadcast over the Valdosta, Waycross and Brunswick radio stations.

CHARLTON COUNTY REELECTS ROOSEVELT. With a total of well over 500 votes polled in Tuesday’s General Election, Charlton County joined the nation in its overwhelming endorsement of President Franklin D. Roosevelt who has been reelected to lead the nation in the critical period of the closing days of the war and in preparing for the peace to follow.

SGT. CLARK AWARDED SPECIAL BADGE. At an 8th Air Force Bomber Station in England - Sgt. Lewis G. Clark, Folkston is a member of a bombardment group whose division has been cited by President Roosevelt for a bombing attack on targets in Germany on January 11, 1944. Sgt. Clark is now entitled to wear the Presidential Citation Badge, a blue ribbon with a gold border over the right pocket of a blouse. Sgt. Clark, who is a mechanic in the engineering section of his B-17 Flying Fortress squadron, has been in England over two years. He is the son of Mrs. Sibbie Clark of Folkston and was an automobile mechanic before entering the Army.

W.L. HULING PROMOTED. At an 8th Air Force Bomber Station in England - The promotion of Walter L. Huling, Jr. from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant has been announced by the commander of the group stationed in England. Sgt. Huling is a waist gunner on an 8th Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress engaged in bombing war plants in Germany and military defense plants of the nazi army in western Europe. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Huling, Sr. Prior to his entering the Air Force in September 1942 he was employed by the Hercules Powder Co.

HONAHER - PRESCOTT WEDDING. A marriage that will be of interest to friends is that of Miss Elizabeth Honaher and Paul Proctor Prescott, which took place at the home of R.A.T. Clements in Newport News, Va. on October 23rd. Miss Honaher is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Honaher of Honaher, Va. After completing high school she went in training for a nurse at the University of Virginia. Mr. Prescott is the son of Mrs. Mary Prescott and is serving in the Navy at Norfolk. They will make their home at Newport News.

RUSSELL - ADKINS WEDDING. A marriage of interest in Folkston was that of Miss Raymond Idell Russell to Sgt. John E. Adkins, USA of Jacksonville. The wedding was solemnized October 21 in the Spring Hill Methodist Church in Jacksonville. They are making their home in Jacksonville. She is a graduate of Jones Business College. The groom was connected with the Florida Motor Lines and is now stationed at Camp Blanding.

PRESCOTT - ELLIS. Announcement is made by Mrs. Mary Prescott of the marriage of her youngest daughter, Leila, to E. Kearnes Ellis, October 27th at Main Street Baptist Church in Jacksonville. She is a graduate of Jones Business College and has been employed as a secretary for the past eighteen months. Mr. Ellis is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Ellis of Alma and is a veteran of 25 months in the southwest Pacific serving with the famous Fighting Seabees of the US Navy.

November 17, 1944

LITTLE LINDA PEARL HIERS DIED. Little Linda Pearl Hiers, four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Hiers, of Jacksonville, passed away at the home of her parents November 11 after an extended illness. Funeral services were held at Burns-Naugle Chapel in Jacksonville and interment took place in the Folkston Cemetery. The little girl had been seriously ill for the past six months. Three months ago she underwent an operation for a tumor of the kidney. However the operation was not successful and she grew gradually worse until the end came Saturday. Besides her parents, survivors include a brother, Dallas; a sister, Mary Jean; grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. A.D. Williams and Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Hires; uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hiers, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Hiers and many other relatives.

J.M. VICKERS WOUNDED IN ACTION IN GERMANY. Pvt. J.M. Vickers was slightly wounded in action on a battlefield in Germany on October 26th according to information received by his wife, the former Miss Doris Barnes. Mrs. Vickers received a letter from her husband dated November 1st from a hospital in France stating he was slightly wounded in the shoulder and was getting along fine. She was officially notified by the War Department on November 12. Pvt. Vickers landed on D-Day and has fought all across France and into the edges of Germany with the forces of the First Army. He has taken part in some of the hardest fighting of the Invasion. Prior to entering the Army he was employed in the office of the Hercules Co. at the local camp.

J.R. THRIFT HAS OVER FORTY MISSIONS WITH THE “JOLLY ROGERS”. A Charlton County combat pilot with the Army Air Force, who is making a fine record in the Pacific Area is Lt. James R. Thrift, serving with the famed “Jolly Rogers”, according to information received by friends. Lt. Thrift has been serving in the Pacific Area for the past eight months as a pilot of a B-24 Liberator, bombing Japanese objectives. He entered the army in the spring of 1942 and graduated as a lieutenant and was assigned a heavy bombardment. He has moved up with McArthur’s forces and is now close to the front lines in the Philippines. He has over forty missions to his credit. Lt. Thrift, known to his friends here as J.R. is the son of Mrs. J.R. Thrift of Winokur.

MISS GOWEN AND MISS McLEAN STUDYING TO BE NURSES. Miss Jane Gowen and Miss Helen McLean, student nurses at the St. Joseph Hospital in Savannah, spent the weekend here with their parents.

BABY GIRL FOR STAPLETON FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. C. Pearce Stapleton announce the birth of a fine baby girl born November 11 at the Fleming Hospital. The baby weighed seven pounds, 6 - ounces and has been named Frances Hazel. Both mother and baby are getting along fine.

FOR SALE: Syrup bottles, quart and pint, with crowns for same. See S.L. Pickren at grand-daddy’s after 4:00 P.M.

November 24, 1944

DAUGHT LAMBERT DIED IN AUTO ACCIDENT. Phibia Lambert, an aged colored woman better known in the community as “Daught” Lambert, was fatally injured Friday when she was struck and knocked down by an automobile driven by a son of Rufus Edwards. The accident occurred in the eastern part of the city. It is said the aged woman stepped directly in front of the moving auto. She was about 65 or 70 was a long time resident of Folkston and was highly regarded by all who knew her.

CHARLIE HODGES RESIDENCE DESTROYED BY FIRE. The two-story residence belonging to Charlie Hodges of St. George was totally destroyed by fire last Wednesday. Occupants of the property were Mr. and Ms. Alex Hodges who lived on the lower floor, the owner using the upper rooms. All of the household effects were lost in the flames. Mrs. Hodges had been working in the garden and went into the house to look after a small child left asleep in the building. Shortly afterwards she discovered the flames in the upper rooms just as the roof was about to fall in. She managed to get the five children out as well as a few articles of clothing and some food. The Alex family suffered practically all the loss of their household belongings. There was no insurance. The good people of St. George gave Mrs. Hodges some assistance by providing clothes for the children and some furniture.

LAWRENCE WILDES SERVING IN GERMANY. S.Sgt. Lawrence J. Wildes, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Wildes, is serving with the “Galloping Ghosts” of the Allied Forces, 2nd Armored Division now operating in the First Army Area somewhere in Germany.

M.D. THRIFT BUILDING NEW HOME IN WINOKUR. Postmaster Dave M. Thrift, Winokur, was a business visitor here Monday. He is building an attractive new home at Winokur, which will be completed in almost two weeks.

BABY GIRL FOR GOWEN FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Randal Gowen announce the birth of a baby girl born November 15 at Simmons Hospital in Woodbine. The baby weighed 8- pounds and has been named Donna Louise. Both mother and baby are getting along fine. They returned home Monday.

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