Digest of Charlton County Herald - November 1941

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

November 7, 1941

FREE HERALDS TO SERVICE MEN. The offer announced by this newspaper several weeks ago to send the Herald free of charge to any young men serving in the armed forces has been quite generally accepted, the parents of a number of our boys serving in the Army and Navy have furnished us with their address. These have all been promptly entered on our subscription list.

FREE HEALTH CLINIC FOR ST. GEORGE. Through the cooperation of L.E. Roberts and the Board of County Commissioners, a free Health Center has been established in the old Londeree Building in St. George. Dr. A.D. Williams and Mrs. Louise Thompson, county nurse, will be at this clinic each Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. conducting clinics for pre-natal, well-baby and venereal diseases.

BELOVED CHARLTON LADY CALLED TO HER REWARD. The Prescott and surrounding community was saddened last Thursday when announcement came of the death of Mrs. C.W. “Dock” Prescott, age 72, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W.J. Wainwright, where she and her husband, “Uncle Dock”, had resided for the past two years on account of her declining health. At the time of her death she lacked only nine days of having been a faithful member of the Corinth Primitive Baptist Church for 45 years. She began spreading the communion table in 1902, which practice she continued as long as health would permit. Aunt Het, as she was affectionately known, endeared herself to a host of friends. She and Uncle Dock were married March 27, 1895 and were residents of the Prescott community until about two years ago when they moved to the home of their daughter near Winokur. Besides her husband, she is survived by two daughters, Mrs. W.J. Wainwright and Mrs. Verdy Riggins; one son, Winnie H. Prescott; one brother, John Ammons; one sister, Mrs. John A. Allen; four grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at Corinth Church with Rev. J.W. Walker and B.W. Crosby officiating. Interment followed in the Corinth cemetery.

MOVIES SPONSORED BY EASTERN STAR CHAPTER. The Order of the Eastern Star will sponsor a moving picture at the Ritz Theater on Monday and Tuesday evenings, when “Romance of Rio Grande” and “Her First Beau” will be the feature attractions. A liberal percentage from the proceeds of tickets, sold by the Eastern Star committee, will go to the chapter to help finance its local activities. Admission prices are: children 9 cents and adults 22 cents plus tax of 3 cents.

W.M.S. ORGANIZED AT CAMP PINCKNEY BAPTIST. The newly organized W.M.S. of the Camp Pinckney Baptist Church held its second meeting Tuesday. Mrs. R.W. Waterman, district secretary, led the devotion. Mrs. W.L. Huling led in prayer. A short business meeting was presided over by Mrs. J.L. Bradley, president. Mrs. Nathan Crews is the recording secretary.

QUILTS FOR BAXLEY CHILDREN’S HOME. The Missionary Society met at the Folkston Baptist Church last Monday. The ladies of the Society wish to thank all the ladies who helped quilt the three quilts for the Baxley Children’s Home. These quilts have been delivered and were gratefully received as it was a gift needed at the Home.

MISS ALDRIDGE RECEIVES HONOR. Miss Juanita Aldridge, who is a freshman at South Ga. College, has the honor of making one of the ten highest scores on the test given all students at the end of the first half of the fall quarter. She ranked high in English and Social Science.


By W.H. Mizell


Old Hitler called the Devil upon the phone one day

And the telephone girl listened to all they had to say.

“Hello,” she heard old Hitler’s voice, “Is old Satan at home?

Just tell him this is Hitler who wants him on the phone.”

“Hello!” the Devil said, and Hitler said “How are you?

I’m raising hell here on earth, just tell me what to do.”

“What can I do,” the Devil said “My dear old Hitler Bill.

If there’s anything that I can do, then help I surely will.”

Old Hitler said “Now listen, and I will try to tell

The way I’m running on earth a modern streamlined Hell.

I have saved for this for many years and have started out to kill

This will be a modern job, you bet. Leave it to old Hitler’s will.

My armies went through Belgium, shooting women and children down.

We shot up all her country and blew up all her towns.

I started out for Paris with the aid of poison gas

But damn ‘em they stopped me and wouldn’t let us pass.

My submarines are devils, you ought to see them fight.

They go sneaking through the seas and sink a ship on sight.

I was running things to suit me until a year or so ago

When a man, President Roosevelt, wrote me to go slow.

I didn’t listen to him and he’s coming after me.

With a million soldiers from their homes across the sea.

That’s why I called you, Satan, for I want advice from you.

I knew that you would tell me just what I ought to do.”

“My dear old Adolph Hitler, there’s not much for me to tell

For the U.S. will make it hotter than I could for you in Hell.

I have been a mean old Devil but not half as mean as you

And the minute you get down here I’ll give the job to you.

I’ll be waiting for your coming, I’ll keep the fires all bright.

I’ll have your room all ready when the U.S. begins to fight.”



MR. WILLIAM LANGLEY DIED. William Langley, 84, for many years a resident of Charlton County, died at the Bethany Home hospital in Vidalia on Saturday, from illness due to his advanced age. He went to Vidalia from Folkston on August 7 and had been a hospital inmate since that time. Funeral services were conducted at the graveside in Pinecrest Cemetery in Vidalia by Elder T.E. Sikes. So far as the available records show, there are no immediate members of his family surviving.


MRS. CASON AND FAMILY MOVE TO UPTONVILLE. Mrs. Ocie Cason and children moved into the Uptonville community last week from Folkston. They now live in the little house near T. Wainwright belonging to P.G. Brooks.


TWIN BOYS FOR THE STREETMAN FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Streetman of St.

Louis, Missouri, announce the birth of twin boys born November 1st. She was Miss Mary Jane Littlefield.


November 14, 1941


NO ACTION ON PAVING HIGHWAY 23. In spite of the fact that receipts from gasoline tax have reached an all-time high in Georgia, highway construction seems to be at a standstill. For the past ten months the lack of progress has been noticeable in regard to completion of Route 23. This important road was paved right up to the Charlton County line last Christmas. The grading of the roadbed has been completed into Folkston for more than a year and is now being allowed to wash away and its usefulness destroyed. It is hard to understand the inaction in completing Route 23.


CHARLTON TO CELEBRATE NOVEMBER 27 FOR THANKSGIVING. Charlton County this year, in common with the rest of Georgia, will observe Thursday, November 27 as Thanksgiving Day, according to indications at this time. This is the traditional date, the last Thursday in November. Because President Roosevelt has again named the national Thanksgiving Day a week earlier than usual, there has been some confusion as to which of the two days will be observed in Georgia. Governor Talmadge announced some time ago that Thanksgiving would be observed in Georgia on the last Thursday in November. While the governor has not since made a statement his official proclamation is expected within a few days naming Nov. 27 as Thanksgiving Day. Anticipating this action, the Charlton County schools and business interests of Folkston are going forward with plans for observing November 27.


R.H. ADAMS, JR. KILLED IN AUTO ACCIDENT. R.H. Adams, Jr., age 23, son of R.H. Adams, Sr. who operates the Racepond Turpentine Co. at Mattox, met death Sunday by drowning when the auto in which he was riding left the highway and plunged into a lake near Marianna, Fla., his home. Young Adams was associated with his father in the operation of the turpentine business and had a large number of friends here. Besides his parents young Adams is survived by one sister and one brother, all of Marianna. The funeral and interment took place Tuesday.



McQUEEN BUYS JOE P. MIZELL HOME PLACE. A real estate transaction of interest was completed this week with the purchase by Judge A.S. McQueen of the Joe P. Mizell residence located in the southwestern section of the city. The property was purchased from Mrs. Joe P. Mizell, widow of the former owner. It was built by the late Joseph P. Mizell as a home for his declining years. The very best materials obtainable were used in its construction.


REBECCA JEAN ALLEN WINS AWARD. Miss Rebecca Jean Allen of Folkston will receive an embossed gold medal as the county winner in the National Food Preparation contest. She competed with 172 4-H Club members in this county for the award.


COLEMAN AND STEPHENS INDUCTED INTO ARMY. Pvts. William D. Coleman and John A. Stephens were recently inducted in the Army at Fort McPherson and have been sent to Camp Lee in Virginia for duty.


HARDEE PRIVETT DIED IN ACCIDENT. Hardee Privett, well known Charlton County citizen, whose home was in the Toledo community, was fatally injured last Wednesday when a mule he was driving, hitched to a wagon, became frightened and ran away, throwing him from the vehicle. He was a member of a well-known family of that community.


WILMA HODGES WINS AWARD. For scoring highest in this county in the National Canning Contest, Wilma Hodges of St. George has been awarded a handsome gold medal just received from the state 4-H Club office.


NEW PASTOR FOR FOLKSTON METHODISTS. Meeting in Valdosta last week the South Georgia Methodist Conference assigned a new pastor to the Folkston Methodist Church. He is Rev. George F. Erwin from Mount Vernon, Ga. Rev. E.F. Dean was re-assigned to serve as assistant pastor of the Folkston Charge.


LOUISE HENDRICKS WINS AWARD. Outstanding all-around homemaking achievements have won for Louise Hendricks of Traders Hill the honor of being named county winner in the National 4-H Girls Records contest. She will receive a gold medal embossed with the 4-H emblem.


WILLENE ROZIER WINS AWARD. Willene Rozier of Homeland is the county winner in the 1941 National 4-H Home Grounds Beautification contest. She will be awarded a specially embossed gold medal for this.


DUGGAN BABY SON DIED. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Duggan of Homeland died Thursday of last week from an attack of pneumonia and colitis.


POEM BY W.H. MIZELL. The many friends of W.H. Mizell in Homeland wish to take this means to congratulate him on his poem in last week’s issue of the Herald.



November 21, 1941


HONOR STUDENTS IN HIGH SCHOOL. In the Senior High School the following pupils were exempt from all exhaustive check-ups at the end of the first quarter because of having made grades of above 90 in daily lessons for the full nine weeks: Lamar Gibson, Helen Ward, Sue Dee Wainwright, Martha Crews and Wilma Loper. This also includes perfect scores in citizenship and conduct. The above is the honor list for the first quarter. Many other pupils were exempt from check-ups in one or more subjects but the above were the only ones exempt in all subjects.


VARN TURPENTINE STILL DESTROYED BY FIRE. The K.S. Varn Turpentine Still at Hoboken was destroyed by fire early Thursday morning, Nov. 13th. The origin of the fire has not been determined. The Varn plant was one of the most modern in the turpentine belt. It was almost new, having been built about two years ago. The Brantley TPO fire trucks did a splendid service in helping to save the barrel shop, many of the rosin vats and other nearby buildings. For a time it seemed that most of the business section of Hoboken would be wiped out as the turpentine caught fire and the blaze leaped hundreds of feet into the air.


R.E. PLAYER HOME BEING CONSTRUCTED. Construction was commenced this week by contractor E.D. Shivar on a modern bungalow home located across the street from the Jr. High School building, which is being built for R.E. Player, naval stores operator. The Player family has been living in Umatilla, Fla. for the past several months, where he has naval stores interests. When his new home here is completed, he plans to move his family back to Folkston.


BANKS TO CLOSE TWO DAYS FOR THANKSGIVING. In order to avoid the misunderstanding which may arise from the confusion as to the status of which is the legal holiday of Thanksgiving, the Citizens Bank of Folkston will observe November 20th and November 27th, in accordance with a notice from the Secretary of Georgia Bankers Association. No business will be transacted by the Atlanta banks or the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta on either November 20th or 27th.


NOVEMBER 27 TO BE OBSERVED HERE AS THANKSGIVING DAY. In accordance with a proclamation issued this week by Gov. Talmadge, Folkston and Charlton County will observe next Thursday, Nov. 27th as Thanksgiving Day and all places of business in the city will be closed for the entire day. This is the last year in which there will be conflicting dates for Thanksgiving as President Roosevelt has announced that he will abandon the early Thanksgiving day inaugurated two years ago.


JAMES BYRD STUDYING SURGERY. Private First Class James L. Byrd, a native of Folkston, has been transferred to William Beaumont General Hospital in El Paso, Texas for completion of his course in general and septic surgery in operating room techniques.




BEAUTY SHOP TO BE CLOSED ON THANKSGIVING. Mrs. Troy Jones who recently took over the operation of the Folkston Beauty Shop announces that her place of business will be closed November 27th in observance of Thanksgiving Day.


NEW BABY FOR LLOYD FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. John Lloyd of Homeland are the proud parents of a baby born to them last week.


INFANT KENDRICK BOY DIED SUNDAY. James W. Kendrick, age five months, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Kendrick of Racepond, died Sunday in a Waycross hospital. Besides his parents, he is survived by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Kendrick of Racepond and Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Smith of Waycross. Funeral services were held in Waycross with burial in Oakland Cemetery.


November 28, 1941



NEW SAWMILL FOR FOLKSTON. A new enterprise for Folkston was announced this week with the leasing by a Waycross concern of the old Johnson mill site, located in the southern section of the city along the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad where a modern new sawmill plant is to be installed. Construction of the plant is to get underway Monday morning. It is to be a 100 horsepower unit with a daily capacity of 12,000 to 15,000 feet of lumber. The concern has leased the timber rights on the May Bluff tract and will begin logging operations soon.



MRS. OLA REBECCA WOOLARD DRURY DIED. Mrs. Ola Rebecca Drury, age 40, died Sunday at the home of her brother, Steve Woolard, following an extended illness. She was a native of the community and had a wide circle of friends. Survivors include one son, Everett Edenfield; five daughters, Margaret Phillips, Misses Helen, Clementine, Hattie and Vera Higginbotham; her mother, Mrs. Lula Woolard; nine brothers, H.H., L.W., H.W., A.W., L.S., R.S., W.L., O.E. and D.C. Woolard and three sisters, Mrs. J.O. Huling, Mrs. A.J. Conner and Mrs. T.C. Merrow. Funeral rites were held at Camp Pinckney Baptist Church and interment followed in the Folkston Cemetery with Adkins Funeral Home in charge of burial arrangements.



STATE DEFENSE CORPS TO BE REORGANIZED. The Charlton County unit of the State Defense Corps is to be reorganized and placed on an active status at a meeting scheduled to be held this Friday at the courthouse. All citizens of Charlton County who are interested in the State Defense Corps, the function which is to replace the National Guard units now in the federal service, are urged to be present at the meeting.





WPA PROJECT REPORT. The WPA projects in Charlton total more than half a million dollars. Services and facilities that have benefited Charlton County have resulted from a program of public improvement conducted during the past six years by the local government in cooperation with the WPA according to a report released this week. A total of $503,100. has been spent on WPA projects in this county since the program began. 45% came from local public funds, the remainder was federal allotment. Some of the accomplishments were:

137 bridges

384 culverts

13.8 miles of drainage ditches dug

1.8 miles paved sidewalk

1 addition to school

1 addition to jail

51 sanitary privies installed

Sewing room, 6,608 men’s garments made; 11,154 women’s garments made, 7,133 boys, 8,903 girls, 5,435 infants, 1,652 household articles made, total items, 40,885.

Book repairs, 700 volumes

School lunches, 29,000 served

Food preserving, 1400 quarts food canned

Food dried, 100 pounds

360 persons taught to read and write

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