Digest of Charlton County Herald - November 1940

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

November 1, 1940

NEON SIGNS FOR FOLKSTON PHARMACY. Dr. W.D. Thompson of the Folkston Pharmacy is installing a brilliantly illuminating neon electric sign in front of his store. He is also installing a neon sign in the interior of his already attractive place of business.

J.L. VAN LANDINGHAM KILLED. J.L. Van Landingham of Waycross who resided in Folkston up to a few months ago was instantly killed by accidental electrocution at Hollywood, Fla. Wednesday according to a report sent out over the radio station WAYX Thursday. He was at work for the Fla. Power Co. when a high voltage line fell on him resulting in his instant death. The body was forwarded to Waycross yesterday. He was about 25 years old and the son of an Atlantic Coast Line locomotive engineer who lives in Waycross. He made his home in Folkston for about two years, having been employed by the local telephone system while here. He left Folkston several months ago and only recently went to Hollywood to work for the Fla. Power Co. While here he made a wide circle of friends who learn of his untimely death with genuine sorrow.

HIGHWAY 23 WORK STILL SUSPENDED. Paving operation on State Route 23 between Nahunta and Folkston, ordered suspended last week by the State Highway Board, was still being held up this week and prospects for resumption of the work remains uncertain. A delegation of county officials from along the route of the road went to Atlanta last week for a conference in an effort to get the work resumed.

YOUNG COUPLE INJURED IN WRECK. Arthur “Red” Colson, son of Hamp Colson of Coleraine, and his bride of less than an hour, the former Miss Frances Sikes of Waycross, suffered painful cuts and bruises Monday night when the automobile in which they were returning from Woodbine, where they had just been united in marriage, overturned at a sharp curve near Silco and was almost completely wrecked. Young Mr. Colson, who recently enlisted in the U.S. Marines, was at home on a brief furlough. Monday evening he borrowed the Chevrolet car belonging to his brother in law, Howard Wrench, and he and Miss Sikes drove over to Woodbine to be married. The car was damaged beyond repair. They were only slightly hurt.

SELECTIVE SERVICE QUOTA. Charlton County’s first contingent of men between 21 and 36 to be called up for a year’s military training under the Selective Service Act, will get their orders to report for examination within the next few days. The first quota to be sent from this county under the initial call will include not more than a dozen men. Men with dependents or who are otherwise disqualified, will be placed in deferred classifications.

NEW HOME FOR J.V. GOWEN, JR. FAMILY. The latest building activity reported in Folkston is the erection of a modern new home by Mr. and Mrs. J.V. Gowen, Jr.. The construction began last week and is located on Magnolia Street just below the residence of Mrs. W.B. Smith. Contractor Leon Askew is in charge of the carpenter work and Mr. Huling is doing the brick work.

RODDENBERRY-PASSIEU WEDDING. A marriage that will be of much interest to a wide circle of friends was that of Miss Mattie B. Roddenberry and Mr. Louie Passieu, which occurred Wednesday at Woodbine, the ceremony being performed by Judge E.F. Jackson, Camden Ordinary. The bride has resided in Folkston for the past several months, having been employed at the Kozy Kabin Kafe. Mr. Passieu is one of Folkston’s highly regarded young men. They will make their home at Jacksonville Beach.

NEW HOME FOR T. COOK FAMILY. The modern new home of Mr. T. Cook, located in the eastern section of the city near the residence of Miss Marward Bedell has been completed and is now occupied by Mr. Cook and family who came here from Savannah to make their home. He is entering the furniture business here, having secured temporary quarters on the second floor of the Coca-Cola plant where he already has a large selection of furniture on display.

PRIZES OFFERED FOR PLANTING OF TREES. A member of the local Garden Club is offering three prizes to the persons living in Folkston who plant, and have growing, the most trees by the first of April. The prizes are $6.00, $4.00 and $2.00 and will be awarded at the flower show next April. The kinds of trees suggested are holly, camphor, live oak, magnolia and pine. Those planted may be all of one kind if preferred. Most of these can be found in the woods or they may be purchased.

November 8, 1940

MCDONALD ANNEX REMODELED. Among the local residences undergoing extensive repairs is the building on Main Street known as the McDonald Annex, belonging to Mrs. B.G. McDonald, located next to the McDonald Hotel. It is to be placed in first class condition as a residence. Judge A.S. McQueen is having his home painted and repaired. This is keeping our carpenters and painters busy during the fall months.

C.J. PASSIEU USES CHEWING TOBACCO FOR A GOOD CAUSE. Our energetic Chevrolet dealer, Charlie Passieu, went up to Pennsylvania last week to “help carry his old home state for President Roosevelt”. Mr. Passieu, it is alledged, carried along with him ten pounds of the famous Brown Mule chewing tobacco for use as campaign ammunition. The results obtained were so gratifying that it is said that he immediately wired back to Folkston to have an additional ten pound shipment sent to him by air-mail. That this 20 pounds of Brown Mule had a potent effect on the Pennsylvania electorate is evident from the election returns and Mr. Passieu now knows just what is required to get himself elected again as a member of the Folkston city council.ST. GEORGE-MONIAC WPA ROAD. County and WPA officials have worked out a plan whereby construction work can be started in the next few days on the St. George-Moniac WPA road project approved several months ago. The new plan calls for the county to furnish part of the machinery. The work has been held up because of failure of the State Road Dept. to provide the equipment as promised.

HALL AND DINKINS BUILDING HILLIARD GYM. A contract for the erection of a $18,000 gymnasium for the Hilliard Public School has been awarded to Hall and Dinkins, Folkston contracting firm composed of P.C. Hall and Theodore Dinkins. The gym is to be a modern structure, 70x170 feet, and is to be financed by a bond issue recently authorized by the voters of the Hilliard school district.

BOX SUPPER AT GRACE CHAPEL. The young people of Grace Chapel, Uptonville, will hold a box supper at the church Saturday night, 6:30 until 10:00. The proceeds will go towards paying for the lumber and paint. This progressive community is determined to put the finishing touches on their fine church building.

DEACONS TO BE ORDAINED AT BAPTIST CHURCH. At the regular morning service next Sunday morning there will be an event of unusual interest to the people of Folkston when two young men, J.T. Stover and L. Jasper Stokes will be ordained Deacons of the First Baptist Church.

ROOSEVELT WINS AS PRESIDENT. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry A. Wallace were given the overwhelming approval of the voters of the nation in the election Tuesday, winning 39 of the 48 states. President Roosevelt was a six to one winner in Georgia, his second-home state, over Wendell Wilkie.

OYSTER SUPPER FOR HOMELAND METHODIST CHURCH. An oyster supper will be served in the high school dining room at Folkston Wednesday evening from 6 to 9:00 p.m. This will be given by the ladies Society of Christian Service of the Homeland Methodist Church. Price per stew or fry, 25 cents. Proceeds will be used to rewire and repaint the interior of the church building.

REV. E.F. DEAN ATTENDING CONFERENCE. The Methodist Annual Conference opened in Savannah Thursday. Rev. E.F. Dean is attending and is the oldest member in active service in the conference. He is oldest in age and in number of years in active service.

GRACE CHAPEL CHURCH. The people of the Uptonville community have made a start on finishing the new church building at Grace Chapel. They intend to ceil it and paint it in the very near future.

MARY SUE IS NEW CHILD OF TAYLOR FAMILY. Dr. and Mrs. J.S. Taylor announce the birth of a fine 7 - pound baby girl born November 2nd at the Ware County Hospital. She has been named Mary Seward and will be called Mary Sue.

SUNDAY SCHOOL CONFERENCE AT BAPTIST CHURCH. Delegates from nine Sunday Schools in Camden and Charlton Counties gathered at the Baptist Church here last Wednesday night for their annual district rally. Mrs. Ralph Burch gave a demonstration assisted by the Beginners Department. It was inspiring to watch these little folks and hear them give numerous Bible verses. The Charlton County Choir sang several special songs. J.T. Stover, president of this division was congratulated by those present on the splendid program he had arranged.

VELMA PRESCOTT TO RECEIVE GOLD MEDAL. Velma Prevatt of Folkston is to receive a gold medal as a county winner in the National 4-H Rural Electrification Program conducted by the Extension Service. The presentation will be made by Miss Gertrude Proctor. The medal bears the design of a 4-H clover.

THOSE WHO REGISTERED FOR DRAFT. As a matter of news and for the convenience of all its readers who may be concerned, the Herald is printing a complete list of the county’s 822 registrants. The list is furnished the Herald for publication by the local Draft Board and was compiled by its clerk from the master list as established by the official lottery drawing in Washington last week: Daniel Eustace Sikes, Jessie Lee Knight, Mannie Tallie Guy, Willie Austin, Rossie Nipper, James Clifford Jones, John Jasper Loper, Woodrow Wilson Pickren, Roy Higginbotham, Joseph Lawrence Howard, Thomas Watson Davis, Sylvester Turner, Joseph Troy Conner, William Hosea Wiggs, Jr., Nathan Lambert, John Charles Crews, Alton B. Wainwright, Clyde Walker, Lonnie Shellman, William Shock Smith, Joe Griffis, Clifton Carney Gowen, Frank Small, Alfonsa Hamilton, Forrest Thrift, Woodrow McLeod, Marshall Jehu Crews, Brooker T. Watkins, Ralph Ernest Knabb, Earlie Franklin Davis, Dorsey Jefferson Motes, Jr.. Clarence Evans, Leroy O’Berry, Earney Dixon, Alfonzer Brinkley, David Lee Powell, George Redmon, Walton Ezekiel O’Quinn, Clarence Bennett, David Neely, Willie Belt, Everett Jones, Irie Bernie Lloyd, Counsel Braddock Stokes, Royal Lee Cone, Elliott Wilson Allen, Eddie Bacon, Arthur Johns, Hayden Anthony Carter, Morgan Lee Chesser.
Eliga Hanans, Charles Lee Conner, Ben Stewart, Fred McClain, Marvin Jackson Chancey, Ralph Daniel Starling, Hezekiah Williams, Bud Everett, Thomas Wallace Askew, John Warren Brown, Joe Dan Milton, Ernest Spatcher, Raymond Bruce Flansburg, Percer James Evans, Oscar Underwood Davis, Barney Crews, Augusta Austin, Ed Brown, Sam Crews, Colonel Morgan, Ernest Gibbs, James Preston Conner, John Robert Cooper, Christopher Green, Charlie Levingston, George Ben Hamilton, Willie Alvin Reynolds, Johnie Cornelius Britt, Leona Boggs, Arizona Barnes, Gladys Allen Howard, Moses Rufus Crews, James Deloach, Leroy Byrd, James Charles Lindsay, Paul Samuel Hickox, Albert Garard, Lonnie Canaday, Antony Gadson, Oliver Miller, Frank Hubert Davis, Fed Privett, Verdell Graham, Lacy Conner, Eddie Oscar Petty, Virgil Lee Smith, Sylvester Bailey, Mahlon Dean Smith, Fred Daniel Conner, Milledge Canaday.Owen King Dinkins, Mack Nails, Tom Craiges, Purley Brown, Clyde Sands, Isaac Sims, Delmar Petty, Jake Petty, Solomon Preston, Porter Stephen, David Haywood, King Felton Harris, Lum Webster Woolard, Noah Rhoden, Lee Raulerson, Charles Huey Wright, Ellery Lee Howard, Calvin Dell Williams, Jacob Woodrow Shuman, Douglas Raulerson, Alfred Thrift, Rufus Thrift, Bobbie Lane, Jacob Pearson, Harold Crawford, Sanford John Graham, Ralph Marvin Lloyd, Willie Monroe Canaday, John Lester Eunice, Fell Edgar Crews, Ralph Marion Murray, Ellis Crews, Marshal Littles, Wheeler Dozier, Mance Dowdell, George Brown, Marvin Callings Bradley, Walter Raleigh Padgett, Lanford L. Sullivan, Houston Berry Braddock, Orlando Jerrymih Roberts, Alton Matthew Mizell, James Newton Elder, Walter Raleigh Crews, Ivey Jeremiah Johns, Joseph Petty, Lewis Earl Gainey, William Elbert Crews, Horrie Marvin Womble, Lonnie Crews, Frank Gilbert Crews, Buddy Lindsay, Eulie Cecil Byrd, Harris Way, Orry Howard, Ira Cornelius Holley, Raleigh Leonard, Solomon Williams, James Wade Petty, Frank Johns, Spencer Gordon, Dawson Burch Moss, Lee Reddish, Emanuel Sims, William Virgil Brown, Linton Dozier Braddock, Downing Alston, Joseph Brown Harden, Charlie Thrift, Walter Jackson Luke, Alfred Lee Conner, August Merkle, Claud Duberly, David McCloud, Samuel Ross Chatman, Reubin Roberson, George Washington Chism, Sidney Wilson Huling, Ralph Davis, Chester Edwards, Louis Lee Gowen, Ernest Ottis Roberson, Jim Fay Brooks, James Jorden, Cleon Clayton Thompson, Venson Hubert Floyd, Floyd Maxwell, Ace Mixon, John Clayton, Wesley Columbus Stanaland, Willie Johnson, James Ivey Byrd, Daniel Robert Dinkins, Ira Allen, Robert McKay, Frank Crews, Lonnie Austin, Gilbert Floyd Hickox, Eugene Jake Irving, Sam Jones, Seaborn Foster Kennison, Joe Patterson Henley, Aubrey Allen Conner, Everett Vartors Hagin, Enoch J. Burnsed, Aaron Marvin Johns, Carl Cephus Guinn, George Taylor, Pete Walker, Jr., Grover Lee Kendrick, Thomas Gordon Brock, John Melton Crews, Emory Westberry, Darley Strickland, John Ellis Prescott, Hubert Dasher, Walter Thomas Lewis, George Washington Brock, Merit Taylor, Clayton Johnson, Jim Lee McKendree, Arthur Eugene Turner, George Ollie McClain, Charles Carter, Walter Herbert Levant, Charlie Bo Edwards, Elmo Lee McClain, Joyce Vernon Gowen, Archie Stone, Jesse Crews, Owen Samuel Aldridge, Romey Crews, Thornhill Kennedy, Willie Thomas, Jeffrey Albert Batten, Julius Lee Smith, James Lewis Crews, Allen Rhoden, Isaiah Yound, Barney Lucius Nelson, Alfonzo McClain, James Thomas, Nelson Green, Darnell Marshal, James Dean Gowen, Albert G. Smith, Silas Carl Padgett, Loy Underwood, Ellis Lee Conner, John Lee Alston. Willie Clay Burgess, Milton Howard, Wilmer Petty, Titus Conley, Oscar Lee Crews, Leroy Bentley, Bennie Leo Padgett, Richard Dowdy, Roosevelt Nathan, Aaron Stafford, Willie Willise Lloyd, Sterling Noble, Rhymer Rhubin Howell, John Thomas Smiley, Hoke Harrell, Eugene Oden Davis, Odum Peacock, James Calvin Collier, Leslie Crews, Will Brown, Leaster Woodard, Johnie B. Brown, Liston Cleveland O’Berry, Irvin Taylor Hickox, James Lester Burnsed, Hubert Winton Kendrick, Edd David Rewis, Harley Crews, Nathaniel Green, Frank Miller, Willie Gordon, Rossie Joyce Prather, C.I. Moody, Steve Roberts, Trody Johns, Cyrus Smiley, Jr., Theodore Roosevelt Tucker, Vellie Hannan, William Perry Robinson, Oscar Edward Crews, Jefferson Davis Lawson, Anthony Edmonds, Solister Wilson, Rudolph Archibald Norwood, Samuel McCray, Ernest Albert Kennison, Thedora James Hilton, George Dewey Smith, James Terrell Anderson, Yullee Johns, Calvin Harris, John Aster Stephens, Charlton Lewis Talbert, Audrey Frances Popham, Earl Edwin Veal, John James Carter, Loyd Wainwright, Bud Cantrell, Cecil Drawdy, Leon Marshal, Dennis Glover, Elisha Baker, Joe Leon Dyal, Lowis Wicks, Ben Thomas, Willie Nelson, Flonie Arley Gibbs, Thomas Stoolman Logan, Harold Duston Thomas, Wilbur Liston Wildes, Robert Hiram Taylor, Thomas Watson Howard, Willie Elbert Clark, Romey Allen Carter, Joseph Lee Crews, James Roy Harris, A.C. Jackson, Jess Willard Chancey, John Thomas Prescott, Paul Smith, Iran Edgar Woolard, Clyde Buck Veal, Homer Choice Fountain, Earnest Gibbs, Jr., Richard Willie Bruschke, Daniel Hannans, Johnnie Boshie Rider, Talmadge Petty, Winston Curvin Hall, James Icem Bryant, Arthur Leroy Carter, Tommie Glenn Courson, Sammie Lee Love, Shep Johns, Thomas Cummings Gowen, Wilbur Woodrow Mosley, Carl Edward Lane, Pilot Spatcher, Amos James Armstrong, Peter Nails, Lee Roy Hodges, Everett T. Highsmith, Ramon J. O’Neil, John Elvin Carter, Allen Harrelson, Harold Betts, Noah Edwards, Sam Wilson, Gordon Jacobs, Douglas William Decker, Alton Kirkland, John Hymond Davis, Herny Shellman, Emery Isham Horard, Andrew Benjamin Brock, Lee Roy Roberts, Oswel Crews, Nathan Allen Crews, Eugene Arthur Reed, Earnest Smith, Bascom Henry Clanton, Riley Crews, Elbert Matthew Howell, George Cleveland Kelly, David Wilbur James, Jasper Claud Murray, George Mitcholl, Donald Crews, Willie Dixon, Willie Nipper, John Henry Laidler, William Arnold Drury, Frank Nemeth, Amos Hobbs, Emory Clyde Gowen, Willie Eugene Bullington, Rass White, Earnest Wilson, John Rankins, Willie Tillman, Dexter Petty, Daniel Lee Wright, Frank Yarbough, Lee Lanier, Earl William Thrift, Freeman Reed, Oscar Harrell, Erceal Hanon, Henry Webster, Walter Ruth Dinkins, John Isado Moor, Lonnie Guinn, Jonny Vinson Jones, Earl Hurst, Isaac William Thomas, Jerome Thomas Harvard, James Robinson, John Walker, Lee Bellem, Edward Eugene Player, Gordon Columbus Johns, Alec Eldry Hodges, Tom Kemp, Eustace Matthew Mizell, George Leverson, Marshal Lewsi Hickox, Mack Crimon Tiller, Jack Anderson, Robert Powell Leckie, Kennie Harrell, Sam Herrington, Royal Petty, John William Pilkington, Cecil Glenn Robinson, Central Bell, Hubert Heflin, Loyce Cleveland Aldridge, Central Garard, Grover Cleveland Simmons, John Riley Allen, Dayton Crews, Jack Bently, Gentle Cain, James Daniel Lloyd, Jessie Gaskin, Harvey Belcher, James Hiawatha Holley, Charles Maxey Welker, Robert Hoyt Padgett, George Ricketson, Henry Hampton Gay, Wilburn Combs, Alton John Carter, Willie Mobley, Benjamin Franklin Harris, Clarence O’Quinn, J.C. Jackson, Lewis Jasper Stokes, Leon Jefferson Norman, Paxton Oran Stokes.
Mayo Frazier, James Wilcox, Lorenza Dow Majors, Johnnie Dunson, Earnest Lemuel Dinkins, Mersal Prescott, Champ Edwards Crews, Mathew Little, Thomas Jackson Mixon, William Moab Chesser, Seaborn James Lastinger, Leon Petty, William Brantley Evans, Inman Smith, Van Dell Bennett, Ralph Carver, Eddie Flowers, James Gay Chesser, Grady Jackson, David Bush, Dayton Clyde Woolard, King Hall, Willie James Henderson, Hezekiah Duncan, Lawrence Vanoye Underwood, Albert Boutwell, Pat Day, Charles Fletcher Lloyd, Elvie Harford Russell, Jr., John Howard Woolard, Lemuel Bartow Bryant, Jr., Jasper Christopher Howard, Clinton Christopher Stokes, Mathie Franklin Williams, David Hickox, Thomas Calvin Calhoun, Rufus H. Little, Jr., Charles Pearce Stapleton, Milton Elbert Wainwright, Lester Walker Prescott, James Bolden, Earnest Favors, Leonard Booth, Wheeler Crews, Emmet Brewer Stapleton, Jr., Claude Prescott, Everett Council Smith, Soloman Carter, John Bolden, Francis Patrick Flynn.
Holton Todd, James Vester Yeomans, Carl David Mizell, Willie Johnson, Robert Salem Lloyd, Ned Privett, Floyxell Courley, Dan Madison Sikes, Gordie C. Howard, James Laten Cone, John Alexander Mills, Hoke Canaday, Roy Lee Padgett, Theodore Reed, Parnell Whitaker, Oscar Herman Leckie, Troy Lee Roberson, Paul Thrift, Fitzhugh Lee Murray, Casey Canaday, Randall Woodrow Gowen, Duncan Ellroy Merrow, A.B. Lang Corbett, Owen K. Lowther, Jesse J. Strain, Francis George Conner, Neal Spatcher, Louis Paddin, John Hamp Thompson, Lonnie Thrift, John Robert Joyner, Marcus Slaten Daughtry, George Rhoan Gowen, Jr., Louis Freddie O’Quinn, James Franklin O’Berry, Ralph Jackson Duggan, Bennie Pollock, Connie Sinclair Lane, Henry Nipper, Bennie Lee Dyal, Sheppard Andrew Gowen, Malachi McClendon, Carl Edward Rogers, Riley Crews, Jacob Henry Crews, Thornton Brown, Lonnie Mizell, Riley Carter, Randle Bryan Crews, Robert Lee Peterson. Elias Canaday, Earnest Edward Murray, Collin Rhodes, James Wesley Murray, James Merritt, Herbert Milton Crews, Frank Johns, Charles Southward, Woley Bloxton Johns, Walter Brown Little, Theodore Canaday, David Green, Marshal Marian Hodges, Charlie Lee Hodges, Charles Louie Passieu, Roy Combs, Raddie Jackson, Riley Ellison, Jesse Pleasant Mizell, James Eleroe Boggs, Decar Miller, Willie Lee Glover, J.T. Dinkins, Henry Ermie McDuffie, Arer Hickox, Tinnie Lawrence, Claud Marvin Johnson, Mose Crews, Dorson Reynolds, Jessie Willie McLeoud, Walter Jackson Floyd, James Royals, Joe Frank Jackson, Bernice Frank Johnson, Benjamin Rufus, Porter Bellem, Ezekill Layton, Earnest Earl Mancil, Ralph Mitchell Carver, Irvin Hardy Keen, Billy Taylor Cooper, Clarence Suggs, Frank Todd, Hugh Dorsey Higginbotham, Clyde Elliott Brooks, James Mathews, Wilton Peacock, Crant Stokes, Thedo Ratliff, Willis Leroy Crews. Arcer Johnson, Eddie Dupree, Steve Everett Conner, Hermon Everett, Tommy Rhoden, Raymond Gilpherd Highsmith, Ralph Clark, James Royalston, Charles Richard Martindale, Robert Elee Chesser, Guy Woods Bentley, Jack Farmer, Alfred Dois Hale, Homer Prescott, Walter Edwards Phillips, Edward Crawford, Edward Sundy Crews, George Flournoy Wildes, Hezekiah Green, Jessie Allen Nazworth, Alfred Knowles, Sammie Jackson Hendrix, Ed Brinson, James Preston Gadson, Thomas Edwin Stokes, Sidney Vernon Brock, James David Herrin, Joseph Richard Collins, Benjamin Franklin Herrin, Jesse Madison Hilton, Morris Pierce Gowen, Willie Mason, Charlie F. Adkins, Bryant Crews, Clarence Crews, Odell Maynor, Cleo Freeman Strickland, Daniel Henry Harvey, Elias Belonuel Sylvester Herrin, John Stokes, Lewis Grant Clark, Albert Finder Kirkland, John Knight, Jr., Eddie Lambert, Allen DeLeon Brown, Willie McDougal, Joe McCormick, Bennie Smith, Johnnie Washington Burch, Arthur Lee Young, Joseph Conner Littlefield, Jr., Benjamin Hendry, E.L. Guinn, Bruce Thompson, Decature Franklin Edmondson, Henry Leroy Stephens, Robert Lee Criss, Rayford Gainey, Homer Wilson Allen, Elbert Taylor, Fred Williams, Robert Chester Raulerson, John Fleming, Charlie Lee Underwood, Morris Euzeal Powell, Joe Lee Griffin, Nathries Wilson, Charles Basil Crews, Willie Lloyd, Joe Carter, Willie Winton Johns, Lawrence Mallard Allen, Luther Johnson, Horace Young, Wallace Scranton, James Henderson Blount, Richard Bernard Stroup, Donald Alexander Nettles, Leroy Nixon, Yulee Webster Privett, Thomas Lanier Roddenberry, Howard George Wrench, William Guy Gibson, Jessie Chance, Jr., James Haywood, Willie Lee Green, Levy Crews, Lewis Jackson Dyal, Elijah Young, Jimmie Todd, Owen Washington Crews, Luther Dolphus Lee, Alvin Harrell, Sol Houston, Lee Huggins, Cornee Orestus Rawl, Zelton Wood row Conner, Raymond Mikeler Altman, Ardelbert Roberson, Nathan Dunbar, Dewey Jenkins, Estell Moultry Johnson, Wiley Ivey Kennedy, Lester Williams, John Calvin Thompson, Thirlie Wesley, John Calhoun Wilson, Dottress Stewart, Charlie Gibson, Shelton Wilson Monroe, Wilbur Granville Wright, Leslie Newton Norman, Walter Lanier, Troy Edwards Jones, Embry Bennett Green, Clarence Columbus Lloyd, J.E. Moor, Whit Wesley Banks, Thomas Scott Jones, Joseph David Goddin, J.A. Hathaway, Jr., William Elzie Walker, Charles Tarvis Wadsworth, Anthony Toles, Willie J. Washington, Edward B. Hodges, Stephen Dixon, Calvin Watson, Dotha Burch, John Pryor Hayes, John Herbert Harvey, Timothy Haywood, Hugh Celious Brunt, Nathan Stafford, Sammie Clifford Johnson, Tommy Lee Davis, Julious Jack Campbell, Joseph William Cooper, Joe Morgan, Benjamin Hannans, Guy Albert Gowen, Clarence Smith, Jr., Albert Griffin, James Gadson Roddenberry, Raybun Cecil Lloyd, Thomas Levy Jones, Ruthard Clarkson, Willie James Alston, George Washington Johns, Clemon White, Alfred Glover, Max Wilkerson, Donald Lee Gowen, Lathon Bell, Andrew Taylor, Ernest Knowles, Reuben Crews, Miller McDougald, Clinton Nipper, Ben Scott Johnson, Arthur Redman Dixon, Hubert Hilton Altman, David Hickox, Jr., Ottis James Spivey, Woodrow Thrift, Cecil Thomas Conner, Tommie William Harris, Harvey Walker, Alexander Stewart, Nathaniel Dasher, Jessie Williams, George W. Nipper, Horace Jenkins, Ruben Heflin, William Brice George, Lenard Crews, Willie Lee Taylor, Edd Jones, Robert Wood, Luke Jenkins, John Hardy Smith, Jr., Frank Jackson Lee, E.G. Moring, James Stewart, Hugh Dorsey Crews, Reverent Henery Timmons, Lige Pollock, Josie Crawford, Bert G. Harden, Emmit James Robinson, James Carl Jones, Eugene Mizell Williams, Benjamin Mims, Lee Dixon, James Maxwell Vickers, Melvin Frank Thomas Conner, Jasper Shelder Morgan, Petter Felton, Zibe King Herrin, Waymon Bradley, Jonnie Roy Drury, William Eli Smith, Willie Stevenson Johns, Clarence Warren Carter, Dewey Brown, Simon T. Bell, Dempsy Griffin Conner, Charles Broderick Motes, Sylvester Crews, Laurie Marshal Davis, Jim Young, Ernest Nipper, James Monroe Robinson, Charlton Snowden, John Wesley Green, Glynn Petty,. Matthew Carter, Homer Kight, Willie Harris, Sumlin Johnson, Lucion Fulton and Glenn Charles Gibson.

November 15, 1940

RAILROAD CARLOAD OF GOODS FOR ORPHANS HOME. The 49 Baptist churches in the Piedmont Association which includes Charlton County, will load a railroad car of groceries, produce and other necessities for the 300 orphans in the Georgia Baptist Orphans Home at Hapeville, Ga. at the AB&C depot at Waycross on November 28 and 29. Rev. C.C. Davidson of Brunswick has requested a chairman in each church to call on every member for a liberal contribution of anything that may be used by man, beast or fowl, in a home or on a farm. Each chairman will truck the donations to Waycross. If before the loading date, store in the warehouse of the Sweat Transfer Co. Baptist pastors will superintend the loading of the car. Each church is asked to make a cash offering to pay the freight on the car.

LILA MAE PRESCOTT TO RECEIVE GOLD MEDAL. Lila Mae Prescott of Winokur is to receive the gold medal as county winner in the national 4-H Canning Achievement Contest conducted by the extension service. It will be presented by Miss Gertrude Proctor, home demonstration agent.

MRS. W.W. CREWS DIED. Funeral services for Mrs. W.W. Crews, 33, of Racepond, who died in a Waycross hospital last Friday after a short illness, were held at High Bluff Church with Rev. Hughie Dixon officiating, with interment at High Bluff. Survivors include her husband, W.W. Crews; children, Lottie May Bryant, Louise, Geraldine, Virgil and infant twins; three brothers, Warren Walker, Wade Walker and Robert Walker; three sisters, Mrs. Lula Todd, Mrs. May Griffin and Miss Everline Walker.

DRAFT QUOTA. The entire state of Georgia will be required to furnish only 412 men in the first draft quota to be called into service in December.

HOWELL-PRESCOTT WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Lorene Howell to Lester Prescott took place at Macclenny on November 9th in the presence of a few friends. The bride is a daughter of M. Howell and a graduate of Blackshear High School. He is a son of the late O.M. Prescott and Mrs. Prescott. He is a graduate of the Charlton County High School. The young couple will reside in Jacksonville.

-The small boy of Jeff Lloyd who was badly burned last week by falling in the fire, is recovering rapidly from the effects of the burns.
-The Charlie Lloyd boy who was taken to the St. Vincent Hospital on account of a case of bleeding is reported as doing nicely and will be brought home in a few days.
-The attendants at the community meeting Tuesday night was 58.

ASKEW-HALL WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Christine Askew, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Askew, and Winston C. Hall, which took place November 8th at the Baptist parsonage will be of much interest to a wide circle of friends. She is a graduate of the Charlton County High School and is an accomplished young lady. She is secretary for the County Agent. The groom is a son of P.C. Hall and is employed at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. They are making their home at the Mattox Apartments.

ADULT CLASSES AT TOLEDO. The Toledo community met last Friday night in what was originally the Thompson old school house for its first meeting. The attendance was twenty. This is the last community organized under the WPA. C.W. Waughtel is teacher and director of activities and Mrs. Waughtel is musical director.

BABY BOY FOR HOWELL FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Howell are the proud parents of a baby boy born last Sunday. This is the second child of Mr. and Mrs. Howell and both are boys.

BARN RAISING AT GIBSON FARM. Mr. S.G. Gibson invited some of his neighbors to a working at his house Thursday to construct a barn. This is an old-time custom of helping your neighbors.

REBECCA JEAN ALLEN TO RECEIVE GOLD MEDAL. Rebecca Jean Allen is to receive a gold medal as county winner in the National 4-H Food Preparation Contest conducted by the extension service. The presentation will be made by Miss Gertrude Proctor, County Home Agent.

4-H PICNIC AT BURNT FORT. Seventeen boys and girls with their county agent Jones and home demonstration agent, Miss Proctor, attended a 4-H picnic and outing last Friday at Burnt Fort. They enjoyed fishing and boating and roaming around in the sunshine. Franklin Roddenberry was the champion fisherman. He caught a catfish big enough to serve the whole crowd at dinner.November 22, 1940

HOSPITAL GETS NEW HEATING SYSTEM. A modern butane gas heating system has been installed by Dr. Sawyer in his hospital and clinic, providing adequate heating facilities for every room in the building.

BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR J.S. JOYNER. Mr. J.S. Joyner known and loved throughout this section as one of the grand old men of our county celebrated his 85th birthday last Saturday. He was given a birthday dinner by his children, Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Tillman. A most happy time was enjoyed by the family. Among the pleasant occasions of the day was the birthday “spanking”, given by his little granddaughter, Joye Mills, when she gave him 85 love taps. Two ministers of the Folkston charge, Rev. E.F. Dean and Rev. Swoll Sawyer were present. Experiences and memories were exchanged between the two elderly saints of the Kingdom. Rev. Dean and Mr. Joyner were most inspiring. Favorite passages of scripture were quoted from memory by the two ministers. This was concluded with prayer in which all joined. Mr. Joyner, while not a minister, is considered one of the saintly men of this section. He is now blind so that he can not read his Bible as has been his custom for many years. He has read it through many times. He is a regular attendant at Camp Meeting at Hortense. He is a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church at Hortense.

PULP MILL AT ST. MARYS. Construction of the mill of the St. Marys Kraft Corp. has made a boom in real estate activity in that little Camden County coast city. Several new homes are being built there.

GAINES OTTO MARTIN DIED. Gaines Otto Martin, age 45, lifelong resident of the Folkston community passed away Saturday at his home in Homeland after an extended illness. He had been in bad health for a number of years and was stricken several months ago with tuberculosis. A son of the late E.L. Martin and Mrs. Martin he spent practically his entire lifetime in this community. He was born in what is now Brantley County and moved to Folkston in his early youth. He had been engaged in the plumbing business and previously had been employed as a locomotive engineer on the railroad. His only brother, Lang Martin, met a tragic death in an auto accident a few years ago. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the graveside in Folkston cemetery. Survivors include his wife; one son, Gerald Martin; two daughters, Odell and Catherine Martin, his mother, Mrs. E.L. Martin and two sisters, Mrs. J. A. Hathaway and Mrs. H.J. Mays, all of Folkston.

CARD OF THANKS. Judge J.H. Johnson requests the Herald to express his grateful thanks to the Folkston and Waycross people who came to his aid in fighting the fire that threatened to destroy his big sawmill plant at Racepond last week. But for this timely assistance, Judge Johnson believes that the mill would have been destroyed. He deeply appreciates the prompt response to the call for help.

CITY ELECTION TO BE HELD SOON. With a complete list of candidates already qualified for all vacancies to be filled in Folkston’s city election, it now seems likely there will be no opposition. Dr. James L. Sawyer has qualified for Mayor to succeed Mayor V.A. Hodges. For the two places on the board of alderman, William Mizell and Zelton Conner have qualified. City Clerk O.F. Wilson has qualified as City Clerk, to succeed himself.

STREAMLINER NAMED DIXIE FLAGLER. The first streamlined passenger train to operate through Georgia via Atlanta will make its appearance on December 18. It is the Dixie Flagler, a light-weight, high-speed luxurious train of glistening stainless steel, operating between Chicago and Miami. Waycross is included among the stops, as is Atlanta.

NEW HOME FOR O.F. WILSON. Mr. and Mrs. O.F. Wilson are now at home in their new residence located one block north of the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Passieu.

CHANDLER LITTLEFIELD IS AIRPLANE PILOT. Mr. Chandler Littlefield, who is an aviation student at Chandler Field near Atlanta, arrived this week for a visit with his mother, Mrs. J.C. Littlefield. He is now an experienced pilot with 125 hours of solo flying to his credit.

TISON-CHAPLIN WEDDING. A Thanksgiving Day marriage in Folkston was that of Miss Eloise Tison, daughter of Mrs. Kathleen Tison to Mr. Ronnie Chaplin of Columbia S.C. The ceremony took place Thursday at the home of the bride’s grandmother, Mrs. T.L. Pickren, with Rev. Exum Pickren officiating. She is the oldest daughter of Mrs. Kathleen Tison and is a graduate of Vashti School in Thomasville. Mr. Chaplin is connected with a Columbia lumber concern. They will make their home in Columbia, S.C.

November 29, 1940

AMERICAN RED CROSS. A goal of 150 members of the American Red Cross has been set for the drive now in progress, more than 100 of these having already been obtained.

CONVICT CAMP TO BE MOVED TO FOLKSTON. An official order has been signed by the State Highway Board directing the removal of the State Road Camp from Hortense in Brantley County to the State Park Tract near Folkston. The work of dismantling the camp and moving it to this county was immediately begun. Several weeks will be required to complete the removal of all the material to set up the camp. The dormitory and stockade will have a capacity of 235 convicts. 180 men are at present assigned to the camp. About 125 will be brought here at the present. The civilian employees will number about 36 men. It is expected that about 20 families will come to Folkston.

DRAFT QUOTA FOR THIS MONTH IS TWO MEN. The local Draft Board for Charlton County was this week advised that the quota for this county in the first draft for military training has been set at two men, one white and one colored. There have been eight volunteers for immediate service and Charlton’s quota will very likely be filled from this list of volunteers.

WRIGHT TOURIST HOME REMODELED. The former Wright Tourist Home, which has been acquired by V.J. Pickren has undergone extensive repairs and is operated by Mrs. B.F. Hubert of Thomasville. The three rooms available for rent have been furnished with beautiful maple furniture and each room has a bath with hot and cold water. Venetian blinds have been installed in all the windows.

PACK STOKES TO SELL CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH AUTOS. P.O. Stokes, owner and manager of the Okefenokee Station is now the sales representative in this county for Chrysler and Plymouth line of motor cars, effective January lst.

WHIT WESLEY BANKS DIED. Whit Wesley Banks, age 34, resident of Folkston since early youth, and widely known in the community, passed away Sunday morning, less than an hour after being stricken with a heart attack. Born in Randolph County he came to Folkston with his parents 22 years ago. He was a skilled electrician and had been engaged in electrical and plumbing work for the past several years. Funeral rites were held Monday in the Adkins Funeral Home Chapel. Interment followed in the Folkston cemetery. Immediate survivors include his father, Judge W.E. Banks, stepmother, Mrs. W.E. Banks, a sister, Mrs. Waudell Vickery; two brothers, C.S. Banks and C.R. Banks, as well as several uncles and aunts.

COOK FURNITURE CO. TO LOCATE IN PAXTON STORE BUILDING. The Cook Furniture Co., with Mr. Tarver Cook, Sr. as the owner and manager, Folkston’s newest business concern is this week opening for business in the old Paxton store building, located on the corner of the railroad park square, near the ACL depot. The building which is owned by Mrs. B.G. McDonald has been put in first class repair and the interior arranged for use as a sales and display room by Mr. Cook. He is putting in a full line of furniture and household supplies of all kinds. He plans to operate a general installment furniture business.

AMERICAN RED CROSS MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. The annual membership roll call for the local chapter of American Red Cross is in progress this week under direction of Mrs. R.E. Tittle, with Mrs. Jack Thompson, Mrs. John B. Southwell and Miss Marward Bedell and Miss Gertrude Proctor among those actively soliciting memberships. T.W. Wrench is carrying the campaign in the Homeland community.

HENRY JACKSON DAVIS DIED. Henry Jackson Davis, age 77, died at his home in Folkston on November 27th after more than four months illness confined to his bed. The end came peacefully while his wife and children were by his bedside. His death had been expected. The funeral was conducted from the Folkston Methodist Church, with interment in the Folkston cemetery. Born in Charlton County, his parents were the late Henry Davis and Belle Motte Davis. They moved to Hilliard soon after and he was reared there. He was the last of his father’s family and is survived by his wife, three children, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren. He entered business in Hilliard as a very young man. For more than 40 years he ran a large mercantile business with a store in Hilliard, later with stores in both Folkston and Hilliard, finally confining his business to Folkston. From 1915-1921 Mr. Davis was chairman of the Charlton County Commissioners. He was a city official for several years and a member of the Knights of Pythias. He attended school at Gainesville and Thomasville and finished his education in Lexington, Ky. He was a devout member of the Folkston Methodist Church. He served on the building committee when the Methodist Church was moved from near the depot. He first married Miss Sally C. Scott of Kings Ferry, who died after he had moved to Folkston. Of this marriage there were three children, Mrs. Violet Davis Eubanks, Herman Alexander Davis and the late Nellie Davis Peterson who died last April. His second marriage was to Miss Pearl Wright who survives him. One daughter of this marriage, Miss Ruby Davis, survives. Adkins Funeral Home was in charge.

GRACE CHAPEL CHURCH. The box supper last Saturday night was highly successful. The church officials of Grace Chapel report that enough money was taken in to liquidate all the current debts of the church.

NEW ROOF FOR DINKINS HOME. Mrs. J.W. Dinkins and family can rest without fear of something being ruined by a leak, as their house is getting a new roof this week.

OWEN DINKINS IS NEW POSTMASTER FOR HOMELAND. Mr. Owen Dinkins will begin the operation of the Homeland post office November 30th as acting postmaster. He will appreciate your patronage.

LLOYD-PETTY WEDDING. An interesting event of the week was the marriage of Miss Lucille Lloyd and Clifton Petty which occurred Saturday in Blackshear. The bride is from Waycross, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Lloyd. She is also a niece of Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Popham and Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Higginbotham of Coleraine Plantation. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Lige Petty and is an employee of the Hercules Powder Co.

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