Digest of Charlton County Herald - November 1939

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

November 3, 1939

THE TRAIN’S NAME IS “CHAMPION.” The Atlantic Coast Line and Florida East Coast Railroads announced this week that “Champion” is the name that has been chosen for their new diesel-powered Streamliner to be operated between New York and Miami beginning about November lst. The contest for selecting a name for the train attracted more than 100,000 entries.

WEDDING CEREMONY AT GRACE CHAPEL. At the conclusion of the services at Grace Chapel at Uptonville this Saturday night, a wedding ceremony will take place, Rev. Dixon officiating. The happy couple are Miss Helen Crews and Morgan Chesser. A large crowd is expected to witness the ceremony. Both are widely known and are popular with the younger set of the community.

MR. JOHN B. LLOYD DIED. Mr. John B. Lloyd, age 80, lifelong citizen of Charlton County and widely known and highly regarded, passed away at his home in the Camp Pinckney community Friday after an extended illness. He was a grandson of James Lloyd, member of a colony from the state of Maine which settled at Burnt Fort early in the nineteenth century. He was one of the oldest members of the Folkston Masonic Lodge and was a Past Master, having served in almost every station. He was also one of the leading members of the Camp Pinckney Missionary Baptist Church and a man of upright character. He served as a member of the Board of County Commissioners some years ago. Funeral services were held at the Folkston cemetery with burial rites of the Masonic order being carried out by members of the Folkston Lodge. Survivors include one daughter, Mrs. Ira Rogers; four sons, Jeff, Mack, Lester and Brantley and one sister, Mrs. Lou Woolard. Adkins Funeral Home was in charge of the burial arrangements.

ELECTRICITY FOR UPTONVILLE. Enthusiasm is rising to a high level in the Uptonville and other rural communities over the prospects of getting electricity soon, or we hope it will be soon.

LARGE SUNDAY SCHOOL GROUP AT CORNHOUSE. The attendance at Cornhouse Sunday School was more than 100 last Sunday afternoon. There were more than a dozen visitors from Camp Pinckney and Folkston.

November 10, 1939

CAMP PINCKNEY BAPTIST CHURCH. Members of the Missionary Circle of the Camp Pinckney Baptist Church met with Mrs. Alfred Knowles last week. Participating on the program on missions were Mrs. Herbert Huling, Mrs. W.L. Huling, Mrs. Tom Merrow, Mrs. M.H. Huling, Mrs. E.W. Shivar, Mrs. S.A. O’Quinn, Mrs. Buster Simmons and Mrs. Bernie Lloyd.

MR. JAMES H. SULLIVEN OF SAVANNAH DIED WHILE HUNTING. James Houston Sullivan, formerly of Savannah but more recently a resident of Jacksonville, was stricken with a fatal heart attack Tuesday while on a quail hunt in the woods near Folkston. He was accompanied by Johnnie Allen and was carried to the Sawyer Hospital here. The body was prepared for shipment to Savannah by Adkins Funeral Home and was carried to Savannah by an ambulance from that city.

MISS PAULINE LOWTHER TO RECEIVE GOLD MEDAL. Pauline Lowther of Winokur has been designated to receive the gold medal award given county winners in the National 4-H Canning Achievement Contest conducted by the Extension Service. Presentation will be made by Home Demonstration Agent Gertrude Proctor.

WEDDING, CREWS-CHESSER. A wedding of county-wide interest is that of Mr. Morgan Chesser and Miss Helen Crews Saturday night at Grace Chapel immediately after the church services. After the ceremony the bride and groom were seated and all who wished congratulated them and wished them happiness.

NOTICE: All those who can not read and write get in touch with C.W. Waughtel, County Adult Teacher.

UNEMPLOYED WORKERS. Unemployed workers in Charlton County were paid $94.27 in benefits by the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation during the week ending November 4th, it was announced this week. The number of payments was reported as being ten.

November 17, 1939

MR. JESSE NAZWORTH DIED. The untimely death of Mr. Jesse Nazworth Sunday was regretted by friends and relatives all over the county. We express deep sympathy for the bereaved.

UPTONVILLE CANE GRINDINGS. Good old Uptonville cane syrup is in the making. The cane grinding for the year is well underway.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR CREWS FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crews, Homeland, announce the birth of a fine baby girl on November 12th. The mother and baby are both doing fine.

SAINT GEORGE CANE GRINDING. On Tuesday night the people of St. George enjoyed a cane boiling at the Osterman home just south of town.

MR. HARRELL OF ST. GEORGE DIED. Mr. Harrell who died at the Stubbs Mill, near St. George, the past week was buried at Eastman, Ga. The community extends sympathy to the family and friends.

NEW BABY FOR FRED TANNER FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tanner, St. George, are being congratulated on the new member of their family.

November 24, 1939

MR. PLAYER APPOINTED TO SOCIAL SECURITY BOARD. At the last meeting of the Board of County Commissioners Mr. R.E. Player was appointed to succeed the late N.E. Roddenberry as a member of the Charlton County Social Security Board. Mr. Player is well qualified. His appointment will meet with general approval.

MISS VELMA PRESCOTT TO RECEIVE GOLD MEDAL. Velma Prescott has been designated to receive the gold medal award of county winners in the National 4-H Food Preparation Contest conducted by the Extension Service. The presentation will be made by Miss Gertrude Proctor, County Home Demonstration Agent.

TRADITIONAL THANKSGIVING SERVICE. A Thanksgiving Day service will be held at First Baptist Church on Thanksgiving Day with members of the Baptist and Methodist Churches attending.

OXYGEN MACHINE INSTALLED IN CLINIC HERE. Dr. James L. Sawyer and Dr. W.R. McCoy recently installed in the Sawyer Clinic here the very latest appliance for the administration of oxygen, which enables them to give the most effective treatment for pneumonia now available in any of the most modern hospitals.

MISS TRACY ATTENDS SISTERS’ GRADUATION. Miss Leila Tracy attended the graduation exercises of her sisters who are finishing training school at the St. Luke’s Hospital in Jacksonville.

GOWEN CHILD INJURED. Little Tommie Gowen, young son of Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Gowen, happened to a painful accident Monday when his thumb was almost completely severed while playing with a tin can. The little lad was taken to Sawyer Hospital where the badly cut thumb was stitched together.

GOLD FROM NORTH GEORGIA. J.E. Harvey, Jr., a student at North Georgia College at Dahlonega, spent the Thanksgiving holidays with his parents. He brought along a small piece of ore from the famous gold mine where a rich strike was made recently. It plainly shows traces of gold and attracted much interest.

UPTONVILLE FARMERS HAVE TURNIPS READY TO SELL. Farmers in the Uptonville community who have planted turnips for the market report that they have been ready to sell but no bulk sales have been made as yet.

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