Digest of Charlton County Herald - November 1935

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

November 1, 1935

MRS. P.J. OSTERMAN DIED. St. George lost one of its pioneer citizens Monday when the Angel of Death claimed Mrs. P.J. Osterman after an illness of several weeks. With her beloved husband they came to St. George almost thirty years ago and located on the estate where she died, developing it into a real home. Mr. Osterman died several years ago. They reared an interesting family of two sons and two daughters, one of them, Frank, now being in South Africa as a missionary. Fred lived with his mother while the two girls, Mrs. Birdie Muriel Hull and Mrs. Mary D. Weeks, located in Berrien and Columbia Counties. Services were held at the Methodist Church with Rev. L.E. Williams conducting the rites. Burial was in Oak Grove cemetery by the side of her husband. All of the family were in attendance except the son in far away Africa.

WINOKUR SCHOOL. Catherine Thrift, Hazel Smith, Willie Crews, Wilbur Smith and Inez Thrift, were honor students at Winokur School last month.

SOAP WRAPPER PARTY. The Home Economics class of Charlton County High enjoyed a social-soap wrapper party Friday. Each girl paid her way by bringing as many soap wrappers as she was years old. These will be used to purchase an electric iron for the Home Ec department. The total number of wrappers was 611.

RAT TRAPS AT COUNTY AGENT'S OFFICE. All of the rat traps that are in the custody of the County Supervisor's are to be turned over to County Agent A.B. Hursey by Nov. lst. These traps will be distributed among the farmers of this county through the office of the county agent. Any farmer in need of rat traps should call at Mr. Hursey's office. He will fill your order as long as the 824 traps last.

WEDDING. J.C. Murray and Miss Estelle Bennett were married by Judge H.G. Gibson Saturday night a week ago at the home of the judge. These young people have a number of friends in Folkston who will be glad to know they are going to be home folks here.

November 8, 1935

NEW HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT. The installation of a first-class General Electric X-Ray machine and X-Ray Fluoroscope last week by Drs. Fleming and Sawyer marks the beginning of an up-to-date hospital for Folkston. This is as modern as money can buy. Lens of all sizes makes it possible for as perfect a picture right here in Folkston as can be had in hospitals in other cities. An outstanding feature of this outfit is that it can be dismantled and carried to the bedside of any patient where there is electrical current.

FAIR WINNERS. Winners in exhibits at the recent 4-H Club Fair were Florence Hendricks, Hazel Smith, Kathryn Thrift, Pearl Conner, Zilphia Crews, Clora Lee Roddenberry, Ardell Crews, Dorothy Leckie, Willie Thompson, Frona Hodges, Marcetta Suggs, Julia George, Lula Mae Prescott, Cleo Quarterman, Beryl Barnes, Irene Gibson, Susie Mae Crews, Mildred Prescott, Mildred Huling, Ruby Thrift, and Thelma Burnsed.

November 15, 1935

SCHOOL BOND ELECTION. On November 18 the voters of the Folkston District will be asked to cast a vote for or against bonds for a Junior High School building. There are 380 voters and 2/3 of this number is needed to carry this election. Members of the PTA will furnish their cars in getting voters to the polls.

NEW BABY. Grandpa L.E. Mallard is wearing an extra-wide smile over the new deal, news having just come that a fine nine pound boy had arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. K.A. Eaton in Atlanta. So far it has not been named.

WALTER JAMES LANGFORD DIED. Funeral services for Walter James Langford, 62, well known turpentine operator of the Racepond section, who died at his home Tuesday, was held in Waycross. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Eula Player Langford; two sons, H.P. Langford and Julian Langford; three brothers, Thomas Langford, C.L. Langford and Harry Langford and two sisters, Mrs. David Thompson and Mrs. S.C. McQuaig. Burial will be at Oakland cemetery.

November 22, 2935

SCHOOL BOND ELECTION PASSED ALMOST UNANIMOUSLY. Of the 250 votes cast only six registered disapproval of the Folkston District school bonds. The proposed Jr. High School building will give six new rooms, a large library, and a large laboratory with accessories.

WEDDING. Of much interest to their friends throughout this section is the marriage of Miss Gertrude Wildes to Mr. Scott Johnson. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Wildes and Scott is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Johnson. The marriage was performed at the Methodist parsonage Wednesday morning at 8:00 o'clock with only relatives and a few friends attending.

ACTIVE FIRE DEPARTMENT SAVES HOME OF J.V. GOWEN. A fire that is thought to have originated around the stove flue at the home of J.V. Gowen Monday came close to having destroyed this beautiful building. When discovered the blaze had good headway and in a very short while the entire attic of the southwest corner of the home was burning from within. The City Fire Department arrived on the scene in short order. After the workers broke through the roof making it possible to get water direct into the blazing attic it was only a short while until it was under control. All the furniture was moved into the streets clearing it of both fire and water. It is said the furniture received very little damage. The roof and upper ceiling was ruined. Work will begin immediately upon repairs of the building, it is stated.

November 29, 1935

WEDDING. A marriage of interest to their friends in Folkston is that of Miss Jackie Irene Bennett to Mr. Richard W. Stokes of Valdosta. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bennett of Folkston. The wedding was solomnized November 23rd by Judge H.G. Gibson, this being one of the judge's big hobbies. Their friends wish for them a happy and prosperous future.

WEDDING. Mr. W.R. Catoe announces the marriage of his daughter, Miss Mildred Catoe of Miami, to Mr. Virgie Saunders of Mississippi. They have gone on their honeymoon to Mississippi and will make their home in Miami.

CONTRACT FOR NEW SCHOOL BUILDING AWARDED. Bids were opened Monday for the construction of the new Junior High School building. The successful bidder was the local firm of Shivar and White and the sum of the contract was $33,947.00. Two other bids were received. Construction will begin within ten days after approval of the award. The contract calls for steam heat in the new building but does not include the heating of the two present buildings.

SOUTH GEORGIA MOSS SHIPPED TO ATHENS. Mr. M.L. McKinnon living near Folkston has just shipped his daughter, Miss Jane McKinnon, attending college in Athens, sixty beet pulp bags full of Spanish Moss which is to be used as a Thanksgiving Day decoration theme at the college. The good train Bogey took the carload of feathery lightness and it filled almost a half car. Festooned with moss any old building can be made to look brilliant and if sprayed with common table salt, it will shine like silver.

TOURIST HOME RENOVATION. The Davis Tourist Home, which is owned and operated by H.J. Davis, is this week undergoing a complete renovation of three rooms and all of the halls. This house has gained such favor the past few years as a domicile for tourists that many nights no vacant rooms are left. William Prescott of Jacksonville, son-in-law of Mr. Davis, has charge of the work.


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