Digest of Charlton County Herald - November 1931

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

November 6, 1931

TOM SIMMONS DIED. Tom Simmons, age 73, a negro that has been working around Winokur, was found dead in a cabin on the Everett Crews place Saturday. Sheriff Mizell made an investigation and found that he had died from natural causes. Mr. Crews looked after the interment as he had been cutting ties for him.

LOSS IN WOODS FIRES EXTENSIVE. $25,000.00 lost in this county the past week means much more in the loss of employment and business in the next few years. The extent of damage done by the forest fires in Charlton will probably reach its highest level this season. Ga. Fla. Invest. Co. has suffered the destruction of 32,000 boxes and quite a quantity of gum in barrels recently dipped that had not been hauled out of the woods. This loss represents about half as the killing of the timber will easily double the burned boxes.

L. PARKER BUYS TELEPHONE SYSTEM. The sale of the Marianna Telephone System to L. Parker took place this week and Mr. Parker assumed charge of the exchange. He is owner of the exchanges at Callahan and Patterson and merges the exchanges owned by the Marianna system with his. They are Folkston, Hoboken, Nahunta and Hilliard. He will move to Folkston and make his home in the exchange building. Mrs. Parker, a son and daughter, make up the family.

BARTER ACCEPTED. In payment of subscription to this paper, anything you have is acceptable such as potatoes, syrup, corn, peas, beans, wood, chickens, eggs, pigs or cotton.

CIVIL WAR PENSION CHECKS. Uncle Jesse Grooms was in Monday, hearing the pension checks had arrived, and decided to surprise Judge Gibson by coming in person for his. He was spry and despite his 88 years was as cheerful as they make them now a days.

NEW LARD CANS. W.E. Gibson has in a nice lot of new lard cans for fifty cents each. Homemade lard is one product that should be put up in new tins.

LITTLE POLLY ANN SULLIVAN DIED. The little infant child of Mr. and Mrs. F.T. Sullivan of near Hilliard, just ten days old, died Monday and was buried in the Folkston cemetery. She had been given the name of Polly Ann.

STOKES FAMILY IN NEW HOME. The family of L.E. Stokes is now pleasantly housed in their new home near the consolidated school. It contains ten rooms and two baths and is a very roomy home for this interesting family.

THREE PLAYED HOOKEY. The three boys that took French leave Tuesday afternoon were found on the beach at Jacksonville Wednesday evening, fishing. They were Louie Passieu, Woodrow Mills and Elton Warren. They returned and received their prodigal son welcome. How naughty, boys, to do your mothers that way!

WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry announce the marriage of their only daughter, Fannye Eloise, to John Colquit Kilpatrick of Birmingham, Ala. The wedding was solemnized at First Methodist Church in Birmingham.

MRS. ROWELL, INDIAN WAR PENSIONER, DIED. Mrs. Basheba Rowell, an aged resident of St. George, died Tuesday and was buried at Ammaes Cemetery. She has lived in this community all of her life and was Miss Ganey before marrying Mr. Hodges, later marrying Mr. Rowell. She was a pensioner in the Indian War, Mr. Rowell having served in 1842.

November 13, 1931

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. M. Altman announce the birth of a fine baby girl weighing nine pounds on November 7th.

TALKING PICTURE SHOW HERE. Folkston has been regaled with the tent moving picture show all of this week, with both singing and talking attachment, and the business does not indicate that our town is broke. Mr. Berman is a Spanish War veteran and is trying to give a good show for ten and twenty cents.

WESLEY RHODEN VERY SICK. The serious illness of Wesley Rhoden at his daughter's home on the Vinson farm is reported. Mr. Rhoden is an old timer, having lived in Charlton County all of his life and has reached a ripe old age. His friends fear that he will be unable to live very long.

MISS RUTH CRAWFORD BADLY BURNED. Miss Ruth Crawford, 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Crawford living near Toledo was terribly burned Wednesday while she was cooking the morning meal. Reports are that she was building a fire with kerosene. It ignited her clothing and in a moment they were in a mass of flames. Her father rushed in to tear them away and his hands were badly burned. Flames were going up over her head burning both sides of her face. Her arms were badly burned. First treatment was rendered by Dr. Heartleigh at St. George and she was taken to a hospital in Jacksonville.

NOAH STOKES GROWS CITRUS FRUIT. Noah Stokes has sent in a cluster of five grapefruit raised on his place at Toledo. He said that several of his Satsuma oranges had supplied them fruit and that he still had some left. A tree near the house that catches the drainage from the well has developed an orange twice as large as the field trees.

November 20, 1931

AIR CIRCUS COMING. The Reliance Motor Co. has opened up the Shell gasoline station and will give an Air Circus at the aviation field Sunday. Passengers will be taken up in a big cabin plane and some fancy stunts will be pulled off with a fast sport biplane.

MISS RUTH CRAWFORD DIED. The friends of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Crawford extend their heartfelt sympathy to them in their great sorrow over the tragic death by fire of their daughter, Ruth, last Wednesday. This is the second child in this family to be burned to death.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woodard announce the arrival of a daughter on November 12. The little girl has been given the name of Carolyn Virginia.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brock announce the birth of a baby boy on November 14.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Vandell Bennett are the proud parents of a fine baby boy born on November 11.

MRS. M. ALTMAN SUFFERS STROKE. Mrs. M. Altman suffered a slight stroke of paralysis and reports are that she is as well as could be expected under the circumstances.

LITTLE WALTER ROBERT DINKINS DIED. Walter Robert, eighteen months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ruth Dinkins, died Monday and was buried at Prospect. Rev. G.H. Jacobs and Rev. H.C. Griffin officiated.

AD. Pure Jersey Milk. Cash and Carry. Bring Your Bottle. One Quart - Ten Cents. Mrs. T.W. Wrench.

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