Digest of Charlton County Herald - November 1928

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

No issue on microfilm for November 2, 1928

November 9, 1928

MR. LEE CRAWFORD DROWNED. News of the death by drowning of Mr. Lee Crawford in the St. Marys River reached us Monday. It is related that he left home on Wednesday on a fishing trip near the Sol Burnsed place. Some boys reported having seen him at the river. Failing to return, parties looked for him, but the finding of his hat afloat and his boat adrift led to the belief that he was drowned. His body was discovered by a range rider Sunday, having risen near where his hat was found. Funeral was Monday. He was an old settler, was well known and was about 65 years of age.

J.V. GOWEN NAMED MASTER FARMER. Each county in the district put up a "Master Farmer" and Charlton named J.V. Gowen. Charlton's Master Farmer had as visitors Monday two gentlemen looking his farm over and interviewing him on the profession of farming.

MR. LAWT CREWS DIED. Lawt Crews died at his home near St. George on October 30 after an illness of several weeks. He was buried at Stokes Cemetery. Mr. Crews was 48 years old. He was born and raised in Charlton County as were his father and mother. He leaves a widow, Mrs. Dorsey Corneal Crews and several grown children, Sampson, Ellis, Estelle, Villa; two sisters, Mrs. Parshall Stokes and Amanda Smith; brothers, German, Cuba, Champ, Dan and E.J. Crews.

WEDDING. Married October 31st at Ordinary H.G. Gibson's office, Mr. B.R. Rider and Miss Mary Petty of the Traders Hill District. Mr. Rider is the son of Mr. Reese Rider and the bride is the daughter of Mr. Harry Petty. They will make their home in that district.

November 16, 1928

PROGRESS ON COURTHOUSE WORK. The work on the courthouse is now showing up the beautiful granite and marble work. The steel windows are about ready to be placed in the first story and the vaults are almost completed.

MR. M. ALTMAN INJURED. Mr. M. Altman was painfully hurt last Sunday when a horse he was handling fell on him, bruising him about the body and legs, which were already crippled. Dr. McCoy attended him. He was laid up in bed the last report we had of him.

November 23, 1928

THREE SIMULTANEOUS CHURCH SERVICES. Folkston was fortunate Sunday in having Divine Services conducted at all three of our churches at the morning hour. The Baptists had their regular services with Rev. J.D. Poindexter preaching, Rev. J.A. Smith gave the Methodists an accounting of the orphan's home work and Rev. P.D. Miller, who has been preaching a revival at the Presbyterian Church, gave a splendid sermon Sunday morning.

J.B. BROWN SHOT HIS WIFE. Delivering himself up to Sheriff Mizell about 8 o'clock Monday night, J.B. Brown, colored, admitted that he fired the fatal shot a few minutes before that robbed Hattie Brown of her life. She was at the home of her sister, Jessie Ratcliff. Dr. Fleming responded quickly but she died within a few minutes of his arrival. She was buried Wednesday at her former home in Camden.

MRS. BRITT LOYD DIED. Mrs. Britt Loyd, a former resident of St. George, died at her home in Jacksonville Tuesday of last week and was brought to a nearby cemetery for burial. It is understood that Mrs. Loyd's death was unexpected.

BROOKS' GRANDSON DIED. Charles, the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Brooks, died last Friday at the home of Mr. Brooks at the Paxton Place. He was ill only a few days and was about five years old.

November 30, 1928

FOLKSTON'S FIRST FULL-TIME PASTOR. Strides were made by the Baptists of Folkston in the past year or so, in which they have outgrown being a charge of the Mission Board, to its present status. It can be explained in large part by the great year's work of the present pastor, Rev. J.D. Poindexter.

NEW FORDS EVERYWHERE. The Passieu Motor Co. has been putting on speed the past month, putting new Fords on the market. Elbert Altman, who knows the game of selling them, has been going full speed ahead. Among customers buying cars are Racepond Turpentine Co., truck; J.W. Geiger, truck and tractor; Toledo Manufacturing Co., a truck; Lacy Raulerson, touring car; Charles Edwards, truck; D.G. Wilson, car; Fred Askew, sedan; Leon Askew, sedan; J.V. Gowen, touring car and Pratt Mizell, truck.

MISS JULIA PEARL GIBSON DIED OF BURNS. Julia Pearl Gibson, the fourteen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W.L. Gibson, was severely burned at their home in St. Marks, Fla. last Sunday and died Monday. The remains were buried at Sardis Cemetery Tuesday. Elder I.T. Hickox attended the funeral.

MR. GASTON KITCHENS DIED OF INJURIES. Gaston A. Kitchens, age 33 years, Chevrolet salesman for Wright Motor Co. was so seriously hurt in an automobile collision Sunday that he died an hour later.

MISS LUTIE MAE JOHNSON DIED. The burial of Miss Lutie Mae Johnson at Sardis last Thursday, with the rites conducted by Rev. Owen Gibson, was the end of a long period of suffering of this young lady. She died Wednesday in Waycross at the home of her father, Mr. Lige Johnson. She was 27 years of age, a sufferer for practically all of her life.

MR. EUGENE BRYANT DIED. A wire from Charleston W.Va. Tuesday announced the death of Mr. Eugene Bryant, 23 years old, son of Mr. Bryant who has visited his father, R.S. Bryant at Traders Hill. Mr. Bryant died of pneumonia. The body was shipped to their home at Lake Wales, Fla. where Mrs. Bryant now is, and where they lived. Mr. Bryant had been staying with his father lately, on account of his age, and assisting their work there.

THE JOHN HARRIS' HAVE A RADIO. Mr. and Mrs. John Harris have installed a Radio in their home, Mr. Dean Gowen being in St. George on Tuesday to do the work.

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