Digest of Charlton County Herald - November 1913

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

November 6

NOTICE: All parties who have cotton they expect to have ginned at Paxton's Gin, please arrange to get it in as soon as possible as the ginning season for this territory is about over.

FRANK DELIVERING FOR MERCHANTS. Frank Davis is now on the wagon for the Merchants Orocery Co.

TOBACCO CROP MEETING. The Farmers Union has arranged for a general meeting at Waycross on Nov. 1S when a tobacco expert will explain the culture and growing of tobacco. TYis is a profitable industry.

WINOKUR NEWS: Miss Nora Stephens and W. A. Yarber were married in the home of W. R. Anderson last Friday, T. W. Vickery officiating. The couple were runaways and no one saw the marriage except Mrs. Anderson and daughter.

WEDDING. STEPHENS‑YARBER. Miss Nora Stephens and Mr. illie A. Yarber were quietly married at the home of Mrs. W. R. Anderson, Winokur, Ga. on Friday p. m. , Oct 31 at 3:00 oclock. The bride is the daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. J. Crews near here. The groom is a prominent young man from Ohio and is now teacher of the Intermediate Grade in the Folkston High School. The people of this city present hearty congratulations.

CARAGE BEING BUILT. J. W. Rodgers is erecting a garage on the back of his lot recently purchased from H. J. Davis and C. E. Love will open up this business in it as soon as completed.

LETTER TO EDITOR. Wrightsville, Ga. Dear Editor deGraffenreid, This has been the greatest year of my ministry largely due to the little girl who came on the circuit as assistant pastor last Feb. Have received 51 new members, Laptized 49 infants, preached twice every Sunday, made over JOO pastoral calls, conducted 8 protracted meetings, collected every conference assessment and my salary is paid in full with a $50. 00 bill extra. My people all say that I am their pastor for 1914 and the Presiding Elder says he will not upset our plans during conference. Conference is just two weeks off and I am going to Macon happy with a good report. With best wishes I am E. L. Wainright.

THOMAS CHILD MEMORIAL. F. A. Thomas has returned from a trip uD in the neighborhood of Braganza where he went to place a headstone on the grave of his child.

DEEP CREEK. Senator Olliff started out Tuesday with John Roddenberry and Mallard for St. George. The last we heard of them they were in the middle of a creek between here and there.

NEW 8UILDING COMING UP. B F. Scott is busy this week pushing his new building upward and when completed it will be "some classs from bottom to top, inside and out and from rear to front.

WILLIAMS' PLANTATION. Dr. allas Williams has recently purchased one hundred acres of fine land between here and Traders Hill and he's as busy as a bee fixing to plant a cabbage patch on it.

MRS. CUSBY'S SON DIED. Mrs. Jennie Ousby's boy died November 4th aL Silco. The ohly boy she had.

REMAINS FROM NOAH'S FLOOD. Geo. Phillips brought us in some petrified animal and fish bones he found that wera brought up from a depth of over 400 feet in the well being drilled for the A. C. L.

BRICK GOING UP ON SCOTT'S NEW STORE. We see the Old Reliable, J. B. Baker, is wielding his trowel on Mr. Scott's white front brick building.

(No issue on microfilm for November 13)

November 20

ANNIVERSARY PARTY. Dr. nd Mrs. T. P. Reville antertained last week a large party of friends and relatives in honor of the 25th anniversary of Dr. nd Mrs. Reville's marriage. Mrs. Reville was before her marriage Miss Sallie Printup, daughter of the late William Printup of Thomson, Ca.

GEORGIA PRODUCTS DAY. Ga Products Day was observed here Tues. with a dinner spread Ljnder the trees just north of town and which nothing but Charlton County produce was served. The menu consisted of vegetables, roast beef, pork and chickens, potatoes, cornbread, tomato catsup, pickles, peaches, pears and

other eatables grown here. The male portion of the large crowd spent Lhe day in road work while the ladies prepared and served dinner and enjoyed the day.

NEW SCOTT BUILDING. The brick work on the Scott Building is completed and soon he will unveil another monument of thrift.

R P. STEWART KILLED P. R Stewart, who was killed in a wreck on the Waycross Southern Sunday near Lhe Swamp was a brother in law to Hamp Mizell.

McDONALD TO BUILD. B. ~. McDonald is studying plans and specifications and getting things in shape to erect a handsome brick building on his lot. He expects to be ready to start by the first of the new year. We're looking for something neat and substantial from this gentleman.

CORN CLUB REWARD. B. F. Scott & Co. has shipped to Barney Ruis a nice suit of clothes this week as prize in Corn Club work in ~~~~

E T. HATCHER DIED. Mr. benezer Thomas Hatcher died aL his residence here last Friday morning. He had been in failing health for two years and confined to his bed for 34 days just before his death. He was born in Columbia County, Fla. in 1838 and marriod Miss Francis CrawIord of Blackshear March 14, 1351

Deceased was about 76 years of age and resided in this immediate section most of his life, was one of our oldest and most highly respected citizens. He was in service four years with the ith Ceorgia Regiment in the Civil War He is survived by his widow

and two daughters, Mrs. Wilson of N. J. and Mrs. Avant of Jacksonville; two sisters, Mrs. Mary Lloyd of Folkston and Mrs. Elizabeth Guinn of Hilliard. The community has lost a good citizen Reace to his ashes.

TO CLOSE ON THANKSGIVING DAY We the undersigned merchants of Folkston do hereby agree to close our stores and warehouses for the transaction of business, except coffins and such other goods connected therewith, on Thanksgiving Day. Signed: B. G. McDonald, The Drug Store, B. F. Scott & Co. , Merchants' Grocery, H. J Davis, C. M. Wright, M. Altman, Mrs. J. C. Wright, Folkston Orocery Co. , W. E. Rogers, Thomas W. Vickery and T. A. Reville.

TRADERS HILL SCHOOL. The Traders Hill new school house has been completed, all but the painting which is being put on as fast as possible. School opened there Monday morning with Miss Maggie Minchew in charge.

November 27

IVY JOHNSON KILLED BY TRAIN. Tuesday night there was a rent here in the yard limits of the A. C. L. system. The little section gang of K. R. Gordon was called out to repair the rent and in this gang was a noble young man, Ivy Johnson, who had worked faithfully with them for a number of years. He was at work all night getting the rent fixed and when all was safe, started for home, but the strain had been too great and he sat down to rest on the track and went to sleep. A train killed him. Ivy was faithful to duty, an honest and upright young man, the mainspring of support for his parents and smaller brothers and sisters, just reaching happy young manhood. His remains were laid away in Bachlott Cemetery Wed. afternoon in the present of a large number of friends. Rest in peace.

CANDY PULLING AT HENRY JOHNSON'S. Henry Johnson's candy pulling was a complete sLlccess, about 100 attended and all enjoyed Henry's unstinted hospitality to the limit. Musician Blackman was there with his harmonica in fine tune.

ALLEN NO LONGER GUARDS CANE PATCH. J. A. Allen of Newell was a visitor to our city last Sat. and as the strain from watching his cane patch is over, he looks a great deal better.

MRS. FRANCIS WOOLARD DIED. Mrs. F'^ancis Woolard, an aged and respected citizen who lived in the Lloyd Settlement, died Saturday evening and was buried in 8achlott Cemetery here on Sunday.

WEDDING. B. A. Altman and Miss Mattie Mizell were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. nd Mrs. J. T. Mizell, last Cunday, Elder W. O Gibson officiating. The Herald wishes them a long and peaceful journey through life.

WEDDING. Invitations have been received in this city to the marriage on the 11th of December at Miami of Miss Katie M. Lang to Mr. eymour Dame. Miss Lang is a sister of Mrs. B. G. McDonald and has many friends here.

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