Digest of Charlton County Herald - November 1910

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


November 3, 1910

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Donahoo, a boy, on the night of October 27th.

ANOTHER NEW BABY. A new boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Moore last Saturday night.

ALLEN SCHOOL. Miss Ella Strickland has just completed her school in the Allen neighborhood and returned to her home in Wayne County. Among those of her pupils who deserve special mention is Miss Augy Allen, the little ten-year-old daughter of Mr. John Allen who never missed a day during the entire term and received more head marks than any other pupil in school.

November 10, 1910

NEW BABY. There is a new girl at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Davis.

ANOTHER NEW BABY. Sheriff Wainright has a new boy at his house. This makes only eight boys in his family.


….REV. JONES. Rev. G.E. Jones and family left Wednesday for Waycross where they will make their home, Mr. Jones having accepted the pastorate of the Second Baptist Church at that place.

….REV. CLARK. Rev. J.A. Clark, the new pastor of the Baptist Church, moved his family here Wednesday and will hold services Saturday and Sunday. The church conference will be held Saturday.

….NO DEBT. To the good people of Folkston and community who with their kindness and hearty liberality helped to pay the debt off of our Baptist property, the church building and pastorium: The church is out of debt and was dedicated October 8th during our Association meeting. G.E. JONES.

NOTICE. All parties having cattle on H.A. Cannon’s pastures will please call them in as he is ready for fencing.

WEDDING. The happy marriage of W.R. Catoe and Miss Eula Allen took place at the home of Justice J.W. Davison on November lst. Mr. Catoe is a prominent business man of Squirrel Den and Miss Allen is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Allen of Newell. The ceremony was performed by J.W. Davison and it was his first. The couple went to Squirrel Den to make it their future home.

November 17, 1910

REVIVAL. The revival meeting that has been going on at the Methodist Church for ten days closed with Quarterly Conference Monday.

WEDDING. Miss Myra Mizell and Dr. Dallas Williams were married at the Methodist Church here on the evening of 9th Inst., Rev. W. Langston of Waycross officiating. The happy young couple left immediately after the ceremony for St. Augustine.


ROCKEFELLER QUOTE: “I beseech you to cease to regret your lack of prosperity. Thank God you have work and struggle before you.” -- J.D. Rockefeller.

Response to Mr. Rockefeller:



I thank thee, Lord, that I have not

Golden horde in some safe spot,

And don’t hold sway in any state

Where jury may investigate.


Oh, I rejoice with this great boon,

And I lift my voice in thankful tune

That from my lack I almost starve,

For canvas back I can not carve.


I am so glad indeed that I

Have never had the cash to buy

Palace grand or castle great

Or miles of land for my estate.


It is to me a lasting joy,

One that shall be without alloy,

That I may jump into the ditch

While autos bump by with the rich.


My heart is thrilled with gratitude,

My bosom filled with thankful mood,

Because I’m sure it now appears

I shall be poor through all my years!


November 24, 1910

WEDDING. Miss Mary Geneva Woolard and Mr. J.O. Huling were married at the home of the bride’s parents two miles east of town Sunday. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Woolard and the groom is the son of S.R. Huling and has recently moved to our county from northern Alabama.

RACEPOND SCHOOL. Lee W. Thomas, of Offerman, Georgia, opened school at Racepond yesterday.

NEW JOHNSON SCHOOL. Johnson School District is soon to have a new building on the new site donated by Mr.H.G. Gibson. This speaks well for that community.

TURPENTINE BUSINESS SOLD. J.S. Mizell has sold his turpentine place at Traders Hill to L.L. McKinnon and J.V. Gowen. The consideration being about $15,000.00.

MONIAC SCHOOL. Moniac School District will vote on the question of local taxation for school purposes on December 13th.

WEDDING. Miss Susan Colson and Mr. Gadston Roddenberry were married at the home of the bride’s parents west of town Sunday, Rev. Blanton of the Free Will Baptist Church, officiating. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Colson, the groom being a son of the Hon. N. Roddenberry.


….ZARFOS TO MARRY. Friends of J.M. Zarfos will be interested in the announcement of his coming marriage to Miss Sarah Leighton of Minneapolis, Minn. this coming winter. Miss Leighton is the accomplished daughter of Mr. H.N. Leighton, a prominent contractor of Minneapolis who came to Homeland last winter to spend several months. While here she met Mr. Zarfos. He is the son of Mr. L.W. Zarfos, a prominent banker of Red Lion, Penn. and is now engaged in truck farming and pecan business. He has won the esteem of his fellow townsmen by his industry and his sterling business qualities. Mr. Zarfos has already received his furniture and had the same moved to his beautiful home “Rosedale”.

….FARMING. Truckers are busy setting out cabbage plants.

….NEW BUSINESSES. Homeland boasts a new barber and a new jeweler.

NEW FAMILY. A Mrs. Burch arrived here on Tuesday night with her family, furniture, stock and farming implements prepared to become a citizen of the good county of Charlton. Mrs. Burch will farm on the place of Sheriff Wainright in Centerville next year. We extend these people a hearty welcome among us.

BANK OF FOLKSTON. Statement of the Condition of the Bank of Folkston at close of business November 10, 1910: Resources: $54,400.00.

AD. JONES BUGGY COMPANY of Waycross. Nearly sixty years of experience goes into every Studebaker wagon. [Picture of wooden wagon]. Don’t wait for your old wagon to go to pieces. Come in and let us show you the good points of a Studebaker.

FOR SALE. Jersey Cow and fine heifer yearling. Rev. I.R. Kelly, Folkston, Ga.

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