Digest of Charlton County Herald - October, 1945

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

October 5, 1945

RATIONING BOARD TO BE ABOLISHED. Charlton County War Price and Rationing Board, which has directed rationing in this county since the beginning of the program, will close its office here and cease to function effective November lst. The Board, composed of E.B. Stapleton, chairman; R.E. Player and O.C. Mizell, with Miss Marward Bedell, clerk and Miss Kathleen Stapleton, assistant clerk have handled the program smoothly and efficiently.

UNITED WAR FUND QUOTA SET. Charlton County’s quota in the United War Fund if Georgia, has been set at $1050.00, it was announced this week by Chairman O.E. Raynor who has accepted the responsibility for directing the campaign in this county.

FARM BUREAU’S RALLY WAS GREAT SUCCESS. The Charlton County Farm Bureau’s countywide rally and barbeque held last week at Homeland Park was a highly successful event. More than 2,000 people attended. The event was scheduled as the concluding event of the Farm Bureau’s membership drive. The 4-H Club Field Program held during the afternoon was featured by lively competition. The prize of $2.00 in merchandise was awarded to all the following winners: Climbing Greasy Pole, John Stewart Conner; Pie Eating Contest, Cecil Carter; Girls Pie Eating Contest, Jeannette Wainwright; 100 Yard Dash, Tim Hall; Girls 100 Yard Dash, Oleta Merle Gibson; Sack Race, 75 yards, Wesley Dixon; Three Legged Race, James Chesser, Herschel Stokes; Girls Three Legged Race, Viola Youmans, Lillian Johnson; Men’s 100 Yard Dash, Otis Nobles; Throwing Rolling Pin Contest, Mrs. Thelma Gainey. Judges were C. Crews, 
Fred Osterman and Willie Prescott. Prizes were awarded by O.E. Raynor.

MRS. THOMPSON, COUNTY NURSE, RESIGNS. Mrs. Jack Thompson, who has been County Nurse for the past several years submitted her resignation this week, effective November lst, to the Board of County Commissioners. She agreed to continue the clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays until the first of the year or until a successor can be obtained.

NEW TEACHERS APPROVED. At the Board of Education meeting last week the following teachers were approved for the Folkston school: Quinton R. Henry, Commercial. St. George, Miss Sara Simms, primary grades and Miss Evelyn Stephens, intermediate grades Moniac, Mrs. Thyra McDuffie Sands, principal and upper grades, Mr. A.D. Burnsed; Miss Myra Chism, primary grades. Mrs. J.A. Barker was approved as the bus driver for the St. George school.

MR. AND MRS. GOWEN RETURN HOME. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Gowen returned to their home here this week after spending the past two years in San Diego, Cal. where he was stationed while serving in the U.S. Marines.

WALLACE GIBSON RELEASED FROM PRISONER OF WAR CAMP. W.E. Gibson received a message this week from his son Wallace E. Gibson, stating that he has been liberated from a Jap prison camp and was then on the island of Guam enroute home. He said he was well, in good health and expected to be home soon. He was held prisoner for more than three years.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR ELLIS FAMILY. E.K. Ellis and Mrs. Ellis announce the birth of a baby daughter, Cheryl Karen, at McCoy Hospital on September 27th. The mother is the former Miss Leila Prescott. The maternal grandparents are Mrs. Mary Prescott and the late O.M. Prescott. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. George Ellis of Alma, Ga.

WATERMAN - LANIER WEDDING. Miss Alice Clara Waterman daughter of Rev. and Mrs. R.W. Waterman became the bride of Lavornor Leveon Lanier, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Lanier of Wewahitchka, Fla. in a ceremony performed October 2nd in First Baptist Church of Folkston. Rev. Waterman, pastor of the church and father of the bride officiated at the ceremony.

THE VILLAGE DEPOT. One sees them in small towns and villages all over America. Little dingy soot-covered depots which have done their part in handling the traffic of a growing nation. Painted gray or brown, yellow or red with big pot-bellied coal burner in the center and a bench or two against the wall, they are an integral part of rural life. In a little room in the corner the station agent has his telegraph ticking and shelves for records. It is often a village ritual to gather at the depot and wait for the 5:15 to bring the papers from the city and the empty cream cans. Uncounted farm lads who have brought products to the depot have watched the trains pull off towards the city and dreamed that some day they would leave on those steel tracks to find life’s great adventures. Village depots are more than places of traffic or trade, they are part of the dream that has built a great nation in this western world.
The above picture is out of date. The bus station long ago supplanted the railroad depot as the center of traffic entry in the rural towns of America.

October 12, 1945

ZELTON CONNER HOME FROM WAR. Zelton Conner, who has been serving in the US Navy is being welcomed home, having received an honorable discharge from the service last week.

LIONS SPONSOR WHITE WAY PROJECT FOR MAIN STREET. Folkston is stepping out in the post-war world with an ambitious street lighting program that will make Main Street through the business district a blaze of light from end to end during the evening hours and give the city a miniature “Great White Way”. This is being sponsored by the Folkston Lions Club. It has already been approved by the Folkston city government which is to underwrite installation of the system and its operation. Plans call for the installation of modern fixtures including iron standards, each with a single light globe designed especially for this purpose, the electric current being carried on underground cables. The white way lighting system will extend for three blocks along Main Street, from the Okefenokee Station to the courthouse corner.

CHARLIE ADKINS SERVING ON AIRCRAFT CARRIER. Charles F. Adkins, pharmacist mate USNR, husband of Mrs. Ruth M. Adkins and father of Robert of Folkston is now serving on the USS Bon Homme Richard, an aircraft carrier near the coast of Japan, which has been assigned duty as part of the U.S. occupation fleet.

L.G. CLARKE HOME FROM WAR. Sgt. L.G. Clarke, son of Mrs. Sibbie Clarke, reached his home here this week after receiving an honorable discharge. He served with the Army Air Force in the European Theater, as a gunner aboard a bombing plane. He was transferred to a ground crew after being wounded in action.

HAROLD BROWNING HOME FROM THE WAR. Harold Browning, recently discharged from the armed services, is making his home here with his mother Mrs. Imogene Sears. He has accepted a position with Allen’s Grocery Store.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR PRESCOTT FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Prescott announce the birth of a daughter born October 5 at their home in the Prescott settlement. The baby weighed eight pounds and has been named Jane. Mother and baby are getting along nicely.

RETIRES FROM WOOD SALES. To whom it may concern: Due to the scarcity of labor and the increase in the cost of wood, I am forced to retire from the wood business for at least this season. I wish to thank my customers for their patronage. I hope to serve you again when conditions permit my doing so. ---E.L. DOUGLAS

October 19, 1945

RALPH WRENCH ON HIS WAY HOME FROM WAR. Sgt. Ralph Wrench who has been overseas with the Army Air Force has arrived this week in Boston aboard a liberty ship transport and is expected to reach home today, according to a message received by his parents.

FOUR NAVY MEN RECEIVE DISCHARGES. Four Charlton County residents who have been serving in the Navy have been discharged. Included in the group are Alfred Knowles, Bobbie Lane, Jasper S. Morgan, of Folkston; and Herman Holland Barber of Winokur.

BASEBALL TEAM’S UNIFORMS TO BE COLLECTED. All players on the Lions Baseball Team who have been issued uniforms this past season are asked to turn them in, cleaned up and in good condition, to Dr. Taylor, the team’s coach. Dr. Taylor wishes to preserve the uniforms in good shape for the use of next season’s team.

THOMAS CREWS IS HOME FROM THE WAR. Sgt. Thomas H. Crews, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ivey Crews, is being welcomed home after being discharged from the U.S. Army.

COL. McQUEEN OPENS NEW SUBDIVISION. A new residential subdivision with lots for sale to prospective builders of new homes is being opened in Folkston by Judge A.S. McQueen. The tract, containing about ten acres is part of the old [Rosa] Robinson Place.

NEAR REUNION IN PHILIPPINES FOR BROCK BROTHERS. Two brothers, George and Vernon Brock, had a near-reunion in the Philippines recently At one time they were only sixteen miles apart but circumstances were such that their expected meeting failed to materialize.

BERNARD SHIVAR TO BE HOME SOON. Bernard Lathan Shivar, Carpenter’s Mate First Class, USNR who served with an underwater demolition team, the Navy’s famed group of expert swimmers, who paved the way for invasion of enemy-held beaches , is enroute to his home in Folkston.

MISS MIZELL IS NEW TEACHER AT HIGH SCHOOL. Miss Frances Mizell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Mizell, last week joined the teaching staff of the local school and has been assigned to duty in the high school

HOLLY CHILDREN AT INDUSTRIAL HOME IN BAXLEY. At the last county commissioner’s meeting, it was decided to send the three Holly children to the Industrial Home in Baxley and to contribute $4.00 per month per child for their support. The county already has two children at this orphanage and the contribution will be $20.00 per month.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR CREEL FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Cody Creel are the proud parents of a baby girl, born October 10 at the McCoy Hospital. The baby weighed six pounds, ten ounces and has been named Judith Elizabeth. Mrs. Creel is the former Miss Marguerite Shivar.

GUY - BYRD WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. M.T. Guy announce the marriage last Saturday of their daughter, Talmadge Linnelle to Albert B. Byrd of Bolling, Ala., the ceremony being performed by Judge A.S. McQueen, Ordinary at his residence.


October 26, 1945

FOLKSTON’S WHITE WAY PROGRESSING. The wire cable for Folkston’s White Way system, purchased from the government as surplus war material, was shipped from the center at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. last Friday. Purchase of the equipment, which is altogether new, having never been unrolled, was handled for the city by Lion R. Ward Harrison. A real bargain was obtained, the cost being approximately 1/3 of the original invoice price. The White Way project is being sponsored by the Folkston Lions Club.

MRS. LILLA PAULINE HARDEN DIED. Mrs. Lilla Pauline Harden, age 72, widow of the late Jerome Harden, one of the community’s widely-known and beloved women, died Tuesday night at her home near Folkston following a stroke last Wednesday. A native of Tattnall County, she had been a resident of Charlton County for the past 48 years. She was a member of Philadelphia Freewill Baptist Church and took an active interest in church affairs. Survivors include five sons, Henry Harden, Oren Harden, Lewis Harden, Joe Harden of the US Army in Germany, and Bert Harden; one daughter, Mrs. W.E. Colson. Funeral services were held at Philadelphia Church and interment took place in nearby Sardis Cemetery.

VIVIAN WRIGHT MEMORIAL AT BESSIE TIFT. The Vivian Wright Memorial Room at Bessie Tift College was dedicated in impressive ceremonies Sunday with a large delegation representing the Folkston Baptist Church attending the event. A room in the Bessie Tiff College has been beautifully furnished by the Folkston Baptist Church as a memorial of the late Vivian Wright, as a tribute to her devotion to church work. The room is being occupied this term by a Folkston girl, Miss Jean Pickren.

WALLACE GIBSON HOME AT LAST. Chief Petty Office Wallace E. Gibson, Jr., US Navy, son of W.E. Gibson, is once again at home with his family and friends after enduring the suffering and hardships of a Japanese War Prison Camp for forty-one months. He is perhaps one of the happiest veterans yet to return from the Pacific War Theater.

FIVE WILDES BROTHERS SERVED IN WAR. The five Wildes brothers, sons of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Wildes, probably hold the family group record for Charlton County, to serve in the armed forces. Three of the brothers served in the Navy while one, Harry, was attached to the Army Air Corps. Lawrence served in the Second Armored Division in Europe. Chief Petty Officer Floyd Wildes was in the Navy as was Ansel Wildes and Julian Wildes.

ASKEW - ETZLEY WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Askew of Miami Beach, Fla. announce the marriage of their daughter, Joyce, to Freddie Lewis Etzley of the US Navy at the Baptist Pastorium in Folkston on October 16th. Rev. R.W. Waterman performed the ceremony.

WILTON STOKES IS HOME FROM THE WAR. Sgt. Wilton Stokes arrived at home this week with a discharge from the Army and is being welcomed by his many friends.


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