Digest of Charlton County Herald, October 1941

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

October 3, 1941

PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO IN WADE BUILDING. A new business enterprise in Folkston is the first class photograph studio and developing business opened this week in the Wade building next to Haddock’s Pressing Club by Rudolph Cook, young son of Mr. T. Cook. The studio is equipped with modern photographic appliances. Four snapshots for a dime is one of the bargains offered. A feature of the business is the enlargement of the photos to 5 by 7 inches, a service offered at nominal cost.

NEW BABY BOY FOR MORGAN FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. B.H. Morgan of Traders Hill announce the birth of a 8 pound baby boy born at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital on September 26. Mother and child are reported to be getting along nicely.

NEW BABY BOY FOR PETTY FAMILY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Petty at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital a fine 8 pound son on September 26. Mrs. Petty and baby left the hospital Tuesday and are reported to be getting along fine.

NEW BABY BOY FOR O’QUINN FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie O’Quinn of Camp Pinckney announce the birth of a fine nine pound baby boy born September 28 at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. Mrs. O’Quinn and baby left the hospital Wednesday.

BUSINESSES AGREE ON CLOSING HOURS. An agreement covering business hours for the stores of Folkston through the fall and winter months was signed this week with every merchant in the city, except the drug stores, agreeing to abide by the schedule set up for this period. It provides for the stores to close promptly at 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday and at 10:00 P.M. on Saturday. The agreement continues through April 30th

EPWORTH LEAGE ELECTS OFFICERS. The regular meeting of the Epworth League was held last week and Margie Scott had a very interesting program. Officers were elected as follows: President, Margie Scott; V. President, Margaret Harvey; Secretary-Treasurer, Kathryn Thompson; Recreation, Ethel Harrison; Worship and Evangelism, Sue Dee Wainwright; Friendship and Community Service, Bessie Askew; Publicity, Kathryn Raynor Jones. All young people are invited to attend League meetings on Tuesday nights at 8:00.

MR. JOHN RUSSELL DIED. John Russell, age 52, life-long resident of Charlton County and member of one of Charlton County’s pioneer families, passed away Tuesday in St. Vincent’s Hospital after an illness of about two weeks. He was stricken with an attack of appendicitis a few weeks ago while at work with the county road force. He was taken to the Jacksonville hospital where he underwent an operation. He later developed pneumonia and kidney trouble, and the end came Tuesday afternoon. He was an honest, hard-working, law-abiding citizen. Besides his wife, Mrs. Lucy Russell, survivors include two sons, Eugene and James Russell; two daughters, Ruby Russell and Mrs. Roy Combs; one brother, Ray Russell and two sisters, one of Ocala and one of Jacksonville, Fla. Funeral services were conducted from Adkins Funeral Home Chapel, with Rev. R.W. Waterman, pastor of Folkston Baptist Church, of which deceased was a member, officiating. Interment followed in Folkston Cemetery.

UNDERGROUND TELEPHONE CABLE LINES. A survey crew of the Southern Bell Telephone Co. is stationed in Folkston and they are running the lines of a 16.5 foot right of way across the county on which the company plans the early construction of underground cable lines. They will cross Charlton County from the northern to the southern boundary, the right of way being about two miles west of the ACL railroad tracks. The underground cable is being laid so as to ensure freedom of interruption of the service on account of storms and other natural causes to which overhead wires are subject. The wire will be three feet underground and will carry about 200 separate units.

COMMODITIES HELPING FAMILIES AND SCHOOLS. The Surplus Commodities Division of the Ga. State Dept. of Public Welfare distributed to the Charlton County commodity warehouse, a monthly average of serving 241 families giving them surplus food valued at $13,436,00 and household and clothing items valued at $9,297.00. The personnel to staff this warehouse is supplied by the WPA. A large portion of the surplus commodities received were distributed to the school lunch program which had an enormous expansion.

BAPTISM AT TRADERS HILL. Among those from the Uptonville community who attended the baptism of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Crews at Traders Hill Sunday afternoon were Mrs. J.W. Dinkins, Bonnie and Jessie and Mr. Owen Dinkins.

October 10, 1941

EIGHTEEN MEN CALLED BY DRAFT BOARD. The Draft Board will send eighteen men, twelve white and six colored, for the October draft quota. The white registrants are Ernest Edward Murray, James Layten Cone, Oscar Lee Crews, John Aster Stephens, Carl David Mizell, Herbert Milton Crews, Theodore Canaday, Marshall Marian Hodges, Joe Frank Jackson, Walter Edward Phillips, James David Herrin. They are to report at Fort McPherson. The colored inductees are Lee Reddish, Joseph Melvin Powell, Lorenze Powell, James Sulmin, George Brown and Orry Howard. They will be sent to Fort Benning.

NEW HOME BEING BUILT FOR HULING FAMILY. Construction was begun this week on a modern home for Mrs. Jim Huling and daughters, with contractor W.L. Huling in charge. The home is located directly across the street from the old Wiley Wainwright home now owned by Mr. Sol P. Mills. It is about 30 by 36 feet in size. It occupies an attractive site in our city.

RED CROSS MEETING MONDAY NIGHT. All citizens are urged to attend the Red Cross meeting Monday night at 7:30. Much interest has been shown by the ladies in making garments for the refugees. A new supply of wool and other materials has been received and our local branch wants to finish its quota by December lst.

TRACY-PICKREN WEDDING. A marriage of interest to a host of friends took place in Waycross Wednesday when Miss Leila Jeannette Tracy, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Tracy, became the bride of Verne J. Pickren, son of Mrs. Dora Pickren and the late T.L. Pickren. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J.W. Hitch, District Supt. of the Methodist Church, at his home in Waycross. The bride is a graduate of Folkston High School and is assistant postmaster in Folkston. Mr. Pickren is Folkston’s postmaster and one of the city’s well-known business men.

SAFETY PATROL MEMBERS. The Charlton County High School Safety Patrol members have been appointed for the year and are on their post of duty each day. The following have been selected for this important work: Charles Quick, Captain, Aldine Tomlinson, Kenneth Harrison, Lamar Gibson, Albert Gay, David Hathaway, Gilbert Strickland, Roswald Johnson and L.J. Crews.

October 17, 1941

STUBBS SAWMILL DESTROYED BY FIRE. The S.J. Stubbs 25,000-feet-daily-capacity sawmill near St. George, together with the planing mill, dry kiln buildings and the large lumber yard were completely destroyed by fire last Friday night. The commissary was the only part of the big plant that escaped the flames. The Stubbs mill has been operating near St. George for several years, carrying on its payroll a large number of men.

HILTON BROOKER KILLED IN CAR ACCIDENT. Some time in the early hours of Monday, Hilton Brooker, 20-year-old son of Charlie Brooker of Brantley County, was killed when the car in which he was traveling turned over near Yulee. His death was instantaneous. Funeral rites for young Brooker were held from the Baptist Church of Folkston, with Rev. Lambert Jones officiating. Burial took place in the Dowling Cemetery at Hickox. Surviving him is his wife, Mrs. Margaret Brooker; his father, Charles Brooker; two brothers, J.B. and C.L. of Duluth, Minn., the later coming by airplane from his home to attend the funeral. One sister, Mrs. Juanita Gowen and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. O’Quinn of Winokur. Young Brooker was attending school in Fernandina.

MRS. LEE DIXON DIED. Mrs. Lee Dixon, age 22, of the Toledo section, died Tuesday in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jacksonville, where she was taken several weeks ago, suffering from a serious kidney ailment. Funeral services and interment was held Thursday at Johnson Cemetery near Toledo, with Rev. Swoll Sawyer officiating. Besides her husband, she is survived by one daughter, Fadell; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Crews; five brothers, Champ, Ellis, Fell, Henry and Dean Crews; one sister Miss Collie Crews. Adkins Funeral Home had charge of the arrangements.

WASDIN – CREWS WEDDING. A marriage that will be of general interest throughout the county was that of Mrs. Kizzie Wasdin and Mr. J. Melton Crews which took place here Thursday morning in the office of the Ordinary with Judge A.S. McQueen, Ordinary, officiating. Mr. Crews is a resident of Racepond and is one of the county’s most extensive landowners in that section.

GRACE CHAPEL NEWS. A house full of people turned out to hear Rev. Rice at Grace Chapel Sunday night. Some of the local singers assembled at Grace Chapel Wednesday night and enjoyed an hour of practice on the new songs. The same thing is planned for next Wednesday night.

NEW VEHICLE. We notice that Mr. Owen Dinkins, of Uptonville, is now driving a 41 Willis-American. Nice going, Owen!

ALTMAN – BRYANT WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Ernie Belle Altman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Altman, to George Neal Bryant, son of Mrs. Daisey Bryant and the late George Bryant was solemnized October 11 in the home of Judge G.W. Gray of Jacksonville, with Judge Gray officiating. The bride has been in Jacksonville for the past year where she has been employed by Lane Drug Store. Mr. Bryant is connected with the Gibbs Gas Engine Co. in Jacksonville. They will reside in Jacksonville.

PIE SUPPER AT RACEPOND. The Herald has been asked to announce that there will be a pie supper at the Racepond school house on Saturday night. Proceeds are to be used for window and door repairs.

October 24, 1941

NEW BABY BOY FOR HODGES FAMILY. Born last Thursday at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital, to Mrs. Willie Hodges of St. George, a baby boy, weighing 9 pounds. Mrs. Hodges and baby left the hospital Sunday to return home.

MR. WILL SWAIN KILLED BY HIT-AND-RUN MOTORIST. Will Swain, 60 year old resident of the Racepond community, was instantly killed Sunday afternoon when struck by a hit-and-run motorist on U.S. highway One, a short distance north of the Charlton County line in Ware County. Funeral services and interment were held near Racepond Wednesday morning. Surviving Swain is a brother, George Swain. They have been residents of the Racepond community for the past several years.

WRIGHT – DENNY WEDDING. A marriage of cordial interest was that of Miss Leslee Grace Wright, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Wright of this city, to Luther Martin Denny, Jr. of Jacksonville. The marriage took place October 12 in Jacksonville. The groom is a native of Jacksonville and is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Denny, Sr. of Orlando. The couple will live in Jacksonville.

October 31, 1941

BRIDGE WORKERS HURT IN FALL FROM STRUCTURE. Two foremen have gangs at work on the Atlantic Coast Line St. Marys River bridge, scraping and repainting it. This work has been going on for several weeks and the rains have been making unpleasant working conditions. Tuesday, Dick Singletary, one of the workmen, was accidentally struck by a board workers were handling and was knocked off the bridge. The fall was only for a short distance but it put him out of business for the time being. He was sent to the Coast Line hospital in Waycross for treatment. His condition is not serious. J.C. Nettles slipped and fell Saturday at the railroad bridge while at work with the painting gang. He was on the edge of the bridge and had but a little distance to fall, but his head struck against a piling and knocked him out for the time being. A couple of days off got him on his feet.

SHORTAGE OF MATERIALS RETARDS BUILDING OPERATIONS. Two houses under construction in this community are being held back in construction by the shortness of material. Nails are one of the items hard to obtain, however the buildings here are getting in shape for occupancy. The Huling home in Folkston will be ready in two weeks for the removal of Mrs. J.O. Huling and family from Homeland. Ermine McDuffie is getting his six-room home in Homeland underway and if nothing happens, will have it by the middle of the month so the family can move from Folkston into it. He has two lots in a block opposite the Mays place.

CCC CAMP TO CLOSE. Orders have been received discontinuing the CCC camp in Charlton County. The orders are to break camp on the first of November and the personnel will be transferred to Haylow in Echols County where a camp is already in operation.

MANY TROOPS COME THROUGH FOLKSTON. Extensive troop movements from Camp Blanding near Jacksonville through Folkston this week have made many war-minded, or at least conscious that the United States is preparing for war at this time. We have the report that from Monday through the week that 30,000 men will move through our town going to the new maneuver grounds in the Carolinas area. Different divisions have been going daily, dividing the numbers over Route One and the Coastal Highway. The total movement for the week for both routes is estimated to be 30,000.

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